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As a world-building project above all else, Codex Equus massively expands the setting of Equestria and Equus as a whole in terms of scale, and that includes a wide range of original characters in the form of individuals, groups and nations - whether they are ordinary or extraordinary, heroes or villains, sovereigns or overlords, creatures or monsters, mortals or immortals - as well as expanding on the backstories and profiles of the various canon characters like the Mane Six.


Because the character page had grown too large, it has been split into several pages.

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    General Setting 
  • Made of Magic: There are many magical entities on Equus, and the Divines, like the tulpas, elementals and mortal souls are no exception. The main difference between Divines from all other magical entities are that their divine magic is primarily Primordial Quintessence - magic in its most pure, undiluted form as a grand-unifying force of nature. Because PQ is not saturated by irregular fluctuations and distortions as a result of interacting with other forces and aspects of nature, the purity of 'tone' allows Divine magic to interact with reality on scales far beyond mortals. To that effect, mundane magic or materials cannot interact or disrupt Primordial Quintessence without significant resistance/difficulty.
  • Matriarchy: Zigzagged; Equus is heavily matriarchal, with several kingdoms ruled by women though patriarchies exist as well. More often than not, the rulers are divine. While the queendoms are portrayed as stable and thriving, this does not automatically mean they're "better" than Equus's patriarchies, as individually, the matriarchs themselves tend to be flawed at best.
    • Equestria is ruled by the Royal Sisters, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, as well as Princess Twilight Sparkle. They are all Alicorns.
    • The Crystal Empire was traditionally ruled by a long line of benevolent Empresses. In recent history, however, they've switched to the Princess system, so it's currently ruled by Princess Cadence who is the real political power, while her husband, Shining Armor, is the Crystal Empire's Prince-Regent.
    • The Spring Court is ruled by Empress Blackrose and her daughters, the Changeling Queens. While they present themselves as better than their Summer Court counterparts, most queens tend to be patronizingly superior towards their subjects, thinking that only they have the right to rule due to their divine parentage, as well as extremely racist towards dragons. Their mistreatment of Queen Acherontia and Dragon Lord Vulcan led to the birth of Princess Apertus, and Queen Odonata, who's half-Kirin, would've gone down the same path if more benevolent family members haven't intervened.
    • Kerajaan Cahaya, and by extension the Glimmering Isles, is ruled by Queen Dazzleglow, a Sparkle Pony Alicorn.
    • The society of Nature Giants is stated to be completely matriarchal. Most Nature Giants live in communities called "Groves", led by the eldest and/or wisest mare called the "Garránbhean". The Garránbheans are political and religious leaders, though all of them answer and pay their respects to the Queen of the Nature Giants. This is justified in that the Nature Giants worship the nature goddess, Gaea, as their sole deity, invoking Women Are Wiser.
  • Physical God: What all gods in Equus generally are. Based on the mechanics of the Codexverse, they come in three types:
    • Elemental Deities are gods who originates as elemental entities, magical beings born from the background magical interactions of natural phenomena and processes such as thundering storms, volcanic eruptions, oceanic currents etc.
    • Ethereal Deities are gods who originates as 'ethereal entities', magical beings born from the background magical interactions of sapient beings' thoughts and emotions, imprint in patterns within the weave of magic which achieves order, complexity and eventually awareness by chance. They were generally tulpas, angels, demons and other ideas and feelings coming to life prior to achieving godhood.
    • Ascendant Deities are sapient mortals which, whether in life or upon death, had acquired enough power or achieved such impressive deeds they were judged worthy of Ascension.
  • Stronger with Age: Deities get stronger as they grow, with the older deities being incredibly powerful and feared.

    Heroes & Villains of Equus 

    Deities & Pantheons of Equus 

    Nations & Civilizations of Equus 
  • Principalities of Equestria
    • Canterlotnote 
    • Ponyvillenote 
  • Sunnytownnote 
  • Grittish Islesnote 
  • Crystal Empirenote 
  • Luchalibrenote 
  • Alvslog Deer Realmsnote 
  • Erobreseg Deer Realmsnote 
  • Abyssinianote 
  • The Storm Empirenote 
  • Terran Empirenote 
  • The Changeling Courts
    • Spring Courtnote 
    • Summer Courtnote 
    • Autumn Courtnote 
    • Winter Courtnote 
  • Kulesian-Mazlander Commonwealthnote 
  • The Cloven Empirenote 
  • Hyrulenote 
  • Machinanote 
  • Neighponnote 
  • Imperium of Ponykind
  • Kerajaan Cahayanote 
  • Sauropodanote 
  • Meridianote 
  • Dragonflightsnote 
  • Giants
  • Mephitidianote 
  • Alicorn Civilizationnote 
  • The Visitorsnote 

    Wildlife of Equestria 

    Other Characters 
  • Historical & Mythical Charactersnote 


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