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Despite its tendency to be realistic as well as Darker and Edgier than canon, Codex Equus still manages to maintain the show's heartwarmingly optimistic moments.

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    General (lore, nations, etc.) 
  • The battle with Tyrantlestia, Celestia's tyrannical Evil Counterpart, has a few heartwarming moments.
    • After enduring a mix of "The Reason You Suck" Speech and What the Hell, Hero? from Tyrantlestia, who calls her out on some of her past mistakes in order to "expose" her as the real tyrant, Celestia nearly falters out of guilt and shame... when she hears almost all of Equestria cheering her on, including her friends, students, allies, and loved ones. The sight of her own people encouraging her gives Celestia a Heroic Second Wind powerful enough to give Tyrantlestia her own deconstructive "The Reason You Suck" Speech, before blasting her with Sun magic.
    • During a night walk in the Canterlot gardens, Crystal Prism talks with Celestia. Celestia, experiencing an all-time low in self-confidence and hurting from her experiences, expresses sorrow and regret over her choices and even speculates that despite her monstrosity, Tyrantlestia may actually be right. What follows next is an extremely uplifting conversation as Crystal Prism tries to make the Sun Princess feel better.
      Crystal Prism: Princess... You did a lot of good things. (Celestia looks at him all teary-eyed) Well I mean... I mean it. If you didn't raise the Sun for us, we wouldn't know when to wake up or go to sleep. And uh... Lumi and Dazzleglow talk about you a lot. They would tell me stories of your deeds and how you fought to protect Equus from stuff, like Discord, or Orochi, or that Kraken. If you hadn't been there for every one, lots of people would've died. And even though you messed up with Luna, you were sorry, and you taking her back made other people feel sorry enough to start liking her. If you weren't so nice, we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here.
      Celestia: (sadly) ...You really think so?
      Crystal Prism: Mentálne once said that if you did something bad and you don't feel sorry, there's something wrong with you. When I visited Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker one day, they kept insisting they were right. That I was to be the herald of a New Age or something. No matter what I said, they wouldn't change. So I gave up on them. But you, you were sorry, and you wanted to make it right. That makes you lots better than them. And to be honest, Tyrantlestia sounds like those bullies that would tease Midnight to make her feel bad. Midnight told me that Mentálne said living good is the best revenge since it makes your bullies look pathetic, so you should live good and not listen to Tyrantlestia."
    • And as a reward for making her feel better, Celestia asks, then takes Crystal Prism to greet the Sun with her after he accepts. The Sun is levitated into the air, and they both say hello to it.


    Blue Suede Heartstrings, the King of Music 
  • While visiting Ponyville, Blue met Three Leaf after detecting her suffering with his psychic empathy, and after talking with her for a certain time, he discovered that the troubled mare was being affected by a deeply abusive friendship. Ruby Heart would explain to him Three Leaf's past, and despite personally finding Three Leaf's past actions rather distasteful, Blue is too compassionate to leave her be, and used his domain of Philia Love to cut the "rope" binding her to Grey Hoof. This leads to an exchange between Blue and Three Leaf who believes she doesn't deserve to be helped considering the horrible things she did:
    Three Leaf: ...Why did you help me, Blue? You've heard what I've done. Why did you help me...?
    Blue Suede Heartstrings: Because it's the right thing to do, ma'am. Now, I don't agree with what you and your fellas had done, but after looking at your heart, it was pretty obvious you needed help. And it wouldn't feel right if I left you be just because you swung with the wrong crowd.
    Three Leaf: I... I don't deserve this...
    Blue Suede Heartstrings: Yes, you do. Ever heard of 'Heartbreak Hotel'?
    Three Leaf: No...?
    Blue Suede Heartstrings: In my day, 'Heartbreak Hotel' is what we called a terrible, sad, and lonely place where brokenhearted folks go. You were stuck in that place for a VERY long time, ma'am. I think it's time we get you outta there and help you move into some place BETTER.
  • Mixed with Awesome, after convincing some Alvslog Deer to abandon their forest societies' toxic behavior and become kinder while keeping their love for nature, Blue is caught and arrested by the Elternteil Deer Pantheon, and is taken to trial to be judged for "stealing" away their mortal subjects. During his trial, Blue psychically detected the grief held by High Queen Arvan and reached out to her by empathizing with her sense of loss, comparing it to his own, and treating her with respect the entire time despite being subjected to Fantastic Racism. It's noted that Arvan, having never been empathized with by a non-Deer individual before, was caught off-guard and left rather confused even after the trial ended.
    High Queen Arvan: Ever since Grogar encroached himself upon our lands, THOUSANDS of my people died at his hooves! Even my own divine children were vulnerable to his foul magic! Now I have to LIVE with the fact that no matter what I did, NOTHING could replace them! NOTHING could bring them back! You cannot fathom how much I've MOURNED, interloper! What thousands of years of grief has DONE to me!
    Blue Suede Heartstrings: You think I don't know, but... I do, ma'am.
    High Queen Arvan: ...Wha-What?
    Blue Suede Heartstrings: ...I may never have the same experiences as you do, but I know what it's like to love and lose much. Ever since I Ascended, I've seen many people close to me grow old and die, and I've either had to bury 'em myself or watch 'em be buried. It's been said in my time that no parent should ever bury their own kids... yet as a lover and a father, I've buried my partners and kids more than I've seen 'em live long enough to Ascend. It hurts me whenever I remember them, and to be honest, it still kinda does. I even WISH sometimes that it wouldn't hurt so bad every time my kids leave me... but sooner or later, I have to let 'em go even if it does hurt, because that's a part of raising kids: Letting 'em grow up. [...] All I'm tryin' to say is, ma'am, that you're not alone. You never were. All you need to do is open your eyes, and look at the people who love and adore you.

    Bossa Nova Heartstrings, the Laughing Musician 

    Button Mash, the Gamer of Ponyville 

    Crystal Prism, the Butterfly of Rebirth 

    Gavisus Manes, the Joyous Reaper 
  • A canonized drabble reveals that part of Gavisus' duty as the Alicorn god of Joyous Deaths involves spreading joy to the souls of those who were torn away from their families and loved ones at a young age, and those who were unable to escape abusive homes in life. It's because of this that he sees everyone on his side of the Trimortidae as his sons and daughters, regardless of age and background... including those who see themselves as too old to be needing a parental figure. This leads to an exchange between Gavisus and one such Pony, Moon Ray Vaughoof:
    "I was like, thirty-five when I died," Moon Ray recalled as he helped Gavisus Manes prepare another 'afterlife party' for the incoming deceased. With psionic telekinesis, Moon Ray hung up the corner of a banner painted by artistic members of the Trimortidae. "Ain't I too old fer 'nother Pops or somethin'?"

    "Nope!" Gavisus replied cheerfully. The Joyous Reaper carried yet another box of party decorations on his back. "You're never too old for a substitute parent!"

    "But, uh..."

    Moon Ray started speaking again, but stopped himself to ponder over Gavisus' words. 'Never too old for a substitute parent'... he died in his thirties and thanks to his newly-gained godhood, he will remain at that age, forever young, unless he chose to appear otherwise. The thought of having a parental figure to look up to in his age was baffling, to say the least. Wouldn't someone at his age be independent and self-reliant at this point?

    Unable to come up with an answer of his own, Moon Ray asked, "Why?"

    Gavisus' good cheer went away, gradually replaced with sad empathy. Quietly, he set the box down on the floor, and sat himself on the edge of a stage where a band would be playing for the party.

    "...Moon Ray, c'mere for a sec?"

    Moon Ray flinched, being so unused to seeing a serious side to Gavisus. But he relaxed when his telepathy detected no intent for punishment. He obeyed Gavisus' request and moved to sit next to the older Alicorn god, right on the spot where Gavisus had patted his hoof.

    "I'm the god of Joyous Deaths, so my duty is to spread joy among the dead," Gavisus explained softly. In a blink, his horn flared and generated magical images of various moments in mortal sapientkind's everyday lives. "This includes those who were ripped away from their families at a young age, or had troubles at home that they couldn't escape in life."

    Magical replications of memories flashed before Moon Ray's eyes. He watched as young foals, from babies to teenagers, died tragically, whether through sickness, accidents, or the hooves of those with perverted minds. He watched as other foals screamed and cried whenever their parents heaped abuse on them for things that were not their fault, inflicting trauma that would undoubtedly last for a long time. In the process, dreams were crushed, and any potential they had were unfulfilled.

    But then Gavisus would come, like a bright light in the dark, and do everything he could to cheer up the dead and/or dying foals. They would be taken away to a realm where they would be loved and cared for, and all their emotional and mental wounds would be healed thanks to the Joyous Reaper.

    "Some of the Trimortidae are among those who suffer these kinds of horrible fates, and thus need lots of love and care to help them heal," Gavisus continued. With a thought, he banished the memories back into his mind, letting them fade from the divine realm into nothing. "Therefore, I see EVERYONE in my side of the Trimortidae," As he said it, Gavisus spread his forelegs and hooves wide, "as my sons and daughters, regardless of age and background."

    Moon Ray stared at the Alicorn god with wide eyes. He was adopted... and that meant he has a lot of older and younger brothers and sisters now.

    Including Bossa Nova...

    Moon Ray was brought out of his thoughts by Gavisus' chuckles. "Of course, you don't have to call yourself 'son' if you don't think it fits..." Then Gavisus's face became softer again. "But given what happened between you and your father, I thought you needed some-creature who loves you and cares for you like a true father should."

    Moon Ray felt his own face warm itself rapidly as his cheeks turned a very bright red. Trembling, he bowed his head and turned away, tipping his black gaucho hat downwards with a shaking hoof in a vain attempt to hide his flushed embarrassment.

    "Aw, geez..." Moon Ray muttered. He hoped Gavisus wouldn't see his face. But a few thoughts told him Gavisus already knew. The fatherly hoof that placed itself on Moon Ray's shoulder proved it.

    Finally, Moon Ray sharply exhaled and forced himself to look at Gavisus again. By the time he did so, his eyes were wet and slightly stinging.

    "...Thanks, P-Pops." Moon Ray felt nervous saying it, but nonetheless there was love and genuine acknowledgement in his voice. "Really appreciate it."

    Gavisus' mirth seemed to have returned, because suddenly Moon Ray was swept up in a big hug and squeezed rather tightly. Moon Ray swore he heard his own body squeak during the hug, like some foal's squeaky toy.

    "No problem!" was Gavisus' cheerful response.
    • What makes this even more heartwarming is Moon Ray's genuine acknowledgement and acceptance of Gavisus as his adoptive father, even calling him "Pops". It really says a lot about how he feels about Gavisus vs. how he feels about his birth father, Sunny Mane.

    Golden Scepter, the Radiant Emperor of Ponykind 
  • Both comments and Written Word's entry reveal that Golden Scepter had slept with both mares and stallions during the time of the Alicorn Civilization. Though it's mixed with Tear Jerker in that he genuinely and deeply regretted his actions despite his attempts to keep himself "honest", it's Heartwarming and Awesome in that despite it all, Golden Scepter still made efforts to be a good lover for both his male and female partners by giving all of them the love and respect they deserved, and still remembers them fondly even after several millennia had passed since the "Twilight of the Alicorns" conflict. That being said, however, he loves his wife and nineteen demi-divine sons just as much, and makes it clear to his thirteenth son, Written Word, that even though he had a lot of good moments with his previous partners, that doesn't make his family any less special and precious to him in his eyes.
    Prince Written Word: ...Were they like you and... Mother?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Some, yes. But many others, they took multiple partners, whether out of Love, or on a whim. Some liked mares. Others liked stallions. The rest... a bit of everything. I... I admit that I am not too proud of what I had done in that period of time. Even though I tried to keep myself honest and treat all of my partners with the love and respect they deserved, I still partook in the more... dishonest activities that my people once did. Sometimes I would think about what happened, and I would wonder where we had all gone wrong.
    Prince Written Word: Do you, uh... do you miss them? Whoever they are?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Oh my son... it has been a long, LONG time since I have last seen them. The war that destroyed our civilization took many of us, and after it was over, the survivors simply retreated from the world, never to be seen again. There is never a day where I do not think about my previous partners, their current state of well-being, and the moments we had together. But I assure you, that does not mean I love them any more than I love you, your brothers, or your Mother. You are all very precious to me in your own ways, and I honestly cannot ask for a better family.
  • A few entries mention that Golden Scepter is a good friend of Temnobog, with the former's many demi-divine sons closely interacting with Temnobog's surviving children, the Four Terrors. A canonized Codexverse quote reveals why: When he heard of Temnobog's childhood emotional abuse at the hooves of the Elternteil Deer pantheon, Golden Scepter was extremely empathetic and assured the God of Evil that even if he may not fully understand what happened, as he had never been abused himself, he will do everything he can to help Temnobog and by extension, Belyolen, and make sure they both have everything they need. It was noted by many divines that this act of kindness forever endeared Temnobog to Golden Scepter despite the two of them being as different as night and day in almost everything, because the Alicorn Emperor treated him like a person instead of the "evil abomination" his family and many other people saw him as.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Temnobog... even though I can feel everything that you feel, I cannot say that I truly understand your suffering and your struggles, because I have never been abused myself. However, that does NOT mean that I will abandon someone in desperate need of help, ESPECIALLY those I call my friends... even if one of my friends is someone who is supposedly 'evil to the core'. If you, or your brother, are in a dire situation or you simply just want to talk, do not be afraid to seek me out. I will try to give you everything that you need to the best of my ability.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, after his blind eighth son, Prince Crimson Star, became rather depressed to the point of letting himself be severely injured by his three hateful brothers to redeem himself for being an Insufferable Genius even towards his family, Golden Scepter took him to the royal infirmary so his son could be healed. His subsequent speech, though angry, shows just how much he loved Crimson Star despite his misdeeds, as well as how terrified he was of nearly losing one of his beloved sons again after the latter managed to survive the very accident that blinded him.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: I do not care if I have a thousand sons, or twenty or five, you are STILL no less deserving of MY love and praise, Crimson Star, for you and your brothers are of my own flesh and blood. And I will NOT stand by and watch while you torture yourself excessively for the sake of atonement. Even if you HAVE acted like an arrogant and reckless hooligan as of late, there are better ways to redeem yourself and make amends with those you have wronged. Forsaking your potential, your future, and even your own life by turning yourself into a scapegoat for our little ponies to blame is NOT one of them.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, Golden Scepter's conversation with Crystal Prism regarding the latter's destiny. Crystal Prism is understandably bitter over his "creators" still getting the Alicorn they wanted despite their comeuppance, and feels resigned to being the herald of a "new age" for Ponykind since it's all he has now. In response, Golden Scepter encouraged him to forge his own path in life, correctly pointing out that since Crystal Prism now embodies Change and Rebirth, he has more options available to him now.
    Crystal Prism: Well, I guess she still got what she wanted, in the end... I Ascended and became the Alicorn of Rebirth and Change, heralding a 'new age' and all that. I suppose it's my only destiny now... right?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: No... no, my little pony. It is not the only destiny you have... far from it, actually.
    Crystal Prism: What makes you say that, Emperor?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: I have the power to see the future of every pony on this planet. And yet, an old friend of mine taught me that 'nothing is truly set in stone'. Every person, divine and mortal, has the power to change and determine their fate, including you.
    Crystal Prism: But... how can I do that if... if...?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: You embody Change, do you not?
    Crystal Prism: Er... yes?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Then you have your answer. What that old mare and her crony did to you was wrong. However, you have more roads open to you now. What you will do with your life and your new divinity from this point on, is entirely up to you.
  • After seeing his eighth son, Crimson Star, get along very well with Jasper, a shy and withdrawn yet studious Abyssinian ex-soldier, Golden Scepter decided to make Jasper his son's "Companion" or bodyguard. On the surface, it looks like a foolhardy decision since Jasper is completely unsuited for a combat role, due to his introverted personality and horrible experiences with bullying in the Terran army... until it is revealed that the true purpose of being a Companion is to be Crimson Star's best friend and confidant. By Golden Scepter's own admission, Jasper's friendship with Crimson Star reminded him of how one of his "Golden Generals", a talented sorcerer/psyker, befriended a long-dead Captain-General of the fabled Adeptus Custodes, so he tried encouraging that friendship by giving Jasper a position that required him to be close to his eighth son at all times. This means that Golden Scepter essentially made being a friend of his sons an official position in the Terran Empire.
  • After Fanged Paw joked about him and his brothers Ascending to demi-godhood by "going outside", Mercy interpreted it as Ascending to godhood by literally going outside, so she tries doing just that. She ends up being gone long enough to send her father and uncles into a panic looking for her. Golden Scepter finds her, and upon hearing that Mercy wants to Ascend like her family, they have a short heart-to-heart talk about it before he takes her back home.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Mercy, what were you doing outside? Your father and your uncles have been looking for you for a while now.
    Mercy: Oh, hello Grandpa Golden. I'm trying to Ascend.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Ascend?
    Mercy: Yeah. Uncle Fang said that he and Papa and everyone Ascended by going outside. So I'm trying to Ascend, too.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: ...You do realize, Mercy, that not everything Fanged Paw says is correct?
    Mercy: What?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: People will tell you all kinds of things, but not all of them should be followed. Fanged Paw means well, but he's a joker at heart, and doesn't really mean what he says sometimes. That applies to everything your more... ahem, high-spirited uncles say as well. Yes, your father and most of your uncles did Ascend by going outside, but that is really just simplifying it. In actuality, they traveled all over the world until they Ascended.
    Mercy: Wow! Can I Ascend like them, too, Grandpa?
    Emperor Golden Scepter: Well... I heard that a set of toy blocks made for divine children managed to come alive just like you, and eventually earned godhood herself. If that's possible, then yes, it might happen for you... though it really depends, Mercy. It took your father and your uncles a few years at most to Ascend, some even longer depending on their actions. And even then, they all had to do something extraordinary to make that leap. I cannot guarantee when you will Ascend or how you will Ascend, as it is a very complicated process for everyone, even sapient objects.
    Mercy: Awwwww... that sounds really hard...
    Emperor Golden Scepter: I know, Mercy. But do not lose heart. If there's something I know, it's that everyone and everything has potential to do something great. Even if you don't end up Ascending, I'll still be proud of you either way. Now come, I heard that your father is planning to rip this Empire apart just to find you, and I'm really not looking forward to cleaning up after him...

    Mercy, the Holy Blade/Eater of Worlds 
  • After Mercy and Prince Written Word find a religious mural that depicted the royal Terran family as a divine pantheon, Written Word regards it with shame as the mural strongly reminds him of his past stint as a priest. Mercy, who has absolutely no idea what this means, tries to comfort him by saying he and his family look "super cool" in the mural, which Written Word appreciates nonetheless.
    Prince Written Word: Another religious depiction of us... Makes me wish I never joined the priesthood in the first place.
    Mercy: To be honest, though, I think you guys look super cool, Uncle Word.
    Prince Written Word: ...Thank you, Mercy.
  • Mercy's relationship with her adoptive cousin, Rosy Dreams, is this. After hearing of Rosy's sexually abusive past with her birth father, Sweet Words, Mercy took it upon herself to act as Rosy's "big sister". And since then, Mercy has been extremely supportive and protective of her, allowing Rosy to recover from her trauma and open up. It's noted that Princes Red Blade and Bright Eyes, their respective adoptive fathers, both find this endearing and are very proud of Mercy for helping Rosy out.
    Mercy: (to Rosy Dreams) Don't worry, Rosy! I'm gonna be your bestest, perfectest big sister EVER!

    Moon Ray Vaughoof, the King of Blues 
  • Moon Ray's interactions with Lucky Shot are heartwarming. He visited Lucky Shot during one of the lowest moments of his life and proceeded to treat the colt kindly, including calling Lucky Shot by his birth name instead of "Regal Pillar", which Lucky Shot hated. And when it was time for Lucky Shot's spirit to be exorcised from his host body, Moon Ray stayed with him the entire time to provide emotional support, and took him to the Heaven-Realm where Lucky Shot's dead parents resided afterwards. All this led to Lucky Shot calling Moon Ray "Uncle Moony". It's noted in Lucky Shot's entry that Moon Ray is currently working on helping him let go of his hatred towards his grandparents, so he could be finally and completely free of their abusive influence.
  • Moon Ray's interactions with Cloudy Brush, a fellow Trimortidae, are also heartwarming.
    • When Cloudy Brush was a teenage mortal Earth pony, she was bullied by her classmates so much for defending her deceased friend (who was hated for being a 'War Rock sympathizer' when he actually wasn't) that she hit rock-bottom, and tried ending it all by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Moon Ray happened to be in the area and saved Cloudy Brush just in time. He also let Cloudy Brush unleash her previously suppressed grief and listened to her problems, after which he would help her return home to her tearful family.
    • He was responsible for [WIP]

    Prince Crimson Star, the Red Scholar 
  • His entire conversation with Tempest Shadow, a unicorn mare so embittered by her broken horn that she became one of the Storm Empire's feared Generals in response to the Equestrians' social stigma and mistreatment of her disability. Crimson Star sympathizes with her greatly as he, too, lost something personal that many took for granted - in his case, his sight - and acknowledges that had things turned out differently after his accident, he would've likely ended up in Tempest Shadow's shoes. Despite Tempest Shadow's resentment towards him having a horn while she does not, and being genuinely confused as to why he would associate himself with a "traitorous cripple", Crimson Star replies that he did so because he still sees great potential in Tempest Shadow regardless of her disability and what she had done, and has the knowledge and resources to help her based on his own experiences.
    "Hmph. I don't see how you can sympathize with me in any way. At least YOU still have a horn..." Tempest Shadow bitterly noted, as she looked away from the Alicorn prince standing before her.

    Crimson Star winced. The envy, resentment, and self-loathing the dark mare bore felt all too real. Had certain events played out differently, he would have stood in her place, heavily embittered by the loss of something personal that he once took for granted.

    "True... I still have a horn. But what I don't have is the ability to SEE," Crimson Star replied, earning back Tempest Shadow's gaze. "If there is anything important I have learned, it's that sight is extremely important to magic-casters. Many spells are learned by reading the instructions and practicing their effectiveness. Once a mage is blinded, their use to society and their people is significantly diminished."

    Then, Crimson Star sighed. "...I took my own sight for granted, and I paid dearly for my arrogance. I can still 'see' to some degree by using my innate magical senses, but it is a shadow of what I once had. You are truly lucky, Tempest Shadow. You may have a broken horn, but you can still see the world for what it's worth, in more ways than one."

    For a moment, Tempest Shadow felt... something. A connection, knowing that someone suffered just as much as she did. But Crimson Star was still vastly different from her. He was the divine son of a highly beloved Emperor who was also an extremely ancient god, a prodigy born into royalty and power that she could scarcely dream of. While she's a 'traitorous cripple' who acted out of extreme pettiness and selfishness, as certain people and groups have called her.

    How could anyone sympathize with her, after everything she had done to her own country?

    "Then... why approach me, Your Highness? Why associate yourself with a broken unicorn who became one of the Storm King's most feared generals, and nearly brought Equestria to complete ruination as a result?" Tempest Shadow asked.

    "Because I see someone who still has a great future ahead of them despite their disability, and the tribulations they have gone through," was Crimson Star's reply. The dark unicorn was surprised, being instantly reminded of Luminiferous, who had met her previously. "When I was blinded, my father ensured that I could still accomplish something worthwhile. Now I have the knowledge and the means to help people like you."

    Prince Fanged Paw, the Savage Wolf 

    Prince Written Word, the Messenger of Faith 

    Silver Bane, the Dark Hunter 

    Temnobog, the Dark One 
  • Though mixed with Tear Jerker, he Four Terrors' Codex entries reveal that Temnobog had been doing all that he could during the family schism brought on by Ispita's Fall, as well as the aftermath. He stopped Yarost's rampage by simply having him restrained until his fury ran out, and after Yarost experienced an emotional breakdown, he helped his eldest son recover emotionally, inspiring Yarost to become The Stoic so he wouldn't repeat his furious actions again. He would talk to Phykti while she was suffering from depression, later inspiring her to do the same with her own demonic servants and champions. And when he caught Bolezn trying to hide his own feelings on the matter out of fear, he let Bolezn vent and cry so he could achieve personal closure. It shows that despite being a god of Evil and unapologetic about it, he still tries to be the best parent he can be for his children.


    Storm King Crisis 

    Revenge of Apertus 

    Toxikon Crisis 

    Temptation Unbound 

    Final Ragnarok 


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