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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Racists and bigots, as shown how often the Tribalists and Autorists get their flanks handed to them.
    • Also Reactionaries in general. Evil Reactionary trope is in full play as in the Codexverse, reactionaries of any form are almost consistently selfish, narrow-minded, petty, hateful, conceited, deluded, idiotic, hypocritical and otherwise unsympathetic, who had done nothing but hurt innocents and cause strife in their desire to hold back any form of advancement for any reason - a cause which in itself is always shown to be futile to begin with.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Second Age: Queen Dark Crystal, the Grand Matron of All Witches, is one of the most powerful and evil witches to ever exist. After committing many heinous acts as a Hydianite witch, Queen Dark Crystal's first act upon being empowered into the "Ultimate Witch" is to sadistically murder her entire family and devour their souls. She would then unleash a reign of terror, killing countless innocents and causing the Late Bronze Age Collapse before being sealed away. Even sealed away, Queen Dark Crystal would compel the users of her spell book to continue her evil intentions. Upon being released in modern day, Queen Dark Crystal would instantly level a city and attempt to slowly kill all life on Tellus with a permanent eclipse. She would attempt to destroy most life on Equus and corrupt what's left to create a world of sin and evil. Queen Dark Crystal would kill and devour the souls of the Virtuous Seven when they try to stop her after subjecting them to the pain of their predecessors' deaths at her hooves. Even after her demise, the Hydianite covens Queen Dark Crystal resurrected would go on to menace Tellus for tens of thousands of years.
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    • Fourth Age: Khuligan the Brutal is a Giant raider living in the Moroz Valley region who has terrorized it for years. Extorting the settlers of the region even if it'd condemn them to a slow death by starvation, any village that can't pay Khuligan's toll would be destroyed. While eating some, he would choose victims at random, even smaller Giants, and slowly crush them to paste under his hooves or dismember them with his teeth—or worse; he was previously exiled from his homeland for similar brutality. When the town of Moroz defies Khuligan, he amasses a huge raiding party to raze the entire valley to the ground out of petty spite.
  • Cry for the Devil: The villainous residents of Sunnytown have received this treatment. In the original game, the Sunnytowners had little personality as individuals beyond being fanatical zombies who killed a young filly for gaining a Cutie Mark, and nearly did the same to Apple Bloom. Their introduction into the Codexverse massively expanded on the Sunnytowners' backstories and personalities, humanizing them and turning them into otherwise sympathetic individuals who were influenced into doing bad things by an insane stallion. Each of their Codex entries also show how emotionally and mentally damaging fanaticism can be, depicting those who followed Grey Hoof as traumatized individuals who took a long time to recover from their experiences once they are freed from Sunnytown. Because of this, many readers have expressed sympathy for the Sunnytowners - up to the main author of Codex Equus himself - while at the same time expressing fear and disgust towards Grey Hoof and his actions.
  • Iron Woobie:
    • Crystal Prism was once a unicorn colt named Page Wheel until a chance encounter with Midnight Bell later got him kidnapped and experimented on by morally bankrupt individuals, who wanted to turn him into an Alicorn of Change and Rebirth. He became a rampaging, magic-eating monster instead, but ironically, he would become an Alicorn demigod thanks to the magic he devoured after being killed by Luminiferous and the Equestrian Princesses. Understandably, Crystal Prism's experiences were so traumatic that his life afterward was a massive ordeal, and at one point, he felt resigned to being the herald of a "new age" for Ponykind because it's the only life he has left post-Ascension. But thanks to therapeutic help from Mentálne and the encouragement from individuals like Golden Scepter to forge his own destiny, Crystal Prism instead chose to dedicate his life to promoting Change and Rebirth by helping others and doing other heroic deeds even as he recovers from his trauma.
    • Golden Scepter is a very powerful and ancient Alicorn god with an utterly Dark and Troubled Past. He is a Shell-Shocked Veteran from the "Twilight of the Alicorns", a brutal civil war that took away many of his friends and loved ones. However, Golden Scepter's PTSD and other issues didn't become apparent until he founded the Imperium of Ponykind, where they brought out many of his worst traits and deeply affected his judgment so much that a slew of terrible mistakes ultimately got him sealed away, while his Imperium crumbled and collapsed. When Golden Scepter reemerged in the Second Age, he was still essentially a broken stallion, but what prevented him from breaking completely was the influence of Luminiferous and Queen Dazzleglow and his desire to redeem himself for his sins and break free from his past. Even in the Fourth Age, after losing his mortal wife to old age and having to deal problems caused by the various flaws of his nineteen demi-divine sons, Golden Scepter still manages to be a highly beloved ruler and a good parent to his children because he desires to do right by those who love and care for him. Receiving therapeutic help from Mentálne helped as well.
    • Silver Bane was a mortal champion of the Poenan Pantheon, a divine group of fanatical Knight Templars who raised him since foalhood. Taught to suppress both his emotions and his vampiric side, Silver Bane believed he was "cursed" for years, and the only way to obtain inner peace is to smite "Evil" individuals. Unfortunately, the Poenans' harmful teachings ended up nearly killing him when, during a stressful period in his life, he fell into a coma that was caused by the mental manifestation of his suppressed vampiric side, which sought to control his body out of spite. However, his friends' efforts to save him led to Silver Bane reconciling with his vampiric side and letting it permanently transform him physically and mentally, as he learned he's actually a Dhampyr and not a "turned" Pony as was assumed. While he feels incredibly guilty for both his past extremism and for listening to the Poenans despite repeated warnings from merciful factions, he strives to atone for his sins and become a "true" upholder of justice, thanks to the influence of his friends and his young adoptive Griffon daughter, Friede.
  • Moral Event Horizon: For many readers, Ivory Towers crossed this by killing her own parents as sacrifices in order to summon the Greed Demon, Don'yoku, all for the sake of selling her soul for power.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:

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