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Although Codex Equus is Darker and Edgier than canon with hefty doses of horror and Reality Ensues, there are still many moments of hilarity and humour to balance it out.

  • A lot of what Elske the Jotunn Goddess of Love does is freaking hilarious as it is awesome and heartwarming.
    • Once, when an evil ice dragon of monstrous power who was slain ages again in Jotunnheim is about to be resurrected, and the Jotunn Love Goddess Elske and War Goddess Astrid were sent by their divine father to prevent his return. Elske, having got to him first, was so fascinated by the sight of such a being coming back from the dead she proceeded pepper the creature with questions and quips even as he spewed ice at her and tore the landscape with his claws. The resurrected ice dragon eventually grew so tired of Elske's fangirling that he threw himself into a volcano to get away from her. That's right - completely unintentionally, Elske managed to defeat their foe by quite literally jabbering the monster to death.
      • Even more hilarious were the reactions to this feat: Astrid arrived just in time to witness the undead frost wyrm throw himself into a volcano, having dithered to grab as many heroes and worshippers Jotunn or not with promises of 'an epic battle!'. According to Elske, Astrid would end up 'invented all the profanities' used by Jotunns and Deers to this day. The necromancer who resurrected the frost wyrm found his defeat so hilarious he quite literally laughed himself to death. His ghost is still laughing in Astrid's innards even after his body and surviving minions were eaten by Astrid as compensation for being denied an epic battle.
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  • After the Changelings' aeons-long masquerade was finally broken, Crown Prince Bramble of Thicket started musing on how likely it is for a Changeling, like Emperor Blackthorn, to hide in the Alvslog Forest Realm in plain sight as one of them until the time came to strike. It just so happened that CAPTAIN Blackthorn arrives at the wrong time in the middle of the conversation, causing the royal family to imprison him for two days, under heavy guard and constantly probed by Seers and Druids until everyone was fully convinced that he wasn't a Changeling Emperor in disguise.
    Emperor Blackthorn: We are very much amused.
  • A scientist introduces a new self moving cannon to Celestia and Luna. The targeting system leaves...much to be desired. At one point it even tries targeting itself...and fails. Even funnier? It's based off a real world thing.
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  • Once, the Jotunn War Goddess Astrid had enough of Hoyklan Deer Pantheon Trickster God Flœrð's antics and tried to whack him with her giant battleaxe. What she didn't know was that he had already covered the axe with butter. Astrid's signature weapon ended up flying out of her hooves and bonking her father in the head instead, splitting his favorite helmet in half. She was grounded, her battle axe confiscated, not allowed to eat anyone for a full century, and is still pretty embarrassed by the whole thing.
  • Valefor, an enemy of future Dragon Lord Pyro II, had for his ultimate goal awakening and unleashing an ancient primordial demon to ravage the world. And he wanted to do this because... actually, nobody knows for sure exactly why he wants to do it, not even Pyro II. It seems for all his evil and the threat he poised, Valefor apparently had no logical motive for his apocalyptic ambitions, which confused everyone to no end.
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  • Golden Scepter's entry includes a subtle Take That! towards Warhammer 40,000, specifically the origins of the Emperor of Mankind - when he heard that some tabletop game writers made a theory of him being the collective reincarnation of various Pony mages, wizards, and sorcerers, Golden Scepter reportedly laughed, and praised the writers' creativity.
  • Phykti, the Baroness of Pain, is notorious for (among other things) making puns so bad that it counts as torture in itself. Yarost, her elder brother, couldn't stand it either. One time, Yarost declared that if Phykti makes one more pun in his presence, he'll jump down a nearby cliff. Phykti responded by commenting that she finds that 'kind of EDGY'...
    Narration: Incidentally, the cliff was later renamed 'Yarost's Fall'.
  • On top of being heroic and cunning, Flœrð the Hoyklan God of Trickery, Deceit and Mischief is famous/infamous for being a Chivalrous Pervert who Really Gets Around. So much, in fact, that in a canonical drabble, when during the events of the 'Final Ragnarok' he called in his children and grandchildren to aid them in their greatest hour of need, A WHOLE ARMY of gods and demigods turned up as reinforcements, significantly bolstering their forces. And the kicker was that it's still barely a splinter of the whole tree. His baffled siblings are left stunned and wondering just how many partners had Flœrð slept with.
    Flœrð: "The same answer to how many I had tricked, pranked or eaten: I've LOST COUNT."


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