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Equestria and the world beyond is vast and ancient, with countless mysteries waiting to be uncovered, and a million stories waiting to be told...
Tagline for Codex Equus

Codex Equus (previously named Codex Equestria) is an ongoing, collaborative Worldbuilding project by BrutalityInc of Equestria: Across the Multiverse, Godzillawolf of the Pony POV Series fame, and many other writers.

The Codex is a detailed series of entries detailing a large number of things about Equestria and Equus as a whole, including the nations, cultures, history, animals and plants, magic and technology, and many many other facets of the world. Codex Equus attempts to massively expand, elaborate, and otherwise add additional details to the land of Equestria and the world beyond it, speculating and building upon what canon and optional canon material has already been provided.

It can be read here.

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Alternative Title(s): Codex Equestria