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"Y'know, most folks see me, an' hear my "It's clobberin' time!" and figure I'm just a one-trick pony. But I've picked up a few tricks here an' there, like this hip toss, and fightin' with finesse comes in real handy, lemme tell ya."
Ben Grimm, Fantastic Four

Some characters are graced with great strength that they never bother to hone: they are Unskilled, but Strong. Other characters have little strength, and compensate with amazing ability and skill: they are Weak, but Skilled.

Then there are characters who are both Strong and Skilled.

There are multiple possibilities here. The Weak, but Skilled characters got an Upgrade Artifact, so now their impeccable poise is impossibly puissant. The Unskilled, but Strong characters decided to train (maybe using a Power Nullifier), giving their fantastic force a fatal finesse. Those characters who have The Gift can only use said power by improving their technique. In an interesting twist, Hard Work Hardly Works is wrong for these characters because all of their innate abilities or powers could only be fully accessed with a lot of training. Or the characters simply have both skill and strength.


The Strong and Skilled characters are likely to surprise enemies because You're Nothing Without Your Phlebotinum is untrue; they can only be Brought Down to Badass. They may be weaker but they're hardly useless, much less unthreatening. As a villain, they'll be at or near the absolute apex of the Sorting Algorithm of Evil. As a hero, they probably are a Showy Invincible Hero who takes all fights seriously.

In anime and comics, they are often The Mentor, The Rival, or just a hopelessly powerful Big Bad. In a videogame, they'll probably be That One Boss who has a good AI and ungodly stats/powers. For a PC they may go from the Jack-of-All-Stats to the setting's strongest Lightning Bruiser, bar none.

Compare Master of All, who is great at everything; Badass Bookworm, who is both a fighter and a thinker, but not necessarily the strongest one of the lot; and Genius Bruiser, who is both a thinker and a fighter, but not necessarily a genius about fighting. Sister Trope to Talented, but Trained. The goal of Boxing Lessons for Superman.


Overlaps with Stronger Than They Look if the characters look like they're just Weak, but Skilled.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Son Goku is probably the Trope Codifier for anime characters. He possesses both advanced skill in martial arts and the natural fighting power from his Saiyan physiology. He would continuously ascend the power hierarchy until he was the World's Best Warrior of his universe.
    • Vegeta was blessed with his Elite Saiyan heritage and has trained rigorously his entire life, striving to surpass Goku. By the time of Super, he's obtained a god power-up, and is second only to Goku in the universe.
    • Gohan's potential actually surpasses his father, though he tends to veer into Unskilled, but Strong compared to Goku. By the time he accessed his Super Saiyan 2 form, he became this, not only increasing his overall strength but also retaining his speed and skill. Over the next seven years in the Buu Saga, he neglects his training and starts to decrease in strength, becoming weaker than Vegeta. But during Buu's rampage, he actually gains all of his strength back through the Elder Kai unlocking his powers; Word of God confirms that by the end of the original manga, Gohan is the strongest unfused character. Despite his lack of training, Gohan was still the most powerful fighter present at Frieza's arrival in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’, he and showed much technical skill battling Frieza's minions; from judo throws to pressure point strikes.
    • Piccolo is a Genius Bruiser. While he keeps getting left behind by the Saiyans, he is still able to gain huge power ups along the way. He's also a master tactician whose skill and resourcefulness are boundless.
    • Cell fits this the best out of all the Big Bads. Not only does he possess all of the powers of his genetic materialnote , but also all of the techniques that they knew as well. On top of that, he can continue adding onto his raw power by absorbing the life force of others, which allowed Imperfect Cell to go from being overwhelmed by Piccolo to stomping both Piccolo and Android 17 simultaneously. Had Cell not been put down he could have become the most powerful villain period, given how far the Saiyans and Frieza have gotten.
    • Zigzagged with Majin Buu. Fat Buu starts off as Unskilled, but Strong, only dominating due to his insane Healing Factor, limitless stamina, and just brute strength. However his knowledge of fighting styles is very limited, so that Super Saiyan 3 Goku was able to quite easily get the advantage over him. Having said that Buu learns very quickly with his mimicry ability to steal the moves of his opponents. Played straight with Super Buu who is a master combatant, both physically and mentally, proving to be far more deadly than Fat Buu, while continuously getting stronger via absorbing opponents, which made him (at that point in time) the strongest villain in Z. Subverted with Kid Buu, who is a Generic Doomsday Villain and loses all his strategy while fighting and goes for reckless attacking, going back to being Unskilled, but Strong. In a way, however, Kid Buu can also be this trope due to how he can be able to control his powers and be able to utilize them at their full potential, as he’s in his natural form, making him an odd combination of both this trope and Unskilled, but Strong.
    • Beerus is an odd case where he seems like a Physical God with unparalleled raw power, but he later shows just how much of a master combatant he is when he goes up against all the other Gods of Destruction at once, especially in the manga where he displays his own version of the Ultra Instinct (it's quite rough and unmastered, but is still far better than any of the other Gods of Destruction).
    • Whis and angels in general, are the strongest beings in their respective universes, but are also martial arts masters that train the Gods of Destructions they serve.
    • Although he has been Unskilled, but Strong for most of his life and afterlife, Frieza slowly moved towards this after Character Development kicked in. As of the Universe Survival saga, he is one of the strongest mortals in the universe (with only Goku decisively beating him out), but also has hand-to-hand skills that can keep up with Goku or Vegeta, incredible energy controlling skills Example  , the ability to sense energy (even Godly Ki), enough analytical skill to predict and counter an Instant Transmission expert, and a perfected Super Mode. Frieza can also torture someone for insanely long times without killing them. Lastly, Frieza's actual array of techniques is surprisingly large. Example 
      • Frieza’s uncanonised brother Cooler is terrifying strong and at the same time highly skilled being able to decisively counter Goku’s Kamehameha and Kaio-ken. Even when up against Super Saiyan Goku, Cooler was crafty enough to gather energy fast and surprise attack Goku with a Supernova.
    • Hit from Dragon Ball Super clearly qualifies. Not only is he the World's Best Warrior for Universe 6, his combat skill is unparalleled. He can analyze opponents to exploit their weaknesses, while constantly able to improve himself in the midst of battle. It also helps that he can skip short amounts of time to attack his opponents while they can't fight back.
    • Goku Black is an interesting example. While he is undeniably powerful, having stolen the body of Goku, and has garnered extensive combat training in preparation to be a Supreme Kai, he actually falls into being Unskilled, but Strong when it comes to using his Saiyan body. He's unfamiliar with his Saiyan physiology and is unable to utilize its full potential, which causes him to seemingly fluctuate in strength as he gradually taps into more of his power. However with more usage, he does manage to better control his power, learning that Saiyans grow stronger through anger which he had previously been suppressing. Upon gaining this newfound understanding, Black immediately becomes a far bigger threat.
    • Jiren, the World's Strongest Man of Universe 11. Not only is he insanely strong (it was rumored that not even the Gods of Destruction could defeat him), but he also has immense control and technique over his power having trained all his life to reach his current level of power.
    • Broly at least in his debut was this. While demolishing the Z-Fighters Broly displayed several complex wrestling moves, adeptly dodged rapid strikes from Goku and Piccolo simultaneously and displayed an evil intellect despite being The Berserker. Unfortunately Broly would decay after his first movie being portrayed as little more than mindless Dumb Muscle. In his canonisation Broly is mostly Unskilled, but Strong thanks to only having his weaker father Paragus to spar with meaning the more skilled Saiyans Vegeta and Goku (initially) and Gogeta could clobber him and Whis danced circles around him. Although Broly did learn and grow more skilled as the fight went on as Vegeta noted under duress and at the end Goku promises to spar and train with Broly implying he’ll inevitably become more Strong And Skilled.
    • Heck, outside of the series' context, almost any character with a degree of proper skill qualifies as this. While they seem Weak, but Skilled compared to the Saiyans and Gods, the weaker human cast members like Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, and even Master Roshi are still audaciously powerful compared to normal standards, being planet-busting, alien army-defeating powerhouses in their own right. Even early Dragon Ball villains like General Blue and Mercenary Tao possess incredible superhuman power, speed and secondary abilities on top of their martial arts, and Mr. Satan has both awesome combat skills for someone who can't use ki and can pull four buses or rip three phone books.
    • It's openly stated twice early in the Majin Buu arc that to manipulate ki and become truly strong one needs some martial arts skills:
      • When Gohan starts teaching Videl how to fly he has to teach her to manipulate ki first, and when she succeeds on her first day he attributes it to her exceptional martial arts skills.
      • During the 25th Tenkaichi Goku notes that Spopovich is far too strong for his abysmal skills... So he correctly deduces there's some kind of danger afoot, as Spopovich's ki-enhanced strength and ability to fire ki blasts and fly had to come from outside.
  • Naruto:
    • Madara Uchiha, having great natural talent and skill to use them efficiently. He has the Sharingan to copy almost any technique flawlessly and the Rinnegan, which allows the user to master all five Elements as well as any technique within a very short time. He also has massive chakra reserves to fuel his techniques, so much so that he is called the "Tailless Tailed Beast"
    • Kakashi Hatake becomes this after receiving Uchiha Obito's chakra towards the end of the manga, being able to use his techniques with great power behind it and graduating from Weak, but Skilled.
    • Tsunade, she’s the poster woman for Super Strength in Naruto which she inherited from her Senju and Uzumaki ancestors but what makes her truly legendary is her extensive medical knowledge as a Combat Medic. Even when out of practice her skills easily outclassed Kabuto and once she activated her Forehead Seal she forced her powerful former teammate Orochimaru to flee after overwhelming both him and his giant summoned snake Madna.
    • Might Guy despite being unskilled in Genjutsu makes up it by the most powerful and skilled Taijutsu user in the world. Guy also utilises the Eight Gates to augment his skills further allowing him to effectively fight the likes of Kisame, Tobi and even the aforementioned Madara. It’s telling even after getting wheelchair bound in the Distant Finale, Guy is still very capable of kicking ass.
    • Sasuke Uchiha is able to use powerful techniques with great skill and power, especially his Amaterasu techniques, which can burn anything with greater skill than his brother Itachi Uchiha using Blaze Release.
    • Naruto through the course of the series goes from Unskilled, but Strong due to his ridiculous amount of Chakra to Strong and Skilled. This is thanks to: learning Sage Mode, taming Kurama (which powered him up even more) and being taught by the likes of Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Killer B who all effectively turned Naruto into a powerhouse.
  • One Piece:
    • The Straw Hats of course:
      • Luffy was initially Unskilled, but Strong which is how Crocodile beat him (twice), but after being Taught by Experience Luffy craftily utilizes his Rubber Man powers (like making his rubber heart pump faster to increase his speed) in order to further enhance his strength. Chopper even compares Luffy to a wild animal saying his senses in regards to combat, are acutely aware. This is seen at certain points e.g when Arlong bites Luffy's with his shark teeth Luffy freed himself by slamming Arlong to the ground, releasing his hold on his arm, Sanji points out if Luffy had moved back he would've lost his arm but Luffy was instinctively aware of what to do. Post-time skip Luffy learned to advance his skills mid-battle with Katakuri becoming more adept at Observation Haki the more he focused on it.
      • Zoro originally relied on brute strength in his swordplay but after Mihawk curb stomped him, Zoro started focusing on more nuanced skills. For instance, Zoro initially had no real skill at Ittoryu (one sword style) compared to his usual three sword Santoryu style but as series went on Zoro built up this skill by using one katana attacks more and more often as a Finishing Move. Oda also reveals Zoro keeps and reads swordplay books in the Sunny’s library, Zoro also meditates as much as he lifts weights and even as early as Alabasta was in-tune with the spiritual side of swordplay which helped him beat Daz Bones.
      • Sanji thanks to his mentor Zeff’s Training from Hell has acquired plenty of martial arts skills as well as super strength, in fact, Sanji being smarter than Luffy and Zoro means he invokes this more often. In several fights Sanji studies his opponents while fighting them, like using Kuroobi's gills against him, figuring out the flaws of Bon Clay's Voluntary Shapeshifting powers and even employing Deliberate Injury Gambit in his fight against Jabra. At one point in Fishman Island, Sanji analyzed the trajectory of his Fast Ball Special with Luffy knowing he used too much strength he would send Luffy flying into the ocean.
      • Franky has comparable strength to the aforementioned trio but as an intelligent shipwright, he’s also a genius in combat and will employ multiple methods of taking down foes, including exploiting Devil Fruit users weakness to water which is how he defeated Monster Point Chopper. In Thriller Bark Franky used his architectural skill and physical strength to craft two stone pillars into nunchucks, on the Sea Train he outwitted Nero by Obfuscating Stupidity and later exploited the weaknesses of Fukuro‘s Geppo by grabbing his leg. At one point in Dressrosa Franky used a woman as a weapon by suplexing her just as Senior Pink was attacking him from behind, effectively taking both of them out.
      • Chopper zigzags this being less combat oriented than most of his crew, but nevertheless, in multiple fights, he has shown skills that adequate his brute strength. Chopper invokes Awesomeness by Analysis frequently with his “Scope” ability which helped him beat a lot his opponents, also being The Medic Chopper can be particularly deadly when it comes to exploiting the weaknesses his opponent's bodies. This helped greatly in the defeat of the undead giant Oars.
      • Jinbe thanks to years of experience, has incredible skills that he uses in conjunction with his Fishman strength and powers. Jinbe also makes pragmatic use of undersea life which is how helped Luffy and thousand others escape Impel Down, in Whole Cake Jinbe not only freed Luffy and Nami from prison using his wits but countered Katakuri's Devil Fruit by using his liquid controlling powers on some nearby tea.
    • Trafalgar Law is a skilled surgeon who has been trained in martial arts, swordsmanship and gunplay from a early age and topped off his abilities with the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit which gives him an extreme advantage in almost every fight. Much like Luffy and Crocodile and others Law uses his Devil Fruit power in nuanced ways due to his surgical precision.
    • Dracule Mihawk the Greatest Swordsman in the world, with his strength he can dice icebergs and even meteorites apart but it’s Mihawk’s more nuance skills that really makes him infamous. For example when he first shows up a few Mooks shoot at him and Mihawk gracefully deflects their bullets across the edge of his blade, then he decimates Zoro’s Fantastic Fighting Style with just one small knife.
    • Crocodile, the first antagonist to hand Luffy an outright defeat shows his skill and prowess in his Curb-Stomp Battle of Luffy carefully explaining to the rookie why mere strength and determination was not enough to beat skill and technique. Even when Luffy bypasses Crocodile's Nigh-Invulnerability, the former still shows his ingenuity by using his powers to reduce the area of their battle to sand leaving Luffy vulnerable and when Luffy comes back a third time, Crocodile poisons him and only loses the fight due to Luffy being a Determinator. Though even then Luffy still would've died without Robin providing the antidote.
    • Rob Lucci, one of the strongest opponents Luffy has faced, is certainly strong and skilled, as Lucci makes the good use of his Animorphism to adequate his Supernatural Martial Arts. Lucci was quick to figure how Luffy's Super Mode works and how it's actually a Deadly Upgrade and Lucci also nearly killed the rest of the crew in the same fight by knowing where they were at the right time and almost drowned them, Lucci is also intelligent enough to use someone's pulse as a way of confirming the truth. Interestingly Lucci is one of the few villains to acknowledge Luffy's skill as The Leader seeing past his idiotic qualities.
    • Domflamingo is a monster of strength, skill and cunning. Instead of just wasting time just brawling his opponents Doffy often will use his string powers to incapacitate foes (e.g Jozu and Sanji) or control them like puppets, Domflamingo also is the first character to counter and defeat Trafalgar Law's Story-Breaker Power by exploiting Law's depleting stamina. When forced into a true fisticuffs Doffy just blocks and shrugs off almost everything he gets hit with, even when Law used his "Gamma Knife" attack on Domflamingo (which slices up the victims's internal organs) Doffy just used his string powers to sew his guts back together and kept fighting. It's telling Luffy had to smash Doffy through the island of Dressrosa just to put him down for real.
    • Silvers Rayleigh shows why he's the Old Master and formerly Gold D Roger's Number Two, when he fights Admiral Kizaru to a standstill and prevents him from killing the Straw Hats by diverting Kizaru's Light 'em Up powers with his Haki. Rayleigh further shows off his experience when training Luffy, demonstrating all three types of Haki and calculating that there were five hundred creatures on the island who were stronger than Luffy and only through beating all of them could Luffy grow stronger. Rayleigh's wife Shakky claims as strong as the Worst Generation is, Rayleigh, is "100 times stronger" and even the Marines admit they’d have to be Crazy-Prepared if they wanted to arrest Rayleigh.
    • Charlotte Katakuri is in the same vein as the previous examples when it comes to being skilled and deadly. Using his Observation Haki Katakuri will take care of problems before they even become an issue and with his Devil Fruit, he will not only aid his family with his ability but also uses it to trap foes as well as give power and nuance to his attacks. Katakuri is one of the few villains who denies the Transformation Is a Free Action rule and even deconstructs Luffy's rubber powers by countering with his similar abilities. Katakuri certainly would've won his fight with Luffy had he not purposelessly injured himself to make it a more fair fight.
  • In Ranma ½, most of the Nerima Wrecking Crew (Ranma Saotome, Ryoga Hibiki, Mousse, Shampoo, Akane Tendo, etc.) fall into this, all being skilled martial artists who emphasize on both honing skills and physical abilities.
    • Ranma himself studies and mastered many different forms of martial arts throughout the course of the series. He has also received special physical training, with the most notable one being the Tenshin Amaguriken which granted him Super Speed to the extent he can throw hundreds of punches in a second.
    • Ryoga is roughly on the same level as Ranma in terms of skill (having amassed many fighting styles and techniques in his travels), but his strength and durability are through the roof. When in the right mindset he's essentially a juggernaut who will plow through everything in his path.
  • Bleach:
    • Aizen Sosuke is a Master of All, having great skill with raw power. He has twice the reiatsu of an average Captain-class Shinigami and the skill to employ it almost better than any one. His skill with his reiatsu is so great that he can force Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez (the sixth Espada and a captain level fighter) to his knees by using his masterful control of his vast reiatsu as well as nullify Soi Fon's Shikai with his control over his enormous reaitsu.
    • Captain Commander Yamamoto, who has so much reiatsu that only the Big Bad can actually steal and control his Zanpaktou. He is also a master of all four main methods of Shinigami combat, being able to use techniques of the highest level with great power.
    • Chess Master Uruhara Kisuske, having enormous reiatsu, being able to hurt Aizen after his initial Transformation, as well as use level 90's kido, having speed comparable to the "Goddess of Flash" and strength to block a punch from a man thrice his size with an open palm. He also has the greatest mind in the entire series.
    • Pretty much any Gotei 13 captain who isn't Zaraki or Mayuri would qualify. Having a high amount of reiatsu and being a master combatant is expected of a captain.
    • Yhwach has an extreme amount of spiritual energy even after his death he had enough power to serve as a replacement to the Soul King. He also has the skill, knowledge, talent and any other ability of anyone who possesses a fragment of his soul when they die as well as their Spiritual Power. In addition he has a good number of broken abilities in the form of Schrift which he can flawlessly use.
  • Berserk:
    • Guts, one of the greatest warriors in the land (and most likely strongest human) who has spent years killing the thousands of demons who hunt him constantly. His strength clearly hits the superhuman mark, especially when he's wearing his Berserker armor, but it’s actually Guts' guile and pragmatism that keeps him alive in the direst circumstances.
    • Griffith (when he was human) was strong enough to block Guts’s BFS with his rapier but what really ensured his first two victories over Guts was his graceful but deadly technique, as Griffith will happily take or exploit any advantage or weakness. It was a mark of how far Guts had come, that he could soundly beat Griffith in their third duel.
    • Zodd the Immortal thanks centuries of combat is much smarter than he looks and while he can usually just overpower his opponents with demonic strength, it’s shown in the second battle with Worthy Opponent Guts that Zodd will be crafty enough to grab any nearby weapon during the battle in order to get the jump on Guts.
    • The Skull Knight similar to Zodd has millennia of skills combined with supernatural powers which him helped him in his crusade against the God Hand, Skull Knight single-handedly saved Guts and Casca from certain death and got the jump on Physical God(s) multiple times. It’s also telling that The Skull Knight has only gotten off his horse three times in the series.
  • A Certain Magical Index: Acqua of the Back of the Roman Catholic Church's God's Right Seat not only possesses the power of Archangel Gabriel, but thanks to a certain Game-Breaker ability he can also use the "normal" magic abilities he possessed beforehand when he should have given up those up to gain said angelic powers, which gives him a large repertoire of magical abilities to fall back on. On top of that, he also retains decades worth of experience as a wandering mercenary and is a Saint, such that he can face off and defeat most foes without relying on his magic. Altogether, this makes him one of the single strongest characters in the series and the second strongest of God's Right Seat, only beaten out by Fiamma of the Right because his specific power is just that broken despite sorely lacking in the physical or experience department.
  • My Hero Academia:
    • All Might has Super Strength, Super Speed and Super Toughness which he combines with his keen tactical sense and refined punch techniques. The official guide lists him as the only hero who has 6/5 points in every hero category (power, speed, technique, intelligence, cooperativeness). Even though he is way out of his prime, he is still the top ranked hero in the world.
    • Katsuki Bakugo has no real weakness when it comes to fighting. He has both the technical and tactical skill added to his incredibly powerful Quirk, his drawbacks are entirely regarding his personality and emotional maturity, rather than anything connected to his capacity to fight (before a few embarrassing defeats, he had a tendency to forget that he had any fighting skills or any creative uses for his Quirk and Leeroy Jenkins his opponent, but he learned better soon enough).
    • Izuku Midoriya becomes this, initially he was Unskilled, but Strong thanks to being unfamiliar with the power of One For All (though that’s still a step-up from being Quirkless) after hurting himself several times he studied how to use his power wisely and as result used it to greater effect. Later Midoriya learns how to use the other Quirks that One For All passed down to him, allowing for some Combo Platter Powers.
    • Shoto Todoroki, not only does he have powerful Fire and Ice Quirk but he’s also highly intelligent and skilled having been trained by his father Endeavour. Shoto is cable of taking out multiple opponents at once with abilities and can restrict his ice to avoid fatally freezing someone, or use precision attacks to freeze only certain portions of a target's body.
    • Inasa Yoroashi/Gale Force has an extremely strong wind Quirk, and some incredibly fine control to go with it. He's able to move dozens of victims (actually actors for their exam) to a triage center at once without making any mistakes or hurting them further.
    • Lemillion/Mirio Togata has an incredibly powerful Quirk (if with a high learning curve) and is very good at using it, at one point landing a roundhouse kick on a villain while phasing part of his foot through the hostage he was rescuing. He also has superlative hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • One-Punch Man:
    • Genos brings plenty of firepower to fights and has the physical finesse to back it up, deftly uses his various enhancements to further increase his speed and power in battle, starts off as an S-Class hero, and usually takes a moment to upgrade his firepower and processing after most of his fights. His (regular) failures stem from his Suicidal Overconfidence allowing enemies to land a critical attack on him.
    • Tatsumaki is the World's Strongest Woman not only due to her immense psychic powers, only really rivaled by Psykos', but also because she's incredibly skilled and experienced with them. Her weaker sister Fubuki fended off Psykos via a highly skilled use of her powers and remarks that it's a unique skill she developed herself - except Tatsumaki mastered this years ago and simply sees no use for it. While initially, she may seem like she's just using raw telekinetic power, it's just because she's so strong almost no monster can even stand up to her basic technique. She is also so strong that she is only defeated through a combination of a surprise attack giving her a Game-Breaking Injury, being attacked by numerous monsters to exhaust her, and Psykos fusing with Orochi to become even stronger, and she still gave them a run for their money.
    • Not only Garou specializes in Bang's martial arts techniques, but he also has a lot of raw power to back it up. However, he can subvert this trope by preferring to use his skill even though he has a lot of strength to back up his fighting ability. Especially when he amps up his abilities in his One-Winged Angel form to where he can fight Saitama at "Semi-Seriously", making Garou the second antagonist to force Saitama to try a little.
  • How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord: Diablo is a Genre Savvy Godlike Gamer who has extensive knowledge of how RPGs work and a vast array of magical skills, though his stats are also unbelievably high so that he can triumph over enemies using raw power alone while only exerting fractions of his full strength.
  • High School DXD: True Longinus user Cao Cao has enough power in his weapons to vaporize an ultimate class devil with ease, his subspecies balance breaker also allows him highly polished techniques for tactical combat. He was so skilled that he developed a subspecies for his balance breaker. He possesses seven techniques in it.
  • In Sword Art Online:
    • Kirito qualifies during the Aincrad arc. He has extremely high stats to use in combat, as well as the knowledge and skill to make the best of them due to having prior experience as a beta-player. The fact he was granted the unique skill Dual Wielding is proof that he has the fastest reaction time or of all they played in the game. It gets downplayed in later seasons when he tries new games using his old avatar, where he retains his stats but lacks the experience which makes him Unskilled, but Strong. Although even this is up in the air, as he does retain his skill with the sword from previous games which he can use in the new environment of an unfamiliar game. There's also the fact Kirito has an impressive ability to master a new game very early and will quickly ascend the ranks despite only playing for a few days.
    • Asuna started off as Unskilled, but Strong, having never gamed in her life before, but was immediately shown to be exceptionally fast and strong, with speed that even Kirito had trouble keeping up with. However, after the two year Time Skip, her fierce dedication to clearing the game granted her extensive skill and experience, where she ends up as the second/third best player in SAO, being only below Kirito and Heathcliff.
    • Heathcliff/Kayaba is the Game Master of SAO, and thus has OP admin privileges. And since he was the one who created the game, no one understands the game's mechanics better than he does. Even after voluntarily turning off his admin privileges and leveling the playing field, he's still able to hold his own against Kirito and would have beaten him if it wasn't for a combination of blind luck and The Power of Love.
    • Most members of the Aincrad Assault Team are also this, such as Klein and Agil. While falling short of Kirito and Asuna, these players are among the elite and have extensively honed their skills and stats, as well as surviving just as much punishment along the way.
    • Leafa/Suguha is an odd example. In the context of the series, she actually falls into this in real life. She's a national level kendo champion, which gives her impressive physical abilities on top of the combat skill that all her gamer friends possess. Interestingly in-game she's actually Weak, but Skilled as her stats are much lower than Kirito, but her real-life talents in kendo completely make up for this. In Ordinal Scale she had to be sidelined for most of the film because she would have resolved the plot immediately compared to her friends who are lacking in physical attributes.
    • Sinon, to a degree. She's a prodigy at Gun Gale Online where she quickly garnered the reputation as the greatest sniper in the game. Her sniper rifle, Hecate II is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and capable of inflicting incredible damage. She's also able to show off her vast knowledge about the game to the then inexperienced Kirito. However, Sinon sometimes falls into being Weak, but Skilled, as she's a Glass Cannon who can dish out a lot of damage, but has little in the way of close-range melee combat. This is especially evident when she starts playing ALO, where she's only had her account for two weeks with flimsy stats to go along with it, but her precision is so exceptional that she has Improbable Aiming Skills with a bow and arrow.
    • General Eugene who is said to be (at the time) the World's Best Warrior of ALO. It is noted that he's equally skilled and strong as Kirito during their duel, however he's able to gain the advantage with his superior equipment. It takes Kirito using several sneaky tacticsnote  for Kirito to be victorious.
    • Yuuki, who boasts the feat of winning 77 consecutive duels, as well as the only player to best Kirito in combat. This is attributed to her full diving 24/7, therefore having more virtual experience than anyone else, including SAO survivors. Kirito said her speed was so impressive that if she was in SAO, she would have received the Dual Wielding unique skillnote  rather than Kirito. Even entering a new game, she's so familiar with the mechanics that it's second nature to her, and quickly usurps whoever previously held the title of the strongest player. Proof of her skill comes from her developing the 11-hit Original Sword Skill Mother's Rosario.
    • Quinella originally seems to just be Unskilled, but Strong given her preference for using her god-like Administration powers and her mastery of the Sacred Arts over actually fighting, but when she finally decides to throw down with Kirito she proves her mastery of sword combat is nearly as impressive. Throughout the fight she's able to hold her own and even able to thrash him at several points with Sword Skills despite him using her Achilles' Heel, Dual Wielding, and herself down an arm from Eugeo's actions earlier. It ultimately takes him sacrificing one of his own arms to take her remaining one before he can open up a finishing strike.
  • Hellsing:
    • Alucard falls into this. As the original vampire, Alucard has full mastery of his vampiric powers and is unimaginably powerful. But even when he goes for more mundane methods he's shown to be an expert gunman.
    • Alexander Anderson, Alucard's rival, also falls into this. Augmented with all sorts of technology to superhuman levels, including a Healing Factor, yet he's also a master swordsman. It speaks volumes that he's actually the one who came closest to killing or at least doing lasting damage to Alucard using a Legendary Weapon.
  • Pokémon:
    • Ash's Pikachu. Despite being a Glass Cannon, Pikachu more than makes up for it with his agility and the amount of raw power he dishes out, which has been capable of beating Legendaries. Being with Ash for the entire series, he is also Ash's most experienced Pokemon who had received extensive training to hone his skills.
    • Ash's Charizard was initially Unskilled, but Strong, but after leaving Ash's team to train at the Charicific Valley, it's become this, expanding its moveset and techniques, being able to defeat Legendaries.
    • Ash's Greninja. The Chosen One among his species which blessed him with a unique Mega Evolution, but also has a strict discipline of training his entire life. He became Ash's trump card while travelling with him.
    • Mewtwo, an Ultimate Lifeform, Person of Mass Destruction, and borderline Physical God. While his raw psychic power already speaks volumes of his capabilities, his execution of them can only be possible with exceptionally refined skill. He was able to simultaneously hold a beam battle with his genetic donor, Mew, controlling hundreds of Pokeballs at once, repressing the power of all the individual Pokemon present, and putting up a force field that made him impervious to physical attacks. Not even Mew, who has had eons more experience, was able to pull this off.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima!: Jack Rakan is often assumed to just be a big musclehead, relying on pure strength and durability to win his fights. That is true to a certain extent, as his raw power is usually more than enough for him to beat most opponents. However, if he does meet someone who can stand up to his strength, that's when he suddenly reveals that he's been Obfuscating Stupidity. Surviving more than 60 years of continuous battles has made him experienced as well as tough, and there's almost nothing that can catch him off-guard anymore. Even up against a ridiculously complex and rare ability like turning yourself into lightning, that the protagonist himself invented solely to defeat him, Jack sees through it instantly and comes up with a countermeasure in no time.
  • In Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus is possibly the most skilled of the Sailor Senshi and all the power of a Sailor Senshi and then some. Even when untransformed she often shows superhuman feats, such as Roof Hopping (the others need to transform to pull it off), or outrunning a car while weakened by having her Pure Heart Crystal extracted (something that by itself is a One-Hit KO against everyone else) and having just donated blood, while her combat skills at the starts of her solo series were already so formidable she could angrily kick a civilian in the face and instinctively hold back enough to not kill him, and they only grew from there-as a Brainwashed and Crazy Makoto discovered in their manga-only fight when she was kicked into a wall and knocked out before even realizing she was in a fight.
  • Overlord 2012: Ainz' main schtick. As a level 100 lich, he has a ridiculous amount of spells and access to high-end items, but his main disguise is a warrior because everyone in the new world is so low-leveled compared to him that even a Squishy Wizard can One-Hit Kill legendary (for the setting) creatures or squish a human to death in one arm. And his spells get a boost because the new world doesn't have anything that prevents normally ineffective spells (like instant death) from working as a MMORPG would. Ainz even states that his build wasn't Min-Maxing for combat but roleplaying, meaning that he wasn't even the best player in his guild, judging himself to be in the middle top tier of max-leveled players.
  • Yu Yu Hakusho: While he appears to be Unskilled, but Strong, Younger Toguro is actually this. He has massive Super Strength, able to fire air bullets with just a flick of his thumb, and is in fact a skilled martial artist. In general, he prefers simply relying on his massive strength than flashy energy attacks.
    Younger Toguro: Strength to make the most learned techniques outmoded. That is strength absolute!
  • The Lyrical Nanoha franchise tends to treat skill and power as being roughly equal, so the strongest fighters tend to be those that excell in both departments. Nanoha herself is a prime example, being strong enough to blast straight through an Anti-Magic starship and skilled enough to be teaching grown adults advanced arial tactics before she had even graduated middle school.
  • The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious zigzags on this. Seiya has the usual isekai protagonist cheat ability, this time being able to level up faster than usual, and uses this to immediately become both overpowered and very resourceful, allowing him to kill one of the Demon Lord's generals soon after touching down in Gaeabrande. However, he loses the "strong" part when he hits the level cap, only to find that there are still opponents such as the aforementioned Demon Lord who would absolutely crush him in a straight fight, requiring him to dive headlong into the "skilled" part to make any more progress.
  • Eren from Attack on Titan is able to wreck normal titans with ease in his Titan Shifter form, but gets decimated when up against other Titan Shifters, who are both as strong as he is at least, and have combat training such as boxing and wrestling, forcing Eren to fight more intelligently instead of just hurling his Super Strength around.
  • All Rounder Meguru: All professional MMA fighters and those who plan to go pro, as they need much greater strength than the average amateur and the skills to properly apply it. In fact, Furuya (who actually challenged the Pacific Rim Champion) cannot say if strength or technique is more important, and states that lacking one means certain defeat.
  • Fairy Tail: The most powerful mages in the story are this, possessing not just incredible magic power and physical abilities, but the smarts and skills to make use of them. Special mention goes to Acnologia, who despite having the raw power to destroy entire countries on his lonesome during the final battle spends most of it using hand-to-hand combat in a seven-on-one fight with the other Dragon Slayers, each a skilled and powerful Kung-Fu Wizard on their own, while missing an arm, and almost casually has the edge the whole time.
  • Ashita no Joe:
    • Eventually protagonist Joe Yabuki acquires the skills necessary to take on such monsters as Carlos Rivera, Kim Yongbi and Jose Mendoza.
    • Toru Rikiishi is strong enough to punch out pigs and bulls, and skilled enough to dodge a charging bull-and that was when he was rusty from his time in jail. There's a reason everyone expected him to become the featherweight world champion before his death cut his dream short.
    • Jose Mendoza. As expected from the world champion, he has enough skills to dance around Carlos' attacks and catch the exact moment he's vulnerable and the strength to knock him down, brutally, without the devastating Corkscrew Punch. With it... When Carlos shows up after taking one at the temple, he can barely remember his name and has lost all of his strength and skill.
  • Baki the Grappler:
    • Yujiro Hanma mauled a polar bear with his bare hands, stopped an earthquake with a Ground Punch and one shotted fighters with their own styles. He is more than capable of using martial arts but doesn't even try due to how powerful he is and how bored he becomes.
    • Miyamoto Musashi's insane sword mastery may be the most dangerous thing about him, but he's also extremely strong and can take a lot of punishment.
    • Dorian Algardos. Of the convicts at least, he's terrifyingly fast, strong and seems to be very skilled with utilizing stances and strikes reminiscent of Chinese martial arts. This is due to him being a Kaioh, like Retsu.

    Comic Books 
  • Deathstroke has enhanced physiology due to experimentation, while also being one of the greatest martial arts masters in the DC universe. He once took on the entire Justice League (minus Superman) and defeated almost all members before Green Arrow finally put a stop to him.
  • Spider-Man:
    • Spidey started off as Unskilled, but Strong due to unfamiliarity with his powers, but he eventually becomes the most proficient Spider-based hero due to his years worth of experience above his successors. It also helps in that he's a natural bookworm, since he also had academic science skills on his side when it mattered the most.
      • Best shown in Secret Wars (1984). Titania (the new villainess of the comic and basically just a bully on a power trip) fights Spidey fresh from a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of She-Hulk that left her hospitalized. Spidey, who had a clear advantage in speed, agility, and reflexes and also a lot more fighting experience than her, inflicts a glorious Curb-Stomp Battle on Titania. She never lands a single hit on him and is reduced to panicked and pleading for mercy before Spidey, satisfied that she had been taught a lesson, defenestrates her through a concrete wall. For years afterward, Titania had a crippling phobia of him.
      • Another time Spidey lost his Spider-Sense and trained with Shang Chi who instructed him to stop the quips since it wasted energy and to just fight, Spidey equaled the martial arts master perfectly and developed his own martial arts style due to Shang Chi's teachings.
    • Venom and Carnage while they appear to have a mindless fighting style are actually very skilled physical combatants thanks to The Symbiote replicating Spidey’s strength, skill and powers. On a few occasions Venom and Carnage have overpowered Spidey and held their own against stronger opponents such as Hulk, Juggernaut and Sentry. Also due to nature of the Symbiote they can craft weapons and objects out of themselves making them all the more deadly in combat.
    • The Puma, a Spider-Man ally also qualifies. He can transform into a puma-like creature with enhanced strength speed, reflexes and agility. He is also a highly trained martial artist and tracker. When they fought Peter's spider-sense had trouble keeping up with his attacks.
    • Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin has ridiculous strength for a normal and seemly fat man but he also backs it up with a variety of martial arts skills such as sumo wrestling, judo, and hapkido. Fisk has beaten 8 martial artists in 17 seconds, overpowered the likes of Daredevil and Captain America and has even given Spidey trouble... before Spider-Man decided not to hold back against him.
  • Superman:
    • On top of years of experience to learn how to use his powers, Superman's also received martial arts training by the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman to the point he can often keep on fighting even after instances his powers get significantly weakened or lost entirely.
    • Superman: Secret Identity has Clark develop amazing techniques with the use of his powers, to the point that his twin daughters compliment him over his ability to catch a falling train and twist the fall in such a way that it didn't buckle like an accordion. As his powers fade with age, he becomes a more Weak, but Skilled superhero (well, weaker by his own standards).
    • Supergirl has the full Kryptonian powerset, and in most of continuities has been trained by Batman, Batgirl and Wonder Woman's Amazons. Additionally she knows at least one or two Kryptonian martial arts like Klurkor and Torquasm Rao. Reactron found out about it, to his regret, when she kicked his butt while depowered in Who is Superwoman?.
      Supergirl: I trained with Batman. With the Amazons. I know first level Klurkor. Just because I can't use heat vision doesn't mean I'm helpless.
    • Power Girl has the standard Kryptonian powerset and has received martial arts training from Wildcat and Mongo Krebs in her 80's miniseries.
    • Faora Hu-Ul made her first appearance in The Great Phantom Peril, where she showed that, in addition to the Kryptonian powerset -plus several extra powers- she's an accomplished and lethal martial artist able to take on Superman himself.
    • Jonathan Samuel Kent works on mastering his abilities and gaining more experience to handle himself alone and with others after his powers stabilize.
  • Batman:
    • While Batman and his family and allies are usually Charles Atlas Superpower incarnate, whenever Bruce gets into Powered Armour he becomes this trope in full force having all his skills backed up with genuine Super Strength. The Justice Buster and Hellbat suits in particular highlight how devastating Batman’s experience is when he enhanced by the suits he goes toe to toe with some of the powerful being in existence all while still putting his genius intellect to good use.
    • Bane exemplifies this trope best out of all Bats’s Rogues Gallery, already very strong thanks to growing up in a prison, Bane also trained his mind studying books in his cell and became a Genius Bruiser in the process. If that wasn’t enough Bane frequently injects Venom into his bloodstream giving him super strength to extent where he can fight several metahumans and give Batman a very hard time. Like his nemesis, Bane is also an expert martial artist having received training from the League of Shadows.
      • Batman and Red Hood have taken Venom themselves and drastically enhanced their prowess as vigilantes but Batman swore off it after becoming addicted.
    • Killer Croc while overshadowed and subjected to The Worf Effect is actually quite skilled as well as strong being proficient at street fighting and wrestling. Indeed Croc actually overpowered Batman his first appearance but, later portrayals however would degrade him into Dumb Muscle (especially in comparison to Bane) with only a few exceptions Depending on the Writer.
    • Clayface is also one of the strongest of Batman’s Rogues Gallery and thanks to his extensive shapeshifting ability is highly versatile in combat. One time Clayface went to Themyscira and absorbed the powers of Wonder Woman by who pre-New 52 was born from clay, in another comic he even gave Supergirl a hard time.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Diana has strength, speed and durability rivals that if not equals that of a Kryptonian and is a highly trained hand-to-hand fighter, tactician and strategist as well. Batman has at one point referred to her as the best melee fighter in the DCU.
    • The Wonder Girls Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark have received similar combat training alongside their superpowers.
    • Artemis is a trained warrior of her tribe. During the tournament to decide the new Wonder Woman, she received a portion of Diana's power and kept it for a time. Her return in Red Hood and the Outlaws has her with super-strength again and all the training expected of an Amazon.
  • Aquaman having been been trained in combat since he was a child allowing him to make effective use of his Atlantean physiology. He’s also got Hydrokinesis powers thanks to his Trident and of course can communicate with ocean life, making them aid him in battle.
    • Aquaman's wife Mera besides her Atlantean physiology (which has allowed to fight Wonder Wonder and even send Superman flying with a punch) has Making a Splash powers that are greater than her husband’s.
  • Starfire is a Flying Brick alien who has has received warrior training since she was a child. Combine this with her solar radiation powers and she is one of the most dangerous Titans in existence.
  • Fantastic Four:
    • Ben Grimm once fought Titania, a skinny snip transmuted into a Cute Bruiser by Doctor Doom. Though Titania is nearly as strong and as durable as Ben, Grimm still made short work of her, mentioning that he'd learned a few things in his years of battling baddies.
    • The Invisible Woman herself also qualifies possessing a very versatile power set of Invisibility and Barrier Warrior abilities that she uses very creatively.
    • The Super Skrull has all the powers of the Fantastic Four and uses them in extremely creative and brutal ways as seen in his comic tie-in to Annihilation.
  • Captain America was elevated to just below superhuman levels by the Super Soldier Formula, but he's spent years gaining the discipline and training necessary to gain enough skill to apply his abilities to situations far beyond what the formula's designer could have anticipated.
  • Tony Stark aka Iron Man, a genius billionaire Gadgeteer Genius whose had martial arts training from both Captain America and Black Panther is Strong and Skilled whenever he gets into his iconic Powered Armour. Tony has repeatedly and happily gone up against some of the most powerful beings in the universe and held his own thanks to his technology and skill, he’s also first human being to wield and use Infinity Gauntlet.
  • Blade may only be half vampire, but he clearly doesn't have half power. Even when he's using nothing other than melee skills, he typically dominates the average vampire or monster with nothing more than superior martial prowess.
  • A lot of the X-Men can be this as time in the Danger Room pays off. In general Mutants such as Cyclops, Angel, Wolverine, Gambit, Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Nightcrawler, Emma Frost and X-23 have Charles Atlas Super Power to back up their powerful Mutant abilities. Wolverine in particular is ridiculously skilled having been a soldier in both WW1 and WW2 as well as being very strong thanks to his Unbreakable Bones. Though Cyclops, Gambit, Psylocke and Nightcrawler have matched him in combat in the past.
    • Genius Bruiser Beast balances brute strength with scientific guile to an excellent degree, in one comic when Juggernaught is middle of a rampage, Hank figured out to use Juggs's mass and inertia against him by literally flipping Juggernaut on his head.
    • Colossus has extreme strength and durability but thanks to training with Wolverine in the Danger Room is also highly skilled as well. Colossus often utilizes judo and wrestling moves in the numerous battles he’s been in.
    • Rogue, while her power fluctuates Depending on the Writer at her best is an extremely strong Flying Brick who can craftily use her Power Parasite ability to enhance skills and power thanks to absorbing her foes’s memories as well. One time Rogue absorbed Colossus’s steel skin and combined it with her Flight and Super Speed to destroy Master Mold.
    • Magneto, an Alpha-class mutant with a genius-level intellect, has studied magnetism and other related scientific fields in depth, in order to perfect his gift. As a result, he is a much more formidable opponent than his daughter Polaris even though her powers are comparable. However, it should be noted that Magneto is also more ruthless than Polaris.
    • Cable thanks to inheriting his mother Jean Grey’s telekinetic powers is very powerful but he’s also a Cyborg who uses Tactile Telekinesis to make himself strong enough to fight the likes of Hulk and Apocalypse. Cable has also had decades of experience as a soldier in the Bad Future and only few Mutants can rival him in terms of power, his Alternate Universe counterpart Nate Grey is a borderline Physical God
    • Similar to Cable, Bishop is extremely powerful thanks to his Energy Absorption which can him give super strength, and he’s a very skilled combatant having had years of experience.
    • Sabretooth is both distressingly strong and incredibly skilled having been a soldier for most of his very long life and personally trained by the CIA and Weapon X. He easily rivals Wolverine in savagery.
    • Warpath from X-Force besides fluctuating super strength is a formidable highly trained melee fighter.
  • The Mighty Thor: Nearly all Asgardian deities are trained warriors, and the weakest of them at least have the ability to lift about 20 tons. Thor himself has the greatest physical strength of all Asgardians, and he is quite possibly their most talented warrior. In one comic Thor carefully focuses his power and is able to generate a rainstorm to save an alien planet similar to what Storm does.
  • The Incredible Hercules: Hercules is Marvel's most standout example of this trope. Possessing strength on par with the Incredible Hulk and Thor, he is also much more proficient at hand-to-hand battle than the Hulk, and possibly somewhat more than Thor. He has grappled the Hulk to the ground, easily defeated The Thing in a wrestling match, and almost choked out Thor. In some depictions, he is also a Walking Armory skilled in every form of combat, able to utilize anything from melee weapons like clubs, spears, and swords to long-range weapons like arrows, guns, and even grenades. Sometimes, all at once!
  • Incredible Hulk:
    • Hulk himself becomes this in Planet Hulk. Partaking in the Gladiator Games on Sakaar, he soon understands strength alone is not enough to make it by and quickly becomes more crafty to ensure his victories. Cut to World Breaker Hulk and Hulk is outwitting as well as overpowering his opponents on Earth, like exploiting The Juggernaut's inability to stop and explaining to Wolverine that taking Hulk-punches to his Adamantium skull isn't healthy for his poor rattling brain. Other Hulk forms such as Grey Hulk, The Professor, and Immortal Hulk also have skill and smarts to back up inestimable strength.
    • His cousin She-Hulk also qualifies. She has received combat training from Captain America and Gamora and even in her human form has enough skill to dispatch several would be muggers. After being defeated by the Champion of the Universe, She-Hulk exercised for several months in her Jennifer Walters form, resulting in a significant gain in strength and muscle mass in her She-Hulk form and allowing her to soundly defeat the Champion in a rematch.
    • Caiera, the Hulk's wife in Planet Hulk. She was a trained martial artist, swordswoman and knife fighter. She also possessed the Old Power, an energy force native to her home planet, which granted her super strength, speed and stamina and control over tectonic energies This power was passed on to the Shadow Priest Hiriom and alter Skaar, the son of Caiera and Hulk. Both are well-trained combatants just like Caiera.
  • Virgil Hawkins aka Static possesses power over electricity and has a gifted, scientific mind that allows him to take full advantage of the versatility of his powers.
  • Thanos is a Hero Killer for a reason, even without his iconic gauntlet he’s an immensely strong Genius Bruiser Eternal whose repeatedly enhanced himself with Bio-Augmentation, learned the mystic arts and is a devastating physical combatant. He’s curbed stomped Marvel’s heaviest hitters such as Hulk, Thor, Black Bolt, his own son Thane (who was powered up with Phoenix Force) and even Mjölnir wielding Silver Surfer). He’s also skilled strategist and teacher having passed on his deadly knowledge to his allies.
    • Speaking of which is not for nothing that Gamora is considered the deadliest woman in the galaxy. In addition to the cybernetic enhancements granted to her by her father the aforementioned Thanos she is schooled in several forms of martial arts and weapon types, most notably the sword.
    • In general Thanos's Black Order from Infinity namely Black Dwarf, Corvus Glaive and Promixa Midnight can be categorised as this. They’re not only extremely strong being able battle the combined forces of The Avengers, Kree Empire, Super Skrull and Annihilus but they’re highly tactical, Glaive and Midnight in particular were able effectively fight The Hulk and trap him.
  • New Gods:
    • Orion possesses super strength to match that of Superman and Darkseid and is a well trained soldier.
    • Big Barda possesses strength and speed rivaling if not equaling that of Superman and Wonder Woman and is the former leader of the Female Furies, Darkseid's elite all-female fighting squad. She has held her own against Wonder Woman and the two were able to defeat Barda's former team together thanks in part to Barda's familiarity with their tactics.
  • In Disney Ducks Comic Universe Italian stories, Magica De Spell's just plain unstoppable thanks to great magic power and even greater skill— hence why she was given a Weaksauce Weakness.
  • Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog: Best shown after stealing Enerjak's power. In addition to being a borderline Reality Warper, Mammoth Mogul has had over a millennium to learn and master multiple different forms of combat, and was a match for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles' super forms simultaneously.

    Fan Works 
  • The Bridge often has some of its most powerful cast being both greatly powerful as a base but have training and experience to make them even more dangerous than someone who's Unskilled, but Strong.
    • Godzilla Junior and Monster X are both powerhouses in terms of kaiju due to well above average strength, durability, and energy attacks; but what really makes them so powerful is the fact they know how to fight. Junior due to raw experience and tutelage under King Kong and Monster X is a trained martial artist due to once being an Xilian Super Soldier.
    • Princess Celestia has more raw magical and physical ability than any other pony in Equestria and personal training from the Founders of Equestria in how to use her powers, then a full thousand years to keep sharp. Princess Luna has similar raw stats but is the weaker of the two due to less experience.
    • This is ultimately the difference between Grand King Ghidorah and Kaizer Ghidorah. Grand King Ghidorah has enormous fire power and abilities, but never trained or got many real battles across his lifetime. Kaizer Ghidorah is very close in terms of power but has all of Monster X's training and knows how to fight.
  • All of the Avengers (bar the Hulk, who's literally the poster boy for Unskilled, but Strong and doesn't really need technique), are this trope in Child of the Storm. Steve, in addition to being a Super Soldier, also has years of combat experience, Thor is not just a Physical God and Flying Brick with Shock and Awe powers, but he is an expert in using those powers with 1,500 years of experience, rather than just throwing lightning around here and there, Tony is both a Gadgeteer Genius and excellent pilot of his armor, and so on.
    • Magneto also definitely qualifies for this trope, being both a complete master of one of the fundamental forces of the universe, but having also taken Boxing Lessons for Superman that allow him to do all sorts of cool stuff with electromagnetism.
    • Harry is very slowly growing into this trope, thanks to Boxing Lessons for Superman from a variety of mentors. Though he's Unskilled, but Strong in Book 1, as Book 2 goes along he proves himself able to go mind-to-mind in a telepathic duel with one of the most powerful human psychics ever born, then makes an excellent showing against Physical God and Vampire Monarch Dracula, himself very much an example of this trope.
  • By the time she's arrived in Thedas, Arturia very much showcases her power and ability in A Knight's Tale as Inquisitor. Having been born with the Dragon Core, a trait that gives her all the power and magical abilities of a dragon, Arturia has FAR more prana than the average magus which she uses. More importantly, she's been trained since she was a child in swordsmanship and has learned to use her prana to boost her already practically inhuman strength and almost unrivaled swordplay, along with revealing other skills that took her years of practice to achieve and master.
  • In From Muddy Waters, Todoroki notices that Izuku's movements with his powerful strength enhancement Quirk are too smooth and practiced to be simply self-taught like most of Class 1-A, inferring that Izuku must have been trained like he was by his father. This connection is what causes Todoroki to see Izuku as a kindred spirit and to quickly try to make friends with him. This makes Izuku feel even more like a fraud, as his "training" mainly consisted of games that he would play with his father as a child and never turned physically abusive.
  • Star Wars: Lineage has several Jedi such as Yoda, Mace Windu, Dooku, Qui-Gon, and, increasingly, Obi-Wan, who are powerful in the Force and as such can perform amazing feats, but also have decades of combat experience under their belts.
  • Amazing Fantasy has Peter, who has almost all of Izuku's powers and more than 30 years of superhero experience to back them up. This is why he's able to hold his own in a fight against the Prowler while Izuku's couldn't at the start of the story.
  • In Stallion of the Line, Luffy is a sorta reincarnation of Ranma Saotome with all his memories and skills on top of knowing rokushiki and having some skill with haki. Unlike canon Luffy who is forced to flee from Smoker until after the timeskip, here Luffy only has trouble the first time they fight because he doesn't want to resort to haki. By the end of Alabasta, Luffy takes down a Vice Admiral with only moderate trouble.
  • White Sheep (RWBY):
    • When he's not using his Grimm powers, Jaune is Unskilled, but Strong; he can rarely hit his opponent or dodge an attack, but he's so ridiculously tough that he can usually just fight forever until his opponent is worn out. However, when he is using his Grimm powers, he is a Lightning Bruiser with Super Strength and Super Toughness above what he has in human form, four Combat Tentacles that he uses to devastating effect, and a lot of experience from spars with his sisters (part of his problem with fighting in human form is that he actively has to stop from using his Grimm powers). When he gets locked in an Unstoppable Rage he fights all of Team RYBN at once and nearly kills them, and is only stopped by Ruby's Silver Eye powers activating early.
    • Adam is one of the strongest characters in the series, and is one of the only people who is able to fight Jaune in Grimm form at an even level. He boasts that raw, uncontrolled strength is worthless, which is why the White Fang will win. Whether he could have actually killed Jaune is unclear, because Jaune wasn't uncontrolled—he was just stalling for Kevin to arrive. And no matter how skilled Adam is, against a giant Grimm dragon he's just a man with a pointy stick.
    • General Ironwood has half his body replaced with cutting-edge cybernetics, and is also able to fight Jaune in Grimm form. Though it turned out to just be a show so that they could fake a war, Jaune does complain that Ironwood hits hard.
  • Defenders of the Universe has Jasper, the strongest soldier Homeworld has ever created. Lotor notes in his fight with her that she doesn't rely entirely on brute strength alone and is a skilled warrior.
  • Dev-Em from Hellsister Trilogy is a Kryptonian as well as a cop and spy. He knows all of kind of fighting styles.
  • Friendly Foreign Exchange Student Spider-Man has Peter Parker, who is able to lift a car and crush it with relative ease while also preferring a more acrobatic and skill-based fighting style.
  • In Kara of Rokyn, the titular main character not only won the Superpower Lottery but also learns wrestling moves and martial arts, becoming even more dangerous.
  • Frost: What makes the titular character more dangerous than Frieza is not only his higher power level, but also the fact Frost is much more conventionally skilled at combat than his brother. Frost can control his energy at full power with no issue, sense power levels, and has enough mental and physical discipline to train in a gravity chamber.
  • The Vampire of Steel has Buffy Summers hijack a Kryptonian body for a short while, meaning a fierce and experienced warrior gained -temporarily- the power to push a planet and move faster than light.
  • Discussed in Pokémon Reset Bloodlines. Ash's Boldore evolves into Gigalith through round trade, and she gets a bit high on her newfound strength. Charizard, who recognizes that attitude (having gone through it himself), decides to knock her down a peg by showing her that power alone can't match power and skill together.
  • Codex Equus: Justified with Canteros. He had been raised by Amareros, who despite his incredible power and age is a very benevolent and heroic god. Because of this, Canteros is a powerful and skilled Love deity who's capable of dealing as much damage as his father, to the point where it's still debated whether he qualifies as a Primeval or Preeminent deity.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Neo from The Matrix. Along with his Flying Brick powers, Neo runs a range of programs that makes him a master in various martial arts.
  • Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader. Being The Chosen One, he has the highest potential for any Force-sensitive. But on top of his immensely high raw power, he is also a trained Jedi and later a Sith Lord, who is very skilled and experienced in combat and use of the Force.
    • Yoda, Mace Windu, and the Emperor are all just a few notches below him in raw power (usually due to old age), but make up for that in far more skill with the lightsaber and in Force techniques.
  • From the Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Steve Rogers/Captain America is a Super Soldier imbued with superhuman physiology and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant as well. Cap also becomes more and more of Combat Pragmatist as the movies go on, Word of God also reveals Steve studied modern martial arts during his time unfrozen in the 21st century.
    • Tony Stark/Iron Man started off as Unskilled, but Strong, relying on the raw physical power of his Powered Armor, but he started receiving Boxing Lessons for Superman so he wouldn't be defenseless outside of the suit. Later films show even outside of the suit he's a Badass Normal capable of putting up a fight against Winter Soldier using his fighting skills and a few gadgets he had on him. Combined with his most advanced suit, he proved to be one of the few Avengers that could stand up to Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, even making the Mad Titan bleed.
    • Thor: Ragnarok reveals Thor previously didn't have mastery over his Shock and Awe powers and needed Mjolnir to channel it. He eventually learns to tap into his full power, where his usage of lightning is devastating and had him completely demolishing Hela's army. The same movie reaffirms him to already be this in general combat, strong enough to trade blows with Hulk but with millennia of experience fighting superhuman aliens, he was winning until outside forces cheated.
    • From the same movie there's also Hela, whose strong enough to crush Mjolnir in her bare hand and skilled enough to throw her blades with killer accuracy into major Asgardian heroes. Thousand years worth of combat (before Thor was even born) has ensured Hela can't be beaten in a physical confrontation and Thor and co need Surtur to obliterate Asgard to kill her for real.
    • Vision invokes this due to his superior strength, speed, durability, and intangibility combined with a Benevolent A.I. computer intellect. Vision easily overpowers the likes of Hawkeye and even Giant-Man, and even when wounded and depowered Vision held his own and killed Corvus Glaive.
    • Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier has enhanced physiology and a concrete crushing cybernetic arm in addition to decades of experience as a Professional Killer. It's very telling in his debut movie only Cap could match Bucky in combat while everyone else (including Black Widow and Falcon) get trounced by him. However when faced with genuine superhumans, rather than just Badass Normals in Civil War Bucky does struggle immensely.
    • T'Challa/Black Panther is not only a skilled martial artist and brilliant strategist, but he also ingested the heart-shaped herb that grants him enhanced strength, speed, and durability. In his debut movie, T'challa easily overpowers aforementioned Bucky and relentlessly hunts him down and even manages to defeat Bucky in his Winter Soldier mode, despite not wearing his Vibranium Suit. In his solo movie T'challa when Brought Down to Normal overpowers M'Baku through sheer skill and in the climax T'challa exploits the Vibranium's weakness to sonic frequencies to land the killing blow on his similarly armored and superpowered cousin Killmonger.
    • Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War reveals himself to be this, and according to Word of God didn't even need the Power Stone for it: At the beginning of the movie he completely manhandles Thor after he tapped into his full potential and fights against the Hulk in hand-to-hand combat, completely overwhelming him with skilled moves. Its what you get when you see two burly guys - one an unskilled brawler and the other a martial artist - fight against each other.
    • As of Spider-Man: Far From Home MCU's Peter Parker has finally reached this trope (though he's still learning), prior to Far From Home Spidey relied on his physical strength, agility, and durability to overwhelm foes while leaving his Spider-Sense "Peter tingle" (his best power) undeveloped, due to not trusting it. This led to experienced opponents such as the aforementioned Cap, Thanos, and even The Vulture being able to soundly overpower Spidey once they figured out his movements. However in the Final Battle in Far From Home Peter decides to focus on his senses to bypass Mysterio's illusions, fake environment, and drones. Upon closing his eyes Spidey quickly turns what was a grueling fight, into a One-Man Army Curb-Stomp Battle as Mysterio's More Dakka fails spectacularly to even touch Peter. If that wasn't enough Mysterio uses another illusion to pretend to surrender while he sneaks up behind Peter invisible, only for Peter to sense his presence and grab the gun Mysterio was going to shoot him with at point-blank range.
  • Wolverine from X-Men Film Series. His mutation includes enhanced physiology, Super Senses, and a Healing Factor that makes him Immune to Bullets. However, he's also an exceptionally skilled combatant with decades of experience as a soldier. Even going up against enemies who are physically more powerful, Wolverine's combat experience allows him to keep up.
  • The Lord of the Rings:
    • Legolas is an elf, which naturally grants him enhanced physical abilities such as agility, speed, endurance, and precision. However, he's also a master archer with Improbable Aiming Skills and hundreds if not thousands of years of experience.
    • Thorin Oakenshield from The Hobbit trilogy, who is a dwarf and possesses natural strength, but also a skilled swordsman who can take on much larger enemies like goblins.
  • Underworld: Viktor is a Vampire Elder, making him stronger than a normal vampire, as shown when he effortlessly lifts a fully transformed Lycan up by the throat and then snaps its neck, all with one hand. He's also a warlord with centuries of combat experience, best shown when he faces off against the newly hybridized Michael Corvin; while Michael is stronger and faster, Viktor's superior fighting skills soon allow him to turn the tide.
  • Thaddeus the Blacksmith from The Man with the Iron Fists receives exceptional strength after his Painful Transformation. He had already been trained by Shaolin monks and was a talented martial artist as well as being knowledgeable about qi control, part of the reason he can use the titular Iron Fists in the first place. This sets him up against Brass Body, who seems for all intents and purposes to be Unskilled, but Strong until he shows himself as a master of Tiger Style.
  • DC Extended Universe:
    • Diana of Themyscira aka Wonder Woman. A thousands year old Amazon demigoddess, Diana is a skilled swordswoman and unarmed combatant which coupled with her godly strength and speed, makes her a formidable opponent to face.
    • Arthur Curry aka Aquaman is an Atlantean-human hybrid who possesses superhuman abilities surpassing all normal humans and most Atlanteans. He has received combat training from his mentor Nudis Vulko since his childhood and is a master of both land and sea combat.
  • The One has Gabe Law and his doppleganger from another universe, Gabe Yulaw. Due to Yulaw murdering alternate versions of himself from other universes, he and Gabe possess superhuman strength, speed and agility. Both Law and Yulaw are martial arts masters, with Law specializing in Baguazhang while Yulaw uses Xing Yi Quan.
  • Afflicted: Having had several decades to master her vampiric powers, Audrey easily kicks Derek's ass when he tries to kill her during the climax.

  • Zig-zagged in The Wheel of Time with Rand al'Thor, The Chosen One and the world's strongest channeler of the One Power. He alternates between being Unskilled, but Strong, particularly in the early books, and using incredibly advanced techniques courtesy of Past-Life Memories from his previous incarnation in the Age of Legends. With experience and training, he settles into this trope to a nigh-superhuman degree.
  • In The Princess Bride what the Man in Black aka Wesley so impressive was that he not only physically overpowered Fezzik The Giant but he also defeated Inigo whose a Master Swordsman in a duel. He also outwitted an Evil Genius like Vizzini in a battle of wits making him a Genius Bruiser as well, Inigo believes if the Man in Black combined his talent with his own and Fezzik's they'd be an unstoppable trio, which is proved to correct.
  • In Fate/Zero, we have the Black Knight, who is summoned as Servant Berserker. Normally, Berserkers are Unskilled, but Strong, trading their weapon proficiencies for ungodly boosts in raw power, but the Zero Berserker has a Skill called Eternal Arms Mastery that lets him use his full weapon skills even when berserking, and a Noble Phantasm called Knight of Owner that allows him to wield anything he grabs onto as a weapon at maximum proficiency. Even Gilgamesh can't do much better than slow him down. In the end, Berserker is killed by mana deprivation when his Master can't keep his summoning going — he remains undefeated in actual combat.
  • In Mistborn: The Original Trilogy, the Lord Ruler is both overwhelmingly powerful and (arguably even more important in allomancy) extremely tricky. The result is terrifyingly effective and allows for some of his most spectacular abilities.
  • Horace Altman, of Ranger's Apprentice, has immense natural talent, but also advanced training from experts such as Sir Rodney, Shukin, Gilan, and Selethen, and is tall and well-muscled on top of that. The result? A Master Swordsman nearly unstoppable in personal combat.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire:
    • Jaime is considered the Seven Kingdom's hottest Master Swordsman of his era. When numbering the fighters who are physically stronger than him, he can only think of a few names.
    • Robert Baratheon is said to have towered over lesser men, with the physique of a woman's fantasy, and was also one of the best fighters of his era, leading his armies from the front line.
    • When Strongboar boasts that he would like to face Sandor Clegane in single combat, Jaime believes that it's a foolish idea. While Strongboar shares Sandor's enormous strength, he lacks the man's speed, skill and savagery.
    • Gregor Clegane, despite being the Dumb Muscle for the Lannister army, is both the World's Strongest Man as well as a knight and a veteran of many battles. While dueling against the cagier and cannier Oberyn, Tyrion is forced to admit that Gregor still has all the instincts of an experienced fighter, such as moving to put the sun at his back to gain an advantage.
  • In the Jack Reacher novels, the main character is extremely strong, highly trained, and has decades of experience in hand-to-hand combat. This is especially notable in the times when he goes up against someone his size or larger, frequently winning due to superior fighting skill.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Arrow:
    • Slade Wilson, much like his comic book counterpart. This Slade was The Mentor to Oliver Queen, who would go on to become the World's Best Warrior. However Slade also became an Empowered Badass Normal thanks to being injected with Mirakuru. He was an extremely difficult opponent due to both his top notch skill and his superhuman strength. He was only beaten by being Brought Down to Badass and leveling the playing field, and even then he put up quite a fight.
    • Roy Harper temporarily became this after he was injected with Mirakuru. Already quite a skilled combatant in his own right due to growing up on the streets, he now had inhuman strength to boot. Then Oliver takes Roy under his wing to help him control his strength. After being Brought Down to Badass he retains his skills but his strength has gone back to standard human level.
    • Vigilante is an incredibly formidable opponent, with hand-to-hand combat skills able to rival Oliver and Prometheus, while being The Gunslinger who has Improbable Aiming Skills. However in Season Six it's revealed he doesn't operate on skill alone, as he's actually a metahuman with a Healing Factor that lets him survive his most brutal injuries.
    • Oliver himself would ascend to this in Crisis On Infinite Earths after he becomes the The Spectre, making him the most powerful hero in the multiverse. Oliver already being a contender for World's Best Warrior ends up an Empowered Badass Normal when he gets granted the god-like Reality Warper powers of the Spectre, making him a Person of Mass Destruction on multiversal levels. Not only is he able to fight evenly against the Anti-Monitor (the closest the series has to an The Anti-God) but he's able to recreate the destroyed multiverse.
  • Black Lightning:
    • The titular character has years of experience as a superhero and mastery of his electricity powers. He is also a trained martial artist and was able to best his Arch-Enemy Tobias Whale in hand-to-hand combat when Whale prepared a countermeasure for Jefferson's powers.
    • The aforementioned Tobias Whale has Super Strength and is a trained martial artist.
    • Anissa, Jefferson's daughter, has superhuman strength and toughness and is a trained hand-to-hand combatant.
  • Buffyverse:
    • Spike is a vampire of 120+ years, and vampires get Stronger with Age. In addition, he's an excellent fighter, having personally killed two past Slayers. While facing off against Illyria, a demonic Physical God, he initially gets knocked around by her strength, but over time, he begins to adapt and dodge her blows and gets a few shots in. Illyria disparages him as being weak for adapting and compromising, to which Spike retorts that it is a strength because he's learning.
    • Buffy Summers is largely Taught by Experience. She has the superpowers that come with being the Slayer, and is the oldest, longest-lived one, having achieved numerous victories over such beings as vampires, demons, cyborgs, and even Physical Gods; by the time of Season 5, she's able to defeat groups of almost 20 vampires by herself.
    • Angel is a vampire of over 200+ years, and is thus stronger and faster than an ordinary vampire. He's also a master martial artist and Multi-Melee Master, once beating a group of over 20 vampires and demons by himself.
  • The Flash (2014):
    • Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash. Due to his years worth of experience as a speedster over Barry Allen, Thawne would always have an edge over his nemesis in battle. Thawne had dedicated his life to unlocking the secrets of the Speed Force, while also finding means of amping up his speed such as with the Tachyon Prototype. Even when Thawne was temporarily Brought Down to Badass by a Power Nullifier Trick Arrow, he was still able to fight evenly with Oliver Queen (who at that stage was the World's Best Warrior) using hand-to-hand skill alone. However, Barry eventually becomes quite a bit faster than him.
    • Hunter Zolomon/Zoom. Like Reverse-Flash, Zoom is far more experienced as a speedster than Barry and is able to teach him tricks like throwing lightning. His speed is also worthy of boasting, given he has been heavily accumulating it due to abuse of the Velocity speed drug.
    • Savitar. He's the fastest speedster to ever appear on the show, and being trapped in the Speed Force, Savitar has learned countless tricks of the trade that allow him to overpower his opponents.
    • Barry Allen/The Flash himself eventually becomes this, after years of experience as a speedster he's learnt all the tricks of the trade and remains the Fastest Man Alive after several speed boosts.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Danny Rand from Iron Fist. Unlike the other Defenders who are either Unskilled, but Strong (Jessica and Luke) or Weak, but Skilled (Matt), Danny has both extensive martial arts training and the raw power to back it up. His Iron Fist technique actually makes him the second strongest Defender after Luke, while his fighting skill is only just behind Matt.
    • Luke Cage himself is actually also a man with vast martial arts expertise, in addition to his powers, although in his case he has to hold back so much he is reduced to using childishly simplistic movements when fighting non-powered opponents, making him seem Unskilled, but Strong when he really is this trope. Subverted in Season Two, when Bushmaster shows him he has a long way to go.
  • Sento Kiryu/Kamen Rider Build is a good example, even standing apart from the many, many other riders in the franchise, due to the fact that, on top of having the strength to overpower and defeat the many highly destructive foes he comes across in his series, being Build is about adapting to every situation, be it long range or short, in air or in water, synthesizing the Best Match from antithetical elements.
  • Grimm:
    • Nick Burkhardt is a trained police officer and an experienced fighter. He likewise possesses the powers of a Grimm to the point that he’s often stronger than most super strong Wesen. This combination means he’s next to invincible in a fist fight.
    • Being a half-Zauberbiest, Sean Renard possesses the physical strength of one, making him Nick's equal. He’s likewise an incredibly capable fighter, able to casually defeat numerous opponents.
    • Kelly Burkhardt, Nick’s mother, possesses enough physical strength to causally pin down Monroe and is outright the best warrior in the show, able to beat even her son.
  • Smallville: For the first eight seasons of the show, Clark is Unskilled, but Strong, relying heavily on his powers in a fight and being outmatched by more skilled opponents like General Zod. Come season 9, he begins training with Jor-El and becomes this. Even when Brought Down to Normal by exposure to blue Kryptonite, he was able to hold his own against Alia, a Kryptonian soldier.
  • Legends of Tomorrow:
    • Ray Palmer/Atom was once firmly Unskilled, but Strong, relying on the superior power of his Powered Armor to overwhelm enemies, but skilled enough opponents like Oliver and Thawne were capable of bypassing his suit's powers and disabling it. So he ended up taking Boxing Lessons for Superman and gets rudimentary fight ability even when he's outside the suit.
    • Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, who is one half of the superhero Firestorm. Among the Legends, Firestorm is one of (if not the most) powerful hero on their team with his Flying Firepower abilities. But even without his powers, Jax is quite skilled in street brawling and proves to be a Badass Normal in his own right.
    • Vandal Savage is an immortal, which makes him very difficult to kill. But he's also spent his millennia-long lifespan amassing knowledge in many forms of combat, making him an extremely dangerous enemy. He's also sometimes depicted with Super Strength although this is a bit inconsistent.
    • Amaya Jiwe/Vixen has been granted incredible physical power thanks to the Anansi Totem, but even without it she is still a Badass Normal with a fifth-degree black belt and expert in handling a wide assortment of weapons.
  • Leverage: Elliot Spencer may be the team's Hitter, but his arsenal of skills (cooking, music, relationships with women, among others) is nothing to be sneezed at, either. Likewise for Parker the Thief.
  • True Blood: Tara Thornton becomes this after being turned into a vampire. On top of the usual vampire powers, she was an MMA fighter as a human; this enabled her to defeat Jessica Hamby in a fight despite Jessica being an older and more powerful vamp.
  • Wonder Woman (1975): The titular heroine is a super-strong trained warrior.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Warhammer 40,000: Psykers are rarely in good physical condition, as their constant struggle against the daemons trying to invade their minds leaves them emaciated. Space Marine Librarians, on the other hand, are seven-foot-tall killing machines in Power Armor just like their brothers that also have devastating psychic powers. And goes even further with the Grey Knights, each of which is an accomplished psyker (though not all have Librarian-level powers).

    Video Games 
  • Bayonetta:
    • The titular character herself is this being a super humanly strong woman trained in magic, martial arts,firearms and melee weapons.
    • Jeanne, Bayonetta's friend and rival, displays power and skill that gives Bayonetta a serious run for her money in all of her boss fights.
    • Balder, the penultimate boss of the game, is an incredibly formidable opponent, skillfully displaying abilities such as super strength which he uses to snap Gomorrah's neck and telekinesis which he uses to hurl buildings and satellites at Bayonetta. His younger self in the sequel fights Bayonetta three times, being able to tie with her in the first two encounters and nearly killing her in the third.
  • Devil May Cry:
    • Dante possesses various superpowers as a result of his demonic heritage, such as Super Strength, Super Speed, Super Reflexes, and a Healing Factor. He's also an expert demon hunter, Multi-Melee Master and marksman.
    • Vergil, Dante's brother, also counts due to being a demonic Iaijutsu Practitioner who's just as strong and fast as Dante. This is emphasized in Devil May Cry 5 when he splits himself into the Weak, but Skilled V and the Unskilled, but Strong Urizen. The former has plenty of fancy techniques, but lacks the raw power to take on the truly massive demons running around. The latter meanwhile has far less finesse, but the sheer power in his possession lets him overwhelm most foes easily. When Dante finally closes and surpasses the power gap with Urizen, he quickly gets the upper hand in their battle even when Urizen manages to power up even further, whereas the recompleted Virgil, despite likely not being too much stronger than Urizen due to how weak V was in comparison, can still fight Dante to a draw.
    • While not as powerful as Dante, Trish is a demon with lightning powers, super strength and skill in martial arts, knives and guns. She is also able to wield the sword Sparda.
    • Lucia, the Deuteragonist from the second game is an artificial demon created by the villain Arius and is also a trained fighter and demon hunter like Dante.
    • Nero was Unskilled, but Strong in his debut compared to Dante, having one style and weapon compared to Dante's small armory. His depiction in Devil May Cry 5 sees more variety in his arsenal as a result of losing the Devil Bringer and gaining Devil Breakers built by his friends Nico. He also unlocks an upgraded version of his devil trigger allowing him to defeat his father Vergil.
  • God of War Series: Kratos is a skilled warrior, and the former captain of the Spartan army. He's also a demigod capable of throwing down with creatures much larger than himself.
  • Kingdom Hearts: Sora is initially Unskilled, but Strong, having no formal training with the Keyblade until the events of Dream Drop Distance, but making up for it with his massive willpower and strength of heart. As of the third game, he's become this; in addition to his massive natural strength, he can use the Keyblade's full range of abilities, allowing him to do things like turn it into a large variety of different things such as drills, claws, and a giant tower raining down death on everything around him.
    • Organization XIII (the original incarnation) were the first-most in the series to fully showcase this, especially in their respective boss fights. Each member wields with great efficiency and might an personal Weapon of Choice and Elemental Attribute that they combine together during the battle to great effect, displaying abilities no other characters in the series are shown to pull off.
  • Mortal Kombat:
    • Johnny Cage is an accomplished martial artist whose fighting styles include Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. He is also descended from a race of divinely-powered warriors and can manifest green energy that boosts his strength and speed. These powers allowed him to defeat the fallen elder god Shinnok.
    • Cassie Cage is Johnny's daughter and thus shares his mystical powers. She is also a trained special forces officer and like her father before her has defeated Shinnok.
    • Major Jax Briggs was a tough and well trained special forces officer even before he got his super strong Artificial Limbs.
    • As a human, Scorpion was one of the best warriors and assassins of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan. After being killed by the original Sub-Zero and resurrected as a demonic specter, he gained the power to teleport to and from the Netherealm and control hellfire.
    • Both the first and second Sub-Zero qualify. Both are great martial artists who are blessed with ice powers that they have mastered quite well. The first Sub-Zero defeated Shinnok long before either Johnny and Cassie did and the second has beaten Scorpion.
    • All of the Edenian characters would qualify as they have a millennia's worth of fighting experience and mystical abilities thanks to their divine heritage. Special mention goes to Kitana, the princess of Edenia, her friend and bodyguard Jade and Taven, Daegon and Rain who are the sons of the Edenian protector god Argus.
    • Goro the prince of the Shokan race is Outworld's mighiest warrior and he became champion of Mortal Kombat after beating the Great Kung Lao, something Shang Tsung failed to do in his prime. Thanks to his incredible strength, speed, and skill he holds the record for the most consecutive Mortal Kombat tournament victories.
    • Liu Kang is a shaolin monk who has trained in martial arts all his life and is the two time Earthrealm Champion of Mortal Kombat having defeated Goro and Shao Kahn. Mortal Kombat 11 has him become the God of Fire and Thunder thanks to Raiden.
  • Resident Evil:
    • Big Bad Albert Wesker was a martial arts master long before turning himself into a transhuman capable of punching through walls, dodging bullets and tanking RPG explosions.
    • The Resident Evil Main Characters have become this as the games became more action-packed. Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy display crazy martial arts skills with the former employing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and latter Russian Systema, both Chris and Leon also have superhuman prowess and are very crafty. When they fought hand to hand in Resident Evil 6, they matched each other perfectly and were forced to draw guns on each other.
    • Jill Valentine while she already had peak human ability and some Taekwondo skills before, in Resident Evil 5 she unwillingly gets a Super Serum which gives her superhuman abilities akin to Wesker. In her fight with Chris and Sheva she gracefully dodges their bullets and effortlessly overpowers Chris and puts him in a chokehold despite being smaller than him.
    • Jake Muller is a mercenary trained in martial arts and guns and possesses an enhanced physiology he inherited from his father Albert Wesker.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • While Sonic himself normally prefers to just blitz his foes with Super Speed, he's shown himself to be reasonably strong and tough enough to destroy robots with simple kicks and punches, has some skill in hand-to-hand and swordplay, and while rarely using them has the same Chaos powers as Shadow, albeit not as honed or powerful.
    • Knuckles the Echidna has massive Super Strength, being described as being as strong as Sonic is fast, and is also an expert martial artist.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog; being the Ultimate Life Form, he has a plethora of superpowers: Super Speed, Super Strength, Chaos Control, and Chaos Energy attacks yet he's also skilled at vehicular usage, firearms, physical combat and tends to have his head on his shoulders a lot.
  • Spider-Man (PS4): As per usual, Peter Parker/Spider-Man has the proportionate powers of a spider. In addition, he's at the peak of his skills and abilities, having honed them for eight years. This is shown in his fighting style, which incorporates a lot of wrestling, capoeira, and parkour.
  • Metroid: Samus Aran was raised by the Chozo when she was a child. In addition to being trained by them, the Chozo also augmented Samus' DNA with their own, which greatly increased her strength, speed, agility, durability, and sensory capacity. Her modular suit enhances her physicality even further.
  • Halo:
    • Master Chief and the other Spartan IIs are physically enhanced to be stronger, faster, tougher, and significantly larger than a normal human, trained since childhood to be deadly combatants, and equipped with Power Armor that improves their physical abilities even more.
    • The Spartan IVs don't quite match up to the Spartan IIs physically except in size, the majority of them were trained and experienced combat veterans before getting the physical upgrades; they also possess even better armor.
  • Mass Effect: As part of being resurrected in Mass Effect 2, Shepard had been enhanced with cybernetic implants, giving her/him increased physical abilities in addition to already formidable combat skills. This allows her/him to wield weapons like anti-material rifles and krogan guns that a normal human simply wouldn't be able to use.
  • From BlazBlue:
    • Bang initially starts out as a case of Weak, but Skilled, having enough skill to hold his own, but not being anywhere near as powerful as most of the cast. As the games went on, he gained enough strength to match himself against the powerhouses of his world (i.e. Ragna, Relius, Azrael), while still maintaining his skill and training.
    • Kagura Mutsuki is the best case of this in the series. Not only is he incredibly strong, to the point where Ragna outright states that he's on the same level as Azrael (and this is while the Embryo is weakening him and the other entitled barring Ragna, Litchi, and Nine, mind you), but he also boasts decades of training and experience throughout his life in the Duodecim, as well as a prolific military career from the Ikaruga Civil War. It's telling that he's the only character with the skill and physical strength to fight Azrael and win.
    • In the later games, Ragna develops into this. He starts out as Unskilled, but Strong, relying heavily on the Azure Grimoire, but after going through an arc of Power Loss Makes You Strong, he comes out of it with far more skill while maintaining his physical strength, being strong and skilled enough to easily defeat Murakumos, stalemate the aforementioned Kagura, and even match Nine, the greatest magic user in the series (and magic is considered pretty overpowered in the BlazBlue world).
  • Raiden from Metal Gear becomes this full-time in Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, having years of combat experience from all the conflicts he fought in the past games combined with his new cybernetic body that grants him the Super Strength needed to lift and throw Metal Gear RAY units into the air and slice Metal Gear EXCELSUS to pieces with its own blades, which are the size of multi-story buildings.
  • The Doom Slayer in DOOM 2016 is frequently shown having the strength to rip and tear through any demon he encounters, and he clearly knows what he's doing. The Slayer's Testaments written by the demons even state that he's been fighting and killing their kind for eons, so he has more than enough combat experience to qualify. This gets taken further when it's revealed in DOOM Eternal that he's the original Doomguy. Meaning that he has all the experience he gathered kicking Hell's ass throughout all the previous games.
  • As people find out in The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV, Giliath Osborne is a Master Swordsman whose strength is out of this world that he makes the resident Physical God of the Kiseki Series, Arianrhod, look like a chump by comparison. The fact that he uses his BFS one-handed and deliberately trying to lose makes him even more impressive. And if he really wants to, he could put you down without his sword.
  • The player character in Millika Village becomes both powerful and skilled if enough time is spent helping the Chieftain in the mines and helping Lissara with medicine.
  • Fire Emblem:
    • Fire Emblem Fates: Corrin initially starts off as Weak, but Skilled, but by the final battle of each route they have defeated armies, completed the Rainbow Sages trials, improved their swordsmanship, gained familiarity with their draconic abilities, and gained access to the empowered forms of Yato.
    • Felix from Fire Emblem: Three Houses both ties for the third-highest Strength cap (79) and second-highest Strength growth (55%). He's also proficent with three physical weapon types, and while he is a bit Book Dumb (as shown by his weaknesses in Reason and Authority), he is at worst neutral with every other weapon type and all movement types. In-story, he's dedicated to improving both his strength and skill rather than rely on his Crest.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY:
    • While all of Team RWBY are exceptionally skilled fighters, most of are within the physical limits of normal humans in terms of strength and durability. The exception to this is Yang Xiao Long, who has Super Strength, a powerful Aura, and a Semblance that increases her strength even beyond normal when she takes damage. She, on the other hand, was Unskilled, but Strong at first, as she relied too much on her strength and Semblance and had very little defensive skill. She broke out of that trope in Volume 4, when Taiyang explained the weakness in her fighting style and taught her to defend herself properly, and now fits this one; she can fight properly with her gauntlets and defend herself, and her Semblance is strictly a fallback. This is best displayed in the final episodes of the sixth volume, where she takes advantage of Adam's emotional unraveling and baits him to go all out attacking her, and using the resulting dust cloud to obscure the activation of her Semblance, which allows her to disarm Adam and punch him hard enough to drain his Aura, leaving him completely defenseless.
    • Cinder Fall became this upon stealing the power of the Fall Maiden from its previous host, Amber. As Qrow explains to Ruby and co., Amber lost to Cinder because she was young and inexperienced; while she had great power, she couldn't use it effectively. When Cinder acquires the power, she's able to use it to vastly greater effect than Amber ever could.
    • Raven Branwen is an even more blatant example than Cinder as of "Downfall." She's a trained Huntsman/thief, and is the current Spring Maiden; on top of that, she's far more experienced with her powers than Cinder is. Throughout their fight, the only time Cinder manages to put Raven on the defensive is when she tries to use her Grimm arm to drain Raven's powers.
    • Maria Calavera:
      • She was born during a time when the Huntsmen Academies were only just getting up and running. Her father didn't really classify as one so she only knew him as an "old soldier". She was trained by her father instead of going to the academies, but when she took the Huntsman licensing exam, she got higher marks than anyone else.
      • Despite her considerable abilities, she is eventually targeted because of her rare Silver Eyes power - a danger to the Grimm and thus Salem, the Big Bad of the series. The assassin, Tock, is so focused on completing her mission to destroy the threat of the silver eyes power that Maria possesses that she doesn't take account of Maria's training or Semblance at all. When she blinds Maria, Maria is able to use the gravity Dust built into her twin weapons and her Preflexes Semblance to understand their relative positions. It allows her to recall her fallen weapon back to the weapon she's holding, which impales Tock in the back because Tock is standing in the flight path. Maria is then able to decapitate Tock, despite being completely blind. Maria emphasizes to Ruby that it doesn't matter what she can do with the silver eyes power, Ruby must always think of her training and her Semblance as her most powerful tools — those are what saved Maria's life.

    Western Animation 
  • Archer: Sterling Archer, "the world's most dangerous spy", despite his numerous problems, is easily the best fighter at ISIS, emerging triumphant from numerous brawls even against multiple opponents simultaneously. He's likewise strong enough to causally lift a grown man over his head and badly dent a solid metal bucket with a series of quick kicks.
  • Ben 10:
    • Ben Tennyson is in possession of the Omnitrix, the most powerful weapon in the universe. One of the reasons he's allowed to keep wearing it is because there's few who can use the Omnitrix as well as Ben can, including its creator Azmuth. In the original series, he's Unskilled, but Strong, usually just transforming into one of his strength-based aliens, such as Fourarms and Diamondhead, and simply rushing at the bad guys to beat them senseless. From Alien Force onwards, he's more tactical with his aliens and also takes martial arts lessons to minimize his reliance on the Omnitrix.
    • Gwen Tennyson is a Kung-Fu Wizard. She possesses magic/mana that gives her a wide range of powerful abilities, however, she can still kick ass the old-fashioned way if she chooses to. It's interesting to note that in the context of magic users she's actually Unskilled, but Strong, as her physiology being "made of magic" makes her a natural at spell casting, despite her lack of experience compared to other sorcerers like Charmcaster or Hex.
  • Dracula in Castlevania, he's got centuries worth of experience, scientific knowledge along with supernatural strength and powers. Best showcased in the Final Battle where Dracula fights his own Dhampir son Alucard, Vampire Hunter Trevor and sorceress Sypha in a three on one duel and he wipes the floor with them. At one point Alucard even unleashes his full Super Speed against Dracula who in response catches his son out of the air mid-Speed Blitz with his Super Reflexes and slammed him down note .
  • In Class of the Titans, most of the Titans team end up becoming this (Atlanta who has Super Speed, Archie who is Nigh Invulnerable, and Theresa who is psychic), inheriting the powers of their godly ancestors, but also being trained in extensive hand-to-hand combat to make the most of them. The only exceptions are Jay (who for the most is a Badass Normal and is Weak, but Skilled), Herry (who remains as The Big Guy and overpowers with brute force), Odie (who's a thinker rather than a fighter), and Neil (who relies on his supernatural luck to get him out of tight spots).
  • Rex Salazar in Generator Rex. While most E.V.O.s become rampaging monsters upon their mutation, Rex is capable of using his abilities at will (albeit after training), granting him Super Strength and Super Toughness, and the ability to form a variety of vehicles and weapons for a range of options in combat, all while retaining his intelligence and rationality. He also supplements his powers with advanced hand-to-hand skills (presumably taught by Six), impressive aim with projectiles and an impressive ability to plan and improvise. Whats more, as the series goes on, his arsenal of 'Builds' expands and he becomes more creative with how he applies them, making him even more of this trope.
  • Steven Universe:
    • Amethyst and Pearl focus on Force and Finesse, respectively. By comparison, their leader Garnet has a similar level of skill as Pearl, further augmented by precognition, and can easily overpower Amethyst. Although by fusion standards, Garnet is closer to Weak, but Skilled.
    • As the Ultimate Quartz, Jasper is one of the strongest gems alive and is considered the perfect soldier, to the point that she’s miles beyond ordinary quartzes like Amethyst. This, coupled with her skills as a fighter, mean that practically no one but Fusions have been able to match her.
    • Rose Quartz, Steven's mother, was said to be a highly skilled warrior and was shown and implied to be incredibly strong and tough by the standards of any normal Quartz, and had a wide variety of powers and knew how to use them to her advantage. However, she was Weak, but Skilled compared to the other Diamonds.
    • Steven's abilities grow in power and variety over the series, and after Connie becomes Pearl's apprentice, he's inspired to train to actually use them effectively and creatively in combat. By the third season, he's able to match seasoned warrior like Amethyst or Bismuth with technique, not by simply overpowering them. By Steven Universe: The Movie, his powers are likely much stronger than the other Crystal Gems, but he's able to flawlessly defend against Spinel's wild flurry of blows just by going hand-to-hand.
    • Blue and White Diamond primarily rely on their overwhelming power, with little knowledge or appreciation for physical combat or active defense. Yellow Diamond on the other hand has both overwhelming power and seems much more familiar with actually fighting, quickly overwhelming Blue Diamond the one time they actually fought. This is also the reason why Steven was eventually able to overpower White Diamond. White might be far beyond anything else in the series, but as a 'perfect being' she's never needed to change or grow in any way.
  • In Teen Titans
    • Starfire is a Tamarean, and her species is a proud warrior race that emphasize on training and honing combat skills. In addition, thanks to her Tamranean physiology she also has Super Strength, flight, and energy projection.
    • Raven, who usually gives the impression of a Squishy Wizard, actually displays proficiency in hand-to-hand combat. She incorporates physical attacks into her magic usage, casting force fields while blocking or kicking in between the firing of spells.
    • Slade has both enhanced physical capabilities and immense combat skills (enough to wipe the floor with objectively more powerful beings). He is also one hell of a Magnificent Bastard to boot.
    • Cyborg has superhuman strength and an array of weapons and tools built into his body. He is also a mechanical and engineering genius.
  • Young Justice:
    • Aqualad is an Atlantean and naturally stronger than the average human, but he's an exceptional hand-to-hand combat and a master of sword skills.
    • Superboy started off as being Unskilled, but Strong, given he was a clone of Superman and only a few months old. However after the Time Skip he has undergone extensive hand-to-hand training with Black Canary and has incorporated that into his fighting style, being especially skilled with grappling and takedowns. Eventually he's given the role of training newer recruits.
  • Ice Bear of We Bare Bears is not only really strong like you'd expect a polar bear to be, he is also the most agile of the 3 main characters by a long shot. He's also scarily efficient with various bladed weapons.
  • Hawkodile of Unikitty! is both immensely strong and highly skilled in martial arts. His Evil Counterpart Eagleator is also pretty good in both camps.
  • Virgil Hawkins, the main hero of Static Shock. His knowledge of physics comes in very handy when coupled with power over electricity.
  • Transformers: Numerous characters fit this mold but Megatron and Optimus Prime in particular. They are often among the most powerful if not the most powerful members of their respective factions and have had years of training and experience in war.
  • The Cave Monster from Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart. In addition to its massive size and strength, it easily counters every one of Mao Mao's attacks, and incapacitates Badgerclops and Adorabat with virtually no effort.

    Real Life 
  • Your typical real life Bare-Fisted Monk aims to be this; to build strong muscles that can punch through bone, and the type of proper technique needed to channel all their muscles into a strike through Kinetic Linking.
  • In general, you won't get really far into any professional combat sports career if you aren't this. Just to name one, Mike Tyson, the boxer who has reputation as the single strongest puncher in the game in his prime, was also notorious for his incredible defense which basically involved dodging opponent's every punch.


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