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Tyrannos Pantheon

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  • Evil Overlord: Are all themed around aspects that permit tyrannical governments to exist.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Propagare manipulated both Xestobium and Toxikon into playing a part in their grand scheme. Censura was also spotted around the area when Dr. Toxikon went mad, making some speculate in-universe the Tyrannos were egging on Toxikon's rampage as well.
  • In Their Own Image: They all want the Cycle to rotate so they can rebuild the world from the ashes as they see fit. Unfortunately for them, there are heroes and other like-minded people who seek to stop them from achieving their goal.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Desire to see the Cycle continue and civilization again get blasted back to the Stone Age so they can rebuild from the ashes.
  • Psycho Rangers: To the Novellus Pantheon, who all embody things that allow Equus as a whole to exist and prosper.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Propaganda, Deceit, Tyranny

Rank: Godling

"Mortals are their own easiest dupes; they always wish to believe what they want to be true."

The leader of the Tyrannos Pantheon and god of propaganda.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Propaganda, Deceit, and Tyranny.
  • Big Bad: As leader of the Pantheon.
  • Bastard Understudy: Has a mentor in Emperor Blackthorn of the Changeling Summer Court in the arts of deception, manipulation and scheming, who wants to 'optimize' Propagare for his own agendas. Propagare has made at least two attempts to double-cross his mentor by provoking potentially-apocalyptic conflicts between Changelingkind and Dragonkind, both causing considerable amount of damage even in failure. Emperor Blackthorn so far has let it slide - for now - because he was impressed by how well Propagare pulled both off and sees it only natural for Propagare to do it.
  • Charm Person: One of his divine abilities.
  • Compelling Voice: To a degree, the more someone believes his lies the more control he has over them. Best observed when he manipulated Xestobium into giving into his revenge.
  • Consummate Liar: His silver tongue is noted as one of his most dangerous powers. To note: he has the Clovenists and Autorists both convinced that he's firmly on their side manipulating the other to their advantage.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Cultura, as both deal with fiction, but Propagare in a far more insidious way.
  • Fatal Flaw: Potentially, his arrogance and overconfidence, the result of his youth and insufferable genius. Although it has yet to come into play, his mentor Emperor Blackthorn observed them and noted that while Propagare is good for his age, he isn't perfect, and that if he doesn't get over them soon, he risks being undone by them later down the line.
  • Inevitable Mutual Betrayal: He and Blackthorn are very understanding of the fact the other has every intention of inevitably betraying them. Propagare had already made two attempts - only time will tell when Emperor Blackthorn would pull one on him.
  • Insufferable Genius: He is VERY clever and skilled for his age, and knows it. This is observed when he manages to play a Changeling King - who are intelligent and competent in general and that one particularly so - like a fiddle. His mentor Changeling Emperor Blackthorn notes that this quality also made him a tad bit arrogant, believing that he is too smart to get caught up in unforseeable consequences of his actions - which Blackthorn warned can lead to his downfall.
  • Master of Illusion: He's capable of creating large scale illusions and hallucinations, which become more real the more the target believes in them. Did this for Xestobium as part of his manipulation, having images of atrocities being committed by Dragons and Summer Court Changelings played along with a song to stoke Xestobium's vindictive rage - the image that finally set Xestobium off being a family of a mother and children being burned to death by dragon-fire.
  • Top God: The leader of the Tyrannos Pantheon.
  • Younger Than They Look: He may look like an adult charismatic divine Alicorn/Deer/Griffon/whatever to any normal observer, and is insidiously clever and knowledgeable as one. But Propagare is actually just a few years old, having came into existence with the rise of the Autorists and Clovenists and their propaganda operations, both of which are relatively recent. And he is effectively a newborn by Deity standards, being a Godling.
    • This plot point comes into play in Emperor Blackthorn's assessment of him and his schemes; he may be very good for his age, but he is still young and inexperience, and like any youth a tad bit too reckless, careless and overconfident for his own good. If he doesn't grow out of them quickly enough, Emperor Blackthorn warned, he risks being undone by them.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Censorship, Conspiracy, Tyranny

"Those who controls the knowledge controls the power. Those who controls the power controls the world."

The god of censorship.


Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Metal, War Profiteering, War Time Economy

Rank: Godling

"War's always good for business - and since I am a merchant of death, it’s always good for me!"


Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Warmongers, Military Dictatorships, Amoral Warriors

Rank: Godling

"I sure love the smell of burning cities and rotting flesh in the morning - and for the rest of the day!"

Like some evil Giants, Khakiston is a bloodthirsty and aggressive warmonger that loves to conquer and spill blood whenever he can. While this behavior is vastly frowned upon as stereotypical behavior for a Giant, Khakiston embraces it.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: To Astrid Titanna, Jotunn Goddess of War, having repeatedly tried to court her and repeatedly getting pummeled into the ground by her in disgust. The hilarious part is that he's completely oblivious to her animosity, and due to his warped violent personality, the fact that she responds by angrily beating him up causes him to see it as her reciprocating her feelings for him.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Warmongers, military Dictatorships, and Amoral Warriors.
  • Asshole Victim: Is often on receiving end of a painful beat-down from smarter and stronger adversaries. Given he's a villainous, violent idiot and bully who always started those fights (and never learned from them, either), hardly anyone can sympathize with him.
  • Ass Kicks You: Has been on the receiving end on this twice, which were completely warranted.
  • Blood Knight: Deconstructed and played for horror. As a Giant god who embodies the worst traits of Giantkind and warriors in general, he revels in the suffering and destruction he causes with his warmongering ways, and can usually be found participating in wars or starting them. While most mortal and divine Giants love fighting and are domineering to a degree, almost all of them hate Khakiston, because he takes their traits to such degrees that it sickens even them. He's also noted to have a sadistic and psychopathic personality, and his empathy towards warriors like him is described as being the same as a child with his favorite toys that he eventually grows tired of. And since he's young by divine standards, he's nothing more than a sadistic bully, tormenting those who appear weak and/or benevolent, and believing that violence is a good solution for anything... which often leads to him getting defeated by his own victims.
  • Brains and Brawn: The brawn to his "brother" Arma's brains: he's a physical powerhouse the size of a mountain, but brutish and not very bright where Arma is cunning and intelligent.
  • The Brute: Is explicitly this for the Tyrannos pantheon, being their most physically powerful member, but also their dumbest. His relationship with his "brother", Arma, consists of Arma pointing at whatever needs to be destroyed.
  • The Bully: His behavior at his core; underneath the divinity and godlike power is a sadistic and psychopathic bully who revels in tormenting and killing his victims with his destructive, warmongering ways, and often attacks those who embody Peace and/or are just benevolent in general. He often gets karma literally beaten into him when his victims and/or their allies fight back.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He has a worrying habit of picking fights with other deities that are often stronger, smarter, and more reasonable than he is, which ends badly for him. Sadly, he never learns from his losses.
    • He tried to attack Mier for simply for being a goddess of peace. Cue enraged Válka absolutely stomping his ass.
    • He tried to pick a fight with Queen Tiara because of her stance on neutrality. She promptly made him her seat cushion.
    • He tried to go after and eat some wounded soldiers that Medik, the young Deer god of Healing, was trying to protect. Cue Medik blinding him with skunk spray then burying his ass with an avalanche.
  • Butt-Monkey: Has vibes of being this owing to how often he ends up getting his flank kicked by those smarter or stronger than he is. Given that he was the aggressor in all those cases and is a Giant divine, he almost always had it coming and can take the punishment. This is largely due to the fact Khakiston tends to rush headlong into fights without thinking through who he's fighting or any form of strategy.
  • Dumb Muscle: Khakiston is physically incredibly powerful, but lacking in the brains department, with his answer to everything being 'brutally smash or enslave it'. His nature is effective summarized with the unflattering reputation of being 'a violent idiot'.
  • Epic Fail: Every now and then, he tries to pick a fight he could not win, with spectacularly disappointing results for him.
  • Hidden Depths: Is of the opinion that everyone is as brutal as he is deep down, and part of his motivations is proving it right. Downplayed since almost any brute can believe that, and is played for laughs since that incidentally made him utterly oblivious to Astrid’s violent rejection of him.
  • In Love with Your Carnage:
    • He is attracted to Jotunn War Goddess Astrid due to their love of battle and carnage. She does not reciprocate.
    • He's VERY impressed with Surtr's abhorrent atrocities, and is noted to hate him the least out of all those who went to defeat him at 'Final Ragnarok'. Astrid noted irritably that if not for the fact his attraction to her outstrips his admiration for Surtr, he and Surtr might become the best of friends.
  • Just Eat Him: Notably downplayed, in that he eats Tinies and enemies far less often than most other Giant divines or Giants in general, as he prefers to crush and dominate them more. Still, he does devour his enemies if there is something to gain from it (Like that one time he tried to eat Bellamos, the Divine Strategoes and his armies of worshipers, which didn't end well for him), and it is precisely because he rarely eats his enemies, and therefore having room to spare in his innards, the other Tyrannos are considering converting his interior space into an internment camp and mobile barracks.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: The primary reason he ends up getting his flank kicked so often: He rushes headlong into fights at little provocation or forethought, and thus has a habit of picking fights he can't win.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: Is a Giant divine and is as big as they come. He's explicitly mentioned to fully embrace and embody the worst attributes of Giantkind on top of other things, which disgusted his fellow Giant divines to the point where Terraton himself literally kicked him out of their pantheon.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Described as a 'sadistic psychopath' and a 'violent idiot' who acts like a vicious schoolyard bully, always crushing and dominating those smaller and weaker than he is and having no empathy for others. He even treats his worshipers and minions more like his favourite 'toys' that he could grow bored with than anything. It helps that he's a Godling, meaning he is a child by Divine standards.
  • Stop Being Stereotypical: In-universe; most Giants hate the stereotype of their people being bloodthirsty, warmongering brutes that eat/enslave people. The fact that Khakiston embodies this so much (and even embraces it) was what led to him being literally kicked out of the Giant pantheon by Terraton.
  • Swallowed Whole: Normally he doesn't do this, since he prefers to get off from brutally enslaving/killing his victims, but he will do this if there's something to gain. Notably, he once swallowed up the older Bellamos, a benevolent War god, and a good chunk of the latter's followers so he could get a power boost from them. This bit him hard when Bellamos proceeded to cut his way out days later with his Kratos sword, freeing himself, his followers, and various other heroes/champions and cities that Khakiston devoured in the past.
  • Would Hurt a Child: In one incident, he tried to get at Elske, the Jotunn goddess of Love, through her many adoptive children. This enraged Elske so much that she defeated him with an epic 'belly-flopping'... which also got her older sister, Astrid, since she was mistreating some of the children also.
  • Your Answer to Everything: Khakiston's answer is violence.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Pollution, Overconsumption, Corruption

Rank: Godling

"Who cares about suffering? I'll get my money!"

  • Evil Counterpart: To Munditia, representing Pollution and Corruption to her sanitation and (both figurative and literal) cleanliness. He even has a direct opposite to one of her main powers. It's noted in Bolezn's entry that while Munditia opposes the young Deer god of Pestilence, their relationship consists of mutual understanding of their roles and what they must do; on the other hand, she has a very pronounced hatred of Avaritia due to being genuinely evil on top of embodying Pollution, which says a lot.


Notable Servants, Followers, Champions, and Allies

    Mist Fall 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Enforcer/Elite Minion/Assassin

Faction: Tyrannos Pantheon (Arma); Amoral Mercenaries

"See this telegraph book? It's a list. A list of everyone Arma wants killed. This week. It’s my job to make sure the right people end up in the right shallow graves. Or I’LL end up in one. And if these mercs aren’t paid, in full and on time? YOU’LL be right there with me."

    Ivory Towers 


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Corrupt executive/Cleric/Sociopath

Faction: Well-To-Do Corp/Tyrannos Pantheon

"Why do I do any of this? Money, dear boy! That's what makes the world go round!"


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