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"It's a sobering thought, isn't it? To be able to look out your window and see the end of the world."

Prayer of the Faithless is a Freeware Eastern RPG made in RPG Maker VX Ace, by Vermillion Nova, who also made Soul Sunder, a game set in the same world, but otherwise unrelated.

Miasma, the evil substance from which monsters are formed, constantly boils under the earth's surface. Born from this mire and able to rise from the ground at any time, Miasma Monsters wreak havoc among those unfortunate enough to be outside a settlement protected by a magical flame know as a Kiyoma. However, the threat always remained just outside their doorstep, and the people looked to a prophecy that dictated a hero would come to destroy the Miasma for good.

You play as the cynical Aeyr Wilder and the kindhearted Mia Alacruz. Soon after their training is complete, catastrophic events destroy the very foundations of their daily lives, and they are forced to make the choice between their precious friendship and following the path that they believe is right.


The first demo / prologue was released on 05/31/2016.

Tropes used in Prayer Of The Faithless:

  • An Axe to Grind: Axes are a weapon that Aeyr can wield, like the Soldier Axe.
  • The Chosen One: As her character description, says, Serra Cadmus thinks of herself as one, due to being the only Oracle, regaining her powers while all others lost theirs:
    Believing herself to be a "chosen one" of sorts
  • Color-Coded Characters: Multiple:
  • Combat Clairvoyance: As her character description, says, that's how Serra uses her powers:
    when it's time to fight, Serra stays close to Reyson and uses her powers as an Oracle to predict the future, providing him with her Burst Drives.
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  • Defend Command: Averted. It doesn't have a Defend Command. Instead, it has Focus, which restores some Stamina, a stat that determines how much damage is taken.
  • Flavor Text: For some items, like:
    • Knight Sword: The standard blade for Asalan Knights. Plain, but deadly.
    • Iron Scabbard: Scabbard reinforced with iron.
    • Thanatos: A Soulfire axe that feeds off the malice from within its wielder.
  • Healing Hands: As said in his character description, Aeyr is able to "heal an ally".
  • Life Meter: There is a HP meter, representing the amount remaining as fractions of a red meter.
  • Mana: It's called Stamina, contracted into SP, and the amount possessed when an enemy attacks affects how much damage is taken.
  • Mana Meter: There is a SP meter, representing the amount remaining as fractions of a blue meter.
  • Mana Shield: The amount of Stamina available when an attack is taken affects how much damage is dealt. More Stamina, less damage.
  • Multiple Endings: 3 different endings.
  • Named Weapons: Some Soulfire weapons, such as Thanatos, a Soulfire axe that feeds off the malice from within its wielder.
  • Only Friend: As her her character description, says, Mia is:
    A timid young woman who somehow managed to be Aeyr's only friend
  • Pre-existing Encounters: You can see enemy encounters on the map, allowing you to avoid them if you want.
  • The X of Y: Prayer of the Faithless. The meaning of the title as described by the creator:
    As for the title, well, there are a few reasons why it was chosen. What each player believes when they read the word faith and how it relates to them praying will be different, but not necessarily wrong. Note the word faith used in the description. That's just one meaning. It could be religious faith, faith in humanity, a brighter future, or even in one's self. Maybe it's all of these, maybe none.