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Despite its tendency to be realistic as well as Darker and Edgier than canon, Codex Equus still manages to maintain the show's heartwarmingly optimistic moments.

  • The battle with Tyrantlestia, Celestia's tyrannical Evil Counterpart, has a few heartwarming moments.
    • After enduring a mix of "The Reason You Suck" Speech and What the Hell, Hero? from Tyrantlestia, who calls her out on some of her past mistakes in order to "expose" her as the real tyrant, Celestia nearly falters out of guilt and shame... when she hears almost all of Equestria cheering her on, including her friends, students, allies, and loved ones. The sight of her own people encouraging her gives Celestia a Heroic Second Wind powerful enough to give Tyrantlestia her own deconstructive "The Reason You Suck" Speech, before blasting her with Sun magic.
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    • During a night walk in the Canterlot gardens, Crystal Prism talks with Celestia. Celestia, experiencing an all-time low in self-confidence and hurting from her experiences, expresses sorrow and regret over her choices and even speculates that despite her monstrosity, Tyrantlestia may actually be right. What follows next is an extremely uplifting conversation as Crystal Prism tries to make the Sun Princess feel better.
      Crystal Prism: Princess... You did a lot of good things. (Celestia looks at him all teary-eyed) Well I mean... I mean it. If you didn't raise the Sun for us, we wouldn't know when to wake up or go to sleep. And uh... Lumi and Dazzleglow talk about you a lot. They would tell me stories of your deeds and how you fought to protect Equus from stuff, like Discord, or Orochi, or that Kraken. If you hadn't been there for every one, lots of people would've died. And even though you messed up with Luna, you were sorry, and you taking her back made other people feel sorry enough to start liking her. If you weren't so nice, we wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be here.
      Celestia: (sadly) ...You really think so?
      Crystal Prism: Mentálne once said that if you did something bad and you don't feel sorry, there's something wrong with you. When I visited Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker one day, they kept insisting they were right. That I was to be the herald of a New Age or something. No matter what I said, they wouldn't change. So I gave up on them. But you, you were sorry, and you wanted to make it right. That makes you lots better than them. And to be honest, Tyrantlestia sounds like those bullies that would tease Midnight to make her feel bad. Midnight told me that Mentálne said living good is the best revenge since it makes your bullies look pathetic, so you should live good and not listen to Tyrantlestia."
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    • And as a reward for making her feel better, Celestia asks, then takes Crystal Prism to greet the Sun with her after he accepts. The Sun is levitated into the air, and they both say hello to it.


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