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  • Creator Breakdown: Brutalityinc, the creator, co-author and main editor of Codex Equus, had recently admitted in status posts and comments that his Creator's Pest issues as well as scorn and distaste for certain tropes, plots and character types stems partly from undisclosed, ongoing Real Life issues that are afflicting his life and his home country, events that are leaving him positively 'trembling' with anxiety, rage and despair. He had often hinted between the lines of comments how uncomfortable he is to even look at those tropes and stories, since they often remind him too much of the ongoing situation and people back home and often serving as his personal berserk buttons, trauma buttons or misery triggers. He had kept this to himself until recently as he does not want them to get in the way of the project, and out of principles and respect for other readers and writers he does not prohibit entries and stories that contains them, insisting that these are his 'personal problems' and he would do everything possible to support his fellow writers with their stories despite his discomfort.
    Brutalityinc: Problems started because of news about things turning for worse on my end of the world. Don't want to depress you with details, but everyone we know is certain where we live is effectively fucked by pressing circumstances. That's on top of stress I'm already having.

    Brutalityinc: Too many things are hitting way too close to home these days. Mother told me to avoid the news and try and distract myself with my studies and media. Studying already stressful as it is, that leaves only the media.

    I go online hoping to read or watch anything but things which would remind me of the crumbling situation back home, and what do I get? Every other thing I see pressing my berserk, anxiety and depression buttons. Repeatedly. Sometimes all three at once.

    There is just no escape anymore.
  • Creator's Pest: The following to BrutalityInc.
    • Chrysalis from canon. BrutalityInc had admitted on multiple occasions to utterly loath her as a character, to the point he himself believes his hatred reaches irrational levels. These reasons stems seeing her as having completely failed to live up to her supposed cred as a master manipulator and The Chessmaster in canon by constantly making VERY idiotic mistakes, her lack of depth as a character beyond being a ruthless, sociopathic, power-hungry tyrant, yet despite all her failings she nevertheless always being able to somehow come close to winning on too many occasions even when she has no rights, which BrutalityInc believes is mostly due to sheer dumb luck, Plot Armour or the heroes opposing her, in his eyes, being EVEN MORE inept and idiotic than she is. He has gone on record saying that the utterly inept Chrysalis portrayed in "The Mean Six" episode more or less summarizes exactly what he think of her. Nevertheless, out of respect for other writers and readers who liked her, he has tone down his bashing of her and given her credit where it's really due (e.g. legitimately defeating Cadence, an Alicorn, off-screen), as well as leaving the question of her competence ambiguous and open for the readers to decide both in-universe and out.
      • BrutalityInc has also hinted he wrote the Changeling Court entries, which massively expands the Changelings from canon into a civilization that is much, MUCH larger and deeper than Chrysalis and her hive partly because he doesn't want a legitimately interesting race/culture with much story potential to be tainted by association with her. That's right, the creation of a significant part of the Codexverse is most likely motivated, in part, out of BrutalityInc's dislike for Chrysalis. And given Codex Equus BEGAN with the Changeling Courts entries, it's not inconceivable to think the entire thing wouldn't had got off the ground if he didn't despise her, his enmity serving as the foundation that the monument of creativity which is the Codexverse would be built upon. THAT is how much he hated Chrysalis.
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    • BrutalityInc also apparently have a thing against Card Carrying Villains who does things For the Evulz in general, disliking their lack of depth and/or disturbed by their characterization. Whenever he creates one - and he RARELY does - they always come off as stupid, insane, or otherwise pitiful, and those that either came from canon or are inspired by Evil-reveling Card-Carrying Villains from other sources, such as Cosmos, Temnobog and Surtr are written or rewritten to flesh out their personalities and motivations, either to make them deeply sympathetic or just to make them better villains. Otherwise, the absolute best a Card-Carrying Villain For the Evulz character can expect in entries written by BrutalityInc himself is probably a snide in-universe comment on their antics. He has admitted in the comments section of their entries that his entries on Temnobog and Surtr are done partly to experiment in making Card-Carrying Villains that are actually interesting. Temnobog in particular is designed specifically to subvert conventional character archetypes by making him a 'good' guy despite still being completely, unapologetically evil.
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  • One of Us: Nearly all the authors of the Codex Equus project have accounts on TV Tropes and quote/invoke tropes extensively, both in-universe and out.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Due to being a collaborative work, many of the newer entries are from fans who were previously okay with just reading the entries.
  • Refitted for Sequel: According to her creator, Empress Blackrose's original character concept was a Tragic Villain who was consumed by revenge on Discord to the point she does outright villainous things in pursuit of it. This was changed during development to turn her into an Anti-Hero with some Good Is Not Nice traits. Her Fatal Flaw being Wrath was a holdover from this. This concept was reused for Despotic Destiny and Broken Harmony in the War Against Order Arc, something Blackrose now Rosedust makes reference to by comparing them to herself at her worst.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • One of the Codexverse writers, Randomfan11, originally intended Mitta and Silver Bane to become demigods as part of their Character Development. However, BrutalityInc advised her to write them as mortal/immortal heroes instead, feeling that such characters were being underrepresented in comparison to the Codexverse's divine entries. Given how their official entries were well-received, it may have been the better decision, and Randomfan11 even expressed relief that she decided to seek help during the writing process.
    • Blue Suede Heartstrings, an Alicorn god of Music and Humility who is based on Elvis Presley, was originally going to be named "Blue Heartstrings", presumably as an early draft and to keep the references to Elvis subtle. Apparently the writer responsible thought that wasn't a good idea, as she later added "Suede" to the name when she wrote his entry.
    • Moon Ray Vaughoof, who's based on Stevie Ray Vaughan, was originally conceptualized as a Music deity. However, Randomfan11 decided to forego that in favor of making Moon Ray a god of Death, Temperance, Water, and Forgiveness after reading about Stevie Ray's death, his battles with addiction, and his childhood growing up with an alcoholic father.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: In response to a reader asking about the lack of World Building for other canon races, the author admits that he pretty much invokes this trope for the work as a whole, which is the reason for the multiple counts of Sequel Gap and why many multi-parter entries were Left Hanging for years before being resumed. That is, if they were ever resumed at all.
  • The Wiki Rule: Codex Equus wiki.


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