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     General Predictions 

Super Saiyan 4 will appear, just not as a transformation
  • Instead, it'll appear as a standalone character of some sort.

The Saiyans will return.
  • We've reached the point of Death Is Cheap where reviving an entire planet seems reasonablenote . Goku will go into the afterlife, convince at least some of them to give up their evil ways, and bring them back on the condition that they use their thirst for fighting to protect the innocent.
    • Additionally, Bardock, Gine, and the rest of their team (assuming they're still canon) will almost surely be not only among those numbers, but most likely the elite commanders of the reformed Saiyan Army. Goku and Vegeta are not only the first canon/non-mutant *coughBrolycough* Super Saiyans in ages, they've avenged their race's destruction at the hands of the tyrant who used them for destruction, relaunched their race's legacy through their families, and literally become multiple levels of Physical Gods. Their word is most likely bond now to the rest of the Saiyans, who no doubt will take their direction for a second chance as an independent people—a direction which Bardock's crew are the most suitable Saiyans to carry forward.
    • King Vegeta might resist and try to impose his rank and do things the old way simply because he's always been head honcho in the past so that's all he knows, but neither the Gods nor the rest of the Saiyans would stand for it. Goku has adopted Prince Vegeta's respect for ferocity and strength; Vegeta has adopted Goku's heart for goodness and justice; in both categories Bardock and his team, while nowhere near where the Gods are, pretty much have King Vegeta's elite beat hands down; and the Saiyans' old direction is what got them working under Freeza in the first place, so they will NOT want to revisit that, especially when the Gods bring it up. (Speaking of which, referring to Goku and Vegeta as "the Gods" sounds pretty frickin' sweet.) Expect Bardock's team to curb-stomp King Vegeta's elite, then to spare them and make them the second-level elite directly under them, with King Vegeta and Nappa having the highest potential to make it to first team.
    • They will also be taught to fight and train amongst themselves with proper gravity equipment, as well as be introduced to Kaioken and other useful techniques by the Gods so they don't have to rely on the Ozaru transformation, so they will grow stronger as a much more expansive rate than they did in the past under Freeza.
    • The more pacifistic Saiyans will have a respected role in their society, meaning White Sheep Tarble might return with his wife and take on an analytics-type job with the Saiyans.
    • Combine this with the King Cold WMG above, the Saiyan Army vs. Planet Trade Empire war of many a fan's desires may finally come to pass.
  • A major problem with this theory is that the Saiyans have been dead for too long. Frieza is only brought back because his species have extreme durability, which is why he didn't die upon his revival (he was brought back in pieces). The Saiyans can't be revive because almost all of them died from being vaporized and have no body that their spirits can return to.
    • Which raises the question of how exactly revival works via Dragon Balls. Know both by the way his vision split after the first cut but also from his revival that Frieza was not killed by Trunks' sword. He was vaporized and had no body for his spirit to return to either. Shen Long appears to have brought Frieza back as he was just prior to his actual death.
      • It has been speculated that Frieza was dead after he was chopped to bits by a Trunks. Him being vaporized afterwards was mostly overkill to ensure he was dead. Him coming back in pieces is Shenron reviving him moments before he died. Frieza being Frieza managed to cling to life by sheer will.
  • Why bother to resurrect them? According to Dragon Ball Minus, Frieza left survivors on purpose, and we only have Vegeta's word that he, Nappa, Raditz and Goku were the only survivors.
    • Frieza didn't leave survivors on purpose in Minus. He only says he will destroy the planet in a month and if there were any survivors he will tell them a meteor hit the planet. The only Saiyan he specifically spared was Vegeta.
  • Confirmed, kinda. Champa intends to recruit some of his universe's Saiyans for the upcoming proxy tournament.
  • This theory seems more unlikely given that the U6 Saiyans already fulfill this role of universal protecters in their universe. There is also the fact that the Saiyans were mostly evil and it would probably be in everyone's best interest to just leave them dead instead of bring them back and hoping Goku and Vegeta can reign them in. Especially since neither Goku nor Vegeta felt any need to revived them. Goku is proud to be a Saiyan, but he's fully of aware of the Saiyans' dark past and Vegeta isn't going to used a wish to bring his race back, even if he is a somewhat decent person now. He scoffed at the idea of reviving Raditz and he personally killed Nappa.
    • In light of Cabba's offer for Vegeta to visit the U6 Saiyans one day, this might not be out of the cards. That visit could actually be what gives him the idea, especially if it catches fire with fans enough for Toei to consider it. The U6 visit and U7 revival combined wouldn't need anymore than four or five episodes dedicated to it, and they wouldn't have to be done one after the other anyway.
      • I don't see how it will give Vegeta ideas given that he would know better than anyone how different U6 Saiyans are to U7. A whole race is not going to changed their ways because of one or two individuals. If anything, they will grow stronger so they can kill Goku and Vegeta someday, just like how they tolerated living under Frieza's rule until they could overthrow him.
      • They're literal Gods. Also, the Saiyans are dead. All the chips are in Goku and Vegeta's court. Also, Bardock. Goku and Vegeta could barge into Other World, be like "Alright bitches, swear loyalty to us and we'll drag your asses back to life. Everyone else, you can stay here." Build them a city on Earth. Honestly, couldn't you easily see Vegeta and Goku just being able to barge into the afterlife and drag people back to the land of the living at this point? Who's going to stop them? They outclass everyone there. And, what Sayian is going to stand a chance against them? Most of them don't even know how to go Super Sayian. Goku and Vegeta are literal Gods. Plus, they weren't trying to overthrow King Vegeta all the time, so why would they be trying to overthrow King Vegeta 2?
      • That isn't how the Otherworld works in Toriyama's version of the afterlife. Only the really good people keep their bodies when they die. Frieza in Hell was a spirit that looked like his body when in reality his body was chopped into ground meat and he lost all his power. So they can't just drag Saiyans back to the living world and a mass revival can't happen unless they used the Super Dragon Balls, which Goku or Vegeta can't do since they don't know the language of the gods. And, once again, Goku nor Vegeta never showed any interest in reviving the Saiyans. Goku was dead for seven years and didn't care to see his Saiyan family. They also couldn't overthrow King Vegeta because he was the most powerful Saiyan during his time. Nappa was considered an elite with a power level of 4,000 to 4,500, while King Vegeta had a power level of 10,000. If there was a Saiyan more powerful than King Vegeta, they would probably try to overthrown him, just as Vegeta tried against Frieza.
      • The reason Goku didn't try and see his Saiyan family while he was dead was because he had no real reason to - he didn't grow up knowing Bardock or Ginne, and he had only negative interactions with Raditz; and that's assuming he knows who Ginne and Bardock are; for all we know, he ran into one of those two in the afterlife, but as he didn't know who they were, he was confused how they looked like him (in Bardock's case) and went about his way. Frieza doesn't know who Gine is, and the odds of him telling Goku about Bardock are slim, so Goku has no clue who they are. As for Vegeta, he's kind of been busy getting used to Earth life; maybe perhaps the idea is somewhere back in his mind, he's just trying to come up with a way to talk the others into it.
  • I actually gave some thought to this recently. (Bear in mind I've only read the manga, so I'm not too clear on how the anime differs.) Given the length of time between death and resurrection, it seems the only thing that might be able to bring back Universe 7's Saiyan population would be the Super Dragon Balls. Champa could make the wish, figuring since Beerus restored his universe's Earth and humans, he'll return the favor by restoring the U7 Saiyans. The immediate aftermath could be fairly hilarious, especially if they show up in Vegeta's backyard. (He didn't learn to sense ki until after most of his race was dead. So he probably doesn't know what a huge group of Saiyans feels like which would confuse him at first.) Being far more familiar with the culture, Vegeta would probably take charge instead of Goku and fill them in on what's going on. "You were dead. Someone revived you. You're on Earth. Freeza is dead now. Mess with my wife and son, I will end you. Yes, even you, Father. Mess with other humans, and Kakarot will end you. Behave yourselves in general, or Beerus over there will end you. Oh and the tails are going to go. The power of a Great Ape is nothing next to the transformations of legend." Cue showing his kin what a Super Saiyan is.
    • This sounds like a perfect idea for an arc in the inevitable sequel to Super. Only issue would be if Champa doesn't know anything about the fate of the U7 Saiyans.
      • The question now is "what would prompt the need to resurrect the Saiyan race?" Possibilities includenote :
        The need to give the Earth a standing army that would be capable of fighting Frieza's army on equal footing (assuming that in a continuation of Dragon Ball set after Super, they choose to have Frieza conquer the Earth yet again as opposed to make him a villainous Aloof Ally)
        A threat that the Z-Fighters can't overcome even if they had Frieza backing them up (possibly said threat being revealed to be responsible for killing Jiren's mentor and family), but it's revealed that it weakens the more opponents it faces, but due to the power difference, using other humans is out of the question (and they don't have enough Namekians from the Warrior clan for the task). Hilarity would ensue as a line would form outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, with Vegeta, Goku, Gohan, Trunks, and Goten (possibly Pan and Bulla, if it takes place long enough afterwards) staying in to teach people how to become a Super Saiyan (with him alternating with Goku, and some of the other Saiyans who had mastered it at first), with people turning Kami's lookout into a fairground to kill time

If Super 17 returns, he will have a Heel–Face Turn if not get created as a Face to begin with.
  • With Beerus and Whis always looking around for an interesting creature to fight/a replacement God of Destruction when Beerus finally kicks it respectively, and assuming that the time-based elements of Dragon Ball Xenoverse are or can be inducted as canon (e.g. Kaioshin of Time, Time Patrol/Time Breakers, GT's status as an Alternate Timeline), they could go to Kai of Time and find out who the strongest fighters are in some of the alternate timelines in order to figure out how they might be able to summon or recreate them in their own time. Finding a scientist and/or magician in outer space that could create a reverse-clone of Android 17 should be one of the easier methods of doing so, especially with their speed of travel. And if they were in charge of the project it almost surely wouldn't involve brainwashing or coercion, but rather an appeal to 17's sense of adventure and fun which he shares in common with both Beerus and Son Goku.
    • 17 has a wife and kids, he wouldn't just leave them like that.
      • Wouldn't have to. Whis could transport him back and forth at Mach 64 speed.
    • If 17 is like Goku he would find the idea of becoming a god boring and turn Beerus down. He seems to enjoy the simple life and left his days of adventure behind. There are also beings who are stronger than Super 17.
  • Unlike in GT, Lapis actually has a family this time, so even if Super 17 is created through a greedy scientist who uses this to try to control 17, his newfound brood's appeal to his heart as well as Goku's penchant for Defeat Means Friendship would come into play and bring him back to the good side with the ability to channel the Super 17 power, if only because two things that Toriyama is much better about than Toei creative left to their own devices would be: doling out redemptive arcs and truly happy endings when applicable, and keeping non-Goku characters remotely relevant (heck, Vegeta is literally Goku's sour-faced equal counterpart now—see the WMG above about Saiyans for more on that).
  • Never confirmed nor jossed, due to Super 17 not having any presence in Super whatsoever.

There will be multiple timeskips throughout the series
We don't really know if the events of the two movies are strictly canon or if the series will feature a retelling of them. Either way, the start of the series takes place a couple years before the events of the first movie, so it's likely that there will be at least one Timeskip.
  • The movies are being retold in the show, but given that this is Dragon Ball we're talking about, at least a couple of timeskips can be expected.

Super will attempt to balance the more comedic tones of the original Dragon Ball with the more action oriented scenarios of Z.
It was already attempted in Battle of Gods, so it's not unlikely. Whether this will go over better than said movie or not is still up in the air.

There will at some point be a nod to Dragon Ball Z Abridged.
Possibly, Vegeta tells Frieza that he's going to beat him up and doesn't know when he'll stop.
  • Unfortunately, it's very doubtful if Akira Toriyama is aware of the Dragon Ball Z Abridged series at all - But maybe.
    • If/when there is a dub one of the translators or VA's just needs to be familiar with it.
      • Abridged Nappa is in Xenoverse. So yeah, I could see the Resurrection 'F' adaptation using some shout outs to it. Since swearing is possible now, what would be perfect is if Nappa appears later in the show to get a "Goddammit Nappa" into the dub.
      • Actually, if they do a direct shout-out, Kaio-What? is gonna be what they'll go with, considering it's essentially what Zamasu's reaction to [SSB Kaioken.
  • While not outright confirmed, an episode during the recruitment phase of the Universe Survival Arc had a cut of Popo that suspiciously wouldn't be out of place from DBZ-A. Some of the scenario writers at Toei might be fans after all, regardless of what the studio itself thinks of Team Fourstar.

Humans can channel a Saiyan's power through their bodies, thus granting them their abilities. This may only apply to those who knows how to utilize Ki.
Videl has shown that despite being a human being, she can fly around just like the protagonists of the series after Gohan went through the pain-staking process of teaching her the use of Ki. According to Gohan, everyone on Earth can do this with the proper training and technique, hence why humans such as Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien are so strong. While powering up Goku during the Super Saiyan God ritual, Videl temporarily went Super Saiyan due to her daughter's influence in her womb. This shows that certain humans can somehow channel power from other sources and utilize it for their own. Videl may be able to "retain" her temporary transformation, the same way Goku was able to "retain" Super Saiyan God's power when he reverted back. In this manner, humans of this show can once again become relevant again instead of taking a backseat to let the Saiyans hog all the glory. Could you imagine Krillin with Super Saiyan power? Or Videl flying around shooting energy blasts that can wipe out mountains as a Super Saiyan? How awesome would that be?
  • So…to make humans no longer be second fiddle to Saiyans…we basically make it so humans who know how to use Ki can somehow turn themselves into walking Spirit Bombs…only to use that to become half-baked incomplete ripoff Super Saiyans? Yes, incomplete: Videl's hair didn't spike up and her eyes didn't change color at all. Because of that, and Super Saiyan God being specifically about five Saiyans pouring Heart into another, I don't think it was Videl going SSJ, but rather Pan doing so from the womb and the only way it could manifest outward was through Videl. TBH, the premise of your theory is awesome—again, walking Spirit Bombs—but the conclusion is really not as cool as it sounds. It wastes a brilliant opportunity to make humans unique by instead using it to just give them a transformation that was created for, and by all rights should belong to, another species, as well as outright cheapens Super Saiyan further than the hybrids ever could by pandering to the tired fanart meme that absolutely anyone can do it.
    • Super Saiyans being "cheapened" further? This was already lampshaded by Vegeta during the main show when Trunks and Goten demonstrated how easily they went into the Super Saiyan transformation. The transformation doesn't have to be exclusive to just "pure" Saiyans; Gohan, Goten and Trunks are all hybrids and they show the potential to become even stronger than their fathers, as Gohan demonstrated during the Cell Saga. The problem is that their human half "holds" back their combative nature and are too lazy and passive to take their training further like Goku and Vegeta do. Also what makes Videl's transformation into a Super Saiyan-like form "incomplete"? Just because her hair didn't spike up or her eyes didn't change color doesn't mean she didn't change somehow; the transformation may be unique for females or at least unique when a human transforms. She powered up thanks to her daughter but Videl retaining a transformation for herself could be awesome. Don't think too critically of this; remember, this is the same world where a midget can generate decapitating discs, a bald man can somehow grow a third eye on his forehead, an old man can bulk up muscles from seemingly nowhere, etc. Humans gaining a power boost would be really welcome, especially since the only relevant characters that can put up a decent fight against godlike beings at this point in the story have been reduced to two. Everyone else in the story only exists now to comment on the battle going on and be completely useless; yes, even Piccolo, Androids 17 and 18, and Majin Buu, the strongest beings we have next to a Saiyan. Plus it's a way to keep the show fresh with new ideas, instead of repeating the same boring tactic of powering up just Goku and Vegeta. I say just Goku and Vegeta because one year after Battle of Gods comes to end in the Z timeline and its sequel came out, the Z gang don't think to repeat the Super Saiyan God ritual to give godlike power to Gohan, Goten and Trunks. Super Saiyan God may no longer be special but at this rate, the transformation might as well go the same way as the Super Saiyan transformation. Imagine Super Saiyan God children running about!!
      • Vegeta noting how easily Goten and Trunks are able to go SSJ is exactly why I said humans going SSJ would cheapen it FURTHER than the hybrids did—I'm acknowledging that the hybrids' ease with it made it less special while pointing out that it's still better than making it so that absolutely anyone can do it. The hybrids may not be pure Saiyan, but they are still Saiyan, they still have that in them naturally. Pure humans who either have nothing of Saiyan inside them or who only have some sperm they've taken in from a Saiyan AT BEST? Again I bring you the tired fanart meme that anyone can do it. And then there's the "make the hybrid kids SSG" thing. First off, I'm convinced that the hybrids aren't going up to the level where their bodies could actually handle it due simply lack of interest in being serious fighters like Goku and Vegeta. Secondly, let's say we do both of these things. Humans all so SSJ, hybrids all join Goku and Vegeta at SSG. This means the humans STILL can't catch up to the Saiyans, thus defeating the whole purpose of their power boost to begin with. What next, make all the humans go SSG as well?
        I get why this suggestion is a thing. Humans—hell, pretty much all non-Saiyans not named Beerus and Whis—are in sore need of a power boost. It's the entire reason I like the Super 17 concept from GT enough to want to see it revisited in canon since Android 17 is my favorite character, and the reason why I think Golden Freeza was an awesome idea for restoring the most iconic villain in the series to his evil glory complete with fridge horror. In fact I stated above that your idea to have humans be able to channel outside energy to grow their power is actually pretty awesome. I repeat, walking Spirit Bombs. Again, awesome. But the resulting change from that new power shouldn't be Super Saiyan. Give it a different identity than that. A different name, different appearance, different aura, hell, even different strengths and weaknesses. Represent the fact that it's the humans' ability at work here.

Other ways non-Saiyans can become relevant.
  • Androids 17 and 18 will have a "Super" form that unlocks the full potential of their "infinite energy" drives. It'll be revealed that they have far more power to be unlocked from these drives, and are limited due to the strain it would put on their organic components. To unlock their super forms, Android 17 and 18 will have to learn the right techniques.
    • Close. Shin contemplates having the two fuse via Potara earrings (the closest thing to a "Super" mode, not counting GT), but the idea is dropped after Whis points out that they'd still count as 2 fighters even when fused, meaning that if "Android 35"note  was eliminated, it would count as 2 fighters being eliminated.
  • A Namekian "god form" will be revealed by obtaining the power of the dragon balls, giving them limited reality-warping abilities. We might even see the Namekian who created the Dragonballs, who is a Super Namekian God
  • The Supreme Kai will be shown as Weak, but Skilled thanks to the Power of Creation (they are meant to be Gods of Creation, after all). Weak, but Skilled will become far more important.
  • Frieza and his forces were Unskilled, but Strong. Minions of Frieza will train like him, serving as strong mooks against the powerful Z-Fighters.
    • Confirmed by Tagoma.
  • Krillin's been contemplating the same question, which 18 is clearly shown to feel sorry for him about. Perhaps she'll ask Bulma to give him her upgrades?
  • Or, just showcase that the non-Saiyan fighters have tactics, abilities, experience, and tricks that make them hard to pin down. How many fighters often run up against a Solar Flare? Or someone with the ability to lengthen their arms and grow to giant size? Or several people with the ability to duplicate themselves? The Z Warriors are all still relevant (except Yamcha) just because of what they bring to the table: alternative strategies and superior teamwork.

In the final battle, it's The Cavalry who saves the day.
The composition of the Cavalry? The Galactic Patrol, the Z Fighters (all of them), Tarble, Turles (who has long stopped planting the Tree of Might because there's no Frieza to fight anymore), Broly (who in this universe has decided to fight for fun and abandoned his father's madness), and members of Frieza's race.
  • When you say all of the Z Fighters as part of this, you do mean all of them, past and present, right? Even Yajirobe? Because that would be the most awesome thing ever? Like, the big bad is about to kill Goku and Vegeta, when suddenly all kinds of collective hell is brought down on their head.
    • Of course I meant them all. And having Yajirobe pull another stunt like the ones he did on Vegeta back then would be awesome.
      • Well, we can joss this one - Tarble is ambiguous in regards to the canon of Super, Broly and Turles have no presence whatsoever in Super (Broly was referenced with Kale, but Turles has no Expy unless you consider Cabba as a good counterpart), the Galactic Patrol didn't receive major focus, and as far as we know, Frieza's the only member of his race that's still alive at this point.

The series will, through Time Skip, extend beyond the Distant Finale of DBZ.
Mainly to not limit themselves with a Foregone Conclusion.

At the end of the series, Goku and Vegeta will start to Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
After so much power boosts, they'll become gods and have to leave the mortal plane. This'll result in the other Z-Fighters taking the role of protecting the earth and the universe, while Goku and Vegeta protect the higher realms. As for what they may become, Vegeta may end up becoming the new God of Destruction, and Goku a possible new God of Creation.
  • This is the only result remaining. There is no way to escalate any further unless Zeno gets bored and erases Goku's universe anyway.

Majin Buu, and by extension Uub will become relevant.
Akira Toriyama has revealed that Majin Buu, rather than being created by Bibidi, is a timeless force of destruction that sleeps after intervals of carnage. We will learn more about Majin Buu's true origin, which will connect to the origins of Beerus and possibly Whis. It'll also be revealed that because of this, Buu has the potential to be the strongest Z Fighter of all time, which will motivate Goku to train him at the end.
  • Uub was confirmed obliquely on two occaisions. He's a toddler at most at this point, so it's going to be a while before he becomes relevant.

Mr. Satan will be on the receiving end of a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown at one point.
Considering he gets away with taking the credit and even claiming he's ascended to godhood, Karma's gonna bite The World Champion in the ass sooner or later. Perhaps when Frieza returns and his army attacks he's called into fighting them off where they are no other Z Warriors at and gets beaten up badly by his men but refuses to go down despite being outclassed showing he does have The heart of a Champion before getting saved by one of the others.
  • I don't remember him claiming godhood... Besides, the Z Fighters let him claim credit for killing Cell because they didn't want the publicity. And this is partly because his heart is ultimately in the right place, though you might not like him. As for karma, he did pay something back by giving back to Goku something he and his family could retire off of for generations.
  • He does get hit by energy blasts a few times while observing the friendly between U7 and U9, but it's because they fly at the stands and it's an accident.

Goku will wish for King Kai, Bubbles, and Gregory to be revived with the Super Dragon Balls
  • In a truly epic Brick Joke, Goku will use the Super Dragon Balls, which are likely the greatest and most powerful of them all, for something that can easily be done by Earth's Dragon Balls. Mostly because he can't think what else to wish for when he gets them, and he owe's King Kai one. Because that is something that only Goku would do.
    • As of Episode 41 the Super Dragon Balls are used to restore U6's Earth. Maybe another time.
      • He never tries to revive the 3 with the Super Dragon Balls...BUT he does try to use the Earth Dragon Balls...only for Shenron to go back to sleep because Goku doesn't get a chance to make a wish again due to everyone else taking too long.

Beerus will undergo Break the Haughty
Either something will emotionally rock him or, more likely, someone will kick his ass. Besides Zen'o and Whis, the other universes hold warriors that are stronger than him (according to Beerus himself in the Battle of Gods movie). Hell, Goku himself is getting close to being able to go toe-to-toe with him at full power.
  • Alternatively, Zen'o' will call him out for not doing his job properly/abusing his authority and make him turn in his badge.

Part of why new threats keep coming to Earth is because, metaphysically, Earth should have been destroyed by now.
Think of it as a Universe's auto-correct program. Trunks's time travel created a new timeline where Earth is doing great, and Trunks gets the strength to save his own timeline's Earth (For about a decade) makes that area of space-time go haywire. The natural result for Earth is to be destroyed or otherwise devoid of significant life by now, so the the Universe itself sets things in motion to get things back in working order. Dr. Gero creating Androids to kill Goku (Whom end up committing genocide in the Trunks timeline). Cell absorbing the Androids to be leagues beyond of anyone else and eventually trying to blow himself up to blow Earth up. Majin Buu succeeding in destroying the Earth before the Namekian Dragon Balls restored it. Oracle Fish's prophecy leading Beerus to Earth where the bratty Majin Buu pisses him off. Freiza being revived and destroying Earth when he's about to lose. Black appearing in Trunks's timeline. It is all the result of the Z-Fighter's strength and the mortals's Dragon Balls (Which were chipped off from the Super Dragon Balls, made by Zalama and meant ONLY for the Gods) habitually saying Screw Destiny and the universe just trying to throw more and more things at Earth until it stays dead like it was meant to. In short, Destiny itself is trying to say "No, screw YOU" to the cast, and it just isn't sticking.

Tagoma will become The Atoner
After having his body stolen by Ginyu and seeing how cruel Freeza was, he realizes the error of his ways and will choose to stay in a frog body as atonement for killing Shisami.
  • He really has no choice but to stay in a frog's body since he can't body switch like Ginyu.
  • Plus Vegeta kinda vaporized his Ginyu-controlled body so yeah, Tagoma is a frog forever but shows no signs of becoming The Atoner.

There Will be a THIRD Form of Super Saiyan God, and it Will Have White Hair.
Now, for Super Saiyan God, The hair changes to red, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan changes to blue, and normal Super Saiyan changes to yellow. When you mix those colors as paint, you get black. But with light, (since the Super Saiyan transformation emits light with the hair change and aura,) you get white. I really have no way to prove this could happen, but as of the latest airing, things aren't looking too grand for Goku, Future Trunks, and Vegeta, and a Super Saiyan God 3 (which is what I'll call the hypothetical-white haired variant) would be pretty useful if they want to defeat Black and Zamasu. Odds are though, a third Super Saiyan God transformation would ruin the fun since it'd be too powerful. Perhaps it'd be limited like SS 3 was?
  • Somewhat confirmed, as the Universal Suvival Arc teases what, for now, is called Limit Breaker Goku.
    • Confirmed, albeit it's called Ultra Instinct.

Mr. Satan/Hercule suffers from a variant of delayed onset Ki disorder
At some point during his training ol' Mark did something that cost him the ability to use Ki, permently making him a Muggle by Dragon ball terms

Bulla can become a super saiyan blue
her natural hair color will be black but she'll spend a lot of time as an SSB by the time Ubb comes along

The paradise plant retrieval quest is more of a test for Krillin than Goku
All of the opponents are foes that have traumatized poor Krillin like tambourine killing him and nappa killing most of his allies. The test is for Krillin to get to a level similar to goku by facing all the foes he couldn't beat but also help restore his self-esteem by conquering his old fears

There will be a filler saga that takes place in Other world
It would be a good chance to canonize characters like Pikkon and the other universal tournament contenders. It would be nice to have Goku interact with his dead grandpa Gohan, and his dead parents, Bardock and Gine.

Goku Black still exist in the Unseen timeline
While the gang managed to kill him off, we still have to remember there are other two future timelines: the one Cell comes from (and humanity managed to survive, probably without enough energy to resurrect Buu) and the Unseen timeline, where A Trunks comes from. In another Present timeline, Zamasu managed to take Goku's body, and went to the Unseen timeline to make his Zero Mortal Plan come to work with no one to stop him. It means that one day, he will return to make his plan work on other timelines.
  • Unlikely; the Unseen Timeline would lack a Cell arc, which means the Z Fighters aren't going to become strong enough for the chain of events that led to Zamasu's Start of Darkness. Meanwhile Cell's timeline doesn't have a Future Trunks to go back in time and any version of Zamasu to follow, which would prevent any Stable Time Loop. There's no other Present Timeline unless someone dicks around with time travel again.
  • Maybe that person would be bodiless Zamasu. While he may not be immortal he is still very dangerous even if he is just a dumb cloud. Remember Bodiless Zamasu can regenerate also he can travel forward AND BACKWARDS THROUGH time as shown when he was trying to weasel his way in the main timeline. If rumors are try about how Zeno-sama "missed a spot" when he oblitherated Trunks's timeline Zamasu could make a comeback and get another copy of Goku's body whether he wishes for it or possesses Goku's corpse in Trunk's timeline.
  • Another hole I don't mind trying to poke in this is, iirc the original timeline in which Goku is going to be saved by Trunks with the future medicine is sort of locked in on itself, even though this event creates an additional branch. It is a "pure" reality. This "pure" reality won't have a means to achieve time travel without Trunks' second arrival during Super. THIS almost makes Zamasu his own paradox by keeping the "pure" reality from having any connections with any "more" alternate destinies or futures I mean without his actions. I say almost because 1: nothing specifies which timeline is which until he takes action but 2: The Kais have time rings but stay out of mortal affairs (mostly) and 3: the only reason the "second" Zamasu is dispatched is because of evil Zamasu's actions so if the bodiless Zamasu cloud rescues his alternate self before his elimination then maybe yes this second Zamasu could locate a Goku from that point especially before the properly recovered after the tournament
    • wait I goofed that up a little forgetting about the fusion. ANYWAY, still maybe even though bodiless cloud was partially THAT Zamasu, if enough of Goku Black were present (because it would be eliminated if it attempted anything), the cloud could maybe at least give Zamasu some heads up for when he fused with Goku or, after that destroyed the merged being if Zamasu decided to forgo it, the remaining Goku Black presence could give him further pointers to either bide his time or escape somehow. Also probably definitely because there was no episode with a missing Zamasu just missing time rings.

Goku's new form will be called...
SUPER SAIYAN SUPER SAIYAN GOD SUPER SAIYAN. And he will achieve it by going Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, then by going Super Saiyan God while being Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, then by breaking through that limit by becoming a Super Saiyan while a Super Saiyan God while a Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The fan-name shall be "Super Saiyinception."

Frost is a good person in his suppressed forms
Frost, for the sake of preserving the facade, suppresses his memories along with his power in his other forms, to make him actually be the person he wants the universe to think he is. This makes it impossible to sense the evil in him, and note that The Reveal only came after he had gone into his true form. Also notice how he has never reverted to his sealed form ever since Champa's tournament.

If the Cell timeline is ever explored, Zamasu will return.
However since he never met Goku along with other differences, the Zamasu of that timeline never went mad and begun his Zero Mortals Plan. Instead because the Cell timeline more or less started the Timey-Wimey Ball, that Zamasu is more of an anti-hero who's more focused on protecting the timeline. Especially when trying to figure out what the hell Infinite Zamasu was to leak into the other timelines and why it has his face. If not in the main series, it could work as a plot point in a possible third Xenoverse game.

More Saiyan characters will get forms unique to them.
We already have Goku Black, Future Trunks and Kale having unique Saiyans forms, being Super Saiyan Rose, Rage and Berserk respectively. To give some more creativity to new forms, when characters like Gohan and Vegeta achieve a new form it'll be different from Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken/Ultra Instinct. Gohan's could be explained due to his Ultimate/Mystic form affecting this form, and Vegeta either due to something o do with his royal blood or his own methods like all the time he spends in the Room of Spirit and Time. If Cabba gets a form like Super Saiyan God/Super Saiyan Blue, it could be different due to the different biology and culture of the Universe 6 Saiyans compared to Universe 7. Goten and Trunks might get their own unique form too as a consequence of using the Fusion Dance all the time.

Somehow, some way, Frieza will be redeemed.
I don't know how long it will take or how exactly it will happen, but it will happen. Think for a moment, how many former enemies has Goku and/or his friends teamed up with for one reason or another that DIDN'T wind up becoming a permanent ally? It started with Oolong, then Yamcha, then Tien and Chiaotzu, then Piccolo, then Vegeta, then Buu, and it would appear to be very slowly happening to Beerus as well. Even Krillin, Goku's best friend, was initially introduced as a rival figure that didn't particularly like Goku at first. And before you say that Frieza is far too evil to be redeemed, don't forget that Vegeta wasn't much different from Frieza when he was first introduced, butchering innocent people, destroying entire planets, and offing his own allies on a whim. It took Vegeta a long time to fully complete his Heel–Face Turn, but it still happened. And I am anticipating Frieza following suit.

Frieza will never be redeemed.
Less so him being that evil-again, Vegeta's was almost if not just as bad as him. Rather it's because he's only villain besides Mercenary Tao (who was reduced to a joke as time passed) to be given mercy and spit in the face of it. Other villains either repay the mercy, get killed before he can give mercy (like Nappa and the Ginyu Force) or don't even bother with the offer (Cell) if it's even made. The fact that he's unique in that regard suggests he's supposed to be the one exception. While he has become a lot more Faux Affably Evil and is starting to learn Evil Virtues, it would be almost stereotypical for that to lead to a Heel–Face Turn. Story-wise, it would be too much of a Broken Base since the allure of Frieza is that he is irredeemable and it would undermine all the horrible things he did. Oh sure, Vegeta has done similar horrible things but a lot of said horrible things(like killing and enslaving species) are Offscreen Villainy or implied. His onscreen villainy when he wasn't a Nominal Hero is him killing the heroes with some occasional sadism(common villain trait) or cruel actions towards other villains, while Frieza's onscreen villain involves genocide-only Majin Buu has really done that onscreen, and it was one that was shown to be Obliviously Evil when Frieza's shown to be aware of and embrace his cruelty.

While there is potential to him to have a Heel–Face Turn, the high risk of it coming off as Character Derailment and difficulty in making it work on a narrative level, plus the fact they've already set things up to make him the exception to the rule suggests he'll stay a villain until he dies and beyond. Unless he undergoes Heel–Face Brainwashing, though that wouldn't be the real Frieza anymore.

Vegeta will deal out a permanent and final death for Frieza.
Both his son and Goku got a turn at it. While Future Trunks used it as an example of The Worf Effect and setting up the androids, and Goku used to settle the score/cover up Vegeta's Fatal Flaw, Vegeta has yet to get a crack at it. To make it permanent and end Frieza's role as a villain once and for all, Vegeta will either kill Frieza while he's already dead or find a way to use destruction energy on him; permanently erasing Frieza. After complaints he never got revenge, Vegeta will get the consolation prize that he gets to make sure he never comes back, unlike Trunks and Goku. For bonus points, Vegeta won't even be motivated by the fact that Frieza made him bow to him his entire life or destroyed his people. Instead, he will eliminate Frieza from existence to protect those he cares about, summing up his Character Development and denying Frieza even the satisfaction that Vegeta is still affected by the suffering he has inflicted, a final kick in the teeth before he ceases to be.

Android 17's unnamed, unseen wife is Lunch/Launch.
Because that would be kind of awesome.

Frieza will be the reason U7 wins
We will see Vegeta beat Toppo, but left too weak to deal with Jiren, so he will be knocked out while Goku fights Jiren on his own, and Android 17 will be eliminated either by Toppo or by Jiren right after Toppo's elimination. Either way, the tournament will end with Goku and Jiren's duel still ongoing, making it look like a draw, so Zen-O or the Grand Priest will have to chose the winner. Just when it looks like the victory will go to Jiren, Frieza will climb out of the rubble, reminding that Universe 7 has two fighters left, making it the winner.
  • Kind of? He does help beat Jiren, but it's by him and Goku dragging Jiren out of the ring. Android 17 is the one who ultimately wins.

Jiren won't be defeated
The only other major antagonist not to be really worried by Goku getting a new transformation was Beerus, and he ended his first arc still being stronger than Goku, and actually defeating him. It's only reasonable that Jiren (who is even the first non-godly character confirmed being stronger than gods of destruction) will do the same.

Toppo's the reason why Universe 11 is not exempt.

As we've established at the beginning of the arc, Toppo was hinted at being a potential God of Destruction, being only weaker in respect to Jiren. However, this WMG crackpot relies on his Anime character. In the anime, he states that all evil has to be destroyed, no matter how big or small. As a God of Destruction, one of the main characters of a good Destruction God is that they may be ruthless, but they ultimately destroy in order to maintain their Universe. The reason as to why Universe 11's levels are low enough to be erased is because Toppo is going too far towards killing/destroying anything even lightly resembling evil. If it wasn't for Jiren existing, perhaps U11's Levels would dip down to, but not below Universe 6/7's Levels.

Jiren will be eliminated from the tournament

Understanding the time limit is almost down and that no, he really can't win this one, Goku will manage a way to touch/grab Jiren and instant-transmission them both on the bench, resulting in their mutual elimination. That will give him some character progress as well, showing he can care for more than just a good fight, accepting that there are limits he can't overcome yet and relying on someone else to win, as he did long before with Cell and Gohan.

  • Partially confirmed; Goku and Frieza ring Jiren and themselves off the arena.

Universe 7 is eliminated... but not.

Ass Pull, anyone? The Zenos are clearly infatuated with Goku, so what would they have to do if Goku's U7 is eliminated? They'd have to delete his universe and their friend. So in a moment that borders Heel–Face Turn for the Zenos, Goku's elimination causes the childlike gods to realize that maybe it's not all fun and games to willy-nilly eliminate everything and the end result is that they restore everything (or at least some of everything). Jiren is still able to make his supposedly selfish wish, and some form of Hilarity Ensues is invoked to polish off the series. Alternatively...

The multiverse will be part of a bigger -verse.
Much like Goku's universe being part of a bigger multiverse ruled by an Omni-King, Goku's multiverse will be part of something even bigger (try megaverse) ruled by someone even stronger than the Omni-King. Following up, there will be an infinite amount of -verses.

Dr. Rota's ability... to create magic spells. I personally think that Rota is Dragon Ball's equialent of Doctor Strange. He has the title "Doctor", just as Strange does, and Champa mentioned in the manga that he uses spells. Linking these two hints, I think that Dr. Rota is a magician, and a powerful one and that.

There are 6 sets of Super Dragon Balls—one set for each set of twin multiverses.
That explains why the Super Dragon Balls we see are seperated between Universes 6 and 7, and nowhere else. Each Super Dragon Ball set also has its own dragon, much like Super Shenron for the U6-7 set.

Ginyu's body will return.
After all the Namekian frog wasn't that evil so he would of been brought back by Shenron.

When Bergamo and Goku next meet, it will be on good terms.
The only reason Bergamo held a grudge against Goku was due to his actions for a multiversal tournament risking his universe's erasure. Now that we know that his universe was supposed to be revived anyway—and the fact that it was Goku's infuence that made 17 bring it back—it's possible that Bergamo will be grateful to Goku because his influence caused his universe to be restored.

There will be more story arcs focusing on other side characters in the series.
With the announcement of a story arc centered around Goten and Trunks, DBS blows the door wide open when it comes to where its story will be taken next. Now, the story doesn't have to be primarily focused on Goku and Vegeta anymore; other characters can gain equal prominence in the story. Perhaps we can see more Gohan-centric arcs that take place after Super Hero. Maybe Caulifla, Cabba, and Kale could have their own adventures in Universe 6. Jiren could finally vanquish the monster the caused him sow much suffering in his life. And other multiversal characters like the Trio of Danger and Ribrianne could have their own adventures. Indeed, the possibilities of DBS's future are now endless.


     Other Universes 
The angels come from their own universe where they came into being by themselves before the other universes came into being/were created and before even the Core People existed.
As a species they have lifespans comparable to those of Core People but Zeno granted immortality to the Grand Priest(King of the Angel Homeworld and all the planets colonised by angels in their own universe), and his family in exchange for their service and universe. Angels also happen to be the only sapient lifeform in that universe.

Universe 5 is called the Balanced Universe because there are as many people as there are animals

Zeno takes into consideration sapient life because he likes lifeforms he can talk to better
Although plants and animals are taken into consideration when it comes to the mortal level, each individual animal is worth less than each individual person.

There are more than 12 universes
It's just only 12 of them have Gods of Destruction.
  • Or that there are only 12 known universes, but more to be discovered.
  • If Dragon Ball Online is anything to go by, the amount of "universes" is infinite, but in that case, they were talking about timeline splits. The twelve might be something completely different, thus there may just be 12 of their particular category.
    • Maybe there are infinite timelines that are "universes by another name", but only 12 true universes (though really, multiverses or metaverses are a more accurate term).
      • The Dragon Ball universe seems to operate on a weird Matryoshka-Doll cosmology like DC and Marvel comics - it seems that the Universe of Dragon Ball contains several Realms, which are interconnected by also separated, such as the Mortal Realm, the Afterlife / Heaven & Hell (which is further localized to each planet, apparently), the Realms of the Kais, etc. Dabora, for instance, was King of the Demon Realm, which explains why he could canonically be as strong as Cell without infringing upon Freeza's title of "strongest" (Frieza WAS the most powerful being in the Mortal Realm before Cell, after all). All these Realms fit together to create the Universe, and 12 Universes make up the Dragon Ball Dimension. Future Trunks comes from an Alternate Universe, or more specifically an alternate TIMELINE, i.e. an "Alternate Dimension" (which is confusing, because technically Dimension and Universe are flip-flopped given their typical fictional connotations, but take from it what you will). So you can say that the Dragon Ball Universe works like this: Realm >>> Universe >>> Dimension ; X Realms = 1 Universe; 12 Universes = 1 Dimension; X Dimensions = The Multiverse.
  • In terms of the main timeline, this is sort of true as there used to be 18 universes...until Zen'o got mad.

One of the 12 universes will be a Distaff Counterpart/Spear Counterpart universe
.There hasn't been a lot of female martial artists in the DBZ franchise. So it would be pretty cool to finally see some.
  • Well, we've seen a female counterpart to Whis, so this would be likely.

One of the 12 universes will be our own.
We'll either only see it briefly and nobody will go to it or they'll go all out and have the entire cast discover their own show and react.

Dragonball Evolution's world will appear.
Only to get destroyed Yamcha!
  • Or they would just be losers in comparison to the main universe. It would be out of character for the Z Fighters to destroy a planet for the sake of a Take That, Scrappy!.
    • True, but you have to admit it would be hilarious to see Yamcha kill Noku without even trying.
    • Since Frieza is joining the Universe 7 team, what they could do is let him enter the world and destroy it just to let off some steam in return for joining the team - he'd let Yamcha take care of Noku just because he didn't feel like killing Noku. And to justify the other Z Fighters not interferring, the God of Destruction of that universe could say that the planet was scheduled to be destroyed anyways, so if someone wants to do his job for him, he's more than happy to let them.
  • Speaking of which, Noku is fine as a detractor nickname, but what would be really fun is if the Evolution counterparts' names (characters, attacks, etc.) were all changed to the original article's name from one bad localization or another. For example:
    • Goku = Zero (Harmony Gold dub).
    • Chi-Chi = Kika (Portuguese dub).
    • Lord Piccolo = Satan Petit-Coeur (French dub) or Big Green (AB Groupe English dub).
    • Mai = Mye (Super Barcode Warsnote ).
    • Muten-Roshi = Boski Mistrz (Polish dub).
    • Yamcha = Lancer Zedaki (Dragon Powernote  + Harmony Gold dub).
    • Bulma Brief = Lena Nora (Harmony Gold dub + Dragon Power).
    • Grandpa Gohan = Sparkle (Dragon Ball: The Magic Beginsnote ).
    • Ozaru = Ohozaru (Super Barcode Wars).
    • Original Evolution characters keep their names since they conflict with nothing.
    • Kamehameha = Wind Wave (Dragon Power) OR Kazehameha (keeps the same structure as the original name but alludes to "Wind Wave" as "Kaze" means "Wind").
    • Dragon Balls = Dragon Pearls (The Magic Begins).
    • Shenlong = Dievas Drakonas (Lithunian dub).
  • Or it was one of the six universes already destroyed by Zeno.

The Z Fighters will visit a universe where Frieza spared the Saiyans.
The Saiyans would have come to Earth for Kakarot and raised him to be a ruthless killing machine. When Kakarot becomes an adult, he Vegeta, Nappa, and Raditz work together to usurp Frieza. It would also be a good opportunity to have Goku finally meet Bardock.
  • U6 is kinda of that universe. Namely, the Saiyans never destroyed their original home planet, met the Truffles, and took over Planet Plant. Vegeta even notes that the Saiyans' outfits are like the ones worn in U7 before they worked for Frieza. The Saiyans are an inter-galactic police force or mercenaries who hunt bad guys. The universes also seem more complex than different versions of the same characters in 'what ifs'.

There will be a universe where humans are the ultimate warriors.
It'd be a nice way to have the old human fighters tangle with Goku and friends, and interesting to see how the main universe heroes interact. In that reality, it's Krillin who's The Hero instead of Goku, who's Overshadowed by Awesome in that universe.
  • Perhaps in this universe, they discovered a Super Human form. This could allow Toriyama to finally make Krillin, Tien and Yamcha matter again.

Universe 6 is a universe where Planet Vegeta wasn't destroyed
This is one of the most common fan what-ifs out there, so it'd be very interesting to see what Toriyama's answer is. Remember that Champa is planning to recruit Saiyans from his world, but also that it was thanks to Beerus in the first place that Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta, and he has no jurisdiction over Universe 6. Among Champa's fighters would likely be King Vegeta, pre-Character Development Vegeta Jr., possibly Bardock, and perhaps even a version of Kakarot that never hit his head and was raised by Gohan Sr.
  • Beerus never ordered Planet Vegeta's destruction. He only approved of it.
  • Another possibility is that Freeza is less evil/paranoid in this universe, and chose to keep the Saiyans around.
  • This is yes and no. The Saiyans original homeworld, Planet Salad, was never destroyed and they therefor never took over Planet Vegeta. Their original world was also destroyed by them during one of their in-fights. Also, there appear to be no duplicates like U6 Kakarot. The Saiyans are their own people.

Alternatively, Vegeta is still destroyed, but it still differs in that Goku never hit his head.
Which is why there are no more Earthlings. Kakarot killed them all.
  • Vados states that the humans wiped out themselves in a massive war. The Saiyans had nothing to do with it.

The war that wiped out the humans in U6.
Perhaps caused by the Red Ribbon Army?

Universes 1-5 and 8-12 have radically different environments.
Universe 6 and 7 are described as being "twin universes." For variety's sake, the other ten universes will be more on the line of Another Dimension than simply Alternate Universe. Future Trunks' timeline and the main timeline co-exist while being part of Universe 7, so it's not like they need to use the other universes for fun what-if/Alternate History realities. In these non-twin universes, the laws of physics and even certain positions of gods are different; for example, Universe 10 could be a realm of demons, vampires ect, and Universe 4 could be a universe where the Gods of Creation are supreme.

Universe 6 is a Mirror Universe of Universe 7
Their God of Destruction and attendant are total jerks compared to Universe 7's. Two of the Universe 6 fighters who share a race/appearance to Universe 7 characters are flipped around: Cabba's Saiyans are good(though still warriors) to the villainous ones in Universe 7, and Frost appears to be a benevolent Emperor of the Universe instead of Freeza. This suggests that Universe 6 is a Mirror Universe of Universe 7. However, rather than the common "evil versions of the main characters", it's a general "morality flip" applied to the entire universe. As such, characters like Goku would be irrelevant(or not even exist) in this universe, since it flips species around as well as individuals. The other three fighters in Universe 6 may have counterparts, but they aren't nearly as strong due to having wildly different personalities.
  • In the anime Vados and Champa are not that much Jerkasses. In fact, Champa treats Goku and Vegeta much nicer than Beerus did when they first met, even going as far as given them food to taste. Also Champa have shown to destroy planets to search for the Super Dragon Balls, while Beerus destroys planets because they served him greasy food. The mirror with them comes that Beerus may speak politely to others, but he's still extremely rude, while Champa boorish, but he acts quite polite.
  • Frost is also an evil scambag like Frieza, except he's even dirtier.
    • To be fair he may not be as evil. Maybe like Beerus and Champa, Frost just has an opposite temperament.
    • Frost is just as evil, he just choses to be manipulative instead of a Card-Carrying Villain.

One of the twelve universes will be Dragon Ball Z Abridged...
And in the DBZ Abridged universe, Beerus and co do not exist. All interactions involving Beerus involve his Canon counterpart. That being said, there *is* a God of Destruction in the Abridged universe...Mr. Popo of course.
  • Dragonball Z Abridged is more along the lines of an alternate timeline, like the Future Trunks timeline.

The Saiyan's behavior is directly correlated to the fate of their homeworld
In Universe 6, their original homeworld is still around, and in Universe 7 it was destroyed in conflict. This is the precise reason why the Saiyans are good guys in that universe; in Universe 7, the destruction of Planet Salad led to the Saiyans adopting an aggressive policy on strength to survive, which made them Always Chaotic Evil in the first place. It also robbed them of much of their technological advancements, ushering in a dark age. Universe 6 never had that, so the development of the Saiyans could continue until becoming the heroic defenders of that 'verse.

Other differences between Universe 6 and 7.
  • Namek never had the Great Drought, much like how in this universe the Saiyan home-world isn't destroyed. As a result, this Namek is much more culturally varied and not as peaceful
  • Because of the above, there was no Piccolo or Kami on the Earth. With about 500 years of divergence(including the Piccolo Wars never devastating the Earth), history was different enough to lead to the world-sundering war that wiped all life from it.
  • As mentioned above, the Metal Men exists in a different shape in Universe 7.
  • Botamo's homeworld was conquered/destroyed by Frieza/Buu in Universe 7, which is why there's no strong Botamo in that world.
  • Frost is Frieza's Blue Oni because he wasn't nearly as spoiled as his counterpart, and/or because

If U6 Goku appears, he will be a Butt-Monkey.
In the main universe, Goku was considered a weakling even by Raditz. Though Vegeta has stated Goku was just born with more potential, the evidence points to Goku's strength for a Saiyan being almost completely talent. Assuming he was conceived in Universe 6(hey, there's a form of Freeza in that universe), he would've never gone to Earth due to the different circumstances and not get half the training our Goku has. He's stuck doing menial work, and it'll be one of the many differences compared to Universe 7. It'd also be good for a laugh(especially at Vegeta's leisure).

In U6, Planet Salad is ruled by King Kakarot
He's a proud, strong man, one of the strongest of his race, who trains all the time to get stronger. But he's also a just and wise man, and pretty chill as well, who loves his people and wants them to do well. He encourages them to grow strong and improve, even as he does. The only fly in the ointment is some balding clown named Vegeta, who shows up every now and then to challenge King Kakarot to a duel to the throne, even though U6 Saiyan politics don't work that way.

All 12 Universes have two constants: Saiyans and Earth
In all twelve universes, there are only two constants: The Saiyan race, and the planet Earth. In terms of the Saiyans, their society and/or even how they look evolved is different for every one with only a single major commonality between paired Universes. For example, both Universe 6 & 7 the Saiyans are proud warrior races, but while 7 were evil planet jacking pirates, 6 were heroic mercenaries who fought to protect the innocent and defeat evil. Another example could be, hypothetically, Universe 1 having Saiyans who were technologically advanced peace loving folks who relied heavily on robot workers while 12 had Saiyans who were so extremely war-like it hindered their ability to progress past extremely primitive tribal units, and even then in-fighting was shockingly common. Only commonality between the two is the practice of cutting off their tails, thus preventing individuals from accessing their Great Ape forms.

For Earth, only the actual planet is the constant, not the inhabitants or even their histories. On both Universe 6 and 7, humans were the dominant race on the planet and possibly evolved and progressed at the same rate more or less. However, Universe 7 had Demon King Piccolo trying to conquer the planet, nearly causing society to be nearly destroyed and become stagnant technologically around 80's level advancement for several centuries, leading to all known Cities to band together to form a single nation with some smaller outlier nations and towns, explaining the vast swathes of wilderness and wasteland in between Cities throughout the series. On the other hand, without such an event that rocked 7, the Earth in Universe 6 continued to progress unhindered for a couple more centuries until a war between various countries presumably erupted that lead the planet to become completely destroyed to the point where Earth is effectively dead. The commonality here is that both Earth suffered a major event that caused the destruction of human civilization. While Universe 7 managed to bounce back, Universe 6 did not and could not until Beerus wished it back. It can be assumed there are other major comparisons between Mirror Universes when it comes to Earth.

The wolf people from Universe 9, as an hypothetical example, come from a version of Earth where canines evolved into a sapient bipedal race instead of primates, thus we may or may not see something similar from Universe 4.

  • Evidence for this; in a lot of the opening credits the female Saiyan/girl Broly is seen with Universe 11's Pride Troopers. This could suggest that, at least, there are three universes with Saiyans.
    • The above was ultimately disproven however, as Kale, the aforementioned Broly counterpart, is shown to be part of team Universe 6.
    • Possibility of certain species as The Constant is still possible however. Universe 2 has a Yardrat despite it not being Universe 7's twins. They may be the multiverse-wide species, which may have something to do with their Instant Transmission.
  • Considering that Universes 7 and 6 are the only ones that field Saiyans in the Tournament of Power, if this is true, then maybe the humans and Saiyans met with different fates in each universe - i.e., in U8, the Saiyans wiped themselves out in a war similar to the one that wiped humanity out in U6, or in U3, a Genre Saavy counterpart to Frieza knew that Genocide Backfire can be a thing, and made sure to wipe out all the humans/saiyans.

Universes 13-18 weren't destroyed for petty reasons.
Whis mention that there used to be 18 universes, but Zen'o destroyed six of them. While it is suggested to be something trivial, the Universal Tournament has him revealing he wishes to destroy 8 universes for a while, since their average mortal level is lower than a 7. It's possible that his motivation in the previous act of cosmic destruction was for the same reasons. Universes 13-18 were so poor in quality they actually had a rank lower that Universe 9's 1.86. Given the scarcity of mortal life in Universe 7, they were either almost completely barren in life, some not even having living beings to destroy, or horrible living conditions and their annihilation would almost be a Mercy Kill. Sure, eight of the other universes had a less than ideal rank but it wasn't so bottom-tier they couldn't get their act together within a few hundred million years.

Universes 1,5,8 and 12 actually have weak mortals when it comes to power levels and fighting abilities which is another reason why they are banned from the tournament.
Hear me out now. For one mortals are NOT judged based on their power as stated by universe 7 kaioshin in episode 83 also after Goku fought Toppo and got in that argument with Beerus, Beerus said that Goku is bringing the U7 AML down despite being the strongest mortal in existence or at least he is up there, despite the fact that Beerus was just trash talking to Goku that proves it right there that AML does not revolve around strength. Universes 1,5,8 and 12 could have weak mortals because their Gods of Destruction do such a good job with keeping them in check that they don't have to worry about wars, invasions and etc because their Hakaishin whose job it is to keep all the mortals in check does that and make such their human don't get out of hand, not just make their humans kiss their ass like Beerus does explaining one of the reasons why Beerus's Average Mortal level is second to dead last. Beerus does not care one whit about the quality of life in his universe and if it weren't for Goku everyone including Beerus would be dead hence why Beerus doesn't exist in Trunks's timeline, because Goku wasn't their to protect the kaioshin and Beerus was "taking a nap" while his universe is going to hell. Because Universes 1,5,8 and 12 make sure sh*t doesn't hit the fan in their universes, their humans don't have to worry about being strong enough to fight off some maniac as a result never gave their humans a reason to increase their fighting capabilities.

Our universe is one of the twelve, and is actually the strongest.
Its not actually that the Z fighters and the like are super powerful, its that even the planets of Universe 7 are incredibly weak compared to our own. Blowing up their moon is like popping a balloon, while ours would take significant energy to destroy. They just appear strong because everything around them is even weaker than they are, like a small fish in an even smaller pond. A single normal human from our world could defeat everyone in the other universes without even trying. After all, a single normal human from our world created all the other universes...
  • So we're from Universe 1?

Universe 2 has inter-dimensional immigration.
So far it's the only universe we've seen with species from Universe 7 while not being a twin. Jimeze is a Yardrat yet lives there, and there's apparently a Tuffle in that universe. The reason for this is that unlike Universe 6 and 7, the gods are fine with allowing travel between universes. The reason why? Helles wanted her universe to come off as more beautiful, so added species she found beautiful in their own way. This includes Yardrats because despite being vain, she doesn't conform to traditional stereotypes about beauty. How did she get away with it? Universe 2 was the first universe where mortals managed to invent travel between universes similar to how Universe 12's mortals invented the time machine, so she was protected by the Grandfather Clause.

The Dragonball Multiverse has a similar structure to the Dragonball universe.
The clouds that the jellyfish Zeno's palace is on are very similar to the clouds seen in the Other World. Much like how the mortal universe is below the Other World, the 12 universes are below the higher realm that Zen'o lives in. The angels mention being on a higher plane, suggesting they are from the "Super Other World" as well. Since the dead go to the afterlife of their own universes, there's no equivalent to the Check-in Station, Heaven or Hell, though Zeno's palace is equivalent to the Grand Kai's planet. The angels' house is on their equivalent to King Kai's planet, they just don't visit that often because they're busy with being attendants. If there is a being above Zen'o, he or she likes in the equivalent of the Sacred World of the Kais. Presumably if anyone dies outside the 12 universes like the World of Void, their soul is sent to Zeno's realm by default.

Universe 6 will contain characters based on movie villains
  • With Kale having similarities to Broly with her muscular green super saiyan berserk form being based on the Legendary Super saiyan from, Cabba looking and acting similar to Tarble and the possibility of one the U6 Namkians being based on Lord Slug, I believe many other characters in universe 6 will have similarities to Movie characters.
    • Cooler: Possibly a member of Frost race will seek revenge against Frost for lying to the univsere and giving them a bad name this member will have a form similar to Cooler's final form OR Frost will seek revenge against Freiza and gain a golden from with a silver tint resembling Metal/Meta Cooler
    • Turles: A Rogue group of Saiyans abandoned the idea of be peaceful protector and began using their powers for evil.
    • Androids: Earth will have similar advancements in cybernetic and they will create their own androids.

Theme of the different universes.
The theme of some, if not all of the different universes and their fighters is based off either genre parodies or references to other aspects of the series, including things outside of canon. Universe 2 and 11 are the most blatant in that they parody(magical girl and sentai), but as for the others?
  • Universe 3: Dragon Ball GT. The most obvious reference is Mosco being based off Luud, but the general machine environment seems themed off the Machine Mutants. Maji Kayo looks a bit like Baby, and his blob-like body has a lot in common with General Rilldo. While Paparoni has the general Mad Scientist aesthetic like Dr Gero, there could be some Dr Myuu in there as well. If we see more of their universe, we might find dragon characters based on the Shadow Dragons.
    • This is all fine and dandy, but exactly what are the Universe 2 fighters who aren't Magical-Girl related? I mean, what are the Sniper duo, and the Rildo look-alike? Let's not forget the Yardrat and Zarbuto, who according to the info we know, is a Tuffle.
  • Universe 10: The Otherworld Tournament filler. The entire group is a bunch of quirky fighters, like just about everyone in the Otherworld Tournament except for Pikkon and maybe Olibu. While the Otherworld fighters weren't as much of a Butt-Monkey as Team U10, they are pretty comical.
    • This actually seems to be pretty valid.
  • Universe 6: As the other WMG suggests, they take a lot of notes from the movies. Kale and Cabba are based off Broly and Tarble. Frost being similar in appearance to Frieza and personality is like the dynamic Cooler and Frieza had. Pirina looks like Lord Slug. If you want to get technical, Champa is the ersatz of Beerus, who was introduced as a movie character.
    • Hit already is kind of similar to Pikkon, who is a filler character, so I guess he does count. What would Caulifla, Pirina's partner and Dr.Rota be, anyway?
      • Caulifla could be a female version of Turles with elements of Bojack (leading a group of Saiyan punks instead of mercenaries), while Rota could be what Wheelo would've looked like before his brain was removed from his body by Kochin. No idea for Saonel (Pirina's partner) though.
  • Universe 4: They are inspired by the Tournament characters from the classic Dragonball. That is, they're a throwback to the more technique-oriented fights. Cawey is clearly meant to be Ranfan, but most aren't based on specific characters. Just the general style.
    • I could actually see this as true, but I don't believe that applies to Ganos, Monna and the suicide bugs. Or are you trying to imply Ganos is a throwback to the Wolf-Man Jackie Chun faced?

The World of Void is what's left of the destroyed universes.
The World of Void is a sort of psudeo-realm, being a place that can be visited yet said to have no space and time. The universes Zen'o destroys can be visited which is how Goku gets Future Zen'o afterwards, but since they're no longer a universe there's no space and time. The reason why the latter is so colorful is because it was recently destroyed, and is still hot with the erase afterglow. Eventually is cools into the World of Void. It is all that remains of one of the six universes Zen'o destroyed long ago. Because it used to be something it's technically possible to visit, it just has nothing to it. If the Tournament of Power ends with wishing back all 18 universes, they might be in a bit of a shock when an entire universe manifests around them, particularly if they are were a population once stood. Maybe the field is where the Kaioshin once lived?

We already know the reason why Universes 13-18 were destroyed.
The answer lies in the manga. There was a Hide and Seek Tournament that Zeno hosted that all the Gods of Destruction participated in. However, Beerus entered a half-century slumber during the tournament, which made Zeno mad and took the other gods to calm him down. The incident also caused the other Gods to get angered at Beerus' premature nap.

Note that Whis said that Zeno destroyed six universes due to him getting mad. What if it had to do with the Hide and Seek Tournament? I think that Universes 13-18 participated in the tournament. When Beerus went into his slumber, Zeno got so mad, he destroyed that third of the multiverse, and would probably had destroyed more had the other gods not calmed him down. That also explains why the gods were mad at Beerus—he caused a third of multiverse to be erased.

Universe 12 is cheating.
The manga reveals that the first time machine originated from Universe 12, the one with the second highest mortal rank. While we only see a certain number of time rings, Gowasu mentions they were created recently. For all we know there have been thousands of time rings created thousands of years ago, or maybe Gowasu just isn't on the update. Or maybe Universe 12 was clever and covered it up until one blunder got the Omni-King's attention. Why even invent time travel? Because they cheated in developing their universe; this wasn't natural development, but time travel being used to undo past wrongs and artificially/retroactively develop their universe. They may not even have known that alternate timelines are the rule and assumed it worked on Back to the Future logic. Giin either didn't know this and shut them down once he found out, or more likely did known and condoned it because the ends justify the means. More sinisterly, he might actually be evil and sabotaged other universes' mortal levels. Of course, the powers that be figured out what was going on and made the Time Travel Taboo in response. Universe 12 got off with a warning as the rule didn't exist at the time.

Twin universes used to be the same universe.
Hence more easily explaining how Champa and Beerus could be twin brothers despite coming from separate universes. The reason why twin universes share the same species and are alike in the first place is that they used to be single universes, before dividing into two. This is also why the Super Dragonballs are shared across Universe 6 and 7 instead of only being in one, or spread out across to more than two universes. Being so similar in nature is also why most twin universes are next to each other in the mortal rank even if the gods in charge are wildly different. The reason why Beerus ahd Champa are the only related gods is because they're, as far as we know, the oldest destroyers: Beerus was a contemporary of Old Kai, and while his old age is artifical he's considered ancient to an at least 5 million year old Shin. As such, they were the only ones old enough to live through their universe splitting into two and being separated so either the other one could be a Destroyer god, or they wouldn't need to fight each other to get it. Depending on when Universe 13-18 were erased, its possible these early universes split into triplets and Beerus and Champa were lucky not to be on the triplets who got erased.

All angels have a sort of "mild atemporality" as a racial ability, even in the case of angels that are mortal and normal compared to the ones who are attendants to the gods of destruction
At its weakest, it's a very weak psychic link to an alternate in another timeline experienced through random hunches and through dreams.

Angels are born with feathery wings they shed once they reach adulthood
Which is why Goku mentions the little angels with wings.

Zalama's race is related to Zeno's race

Cucatail is the most Adorkable of the angels, and the one most likely to start conversations with mortals for the sake of it.

The ring around an angel's neck is part of their body
And possibly also an indicator of health.

Beerus and Champa (as well as the other Gods of Destruction) used to be Mortal.
  • It's already been hinted that this is the case with the fact that Whis offered to make Goku, a mortal, into a God of Destruction to succeed Beerus in the future, as well as him implying in that same statement that Beerus will eventually die of natural causes even if he is a God, like any other sentient being. And now it's been confirmed with the appearance of Dyspo in the Tournament of Power arc that others of Beerus and Champa's race exist in the universes, with Champa even noting how similar Dyspo looks to Beerus. And since we know that Dyspo is mortal while still being part of the Cat Gods' race, it makes it all the more likely that Beerus and Champa used to be Mortals who were just given the roles of Gods of Destruction in the distant past. And if Beerus and Champa used to be mortal, it only makes sense that the same applies to the other Destroyers for the other universes.

The possible origin for the gods of destruction.
While it could be just a hunch to suggest they used to be mortal, I have some guesses for their possible origin.
  • Beerus and Champa used to be from Universe 11, but the species evolved way past a point they no longer resemble cats, and mostly rabits.
  • Sidra used to be from the same species as Ganos and the Universe 4 gang, due to the color of his skin.
  • Liquiir and Geene used to be from either Universe 9 or 4, due to these two universes having similar races.
  • Unlike other gods, Heles is a native to her home universe.

The most evil God of destruction's name will be a pun on the words drunken or alcohol.
  • Seems to not be the case since none of the gods of destruction are puns of either drunken or alcohol. Though its possible one of the six universes had a god like this, and we might see it if said universes ever return from the dead.

Champa's assistant can turn back time as well.
If only because that'd be an incredibly major inconvenience for the heroes.

Beerus/Champa inherited their job.
Same case with Whis/Vados. Both Beerus and Champa are siblings, so they obviously have parents. Before either Beerus and Champa were born, their mom and dad were the Gods of Destruction for Universe 6 and 7 respectively. Because Love Transcends Space Time or an inter-universal Arranged Marriage was in order, they came together and produced the twins Beerus and Champa. Since Whis/Vados train successive gods of destruction, their parents are probably deities existing outside the normal 12 universes (most likely the Powers That Be of the multiverse). Beerus and Champa are dicks to one another because either their parents are guilty of Parental Favoritism, or they blame each other for some familial tragedy.
  • Confirmed for Whis/Vados. Not confirmed or jossed for Beerus/Champa yet. Adding to the theory, the names of their parents are Carmelous (Mother) and Shisrin (Father). It was Whis's idea for them to give birth to the next generation of Destruction Gods. Them being deities outside of the normal 12 universes is probable, but Zen-Oh is more the Powers That Be of the multiverse, so that part is Jossed.

Champa is fat because he has Vados do his job and sleeps and eats as much as his brother
Beerus eats like a Saiyan and sleeps for decades in a row before going out to destroy planets, yet is very thin. Champa, on the other hand, has Vados destroy planets...
  • Angels may not actually be allowed to do the God of Destruction's job for them, so Jossed?

Zeno-sama is not the strongest being in existence because there is more than one Omni-King.
Whis did say that Zeno-sama is the strongest and that there is nobody in existence that is stronger than him, while Whis is very intelligent and universably knowledgably there are things both big and small that even he doesn't know about i.e Hit's Toki-Tobashi, Goku's Kaioken, the time machine and let's not forget about Trunk's timeline. Zeno-sama is the most important person Whis knows, however it will be revealed that there is more than one multiverse and more than one Omni-king or maybe even Omni-queen or a non-gender Omni-lord.
  • And those other multiverses will be where the rest of Akira Toriyama's work takes place.
  • You may have a point there; it's revealed in episode 67 that Zen'o doesn't transcend timelines, since the one in Trunks' timeline isn't the same as the main Zen'o. It's possible there's an Emperor of Everything who's in charge of all timelines and possibly even other systems of universes.

Champa has diabetes that Vados is trying to get a hold of.
He forgets to take enough insulin despite Vados's nagging, so he's fat. Either Beerus doesn't have diabetes, or he takes too much insulin unlike Champa, making him thin.

Zen'o will be an Author Avatar of Toriyama himself.
He's the Top God and supreme ruler of the multiverse, Toriyama, as the creator of Dragonball, is it's equal of God. It'd make sense.

Zarama is bigger than the universe
Because really, how else do you top Super Shenron, who's the size of galactic clusters? Its creator, Zarama the Dragon God, is so big that it's curled around all 12 universes. We just haven't seen it yet because Zarama would exist outside conventional space-time, and Whis didn't feel like bringing it up.
  • I was under the impression that Super Shenron is Zarama. (He's only called Super Shenron by Piccolo, who doesn't know any other name)

Zen'o and Zarama are relatives.
Consider the fact that Super Shenron, Zarama's creation, is megaparsecs in length and capable of granting any wish, even things Whis and Vados are incapable of doing so. The only other character described as being so completely above such beings is the King of Everything. Zarama and Zen'o are, in fact, siblings. While Zen'o's goal is to command the multiverse and its many gods, it's Zarama who creates reality in the first place. Together, the two serve as the supreme deities of Dragonball. If nothing else, but by the humor in imagining their relationship and just what the hell their parent/s are?

Zen'o actually had a good reason for wiping out 6 universes.
From what we've seen, Zen'o isn't the kind of person petty enough to do such an act just because he was angry. The reason why he annihilated 6 of the 18 universes was due to some colossal Eldritch Abomination that had corrupted them beyond repair. It was a being powerful enough to pose a threat to him every single universe and possibly even other multiverses if they exist. It hasn't been explicitly said that the Omni-King is truly The Omnipotent, so the only option he had left was to pull a Shoot the Dog on a massive scale and eradicate a third of the multiverse to kill it and save everything.

This was long enough ago that Beerus, if simply wasn't born yet and was taught this fact, he was too young to participate in this calamity. Whis is portraying it as an act of standard godly pettiness in order to humble him, and later to train Goku and Vegeta. Indeed, this may have happened so long ago that even Whis isn't around, and Zen'o is trying to come off as scary to keep him under control.

  • Alternate idea from OP: he destroyed those universe because they had a low average mortal level, much like the reason he wants to get rid of universes now. Given Universe 9 is a Crapsack World and it wasn't wiped out, those universes must have been really awful and were probably better off erased.

The reason Beerus sealed Elder Kai in the Z-sword is because he didn't unlock Beerus's potential.
When Elder Kai made his debut, he said the villain that sealed him in the z-sword was not as strong as Majin Buu and this villain was afraid of his "powers"; by powers he meant his ability to awaken someone's inner strength like he did with Gohan. Meaning that the motivation behind Beerus sealing away Elder kai had something do with that special ability of his. So the reason why Beerus sealed him away was because he didn't awaken Beerus's hidden enery. As we've all seen in BOG and the beginning of DB super Beerus can be quite ugly(both literally and figuratively speaking) when he doesn't get what he wants no matter how small his desire might of been, and he severely punishes those who deny his satisfaction as shown when he mistreated Vegeta his father and so many other aliens. He wanted to destroy the surpreme kai's planet but didn't because that would of threw off the entire balance of the universe because there would be nobody to create planets anymore plus he would die because his life link was on that planet as well so in order to alleviate his rage he seals away Elder Kai. While Beerus's actions were wrong they weren't 100% unjustified. The reason Beerus took such extreme measures for his ire is not just because he's a prick, the real reason why he did that is because since Eler Kai wouldn't unlock his potential he had to undergo TrainingFromHell to obtain the level of power he has today. As we the DBZ fans seen from Goku and especially Vegeta train under Whis, Whis's training methods are far from a joke; yes Whis's training will get you unbelievably strong, but it is hard as hell i.e toting a heavy freakin' brick around the planet and so forth. So when Beerus sealed Eler Kai in the Z-sword he was thinking about all the stupid hard training he had ahead of him. As said earlier don't forget that Elder Kai said that Beerus wasn't as strong as Majin Buu when he sealed him in the Z-sword, so just imagine how much training Beerus had to do to get from there to a level that surpasses 10 SSj blue Goku.
  • In my opinion, the Destroyer garb clothing patterns closely resemble the color scheme of the Kai world from DBZ. Something to further bolster this theory is Beerus could have taken MORE personal offense if Elder Kai's potential unlocking skill just couldn't be performed on Beerus himself specifically for some reason. On top of being offended, Beerus DEFINITELY would have sealed him up to be sure his training went uninterupted by anyone else seeking to have their potential unlocked.

Going off the previous WMG the another reason why Champa is fat is because he had his potential unlocked.
Explaining why he is so lazy. Unlike Beerus, Champa never conditioned his body and that's why he is so out of shape. He is just as powerful as Beerus as seen in the episode where both of them got in that punching match however Champa has a weaker body than Beerus which is why it seems that Beerus is just a little bit stronger than him. Champa is just as strong as Beerus but he has a weak body as seen when he was winded after walking not running a measly little mile something that even Hercule(Mr.Satan) can do with ease. How he never became rusty or lost his mystic power up unlike Gohan is because he did receive a little training from Vados, he learned to retain his power no matter how long he was slothful from his magic martial arts teacher.

Zen'o's current form is not his true appearance.
Zen'o is likely limiting his own power, resulting in his cute, childlike form. Like Frieza, he can go through various forms depending on the extent he's reining in his true potential. Being in the presence of his true form could mean instantaneous death, sort of like looking on the face of God in the Old Testament. We'll never see his full power, of course, but his Eldritch Abomination nature will be hinted at on occasion.

This is the Top God of the entire franchise. Knowing Toriyama, there's definitely more to him than meets the eye.

Zen'o is the Multiverse's God of Destruction.
While his position isn't too far off from a God figure, it doesn't necessarily mean that he did create everything. He is actually the God of Destruction on the grandest scale, though it doesn't mean he's a cruel guy. The reason why the Gods of Destruction seem to be superior to the Gods of Creation is because it reflects Zen'o and his relationship with whatever multiversal God of Creation there is. Admittedly I could be wrong, but until we see him in action we can't yet say that he's both the omega and alpha.

Also, like Beerus and Whis he has an angel attendant in the Grand Priest, who shares a very similar dynamic. He's the multiverse's angel.

The five strongest beings in the multiverse.
Episode 55 reveals the idea of there being five strongest beings in all universes, with the Grand Priest being one of those and far above even Whis(the strongest being in Universe 7). Those beings, and their possible rank could be:
  • Zen'o is obviously at the top of the list. The real question is if anyone else in that list can even compare to him.
  • Zalama is another that probably fits into this list, as it was capable of creating a dragon that can grant any wish. Implicitly it's one of the only beings described as omnipotent or close enough that there's no real difference. The other being described as such is Zen'o himself, which probably makes him the second strongest being out there(or fifth and we have an Even More Omnipotent scenario going on)
  • The Grand Priest's rank is unclear, but depending on the magnitudes of difference between third and fifth strongest.
  • Zen'o's attendants probably aren't on the list. They're terrified of him, but the Grand Priest is on a semi-casual basis. Hell, Whis is far off from the Grand Priest and isn't as afraid of Zen'o as them (though they're probably still stronger than Whis).

Zen'o is a child, cosmically speaking.
He looks like some sort of alien child, and acts rather childish. While he'd be billions of years old, it could be that by Top God standards he hasn't matured fully.

Zen'o is actually evil.
The multiversal tournament, if previews are going to be believed, is him going to destroy the universes of the losers. What kind of maniac would do that?! Even Beerus isn't that petty. Either he's lying and is just using it as motivation/a secret test of character...or it's his true nature being uncovered. Zen'o already has villainous traits, such as destroying six universes because "his mood was a little spoiled". Plus he's basically had nothing to control him. Sure, he acts innocent and childish, but that could mean something a lot darker. It'll turn out that he's essentially what Kid Buu would be with a brain and position of power, and the final main antagonist of Dragonball Super. Of course, he'd need an Achilles' Heel for this to work.

Zen'o has a father, and he is the true Top God (or the closest to it).
There's Always a Bigger Fish after all. Sure we've seen him come off as The Omnipotent with the alleged destruction of 6 universes and twelve entire universes in the corrupted timeline, but the Future Trunks arc shows he lacks the omnipresence you'd expect from the God analogue since there's a Zen'o for each timeline(which were created by human means via time travel), instead of a single Zen'o for all timelines. He seems to have infinite power, but that could be an illusion simply due to how he compares to the other characters. Sure, Whis says he's the highest power but he doesn't know anything(or could be lying), such as when he mis-identified the origin of Goku Black.

I posit that he has a father of sorts, who rules multiple timelines, multiverses or both like how the Omni-King rules the multiple universes. The reason why Zen'o acts like a child is because he is a child, and it's his father who's the adult. Presumably he'd be named the Omni-Emperor or Emperor of Everything. As mentioned in an above theory Zen'o could have other variants like an Omni-Queen or even Omni-President who rule different creations. The relationship between Zen'o and his father would be similar to Koenma and King Enma.

The Grand Priest is the regent in charge of looking after and training Zen'o, put in place by the latter's father until he comes of age(which is a really long time). All the angels are aware of the real hierarchy, however since their duties lie elsewhere they don't reveal information like that to the Kais and Gods of Destruction. The Omni-Emperor is the god that the Grand Priest is, well, a priest to.

General Gods analysis
The following is a general analysis of all the Gods of Destruction and the relationships they have with their angel, mostly judging from their initial appearance in Episode 78 of the anime. Beerus, Champa, and Sidra will be included for the sake on completeness, and is subject to change as more information is provided and/or event develop. Nicknames will be used for unknown Gods.

  • Beerus, Universe 7: Petty, cruel, and potentially Axe-Crazy when angered and/or bored, but is surprisingly friendly fun loving when taking the effort to get to know him. While he spends most of his time napping and lazing about, he is surprisingly pretty efficient about his job though only destroying plants whenever its inhabitants annoy him in someway, out of boredom, or even by pure accident. Often times whether or not he spares a planet depends entirely on how he likes the planet's food and the behavior of its inhabitants towards him. Speaking of food, Beerus is a big time gourmand, and will tour his universe for the most delectable of food stuffs to try out, with disgusting or even average cuisines marking an entire inhabited planet for ultimate destruction. If not for food, he will go to a planet if it piques his interest, and whether or not he spares the planet depends on the mood he is in. His angel, Whis, acts as his assistant, making sure his charge is doing his job and keeping him in line, sometime being a borderline nanny. Despite the snark and sass Whis throws at him, he and Beerus ultimately seems to be good friends despite their relationship, though this is not obvious at first.

  • Champa, Universe 6: Beerus's brother and thus far the only God of Destruction having an actual blood relation with another. While Champa is outwardly friendlier and jovial than Beerus and possibly less petty, he is also more violent and crueler with a particularly bad temper as well. Similar to Beerus, Champa is a gourmand who decides the fates of planets entirely through their cuisine. However, unlike Beerus, food appears to be the only factor in deciding the fate of a planet, and judging by Champa's girth, he is far more forgiving and has a much wider palette than Beerus. Outside of looking for food, Champa is extremely lazy despite not napping as often as Beerus, oftentimes ordering his angel Vados to do any heavy lifting for him, which includes doing his job, unless he is really pissed at something. In fact, the only time Champa would be diligent in is either food related, or finding out ways to upstage his brother Beerus. Vados, Champa's angel, serves her charge just as dutifully as Whis, but is far more condescending and insulting towards her charge while still being unflailingly polite. However, she flip flops between enabling Champa's lazy and gluttonous behavior and trying to politely push his towards a more healthier lifestyles. Predictably, Champa enjoys it when she does the former and dismisses her when she does the latter. Why she does this is not matter of competence, but actually for some end goal known only to her, subtly manipulating Champa through his own vices. She also has a tendency to not tell her charge important, sometimes even highly relevant information, leaving Champa in the dark and further manipulating him, completely contrary to Whis who is always upfront with Beerus unless it is to provide a happy surprise and/or out of boredom.

  • Iwen, Universe 1: The most boring, inoffensive, plain vanilla God of Destruction. Mosko is the only God without any emotion, and he has more personality than this guy. Ivan's single quirk is that he enjoys comedy and considers himself a comedian, but his sense of humor is so incredibly dull and lifeless it causes mortals to risk oblivion rather than listening to more than one of his jokes. Worse yet, has a tendency to go into such long, droning, single-sided conversations that it causes the listeners to practically feel their sanity slipping and want to savagely attack him just to make it stop! The only time he actually expresses any emotion is in the direct presence of the Grand Priest or Zen'O, where he's just as scared and reverent as the other Gods. Iwen's Angel has the exact same sense of humor and tendency for long winded tangents as he does, and the two of them create the absolute worst Wise Guy Straight Man routine in reality, their occasional Boke and Tsukkomi Routine the cause of many a mass suicides. However, like the other angels, Ivan's angel possesses a more vicious side, thus to juxtapose from himself and Iwen, all the fighters from their universe are entirely composed of the most depraved, violent, blood thirsty, psychopathic, homicidal murderers and monsters in the multiverse. Bonus points if at least one of those psychos became that way from listening to one of Iwen's conversations.

  • Helles, Universe 2: The only known female God so far she decides the fates of planets on whether or not they are beautiful and/or provides her with entertainment and gifts that are beautiful as well. She is obsessed with beauty to where if she will often even spare dead planets if the the landscape looks beautiful to her and destroys inhabited planets if the landscape is ugly. Otherwise, she will ask the populace of an inhabited planet for gifts in jewels, valuables, beauty products, and art pieces, most of them in her image in some form, as well as live entertainment in any way, shape, or form, as long as the gifts pleases her. Sometimes though, if a race is particularly beautiful to her, she will ask for actual mortal slaves to provide with more......intimate pleasure, regardless of gender. Any civilization that fails to deliver, and/or their gifts are not up to her ridiculously high standards, she destroys their planet. Helles is also just as obsessed with her own personal beauty as everything else, making her incredibly vain, arrogant, and petty, and constantly worrying about keeping herself beautiful despite being immortal to the point of being nigh indestructible, such as applying tons of beauty products upon herself and barely eating anything larger than tiny, near tasteless hor d'evrs; a single insult about her looking old and/or ugly, and/or lecturing her about inner beauty, could set her off enough to possibly destroy an entire solar system, let alone a single person; and acts haughty and mighty towards everyone she meets, demanding that she be treated as the grand, immortal queen that she believe she is, including the Kais, other Gods, especially mortals, and even the Grand Priest........but NOT Zen'O, whom she treats far more humbly and respectfully than literally everyone else. When speaking directly to him, Helles continues to give a calm, collected regal air to her on the outside; internally, however, she is just as pants-shittingly terrified of the little guy as all the other Gods, and possibly the only time she ever admits she's only keeping her job entirely through her looks alone. Bonus points if Zen'O is the only pperson besides the Angels to getaway with calling her nicknames like "pretty grandma." Speaking of Angels, Helles' own Angel is constantly enabling her behavior and is constantly weighing on her hand and foot, only holding her back when she's destroying too many destroy she deems ugly without giving them a proper chance first. The reason he does this is too subtly manipulate her like Vados does with Champa occasionally, but it is really mostly out the enjoyment he gets when she gets knocked down a peg. Whether it is from under the radar insults she fails to notice, pulling humiliating pranks on her, the moments where he has to put his foot down, and/or the direct meetings with Zen'O, which are the only time he can speak freely about how much of an atrocious person his charge is, these moments are the ones her Angel believes as totally worth the verbal abuse and constant headaches with dealing with a planet destroying diva.

  • Quitera, Universe 4: The Gadfly of the highest order, this particularly God fancies himself as the ultimate troll-dick-cunt in the multiverse. He constantly annoys and bothers mortals to no end, from minor annoyances like ruining food and drink and peeing in someone's bushes to cruel and potentially lethal pranks of a global scale, sometimes destroying a planet like he's supposed to. Taking it even further, he will even commit widescale crime sprees that can span solar systems just to piss off as many law enforcement agencies as possible. In fact, some of his Universe's fighter may be made up of particularly powerful criminals he ran with. He has almost no standards in terms of the mortal victims of his antics, freely targeting cruel, sadistic crime lords just as equally as defenseless babies, the only real standards being no unnecessary civilians in his crime sprees. The thing Quitera enjoys most about tormenting the mortals of his universe is their total and complete inability to do anything to him, lest they and/or their planet winds up destroyed. However, Quitera rarely actually does his job of destroying planets unless he's on a deadline, because under his logic, the less people there are alive, the less number of people to annoy. This line of thinking actually makes him less effective than Sidra, as while Sidra is merely indecisive, he actually does his job instead of purposely no doing it. Quitera also has the other Gods of Destruction as his targets (minus Mosko due to his lack of emotions), but he rarely pranks Angels, due to their lack of reaction, and his own Angel is off limits. The only two people Quitera will absolutely not target are the Grand Priest and Zen'O, due to them actually able to DO something about him, not just because of their immense power. In fact, Quitera is the one God of Destruction Zen'O legitimately despises, and while he enjoyed Quitera's antics at first, the novelty quickly wore thin and Zen'O now considers it be immature (bears emphasizing that Zen'O has the mentality of a small child, and he considers Quitera to be immature). Thus, if either Vegeta or Goku become new Gods of Destruction, Quitera will be the one they may be replacing. Quitera's Angel, similar to Rikeel's, is the one who provides all the materials needed for Quitera's pranks as well as mission control for his crime sprees. Despite some minor pushing for Quitera to do his job, the Angel lets his charge to do whatever the Hell he wants without stopping him. Similar to Helles's angel, he does it entirely because he enjoys watching the rodent squirm and beg for mercy in either Grand Priest and/or Zen'O's presence. And while God and Angel may look like they're back as thick as thieves and the closest nakama, Quitera's Angel almost constantly mentions how he will immediately throw Quitera under the bus if a replacement is found. Quitera always thinks he's kidding. He's not.

  • Arak, Universe 5: Contrary to the other Gods of Destruction, who mostly leaves mortals to handle their own affairs, Arak actually governs his universe aside from the Kais. He does this byy completely controlling one single, very important aspect: Money, Money, Money (Mooooooon-NEH!) Whether the source is legitimate or illegal, Arak controls all monetary transactions that occurs in his universe, obsessed with the very concepts of finance, economics, and commerce to the point were he feels near orgasmic joy as profits rise and debilitating depression as they fall. The fate of a planet entirely depends on how profitable they are, as those that do not meet up with a certain profit quota, they are destroyed. And if a planet cannot pay up in cash, he will accept other means of payment in for of tiffs to be exchange for actual money. In order to run such a massive financial empire, he hires out a literal legion of employees, ranging from accountants and advisers to enforcers and collectors, and while he treats all his employees well, any he catches skimming off the top is automatically destroyed......or even their entire race, planet, solar system, or even galaxy depending on how much is taken. Despite being literally the richest being in his universe, he himself is extremely stingy. He'll only eat the cheapest junk and fast food, use only hand-me-down furniture, and his planet is extremely spartan to the point of looking like its nearly abandoned. If he has any sort of lavish objects and/or signs of opulence, those was usually goods he is keeping until he sells them off, and/or trophies of those he had destroyed as a warning to others not to cross him. His Angel is basically Arak's top assistant and enforcer, handling much of paperwork and administrative aspects as well as making sure people pay up when the times comes, even taking them to Arak himself to negotiate....or to be executed...
    • Arak is actually a Token Good Teammate who thoroughly investigates what he has to destroy so as to expand his universe's mortal level with a minimum of destruction.

  • Rikeel, Universe 8: A trickster at heart, Rikeel is a shapeshifter who travels to civilizations that are just starting out in order to establish himself within their legends and mythologies by messing with their inhabitants in some way, most often assigning some random shmuck to do various deeds to make them heroes that will be talked about centuries to come. He rewards these guys with various gifts if they succeed, or apply curses upon them if they fail (or just blow up the planet if he's feeling malicious). However, how these gifts and curses are implemented completely depends on the imagination and cleverness of the person receiving them: It is possible to turn the curses into some greater benefit, while the gifts have just as much chance of destroying the planet as being beneficial to the receiver. He then returns to these planets at various intervals and see if whatever stories about him still exist and/or whatever form he took in the distant past is still relevant. While Rikeel's actions from vary from civilization to civilization, usually if a civilization still remembers him and he remains relevant, or if they still remember him he is obscure, he will then create a situation where he will become relevant to that civilization again. If they do not remember him or, worse, mock him, he obliterates the planet. As part of his trickster persona, he is also far more forgiving of mortals one upping him then a few of the other Gods, taking losses with grace and humility and rewarding the victor. However, if he is defeated in a way that is particularly embarrassing, he blows up the planet. Because Rikeel encourages cleverness and wit more than raw strength, all of his universe's fighters, consisting of individual heroes he rewarded or cursed or their descendants, are the most gimmick heavy of the universes and thus rely entirely on their knowledge and expertise of their gimmicks to overcome great odds. While Rikeel is ultimately the one who sets up the legends he wishes to create, his Angel is the one who helps to execute them behind the scenes, even providing the rewards from off planet if either Rikeel cannot provide himself and/or unable on the current planet. His Angel also chronicles all the various disguises Rikeel had used and which planets they are applied. There have been a quite a few planets Rikeel was forced to blow up because he mixed up his disguises......

  • Sidra, Universe 9: One of the few truly benevolent Gods of Destruction, Sidra has a strong sense of Good and Evil and immense compassion, which separates him from the others and he uses it in his decisions. Problem is, having a moral compass that is in shades of black and white instead of blue and orange are not really conducive for his job. This leads to his indecisiveness as he often mulls over the implications of destroying a target planet and constantly worries about the populations he has to destroy along with it. More often than out, unfortunately, this indecisiveness can be utterly crippling for Sidra, ultimately making him one of, if not the, most ineffective God of Destruction in the multiverse. His Angel would act as his Hyper-Competent Sidekick, similar to a younger assistant helping out a much older, bumbling employer, and many times being the one who ultimately pulls the trigger on a target planet, especially if said planet is dead.

  • Ramuushi, Universe 10: While just as compassionate and possessing morality similar to Sidra, Ramuushi is the best example of how to apply such qualities in one's job as a God of Destruction and doing it right. He will spare most planets having civilizations or even planets with flourishing life and only target completely dead planets most of the planets. However, if he has to destroy a planet with life on it, he will do his best to try and relocate any fauna on the planet to similar locations so can they can safely flourish, and will give civilizations proper forewarning along the time and possibly the resources necessary to evac the planet before destroying it. Bonus points for taking pictures of the landmarks and environments before doing the deed and keeping them in a scrapbook for later. Sometimes though, he will actively seek out criminals and villains of the worst caliber and blast them out of existence himself, and if an entire race is evil, and/or if a planet is too much a Wretched Hive, he will ask his Angel to get the good ones out of the way before blasting the entire race into extinction, or blowing the planet to kingdom come. Otherwise, he will actively go into the affairs of mortals and do community services, but only as long as those he helps show him the proper respect. His Angel being so small compared to him, or even any of the Gods, Kai, and other angels, might symbolize her as being currently the youngest angel, and Ramuushi most often mentors her just as she is supposed to assist him. Unlike the other pairings, the relationship between Ramuushi and his Angel would be most akin to father and daughter then assistant and charge. In fact, Ramuushi may be the most effective of all the Gods of Destruction in the multiverse. Barring a few hiccups here and there, the only time he ever dropped the ball was the whole hot mess involving Zamasu. Seriously, this troper needs a proper explanation for that screw up.
    • Apparently Ruumushi is actually extremely lazy and often can't be bothered to do his job.

  • Vermoud, Universe 11: A veritable fighting junkie, Velmot travels the universe in order to find opponents to fight, mortals that can force him to hold back as little as possible, providing suitable challenge and keeping him entertained. He only travels to inhabited planets with civilizations, and then he immediately challenges that civilization's or planet's strongest warrior to a fight. Winning gains no reward aside from the planet living for another day and personal favor from Vermoud himself as long as the warrior maintains their edge. Losing, or if the warrior does not provide sufficient challenge, the planet is destroyed. Bonus points for using the finishing move used to kill his opponent also used to destroy the planet simultaneously. However, when he arrives on a planet with civilization, and he is stead greeted by an entire military going against him or the civilization turns to be, worst case scenario, peace loving, the planet is automatically dead. To him, one's morality does not matter; whether they are a saint or a sinner, hero or villain, as long as they can at least go toe-to-toe with him, they are worthy of his favor. In a way, Vermoud's mindset is the Saiyan ideal in its purest form: The drive and desire to enjoy a good fight no matter the cost or consequence, devoid of the senseless malice as possessed by the U7 Saiyans and devoid of the kindness and compassion possessed by Goku. Thus he may be the only God of Destruction to not object to the Universe destroying lose condition of the upcoming tournament. Also, all of his Universe's fighters might the only ones in full uniform, creating a league of superheroes designed to explicitly give Velmot an entertaining fight to dstract him from more defenseless planets. Vermoud, for his part, plays up his role as supervillain just to add another layer of entertainment for his fights. His Angel acts like a combination fight promoter, cheerleader, manager, booky, and sidekick, basically handling all the administrative aspects of his fights and doing it with the greatest enthusiasm as well.

  • Giin, Universe 12: Giin is a badass of the highest order, a golem of fish based testosterone able to strike fear into mortal with a single glance......but the image is near constantly undermined by his doting, grandmotherly Angel attendant, who treats him like a young grandchild playing pretend rather than the God of Destruction he is. Think of a total badass manga protagonist like Kenshiro or Toriko having someone with the personality of Nanny Ogg from Discworld, Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog, and/or Tree Trunks from Adventure Time as a traveling companion, and you have a good idea of the dynamic. However, his Angel's behavior annoys him constantly, and him verbally lashing only seems to reinforce the image of him being a poser being taken care of by his grandma. Does not really help him when his Angel is actually taking care of a random person/family/community of any inhabited planets he tries to destroy, and then bringing said beings she takes care of back to their planet. Thus, Giin will often try to only target dead planets in order to prevent his Angel from bringing home any more people. If one were to actually visit Giin's planet, it would be the only Destroyer God's home that is inhabited by permanent residents besides the God and Angel, where various cities and settlements sprang up from the generations of people whom are descendants of the original "strays" his Angel brought home with. However, despite her caring and doting behavior, she is fully capable of kicking ass and taking names if the situation calls for it, and is far more cunning and brutal than she shows. Expect this Angel is cook for everyone baked goods and hearty meals in between matches for the coming tournament, and be the only Angel is object to destroying the Universes of the losers. Bonus points if Funimation manages to score Polly Lou Livingston as the Angel's voice actress.

The strongest God of Destruction is probably the most unassuming one.
Because that's always been Dragonball's style. It'll turn out that either Iwen (the guy who looks like a fluffball) or Quitela (the mouse) is the strongest of the 12. To throw people off one of the two will be the weakest of the twelve.
  • Well not strongest, but Iwen has been confirmed to be the most competent God of Destruction as his universe has the highest average mortal level and rank.

The Supreme Kais and their Gods of Destruction are foils/contrasts in personality.
And their respective angels are the mediators in between these personalities.
  • Beerus, God of Destruction for Universe 7, is temperamental and Ax-Crazy while having a warrior code, while Shin is quite calm. While Shin underestimates mortal strength, Beerus actively searches for a Worthy Opponent. Most notably Beerus is a Lazy Bum who rarely gets involved in big matters, while Shin had a personal involvement with universe-threatening issues like Majin Buu. Whis is always the calmest, most neutral of the group.
  • Champa is similar to Beerus, but boorish. His Supreme Kais are likely similar to those in Universe 7, however with an ignorance of mortals' roles in things. Champa's the more childish and easier to agitate, while his Supreme Kais are more. Vados follows this "like Universe 7 but a little different" by being like her brother in neutrality, but a little bit nastier and more amoral. However Champa's pettiness and aggression is less short-sighted than Beerus, keeping Universe 6 above Universe 7 in rank.
  • Gowasu, Supreme Kai of Universe 10, is an experienced and educated Kai. He is well aware of the gods' position, but suffers from a Fatal Flaw; being a Horrible Judge of Character, at least when it come to his pupil Zamasu. Rumoosh is a lot more savvy to the other gods and understanding of people in general, however he's somewhat ignorant in actual duties. Of the Destruction and Creation deities, they probably have the best relationship due to covering each other's flaw in wisdom. The Zamasu incident may have strained this relationship somewhat. Their angel is rarely needed because of how well-trained her student is, resulting in respect from the other angels yet a longing to have a bigger roll. With their individual fatal flaws, it prevents them reaching their potential and ranking a 7 or higher.
  • Sidra and Rou of Universe 9 seem the most obvious. Each serves as unbefitting for their position; Sidra is reluctant to destroy, while Rou is a selfish git. They're considered the White Sheep and Black Sheep of the gods; one's a Nice Guy, the other's a Hate Sink who's likely not trying to pull a Zamasu both because he lacks even ambition/vision and fears the others too much. While Beerus might frighten the Kais, Sidra and Rou have an outright hostile relationship that's kept in check by having to follow the rules and their life link. Of the angels Universe 9 may have the worst of it, constantly trying to prevent this relationship from being nasty. He may even get more emotional than any of his brethren, which is counter-productive to a race that's True Neutral by default. With this incompetence, its no wonder their rank is the lowest of all 12 universes.
  • Helles, Goddess of Destruction for Universe 2, is interested in beauty and hates things ugly. Contrasting her vain attitude is the Universe 2 Supreme Kai, who's the farthest thing from judgemental and somewhat casual. Its a Snobs Versus Slobs relationship between the two. Their angel expresses neutrality is not having a strong opinion to this, being somewhat judgmental yet not vain in any way. Or maybe compassionate but very vain, given he's one of the most bishonen angels. Universe 2 falls below the ranking of 7 because the Goddess of Destruction's standards are too high.
  • Kai, Supreme Kai of Universe 11, is described as being a really kind guy. While it is kind of obvious, Vermoud is as much a Monster Clown as you can expect. A vicious sadist who loves a good fight, he's an even more aggressive Beerus. Even by the Gods of Destruction's standards, he's the Token Evil Teammate. Their Angel is incredibly stoic on the outside, but deep down insecure and sensitive from the stress of dealing with such wildly opposing figures.
  • Ea, Supreme Kai of Universe 3, seems to be the most vocally opposed to the rules of the tournament as of yet. His personality is Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!; he's aware of the more morally ambiguous things the gods must do like the general existence of a God of Destruction, but opposes these acts. Insubordination is made up by his interest in mortal technology, and he knows the most about his mortals' endeavors. In contrast Mosco is the most loyal God of Destruction, always by the book. The insubordination by one and "stickler for the rules" of the other prevents their universe from reaching a 7 or higher in Zeno's rank, but they still are competent and oddly amiable together they rank about Universes 7 and 9. Universe 3's angel prides himself on balancing his emotions and duty, however can be swayed one way or the other. Somewhat of a Wild Card among his brethren.
  • Kuru, Supreme Kai of Universe 4, is a rather prideful figure, but is conscious of his job as a god. Unlike Ro he actually does his job, more than almost any other of his kin. Still that ego can blind him. Quitela lacks the vanity of his counterpart, however has a competence issue just like his rival Sidra. He's even more immature than Beerus and Champa, who likes to toy with people. Think Jerry from Tom and Jerry in his antics. His angel is always the straight man and often has to give him a good spanking. Naturally this universe isn't going to be a 7 or above in average mortal level.
  • Ogma, Supreme Kai of Universe 5, is a gentle god that emphasizes the balance between intelligence and power. Gowasu may be a wise and respectable Kai, but Ogma could out-school him. He's the epitome of a Reasonable Authority Figure. Arak meanwhile is a very conflicted figure. Ogma is calm, while he's very concerned over how to do his job properly and comes off as a perfectionist. Thankfully his angel is great at guidance, and watches him carefully so as to keep the average moral level high. This does cause some conflict; their rank is exactly seven, barely passing the standards Zen'o has set up.
  • Iru, Supreme Kai of Universe 8, is described as being someone who makes great plans and loves to see them come together. In short, he seems like The Chessmaster of the gods and rather pro-active. A calm-headed Magnificent Bastard who's understandably smug. Liquir meanwhile isn't that intelligent. He's not stupid or anything, but is rather gullible and lives in the moment. Somewhat of a hedonist. The angel of Universe 8 serves to prevent either from getting an advantage over the other, a careful balancing act which has ensured their universe is 7 or higher.

Angels are a type of divine robot.
They're very stoic and calm, seem to only be interested in performing their duties and are "inactive" if their God of Destruction is taken out. Zen'o decided to create a robot in order to do most of the work for him, that being the Grand Priest. Later on he made robots of his own, regarding them as his children, to micromanage his role in the different universes. Their Undying Loyalty may be Three Laws-Compliant.

Geene is the most experienced and possibly the strongest God of Destruction.
Of the four gods exempt from the tournament, he's already shown to be rather perceptive as he realized the purpose of the Grand Priest having the other three spar. This could be his enjoyment of the fight, or hinting he is one of the more important Hakaishin. He's also the most muscular and tough-looking one. Geene is in fact the eldest and maybe even strongest God of Destruction, who is likely the only one who has some idea of the true agenda in the Tournament of Power.

On a related note, his angel Martinu is probably the oldest angel. She seems to be the only one who looks elderly after all.

The life link was put there on purpose.
Gods of Destruction are meant to be the most powerful natives to their universe, or at least magnitudes stronger than their Supreme Kai. And angels are by a rule stronger than them. Future Zamasu and Goku Black weren't nearly as strong as the Gods of Destruction or their angels, so you can imagine how dangerous a rouge member of the latter two would be. To prevent this, Zen'o, the Grand Priest or whatever other god set things in motion made the more manageable Supreme Kais serve as a Restraining Bolt. That way if a God of Destruction or angel tries to defy the natural laws the Supreme Kai can commit suicide and take them down. Sure, Zen'o could just erase them but his Mood-Swinger personality and ability to one-shot the multiverse is a far riskier deterrent than a natural kill-switch.

The fact the creator and destroyer gods are life-linked forces them to get along despite their completely different jobs and encourage them to work with one another. Of course the big flaw is that a powerful mortal could take out the Supreme Kai, but that would require knowledge of the life link. Unfortunately Zamasu and Goku Black were Kais that got around this, but they weren't what The Powers That Be were worried about. Of course there's a difference between someone dying and becoming nothing, which is how Mojito can still be active when Sidra and the rest of Universe 9 was erased from existence.

The gods of twin universes are contrasts to each other.
This seems to be the case with at least four universes we've seen. Beerus and Champa are both childish and gluttonous, but while Beerus has an easy temper and prone to more violent outbursts Champa's a lot calmer and more focused on who pisses him off, like his team in the tournament between them. Whis and Vados have the neutral Servile Snarker down but while Whis seems to be a Nice Guy Vados has a Jerkass streak to her. While Sidra's flaw is that he's too nice, Quitela is the nastiest God of Destruction we've seen given how he grins and laughs at universal erasure. As for the less obvious or theorized parallels
  • Shin when introduced was a bit overconfident and cocky, while Fuwa is a Nervous Wreck. One interacts a lot with mortals, the other find it strange. While Ro is a nasty piece of work despite being a Kai, what we've gotten from Kuru suggests he's rather nice. Universe 9 is a jerk Kai and nice destroyer, the other seems to be a nice Kai and jerk(even by their standards) destroyer. Mojito seems to be one of the nastier angels give he smiled seeing Universe 9 erased and hates his co-workers. Cognac meanwhile is on good terms with his God of Destruction and Kaioshin, and if they get erased will act respectful and saddened by the loss of his friends.
  • Physically at least Gowasu and Ea contrast in one being old and the other youthful. Gowasu speaks about trying to not get too involved, but if Ea's highly mechanical universe is any indication he's very involved. Cus is a little girl while Campari is elderly, and while Cus is empathetic enough to mourn Rumsshi and be sad at her universe's fate Campari will probably be like Mojito-a total prick who doesn't care if Universe 3 is erased. While Mosco's beeping makes it hard to determine his personality, if its the opposite of Rumsshi he's probably a lot more serious and active instead of prideful and lazy.
    • Probably jossed for Campari, as he seems to be rooting for his universe and is on good enough terms with Mosco that Mule exits the Mosco suit to thank him for his work.
  • Khai has proven a very benevolent Kaioshin who wanted to suggest they convince Zen'o to not erase the universes, while Peru basically said "sod it", didn't want to rock the boat and was confident his universe would win. This suggests they contrast in Peru being somewhat of a coward who doesn't want to push the status quo while Khai is rather brave. Helles believing wholeheartedly that Beauty Equals Goodness suggests she's very biased while Belmod is much more focused on what actually matters when it comes to a good heart, and they take completely different approaches to goodness...which explains why Universe 11 is ahead of Universe 2 in rank. We haven't seen much of Marcarita and Sour, but the former seems to be pretty in-sync with her gods and interested in the Pride Troopers. Sour contrasts that by being very aloof and not caring about his comrades or universe.
  • From what little we've seen of him(and the exempt universe in general), Geene seems the kind of guy who loves the fight and wants to improve himself. He's also unnerved with the erasure of universes, making it seem like he has a soft side. Iwen was calm and collected when this happened(he's the only of the exempt universes' destroyers to not react). This suggests they have a Red Oni, Blue Oni relationship, with Iwen being incredibly stoic and Geene rather emotional. As for their Kaioshin and angels, though, who knows since we really haven't been given anything in their character.
  • Arak's character profile states he's really cautious and wants to expand the universe's development with the minimal amount of destruction, while Liquiir is proud, jovial and The Perfectionist. Either Arack is a Nice Guy and Liquiir is a cruel god that happens to be really lawful (though even he hates how universes were erased), or one's serious and all-business while the other is a lot more amiable. Iru is described as ambitious and Ogma as someone who prefers a balance of knowledge and power. Iru is probably more adventurous and willing to take a risk while Ogma, much like Sour, doesn't want to rock the boat. Given Universe 5's rank is higher than Universe 8, Ogma clearly knows what she's doing more so than Iru. Cukatail is notably one of the few angels who seems perturbed at the destruction the universe, despite it not even being his universe which is at risk. If so, Korn probably is one of the more amoral angels like Mojito.

The Grand Priest is Zeno's big brother.
From the looks of things the two have a rather close relationship, and the Grand Priest seems interested in his well-being. While this could just be a master-servant relationship, the Grand Priest seems on an almost equal level. Assuming Zen'o isn't the true God of Dragonball, it's possible he may be part of a family. The Grand Priest is actually Zeno's older brother, sent to look after and guide him by their father. This is why he puts up with everything Zeno does and his childish personality(assuming he doesn't have a hidden agenda)-they're family. The real reason Zen'o spares the angels is because they are his nephews and nieces, and he wouldn't hurt his family. However it also means that he cannot have a true friend in the Grand Priest due to familial obligations, which is why he values Goku and his timeline counterpart. If this is the case, it also means that it's unlikely Future Zen'o killed the Grand Priest or the angels in that timeline. Simply kept his dormant family and brother in his jellyfish palace while he purged the 12 corrupted universes, leaving his family as the sole survivors of that reality.

Zen'o isn't actually in charge.
The Grand Priest has to defend/protect Zen'o from blasts and suchlike, and Zen'o can't follow the movements of some very fast characters. Zen'o is a figurehead, and the Grand Priest is The Man Behind the Man. Alternatively, there may be yet another layer behind even the Grand Priest.
  • Given Zeno's childishness, the Grand Priest likely has the role of a regent until Zen'o comes off age, however long that is. Which would imply Zen'o has or had a parent that set this in motion.
  • I hate to be a pest about this, but I believe it is NOT customary for an Emperor-type God being to raise a finger if it is at all unneccessary i.e. attendants present.

Hakai/Energy of Destruction is a Dangerous Forbidden Technique even for the gods that use it.
With the exception of one excessive use by Sidra and Belmod in the manga, even the less responsible Go Ds don't seem to take using the "Destroy" technique lightly. It makes sense though. They are so powerful they are quite capable of doing their job using normal ki waves, as shown most prominently by Beerus. It would seem that Hakai should be reserved for destroying things that need to be well and truly erased, or else in situations where a normal ki wave can't do the job. If Goku and Toppo's need to recharge is any indication, Hakai consumes a lot of energy even for a god. Thus, Toppo spamming Energy of Destruction may be his undoing.

has a size complex.He's the smallest God of Destruction, and while that doesn't mean he's weak he could still be sensitive about his height. To come off as more impressive and not be at the ire/mockery of other gods of destruction, he uses Mosco to compensate. The suit doesn't make him stronger, it just makes him look tougher. The other gods either know and don't care about his fashion sense, or are fooled by the ruse since he never gets out of it in public. It might also cover up his emotions, and be better at getting along with Ea due to his love of robots. Only when he's about to die does he give up the charade, giving Kampari his thanks.

The Reason the Tournament of Power really happened was because Future Zeno was scared shitless.
While we never truly see Zeno express any emotions, it could be implied through their actions that they had the reaction. Future Zeno witnessed first-hand, the ultimatum that was Infinite/Fused Zamatsu. His only course of action was to erase the entire timeline to ensure that he's truly dead. Once Goku introduced Future Zeno to Zeno, the Future Zeno told the Grand Priest of what happened in the Zamatsu timeline. Needless to say, Future Zeno was scared that what has happened in the Zamatsu Timeline will eventually happen in the Main Timeline and wanted to destroy the Universes with a "mortality level" below seven, as assigned by the Grand Priest. Eventually, because of Zeno's friendship with Goku and Goku reminding his friend about the Tournament, they found what to do with help from the Grand Priest: erase any universes that loses and allow at least five universes to survive, reducing the chance of a Zamatsu Event happening to a trace value.

Zeno's Erase doesn't completely destroy, but "recycles".
Think of it as converting matter to energy. The matter is destroyed, it has no shape or anything recognizable, but it still takes the form of something else. And in the right conditions, energy can be turned back to matter. When Zen'o erases something, it puts it in a "steam" state. It comes off as nothingness because it has no structure and form, can't be felt, but it still "exists" in the broadest term of the word. That's why it's possible to even travel into somewhere Zen'o erased, since there's shouldn't be any space to exist in. Zen'o is cavalier with destroying universes because what's left will eventually "condense" into another universe. One with a fresh start, lacking the imperfections that drove Zen'o to destroy the original. The six universes he destroyed prior simply haven't had enough time to condense, which will likely be billions of years or much longer than even a Kaioshin and Hakiashin's lifetime. The angels aren't erased because eventually there will be universes for them to govern again. It's a big Reset Button on the multiverse. Zen'o has been erasing the multiverse for whatever reason, waiting for it to reform after billions of years, waiting for it to develop for billions more years, then erasing it again. Worse, it may even be necessary for the universes to be erased over and over because they naturally decay and need to be supplanted. Zen'o originally only did this when the system was broken beyond repair like Infinite Zamasu or heat death. It's just that after doing it for thousands, millions or even more times caused him to give up on caring about people; what's the point in caring about people when you're inevitably going to have to Mercy Kill them and their universe because eventually something would go wrong. By now he's so dulled he'll erase for much pettier reasons. It goes to explain why he's so unfeeling.

Sidra only became a God of Destruction because of his power.
Personality-wise, he's terrible for a God of Destruction. Gods of Destruction are supposed to be Above Good and Evil, they're supposed to have some level of sociopathy so they aren't bogged down by the trillions of lives they must destroy for the good of the universe. Sidra, however, is a Nice Guy who hesitates to destroy anything. When Mojito needed a new God of Destruction, he thought it would be as easy as getting the strongest mortal by far. It's hinted in the manga that the strongest God of Destruction may be Beerus, Quitela or Belmod. What if it's actually Sidra, and his own moral constraints prevent him from fighting anywhere near his real strength. Why bother showing your physical strength if you are the worst at being an actual God of Destruction? Mojito shows such contempt because of what a big mistake he made hiring him, and smiles as Universe 9 is erased since it removes his mistake.

Zeno created the multiverse.
Just because it's never explicitly stated and seems to be a surprisingly unpopular opinion.

Clearly Zeno lacks the knowledge, common sense, and good faith necessary to craft a universe masterfully. But perhaps a more interesting question is, are such virtues even necessary for the task at all? Would a powerful omni-king, who can create things from thin air as well as erase them from existence with a single thought, really even need to exert the same tremendous effort as a mere mortal mind would in order to design a vast and varied multiverse? Maybe he didn't even think about it. Maybe it was just instinct, or whimsy: time began, and all of a sudden he was there, and he looked around and noticed it was boring, so intricate universes full of sentient life and complicated conflicts sprung up all around him just because he thought it would be fun to watch people fight.

Toribot isn't the creator in-universe. That honor goes to Zeno. Toribot is the meta-creator — the creator out of universe, err, multiverse — and he, and maybe his close in-universe relations, are the only ones who are aware of that little tidbit of metafictional lore.

Angels have some sort of awareness of other timelines.
They're able to manipulate time as seen with Whis do-over, which avoids creating alternate timelines. How would they know this without having some ability to check? Whis says that he's going to help make a new timeline for Future Trunks and Mai, but we never see him use a time machine. What if he doesn't need to? Because of their ability to manipulate time, angels can notify themselves in other timelines. Whis simply contacted Future Whis through his natural awareness to create a timeline for Future Trunks and Mai. Why didn't he do this from the start? Because if he did it wouldn't be internally consistent with the future timeline, and it would create an alternate timeline instead. He can only rewrite three minutes of his own history, he's out of luck rewriting another history.

Sidra hails from Universe 4, while Quitela is from Universe 9.
We know that Sidra and Quitelas' universes are twin universes. Most of the inhabitants of U9 are animals, while U4 appears to have fantasy-like characters. Since Quitela's an animal (read: mouse), and Sidra's a dwarf (a fantasy creature), I think these two were born in their opposite twin universe before becoming gods.

Mokkara and Merus
are angels from the destroyed universes.If Zen'o spared the angels in the Tournament of Power, he may have spared the angels before erasing Universes 13-18 for whatever reason. Officially because he was angered, though it's probably an understatement of the true reason(like having poor mortal levels). Merus' training is because 17's wish brought back those universes and he has a job to do now.

Zalama is the creation to Zenos destruction.
As of writing we've so far only seen Zeno use his power to destroy and there's never been anything to suggest otherwise. Zalamas creation Super Shenron has been shown to be fully capable of affecting the multiverse as a whole with the main example being bringing back the seven destroyed Universes(or maybe exact copies of them) which indicates Zalama is a deity of immense power for being able to create such a thing.

Related to this like how Super shenron serves as the template for the lesser versions he, zeno and the grand priest serve as the templates for the Kais, gods of destruction and angels respectively. In the manga part of the reason Zeno was going to wipe out the universes was due to him feeling they were stagnating which is very similar to the god of destructions role in which they on paper should eliminate all things that hamper their universes growth while the grand priest serves as his care taker just like his children and additionally he invokes a greater sense of dread then even the Go Ds so Zalama could serve as a potential Kai to fill the triangle. The three of them possess power far beyond the scope of the the deity type they serve as templates for who have enough power to serve their function but are only pale imitations at best.

     Champa Arc 
Beerus' fifth fighter.
Chapter 6 has revealed that Beerus has planned five fighters in the Inter-universal tournament. Four are Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Majin Buu. One is unknown, but apparently the strongest person Beerus has ever fought asides from Whis and maybe Champa. Presumably, for diversity's sake (which may be why Gohan wasn't invited), it won't be a Saiyan. Instead, this mystery fighter will be:
  • A human. This fighter is an Expy of Olibu-an extremely powerful fighter who gained god-like powers, and is a source of myths. He's been sealed in a can for thousands of years (most likely by Beerus over something petty), and Beerus has him on standby.
  • A member of Freeza's race, most likely a mutant in the similar vein as Freeza. Freeza/King Cold (or an earlier member of their family) feared their power, and got him stuck somewhere. Alternatively, he's a legendary hero, or maybe a heroic ancestor of the evil Freeza Clan. Either way, it could be revealed that Freeza learned the full extent of his potential by studying this being.
  • A completely new alien.
    • It's a completely new alien, named Monaka.
  • A God of Creation. Unlike the East Supreme Kai, this Shin-jin is near Beerus' level. He or she hasn't appeared because they've been dead, and Beerus needs to resurrect them.
  • Some have speculated that he is an expy of The Red Boy from Journey to the West, although we'll have to see him in action to be sure.

Champa's fighters.
As of recent, it's been revealed that Champa is planning to get 5 fighters for his own test, and wants Saiyans on his team. Guesses on Champa's team members:
  • Saiyans:
    • Completely new Saiyans.
      • It's a completely new Saiyan and a male, named Cabba.
    • A version of Goku and Vegeta.
    • Bardock, though this'd be major fanservice.
    • A female Saiyan.
  • Other:
    • A human. Earth appears to have been destroyed in a war, however some members of mankind might've survived in space. They seem the most likely team members, since they'd have the most investment for wanting Universe 7's Earth.
      • None of the fighters are human.
    • Freeza. A version of them might exist in this universe, and in that universe may be a good guy (or at least less of a psychopath than main timeline Freeza).
      • Frost is a member of Frieza's race in U6, but he isn't Frieza.
      • He is apparently some form of Good Counterpart though, given Piccolo's comment of him possessing no "evil energy".
      • Turns out he's just a really good actor. He's just as evil as Frieza.
      • Evil, but not necessarily as evil as Frieza.
      • Both Frost and Frieza are sociopaths. The only real different is that Frost isn't needlessly sadistic.

Monaka lives far outside the Northern Quadrant.
Freeza almost completely ruled that region of the universe. Despite being a great hero and much stronger than him, Monaka never fought Freeza because he lives on the opposite side of the universe. He was so far away from the Freeza Empire he never actually heard of it, and Freeza never heard of him because of how far away different quadrants are to non-deities.

Frost is an alternate Freeza, and serves as the main difference between Universe 6 and 7.
He's the "Emperor of the Universe", and looks like a blue Freeza. While they may not be biologically the same (they could, since like Futurama characters could be colored differently), he is still the son of his King Cold and thus might as well be the same. However, Frost is a good guy instead of the evil Freeza. Whether he's been conquering around for thirty years or 300, Freeza's influence on the universe is enormous, so Frost would majorly change the cosmic landscape. Botamo, Hit and Magetta all belong to races that in Universe 6, Freeza either wiped out or enslaved. Because of this, these three fighters never existed, were killed, or never got to obtain their true potential. Frost, however, had no problem with them and may have even considered their power to be an asset to the cause. The only exceptions of him being the main differences are Earth and the Saiyans; the Saiyans diverged long before him, while Earth took itself out.

The Five-Man Band of Team Champa.
  • The Leader: Frost. Seems the most obvious, as he's The Emperor of Universe 6 and Freeza's Good Counterpart. He's probably the strongest on Team Champa; if he's a Freeza analogue, he could have something akin to a Golden Form, something he certainly would train to avoid stamina loss. Also is probably going to be the Big Good of Universe 6 as a whole. It's reveal that Frost is just as bad as Frieza and is anything but the Big Good. He is also not the leader of the team, although he is one of the strongest.
  • The Lancer: Cabba. He, with Frost, seems to get the most focus. Perhaps, like Freeza, Frost rules the Saiyans and made them his army. However Frost is doing it to keep the peace, with Cabba acting as Saiyan Saga Vegeta's Good Counterpart.
    • Jossed. Cabba does know Frost, but only worked with him a few times and Frost is a scumbag cheater who is just as bad as Frieza.
  • The Smart Guy: Hit. I don't know, he looks pretty intriguing.
  • The Big Guy: Botamo. He certainly looks like the big, not too smart brawler of the group.
  • The Chick: Magetta. I don't know about you, but I like the idea of this kick-ass giant robot keeping the peace among his team members.

The difference between Frieza and Frost.
Episode 34 revealed that Frost is just as evil as Frieza. However, the formor's evil will differ from the latter's in that while Frieza was a sadistic monster who embraced his bad publicity, Frost is just a dishonest crimelord who wants good publicity. In other words, Frost is a non-sadistic Frieza.
  • Meaning he's technically Frieza's Good Counterpart, just downplayed in that he's significantly less evil.
  • Frost isn't really less evil. He just doesn't have Frieza's sadism and is overall calmer. They are both sociopaths, but Frost uses his good publicity to make people loyal to him and his cause without using fear.

Hit is the Big Good of Universe 6.
Hit, at first glance, seems Obviously Evil and planning something. However he's actually a good guy. Frost is a Red Herring to conceal the bigger secret that Hit's the greatest hero of his universe. He's shown to be angry at Frost in the Episode 35 preview, which could mean him wanting to stop his evil ways.
  • Hit was preventing Frost from escaping. He's also confirmed to be a assassin, so it may or may not be unlikely depending on who he's willing to work for.
    • That doesn't stop him from being a good person though.
    • In a way, it is true: as pointed out, he is an actual assassin, but still a nice person, and he's the strongest mortal in his universe by far. While not actively the Big Good, his mere existence prevents people like Frieza, Bibidi or Buu to start actively conquering or destroying the universe. There's a reason Frost had to rely on deception.

Universe 6 King Cold is a good guy.
With Frost exposed, U6 Cold (let's call him Chill) could take the spot of Token Heroic Orc instead. In this universe, Chill is a good king of whatever his race is named, and either enables Frost because he buys into the act (thus being a Hero Antagonist) or is trying to stop his evil son. Him being good would go to highlight Frost's, and by extension Freeza's evil.

Frost stole HIT's backstory to gain sympathy for himself.
You know that story Frost gave about how the reason he doesn't unleash his full power is because he accidentally killed an evildoer and wants to avoid repeating the same if necessary? Hit is a dark, aloof, and apparently dangerous enigma, yet the first problem he's seen having with anyone seems to be with Frost in the episode following the revelation of his evil. What if Hit's the one who holds back his power to a degree, Frost knows that something like that has happened to him and is the reason why, and merely stole Hit's story while shifting around a couple details here and there to put himself over?
  • Hit does hold back his power, but that is because he's an assassin and killing isn't allowed at the tournament.

"Metal Men" is a misleading name
Judging from Megetta's abilities, I postulate that rather than being living machines, the Metal Men are a race of living globes of maga-perhaps some kind of elemental creature of earth and fire? The ones from Universe 6 use mechanical suits to contain themselves for whatever reason-but the ones in Universe 7 do not or use some other method, and thus are called something different, explaining why Elder Kai and Kibito don't know what they are despite the Supreme Kai from universe 6 saying they should exist in 7.

Cabba is the son of Universe 6 Vegeta.
He looks like a younger Vegeta, he knows the Galick Gun, Vegeta takes a liking to him, and he describes the U6 Saiyan King as being a strong and proud person just like Vegeta. Since Frost was pretending to be a much more benevolent ruler than Frieza, Vegeta's counterpart grew to be King and had a pureblooded Saiyan child in Cabbe instead of the Half-Human Hybrid Trunks.
  • Evidence: Episode 45's revealed title is "The Amazing Copy Vegeta", and Vegeta appears to be visiting Planet Salad. With the Super Saiyan transformation not being known in that universe, maybe Vegeta will want to make his counterpart strong so as to empower the U6 Saiyans.
    • Jossed on that, the Copy Vegeta is a Evil Knockoff in Universe 7. Though it is possible a version of Vegeta is Cabba's father, or at least someone close enough like Frost is to Frieza

Hit's species are a evolutionary offshoot of whatever Frost's species is
Its mostly inspired by the discussions that Hit is the REAL good counterpart to Freeza, but he does have physical traits similar to Freeza, and as noted on his character page, Cooler; they include red eyes, and lines down his eyes as well as head, barring the orb.
  • Frieza and his father are apparently "mutant hybrids", so it could be Hit is one of the two or more species that make up his ancestry.

When Goku perfects Kaioken Blue, it'll have a purple aura.
The reason the auras didn't mix is that they weren't perfectly in sync. Also, this will serve as a good visual cue when he gets the technique right.
  • Super Saiyan Purple, maybe?

Freeza's race is a hybrid of whatever Hit's species is.
They're long-lived, incredibly powerful and do have somewhat of a vague resemblance. We know Freeza and Cold are some sort of mutant hybrid, but we don't know the extent of that hybridization and what species was involved. It's possible that the race of Freeza we're familiar with is the result of interbreeding between Hit's people and another race, or maybe just King Cold and his family. If the latter is the case, it may explain why we've never seen someone like him canonically, outside of his doppelganger Frost; there's no "true" Freeza race, just a hybrid breed.

Goku was Obfuscating Stupidity in his fight against "Monaka".
With Beerus' costume constantly breaking apart during the fight and Goku seeing the real Monaka and disguised Beerus at the same time, there's no way he couldn't have figured it out. Goku may be Book Dumb, but he's not stupid. He probably was just playing along to make Beerus feel better.

Goku was Obfuscating Stupidity with Monaka since the start.
Monaka clearly isn't a fighter, even a "good by real life standards" one like Mr Satan, just a courier. Even restrained, base, Goku's punch should've atomized him if he really wanted to test him. In reality, Goku immediately sensed that Monaka's power was "average person", figured it was part of Beerus' bigger plan, and was restrained as physically possible. At most transporting Earth to Universe 6 would make it harder to see Beerus and Whis, and try to find the Namekian Dragonballs, so there was real urgency to winning. Goku felt it easier just to play along until he and Hit got tired of fighting. If Hit didn't throw the fight, it would've been a bit of a "screw you" to Beerus for using him in his childish feud. As of right now, Goku hasn't felt the need to reveal he knows without causing some awkwardness.
  • Alternatively, the reason Goku hasn't revealed that he knows the truth about Monaka is that he wants to see just how far Beerus will go to keep the illusion up.

The Metal Men are composed of Katchin alloy.
Introduced in the Buu saga to test the Z-sword, katchin was a material said to be one the strongest in the universe, which given Universe 7 and 6 are twins should exist in the latter. Not even Gohan and the Z-Sword could do as much as dent it. Compare with Auta Magetta of the Metal Men, who wasn't even scratched by the Final Flash of a post-God Ki SSJ Vegeta.

Frieza is the reason there's no Botamo or Magetta figure in Universe 7.
Unlike his counterpart who helps people out in the manga, or simply stages disasters for profit in the anime, Frieza is a paranoid, genocidal maniac who's reaction to any race that could potentially threaten him is to destroy them, most notably the Saiyans. Botamo is the ultimate Stone Wall and Magetta's nigh-indestructible. As for how he wiped their race out? With Botamo's, it's likely he needs to breathe. Frieza can blow up the planet his race is on, and while they'd survive the blast they'd immediately suffocate. With the Metal Men, he used their weakness to insults to keep them inactive long enough to find an alternative way of killing. Probably by using temperature against them, such as shutting off their world's volcanic activity or freeze rays from his soldiers so the internal lava in their bodies cools down and solidifies.

Beerus wasn't completely lying about the fifth fighter.
He has genuinely faced a mortal who challenged him and is as strong as he described Monaka. Said fighter was put in suspended animation in case something like the tournament comes up, but he forgot about him for ages and the fighter died due to no-one paying attention. The motivation thing was him getting egg on his face and trying to cover his ass.

If Frost ever gets a new form, it won't be gold but silver.
To contrast with Frieza's golden form. Frieza only took the color gold out of being humiliated by the gold-colored Super Saiyan, and Frost is already blue so basing it off Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta owning him would clash. Instead he'll choose silver for his "Ultimate Evolution" and come off as (almost literally) a Knight in Shining Armor, fitting his Villain with Good Publicity. You also have another precious metal for Frieza's race, silver to compare with his gold. Design-wise it'll be similar to Cooler's transformation to further differentiate from Frieza. They've already made nods to the movies and non-canon material like Broly/Kale and Baby, why not a popular movie villain?

The Super Dragonballs do have limitations.
Otherwise someone would've probably used it to usurp Zeno's position/destroy him, like Champa/Beerus because of how scared they are of him, or Zamasu wishing all the mortals dead immediately. People assume they can wish for anything because they are immensely stronger than the normal Dragonballs, so they seem infinite. Alternatively Super Shenron can grant any wish, but there some wishes he refuses to do so. Such as going "I wish I switched bodies with Zen'o" and Super Shenron narking your ass by teleporting you to a very annoyed Zen'o. It would explain how Zen'o has managed to retain his position despite his oblivious nature and a bunch of ultra-powerful wishing orbs. There's a good chance the gods at least believe there's some wishes you can't grant, which is why there hasn't been a real effort.

     Future Trunks Arc 
SSJ Rose is a power up but not in the way you'd expect.
It doesn't increase Black's power level not one whit, instead it augments his techniques/gives him access to more abilities. This is why he doesn't seem no stronger in his SSj Rose form then his base form. For those you who are skeptical I'll give you this one example: When Goku and co went to Trunk's timeline to fight Black for the first time it was more than clear that Black in his base form was way stronger than a SSj blue Vegeta so what the story writers are trying to say is that /Black after copying Goku>SSJ Blue Goku or Vegeta\, after Black assumed SSj Rose for the first time, Black doesn't seem no faster and definitely no stronger than he was in his base form as shown when Vegeta manage to completely intercept his heavy punch and deliver his own barrage of punches. This is because Black's transformation doesn't increase his power level. Since SSj Rose is the supposed equivalent of Ssj Blue and Black Goku in his base form is pretty much equal to or greater to Ssj blue, Black's power level should of been squared(for the few of you that don't know what means, squared is when you multiply a number by itself i.e 7x7=49). Which is why Vegeta was able to surpass Black, Black was stronger than SSj Blue but he wasn't on a whole other tier. If you think SSj blue times ten is dangerous just imagine Ssj Blue or someone equivalent to that(Black) multiplied by the number SSj blue multiplies one's strength.
  • Kind of, but not quite. SSR was a power up, and Vegeta was able to go toe-to-toe in round 2 because of his training in the time chamber. It's when Black tries the same trick of using emotions to power-up is when we see the really weird powers.

Potaras didn't always limit non-Supreme Kai fusions to an hour.
Back when Goku and Vegeta fused to fight Super Buu, there was no indication that this limit was in place, and the Supreme Kai even believed the fusion would be permanent. Now, a few years later, we suddenly find out that they've "always" had this limitation. While this is possible, it's more likely that the limitation was added more recently, either by redesigning the Potaras or by using the Super Dragon Balls.

Now, why would they add this limit, one asks? Simple: Goku and Vegeta were already stronger than the Supreme Kai, even without fusing. After fusing, however, the only thing the Kais knew of that the only one who would have a chance of beating Vegito would've been Beerus. While that's not really a problem, considering Goku is good and Vegeta is good (but a bit of a jerk), it leaves open the possibility of two evil beings of similar power using Potara fusion and becoming strong enough to kill the Supreme Kai (and by extension, Beerus). This would leave Universe 7 at their mercy, and potentially lead to Zen'o destroying it. So, as a precaution, they added a limitation to mortal-on-mortal Potara fusions, under the assumption that a Kai or Supreme Kai would be good.

Now, why didn't they just say that, instead of lying that there was alway a limit? Simple: They wanted to save face, and prevent them from potentially receiving the wrath of two literal gods of fighting. It's a lot easier, and safer, to say, "Oh, there was always a limit on it, that's why you split apart back then" than it is to say, "Honestly, you two scared the shit out of us, so we made sure that only Supreme Kai fusions would be permanent after that."

  • Bit of a problem with this. While it would be an ok explanation in-series, they never touched upon it in the episode. The fact that Gowasu says the limit fact with utmost sincerity only puts forth that the limit has always been in place. On top of this, why would they put the limit in place and not have a way of temporarily removing it? You'd think Zamasu is a good enough reason to do such a thing. The Kais, most of them anyways, and the higher ups at that, rarely leave their realms in alternate plains of existence and never get involved in the activities of mortals unless it's of the utmost importance. For that, they leave the North, West, East, and South Kais to do that. On top of that, only the Z-Warriors and, maybe, anyone already dead and sorted into either Heaven or Hell are the only ones other than the lower Kais, gods, angels, and, maybe, some of the lower civilians of the alternate universes are the only ones to know about them other than themselves and they're largely wrapped up in their own stuff, or trusted with that knowledge, so why the hell would the be worried about not only a lower life form being able to make it to them, but also that they would somehow have the knowledge of their earrings being able to fuse people and be able to get them from them...when they never take them off and are some of the smartest and strongest beings in the universe. Seems like a hell of a Batman Gambit to go to all the trouble to stop a hypothetical situation that's only happened once in the most desparate of situations. The lower Kais don't even have the earrings, only the upper ones do, so the likelihood of them even knowing about the effects of them is kinda low and I'm doubting it's even a legend.
  • Oh, well first we could probably assume that Elder Kai is a little old fashion. Fresh out of the sword, the scourge of Majin Buu and the destruction of the entire universe seemingly back to back for him, he takes the MOST cautionary approach, and more to hit home how serious it all was tells Goku and Vegeta that it will be permanent (along with tricking Kai and Kibito into "permanent" fusion) Second, I believe Vegeto could instant transmission so it might have been for that purpose, but the best reason to go with that old fashion attitude was probably really who cares ? In the face of Majin Buu and being a Kai and just having been released from the sword and probably being told the same thing once, wasn't giving it a second thought. Also, I believe Vegeto's power and Buu's magic destabilized the fusion indicating that a threshold could be or just was estblished when the Potara are formed and are calibrated with the current standard of power at the time. So then, later, when a new pair were made and they could see where this limit was, and that there was some sort of calibration present, they were able to use this information to not only raise the power threshold but produce a time limit on the new set. I read Kibito and Kai were separated with the dragonballs, so again I think it is a different set.

Black is some being that managed to obtain a copy of Goku's body
A recent thing reveals not only does he get stronger through pain but rather fighting Goku, and saying "So this is Son Goku". This leads into another WMG: It will be Vegeta that kills him, not Goku as the latter fighting would get him stronger and Vegeta has the knowlege to fight a copy of Goku's style as well as Motivation (Killing an alternative version of his wife and traumatizing an alternative version of his son)
  • Half-confirmed. He's a future version of Zamasu who stole Goku's body in an alternate timeline.

Black is some kind of evil Kai who possessed the Future Goku's body.
It's been shown that the gods can hang on to a copy of someone's body after they die in case that person is needed or has earned the right to come back for a day like Goku in the Buu saga. Some evil Kaioshin or other god-like being knew that Goku was super strong and had great potential so they possessed that copy of his body and are using it to carry out their evil plans. Also:
  • They recognize Beerus, have weird ki, have a ring that is usually only used by Kaios, and act like they have the authority to pass judgement on mortals - so probably an evil Kaio.
  • He/it was excited to fight the real Goku and learn how he fought because, as we've seen with Ginyu, it's hard to bring out the full potential of a body you're not used to. Knowing how Goku fights has made him stronger.
  • They were grabbing their chest and wincing after the fight. Goku in that timeline died of a heart condition. This makes me think that they took that Goku's body specifically and are keeping it alive through some kind of god powers.
    • Partly right. Black is using a version of Present Goku's body from on year into the future. They took it using the Super Dragon Balls. Zamasu was also a Supreme Kai in training before his fall from grace, so he's a rogue Kai, but he wasn't born evil.

Goku Black is losing sight of his original personality.
When Zamasu took over Goku body, he started to gain Goku personality traits more and more with each day. This explains why he is so interested in gaining more power, compared with Future Zamasu, Zamasu is slowly disappearing from Black's mind, only leaving a Evil Goku in sight.
  • Definitely Zamasu is a Kai and his spirit energy would stay dominant, but since Zamasu's body is gone in the trade, in order to make the most efficient use of the new one, it would adjust that way.

The God of destruction of Universe 10 is dead, and it was Zamasu plan to kill him by changing his body wih Goku
We discovered that the life of a God of destruction is tied with the Kais, and that Zamasu took over Goku body. Why, of all things, take Goku body? Zamasu pretty much despises the man and killed him? Simple: He wanted to kill the god of destruction of his universe without risking his own existence.Think about it: by killing Gowasu, the rest of his universe kais, and his original body. he managed to kill the God of destruction of that universe, leaving nothing to stop him to kill all the mortals in his universe.

Trunks new form is the Legendary Super Saiyan form.
His new form has blank eyes and similar hair to Broly's form as well as an increase in muscle and power.
  • It actually has a decrease in muscle mass, much like the Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan forms.
    • It should be pointed out that Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan form was based on Future Trunks' Ultra Super Saiyan form. So Trunks' new form is most likely based off of Ultra Super Saiyan.

Beerus' presence is why Goku Black is in Future Trunks' timeline.
With the exception of his True Neutral teacher Whis, Beerus is the strongest being in all of Universe 7. Even Goku and Vegeta at their strongest are still weaker than him. It's unclear how strong Goku Black is even with Super Saiayn Rose, but by the time he started genocide it wouldn't have been on Beerus' level. The reason why he appeared after Future Babidi and Dabura invaded was because before Future Beerus would've intervened. But thanks to the Supreme Kai's life being connected to Beerus, Future Beerus is dead and thus there's no-one left in his timeline to stop him.

Of course, he's knowledgeable of alternate timelines and parallel universes so he's not going to stick to just Trunks' timeline. He likely fully intends to take on Beerus, however he needs to train and get strong enough. Present Beerus and Whis were completely unaware that other timelines existed until Future Trunks arrived in the past, so when Goku Black is ready they'd have no way to prepare. It's why he doesn't just one-shot populations; he needs some challenge to get strong enough.

Likewise, Zamasu is using the many timelines and other universes for his benefits. His God of Destruction wouldn't approve of trying to purify their reality, however isn't going to be concerned with Universe 7's on-goings. By the time Zamasu is done in Cell and Future Trunks' timeline, along with possibly alternate timelines of Champa(the fact 6 and 7 are twin universes could mean there are alternate timelines where Champa died with Beerus), Zamasu will be ready to surpass the Gods of Destruction.

This could be one of the main reasons why time travel is considered forbidden; it allows people to cheat using alternate timelines, and threaten the status quo of creation. Nice job breaking it Future Trunks (though Cell is probably laughing it up in whatever cocoon they put him in).

  • It's questionable if Future Beerus would've interfere since he did nothing while Majin Buu slaughtered the Kais and killed billions. He also let Frieza have his way and destroy planets for him. So Black probably wouldn't have caught Beerus' attention unless he got right in his face, assuming he's dead since that haven't been confirmed in the anime yet. Black also showed no fear of Beerus when he saw him in the past and basically forgot about him once he started fighting Goku. On a separate note, those in Hell are unaware of the living world. For example, Frieza didn't know about Goku beating Majin Buu until Sorbet told him.
  • This holds true in the Super manga where Black was looking for a timeline without Beerus since he saw him as the most troublesome god. In the anime, however, this isn't the case. Black chose Trunks' timeline because he wanted to punished Trunks for breaking the time taboo set by the gods.

Zamasu still exists to some extent.
His Complete Immortality was enough that he wasn't made completely Deader than Dead by Zen'o. That being said, the attack was powerful enough to wear him down into an impotent spirit in a dead timeline. If Future Zen'o does turn out to be evil, it could be possible that what's left of Zamasu is influencing him. Though since he already lost his mind that lingering echo is the only reason he doesn't count as "completely non-existent."

the ending of the Future trunks arc was the result of a paradox
Since Zamasu decided to fuse with another version of him self, he created a universe destroying paradox when he died since as black goku needed a time ring to still exist and it was destroyed when merged Zamasu died.

Black and Zamasu lied about destroying the super dragon balls.
While Black and Zamas are obviously strong it is very implausible to say they are capable of destroying the SDB or better yet Super Shenron himself whose power is stated to be almost infinite, also it would take some sort of special authority to alter the Super Dragon Balls or the super dragon, kind of like how only the creator of Earth's dragonballs or the creator of the namekian dragonballs are the only ones capable of altering the dragonballs. While we the viewers know very little about super shenron or his magic orbs we know he has at least on thing in common with Shenron and Porunga; he is not some non-sentient robot and while he is obiedient to his current summoner he has enough sense to understand the concept of the wishes he grants and wouldn't murder himself just because "someone wished for it". The reason why Black and Zamasu lied about destroying the super dragonballs is so no one else would seek after them. They said the destroyed the SDB so no one would use them but remember this THERE WAS NO ONE ELSE TO USE THEM. Almost no one knew about the SDB to start with and Black murdered all the humans and gods in existence save for a few earthlings so he could take his time slowly killing them to specifically punish trunks for breaking the time taboo. If Black and Zamasu or Merged Zamas defeated the Z team they would of got The dragonballs from wherever they were hiding them and use that to build their utopia.

The forms Merged Zamasu used to fight Vegito were actually Ascended super saiyan rose and Ultra super saiyan rose.
Notice when Zamas transforms into his ascended form it looks just like Vegeta and Trunks Ascended ssj forms when they fought imperfect cell. After Zamasu cries and transforms once again notice the similarities he has with Ultra ssj trunks and Power weighted Cell such as the slow speed also he displays his enormous strength by tanking a full on final Kamehameha from Vegito Blue.

Infinite Zamasu only corrupted the 12 universes, not the entire timeline.
Not quite true in the manga, but it seems likely in the anime. Zeno's palace seems to be outside the 12 universe system, as does the World of Void. When Zamasu was corrupting the timeline, Future Zen'o was ignorant of this. If Zamasu began to corrupt his dimension even he must have noticed. Instead he "only" reached to the 12 universes, and may have been incapable of reaching the higher realm the Omni-King dwells in. Future Trunks' reality still exist, but it has been drastically reduced to Future Zeno's palace and its few inhabitants.

Already being bored and having nothing to rule over, Future Zen'o decided to abandon that timeline for the present one when the opportunity arose. Since the Grand Priest lives in the same palace his future counterpart is still alive there, though what he'll do if anything is unclear. Given angels are merely inactive if their God of Destruction dies, before the Future Trunks arc the Grand Priest could've recalled them to the palace. If so, it means the angels are alive as well.

Goku Black and Future Zamasu's full plan.
From what we've seen in the Universal Tournament, most Gods of Destruction stay close to their Supreme Kais. Zamasu only managed to succeed in killing Gowasu because Rumsshi is a lazy deity like Beerus and Champa. There may be some Gods of Destruction weak enough for Goku Black to kill, but most if not all are stronger than him as a Super Saiyan Rose(which he probably couldn't manage at the time), and while a fusion may be strong enough to deal with them the angels would interfere. For the plan to work Future Zamasu needed to trick his Supreme Kais into being away from their co-workers, so Goku Black can sweep in and cut them down. This is also how they managed to off Khai/Belmod despite their working relationship with the Pride Troopers, how strong Toppo is, and Jiren being even stronger than Belmod. Future Zamasu pretended to be on the god's side until all the others were terminated, and made sure to isolate Khai before the Pride Troopers could figure things out.

The Universal Tournament also establishes fighters who would be stronger than either of them, and since the ripple effect would be mainly confined to Universe 7, they would exist in the future timeline. After eliminating Earth, their plan was to go after Hit thanks to the power-boost Goku Black got from the Z-Fighters, then Universe 11's Pride Troopers who would be out for their blood due to Khai and Belmod's murder, and merely needs to know who's the cause and how to approach them. They'd probably have to resort to Fused Zamasu for Jiren. Afterwards keep going until the timeline is theirs, then repeat the process with the other timelines quicker because most of those timelines have a Zamasu to ally with. Maybe even see if they can further fuse with more versions of themselves or use those Super Dragonballs in hopes they may have enough power to face the Zen'o of each reality, even if that's pipe dream.

There are more timelines than the green rings show us.
Gowasu said they were created recently, as in within the last 20 years. Beerus and Whis already know about the consequences of time travel and there's been a Time Travel Taboo since Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman, which is set over twenty years before the Android Arc. For there to be rules against it, there must've been some time travel that happened before the series for the taboo to even be in place, especially since it wasn't until recently when the gods even knew what Trunks and Cell were up to. It would've happened at least centuries ago given what their definition of "recent" would be, but it did. The older time rings were in other drawers we see while Gowasu was getting the ones we do see out, those were just the most recent. Some of the older timelines were created when past Kaioshin went into the future and ended up changing it in the present by accident, which may just be why the taboo against time travel was made in the first place and why time rings are so rarely used.

Whis lied to Future Trunks and Mai
Upon their arrival in the restored timeline, he reveals to them that they are the versions of themselves from this variation. But the Kais and Angels want no more time travel, and Trunks has to promise that for himself and to frustrate any other efforts at it. Relief eclipses upset at being tricked, and Trunks reasons that now he won't have to explain to his past family why he never again visited.

    Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc 
Moro and Beerus were childhood friends
We don't know exactly how old Moro is and what he probably existed even before he fought the Supreme Kai. That'd be pretty old! Also, what if both Beerus and Moro have a similar backstory to Master Roshi and Master Shen?

Moro created Majin Buu
Later Retcons claim that Buu wasn't created by Bibidi, but summoned. If Moro is older than Bibidi, maybe he created Buu.

Moro is the God of Destruction before Beerus.
He's certainly destructive and knowledgeable, and we don't know how old he is. Moro was stripped of his position as God of Destruction, which caused his power to drastically decrease-either because he abused his position, or there was a different reason and he became evil out of bitterness. However he still retained the extremely long lifespan that gods of destruction have, which allowed him to survive the 75+ million years, albeit very aged. Because he's a former God of Destruction, Beerus and Whis may not be allowed to interfere/he has some way of countering Beerus specifically since he used to be a destroyer. His ultimate goal is probably to get his old powers back, while not having the limitations of a life link and chain of command that a legitimate God of Destruction has.

Merus is a Nephilim.
Not only is he exceptionally powerful, but has things like Ultra Instinct, super-speed and no ki signature. The hair and skintone are also angel/kai like. While angels do not form romantic attachments with gods of destruction, it's never said they(or any deity) can't do so with mortals. Because he's only half-angel Merus is much weaker than angels(who are implied to be on average far stronger than gods of destruction), but because he's half-mortal it means that the rules of non-intervention and other laws that limit angels don't apply to Merus. Since he's from Universe 7, he was likely fathered by Whis. Having a half-angel child is probably frowned on even if allowed, so he tries to not let his true power be known. This might be the real reason why out of all the angels, Whis was the one most interested and involved with his universe-as Merus is not a full angel Zeno would've erased him with Universe 7, and Whis can't allow that. Merus is an angel in training. The non-intervention rules do apply, and Whis was forced to stop him before he got too involved.

Beerus won't do anything about Moro or anything going on during this saga.
He didn't do anything any other time, why would he do something now?

  • Confirmed. Beerus mostly watches from the sidelines this time, and he would've helped Goku against Planet Moro if it weren't for the Grand Minister summoning him.

Gohan, Goten, and Trunks will get a chance to fight.
I'd hope so as they need all the fighters they can get.
  • Partially confirmed. Gohan does fight, but Goten and Trunks don't.

Why the Grand Supreme Kai never woke up before.
In this Arc, the Grand Supreme Kai is able to wake up and speak through Buu. It's not really explained why he could do this and why he didn't use it to kill Bibidi or Babadi. Given that Grand Supreme Kais are more knowledgeable than regular ones, he may be the only one to be able to pill this off. It's also revealed that he lost his divine power to Kid Buu in the past. It could be that he couldn't do it for whatever reason when he had divine power or he didn't do in front of Bibidi and Babadi because he was afraid they could seal him up permanently. He also affected Buu's personality and may have prevented him from killing East Supreme Kai. After losing his divine power and after Kid Buu was destroyed, he had no reason to reveal himself to everyone. If East Supreme Kai knew he was "alive" and that Kid Buu could be destroyed by Goku and Vegeta, his existence could tempt East Supreme Kai to try and "save him". He may just be such a nice guy that he didn't want to give Shin false hope. Moro however, is his personal Godzilla Threshold to force himself to awaken. If it isn't related to him losing his divine power, then it's much the same, but he just realized that Fat Buu was just naive and not evil and also knew everyone (Fat) Buu was eating could be revived by the Dragon Balls having sensed their power while being sealed away. As for Super Buu, he may have just been unable to awaken in a Buu form that wasn't innocent enough to allow it. It also could relate to his Alien Noninterference Clause. While in the Fat Buu form, he didn't see any reason to not give the Z crew a chance to fix it themselves. After Fat Buu was absorbed, he was simply unable to manifest in Super Buu, again, related to Super Buu not being innocent anymore.

The eventual Funimation dub will used a tweaked version of the Toonami Asia script.
It's not like it hasn't happened before, what with the 1995 Funi/BLT/Ocean dub of Curse of the Blood Rubies having a script based off the Harmony Gold dub from The '80s. Similarly, the Westwood/Ocean dub using a script based off the Funimation dub.

Conversely, the eventual Funimation dub will *not* use a tweaked version of the Toonami Asia script.
Again, it's happened before. The AB Groupe/"Big Green" dub of the movies uses (as usual for AB Groupe) the French dub as a basis for its scripts, and the script of the Speedy dub bears very little, if any, resemblance to the scripts that Funimation used for the movies.

In the spanish dub, Zeno sama and Bergamo names will be changed.
The latin american dub changed Chichi name to Milk due to Chichi being "breasts" somewhere. Since Zeno is pronounced similar to "Seno" (boob) and Bergamo is written like "Verga" (Penis), their names will be changed, or Zeno will be called "Omni-Rey" (Omni-King) only.
  • Verga can be read as "cool" in venezuelan... but in most latin american countries is penis. Trivia!
  • Jossed on the Omni-King. He is reffer as Zen-Oh-Sama, making sure it doesn't sound like "seno".

Frieza and Frost teaming up was a plan since the Champa Arc.
Besides being a twist, it's not like Frost being Evil All Along really adds anything, especially since the manga doesn't do it. And even if they wanted the twist, they could've used Cabba. However in the context of the Tournament of Power, Frost is probably the only character who would work as a proper ally to Frieza. While the specifics probably weren't planned and it may have just been an idea they toyed with, this would at least make sure the idea made sense if they went through with it.

Universe 3 is a reference to Dragon Ball GT.
Specifically, it's referencing the Machine Mutants from the Black Star Dragonball arc. Mosco is confirmed to be based on Luud, but it could go beyond this. Maji Kayo's initial small appearance and gooey body has a bit of a Baby resemblance, however he is more based on General Rilldo; like Rilldo he has a fluid, shapeshifting body, and is one of the tougher of his side. Paparoni's mad science theme and role in helping develop the U3 fighters obviously has ties to Dr Gero, but it also has ties to Dr Myuu. As for the others, while they aren't directly based on a specific Machine Mutant there is some shared aesthetic. And of course, like the Machine Mutants Universe 3 seems to be dominated by machines of a sort.

Now that Hiromi Tsuru has unfortunately passed away, Toei will have to figure out some way to replace her as Bulma. Since Bulma can't be killed off in the series, they would pull a Kai and find a soundalike to replace her.

  • Jossed; Tsuru still managed to complete her lines as Bulma in episode 128, and Bulma was unvoiced in the finale. Aya Hisakawa would assume the role for future Dragon Ball media starting with Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

James Marsters will be revealed as using the pseudonym David Gray due to union stuff

It's already been speculated, just not directly confirmed, that Marsters will be Zamasu in the dub, due to several factors, one being that he's a big fan of the series & wanted to make up for Dragonball Evolution, plus Sabat's made it a habit of trying to recruit people that would both work on a meta level and their own, such as Team Four Star in Kai and Xenoverse, as well as Brian Drummond in Super. It's been long talked about since around the time the fourth DLC pack for Xenoverse 2 dropped, so it seems likely that it's going to be confirmed either by Sabat himself, Marsters, or someone else involved in the dub. He's not the only actor in the DB dubs that's had to take a pseudonym due to issues regarding union stuff, since Dameon Clarke had to do the same for Kai. Even FUNimation are teasing an eventual reveal in their tweet revealing the character's casting in the dub, as they said to "listen out for his voice", so it just seems inevitable, since there is no official voice actor going by the name "David Gray" at present.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be adapted into a DBS anime story arc.
After all, Super already did Battle of Gods and Resurrection F so why not Broly?


Pan will be BORN a Super Saiyan.
While the requirement for all the "pure-hearted Saiyans" to be Super Saiyans wasn't made explicit in Battle of Gods, all the other Saiyans did transform, so I think we can assume Pan transformed in the womb. She'll spend the first several years of her life as a Super Saiyan, and then some crisis will require her to give up so much energy that she becomes a normal Saiyan for the first time in a Moment of Awesome.
  • The "first several years" part at least is Jossed by the start of Resurrection ‘F’.

Botamo's species is a relative of the Jigglers, or at least of the same homeworld
They are similar in shape and have the same squishy skin, ki reflecting functions. Hell, maybe Botamo is just a member of a differently evolved Jiggler species.

Master Roshi and King Kai will become Those Two Guys.
At most, Bulma was in her early 20s when this series began, and Master Roshi was already an old man. Now that she's middle-aged, it's becoming increasingly unbelievable that Master Roshi is still alive...that said, at this point there's no real difference between him being alive and dead. He'll die, and since it will be a natural death they'll be unable to revive him...but, he'll get to keep his body for being a hero in his day, travel Snake Way, and just hang out on King Kai's planet, in constant contact with all his friends, for the rest of eternity.
  • Bonus: he'll introduce King Kai to the ways of the pervert and use him to scope out space babes. It will go hilariously wrong.
  • Also: Krillin and 18 will finally move out of Kame House.
  • Since Master Roshi was said to have taken a drink from the fountain of youth, halthing his ageing, this is unlikely.
  • Nitpick, but Bulma was actually in her teens (16) when Dragonball began and in her late 20s at the start of DBZ.
  • Master Roshi is also an immortal. He will never die of old age.

SS God will be this series' equivalent of SS 4, and a large part of the plot will be focused on making it more reliable.

In a future story arc (post-End of Z) with an unrevealed arc villain, Goku & Chi-Chi's relationship will be a major plot point, as well as the fact of Chi-Chi's aging in relation to Goku's & the fact that she'll die before him. On top of that, this will also coincide with Chi-Chi becoming more in-focus as a character/catching up to Goku & the others in terms of her power level.
Now stay with me here, because this may sound like a fanfiction idea (and when this doesn't end up happening, people are free to write it).

During an excursion to another universe, Chi-Chi states that she's coming with them, since Goku is still injured from the last story arc and can't come (and they're conveniently unable to get senzu beans at that moment), and Chi-Chi isn't going to let Goten (who is going on this trip) go without a parent to make sure he keeps safe. However, this leads to an incident that occurs when the arc villain shows up. Said villain takes a liking to Chi-Chi's attitude, but not to her aged appearance (again, post-End of Z), so ends up kidnapping her and beating down the rest of the Z-Fighters present.

He ends up taking her unconscious form back to his base/lair and experimenting on her, replacing large parts of her genetics with some that were stolen from Goku at the end of the previous story arc whilst he was down from his last fight (this causes her to gain Saiyan traits, such as staying in her physical prime for longer, which ends up making her appear more youthful than she did before being captured, which also extends her aging and means she will no longer die a long time before Goku does). He also brainwashes her into being his minion, causing all of her memories of Goku and the others to be supressed, ending up her becoming the story arc's secondary antagonist.

It is then revealed that the implementation of Goku's genetics into her own has transformed her into a part-Saiyan (probably 1/4 due to dominant Human genes, though possibly called a Neo-Saiyan or something like that due to her not being born with Saiyan genes), allowing her access to Goku's Super Saiyan transformations, barring his God forms (and anything stronger) since those probably aren't entirely linked to his genetics, or are just too powerful to replicate via gene splicing alone.

When Goku hears about what's happened to his wife, he heads after her before he's fully recovered. This prevents him from being able to use anything beyond Super Saiyan 3, meaning he has to fight on par with Saiyan!Chi-Chi, which more or less becomes partially an I Know You're In There Somewhere Fight, in which Goku actually shows genuine sadness/grief over what's happened to his wife. This ends up in Chi-Chi, though considerably weakened, being able to beat down Goku, and is about to make a killing blow, when Goku says something very important. He reminds her off the time that they first met, and Chi-Chi asking Goku for 'marriage', and Goku misinterpreting it as food. The fact that Goku actually remembers this resonates as a sign that he truly loves Chi-Chi (which, despite being a known fact, isn't always shown in his behaviour).

This is enough to snap Chi-Chi out of her trance, resulting in a very tearful and emotional reunion between the two. Following this, the story arc (or at least this part of it) ends with Goku and Chi-Chi teaming up to face off against the main arc villain. After this story arc, Chi-Chi retains her granted Saiyan features and abilities, and becomes a more prominent character in fights and storylines, possibly teaming up with Goku again on occasion.

Also, in my original idea, this happened to both Chi-Chi and Bulma, but Chi-Chi was always more of an action girl in comparison to Bulma, so it could've gone either way. To be honest though, wouldn't it be awesome to see Bulma kick some ass after being a non-combat character for so long?

  • Sayians don't live longer, they stay in their prime longer
  • If he messes up even a little Chi-Chi will be 1/4 related to Goku. Do random saiyan genes, in my opinion.

Vados will be the series' Final Boss.
Let's run down everything we know about Vados so far, after looking at Whis. Whis is calm, collected, well-meaning while still managing to be mostly neutral, very gentle in how he deals with anything unless forced otherwise, and never feels the need to speak of his own power unless prompted. Vados has, in the few instances we've learned anything about her, freely bragged about being allegedly stronger than Whis, callously destroyed an innocent world, and deliberately set up a fight between Beerus and Champa: you know, two gods who by definition can wipe out a universe, each? Not only this, whereas Whis riles Beerus to get up and do his job, only intervening when he goes to far, Vados encourages Champa's habit of being passive and lazy, and delegate world-destroying to her! Last, but not least? The Super Dragons Balls themselves; even Beerus didn't know they existed. How did Champa, lazy and unmotivated as he is, learn of them if not from Vados? If this isn't setting up for a Hidden Agenda back-stabbing...
  • Completely, absolutely, mind-numbingly false. Let's run down all the ways that this is wrong. So a woman bragging about her strength somehow makes her a villain, huh? Pure speculation. Please explain how this is different from any other confident warrior in the series who just happens to be male. As to that "innocent" world she destroyed, you DO know she was acting on Champa's orders, right? She may be stronger than him, but like Whis, she is the attendant to her God of Destruction. If destroying planets so "callously" makes you a villain, then by that logic Beerus should be the Final Boss because he is far more sadistic than Vados has ever been in the short time they've been on screen. As to that fight that she started between Champa and Beerus, that was in the manga, which contradicts the anime in many places (Kibito Kai defusing at two totally separate points, Champa ordering Sorbet to revive Frieza when in the anime they chose that option on their own, etc...) and is not being created by Akira Toriyama himself, but more than that, it also butchers the characters when Goku mocks and belittles poor Gohan for slacking off and refusing to attend the tournament, so you cannot honestly bring the manga into this when it doesn't treat the characters faithfully. And here you are way off-base. How does Vados encourage his laziness? Anybody who has actually watched the anime knows she chides him for being overweight and tries to make him eat healthy food that he keeps rejecting because it tastes awful. Seriously, the way that you phrase it, a "Hidden Agenda back-stabbing" reveals more about your own feelings towards women than it does a completely imaginary fantasy scenario where Vados turns out to be the Big Bad. Epic Fail.
    • Um . . . Wow! Projecting much?
    • Both the anime and manga are oversee by Toriyama. In fact, Toriyama looks over each manga chapter and even made a correction at one point. So the manga cannot be completely dismissed, especially since this is where Champa and Vados was first introduced to many fans, since the anime and manga follow the same story outline created by Toriyama. Obviously, they both give different takes on events to fill in any gaps and the anime is considered the main canon since the manga is for promotion. However, it is false to say that Toriyama has nothing to do with the manga and the fact remains that both Champa and Vados are more villainous when compared to their anime counterparts. Vados also did bring Frost, an underground planet broker who murdered millions, because she twisted Champa's words about bringing the best fighters in the universe. Even Whis saw that as going a too far. Finally, they were fans who believed Beerus was still a villainous character who may possible caused trouble in the future until Episode 41 happened.
    • Vados will fight the main characters, only because Champa is to lazy to fight them
      • I think we can safely joss this one.

Vados will not become the villain at any point nor will she serve the Big Bad of Dragon Ball Super.
Rather, the threat spoken of that will "clash with the white hair" some were speculating would be Vados will be the Black Goku of Mirai Trunks' word, confirmed for a future story arc, versus Super Saiyan Blue Kaioken Goku, whose hair turns a nearly white sheen when he uses it. Thus, the sexists will be denied their opportunity to see someone who makes them deeply uncomfortable about their male privilege become the villain to make themselves feel better since Vados is neither evil nor a good guy, but rather someone who, like Whis, Beerus, and Champa, adheres to a bizarre and otherworldly Blue-and-Orange Morality that is not easily understood.
  • Sexism had nothing to do with why people thought Vados would be a villain. It was her attitude and the way she carried herself, especially in the Super manga where she purposely started a fight between Beerus and Champa that destroyed several planets. People would have come to the same conclusion if Vados was a male.
    • Not to mention that, in a series where practically every woman has been relegated to housewife status, making the most powerful being in the entire universe (U6 and 7 if you believe she's stronger than Whis) the big bad would actually be LESS sexist than normal for Dragon Ball.
    • Small nitpick. Zen'o is much stronger than Vados since he can destroy all 12 universes without trying, so Vados is at best the second strongest person in the series, which is still very good. Also, from the Japanese culture point-of-view, Toriyama making almost all the females housewives is viewed as given them a happy ending. It is only really the western culture who sees the women being turned into housewives as sexist or an overall negative. Also, making Vados a villain would be interesting since all the primary villains in Dragon Ball has been male, even the ones who are supposedly asexual like both Piccolos and Cell.
    • Just the way people talk about her, that she's about to "backstab" everyone because she's done a few admittedly bad things, feeds into the way the most vile sexists think that has been ingrained into the basis of human society, that women are looking to "seduce" men off the path into dark and evil things. Honestly, Beerus is far more contemptible than she is, destroying planets for far more petty reasons and actually enjoying said destruction far more than people claim Vados does simply because she was smirking in a very light way yet no one insists he's going to be the final villain, are they? The fact remains while Beerus is getting a free pass for doing evil things, she is somehow being condemned for much less than he does, and it's very obvious it's because a woman acting the same way as a man - in this case, almost as petty as Beerus - makes a lot of male viewers very uncomfortable so they write him off as a Blue-and-Orange Morality character, but she's "the villain."
    • You're forgetting some minor details. First of all, Vados destroyed that planet for absolutely NO reason. She KNEW that it wasn't the planet they were looking for, and yet, in the manga, she destroyed it without hesitation. You also call her smile "a light smirk". That doesn't make it any better; the destruction of a planet is nothing to smile at. Whis, on the other hand, would have at least questioned his master's orders. Secondly, also in the manga, Vados provoked a fight between Beerus and Champa despite knowing that they could potentially destroy both Universe 6 and 7. Thirdly, in the anime, she brought Frost to the tournament despite knowing very well that he was a psychopath who murdered millions just to get good publicity. And finally, yes. There WAS, in fact, fans who thought Beerus would pose a problem later on. At least until Episode 41 aired. We have seen good sides to Beerus, Whis and Champa. But not Vados.
    • In some fairness towards Vados, she never started a fight between Beerus and Champa in the anime, the manga made both her and Champa more evil, and she DID hesitate to destroy a planet. In the anime, she tells Champa, at least twice, that this wasn't the planet, but Champa didn't listen. With that being said, thinking Vados is up to no good has nothing to do with her being a female. People thought Champa was Beerus' Evil Twin based on his smirk on the poster and that he suggested Frieza, one on U7 worst murderers, be revived, just so he can troll Beerus. People didn't see Champa as being even a remotely good person until Episode 29. Also, according to some fans, Champa crossed the Moral Event Horizon when he tried to kill his team. So no, sexism has nothing to do with people suspecting Vados. If anything, you're being too defensive since you think it's a bad thing for a woman to be evil when every villain in the series have been a man.
  • We can confirm this one, since the Final Boss was Jiren, and the last outright villain was Goku Black/ Zamasu, who Vados had no connection with.

Gohan is Goten's father and Chi-Chi conceived Gohan in rape.
With the recent revelation from Super that Goku has never kissed his wife, it calls into question how he'd be capable of fathering a child, thus this WMG is that on their wedding night, Goku was never able to get intimate with Chi-Chi, thus she slipped Goku a roofie, and that was how Gohan was born, then ten years later, after Goku died during the Cell Games, Chi-Chi was feeling so sexually frustrated and emotionally starved that she spent a night with her son, and ended up conceiving from their sordid union, but to protect her family she lied and told people it was Goku's child, with Goten remaining blissfully unaware of his true parentage.
  • First, you took that from THAT porn comic drawn by You-Know-Who-Box. Second, disgusting. There is a reason why Black wants to destroy mortals.

Goku does kiss Chi-Chi, just not on the lips.
It's just that he can't mention that kind of 'kiss' in polite company, or with the rating Dragonball Super has.
  • Alternatively, in his mind, kissing someone means to initiate the kiss, and Chi-Chi's the one who always initiates the kiss.

As of episode 76, Krillin is now a Super Human.
Just because that'd probably be the only way to make him actually relevant again.

Bulma actually does remember who Pilaf and his gang are.
She just doesn't care, because they're not a real threat, at least in comparison to the threats that they have faced since Her and Goku's adventures from when they were kids.

Future arc/s will involve travel to one of the universes ranked above 7.
With Universe 7 revealed to have the second lowest rank, Beerus, Shin and/or Whis will decide they should probably get advice from the experts and travel to Universe 1/5/8/12. Goku will of course be interested in the strong fighters there who he couldn't face in the Universal Tournament, and the next plot will escalate from there.

Android 17 becomes a park ranger in memory of Android 16 (if the latter is really dead for good).
With the details of what becomes Android 17, and his job as a park ranger, it seems that the deceased(?) Android 16 has influenced Android 17 in some ways, like the love of nature and wildlife. And working in a nature park as a ranger to protect wildlife seems to be honoring Android 16's dream. Also, if this is true, this shows that Android 17 has never forget his former comrade.

Monaka is really a motivation for the viewer.
He was a cheap gimmick used to get the viewer to be more addicted and anxious for the new episode. The fans wanted to see Monaka's "strength" more than Goku did.

Everything Beerus boasted about Monaka will become true.
Monaka will decided to Become The Boast.

Mr Satan and Monaka will interact more.
One's a glory hog Fake Ultimate Hero, the other's an Accidental Hero who'd rather just do his job. This is a joke that makes itself

Chi-Chi learned her lesson after she slapped Super Buu & got herself killed.
Notice how it's only Bulma attempting to attack super villains, and Chi-Chi never does it again?

The next universe that's going to be explored is Universe 12.
That, or the destroyed universes 13-18 if the tournament causes them to come back. It's been given the most information(though admittedly very little) of the universes with a rank higher than 7; the manga has that universe, not Bulma, as the inventor of time travel which opened up to the idea of different timelines(which are effectively entirely new multiverses). Geene's character profile of cultivating the second most developed universe yet left without a challenge makes it likely that if any of the higher ranked gods would be interested in the comings and going of Universe 7 and Goku, who's interaction with the gods is unique. The plot could be Geene wanting to challenge himself by testing Goku and Universe 7, want to see something so novel become more developed by showing them how its done with Universe 12, or maybe just show off. The villain, if there is one, is likely either a mortal in Universe 12 who's plans involve/get involved by other universes or someone outside Universe 12 doesn't like this interaction for whatever reason. Possibly Universe 1, the twin universe that's the most developed and well-run, or Universe 5/8 out of potential jealousy and/or curiosity.

Goku will give Pan the Four Star Dragon Ball.
Like Goku's grandfather Gohan gave Goku the Four Star Dragon Ball.

If Turles appears in future episodes he will know all the situation with the Gods.
When he found out about the Tree of Might, he also found out about other things to do with the Gods including Godtube which he used to find about Goku vs Beerus, the Universe Six vs Universe Seven Tournament, and the Tournament of Power.

The second Super film might bring back Cooler as one of the main villains.
Since Frieza doesn't make any attempts to fight Goku and Vegeta directly, resorting to enlist the aid of Broly and Paragus to eliminate them, and even Broly proves too much for him to handle despite his Beat Them at Their Own Game plan involving the Saiyan in question at the end of the first Super film, Cooler might suddenly show up (now with a Golden Super Mode) to form a reluctant Villain Team-Up with him as a means of having the edge against the three Saiyans.

Future Super films will feature Cooler, Android 13, and Hirudegarn as the Big Bads
Cooler was already teased in Broly when Frieza decides to find a partner for himself. If Cooler does indeed become the second movie's villain, DBS could follow the pattern DBZ had with its four main villains (Saiyan, Frieza Clan, Android, Demon) by bringing 13 and Hirudegarn (and to a lesser extent, the Kashers) to the main canon.

Future Mai views herself as a different person to herself before the wish that made the Pilaf Gang young.
While she acknowledges that she was that person, once upon a time, she sees her life as having started when she got that second chance, going so far as to celebrate her birthday on the day the wish was made and give her age as 29, rather than something much higher. If anything, she views her pre-wish self as either her "mother" or a past life. This was brought on partially by the desire to start over, partially because her personality and memories lost some parts when she was de-aged, and as she grew up it was also partially because she didn't look exactly the same.

The reason Goku never kissed Chi-Chi has to do with Saiyan courtship rites and mating rituals.
Primarily, that in place of lip-to-lip contact, Saiyans bite, similar to how cats mark their owners with love nips, and additionally, biting serves a huge role in how Saiyans interacted when chasing a mate back on old Planet Vegeta.

The new series will involve travel into other universes.
There are twelve universes, after all. The new Big Bad will originate from another universe, and be a God of Destruction (or if they want to be less predictable, creation) who's going out of bounds.
  • Partially confirmed; Toriyama has said that the Z fighters will journey to "Universe 6"note , where they'll have to fight its inhabitants.
    • Confirmed, but so far less than we'd like. Inhabitants of U6 have been popping up in U7, and and the Black arc involved Whis and Beerus travelling to U11's world of the Kais several times, with Goku accompanying them twice. There's going to "higher" universes, such as Goku visiting Zeno's place and the World of the Void the To P is taking place in.

There will be confirmed galaxy busters in Dragon Ball Super.
For years now, it's been a very divisive topic over whether or not DBZ characters can instantly destroy entire galaxies, so Toriyama will finally give the fans what they want to see and show us characters instantly blowing up entire galaxies in one shot, or at least having other characters confirm that they can do it.
  • Possibly Confirmed and THEN-SOME. Old Kai says that Beerus is literally capable of destroying the entire universe. Whether this is in one go or not is yet to be confirmed, but as Beerus is capable of instantly wiping out a planet with a literal flick of his finger, it goes without saying that destroying a solar system, star cluster, or even galaxy with one attack may not be out of the question.
  • Looks like they did skip galaxies and went straight to universe-busting. SSG Goku and Beerus' fight threatens to destroy the entire universe with every blow they trade.

Super Saiyans will undergo even more Uniqueness Decay... but it will be a Justified Trope.
Up until now canonical Super Saiyans have been confined to Goku and Vegeta's bloodlines. However, while we haven't seen the initial transformation of all Super Saiyans, there seem to be two basic elements needed to become one in most cases: 1) a very powerful Saiyan, and 2) a Heroic BSoD moment. If we go with the above theory of the Saiyans returning, they'll almost certainly all undergo intensive training from Goku, both to strengthen them, and to teach them compassion. Then, these newly-compassionate Saiyans will be sent out to fight the greatest evils in the universe…what do you want to bet every last one of them witnesses SOMETHING (genocide, death camps, rape, forced starvation…) capable of making them go Super Saiyan.
  • Confirmed. Vegeta taught Cabba how to go Super. Cabba in turn taught Caulifla and Kale. Disappointingly, he taught them using a different technique.

Champa is from "Universe 6"
  • Hence why they need to go there.
    • Confirmed. Champa is the God of Destruction from Universe 6.

Ginyu will switch bodies with Tagoma.
  • Since Frieza's men were unable to find New Namek, that would mean Ginyu needs a new body. Since Tagoma was basically a Sacrificial Lamb in Resurrection 'F', he'd be the most likely candidate.
    • Confirmed: Ginyu pulls a Grand Theft Me on Tagoma upon seeing that he's become Frieza's strongest soldier.

Gohan will start training after Resurrection F Saga
  • Nearly getting killed three times due to his skills having gotten so rusty and barely able to become Super Saiyan and watching Piccolo die by shielding him again from a blast meant for him is going to make him realize he can't rely on his father to always be there to save the day and he has to get the strength to protect not only his friends but his wife and newborn child. Gohan will start training and be able to tap into his Mystic Form again. Perhaps at the end of Super he too may become a Super Saiyan God.
    • Confirmed: Gohan will start training with Piccolo again.

Monaka isn't actually a great fighter, or even one at all.
  • Beerus is obviously hiding something, and Monaka seems pretty wimpy (Almost crying when Goku punched him in the face, 'passing out' after Goku used the Kamehameha Wave). Eventually we will learn that Beerus is actually lying and that, either the real Monaka was a great warrior but died, or that Monaka is actually just a fake person entirely he is using to motivate Goku and Vegeta. Or to just screw with them.
    • Confirmed: It's revealed in Episode 38 that Monaka is just an amateur fighter used to motivate Goku and Vegeta to be stronger.

Hit will end up having a Curb-Stomp Battle with Frost
Episode 35 showed a bit of Hit, and perhaps he'll be the one to beat Frost
  • Somewhat confirmed. Vegeta was the one who beat Frost. But when Frost tried to escape, Hit defeated him without any effort.

There is a being who rules all twelve universe.
And Whis works for him. Whis hasn't said he's a god, but is clearly within (if not beyond) said rank. It'll turn out that all twelve universes are in fact monitored by a Top God, who Whis is sub-ordinate to.
  • Confirmed. Zen'o is the King of All.

The lonely planet where the tournament is taking place is the final U6 Super Dragonball.
This seems almost too obvious to be plausible, but it does seem to be about the right size, and the way it's currently set in between the other six invoked the idea of it as a dragonball. I guess this will have plot significance: Bulma has sent Jaco to find the U7 dragonballs (hopefully he'll be aided by some of the other Z-fighers). The U7 team will be able to find their dragonballs before Beerus and Champa can find the last one of theirs because it will have been under their noses the whole time.
  • Mostly confirmed. The final Super Dragon Ball was the Nameless Planet, but no one tried to steal it from Beerus and he makes his wish. He restores U6's Earth.

Goku will end up fighting an evil alternate universe version of himself.
Dimension travel has been confirmed for this series, after all. Granted, this is quite possibly the most common plot element from series with dimension travel, but for someone like Goku, it's too good to pass up, especially if his counterpart is around the same threshold of power he is.
  • Confirmed, sorta of. Black Goku is an Evil Twin of Goku. His exactly origins are currently unknown.
  • ...And fully confirmed, but not as intended. Zamasu took over a version of Goku's body, becoming Goku Black. So, basically Goku's body, being worn as a meat suit by the devil.

Future Bulma is dead
In the picture shown Future Trunks is wearing a red bandana similar to one Bulma wears.
  • Confirmed, though her death actually occurs onscreen.

Future Mai isn't dead.
She seemingly is killed off by Black before Trunks even heads to the past. But considering that she's in the new intro (as well as promo pictures for the arc), it's unlikely that she'd just be killed off in the first episode. Most likely she's still alive, or the others find a way to revive her.
  • Confirmed, episode 50 shows that she's still alive, just unconscious.

Black is an evil Kaioshin. Possibly from Universe 10.
He has potara, the way he snickers - just like Supreme Kai from Universe 6 and his claim of doing evil because of warped idea of justice. Add Ring of Time. To my mind he is this. Let's see.
  • Confirmed. Zamasu has taken over his body.

Black is some kind of evil Kai who possessed the Future Goku's body.
It's been shown that the gods can hang on to a copy of someone's body after they die in case that person is needed or has earned the right to come back for a day like Goku in the Buu saga. Some evil Kaioshin or other god-like being knew that Goku was super strong and had great potential so they possessed that copy of his body and are using it to carry out their evil plans. Also:
  • They recognize Beerus, have weird ki, have a ring that is usually only used by Kaios, and act like they have the authority to pass judgement on mortals - so probably an evil Kaio.
  • He/it was excited to fight the real Goku and learn how he fought because, as we've seen with Ginyu, it's hard to bring out the full potential of a body you're not used to. Knowing how Goku fights has made him stronger.
  • They were grabbing their chest and wincing after the fight. Goku in that timeline died of a heart condition. This makes me think that they took that Goku's body specifically and are keeping it alive through some kind of god powers.
  • Jossed in the future Goku part, but it is indeed an evil Kai taking over Goku's body, so semi-confirmed.

Goku Black is Zamasu who has traveled back in time, thus creating a Stable Time Loop.
They both have a similar ki, and both share an intense mistrust for mortal beings, so there's obviously some connection between them, but it's very likely that what we are seeing unfold in Dragon Ball Super is actually Zamasu's fall from grace and how he turned out evil, and after his encounter with Goku through some unknown method he has taken on the form or power of Goku and started a rampage of the mortal world with his likeness in an attempt to discredit him, therefore driving Beerus and Whis to investigate the cause of Black Goku in the first place and setting into motion the very events that lead to his own downfall, though why he ends up in Trunks's world is unknown, but it may have something to do with Zamasu and Gowasu's upcoming trip to Planet Babari in Episode 54.
  • When they arrive at Babari, Gowasu tells Zamasu that the green Time Rings appear every time someone makes a new timeline (with one appearing only a few years back), before giving Zamasu one of his Kaioshin earrings so they can both travel in time (and thus having the same earring placement as Black Goku).
  • It's apparent that Zamasu is possessing Goku's body in some way. It was explained in the Buu Saga that the Kais keep the bodies of righteous mortals in case they need to be resurrected. So why did Zamasu go to Future Trunks' timeline? It's the first timeline created in which Goku is permanently dead, and thus his body is available.
    • When in the Buu Saga it was said that the Kais kept the bodies of righteous mortals around for revival? The only thing that was said was that heroes or very good souls kept their bodies upon death, and that was said back in the Saiyan Saga. They also don't resurrection them because Old Kai given his life to being back Goku was unheard of because a Kai has never given their life for a mortal. Black also wears a silver Time Ring, not the green ones needed to travel to an alternative time line.
      • In fairness, Trunks's timeline should be the original timeline. The one we've followed since the original Dragon Ball is the alternative timeline, likely represented by a green ring. In the original timeline, Goku kills Freiza and King Cold himself, and dies from heart disease a couple years later. This leads to the Androids and later Black being immense issues for Earth. Trunks eventually time travels, and creates a new timeline by killing Freiza and King Cold himself and giving Goku his heart medicine. Point is, Zamasu should need the silver time ring to travel to Future Trunks's future in Universe 7, not a green one.
    • Future Trunks' time isn't the original timeline because it was effective by time travel. Namely, Trunks going back into the past, getting stronger, and learning about Cell ambushing and killing him. In the true original timeline, either Trunks would still be fighting the androids, or killed by Cell. Also, for the people in U10, the main time is their original timeline since they're effective by the events of the manipulated timeline like Goku being alive and his visit effecting Zamasu.
      • I can see a few problems with the above interpretation in that there is impossible to have a original time line anymore according to it, because Balma creating the time machine is actually an original action untainted by time traveling in itself, which means there is no timeline in which Trunks did not go back in time other than the main Dragon Ball timeline, unless there is a timeline in which he did go back but did not come back again future Trunks' timeline is the original as there is no alternative. As for the U10 encounter, I find it likely that alternate timelines are universal rather than omniversal, meaning it only affects one single universe, otherwise we will have multiple versions of Zen'o running around and thus can hardly be called the King of Everything now can he.
      • The closest timeline to the original timeline would be Cell killing Trunks and stealing his time machine. Future Trunks' timeline benefits from too many changes in time to be the original. Also, timeline have to omniversal, otherwise the U6 and U7 tournament couldn't have happened since Goku and the others are dead in the Future Trunks' timeline, and Goku is the reason why the tournament even happened. Also, Zen-O would still be the King of Everything in the timeline that he rules. There is nothing shown that he rules over multiple timelines.
      • The tournament at most make the timelines multiversal, and as Gods have capability to travel between timelines at will it is still possible for timelines to affect only one universe at a time, Champa may meet up with Beerus on any timeline of their choosing when universe hooping after all, there is no solid evidence for either possibilities. As for Zen'o being affected by timeline split, I really don't think you can get out of his jurisdiction and worst yet being able to copy him as long as you have a time machine or time ring in hand, that would undermine and pretty much ruin his authority in my opinion, my theory is that Zen'o and his realm is beyond all universes and timelines unaffected by anything unless they interact with him directly. Of course I have no prove for that, and unless the show actually touches those subjects directly, we may never do.
      • The tournament was definitely not a timeline multiversal since no one can travel through time except for the Kais using the Time Rings and even that has limits.
      • Kais only? Where did you get this information? You really sure no one above them like the grand priest or Zen'o himself can travel through time? Remember Whis can and did turn back time in a universal scale, and he is far beneath the Grand Priest by his own admission and not even a God in job title, who knows what other Gods are there in Zen'o's court. Also, Beerus can not travel through time, but where does it say anything about going to alternate timelines? It is a space time issue and may have other ways to access them without the time rings, we know for sure future Bulma created time machines with the same function yet non of the limits other than energy requirement, so even if time travel is illegal it is achievable using alternate methods, point is you or I won't know for sure until the show itself touches this issue, so arguing about them without canon source is just a waste of time.
      • Whis specifically said that time-travel is restricted to the gods and even then only the Supreme Kais can do it with the Time Rings and they can only travel to the future. Even then they have a strict only observed rule set. It's in Episode 50 of Super and Gowasu explains the Time Rings in Episode 54. Also, just because Whis can travel the universe in minutes doesn't mean he can time travel. The gods of the Dragon World are also limited despite their power levels. Like Beerus said that despite his power he cannot create like the Kais, and we don't know the powerset for the Grand Priest or Zen-O. They may both be extremely powerful to destroy the multiverse thousands of times over, but there is no evidence that they can create life, travel to alternative universes, or have the all seeing eye. And even if they could travel through time, the tournament would still wouldn't be a multi-time tournament because of all the restriction on time-travel.
      • You know that the only reason for Gods to restrict time travel is because of the problems it will create down the line and not because they can't right? They have a strict only observed rule set? Are you watching the same show I am? Didn't you see Zamazu cut someone down in cold blood and didn't get punished more than a verbal scolding from Gowazu? If Zen'o is to do something similar who is going to give him a rule book and tell him no? Also consider this: traveling to an alternate timeline (which Beerus /Whis never claimed they can't) is different from traveling through time (which they claim not having the right to), and in turn different from turning back time (which Whis did do), Bulma's time machine can travel through both alternate worlds and time similar to the time rings however cannot turn back time itself like Whis can and did during the Golden Frieza incident, so Gods are for sure have technology (time rings)or technique (Whis' three minute time rewind)to do what Bulma can and more. Restriction on time travel could be mitigated by controlling timeline divergence, like how Future Trunks most likely replaced Goku's timeline by warning him about the androids and giving him the heart medicine, then any further time traveling between the two will no longer separate the timelines any more than the two present, that means if a God can control cause and effect of time traveling itself he maybe able to do whatever he wants with no repercussions down the line, therefore for someone as powerful as Zen'o himself he might actually go for a multi-dimensional tournament just for fun. Interaction between alternate universes might be even more simple than that, as long as they interact with each other at the exact same point in time there might not cause any complications with timeline divergence at all, which there is no prove one way or the other so it may or may not apply to Beerus and Champa as far as we know. I am not trying to claim I know the truth, quite the opposite in fact, but I also know that if you are not directly linked with the production of the show there is no way for you to know for sure with the information we were given at this point in time, but if you are Toriyam or someone in the know I am sorry for what I said above.
      • Quit the BS drama. Time travel is heavily restricted by the gods as stated by Whis in Episode 50. Only the Kais can time-travel with the Time Rings, and they can only go to the future. No one used time-travel for the tournament, that's a simple fact since no being have been shown to freely travel time. And even if the gods could travel between time and alternative universes so easily, it wouldn't be for a tournament, especially since Beerus said Zen'o could be upset with all the time-traveling. I don't need to part of the show's production to listen what the characters are saying.
      • What BS Drama? I don't understand why you are so upset about something that neither you and I have proof on, so please calm down. The information about only Kais can travel through time has to be taken in context and not as absolute truths, I think Whis only refer to the fact that the Kais are the only one on their level who is "allowed" to travel trough time, not only they "can", therefore it has no bearing for someone with higher position than themselves. Also I have to keep remind you that "alternate timelines" are different from different "time", there is no information (and how Zen'o views the topic) regarding traveling between alternate realities without traveling through time as far as I know, so if you have more quotes from episodes please do share. I must inform you that I do believe that timeline divergence happens on a multiversal level, what I am trying to say all along is that because we don't know for sure about dimensional traveling capabilities for the Gods we therefore cannot know for sure whether the tournament itself can be used as absolute proof of Gods of Destructions being affected by the dimensional split at all, and it definitely cannot prove the theory that there are multiple Zen'os running multiple alternate multiverses in a gigantic and always expanding (due to time traveling) omniverse. In my mind I am actually trying to reduce the BS Drama of this messy situation, if anyone above Supreme Kais are unaffected by timeline splits it will simplify the Dragon Ball world a lot more, don't you agree? Do note that I am playing devil's advocate here mainly because I want people to keep an open mind, especially on issues that require much creator input in order to make clear like the nature of the DB world and how the timelines inter act with each other, hell we don't even have a definitive answer on which timeline is the original, so can we all just get along in our mutual ignorance? Also since this was not my WMG and I seemed to have hijacked (unintentionally mind you) it, I must say I am sorry that this gets to the point it is no longer pertaining to the original topic, though I am having fun discussing theories with all the fans, it is time for me to leave this topic alone for its creator.
    • This seems to be kind of/sort of Jossed. Zamasu shows up in Future Trunks' timeline and seems to be some sort of ally of Black's, and Zamasu teams up with Black to fight Goku and Trunks. What exactly their relationship is isn't immediately explained.
  • Holy shit, confirmed. Black is a Zamasu from a different timeline. Zamasu don't consider Black a friend, because they are the same guy.

Goku Black really is a Saiyan.
Well, he used to be Saiyan. However Zamasu upgraded him, transforming him into a genuine deity. While he no longer looks like a Saiyan in his true form, he still retains his natural powers albeit mutated. This means he despises his own race, emphasizing his derangement and why he still has positive things to say about them. It also adds to his talk of the "gods", as if he's merely a servant of them and not one of them; strictly speaking, he's not a true god. For added drama, he is the original Super Saiyan God, having been corrupted by his own righteousness.
  • Kinda. Zamasu took over Goku's body. Technically, he is still a saiyan, and Zamasu managed to obtain a super saiyan form with it.

SSJ Rose is a power up but not in the way you'd expect.
It doesn't increase Black's power level not one whit, instead it augments his techniques/gives him access to more abilities. This is why he doesn't seem no stronger in his S Sj Rose form then his base form. For those you who are skeptical I'll give you this one example: When Goku and co went to Trunk's timeline to fight Black for the first time it was more than clear that Black in his base form was way stronger than a S Sj blue Vegeta so what the story writers are trying to say is that /Black after copying Goku>SSJ Blue Goku or Vegeta\, after Black assumed S Sj Rose for the first time, Black doesn't seem no faster and definitely no stronger than he was in his base form as shown when Vegeta manage to completely intercept his heavy punch and deliver his own barrage of punches. This is because Black's transformation doesn't increase his power level. Since S Sj Rose is the supposed equivalent of Ssj Blue and Black Goku in his base form is pretty much equal to or greater to Ssj blue, Black's power level should of been squared(for the few of you that don't know what means, squared is when you multiply a number by itself i.e 7x7=49). Which is why Vegeta was able to surpass Black, Black was stronger than S Sj Blue but he wasn't on a whole other tier. If you think S Sj blue times ten is dangerous just imagine Ssj Blue or someone equivalent to that(Black) multiplied by the number S Sj blue multiplies one's strength.

Zamasu will lose his immortality after fusing with Goku Black
The Potara earrings won't be able to "transfer" Zamasu's immortality into his new fused body. And while he gets a significant power boost, he loses his biggest advantage towards his opponents
  • I find this unlikely, since all fusions we've seen have all the attributes of their components. Meaning the fusion will probably inherit immortality.
  • Jossed. It's is stated by Merged Zamasu and the summery spoilers for Episode 65 that Merged Zamasu is indeed an immortal.
    • But Episode 66 stated that because Goku Black wasn't an immortal, Merged Zamasu is only halfway immortal, you just need to do enough damage to his body.
    • Specifically, he has an immortal soul, but not an immortal body. So, sort-of confirmed.

Vegetto will appear.
What better way to show how dire the situation is than to not only have Goku and Vegeta Potara fuse, but actually find a match as Vegetto?!
  • Confirmed - they fuse to take on Merged Zamasu, and while he's not a match for Vegetto, Merged Zamasu does much better than Buu did.

Zamasu will top previous villains by trying to blow up the galaxy or universe when he gets too frustrated.
Vegeta tried to blow up Earth, Freeza tried to blow up Namek, Cell tried to blow up the solar system. Given the sheer power of Merged Zamasu, it'd make sense in his rage he'd just try to destroy the galaxy or universe.

The Grand Priest is the creator of Whis and/or Vados.
He looks more or less like a short Whis, and much like how Whis has a casual relationship with Beerus the Grand Priest is one of the only beings who can be at least semi-casual with Zen'o. He is in fact the being who created the Attendants to Gods of Destruction; either he's their biological father, or more likely used his powers to make them artificially/magically.
  • Confirmed. Whis calls him "father" in episode 67.

The Zen'o button will be a Godzilla Threshold.
Though having the potential to be the ultimate Deus ex Machina, the Omni-King is a mercurial figure. Sure, he may be in a nice mood if summoned, but he could just as easily get angry and no-one wants that. Hell, it's possible he may not have the finesse to get rid of a powerful enemy without accidentally taking out half the universe with the foe. Recognizing this, our heroes will be safe and only summon Zen'o if something threatens all twelve universes. Beerus would likely try to take the Zen'o button, given how completely terrified he is and not trusting the Z-Fighters with it(plus it's one of the few methods of blackmailing them).
  • Confirmed. Goku uses the Zen'o button and he erases the future timeline.

Zen'O is the one killing Zamasu.
Since Zamasu wished himself to be immortal there is no way to normally beat him. So Goku is gonna summon Zen'O and asks for him to defeat Zamasu. This is probably gonna be Trunks idea since both Goku and Vegeta would find this idea anticlimactic.
  • Kinda confirmed? Goku summons Zen'o as a Godzilla Threshold and he erases the universe/timeline.

Zen'O's Button is a Chekhov's Gun
  • This likely to happen, since when Goku went to see Zen'O personally (by the latter's request), he gave him a button that will send him to Goku's location. Considering the dire situation the protagonists are in, either Goku will press the button on accident or Future Zamasu and Black will gloat at him, and ends up stepping on the button, which would send either Zen'O of Future Trunks' timeline or Goku's to his location. And we would see just how powerful he is.
    • Confirmed. Goku does use the Zen'o button, not by accident but as a Godzilla Threshold, and Zen'o erases the timeline to get rid of Zamasu once and for all. Sadly, we only get to actually see a Fade to White, rather than Apocalypse Wow....

Future Mai will be a major character in the Future Trunks arc.
In the picture shown in the magazine it only shows Future Trucks, Future Mai, and Black Goku, and because the other two are major characters in the new Future Trucks arc, stands to reason that Future Mai will also be a major character.
  • Somewhat confirmed...she does play a large role in that she's possibly future Trunks' lover, but she gets seeminly killed by Black Goku in the very episode she appears in, so we will see.
    • Well she's alive, so this could still be true.

Black will use the Potara to fuse as a last-ditch effort.
Future Zamasu arrives wearing the other ring on the same ear as Black to prevent the fusion but have it available, just in case with Zamasu's conversation with Gowasu serving to foreshadow this event. In response, Goku could combine his godly ki with another Super Saiyan stage or even fuse with Vegeta in some way.Amusingly, this would also mean Black really is Zamasu, just not how it was expected to be.

They will be a breather episode staring The Great Sayiaman and the Great Sayiaman 2.
It will give Gohan and Videl some focus and make things lighter after the dark Future Trunks arc.
  • Semi-confirmed, as there is a Great Sayiaman episode.

There is a recently created fifth timeline.
As a result of screwing around with history by killing Present Zamasu, and the recent bout of time travel, a new timeline was created. The Goku that Black is inhabiting isn't from the future or Unseen Timeline, but rather a timeline practically identical to the main one with the exception that Zamasu wasn't found out. That's why his Super Saiyan Rose form is on level with the Super Saiyan Blues-without Cell in the Unseen Timeline, Goku probably wouldn't end up with nearly the same power level. It's also worth noting that there are four known timelines(Cell's, the Unseen Timeline, Trunks' and the main one) and four green time rings. Of course one of those green rings could represent the timeline they're in, or maybe its for the four others with the new timeline created being one. Gowasu didn't give dates for when they were made, just that they were recent. This could mean anything given the timescale these gods have.
  • Confirmed. Beerus created a new timeline when he killed Present Zamasu. He was trying to prevent this because a god killing another god shouldn't create a new timeline, but it did since Black was protected by his Time Ring, negating Beerus' attempt to erase him.

The Freeza and Cell in episode 77 that Goku fights won't be the real versions.
They will be Oolong and Puar using their shapeshifting powers to appear as them. That said Majin Buu will be the real thing.
  • Close, but not cigar. They aren't the real deal, but illusions made by the forest.

The circumstances surrounding the birth of Bulla/Bra (Vegeta and Bulma's second child).
  • According to many sources, Bulla/Bra is born in the year following the events of Frieza's revival and invasion. So I posit the following with my dirty mind. Bulla/Bra comes about as a result of Bulma and Vegeta going at it like bunnies over either Frieza being destroyed, Whis reversing time and saving the world (and Vegeta) from destruction (in a Bulma only case), or both. Come on, the timing is perfect. Even if it isn't explicitly stated, it's the perfect moment for one of the characters to get in a joke about the timing of Bulma's pregnancy.
    • If that's the case, I can imagine that Trunks came to be as a "reward" for achieving the Super Saiyan state.
    • Bulma being pregnant would also give Vegeta a motivation for the Champa/Beerus tournament, and possible story-lines afterwards: he has a kid in the works to think about.
    • Confirmed: Bulma is pregnant with Vegeta's second child who is going to be born at the start of the universal survival saga.
      • Confirmed that there were unusual circumstances surrounding her birth, but not in the way we expected. Vegeta refused to take part in the Tournament of Power since Bulma would be giving birth soon and he wanted to be by her side (and Goku was holding back on that the universe could be destroyed). To just get the matter over with, Whis used his powers to "midwife" Bulla, and no telling if this will be something to affect her in the future. As for the timing of her birth, I can't say if there was a joke slipped in there.


Dragon Ball Super's first arc will be an interquel between Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’.
In the trailer and poster, we've seen Goku and the rest on incarnations of circa Battle of Gods (Krillin still has hair and Goku can turn regular Super Saiyan and so on), so it's possible the first few episodes may just take place in the time period shortly after BoG.
  • Partially jossed, as the first few episodes take place around six months after the Buu Saga (and thus a few years before Battle of Gods). Though it remains to be seen what timeskips might occur.
  • Jossed; it's retelling of Battle of Gods with many details changed over including the very length of the timeskip.

Certain movie characters will either be reintroduced or retconned into the series
  • Alternately, the same could happen for certain GT characters.
    • Heck, why not BOTH!?
    • In this timeline the Movie and GT characters did things differently so the events of the movies and GT didn't happen (i.e. Cooler didn't think it was worth it to come to earth because he heard about Freeza being saved by their father King Cold, so he thought Let Freeza clean up his own mess and left Mecha-Freeza and King Cold to kill the Saiyan,) so they are still out there and might return.
    • With the latest intro showing what appears to be Broly fighting for one of the other universes in the Tournament of Power, this might actually be confirmed.
      • Ultimately Jossed, as the series went with indirect references and expies instead. In Broly's case, Super went with Kale.
      • This might become a thing with the new seasons, as Broly is being introduced into the canon proper with the new movie, but is basically a completely new character.

Champa's attendant's name will be based on wine.
  • So, Eniw or something?
    • Wyne?
    • Jossed; Vados, based on Calvado. Instead, there is a God of Destruction of Universe 1 named Iwne.

Alternatively, Champa's attendant will be named after spirit.
  • Spiri? Spira? Something like that, maybe?
    • Jossed; see above.

Champa's life was very, very similar to Beerus's except...
  • He got to eat all the food he wanted in his universe's Bulma's birthday party and became 100% satisfied, forgetting about the Super Saiyan God legend, so the conflict in Battle of Gods never occurred. He gained a tremendous amount of weight that day, and he never trimmed down.
    • Jossed; Humanity is completely wiped out in Champa's universe. He wants Universe 7's Earth so he can eat the same food as Beerus. (Or so he says.)

Future Trunks' universe will be in Universe 6 and they will visit him.
  • Jossed; There are no humans on Universe 6's Earth.

Universes are ranked in terms of overall strength.
  • There has to be some kind of meaning behind the numbering. If it's the strength of its warriors, that'd restore the power curve of our heroes when they visit Universe 6-the average fighters are more powerful than the main Universe 7, meaning there's a lot of level grinding before facing their Frieza-like equivalent. If considered its own universe and not just another timeline, Future Trunks would probably rank 8 or 9 due to the death of the Z-Fighter heavy hitters. The Demon Realm may also fit around this if its considered a universe in itself. This would also keep the Always Someone Better theme of Battle of Gods, given Universe 1's Krillin could probably pwn Beerus.
    • According to Whis, the universes occur in pairs, a front and a back. Each pair seems to be numbered so that they add up to 13 (6 mirrors 7, 5 mirrors 8, etc) but there is no indication that Universe 6 has stronger fighters just based on its number.
      • So 13-18 were paired up with...
  • in episode 83 or whatever episode it was when Whis helped Bulma give birth Shin explicitly stated that mortals aren't judged by their strength/fighting potential]].
    • Semi-jossed - there is a ranking for strength (the "Mortal Level" ranking), but Universe 7 is actually ranked 11th on said ranking, with Universe 9 only being ranked lower.

None of the other fighters aside from Goku and Vegeta will even bother showing up.
  • Goku and Vegeta are so drastically above everyone else now that if the new opponents are even stronger than Golden Frieza, then there is literally no point to the other characters being there if the new villains are meant to challenge the Gods. Gohan has already become worthless as proven by Resurrection F when Frieza killed him with one hit after all, and the others aren't much better.
    • Jossed; Piccolo and Buu are part of Beerus' team against Champa in the story arc after Resurration 'F'.
  • Alternatively, they'll be doing massive training and unlock some new hidden power as well. Though it'd probably just reserve them to beating Elite Mook baddies
    • To be fair, that would still be better than nothing.

18 will join the fight against Freiza's army in this version.
One reason to keep her out of the movie fight was probably just to keep the number of good guys to focus on manageable. In the series, Trunks and Goten will be kept out of the fight by being told to watch Maron for 18 and Krillin and keep her safe, allowing Krillin and 18 to go into the fight as a Battle Couple.
  • Especially since they'll all want to keep Trunks as far away from the fight as possible, since Freiza might realize he is oddly similar to his future counterpart who killed him.
    • Frieza does note the similarities, but he wonders if Present Trunks is actually the son of Future Trunks.
  • Alternatively, 18 will make Krillin stay with Marron and takes his place in the battle against the Frieza Force.
  • Jossed; she stays behind just like in the movie.

Possible changes/Adaptation Expansion in the "Resurrection F" saga.
  • Most likely, we'll see Frieza train. Champa will serve as his trainer, helping him gain his golden form.
  • Majin Buu will compete and get worfed by Frieza to show off he's taken several levels in badass.
  • Krillin will survive (because it'd be way too obvious for Frieza to kill him off again).
  • Frieza will immediately target Trunks (since his future self was the one who killed him) and possibly even kill him (or more likely just torment him until Goku and Vegeta arrive to pull off a Big Damn Heroes).
  • Gohan to do better against 1st form Frieza, only to be stomped by a more powerful form.
    • In relation to the above Frieza will actually kill Gohan this time, in contrast to him only stopping Gohan's heart in Resurrection of F.
      • If they want to do dark, 2nd form Frieza will impale him with his horn.
  • Jossed. There have been some changes, but the battle follows the same outline of the movie. Trunks is there and Frieza recognizes him, but doesn't target him. Gohan is still worfed by Frieza's first form and Buu is still absent. Although, Piccolo does die in this version.

Jaco will come with reinforcements, and the non-Z Fighters possible defenders of Earth will join the battle against Frieza.
Jaco's reinforcements being fellow Galactic Patrolmen Jiya (with an updated suit) and the Namekian patrolman plus Tarble (who tagged along), while the other Earth fighters are Android 17, Eighter, Zarid, Sachie Momochi (that Goku just can't take seriously due his own past experience with ninja, specifically Shuu and Murasaki), Arale Norimaki, Obotchaman, Turbo Norimaki, and a swarm of Gatchan. The Gatchans freaking out Tarble, Vegeta, the Patrolmen, and Frieza's Army.
Jaco: "I thought you wiped out their plague!"
Frieza: "I did! I even blew up their homeworld four times to be sure!"
Turbo: "You know they can't eat rubber, don't you?"
All the aliens but Goku and Piccolo: "YOU SAVED THE UNIVERSE!"
  • I think we can safely put this in Jossed.

Ginyu will pull a Heel–Face Turn.
At the end of the Buu Saga, they only wished back the good people that were killed by Buu. It's possible that being stuck in a frog's body for so long has softened Ginyu up over the years. It'll come into play if he goes back into battle and find himself unable to kill anybody.

The Saiyans from U6 will mock Goku and Vegeta.
  • Firstly for losing their tails. (Remember when that was a thing?)
  • Also possible is that, since the royal family have traditionally been the most elite fighters, one of Champa's selections will act arrogantly superior to them because he's, in his own words, "-the Prince of all Saiyans!" Goku will be amused by this, Vegeta less so.
    • Jossed: The Saiyans in U6 have no tails either. They evolved past it. The Saiyans in U6 are also nicer than the Saiyans in U7, becoming mercenaries of good. Cabba is also really polite to both Vegeta and Goku.

Goku will begin training Frost after the tournament.
Goku, and EVERYONE, expressed sympathy towards Frost's benevolent goals, and Goku knows just HOW powerful Frieza got, and thus how powerful Frost can get. It'd make sense for Goku to help him reach that potential to better protect his universe.
  • I thinks this is safely jossed since Frost revealed himself to be an evil jackass like Frieza.

Monaka is able to copy powers.
Monaka is supposedly meditating during the fights and gave Beerus a good fight. What if his gimmick is copying powers of those he sees fighting. Hence Beerus' insistence he go last, it's so he can absorb and imitate the attacks of every other competitor.
  • Jossed: Monaka really is a weakling.

Monaka has a Super Mode.
That's why Monaka comes off so wimpy and weak. Normally, Monaka is rather weak(relative to his teammates, base Monaka is still incredibly powerful.) However like the Saiyans, Monaka has a much stronger Super Mode(think Broly-jacked but still looking silly) that's almost as strong as Beerus. The problem? Much like an Oozaru, Monaka will go berserk and being hard to reason with. Beerus is giving Monaka enough space to concentrate and not lose it in his stronger form.
  • Jossed: He has no transformation and he's weak.

Champa will be the Knight of Cerebus for DB Super.
He'll function as a sort of narrative Shadow Archetype, representing what Beerus would be if he was a serious villain.
  • Jossed: Champa contrasts Beerus in being boorish, not sinister. He did try to kill his team for losing the tournament, but that is still only about as evil as Beerus who destroyed several planets in his introduction arc.

Champa's team will win the tournament
Because of this, the others will have to actually go to Universe 6 and try to undo the damage he did, including fighting the members of his team once again and getting a legitimate fight between Champa and Beers or maybe even Whis and Vados.
  • Jossed: Champa's team loses.

Vados is gonna be the real Big Bad of the Universe 6 Tournament Arc
She is acting as The Man Behind the Man to Champa, and is just using him to gather the Super Dragon Balls for…something.
  • Jossed: There is no real villain in this arc.

Earth will be transported into Universe 6, and be at risk of complete destruction.
There's going to have to be some sort of consequence for "being sent to another universe" for the Z-Fighters if they lose. Either there's some sort of super-villain waiting in there(possibly whoever incited Earth into a war), or being in another universe will cause inherent problem. It will be revealed that, unbeknownst to Champa, non-gods cannot exist in other universes for a prolonged amount of time or they'll be torn apart by the alien metaphysics there. With the entire Earth transported there, it's up to everyone to escape back to Universe 7 or they and the planet will be annihilated. Because the Super Dragon Balls scatter through both realities and normal Dragonballs aren't strong enough for interdimensional transport, they can't rely on the Dragonballs to save them and thus increasing tension. The Big Bad will be Champa, who refuses to let them leave because if he can't have Earth and its delicious food, neither can Beerus. To escape, our heroes will be forced to defeat Champa and make him re-collect the Super Dragonballs.
  • Jossed: U7 won, so the Earth won't be moved to U6.

The Earth is a Super Dragonball.
Consider the following:
  • The super dragonballs have been revealed to be planet sized. The gravity of something that big would surely collect a layer of rock and gas so that it would seem like an ordinary planet. This is what Champa meant in his introduction when he said the planet he and Vados were at wasn't the one he was looking for. He was looking for the planet that had the last of his universe's super dragonballs within it.
  • According to Champa the lesser dragonballs were made by the Namekians out of pieces of the super balls. So logically, both Kami and Guru must have been near a super dragonball when they made theirs, Earth and Namek.
  • The Earth in Universe 6 has apparently been destroyed. This is the real reason Champa wants the Earth, he's hoping he can use it to replace his own destroyed seventh super ball. He must have some ulterior motive after all, if he's willing to risk the six super balls he's already spent decades collecting. (Also, since the super balls shown in his possession have been cleared of their rocky mantles, Champa assumedly wiped out his universe's Namekians, which is why he can't just restore his missing super ball with the lesser ones.)
    • The Earth in Universe 6 wasn't destroyed. It is still there, but all the people are dead. Champa is upset because that means no one can make food for him there.
  • Further implications of this would be that Universe 7's super balls are also unusable since Frieza destroyed the original Namek- Hey wait a second! Is that why his infamous 'five minute' calculation was so off!?
    • This is unlikely giving that Champa says that he needs the Super Dragon Balls just to move the Earth to his universe. If he thought the Earth had a Dragon Ball, he would just destroy it like he did the other planets at this point.
      • Except this Earth is in Beerus' domain and Champa probably wouldn't want him to know? Besides Champa would logically have to have another way to transport them in order to give them to Beerus if the latter wins the tournament. (Assuming he'd ever accept that as possible?)
      • The point of the tournament is that the winner will gain control of the Super Dragon Balls. If Champa loses, he'll have to give all the balls he collected to Beerus. So even if Earth had a Super Dragon Ball, they would be useless to him since Beerus would have the other six. The Earth may have a Super Dragon within it (wouldn't surprise me), but that isn't why Champa wants it and if he knew, he wouldn't risk losing the Dragon Balls he spent centuries collecting when he could just destroy the planet and get the final Dragon Ball.
      • But again, this Earth is in Beerus' territory so he can't just take it. And losing the balls is exactly the opposite in terms of risk. If Champa wins the tournament then he gets the seventh ball he needs, but if he loses the tournament and doesn't get the Earth then the other six are useless anyway, so giving them up means nothing.
      • That still doesn't explain why he needs the Earth when he clearly destroyed several planets in Universe 7 without caring about Beerus. All the other planets, Champa didn't take, he outright destroyed them. And, as I wrote above, the Earth in Universe 6 wasn't destroyed. Vados says she found Earth, but all the humans are dead. So the Earth in Universe 6 is still there, just without any people.
      • The planets Champa was destroying were from U6, not U7. I have no answer yet to the issue of U6 Earth's current existence though.
      • In the anime, the planet Champa destroyed was in U7 because he knocked into Sorbet's ship. Maybe it was different in the manga.
    • Officially josses as of Episode 41. The Nameless Planet was the final Super Dragon Ball.

Champa has higher motivations to possibly revive Frieza.
It's been hinted at that Champa gave Sorbet and Tagoma the idea to revive Frieza. While he may just be trolling, it's most likely that if this is the case that there's a bigger reason behind this: Goku and Vegeta. Having achieved Super Saiyan God, Champa believes that they may replace Beerus/become one of his peers. Since they'd get in the way of his personal plans, Champa wishes to keep the status quo between the gods and as such has Frieza do his dirty work for him. Champa isn't doing it himself because he doesn't want to get into any trouble with Beerus/Whis yet
  • At least in the anime, Champa had nothing to do with Frieza's revival.
  • All but jossed. Champa really had nothing to do with Frieza's revival in the anime, so had no higher purpose for him.

The next Arc Villain will be a Universe 6 human.
Continuing on the "humans are strong in this universe" theory, its possible the reason why U6 Earth is in ruins comes from its humans being incredibly powerful, and slaying themselves. The next villain will be a survivor of Universe 6, who's hid away up until learning of the Tournament fight. This villain could either be a Well-Intentioned Extremist who has mankind frozen on an ark and wants to eliminate the U7 humans to replace them, or someone who caused the war and is free to wreak havoc in Universe 6. Either way, it'd be a dark twist on the "stronger humans" people have wanted for a while.
  • If this does come to past, it won't be in the Champa Saga since the tournament concludes with no humans showing up.
  • Almost certainly jossed since Beerus restored U6's Earth back to normal.

One of the twelve universes will be Dragon Ball GT...
And the main universe's characters will be utterly confused by everything that is going on, prompting either an Affectionate Parody or a Not-So-Affectioate Parody. The two Gokus will have a fight in their strongest respective forms. This will inevitably prompt a Broken Base, but oh, well. At the end of it all, normal Goku will still have no idea what just happened.
  • Pretty sure this is jossed. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse games released around the same time as the franchise's revival through the canon movies and Super outright class the events of GT and the previous movies into Alternate Timelines. Furthermore, Super makes it clear that each universe comes in a set of "twin universes", and Universe 7's twin, Universe 6, has many of the same races and worlds as well as similar characters but no exact alternates of the same person in name and appearance, meaning alternate timelines and distinct universes are two entirely different things.

Black Goku is actually Future Goten.
Not only will this be a surprising reveal that Goten do exists in the bad future, it also creates a great contrast between Future Trunks timeline and the current timeline in that while Trunks and Goten are best friends in the current universe, they are worst enemies in the other.
  • Black Goku actually looks like different from normal Goku. He's leaner and his outfit actually resembles Goten's more than Goku, so this could be an interesting theory.
  • Black Goku actually calls himself Son Goku. Black Goku is a name Future Bulma created because they didn't want to call him Goku. He also appears to know Instant Transmission like Goku.
  • Jossed. Goku Black is Present Zamasu who used the Super Dragon Balls to take Goku's body.

Black is a brainwashed Future Gohan who has somehow been revived.
This might explain his obsession with Son Goku, due to the fact that Future Gohan basically grew up without a father past the age of 4.
  • Jossed.

The GT universe is the unseen fourth timeline, which is where Goku Black stole Goku's body in.
We know from the four time rings Gowasu showed us in episode 54 that there are four timelines. Timeline one is the present timeline the main heroes live, timeline two is Future Trunks' timeline, timeline three is the timeline Trunks used the remote Bulma made to deactivate the Androids but got killed by Cell before he could tell the heroes the good news. However we have never seen what timeline four is, I think it's the GT universe as this would explain why all of the stuff in "Super" about Beerus and Super Saiyan God is never brought up or shown and why hin Pilaf and the trio are old timers despite having wished there self into kids in the ROF saga. Also, notice how Goku Black's complexion is darker and more tanned than the present Goku much like GT Goku. He also appears younger as his body is real thin instead of muscular much like how Goku's body was built in the Piccolo Jr. Saga. Goku was wished as a kid in GT so he would probably be much younger than he is in the present timeline.

Now what happened was after Goku defeated the Shadow Dragons, he was transported to the Sacred World of the Kais by Shenron where he began travelling different Surpreme Kai realms across the multiverse training on them and seeking out new ways to get stronger and improve his fighting skills, one day he found out about a Kaioshin prodigy who's hailed as the strongest Surpreme Kai in the universe. This naturally made Goku ecstatic so he went to Universe 10 to meet him. This Zamasu, like all the other Zamasu's strongly dislikes mortals so initially he turned down Goku's sparring request until Gowasu ordered him to fight so he can understand mortals after being defeated in said sparring match he took an interest in Goku's capablities ....he used the Super Dragonballs and made the wish to switch bodies with Goku.

  • Jossed. Goku Black is Present Zamasu from a timeline where he successfully murders Gawasu and take the Time Rings. So the body Zamasu took is an older version of Super's Goku.

The events of Wrath of the Dragon happened in the Super timeline.
After Freeza is defeated once again, Trunks says that if he comes again, he will "cut him in half", complete with a sword motion, this implies that Trunks has a sword or at least intents to train how to use a sword, it could be he has Tapion's sword, and haven't used it yet because it is too awkward for him to try using it at the moment.
  • Jossed. When Future Trunks arrives in the time machine, present day Trunks doesn't recognize it at all, which contradicts the end of Wrath of the Dragon when Tapion gives Trunks his sword just before leaving in the time machine.

Zamasu will lose his immortality after fusing with Goku Black
The Potara earrings won't be able to "transfer" Zamasu's immortality into his new fused body. And while he gets a significant power boost, he loses his biggest advantage towards his opponents
  • I find this unlikely, since all fusions we've seen have all the attributes of their components. Meaning the fusion will probably inherit immortality.
  • Jossed. It's is stated by Merged Zamasu and the summary spoilers for Episode 65 that Merged Zamasu is indeed an immortal.

The friend Goku finds for Zen'o will be Piccolo
.Considering he's already been such a good father to Gohan...
  • Jossed. The friend Goku brings is Future Zen'o.

Black Goku is an Artificial Human of some sort created in Goku's image.
Future Trunk's entire future has involved these, so it'd fit with him. Also, Black Goku says 'saiyan' in a demeaning way that seems a bit unusual. Granted, it's unlikely he's another Android, but he could still be something like Baby or the Ghost Warriors.
  • Jossed. Black is an alternate version of Present Zamasu who used the Super Dragonballs to switch bodies with Goku.

Black is Gowasu
Zamasu being black seems to be too simple for several reasons, 1. Goku vouch for his personality, if he does truly turns bad in the future it would make a pretty bad Aesop about first appearances; 2. Black must have a way of resisting divine retribution since there are far too many people (from Gods of Destruction all to way up to Zen'o's court) that can wipe him out in a second if word gets out that a deity has gone rouge and committing genocide across his ward, one such way is that he is somehow connected to both the supreme kai and God of Destruction, by being Gowasu in reality makes him the supreme kai and would stop the God of Destruction of his own universe to come after him since they are linked, the god can't attack him lest he is willing to die as well; 3. Knowledge and resources in his disposal as the Supreme Kai is exponentially greater than Zamasu could ever gotten on his own either by gathering or stealing, one thing that struck me during the latest episodes is the Supreme Kai has access to a huge storage space where he may pull out time travelling rings and who knows what else out at will, this combine with his vast experience and intellect makes him a far most dangerous threat compare to the young and head strong Zamasu; 4. Zamasu will not need to use a different body to execute his plan, he is both young and have great potential, why would he need Goku's body at all? Not to mention he absolutely hates being associated with mortals, why would he willingly subject himself to the humiliation of using one of their body for his magnum opus? Gowasu however is old and much more in control of his emotions, it is very easy to see him putting aside personal preference for his ultimate goal, what's more he has a much more practical use for a different body than his own, namely that he could stay under the radar by using it as disguise, he may not even need his identity as Supreme Kai to protect him if he can pretend to be someone else by living a double life; 5. Gods are flawed in his view, and thus even he may learn and change accordingly, who is to say that the lesson that stuck was not that mortals along with their flaws and vast power were a mistake of Gods like himself, and it is up to him to "fix" that mistake by taking responsibility and wipe them all out before surrendering his own life to Zen'o's might, dying happy knowing in his mind that he made the world a better place with his sacrifice? 6. He could be motivated by the real Zamasu's death when Zamasu's personal crusade made him bit of way more than he can chew and got done in by some mighty mortal race that he pissed off, or better yet learned his lesson and became a true pacifist that Goku saw in him but then got wacked by some powerful and violent mortal race when he refuses to fight back. 7. As for the similar ki between Zamasu and Black, well since Gowasu is likely Zamasu's teacher in both godhood and martial arts you do the math. 8. given his speech about the balance of good and evil, along with his supposed role as a guiding hand to lesser races, he actually came across as a condescending superior elite rather than the loving god that he is supposed to be, I mean he didn't even try to steer other races away from evil using more subtle ways and didn't even lift a finger to try and protect them when Zamasu losses control opt to just keep yelling at Zamasu to stop instead. The way he teaches Zamasu is also of suspect, rather than teaching how to be sympathetic to the mortal races, he teaches theories on how to act and think like an outsider, a supreme god that is so beyond good and evil that they may believe in something as controversial as the balance of good and evil without any mortal input in the matter, the fact that both him and Zamasu were shocked when they learned about the close relationship between gods and mortals in other universes tells me that in their home universe all their gods are completely detach from the mortal world. Thinking back, if the gods in Goku's universe were as detached as they were this whole manga series would have ended long before the original dragon ball even ended, which comes to my conclusion that if the time comes when one has to choose, the gods of universe 10 will put their own well fair above any mortal lives and matter due to them being so removed from mortal affair. Either way this would make Gowasu and much better villain than Zamasu could ever hope to become.
  • The upper gods were detected from the mortals in U7. The Supreme Kai had no idea that there were mortals who were far stronger than him. Goku and the others only became closed to the Supreme Kais because of the entire fiasco with Majin Buu. King Kai also did nothing while Future Trunks' timeline was wrecked by the androids, and Kami was the god of Earth, and even he didn't really do anything to stop King Piccolo or the Red Ribbon Army. Also, given the reaction from the U6's Kais when they saw how close Goku was to the Supreme Kais in his universe, the Kais usually don't have such a friendly relationship with mortals, making U7 an outlier.
    • If I remember correctly this is not true for U7, red ribbon was no planetary threat therefore no reason for kami to get involve but I think Karin the sage cat was his subordinate and did help Goku out quite a bit, then kami tried and failed to seal Piccolo in a jar using a forbidden technique and was trapped himself instead so maybe he learned his lesson from the King Piccolo ordeal. King Kai trained Goku directly in preparation for the Saiyan invasion when their were still just multi-planetary threats at best, by the time Frieza comes into the picture he is already too weak to help, so androids in future Trunk's time line is way out of his league anyway. As for Majin Buu, if it did ended up attracting the attention of Beerus I am sure it will be put down almost inconsequentially. What I am trying to say is the U7 Gods seems more proactive and much nicer to me from the very beginning, I mean they at least try to do what is right, unlike other universes Gods who are more aloof in demeanor.
    • The Red Ribbon Army's primary goal was to take over the goal, and they were killing people to gain access to the Dragon Balls, Kami's symbol of hope and strength. This is part of the reason why Kami didn't want to restore the Dragon Balls. King Kai also could have given Trunks advice, and even the the primary timeline King Kai knew nothing of Cell until Goku told him. Also, for the Saiyans, Goku had to come to him and asked for his help. Going by the newest information, Beerus would have been dead if the Grand Supreme Kai didn't get absorbed and mellow Buu, or Dabura saving the Supreme Kai when Buu was ready to turn him into a cookie and eat him. You also can't say U7 gods are nicer and proactive since you haven't seen the other Universes or how they deal with universal threats, and the Supreme Kais of the U7 didn't interact with mortals until the Buu Saga.
      • I don't understand your Kami stance, so I have no argument for it. King Kai is useless when threats go beyond Frieza, what advise can he give to Thrunks? Especially when you point out that he had no idea about Cell and therefore may not know what happened, what makes you think he thrown earth to the wolves out of malicious intent? Beerus can indeed die if Supreme Kai got offed by Buu, but he is hardly the only one capable of killing Buu, maybe killing a Supreme Kai is what it takes for beings like Whis to go to work, also Beerus is hardly irreplaceable, Important thing to remember is that both Kais and Gods are just job titles, we also don't know if God of Destruction is equal to police force, what if it is actually not his job to put down threats at all? While I can't say U7 Gods are nicer and more proactive than everyone out there, I can give my impression that they are indeed nicer than both Gowasu and Zamasu, which is what this argument was about in the first place, if you have a counter argument of other Gods being nicer please do share.
      • That the point. King Kai stopped looking at Earth, period. It wasn't because he wasn't because he was helpless to help unlike Frieza, he literally didn't bother to look. And what other being besides Beerus and Whis could kill Buu? My point is that the U7 gods are not nicer than the other gods we have seen. They are just friendly with Goku and his friends, which gives them the impressing of being nicer.
      • So after all that you still have no evidence to support your claim that Gowasu and Zamasu are nicer than U7 gods, not to mention that was not the point of the above WMG, whether they were nicer or no have no bearing on the original question: Who is Black? King Kai didn't bother looking? Are you sure he is not preoccupied by something else or better yet already dead? Either way please give canon evidence not your own speculations. Other beings capable of killing Buu? How about Whis and anyone from Zen'o's world? Or maybe if a Supreme Kai was killed/removed in any situation a whole squad of super saiyan 3 level enforcers will come and take out Buu in force, remember the police doesn't have to fight one on one like martial artists like Goku does, also don't forget that dying in the Dragon Ball world is a trivial matter anyway, people gets killed then revived all the freaking time so I don't think it is anything more than a headache and some paper work for Beerus anyway, he maybe discouraged to fight threats capable of killing the Supreme Kai in fear of his retaliation will do more harm than good in the first place (like blowing up multiple star systems in anger), and was instructed to just keep to a sideline and either let the situation resolve itself or to wait till the Supreme Kai and himself gets killed, let the professionals come and resolve the problem then revive them both after. Please keep on topic and only make discussions pertaining to the original WMG in the future, or just wait until canon hits and then either joss or confirm it altogether.
      • I never once claimed that Zamasu and Gowasu were nicer than the U7 Supreme Kais. I said that the U7 Supreme Kais haven't been shown as nicer since they didn't interact with mortals either until the incident with Buu. We know nothing of Zamasu and Gowasu, while the U7 Supreme Kais have been shown and developed, and even then they're only interact with Goku and his friends. Also, people only get killed and revived on Earth because of the Dragon Balls. It isn't some universal thing, so death everywhere else is anything but minor. And having all the Top Gods of the universe slaughter is a big deal. It is like someone going around killing all the world's leaders and that would get the police involved. We also know that Beerus can kill anyone he wants outside of the Kais, since he is the God of Destruction, which is why Gowasu said that Zamasu was talking like a God of Destruction when he was saying that they should wipe out mortals. And since when would Beerus care about damages? Super Saiyan God Goku and him nearly destroyed the universe and the fight happened over pudding.
      • You are still arguing irrelevant facts around the original issue and without even trying to use canon evidence, if you admit you can't prove Zamasu and Gowasu were nicer than the U7 Supreme Kais than what are you trying to do here? Because that is what the WMG was all about, I don't care if they or some other Gods are actually so nice that they put the U7 Gods to shame, the point is all we know at this point in time through canon source is that they don't seemed to be as nice in person compare to U7 for now, so unless we have more to go on please stop trying to prove your point with the absence of evidence. Dragon Balls however divine you make them up to be is trivial in the grand scheme of things, unless you are talking about the super dragon balls which you wouldn't be using to revive someone anyway, that will be a waste of its massive power. Remember that the earth dragon balls are cheap imitations made by earth's god using technique from his homeworld, Namik dragon balls have nothing to do with gods most likely a technique pass down through generations of Namikans, other than how to make it, it has no bearing on the strength of the maker, therefore it makes sense that if you know how it's made anyone more powerful that Kami (which is almost every one of importance right now) as long as they have compatible ki or something can make Dragon Balls of their own. The only reason it is not everywhere in the universe is most likely because the Gods themselves restricted the information on them, which stands to reason that they themselves can bypass given enough reason. Also remember that being gods give you reign over both heaven and hell, maybe given enough reason even death can be bypassed with out difficulty? If a puny earth dragon ball made by a Namik exile can do it I find it hard to believe that supreme gods above universes can't. Beerus may attack anyone he wants, but there maybe restrictions in place making him unable to participate in the Buu incident, thinking back I believe that supreme kai himself is the one who tied Beerus hands. Supreme Kai came to earth itself is a highly irregular practice from the reaction of Piccolo, he may have came to earth instead of Beerus because he didn't want earth destroyed (which I am sure Beerus would just blast earth into space dust if he had known about Buu's arrival, mainly because Buu is so beneath him that it won't even warrant a fight) if he can resolve this before it gets bad enough, him being there would prevent Beerus from coming over because he himself would be at risk if Supreme Kai was killed in the cross fire. I also don't believe Gods of Destruction are the police force of universe, my theory is he may only pick fights with powerful individuals as long as they are not malicious, if his opponent is evil he may only engage if he is far above them and can kill them effortlessly, this way the fights wouldn't be too destructive as to destroy innocent mortal lives (the fight with Goku looks impressive and destructive but I don't think they ended up killing anyone), in a way I believe him to be more of a clean up crew, wiping out potential threats to maintain the balance of good and evil within a universe, but if a serious evil force appears he might not be able to intercept until a certain threshold has been crossed. What I am saying is the Gods could have a good reason not to involve themselves in many incidents you listed, but what is shown in person the gods of U7 are mostly affable and don't seemed as distant as Zamasu and Gowasu have conducted themselves, I could be wrong about all these but that is why this page is the Wild Mass Guessing Page and not I Know Better Than You page, so if you want to call me bullshit can you wait till I am wrong and then Joss me, or at least use facts to make a constructive argument so we may discuss further.
      • Again, I never said Zamasu and Gawasu were nicer. You said the Supreme Kais of U7 were nicer and I said that they're only nice to Goku and the others since they didn't hang out with mortals until they met them. So, they weren't that different from Zamasu and Gawasu. And canon only shows Zamasu being foul. Gawasu has been nothing but reasonable. You're the one who needs proof that he's up to no good since it's your theory. And in canon, the U7 Supereme Kais were like U10 where they only watched and not interact. Beerus is an amoral ass, that's why he didn't care about beings like Frieza. He also didn't kill Buu while he slaughtered the Kais because his lazy ass was sleeping, which nearly got him killed since there is only one Supreme Kai left. Has nothing to do with higher power or rules. On the Dragon Balls, even the cheap knock off versions got the gods' attention since Old Kai knew about it and everything you just wrote is one big assumption not supported by canon or any outside source. This maybe WMG, but it doesn't say no one can question your theory. If you take it personally, that's tough.
      • Hey I welcome constructive inputs from as long as they are constructive and you sir are indeed getting better at it, so lets do continue. Lets take my assumptions and put them up against yours: 1. My observation that U7 supreme kais are nicer were indeed only supported by their interactions with people around Goku, so if you have evidence that Zamasu and Gowasu interacting with mortals other than killing them or letting them die in front of them I will happily consider those as well, as it stands now you have nothing at all so who is the one without evidence again? Also as WMGs go I don't think I "need" to prove anything, you can believe whatever you want, my objective is not to convince you at all so there is no reason for me to bear the burden of prove, I play with you now because I love the discussion itself, not because I have to (I mean there are WMGs with cross over elements in them, what can anyone do with proving those other than having a good time doing so). Gowasu being reasonable is a matter of perspective, I think all gods are jerkass in the Dragon Ball world if you judge them with a human's perspective, all problems can be resolved by Gods doing more than they have to thus making all of them accomplices by inaction anyway, Gowasu letting someone die in front of him and the fact that he did not punish Zamasu for his transgression just make him seemed worst mainly because I have a hard time believing U7 Supreme Kais doing the same given the exact same situation, but again that is my opinion. If you read my theory clearly you know that my argument wasn't even about them being nicer, but the fact that they are completely detached from the mortals, and thus can reasonably assume to act without a mortal's perspective, "Black" I argued is a well intentioned extremist rather than a malevolent monster, being nice is not no longer an issue on the former as he believed himself to be acting on the will of Justice the fix a mistake on behave of other Gods, he could be completely ruthless and still the nicest person you can ever know, the U7 gods however due to being shown the mortal perspective through Goku and his friends are no longer capable of thinking on Black's level, while the U10 Gods are capable (lacking a substitute for mortal connection), that was my point all along. The Beerus situation is actually two fold, the most practical reason is that because Beerus is a brand new character created way after Frieza and Buu, there is no real life reason why he did not intervene in those incidents because he has not been created yet, therefore the writers have to come up with reasons (bad ones) later to make him workable in previous story lines. In story, Frieza is a nobody, one Galaxy is nothing compare to a universe and according to the most current estimates guess that there are 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the Universe, so there you go, no reason for him to wake up at all. The Buu situation is curious indeed, I gave you my theory on that but as you say it is all assumptions base on what was given, so if you have an alternate theory about how someone who is shown to be quite intend to keep on living would sleep while in danger of dying please do share, I would love to see your side. Dragon Balls are great, but I think the reason for that is because they put power into the hands of mortals, not because they have the power to subvert the gods, if time traveling was out lawed because they create problem for even gods, wouldn't Dragon Balls be out lawed or destroyed by the Gods if they are actually able to do more that the Gods themselves? From the above assumption I reason that the Gods have access to equal and greater power either through techniques, magic, or artifacts such as the time rings and do not consider Dragon Balls to be as great as you made them out to be. I am here to have fun, so if you are up to it please do question my theories, I welcome fresh perspectives from anyone especially those who takes them seriously, because I know they come from a place of love. However since this is not a forum and I don't really want to break the rules I will stop updating this WMG until it is resolved in canon, if I offended some people I am very sorry for that is never my intention, if you still disagree with me I am fine and even happy about that because I know that it means that you care, may we enjoy this new blood born so long after the end of the original for years to come still.
      • Jossed.

Black is a split personality/fission of Zamasu
Note how shocked Zamasu seemed when he was snapped out of his murderous rage. He had this 'wtf' look on his face when Gowasu snapped him out of it, and he seems to fluctuate between a mild mannered Kaioshin and a borderline Knight Templar, the tea warping between murky and pure/clear in Gowasu's cup. Zamasu might pull the fission that the Nameless Namekian did when he split into Kami and King Piccolo; splitting the evil from himself in order to continue with his role as an observer, while his evil half goes on to exact 'justice', in a form of Loop Hole Abuse.
  • Close, but jossed.

The umpire of the baseball game will be Gowasu.
The reason they will pick him is because he isn't from Universe Six or Universe Seven so he is neutral.
  • Jossed, Whis and Vados were enough.

Black Goku is actually Demigra.
People have compared the earrings he's wearing in the magazine ad to the Potara Earrings, but they're also a dead ringer for the ones he was wearing. Considering his motivations in the game, it wouldn't be very unusual for him to be causing chaos in the future like Black Goku seems to have done.

Black Goku is Goku in the future.
Some point in the near future, Goku would end up either getting the role of God of Destruction, or be in the running. Either the power corrupted him or maybe he just lost his way. The result was a Physical God who's on the run, scouring time and space for power and glory. We have to remember that Goku can be selfish and put his desire for battle first, so him going evil(or more likely amoral) isn't impossible(though due to how time travel works our Goku will stay on the narrow path). He's targeting Future Trunks' timeline either out of vulnerability or because he's a wild card he can't predict. The reason why the other universes are getting involved is because by barging his way across the multiverse, he's breaking the nature order of existence.

Black is actually Raditz.
He managed to make a Deal with the Devil that got him resurrected in exchange for servitude. Trained his ass off and became powerful (after all, he's the same caste as Goku, he should have a similar potential) and started laying waste to earth at the bidding of the rulers of hell.
  • Jossed.

Black Gokū is the Potara fusion of Future Gokū's soul in the Other World and a malevolent entity.
The Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide mentions that there are Demon Realm Kai, who are Always Chaotic Evil anomalies in the same race of divine beings that the Kai and Supreme Kai are of. Since the Supreme Kai have Potara earrings, what if one of the Demon Realm Kai had Potara earrings that Future Gokū ended up wearing?
  • As for why, it may be in order to escape into the mortal realms. Future Goku can still come back for a day, and has probably been training a lot just in case he needs to step in and stop the androids. Maybe the reason why he didn't is due to the entity tricking him into a fusion, allowing him to sneak by celestial customs. Goku Black is only showing up now because it's taken this long for the entity to regain its sense of self and cheat death.
    • The primary problem with this theory is that Black Goku doesn't look like a fusion. Other than the Namekian fusion, all fused characters take characteristics from each other. Even the Supreme Kais who keep their personality upon fusion take the characteristics of the other person; Old Kai becoming old and winkled after merging with the witch and the Supreme Kai becoming taller, and gaining Kibito's hair and clothing. Black Goku looks like Goku, just skinner. There should be more noticeable changes if he was a fused character.

It will turn out that Future Trunks' timeline is actually not the Future but Universe 6
Earth in Universe 6 was brought back with Beerus' wish after it was destroyed so Black Goku destroyed it again because he considered it was unjust for them to come back to life.
  • Universe 6 doesn't have clones of characters from Universe 7, it has counterparts. Like Frost is a counterpart to Frieza, not Frieza himself. Also, Whis and Vados said that the Earth in U6 was wiped out a long time ago in a war by humans, not from an alien attack. There is also the fact that the Earth in Future Trunks' timeline was ravage, but it still had people on it and Trunks destroyed all the androids before humanity could be wiped out. Finally, Black Goku was on Earth for over a year, while U6's Earth was restore just weeks ago at best.

The new friend that Goku promises to Zen'O will be Satan and/or Buu
Buu in particular seems like he'd get along with Zen'O well, especially since his tantrums couldn't possibly harm him (although they might annoy him and cause some collateral damage), and it's easy to imagine Satan rushing around trying to calm both of them and act friendly while screaming in terror on the inside.
  • All it would take is for Buu to get selfish and haughty over food or wanting to nap instead of playing with Zeno, which is Buu's natural state nowadays with Hercule, and this idea falls apart along with Universe 7. Buu is just too rude and self-centered for him to be a good (potentially eternal) playmate for Zeno. And he's likely get bored before long even if he did like the idea.

Future Majin Buu will be awakened, and he'll be the key to defeat Merged Zamasu
After all, we know that being inside Majin Buu's body breaks the Potara fusion... So they will Awake him, get him to absorb Merged Zamasu, and when being inside Buu's body does its job Goku and Vegeta kill Black before he and Zamasu can repeat the fusion.
  • Unlikely, I checked the manga to be sure, and it seems Buu was destroyed before he had the opportunity to be awake.

Pilaf, Mai and Shu will use the Dragon Balls to summom Sheron to repair the time machine
Mai might get the idea to help Future Trunks and they can't repair the time machine but Sheron could. Then Pilaf, Mai, Shu, Trunks and Goten will go the future to help.

Goku Black is an Ascended Fan of Goku.
They could be a fan of their timeline's Son Goku, having been transformed into an Eldritch Abomination somehow and taking on Goku's form. It would explain why, upon meeting the man himself in the main timeline, was outright giddy on meeting him and praising him as a Worthy Opponent, as well as the moment where after running Vegeta through with their Laser Blade, they state their excitement of their SSJR form to Goku in a manner that almost reeks of "Notice me, Senpai."

Alternatively, the Super Dragonballs will bring an end to Zamasu.
The Super Dragonballs can grant any wish, so who's to say it can't undo a previous wish? While Zen'o is an option, we don't know if he truly is The Omnipotent or if the Super Dragonballs' wish can override even his destructive power(and even if it doesn't, they could have a temperamental god do deal with). They would use the Super Dragonballs to make Zamasu mortal again, and thus killable. This prevents a Deus ex Machina since they still need to find the balls, and since it takes a year for them to recharge they'd still have to actually kill Zamasu.

Black or Zamasu will be defeated by an ordinary humans attack.
Black and Zamasu have no problem sensing people's and God's Ki, but people with no Ki are very hard to sense. If Black or Zamasu can't sense them they might lower there defenses, and as Dragon Ball has shown no matter how powerful you are, if you let down your defences you are just as vulnerable as any one else.
  • Jossed. They fused, get their body destroyed by Future Trunks, and then wiped out by Future Zen'o

Future Mai is actually Present Timeline Mai.
There will be an accident with either Black's Timering, or Cell's Time Machine and she will be thrown back to Trunk's Timeline, but in the past. Then she will grow up to be Trunk's friend in the resistance.
  • Jossed. Future Mai is native to Trunks' timeline.

The next arc about the Future Trunks Arc will deal with finding Zalama.
Zamasu and Black Goku destroyed the Super Dragon Balls, so it would make sense that the correct response to that would be to find Zalama and convince him to recreate the Super Dragon Balls.
  • Jossed. The entire future timeline is destroyed and is beyond being restored. The next arc is the multiverse tournament.

Black Goku has some demonic technique or attribute that renders him immune to God energy
This means that neither the SSGSS form nor Beerus will be able to harm him, removing the most obvious ways of resolving the plot. Whis may not be included, but he will be either distracted or displaced in some way or will just decide not to get involved. It'll take developing a new form of Super Saiyan or some other plot device to take him down.
  • Jossed. Black is a god himself since he is Zamasu. He can also be killed by god energy.

Black is some being that managed to obtain a copy of Goku's body
A recent thing reveals not only does he get stronger through pain but rather fighting Goku, and saying "So this is Son Goku". This leads into another WMG: It will be Vegeta that kills him, not Goku as the latter fighting would get him stronger and Vegeta has the knowlege to fight a copy of Goku's style as well as Motivation (Killing an alternative version of his wife and traumatizing an alternative version of his son).
  • Jossed. Goku Black is using a real version of Goku's body. Specifically, he's using an alternate version of Present Goku's body from one year into the current future. He also grows stronger from fighting anyone. He just get a big boost from Goku. Finally, Black as an individual is never defeated. His fused counterpart, Merged Zamasu, is wiped out by Future Zen'o.

Black and Zamasu are connected, but not as you'd expect.
Everyone is expecting Zamasu to be a villain, so to surprise us he'll be benevolent. Rather, Black Goku is an experiment of his gone wrong. Originally, Zamasu created the entity known as "Black"; an entity capable of copying the appearance of powerful figures, even getting some of their power. He created Black to protect the status quo of his fellow Kaioshins, eliminating mortals whom may pose a threat to them. Unfortunately Black took this too far; he came to believe all mortals were a front to the gods, an exaggeration of Zamasu's simple mistrust. The reason they have the same aura is because Zamasu's blood flows in his creation, but he's not a pure Kai and as such Beerus and Whis couldn't figure it out.
  • Jossed: Black is Present Zamasu who wasn't killed by Beerus. Goku's body also isn't a copy. It is Goku's body, but it has Zamasu's soul since he took Goku's body by using the Super Dragon Balls.

One of the Gods of Destruction will be based on a lizard.
As a nod to the original intent of Beerus.
  • Jossed. None of the gods shown are lizards.
    • Though it's still possible past ones or ones from the six destroyed universes may have had a lizard.

Present Cell will return.
Cell was able to survive as a cell and reconstruct his body, so it stands to reason that Present Cell can also do this. He will become the Big Bad of an arc.
  • Or, since he wasn't able to get the programming from Dr. Gero in the lab, he'll become a completely different character who is much more docile and uneducated than future cell
    • Frieza's coming back a third time, so anything goes!
  • Jossed - aside from a copy fought by Krillin and Goku during a Breather Episode, Cell is nowhere to be seen.

The female Legendary Super Saiyan is Future Pan.
The black hair, red top, bracelets, and belt are all very similar to Pan's GT appearance, AND she's tail-less. Plus baby Pan in Super already has inhuman strength (strong enough to wrestle Trunk's sword away from him) and the ability to fly - similar to Brolly when he was a baby. It's currently unconfirmed which Universe or even what timeline the female Legendary Super Saiyan is from, so there's nothing that says she CAN'T be Pan from the future!
  • Jossed.

Why Frieza is joining the Universe 4 team.
Spoilers leak suggests the relatively obvious, that Frieza will betray the Universe 7 team. However instead of doing so in the tournament, he'll jump ship to Team Universe 4. Why is that? Rather than another case of his Stupid Evil tendencies getting in the way, it's actually a smart move on his end. He must know that no-one in Universe 7 would ever honor the bargain to resurrect him, no matter how much Honor Before Reason Goku might have. Even if they did Beerus would Hakai him on the spot. Also, consider if Universe 4 wins and the other seven universes are destroyed; not only do all his enemies get erased and Beerus, who he no longer has to fear anymore, but the afterlife of that universe will also be erased. Being outside it when this happens means he's Barred from the Afterlife by virtue of his afterlife no longer existing, able to start the slate clean. He'd be in a Flying Dutchman state, his undead form giving him limitless stamina and functionally immortal unless something kills him. And that's not even getting into if he wins and Quitela permits him a wish on the Super Dragonballs instead of taking it from him and trying to undo the cosmic destruction, which'd be a Moral Event Horizon for the former. Even if the destruction is averted I imagine Quitela preventing Frieza from returning to Hell to spite Beerus and use him as a potential power play.
  • Jossed.

Roshi will lose control, and put a "pafu pafu" on Caulifla.
It will trigger Kale's Berserk mode, and put Universe 6 at an advantage in the tournament, since only 3 of their fighters were putting a good match (Hit, Frost, and Magetta), while the others were doing alright (Caulifla and Cabba), or were thrown out (Botamo). By then, Roshi will be either thrown out of the ring, or saved by someone else.
  • Jossed: Roshi did fake going "pafu pafu" on U4's Caway, but ultimately he self-eliminated.

The God who defeated Beerus at the arm wrestling duel was Gin.
He seems like the one. After all, his universe created Time Travel, and he is The Ace among GoDs.
  • The time travel line is only in the Super manga and Gin's universe isn't even the highest ranked.
  • Jossed. In the manga, it was Quitela, in the anime, it was Belmod.

Some universes will be erased even before the tournament starts
Universe 4 and/or Universe 9 will get themselves erased for trying to interfere with Universe 7's participation.
  • Jossed, none of the universes get erased before the tournament starts.

Goku and/or Vegeta will be the first members of the Universe 7 team to go down.
They will fall victim to their Saiyan PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! and go after the strongest opponents first. They will be ganged up on and wasted through force of numbers, leaving it up to the little guys to save Universe 7.

If Frost and Frieza betray each other, Frost will be the traitor.
It's a bit too obvious for Frieza to turn on Frost, and he doesn't have much reason beyond competition. While Frost is The Sociopath, he's still reasonable and motivated more by money and fame rather than power-lust or sadism. He's a pragmatic villain, and would turn on Frieza either when he can't keep his destructive impulses in check or when he does something so awful even Frost thinks he's sick. Of course it's also possible that Frost is immediately planning to turn on Frieza because everyone knows he's a psychopath and he wants to come off as heroic for dealing with him. This would help differentiate the two.
  • Jossed: It's the other way around. After pretending to beat on Gohan, Frieza blasts Frost off the stage after showing him how to go to his full power final form.

Goku already has his new form.
It's possible that Goku already has access to his new form, since when he was fighting Toppo, he said 'I'll show you what it looks like once I've passed my limit!'. The new form's name is widely assumed to be Limit Breaker, so it made me think that maybe Goku has already gone past his limit. On the other hand, maybe he was going to go Blue Kaio-ken x10.If this is true, then the new form will not require Goku to be excessively triggered to attain, since he already has it.
  • Jossed, he obtained it for the first time during the Tournament, and was just as amazed as everyone.

Frieza is going to blackmail Goku with the above.
He wouldn't be Frieza if he didn't try to take advantage of the situation, after all. As for what he'll blackmail him for, it'll likely be the specifics of Goku's deal to revive him. That way just in case he fails to win and get the Super Dragonballs, he'll at least make sure the Loophole Abuse or Exact Words don't screw him over. That, or he'll be more risky and ask if Beerus has any Achilles' Heel. Whichever has the rewards outweigh the risks, of course.

Jiren has an Achilles' Heel that Hit can exploit.
Explaining why in the previews Hit is able to fight Jiren and not immediately be stomped. If the above theory about Ultra Instinct and telepathy is true, it's possible that another way of screwing with Jiren's telepathy is messing with space-time. This would disorient him enough that someone like Hit actually has a chance against him.
  • Seems to be jossed.

Hit will break the no-kill rule.
Knowing he has no chance of victory and wanting to give his and the other teams hope that they can win, Hit will be forced to use his killing techniques. He'll of course know that this will result in his disqualification and most likely erasure like what happened to Frost, but will go through it anyway to give people a fighting chance in case Jiren survives. Afterwards Jiren will suffer from Worf Had the Flu, and be beatable. He might even straight-up die, which might give us insight on just why killing isn't allowed if there's any reason beyond "to keep things entertaining", and what happens to someone if they die outside the universes and their afterlives.
  • Jossed.

King Cold will be revived, and become an Arc Villain.
  • Despite being a major villain in-universe, he played little role in the original series. We now know you can revive someone after a year, but back to the state he was in the moment before he died. Compared to the diced Frieza, King Cold wasn't in that bad a state. Like Frieza, Cold could use the same training to reach a Golden Super Mode. King Cold is almost the same strength as Frieza in merely the form we've seen (and everything we know about his kind suggests it's not even his final form), so a golden form would be more than a match for Vegeta and Goku. Add in the fact that, from what we've seen of him, he's very clever (his first appearance had him suggesting they just blow up Earth from afar), and he'd be a truly formidable Big Bad who'd master his Golden State, unlike his impatient son. Plus it would expand on the Trade Federation, like Resurrection "F" and finally let King Cold have the major role he was implied to have. In-universe, the remnants of Frieza's army would decide to resurrect him instead of Frieza again because King Cold wouldn't muck it up. King Cold may or may not bring back Frieza depending on whether he sees him as a lost cause, but want to get back at Goku and friends anyway.
    • He most likely wouldn't go after them just for revenge, but rather to cement the ultimate power of the empire—after truly restoring it.
    • But who would revive him? Anyone who would have cared to bring back Cold is dead.
    • We didn't know Abo and Kado existed until Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return. We didn't know Sorbet, Tagoma, and Shisami existed until Resurrection ‘F’. Saying "X formerly-unseen members or admirers of the Planet Trade Organization want to restore the empire as right hands but saw what happened with Frieza's revival so decided to go with King Cold instead" isn't too far-fetched.
      • True, but wasn't it said that the soldiers we saw in RoF were all that was left?
    • To bring in the "Reintroducing Movie/GT Characters" theory mentioned above, Cooler can be the one to revive King Cold. He's been biding his time quietly ruling his part of the galaxy, possibly taking over some of the planets under Frieza's control following his initial death, and after Frieza screws up again in Resurrection F, he knows what not to do when he and King Cold launch their attack. Not to mention, Cooler's always been The Unfavorite, so this finally gives him an opportunity to prove himself superior to his father.
  • Alternatively(and honestly more likely), King Cold will return in the form of an alternate version from Universe 6. The nail in that universe is that King Cold did the same intense training as Frieza, and is a more active bad guy there. The Frieza of that universe could be an Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain by comparison, or maybe even a good guy.
    • The Frieza of that universe (known as Frost) seems PRETTY similar to our Frieza, so chances are if they want to bring back King Cold without introducing a bunch of random unseen characters or complicated revivals they could just bring him in from there, which seems more likely now.
  • Jossed. Only Frieza's been revived.

Pan will become a Super Saiyan.
  • For God's sakes it's time!
    • Considering that the first arc takes place before she's even born, we'd certainly have to have some serious timeskips for this to happen.
    • This may be a possibility that will come true in the future since Videl herself was able to go temporarily Super Saiyan, despite being a human; she was channeling her unborn baby daughter to help Goku become a Super Saiyan God.
      • Jossed for this series, but since Super likely isn't the end, we'll probably get some followup series where this happens.

Jiren will only be defeated by Goku & Vegeta working together.
Ultra Instinct as a form is apparently a call back to Goku & Vegeta's training with Whis before Frieza's return; movement based on pure instinct. It's also established that Ultra Instinct has two parts; attack & defense. Goku has achieved the defensive form of Ultra Instinct, but not the attack form, and as such while he can dodge with unparalleled ability, his attacks are ineffective. Going back to Whis; training, it was a point that Goku & Vegeta had opposite problems; Goku didn't think enough and let his guard down too much, Vegeta thought too much and was too tense, making him slow to react. With the hints that Vegeta will also achieve Ultra Instinct, it stands to reason that he will manage to unlock the attack mode of the form, opposite Goku. Further, another theme of the Ressurection F arc & Whis' training there in is that if Goku & Vegeta put aside their differences & fought as a cohesive unit, they'd be virtually unstoppable - in the movie verson of the story it's even stated that if they worked together they'd be capable of defeating Beerus, himself. Further, a running theme of the Tournament of Power is that several fighters, notably Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren, are all loathe to help or accept help from their team mates. Jiren only steps in when he deems an opponent worthy of fighting and rejects help from his team mates when Goku achieves Ultra Instinct. Goku & Vegeta both go off on their own & focus on fighting challenging opponents rather than working as a team, though they do occasionally help out & recieve help from others, it's a very temporary state of affairs. So, tying all these themes together, it makes the most sense for Jiren, a consummate loner on par with the Gods of Destruction, to be defeated by Goku & Vegeta finally overcoming their egos and fighting as a team, using their complimentary skills to beat an enemy on par with the Gods of Destruction, just as they were foreshadowed to do so long ago. This also leaves room for growth in future arcs, as they can be about Goku and/or Vegeta achieving Ultra Instinct completely & independently to beat the next big bad(Probably Grand Priest).
  • Jossed. Jiren is beaten by Goku and Frieza teaming up.

Jiren's wish is to overthrow the Zenos. which case, Jiren can restore whatever he wants. Extremely unlikely outcome but why not?

  • Jossed. The manga confirms that he would use the Super Dragon Balls to revive his dead master.

  • Mosko, Universe 3: The only robotic God of Destruction, he executes his job with cold, machine like logic, collecting relevant data to find planets needing to be destroyed, and then going out and doing so, regardless of everything else. Also unlike the Gods of Destruction, he is completely devoid of any emotion whatsoever, meaning one cannot gain from him sympathy or favor, and if he chooses a planet to destroy, he cannot be negotiated with or swayed against. This makes him the most efficient of all the Gods of Destruction in carrying out his job, equal in quality, if not more so, than Ramuushi. The same lack of emotion also make him the only God of Destruction to not be afraid of Zen'O. However, he does pays his respects to the little guy, as Mosko is at the very least 3rd Law compliant. His Angel is basically the guy maintaining him, providing repairs to his physical body and does programming work on his AI to make sure it is running smoothly with as little bugs as possible. Mosko's angel is also in charge of situations that require actual emotion and critical decision making, thus the angel may be the one choosing their universe's fighters.

Monaka is genuinely one of the strongest fighters in Universe 7.
Beerus was telling a half-truth; Monaka is a legitimately devastating opponent and hero to his people. It's been established with characters like the Galactic King that Frieza, even before training, is still considered the bar of strong opponents to this day. Even the Galactic King doesn't compare. Frieza mentioned to Piccolo on Namek that he's never had to use his third form(which has a power level in the millions, making it a fraction of his full strength); in other words, the strongest person(besides Frieza) in the entire Milky Way galaxy, prior to the Namek Saga, has a maximum power level of a million-practically nothing compared to even Fat Buu.

Monaka is actually one of the top 10 strongest people living in the entire universe; he's massively OP compared to the greatest fighters excluding the Z-Fighters, but massively under-powered compared to the DB Super fighters. Beerus considers him an amateur because of how Overshadowed by Awesome he is; Beerus puts the bar of strength on relatively absurd levels. In terms of power, he's somewhere between Android 17/18 and Perfect Cell.

  • He cried when Trunks elbowed him, so this is highly unlikely.
    • Though considering base Trunks would far surpass 1st form Freeza on Namek, who was already one of the strongest beings in Universe 7 before the Z-Fighters, androids and magic bubblegum got involved...
    • Apparently jossed; he's a deliveryman.

Future Mai views herself as a different person to herself before the wish that made the Pilaf Gang young.
While she acknowledges that she was that person, once upon a time, she sees her life as having started when she got that second chance, going so far as to celebrate her birthday on the day the wish was made and give her age as 29, rather than something much higher. If anything, she views her pre-wish self as either her "mother" or a past life. This was brought on partially by the desire to start over, partially because her personality and memories lost some parts when she was de-aged, and as she grew up it was also partially because she didn't look exactly the same.