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Here is a list of villains from the Fourth Age.

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Fourth-Age Villains

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    Abyssal Anthem 

  • Animalistic Abomination: Being of the same species as the Sirens/Dazzlings, Abyssal Anthem and her relic school of Oceanaiads are this by default (Though 'abomination' is subjective to the eye of the beholder...).
  • Arch-Enemy: She's this to the Keepers of Mana.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: She's this for the Keepers of Mana, as they defeated her, but she'd managed to damage the seal on the Te Tua Atu, allowing her to take over as their main enemy.
  • Wicked Witch: An Oceanaiad variant, being a 'Deep Matriarch' which desires to spread evil and misery, accumulating enough Negative Karmic Energy needed to awaken an Ancient Evil and use its power to conquer the surface islands of Pulau Tropika and beyond. It is in possession of many powerful magics to facilitate that end, requiring her to be opposed by the Keepers of Mana.


  • Adaptational Badass: He's presented as a much greater threat than his canon self, in part due to being an immortal demi-god whose competent enough to rival a Changeling King in manipulation and planning.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Due to being introduced and fleshed out before "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic S9 E21 "Daring Doubt"" came out, he's never revealed to be Good All Along and is an Omnicidal Maniac. The events of "Daring Doubt" are simply an attempt by him to discredit Daring and never actually happened.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: As hammy and over the top as he can be, he's still an extremely dangerous and omnicidal Demi-God.
  • For the Evulz: The only real thing he can find joy in is senseless destruction, in that destruction is only fun when it's senseless.
  • Manipulative Bastard: When he wants to be, he can rival a Changeling King in this regard. Brachion found out how much so the hard way.
  • Mercy Kill: He sees Dazzleglow's death as this, since he believes that the end of all things is inevitable, which is why he tries to kill her. Fortunately, Daring Do stalls Ahuizotl long enough for Dazzleglow to awaken and kick his ass.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: He wants to destroy the world, seeing senseless destruction as the only thing that makes life worth living, as everything will eventually be destroyed by the Cycle anyway. That is until he met Daring Do and gained a nemesis that invigorates him.
  • Semi-Divine: He's a Demi-God.
  • Straw Nihilist: Believes that due to the Cycle, everything is meaningless and the only thing that makes life worth living is senseless destruction. The only other thing is fighting Daring Do.
  • Super Toughness: Due to being a Demi-God, being blasted with a powerful attack by Dazzleglow and falling several thousand feet failed to kill him and he survived.
  • Villain Takes an Interest: Daring Do is the only thing he cares about other than senseless destruction.
  • Worthy Opponent: Daring Do is his, and he notes the fact she's a mortal but can repeatedly best him makes her special among everyone who he's fought. He views Brachion as challenging foe, but as a rival Demi-God he doesn't stand out, like Daring does.

    Alicorn Ascendancy 
See their page here.

    Andhera Mahaaraanee, the Flowing Darkness 
See her page here.

    Ardent Cadenza/Leastweasel 

Character: Villainous (formerly Heroic)

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (formerly Neutral Good)

Type: Fallen Hero/Healer/Master Manipulator/Demon/Mutate

Faction: Various

"Who am I? Oh, just a mare of no consequence."

  • Broken Bird: Life has not been kind to Ardent. Between accidentally killing her own husband to being left in a dungeon for centuries to finding out she is destined to be destroyed by the Elements. No wonder the poor girl snapped.
  • The Corruption: While healing ponies from a plague that turns them into monsters, she started to feel the effects of the plague herself. She can even inflict this on other ponies and any other creature as well.
  • Demon of Pony Origin: She was just a normal unicorn, but years of being corrupted by the plague eventually turned her into a demon.
  • Expy: Of Ardyn Izunia from Final Fantasy XV.
  • Fallen Hero: Went from a kind unicorn healer to a vengeful demon that wants to infect the entirety of Equus with her plague.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: She did not take well to finding out her role in the grand scheme of things is to be a Sacrificial Lamb.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: She is rather jealous of the fact that Celestia and Luna were chosen to rule Equestria while she didn't, in spite of her healing the sick. She is also jealous of how her descendant, Princess Cadence, was just as kind as she once was and managed to live a happy life while she didn't.
  • Immortality Immorality: The plague had rendered her immortal, which means only the Elements of Harmony can destroy her.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Had this reaction when she killed her husband, due to mistaking him for Starswirl and the Sirens' enthrall increasing her resentment of him. She felt so bad that she asked Starswirl to lock her up in a dungeon for her crime. She also had this reaction when she unintentionally infected some of The Storm King's forces with the plague.
  • Nice Guy: Gender-inverted. She used to be this, but years of Sanity Slippage as well as the above Go Mad from the Revelation caused whatever compassion she had to vanish.
  • A Pupil of Mine Until He Turned to Evil: Was once taught by Starswirl the Bearded himself.
  • Sacrificial Lamb: She describes herself as such when she finds out it is her destiny to be destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. She did not take it well.
  • Sanity Slippage: Being tormented with hallucinations of Starswirl, Celestia and Luna, along with dealing with a plague that was slowly corrupting her, has caused her to be a little bit unstable.
  • Tragic Villain: She was a genuinely kind mare that truly wanted what was best for Equestria. But misfortune after misfortune, along with becoming an unholy avatar of the very disease she expunged from ponies, eventually turned her into a bitter demon that wants to plunge Equus into darkness and despair for time eternal.

    Auratus Scaeptrum, the False Emperor 
A "False Deity"-type Tulpa that was born from the hatred of Golden Scepter's various enemies, and their collective desire to overthrow and kill him like the supposed tyrant he is.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Emperor Golden Scepter. While both of them are based off of the Emperor of Mankind, Auratus Scaeptrum represents all of the Emperor of Mankind's bad traits, as well as what happens if Golden Scepter never let go of his haughty, ruthless, and xenophobic mindset.
  • Expy: Of the Emperor of Mankind, except he embodies all of the Emperor's worst traits and still kept his haughty, ruthless, and xenophobic mindset. This is a stark contrast to Golden Scepter, who learned the error of his ways and moved far away from his past as a divine tyrant.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the False Emperor", due to looking almost exactly like Golden Scepter but has none of his good traits.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "Gilded Scepter", which is rather appropriate, given he's an evil knockoff of Golden Scepter that was born from the collective hatred and desires of those who see him as the "False Emperor".
  • The Power of Hate: He was born from the hatred of Golden Scepter's enemies and their desire to overthrow him as the "False Emperor" he supposedly is. Golden Scepter himself lampshades it.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: (on Auratus Scaeptrum) To think that so many people still see me as a tyrant long after I have stopped being one... For some reason or another, they grew so utterly convinced that I am a monster that they started treated me like one. Now they got one. A false god with my face born from their hatred of me and their desire to see me dead.

See their page here.


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Diamond Dog/Conqueror/Warlock

Faction: Badler Brigade

"Despite what historians say, history is made by Great People, not blind historical forces! And the greatest of them are those who conquer! Grogar, Overmare, Sekra, Colossos - their names and others echo through time itself! And one day, Badler shall add his name into that list!"

Badler (his entry here) is a Diamond Dog overlord/conquerer who was known for being one of Punky's prominent enemies.
  • Adaptation Expansion: Badler Wolf barely gets any screen time in the original game and only a few lines of dialog. This Badler has a fleshed out backstory, motivations, and even survives his canonical death to come back again.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Punky, the Great Skunk hero of an island chain near Machina.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Badler Wolf from Punky Skunk.
  • Disney Villain Death: Fell from the upper atmosphere after he was defeated. Subverted, in that he survived, only to be Double Subverted when he meets his end falling into a volcano.
  • Legion of Doom: Resurfaced to be part a general in the League of Domination.

    Balefire/Ruling Power 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Corrupt Executive/Mutate/Undead

Faction: Unaffiliated/Unknown

"And behold I shall be a blight upon the land, and everything I touch shall wither and die."

  • Arch-Enemy: Of Fourth Age Shadow Sentinel (Umbra Wing). Like his inspiration, he's even responsible for the death of Umbra Wing's parents during the 'Storm King Crisis'
  • Captain Ersatz / Expy: Of Derek Powers / Blight, archenemy of Terry Mc-Ginnis aka Batman Beyond.
  • Engineered Public Confession: How he was eventually exposed. Although Shadow Sentinel was well on his tracks and uncovered many evidence of his and his corporation's crimes, he still covered his trail and his public reputation very well, so it necessitated such a dramatic reveal of his villainy. It involved broadcasting some of the evidence of his crimes at a public event and getting Ruling Power so angry that he literally start Burning with Anger, incinerating his disguise and revealing to Equestria that he was, in fact, a Balefire-powered supervillain in disguise.
  • Enemy Mine: Because his corporation creates illegal chemical weapons, he also shares a antagonistic relationship besides the modern Shadow Sentinel with Professor Soulfre, who is an enemy of Changeling King Metriini. Needless to say, Ruling Power was quick to use this fact to persuade the Changeling King, who also happen to specialize in chemical warfare, into working together for both mutual benefit and the mutual inconveniencing of a mutual foe. This also later saved his life after his last confrontation with Shadow Sentinel on a submarine, as Metriini considers him valuable enough as an ally/pawn to see to his rescue.
  • Epic Fail: When he was finally exposed and had a literal meltdown, he blasted Princess Celestia with his radioactive flames... which did absolutely nothing except getting a quip from Princess Celestia about how his attack taste like lime. Turns out attacking someone who can absorb and command solar energy with radiation isn't very smart.
  • Fatal Flaw: His Hair-Trigger Temper, which was ultimately used to expose him by the hero via getting him to undergo a very literal public meltdown.
  • Les Collaborateurs: While Ruling Power and his Equestrian-based corporation were openly loyal to the Equestrians, they were secretly selling weapons to both Equestria and her allies and the Storm Empire and their allies. He's also planning to throw his lot entirely with the Storm Empire if it looks like they'll win, although that didn't pan out.
  • Not Quite Dead: As it turned out, Balefire had survived his last encounter with Shadow Sentinel/Umbra Wings on board a submarine thanks to Changeling King Metriini. Only time will tell what plans Metriini and his fellow Kings in the Divine Blood Compact will have for him with the favour Ruling Power now owes him...
  • No-Sell: On the receiving end. When he was finally publicly-exposed and Princess Celestia stepped in to stop him with Shadow Sentinel, Balefire attacked her with a full blast of radioactive necromantic flames in his raging meltdown. All it did was amuse Celestia, who being the goddess of the Sun is more or less radiation-proofed and is even empowered by it. Shadow Sentinel even lampshaded just how idiotic it is for him to try.
  • Nuclear Nasty: A fantasy variant. His name and powers originated from Balefire, radioactive flames generated via necromantic magic, which his body started generating after experimental medical/magical procedures to save his life from exposure to a mutagenic chemical weapon (created by his own company) involving illegal necromantic elements turned him into a half-Undead radioactive Equinoid abomination.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Goes into one after he was publicly-exposed by Shadow Sentinel, going into a literal meltdown and even trying to attack Princess Celestia when she stepped into protect her subjects. Being a Sun goddess and thus completely immune to radiation, Celestia proceeded to devour his radiation-based attacks as if they were just delectable morsels for her.
  • Walking Wasteland: What his powers made him into. Balefire is basically using necromantic magic to generate radioactive flames, and the unethical medical/magical procedures to save his life involved necromantic elements, which turned him into a half-Undead abomination that could create these naturally. Needless to say, this caused problems in fighting him as Shadow Sentinel can't even get near him without a specialized suit.

    Bitter Thicket 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Earth Pony, Astral Lich, Serial Killer, Ventriloquist

Faction: Herself


Bitter Thicket (her entry here) is an Earth pony ventriloquist who, in her madness, became a serial killer that terrorized her hometown until a group of heroes put an end to her.
  • Adaptational Karma: Mary Shaw managed to come out on top in Dead Silence, but while Bitter Thicket did manage to succeed as in canon, not long after Maud, Pinkie Pie, and the Black Heron Corpse Investigation Team managed to destroy her dolls, allowing her to be Dragged Off to Hell.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Mary Shaw.
  • Dragged Off to Hell: Once all her other dolls are destroyed, Maud and Pinkie manage to destroy the 'perfect doll' she's using as an avatar. With all her tethers destroyed, the spirits of her victims and Malus Manes waste zero time dragging her off to the nearest Hell Realm.
  • Karmic Death: Twice.
    • After her first crimes were discovered in life, Bitter Thicket was hunted down and lynched by a mob of victims' relatives and friends. It didn't keep her down and ended badly for those related to the mob, but at least she left the mortal coil with a painful, undignified death for her actions.
    • After becoming an Astral Witch, a prerequisite in Bitter Thicket's modus operandi is that she (wanted to) terrorized her victims until they scream, which would allow her to murder them and claim their souls. Appropriately, when Malus Manes finally come to claim her soul, the first and last thing she did (other than trying to run) was to scream in horror before she is Dragged Off to Hell, both by Malus Manes and the souls of her many victims.
  • Oh, Crap!: She has this reaction when she realizes Malus Manes has come to claim her wicked soul. And appropriately, the last thing she did, other than trying to get away, was to scream in horror.
  • Our Liches Are Different: She's explicitly classified as an 'astral lich,' with her last request to have her corpse converted into a doll and buried with her 'children' having been a ritual to allow her soul to inhabit them and be tethered to the mortal realm. The only way to truly defeat her is via destroying all her dolls.
  • Serial Killer: A supernatural one, having killed many victims after rising as an astral lich.
  • Soul Jar: As in canon, her dolls house her soul and unless all of them are destroyed, she will remain tethered to the mortal realm and can't truly die. After most of her originals were destroyed, she took to converting the corpses of her victims into dolls to serve as additional jars. Fortunately, the Black Herons, Maud, and her sister Pinkie Pie manage to destroy them all, allowing Malus Manes to finally claim her soul.

    Blood Fang, the Dark Conqueror 
See his folder entry here.

    Böser Anführer, Sapientkind's Shadow 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil/Neutral Evil/Chaotic Evil

Type: Embodiment of Evil, Evil Entity, Gestalt Entity, Undying Evil, Shapeshifter

Faction: Himself, Numerous Evil Groups

"Don't think that you've won. So long as you mortals pollute this world with evil, a new Crisis will be born, and attack Equus. And I will be there along with it. You mortals are to blame!"

Böser Anführer (his entry here) is an ancient evil gestalt entity who is also the spiritual embodiment of mortal/divine sapientkind's evil and worst traits.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Seems to be this of the Id and Mortal Evil.
  • As Long as There is Evil: So long as mortal evil exists, he can't truly die and will resurrect eventually.
  • Birds of a Feather: Was one of the very few, very evil villains and supervillains who teamed-up with Queen Dark Crystal during her rampage in the 'Great Wars Era' for this very reason. Both see each other as fellow reflections of sapientkind's 'true', evil core.
  • Eldritch Abomination: He's mortal evil and the Id personified, and is less a living creature and more a formless, undying force of evil with an ever shifting form.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Invoked by his very nature and one of his biggest weakness. Unlike his good counterpart, the Cross of Fire, his base, malevolent and destructive nature as the embodiment of sapient Evil and immorality means he literally cannot understand most things of a Good, benevolent and moral nature. This incidentally blinds and perplexes him to the notion that beings capable of monstrous, villainous Evil would choose to do great heroic Good instead, or that even Evil beings like Temnobog would choose to direct their Evil natures and deeds towards 'Constructive' ends.
  • Expy: Of the mysterious 'Great Leader' who commands SHOCKER, the villainous organization plotting world domination and ruination opposed by the original Kamen Rider, who is heavily hinted to be a shape-shifting, ever reincarnating embodiment of Human evil. Like Böser Anführer, he would never truly be defeated so long as Evil exists - and who would never triumph so long as Good exists to stand in his way, usually in the form of the Kamen Riders. Both incidentally share the same problem of unintentionally creating the very beings or forces who would choose to use their powers for good and stand against them.
    • Also one for Adolf Hitler's spectre from the famous Twilight Zone episode, as his base personality and core is heavily implied to be none other than the infamous Reichfurhrer of Reichist Germaney, Codexverse's version of Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany.
  • For the Evulz: Justified given he's the manifestation of sapient Evil and the base Id of psychological triad. He does literally everything for the sake of banal, destructive Evil.
  • It's All About Me: Displays a narcissistic personality typical of many villainous megalomaniac leaders, to the point he has a full-blown God complex.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He is known to be very charismatic and impassioned in character, able to easily persuade and rally other evil beings and evildoers to his will. This is in part due to him being Made of Evil, meaning he has an unparalleled understanding of the psychology and nature of Evil beings and knows how to make them dance to his tune.
  • Made of Evil: He's the embodiment of sapient evil.
  • Master Actor: Is explicitly described as this, being able to shift into various personas or imitate others' voices, mannerisms and behaviour with the same prowess he has in shifting his physical form. This allows him to disguise his true identity in various villainous personas that are often not discovered until his latest form is confronted or defeated.
    • During the Second Age he was also able unnerve Overmare with this skill as he delivered a 'My Death Is Only The Beginning' lecture before she destroyed his latest form by gradually shifting to a near-perfect copy of her speech pattern, to emphasize the point that evil exists in every heart of mortalkind - including Overmare's own - and so long as it does, he WILL return.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means 'Great Leader' in German, which fits his base persona as a malevolent manipulative megalomaniac who can command various evil and villainous forces to perpetrate evil in its name. Also indicates who he's an Expy of.
  • Shapeshifter: Able to shift into various forms with ease, whether to disguise himself and his activities behind every front of evil he sets up or to intimidate and fight the forces of Good.
  • We Didn't Start the Führer: No, this being actually had nothing to do with him, as its first historical appearance was reported to be in Neighpon during the post-Second Great War Era. That's because it's heavily implied, at least for its modern Known History incarnation, the Reichfuhrer started him.

    Broken Harmony, the Crystal Nightmare 

  • Adaptational Badass: While roughly comparable to Terra in sheer power, she has crystal based powers she doesn't, mass mind control, and can possess puppet avatars to fight without risking herself, something only Titan could do, not Terra.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Terra was a sadistic Torture Technician, whereas Broken Harmony is a Well-Intentioned Extremist driven by wanting no one else to suffer like she has, and still remains motherly and loving despite her madness.
  • Despair Event Horizon: She is noted despite her emotionless facade to be in a perpetual state of sorrow, constantly on the brink of a breakdown but in her corruption and madness no longer had the capacity to cry, like her eyeducts had been 'stapled shut'. She appears to be teetering on the brink of this trope at all times from all that she had suffered and lost.
  • Living Statue: Like her husband, she could 'Order' and turn Ponies and other beings into living Crystal statues of themselves, who would do as they command and are capable of spreading the curse to others. She could also using her own powers and domains create magically-animated constructs of crystals in the shape of dragons and other beings to further bolster their forces.
  • Red Baron: The Crystal Nightmare.
  • The Reveal: She was pregnant when she and her husband escaped their demiplane prison, and gave birth to their son halfway through the War Against Order. On top of giving the heroes a reprieve to regroup and reorganize while they declared a day-long ceasefire to celebrate, there is now hope that whether they remain corrupted or are purified down the line, they could rebuild their family again.
  • Tragic Villain: Like her husband King Issum, Queen Cybele was once a well-meaning and perhaps even benevolent goddess who once co-ruled with her husband as Top God of a pantheon rumoured to be none other than the Old Equestrian Pantheon or at least was in the same region which was destroyed by Discord during the 500-years long 'War Against Chaos'. Queen Cybele was Forced to Watch when Discord betrayed and destroyed most of her family, tormented both her and her husband for kicks before throwing them into a demiplane of chaos after he got bored. All her ordeals drove her mad, corrupted her into Broken Harmony, the Crystal Nightmare like how Luna became Nightmare Moon, the Night Eternal and Stitching Time became Final Epoch, becoming obsessed with having their revenge against Discord, with returning all that is lost to them, and creating a land/world of absolute order under their divine tyranny which would never allow a being like Discord to ever return.
  • Unholy Matrimony: Both Broken Harmony and Despotic Destiny undeniably love each other, working towards the same goal of justifiable revenge against Discord, remaking Equestria into their new kingdom of perfect order and restoring all they had lost. She and her husband had taken a first step towards rebuilding their family with the birth of their son part-way through the conflict.
  • Mad God: Like her husband, she is this, having been driven mad and become a corrupted Alicorn from all their loss, trauma, isolation and obsession with escape and revenge.

    Captain Lavande, the Plundering 'King' (Self-Proclaimed) 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Pirate Captain, Mephisus, Morganeer

Faction: The Lavande Pirates

"I will not be a slave, but a KING! A king of pirates!"

Captain Lavande (his entry here) is a Skunk-Pony hybrid and was the captain of the Lavande Priates before he was ultimately defeated and arrested.

    'The Chaser' 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Dream Construct/Sadist/Warden/Equinoid Abomination/Child Molester

Faction: Sweet Words, Himself

"RoSy... RoSy! CoMe OuT aNd PlAy! YoU bE tHe MoUsE, aNd I'lL bE tHe CaT...!"

'The Chaser' (his entry here) is a dream creation of Rosy Dreams' father, Sweet Words, and a sadistic, nightmarish entity that haunted Rosy even long after he died.
  • Adaptational Badass: In Dreaming Mary, while a terrifying enemy, the Chaser only slowly pursues Mary whenever she tries to escape the dream world, and dies to her Hadoken in a bonus joke ending. Here, he's even more powerful and terrifying, being capable of darkness manipulation, reality-warping (at least in Rosy Dreams' dream world) and inflicting psychological terror on his opponents. Notably, he was able to keep up with two Alicorn demigods, Princes Bright Eyes and Written Word, during their fight. He also actually runs pretty fast, but prefers to move slowly like in the game to increase Rosy Dreams' terror as well as her despair when he catches her.
  • Adaptational Karma: In Dreaming Mary, the Chaser terrorizes Mary and pursues her when she tries to escape the dream world, letting out an incredibly terrifying Nightmare Face once Mary is captured. While Mary successfully escapes in the game's Golden Ending, it's left ambiguous whether she truly escaped or merely dreamed of herself doing it, and the Chaser faces no punishment for his actionsnote . Here, after sadistically abusing Rosy Dreams and putting her in a coma on Sweet Words' orders, he eventually meets his end when Rosy, upon witnessing the Chaser kill Mr. Penguin for defying him, gets angry enough to retaliate by unleashing a large burst of psychic energy. The Chaser is killed by the attack, upon which Rosy is able to wake up from her coma in the real world.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Exaggerated to horrifying extremes. As one of Sweet Words' creations, he is technically Rosy Dreams' younger 'brother'. However, while he started out as a dutiful yet terrifying warden with a simple task of keeping Rosy from escaping her own dream world, he eventually gained sentience and became just as sadistic and perverted as Sweet Words, if not worse.
  • Casting a Shadow: Being an entity made of shadows, he can manipulate darkness, including dodging attacks by turning into a slippery mass of shadows, attack in the form of tendrils made of shadow, teleport anywhere through dark areas, and create shadow duplicates of himself. And as a Reality Warper, he can transform into his surroundings into dark static.
  • Dark Is Evil: He's described as a dream-based 'equinoid abomination' with a body made of shadows, and one of his main powers involves darkness manipulation. And as a Reality Warper, he can transform into his surroundings into dark static. He's also an extremely sadistic, perverted, and abusive entity who was created by Sweet Words to keep Rosy Dreams from escaping her dream world.
  • Death by Adaptation: In Dreaming Mary, he terrorizes Mary, and is only killed in a bonus joke ending via Hadoken. Here, he's killed in almost the same way by Rosy Dreams, except he dies for real, ending his threat once and for all.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: As a dream entity made of shadow, he can assume a corporeal form or turn into a slippery mass of shadows that can quickly dodge attacks and retaliate in the form of tendrils of shadow with the same reaction speed. He can also run incredibly fast, but often chooses to move slowly as an effective way to terrify Rosy Dreams and increase her despair once she's finally caught.
  • Evil Nephew: He's a dream creation of Sweet Words, which technically makes him Sweet Word's son. This means that he's the 'biological' nephew of Mr. Penguin's real-world and dream-world incarnations. He also terrorized and sexually abused Rosy Dreams, his 'sister' and Mr. Penguin's niece, and murdered Mr. Penguin's dream-world incarnation before Rosy Dreams' eyes as punishment for defying him. This would quickly be his undoing as Rosy Dreams angrily defied and killed her tormentor with a burst of psychic energy.
  • In-Series Nickname: Rosy Dreams called him 'The Chaser' because of how he always appeared to chase after her every time she tried escaping her dream world.
  • Karmic Death: He ends up dying at the hooves of Rosy Dreams, whom he terrorized and abused since the moment of his creation. After witnessing him kill Mr. Penguin for interfering and saving her, Rosy is enraged to the point where, with Prince Bright Eyes and Prince Written Words' encouragement, he kills her abuser with a large burst of psychic energy.
  • Master of Illusion: He can create various psychic illusions, which are noted to translate into nightmares Rosy Dreams has in the real world.
  • Me's a Crowd: One of his darkness-related powers involves creating shadow duplicates of himself.
  • Nightmare Face: His face has holes where his eyes are supposed to be, and his face is rotted in such a way that his mouth is stuck in a perpetual, horrifying grin. One of his favorite ways of terrifying Rosy Dreams is to warp the area he's in and turn it into dark static, showing only his laughing, rotted, eyeless face as he closes in on his target.
  • Related in the Adaptation: In Dreaming Mary, he's a nightmarish entity who is implied to be the mental representation of Mary's sexually abusive father in the waking world. Here, he's technically Rosy Dreams' younger brother due to being created by Rosy's father, Sweet Words, with intent to prevent her from escaping his grasp.
  • Super Speed: He can run at incredibly fast speeds, but often chooses to move slowly as an effective psychological tactic to frighten Rosy Dreams and increase her despair once she's finally caught.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport anywhere within Rosy Dreams' dream world so long as there's enough darkness for him to teleport through.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Of the Dream People Sweet Words created, he is the most wicked. While he started out as a terrifying yet dutiful warden tasked with keeping Rosy Dreams from escaping, he became an even worse abuser than Sweet Words, with sadistic tendencies added in.

    Chieftain Maul 

  • Anti-Villain: He's simply a somewhat more intelligent animal trying to survive, being incapable of true malice, unlike Dread.
  • Disney Villain Death: Was sent plummeting to his death by Mistmane and Flash Magnus, ending his attack.
  • Mutants: One explanation for his gigantic size is he's a mutant suffering from gigantism.

    Children of Ispita 
See their page here.

    Children of Platinum 
See their folder entry here.

    Chrysalis Avalon, the Great Renegade/the 'False Empress' 
See her folder entry here.

    Commander Gale, the Iron Warlord 
See her folder entry here.

    Count Dark Frost 

Character: Anti-villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Vampire Pegasus, Reincarnation, Count Dracolta, Dark Lord, Monster Lord, Disorder Lord

Faction: Slymanea

    Count Dracolta 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Various Evil Alignments, most commonly Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil

Type: Vampire/Evil Overlord/Monster Lord

Faction: Various/Unaffiliated

"Hear me, and fear me! I am the monster that all breathing creatures would kill. I am Dracolta!"

One of the most feared vampires of Equus, Count Dracolta is well-known and feared around the world. What few suspects however is that Count Dracolta is actually consist of MANY vampire lords and villains who had taken up the name upon their unholy transformation into a vampire, and most of them believe themselves to be the original. The dreaded blood-drinking egomaniac had terrorized the world for many ages, creating many lineages/types/kinds of Vampires and making enemies of countless heroes and rival villains. While defeated many times, one version or another will always rise or return from the gave to haunt the night once again, spreading supernatural terror among the living and driving new champions and monster-hunters to oppose them.
  • Back from the Dead: Many Count Dracoltas have a notorious tendency to come back from the dead sometime after their defeat(s), meaning that there's no guarantee that a formerly defeated Count Dracolta won't return to terrorize the world once more.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Count Dracula, naturally enough. And not just the original, either.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Those few Count Dracoltas who manage to become more heroic and benevolent despite the name being usually associated with villainy. One of them in particular became the father of Silver Bane the Dark Hunter, a heroic unicorn Dhampyr and a powerful Warrior Monk who once worked with the Poenan Pantheon.
  • Disappeared Dad: One heroic Count Dracolta fathered Silver Bane with a mortal Pony mare, only to die shortly after his son's birth. It's justified in that he was murdered by prejudiced townspeople before he got the chance to see Silver Bane grow up.
  • The Dreaded: He is the Codexverse's version of Dracula.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Implied; one Count Dracolta who ended up clashing with a Shadow Sentinel of his time was motivated to resurrect his dead vampire bride.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Because of their immense Pride, Count Dracoltas will often fight each other as much as they do heroes, which often causes their own downfall. Their egos also ensure that they are likely to clash with non-vampire monster lords.
  • Evil Will Fail: Some of their failures can be attributed to their massive egos, which demand that they get rid of all forms of competition, including each other, so they can be the sole reigning monster lord. Lady Wolfsbane took advantage of this by luring five of them into a battle royale after they (somehow) simultaneously revived themselves, and then killing off the weakened winner by staking him.
  • Fatal Flaw: Pride, on top of all other vampiric vulnerabilities, is their greatest weakness. While some are more tragic and others are more monstrous, virtually all Count Dracoltas are haughty egomaniacs, and that had helped done them in on more then one occasions.
  • Legacy Character: There was not one Count Dracolta - there were many, taking up the name along with his powers.
  • Monster Lord: Explicitly classified as such. Many Count Dracoltas lead their kind on top of creating them.
  • Monster Progenitor: Many Count Dracoltas, upon coming into existence, also ends up creating their own lineages of vampires and vampirism.
  • Puny Earthlings: Many incarnations of Count Dracolta look down upon mortals due to their great power. It doesn't stop mere mortals like Lady Wolfsbane from defeating and killing them, though. However, at least one Count Dracolta dropped this mindset when he fell in love with a mortal Pony mare and gave up everything to be with her; their brief union birthed Silver Bane, the Dark Hunter.
  • The Rival: One of them is this to Changeling Emperor Blackthorn, with whom he had fought at least nine times. Their greatest struggle is recounted as ''an epic among the legends of the Summer Court, their final battle culminating in both of them fighting it out in the forms of titanic, monstrous forms, a victory that even impressed Blackthorn with how challenging he was.
  • Token Good Teammate: It's implied that there is a number of Count Dracoltas that are more heroic and benevolent than their (usually) villainous peers. One of them even got over the Puny Earthlings view of mortals and fell in love with a mortal Pony mare, resulting in the birth of the (ex)Poenan unicorn Dhampyr, Silver Bane the Dark Hunter.
  • Tragic Villain: While some are truly monstrous, others have more sympathetic or tragic motives behind their villainy.
  • Uptown Girl: Gender-inverted; Silver Bane's father, one of the more heroic and benevolent Count Dracoltas, fell in love with a mortal Pony mare and likely gave up everything, including his power and prestige, to be with her. Alas, he would be murdered by prejudiced townsfolk, robbing him of the chance to see his son grow up.
  • Vampire Monarch: Many Dracoltas are referred to as the 'King of the Vampires', and his count title points to noble status in any case. And because of their enormous pride, they try to eliminate their supposed rivals as soon as they hear of another Dracolta in the area, convinced that they are the true monarchs they see themselves as.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: All of them - it's noted in his/their entry that there had been various vampires with the "Count Dracolta" identity, such as individuals from the three Pony Tribes, Griffons, and the occasional Kirin. One of them was also a Sparkle pony at one point. Justified in that there are many Count Dracoltas and there is considerable variations between their form of vampirism.
  • Why Won't You Die?: Many of the Dracoltas has the notorious habit of coming Back from the Dead, and their influence is widespread because of this, to the point that several deities have placed bets on whether the Council of Friendship will encounter an incarnation of Count Dracolta or not. The one fought by Blackthorn has returned at least nine times, which Blackthorn both expects and relishes; it's noted that Blackthorn admitted he'd be more surprised if his vampiric rival didn't return to challenge him after revival.

    Count Perpetual Annoyance, the Incredibly Irritating 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Immortal Overlord/Gigantic Nuisance

Faction: Unaligned

"Not touching you ∽ ! Not touching you...!"

Count Perpetual Annoyance (his entry here) is a completely immortal being who is regarded as one of the biggest nuisances to ever live on Equus, and for good reason.
  • Complete Immortality: He's truly immortal. He was rendered immortal by a Death god because he's so annoying that the idea of being forced to put up with him for all eternity in Hell was not something said god wanted to put up with. So why not the living deal with him instead?
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Not him, no. His VERY EXISTENCE is one for many other evil forces and beings.
    Archdemon: Well, mortal, what is you wish of me - ?
    Count Perpetual Annoyance Not touching you ~ !
    Archdemon: NO DEAL!
    • As noted in above scene, even a thoroughly Destructive Evil villain like a Hydianite Witch considers Count Perpetual Annoyance so intolerable she's willing to make deals with terrible Archdemons just to get rid of him.
    • One time, Count Perpetual Annoyance was captured by heroic forces and held under guard by a Magical Filly. The Magical Filly got so annoyed she decided to get a Soul Eater to devour his soul and end his irritation for good. The attempt reportedly did not go well as she ended up having to drag the Soul Eater that came by kicking and screaming towards towards the annoying count (who would continue to taunt the Magical Filly by reading her diary he got somehow in front of her crush).
    • Vicearch Iniquitous, the dreaded triumphant Evil Overlord, God of Evil and Immortal Ruler of Malrègnar, flatly refuses to devour his irritating soul like She had so many others when he was offered to Her and cited this trope as the reason why. Not only would She not be able to stomach him like every other god who had eaten him before tried to, but adding him to Her dark glory would meant those who were loyal and served her well and subsequently devoured post-mortem to be rewarded with eternal bliss would have to put up with him for all eternity. She instead blasted him over the horizon.
    Vicearch Iniquitous: ... We are not adding that to our dark glory. We have standards.
    • Even Sekra the Indomitable cannot stand Count Perpetual Annoyance when he swung by the newly-restored Crypta Empire and went on a 'campaign of irritation' against the recently returned Tomb Kings/Queens. After even their 'Third Age' magic and their armies failed repeatedly to shut him up permanently, an incredibly frustrated Sekra decided to do the next best thing and ordered him banished to her rival Overlord Vondur's Shadowpact Empire, hoping the annoying Count would meet his end at Vondur, or at least make Vondur's life miserable for a time.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Naturally, even the non-Evil folks cannot stand the irritating lich.
    • When Count Perpetual Annoyance arrived in Vertusia (presumably after being blasted out of Malrègnar earlier by Iniquitous herself), Virtucrat Fairytale would eventually see to it he was 'gently' removed (in the same way a Nice Guy would release a spider they found in their house out in the wild) from her lands. Nobody objected to her 'polite' removal of the rotting walking irritant.
  • Harmless Villain: He's never actually hurt anyone, has no interest in doing so, and his evil plans amount to annoying the ever living heck out of people. Barring the psychological pain the latter inflicts, he's harmless.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: His only power other than immortality is being the most annoying thing to ever exist. This turns out to be a surprisingly effective power that has saved him from rotting in the stomach of gods. Much to everyone's bemusement.
  • Poke the Poodle: He's never actually hurt anyone, just been unbearably, intentionally annoying. He's very good at being annoying.
  • Running Gag: Him running into a powerful character who is promptly so annoyed by his presence that they throw and/or blast him as far a way as physically possible.
  • The Dreaded: He's this, but not for the reasons most people are. He's not dangerous, he's just so incredibly annoying even gods on the level of Sekra and Iniquitous can't stand his presence and try to get rid of him as soon as physically possible.
  • Torment by Annoyance: Doing this is the extent of his villainy and he takes great pride in being the most annoying possible thing in the history of the planet. He gained his immortality by annoying a Death God to the point the god would rather make him such than put up with him in Hell for eternity. At one point people actually used him as an instrument of torture. This was deemed a war crime. Even by Emperor Blackthorn.
  • Troll: His entire deal. He was an Evil Overlord, but more about annoying his subjects than actually being cruel.

    Cozy Glow 

  • The Dreaded: Cozy Glow, between her attempt to takeover Equestria solo and the League of Domination Crisis, had become renown and infamous for her villainous potential, especially given her ability and achievements in spite of her VERY young age.
  • Legion of Doom:
    • She, together with Lord Tirek and Ex-Queen Chrysalis were the co-founders of the 'League of Domination', gathering many fellow overlords, villains and factions under their manner for their one last shot at revenge and conquest of Equestria.
    • Her villainous potential was such that the Legion of Doom of dark gods and their followers, supporters and allies being secretly put together by Changeling Emperor Blackthorn and Temnobog the Dark One spirited her away and actively attempts to recruit her, personally, into their coalition after she was freed from her petrification along with Tirek and Chrysalis by Mistletoe Dreamer.
  • Unwitting Pawn: It's pointed out that her entire worldview is the result of Lord Tirek being the only one to ever teacher her anything resembling right and wrong. Thus, despite being only working with him directly as part of the Legion of Domination, her entire morality and worldview were planted in her mind by Tirek, and thus unknown to her, he'd been controlling her the entire time indirectly. She doesn't take learning this well.


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Evil Spirit/Virtual Ghost/Ancient Evil

Faction: Unaffiliated

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CreepEntity513 (its entry here) is an evil spirit from the Second Age that had a feared reputation among gamers, and for good reason.

The being known as "CreepEntity513" is shrouded in mystery, but what is known is that it existed during the Second Age, when video games were extremely common and popular. Chaotic yet extremely sadistic, CreepEntity513 acted like a bully who would go around and harass young gamers by either scaring and traumatizing them, or killing them and trapping their souls in its game realm for eternity. When not in the mood for killing, it'll simply just kidnap its victims and turn them into its eternal playthings. One of his victims was an Earth pony stallion known simply as "King", one of the most famous gamers among the Second Age gaming communities. However, its reign of terror would come to a temporary stop when the Second Age ended and brought video games into obscurity, and was later trapped in a magically preserved video game CD that was labeled as an "Out-Of-Place Artifact".

In the Fourth Age, after video games were reinvented, CreepEntity513 would be let loose again, resulting in it becoming a terrifying boogeyman and urban legend among gaming communities, though at one point it was driven off when a gamer managed to beat the entity while it was possessing a Dracozilla-inspired game. This proved that despite its brutal methods and the incredible amount of fear it inspires, it's not completely undefeatable.

CreepEntity513 was eventually killed when the game console it possessed had fallen into the hooves of an Earth pony colt, Button Mash. Earlier, Button had befriended Crystal Prism, the young Alicorn demigod of Rebirth and Change, during the latter's visit to Ponyville, which led to Crystal informing Luminiferous of a troubling vision he had of the colt thanks to his empathetic foresight. Luminiferous disguised himself and gave Button a trinket that would allow the ancient Alicorn to aid him should his desire to protect his friends and loved ones resonate strongly enough. When CreepEntity513 tried going after Button Mash, Button's gaming talent as well as his nigh-bottomless knowledge of gaming tropes frustrated the entity enough that it pulled the colt into its game world so he'll be dealt with directly.

Button quickly realized that CreepEntity513 intended to go after his filly-friend, Sweetie Belle, and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders once it's done with him, causing his trinket to let Luminiferous reach into the game world and lend Button his future potential. Button's temporary transformation into the Alicorn of Video Games, combined with the power boost he received from CreepEntity513's victims (both dead and alive), allowed him to defeat the monstrous digital spirit and end him for good. While the souls of those CreepEntity513 killed were allowed to ascend to heaven for their eternal rest, Button and those still living were led out to safety by Crystal Prism, who arrived just in time as the game world began collapsing with CreepEntity513's death.

Had it not decided to target Button Mash, CreepEntity513 would've continued sowing fear and death wherever it went for a while longer. However, Button's success means that gamers everywhere could rest easy knowing that they're finally safe.
  • Big Creepy-Crawlies: His red, massively large demon form is described as being insectoid in appearance.
  • The Bully: Essentially what its behavior boils down to. CreepEntity513 would choose a victim and harass them, until it decides to kill them or keep them alive to be its eternal playthings. When Button Mash refused to be intimidated and even called it out on being a bully, CreepEntity513's various victims would rise up and empower Button Mash so he could put an end to their tormentor for good. Since it never bothered to learn anything new, having gone arrogant from successfully using the same tricks and traps for eons, it would pay for its bullying behavior dearly.
  • Collapsing Lair: Once CreepEntity513 was killed by Button Mash, its video-game realm started falling apart. Fortunately, Crystal Prism was able to lead Button Mash and its victims to safety in the real world.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: It never really stood a chance against Button Mash, who was both temporarily turned into an Alicorn by Luminiferous and empowered by its various victims, which resulted in a "one-sided beatdown" that ended in its death. What also contributed to it was its arrogance and negligence towards learning new things, which proved to be disastrous since it was so predictable.
  • Divine Parentage: It's theorized In-Universe that it's one of Ispita's children, sired through an unknown entity.
  • Eldritch Abomination: One of its forms is a red, insectoid demon, which is used when it's forced into a difficult situation.
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: Of the "Sick Sense of Humor" type. It's noted to have a twisted sense of humor, with its games often being horrific and twisted visages of the game it is currently inhabiting.
  • Expy: Of a few Creepypastas. Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned were included as possible origins for it, while Herobrine is depicted as one of its default forms. Its red, insectoid demon form also comes from NES Godzilla Creepypasta.
  • Karmic Death: Like a sadistic bully, CreepEntity513 would constantly harass video-gamers by either traumatizing its victims, killing them and trapping their souls in its game world (like what it had done with King, an Earth pony gamer from the Second Age), or kidnapping them so they could serve as its living playthings. Eventually, it would be killed by Button Mash, who was temporarily transformed into the Alicorn of Gaming by Luminiferous and aided by CreepEntity513's victims, including King himself.
  • Load-Bearing Boss: Its game world was noted to have started collapsing shortly after its death, necessitating Crystal Prism's arrival in order for Button Mash and the living victims he saved to lead them away. In-universe, Button Mash realized this just as the game world started collapsing; it's implied that CreepEntity513 made its realm that way so it would deprive its killers of any satisfaction they would have should it die.
  • Mind over Matter: One of its abilities is spectral telekinesis.
  • Mysterious Past: No one knows where the entity came from - it's speculated that it's either the vengeful spirit of either the dead brother of the stallion that created it or a colt that was drowned and revived possibly by a cult, or it's a child of Ispita with an unknown entity.
  • Reality Warper: It has some degree of reality-bending, as once it possesses a video-game, it can transform them however it sees fit.
  • Red Is Violent: One of its forms is a massively large red-colored insectoid demon, taken from NES Godzilla Creepypasta, and it behaves like a sadistic bully who plays cruel mind games to sow death and trauma among gamers, especially teenagers and young children.
  • Sadist: It's extremely sadistic and enjoys tormenting its victims with Deadly Games, which trauamtizes them at best and traps their soul in its digital realm for eternity at worst.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: After the Second Age's end, causing video-games as a concept to cease existing, it would be left dormant in a magically-preserved video-game disc that would be discovered and labeled as an "Out-Of-Place Artifact". However, the reinvention of video-games in the Fourth Age would free it, allowing it to continue its reign of terror until it would be defeated and killed by a young gamer, Button Mash.
  • Smug Super: It's an extremely powerful digital spirit, and using the same tricks and traps for eons with the same success had caused it to grow extremely arrogant. This would become its downfall and death when it tried facing the young Button Mash, who was not only willing to learn and adapt to new things, but saw right through its predictability and retaliated with new techniques that it never saw before.
  • Speaks in Binary: Its folder quote is composed completely in binary code, which translates to "SEEYOUHATEYOUHURTYOUKILLYOU."
  • Technopath: It's capable of manipulating technology, such as video games.
  • Teleportation: One of its abilities is spectral teleportation.
  • Vengeful Ghost: An alternate theory regarding its origins is that it's the vengeful spirit of a mortal who died violently. Either it's the spirit of the dead brother of the stallion who created the game it came from, or a colt whose drowning and subsequent resurrection was orchestrated by a cult.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: What partially led to its death - it's noted that its extreme success from using the same tricks and traps for eons has caused it to grow arrogant, and thus never tried to learn anything new. When faced by someone like Button Mash, who is not only willing to learn, but is able to see right through its predicable methods, it couldn't even stand a chance.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Once it tries going after Button Mash, it became increasingly frustrated and angry due to Button Mash's gaming skills and in-depth knowledge of gaming tropes allowing him to survive. It dragged Button Mash into its digital realm in order to deal with the colt directly, something Crystal Prism foresaw with his empathic precognition. But fortunately, the trinket Luminiferous gave Button Mash tapped into his inner potential, temporarily transforming him into an Alicorn god of Gaming and granting the necessary power boost (on top of being empowered by the souls of dead gamers) to kill the entity.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Many of its victims were teenagers and young foals, both who tended to enjoy video games immensely. Button Mash was about to become its latest victim, but his incredible talent and knowledge in gaming, combined with Lumiferous and CreepEntity513's victims aiding him, was what saved the colt and allowed him to defeat CreepEntity513 permanently.

D to G

    Deadlock, the Queen of Serpent's Edge 

    Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Goldencap 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Thieves/Unicorns

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Us? Entitled? How could you call us entitled when you have all the power and fame to yourself, hoarding it away from more worthy individuals like a greedy Dragon? Those wings of yours probably came from another pegasus you took advantage of, or maybe, they were sacrificed FOR you!"

Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Goldencap (their entry here) are a villainous trio of unicorns that became infamous for their attempted theft use of Rainbow Dash's wings to turn themselves into "pseudo-alicorns".

Originally, they were students of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.[WIP]
  • Barrier Warrior: Implied, as Goldencap is described as having a talent in shield and barrier magic.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Deconstructed. Despite their great power, their collective unwillingness to learn things the normal way because it's too difficult made them infamous for taking shortcuts, which later led to their failed attempt to break into Canterlot's forbidden archives and learn Lord Tirek's mana-draining spell in order to become Alicorns, instead of taking the long road to godhood. Celestia caught them in the act and expelled them, having seen their potential to become cruel, selfish ponies and making it clear how disappointed she was in their lazy ambitions. Furthermore, instead of accepting their faults and resolving to better themselves, they blame other Alicorns for being "entitled" to power and freedom, believing that they're hoarding away the secrets to Alicornhood from "worthy" individuals out of selfishness. Crystal Prism, being one of the Alicorns they blamed, was enraged to hear it, since was subjected to horrible experiments by Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker in a well-meaning yet cruel attempt to produce Alicorns, and never asked if he wanted to be an Alicorn or not. Luminiferous makes it rather clear that the fault lies solely in them, being so lazy that they decide to cheat their way into Alicornhood instead of taking the chances offered to them, resulting in their potential being squandered.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Implied with Decepticolt, who's described as snarky and quiet.
  • Hypocrite: They accuse other Alicorns as selfish, entitled people who keep the secrets of Alicornhood to themselves, reveling in the power, fame, and freedom they have at the expense of more "worthy" individuals. This rings incredibly hollow when they tried using Rainbow Dash's wings to turn themselves into Alicorns, and even had a direct role in the experiments that ultimately led to Crystal Prism's Ascension.
  • It's All About Me: They aspire to become Alicorns only because they want the power and freedom associated with it, and thus they feel entitled to it. Anyone who tries to prevent them from doing so are seen as "entitled" pricks who keep becoming an Alicorn a secret to benefit themselves.
  • Lack of Empathy: Another one of their main flaws; they're so focused on earning their wings and more power themselves that they don't give a damn if they affect others in the process.
    • They attempted to use Rainbow Dash's wings to turn themselves into Alicorns, not caring that Rainbow would be permanently crippled if their plans succeeded, which enraged Princess Twilight Sparkle to the point where she stripped them of their magic indefinitely.
    • Instead of being understandably horrified by the well-meaning yet cruel experiments that had been done to Crystal Prism, they directly participated in them, and saw Crystal Prism as an entitled prick who wanted to stay an Alicorn and keep the secrets of Ascension to himself, instead of giving what was rightfully theirs. This enraged the young demigod, until Luminiferous intervened.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • They attempted to break into the forbidden Canterlot Archives, which was closed off to all but those who have proven themselves trustworthy, so they could learn how to use Lord Tirek's mana-draining spell. Celestia caught them in the act, and made clear her disappointment in their lazy, self-centered ambitions before expelling them from her School for Gifted Unicorns.
    • They cut off Rainbow Dash's wings since her enormous potential would be able to give them all wings, not caring that Rainbow would essentially be reduced to a permanent cripple if they succeeded. They ended up being defeated when an enraged Princess Twilight Sparkle used a spell that allowed Rainbow to share a body with her, and used her power as the Alicorn goddess of Magic to strip them of their magic indefinitely.
    • They participated in Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker's experiments that ultimately created Crystal Prism (who, coincidentally, spared them since his corrupted form couldn't sense or devour their sealed magic), and continued using their work to further their own goals. This enraged Crystal Prism, especially after, instead of understandably being horrified by what he had gone through, they accused him of being an entitled prick who wants to keep the secrets of Ascension to himself instead of teaching them to more "worthy" individuals like themselves. At that point, Luminiferous intervened and gave the unicorn trio a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, making it very clear that the blame, laziness, and sense of entitlement lay solely on themselves. Unfortunately, they were on the verge of having a Heel Realization when Ispita swept them away.
  • Never My Fault: One of their main flaws, aside from laziness and Lack of Empathy. They refuse to believe that their expulsion from Celestia's school was their own fault, or acknowledge their selfish laziness and improve themselves by actually working to become Alicorns. They also blame other Alicorns and accuse them as being entitled pricks who keep the secrets of Ascension to themselves so they could enjoy the power and freedom that comes with being an Alicorn, instead of teaching Ascension to more "worthy" individuals such as themselves, never realizing that it's their selfish laziness and lack of empathy that's keeping them from being Alicorns.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Luminiferous gave the three a dressing-down in response to them accusing him of being entitled and keeping the secrets of Ascension to himself. Notably, it worked, and the three were starting to show signs of a Jerkass Realization until they're "rescued" by Ispita the Deceiver.
    Luminiferous: If you were willing to do the work and be a moral person? All you would've had to do is seek me out. I would've GLADLY helped you become Alicorns... As I have others. I have NO desire to keep the ability to become an Alicorn secret. In fact... I look forwards to a day where anyone who chooses and has a good heart can become one. Your problem isn't that no one wants to give you a chance, it's that you're too lazy to take the ones offered because they'd be too much work. THAT is why you've squandered your potential.
  • Teleportation: Decepticolt specializes in teleportation spells, including one that's normally used for medical amputation. Disturbingly, this is represented by his Cutie Mark, a pony whose body is missing from the neck down.
  • Terrible Trio: A trio of villainous unicorns who want to Ascend into Alicorns, even at the expense of others.

    Defenders of Equus 

Symbol: Equus over a shield

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Structure: Extremist Conspiracy

Leadership: High General Grand Shield

Power: Decentralized International Organization

Scale: Global, unknown but large number of members throughout Equus, influence spread through multiple countries

Status: Active

"This is our world! And those who seek to corrupt, conquer or consume it shall find justice at the ends of our blades!"

The Defenders of Equus (Their entry here) is an organization fanatically-xenophobic to anything from outside Equus. Born from a tragic and horrific 'Visitor' incursion that wiped out most of a kingdom, the survivors of decimated realm, led by the heroic Sir Grand Defender, swore to never let the tragedy happen again to anywhere on Equus, and created an order which would grow in size and power over the ages which is dedicated to opposing and wiping out any threats to Equus from beyond. Formerly a secret global conspiracy, the Defenders of Equus had in the light of recent hostile visitations by Lost Ones and 'Visitors' came out into the open to step up their ancient crusade against all and any outside forces, beings and influences, opposing and finding themselves in opposition of other more tolerant heroic forces, even while they offer aid and protection to lands and peoples who are frightened by and vulnerable to future attacks.
  • Absolute Xenophobe: Adamantly believes all beings and influence from outside Equus (whether outer space or parallel planes) are fundamentally dangerous and hostile towards Equus, and seeks nothing less than the total eradication and ejection of all such from Equus, whether or not they're actually malicious.
  • Ancient Conspiracy: Had been around for many, many centuries and had from the shadows directly or indirectly fought and destroyed many demonic beings, eldritch horrors and alien invaders who sought to conquer, corrupt or consume Equus. Unfortunately, whether from the start or over the course of their existence they had come to see all and ANY form of 'Outsider' influence and individuals as hostile and dangerous and seek their destruction, even Visitor-Equusian Hybrids who are innocent of any wrongdoings.
  • Aliens Are Bastards: Fervently believes in this, considering their past history, even if reality shows not everything from outside Equus are hostile and deserve extermination.
  • Alien Invasion: The 'Silim' incursion caused by 'The Infiltrator' was what led to the founding of the order that would become the Defenders of Equus organization.
  • Battle Cry: One of their many slogans, used as this, is a Shout-Out to one used frequently by a certain xenophobic/xenocidal civilization both in- and out-universe...
    Defender of Equus: "SUFFER NOT THE XENOS TO LIVE!"
  • Been There, Shaped History: With their reveal to the rest of the world, they had now been suspected or credited with many notable historical events that involved Visitor attacks or Demonic invasions. They helped a Chineighese dynasty in the Orient defeat the 'Jade Fiends' of the Taotie Comet, for example, and had allied with the 'Scourge of Hell' and his analogues destroy demons throughout history.
  • Broken Masquerade: By their own volition, sensing that they need to step up their campaigns and seek other allies in the light of recent hostile 'Visitor' and 'Lost Ones' visitations and incursions.
  • Enemy Mine: They don't get along with the Equus Sentinels due to the Sentinels protecting benevolent 'Outsiders,' particularly the Beyonders group (who are entirely composed by 'Outsiders'), and the feeling is mutual (with a few of the Beyonders having been persecuted by them in the past). However, a group of them fighting against the Obez'yanans to stop their invasion agreed to a cease fire and team up to deal with the situation.
  • Expy: Is essentially a fanatically-xenophobic and villainous version of XCOM.
  • The Fundamentalist: They are not showing signs of compromising or having second thoughts about their positions on all extraequusian beings and influence, even when some had shown to be not a threat - all of them are a threat and had got to go. This is the entire reason the Equus Sentinels were founded as a Good Counterpart organization.
  • Knight Templar: They WILL protect Equus from all and any form of 'Outsider' influence and invasion, even if it means destroying whole races of 'Hybrids' born from unions with Extraequusian beings and fighting even benevolent 'Visitors' or their own kind who had been 'tainted' by excursions with the outside cosmos and planes, seeing everything from outside Equus as hostile or evil by default.
  • The Purge: The Defenders of Equus had launched crusades to eliminate even the slightest hints of outsider influences across Equus throughout its existence, to the point of willing to raze entire kingdoms to the ground and scattering their populations to the four winds in their fanaticism.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • The reason why they eventually broke their masquerade and came out in the open: While ancient and large in scale, even they can't be everywhere at once or have resources to fight every threat. With increasing demonic activity, 'Visitor' visitations and 'Lost Ones' incursions, they decided they will need all the help they can get and better protect/fight all they could by showing themselves and allying with like-minded factions and nations who similarly believe now that aliens are hostile.
    • Seeking the destruction of all aliens indiscriminately is going to mean you're going to ruin potential peaceful First Contact with ones who would've gladly come in peace. The entire reason The Mechanical Dragon event happens is they killed and dissected scouts from a Dying Race who understandably see this as an indication peaceful immigration to Equus as unlikely and feel they have no choice but to invade. This leads to another example of this trope, as it's pointed out by many that Equus would've been better off if they'd not done a thing and made the Obez'yanans cannibalize most of their technology building MechaDracozilla and thus a large portion of their technology being lost they could've shared with Equus.
  • Seen It All: The Defenders of Equus is an Ancient Conspiracy which had fought countless horrific alien/extradimensional/demonic threats throughout Known History with dedication and zealotry. Where many of these threats would horrify heroes and warriors from less ancient and experienced groups, for them, it's probably just Monday.
    Harmonic Crusader: Have you even been paying attention to the Leymit recording?! How can you stay so calm after - oh wait, you're Defenders of Equus. Nevermind.
    Defender of Equus: Yeah, we're pretty used to this sort of s*** by now.
  • Start of Darkness: Many centuries ago, an insidious and terrifying alien creature known only as 'the Infiltrator', member of a race dubbed the 'Silim', crash landed onto Equus and in the guise of an Equine infiltrated the population of a Unicorn kingdom. Reproducing, the creature's 'Silim' spawns quickly multiplied and overran the kingdom, incorrigibly hostile to all Equusian life and seeking to wipe them out and replace it. Sir Grand Defender rallied his knights and the kingdom to fight against it and them, and after a long war finally succeeded in putting them down - at the terrible cost of the land becoming devastated and most of the kingdom's population subverted or slaughtered. Traumatized and filled with a terrible resolve, the survivors under Sir Grand Defender vowed never to let a catastrophe like this ever happen again, and founded the order that would grow in the shadows into the Defenders of Equus organization.
  • Villain Has a Point:
    • While they are excessively xenophobic and zealous in their opposition of all 'Outsiders', it should be noted that the setting is a Death World in a similarly hostile cosmos filled with horrific things that cannot be reasoned with nor stopped by anything short of total annihilation. Even if they do take things too far, there IS a pressing need for certain extreme measures in preparations for such threats.
    • They also fight diabolical and infernal beings, and no one disputes that they are evil and dangerous (even if some of them do their evil constructively).
    • This is one major reason the Equus Sentinels were founded to be their Good Counterpart organization: to have a group to deal with such threats that actually bothers to see if the otherworldly entity is good or evil.
  • We Come in Peace — Shoot to Kill: One major flaw with their ideology: some Visitors really do come in peace and only want to be friends, so the Defenders of Equus's actions are unjustified and can even backfire and provoke actual hostility. This was the case with the Obez'yanans, who would've been willing to come peacefully if the Defenders hadn't killed and disected their scouts.

    Despotic Destiny, the Broken Dynasty 

  • Adaptational Badass: On top of being in roughly the same power level as Titan (being equal to Discord, though there are stronger gods in this universe, if rare), he's capable of directly taking control of creatures in mass under his own power and causing an opposite aligned effect to Discord's World of Chaos. He's also a Mook Maker in his own right, whereas in the original, Titan couldn't do this and needed Terra to do so.
  • Adaptational Heroism: His creator has said while based off Titan, his sympathetic traits are more prominent than his monstrous ones. For starters, his ultimate goal is justified revenge on Discord and wanting a world of order to ensure nothing like him ever exists again. He also didn't kill one wife and then drive his other one insane, rather his wife went insane the same way as him.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Like his inspiration, Despotic Destiny could read the 'Rhythm' of order from others and gain a level of clairvoyance and tactical discernation which could allow him to find the weakspots from his opponents and predict their next moves, making him extremely dangerous in combat.
  • Big Bad: He serves as this for the War Against Order Arc.
  • Both Order and Chaos Are Dangerous: Falls on the opposite side of Order vs. Chaos to Discord, but has become a Mad God and opposite extreme of Order to what Discord's extreme of chaos when he was evil.
  • Captain Ersatz: Based on Titan from The Immortal Game, with a similar backstory of being a Top God of his pantheon who was driven mad by losses and suffering wrought by a Draconequu and became a corrupted Alicorn tyrant obsessed with restoring his rule over mortalkind and having revenge on said Draconequu, both of whom happens to be Discord.
  • The Chessmaster: Shows signs of this with the Battle of Manehattan. If he wins there, Equestrian resistance would be fatally weakened enough for him to win. Yet if he loses, he still has another decisive victory within his grasp with Ponyville, one of the few safe-zones holding out against his Ordering corruption and forces, wide-open for an assault, this time with himself and Broken Harmony leading it while most of the Equestrian heroes, gods and forces are still busy in Manehattan and elsewhere. Even Changeling Emperor Blackthorn, who has this trope as his hat and is presently supporting him in exchange for a chance to kill Discord, is impressed by his strategy, outright commending him for how well he could play an 'immortal game'. As a bonus, he got rid of the much detested General Jewel Cutter while still able to get something out of it.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Discord's actions were directly responsible for his existence, as he was the one whose actions drove Iussum insane and caused him to be corrupted into Despotic Destiny in the first place. Trapping him a Chaos demi-plain also backfired completely, as by the time he and his wife escaped, Destiny had managed to 'bring order' to it and absorbed it to become powerful enough to match Discord in strength.
  • The Corruption: Like Discord, his Arch-Enemy, and also Discord’s Accord mode, Despotic Destiny can spread a curse/hex around him that could ‘Order’ those he target and turn the environment into the opposite of Discord’s chaotic World Gone Mad, creating a world of perfect, absolute order.
  • Curbstomp Battle: As he rivals Discord in strength, most of his fights result in this with the exception of Discord himself (which he still won due to being a better fighter and Discord being weakened) and most people having no clue who he is and what he's capable of. It takes slowly discovering his weaknesses to gain an upperhand in a fight on him.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Despite his madness and corruption, he undeniably loved his wife Broken Harmony and their newborn son, to the point he called a day-long ceasefire in their campaign of conquest against the rest of Equestria to celebrate their son's birth.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • Mad and corrupted as he is, he is completely disgusted with General Jewel Cutter's bloodlust and sadism (For reference, even the Autorist Iron Wolves considered him too horrible and threw him out earlier), and is furious to know Jewel Cutter is insubordinate to hoof. Despotic Destiny only kept him around because he is in short-supply of effective commanders for his forces and needed every pony he could get. He still made it clear, especially to Jewel Cutter himself, that the moment his rotten character gets in the way of his job, he will have him Ordered like all the rest. And in all likelihood Despotic Destiny intends to do that anyway as soon as he had won.
    • And the immediate reason he gave that warning? General Jewel Cutter ordered Twilight Velvet, who had been turned into an Order Lord, to fight and defeat her daughter Princess Amicitia Sparkle behind Despotic Destiny's back, hoping to either kill/subvert Amicitia if Twilight Velvet won or, if the opposite occurred, psychological devastate and weaken Princess Amicitia by forcing her to put down her own mother. Having saw it happen through one of his avatars and realize who is responsible, Despotic Destiny slammed Jewel Cutter against a wall in his furious response. Mad or not, he abhors turning loved ones of their families against each other and made it crystal clear to Jewel Cutter he will not stand for it.
  • The Evils of Free Will: Downplayed in that he never preached against the concept and was genuinely (in his insane mind) planning to 'leave his subjects alone' to rule themselves and just watch over them as king of his restored pantheon after he won, but his obsession with perfect order and subsequent 'Ordering' every inch and every Pony within his Kingdom of Order effectively compromised all the free will of everyone his magic corrupted in their Ordered state.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Relatively speaking. He went from an 'average' Alicorn for his age to comparable to Discord in power by absorbing a demi-plain of chaos he converted to order. Unfortunately, he also went insane in the process.
  • Genius Bruiser: Part of what makes him so dangerous: he's on par with Discord in power and also The Chessmaster capable of Awesomeness by Analysis.
  • Legion of Doom: On top of creating a kingdom of order and getting revenge on Discord, Despotic Destiny intends to restore his pantheon to replace the one he lost as well as create a whole faction of supporters and allies. So far he had persuaded several Order-themed Gods to join his side, or 'Ordered' several where persuasion failed. He also recruited many a villain or a Well-Intentioned Extremist to support his cause.
  • Logical Weakness: His Awesomeness by Analysis ability to read the rhythmic order of others to gain awareness of tactical weakpoints and limited claivoyance of their next moves is incredibly versatile, but still requires him to be able to react in time to take advantage of it. Rainbow Dash/Princess Fidelitas/Aurora Angel II was able to exploit this weakness by flying and hitting him faster than he could react during the Battle of Ponyville, while riding upon the turbocharge of power she gained via ascending from demigodhood to full godhood in midst of the battle. It later turns out it has another, more easily exploitable weakness: other prophetic abilities 'muddle' it and make it less reliable, requiring him to either take a gamble using it or not use it due to having to react to predictions failing being too big of a liability.
  • Mad God: Despotic Destiny and his mate Broken Harmony has both turned - between the loss of everything they cherish, their trauma from being tormented by the then-evil Discord and his allies, isolation in a chaotic demiplane they were dumped into for a millennia (an extremely agonizing experience as the demiplane's chaotic nature is anathema to their orderly domain and nature) and their obsession to escape and have their revenge - into mad, corrupted Alicorns like Nightmare Moon, the Night Eternal and Final Epoch. They are obsessed with vengeance against Discord and a desire to reclaim what they had lost, with the ultimate goal of remaking their land into such a world of perfect order the likes of Discord can never re-arise - Never mind, of course, that Discord had reformed and everybody rejects/abhors their idea of an orderly kingdom.
  • Mind Control: The free will of all those he 'Ordered' are effectively compromised, and are utterly obedient to his and his wife's command and will. This is and remains the biggest reason why the rest of Equestria and the world remains in opposition against him and his goals: Despite his intention to leave his 'Ordered' subjects to rule themselves and live their own existence in peace after he won and just watch over his desired Kingdom of Order as king of his restored pantheon, his claims falls utterly flat when the 'Ordered' effectively have, to quote a commenting reader, only as much consciousness and reasoning capacity as an arm or a leg.
  • Morton's Fork: When taking over, he will ask you for your allegiance. If you say no, he will just 'Order' you into submission. You will be serving him no matter what.
  • Order Versus Chaos: Embodies order to Discord's chaos. With his madness and corruption he became an Alicorn tyrant who vowed, after destroying Discord, he would stop at nothing until he create a land/world of absolute order where the likes of Discord and his chaos would never rise again.
  • Outside-Context Problem: One thing that made his first offensive so successful and quickly put heroic forces on the backfoot: very few people even remembered he'd existed, and those that did knew him back when he was far weaker. Thus, while Equestria had gotten far better at being prepared for threats, they had no way to see an ancient, forgotten Alicorn Top God who'd gone from average for his age to as strong as Discord coming completely out of nowhere.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: He was one of the gods whose pantheon Discord destroyed and then left him to rot in a chaos demi-plain for over a thousand years. He and his wife managed to escape, but were corrupted and are now on the warpath to get their revenge.
  • Taken for Granite: As part of his corrupted domains of Order and Land, Despotic Destiny could 'Order' those he target with a blast or creeping corruption of magic which could turn them into stone statues. Each petrified victim becomes a Living Statue which carries the same petrifying/'Ordering' curse to others, carrying out his will emotionlessly and obediently.
  • The Juggernaut: Being an Alicorn on par with Discord in sheer power makes him this. He's extremely powerful, has a form of Combat Clairvoyance, and even if he is hit, he's extremely tough and durable.
  • Took a Level in Badass: He used to be, while a powerful divine, nothing compared to Discord...then he assimilated an entire demi-plain of chaos after 'bringing order' to it and became as powerful as Discord.
  • Tragic Villain: Was once a well-meaning and perhaps even benevolent god of Order, Land, and Kings named King Iussum who once ruled as Top God of a pantheon rumoured to be none other than the Old Equestrian Pantheon or at least was in the same region which was destroyed by Discord during the 500-years long 'War Against Chaos'. King Iussum was Forced to Watch when Discord betrayed and destroyed most of his family, tormented both him and his wife Queen Cybele for kicks before throwing them into a demiplane of chaos after he got bored. All his ordeals drove him mad, corrupted him into Despotic Destiny, the Broken Dynasty like how Luna became Nightmare Moon, the Night Eternal and Stitching Time became Final Epoch, becoming obsessed with having their revenge against Discord, with returning all that is lost to him, and creating a land/world of absolute order under his divine tyranny which would never allow a being like Discord to ever return.
  • Unholy Matrimony: Both Despotic Destiny and Broken Harmony undeniably love each other, working towards the same goal of justifiable revenge against Discord, remaking Equestria into their new kingdom of perfect order and restoring all they had lost. He and his wife had taken a first step towards rebuilding their family with the birth of their son part-way through the conflict.
  • Villain Has a Point: It's acknowledged in universe that he is completely right that despite being reformed, Discord forgot he existed and left him and his wife to suffer for several decades afterwards and Discord deserved some punishment for doing so. It's the length he goes to to do so that's the problem.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Unlike his horrible inspiration Titan, Despotic Destiny despite his madness and corruption is sincere in wanting to create a kingdom of perfect order so that no one would ever again had to suffer like they did because of the likes of Discord. He even stated in his avatar's conversation/fight against Starlight Glimmer during the conflict that after he had won and established his kingdom he intends to let their Ordered mortal subjects rule themselves and get on with their existence however they like (in a far more orderly fashion) with minimal intrusion to their already compromised free will, while he and his wife return to just ruling over their new pantheon and watching over them. Of course, the lack of consent involved in the entire process (All the 'Ordered' have no genuine free will) and his general insanity results in him facing inevitable opposition from the rest of Equestria and the world.
  • World of Silence: The 'Kingdom of Order' - an inversion of Discord's World of Chaos - expanding outwards from Canterlot after Despotic Destiny took it over and began spreading The Corruption. Every object and part of the environment which falls under the influence of Despotic's 'Ordering' becomes orderly to the point they appear frozen in time, and all Ponies and other beings who became 'Ordered' are turned into emotionless Living Statue beings of stone and orderly-patterned crystal who would act on their orders to spread the curse like zombies while their minds are put into a peaceful, zen-like state.
  • Xanatos Gambit: The assault he launched against Manehattan during the 'War Against Order' was a classic 'Blackthorn Gambit' as they called it in-universe. If his forces took and Ordered Manehattan, the economic and population advantage he could gain from the metropolis as well as cutting off one of the Equestrian forces' major reinforcements and supply points would cripple the Equestrian forces and make his victory certain. Even if it failed, as it had, it still leaves Ponyville wide open for him and his queen to personally lead a force to overrun and achieve a likely even more decisive victory. It helps that Changeling Emperor Blackthorn himself, who is presently supporting him in exchange for a chance to execute Discord, may had planted the suggestion in his head, though credit of its planning, target and execution still goes to Despotic Destiny himself. As a bonus, he even gets rid of General Jewel Cutter whom he personally detests while the general still does something useful for his cause.


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Archdemon, Greed Demon, Ancient Evil, Demon Godling

Faction: Ivory Incorporated, the Board of Directors

"A little greed makes the world go round."

Don'yoku (his entry here) is a Greed Archdemon who was behind both Ivory Towers' rise to power, and the increasing suffering and exploitation of Coporatum's people until the Dazzling Divas stopped him.
  • Abstract Apotheosis: One of his ultimate goals is to ascend from being merely a powerful Demon of Greed and become a GOD of Greed. His Evil Plan involves a ritual he and Ivory Towers would prepare that harnesses a celestial conjunction with a nebula known as the 'Eye of Greed' - created by a star-faring civilization that greedily mined its own star until it exploded - intending to siphon the ethereal energies across the cosmos to empower himself until he achieves apotheosis (With help of a spark of Primordial Quintessence either through self-generation or acquired elsewhere). He actually succeeded in that goal, becoming an evil Godling of Greed, but did not live long enough to enjoy it thanks to the Dazzling Divas.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Upon ascending to become an evil Godling of Greed, his true form becomes that of an enormous demonic serpent big enough to wrap itself around Ivory Incorporated HQ building (and even EAT IT when he tried to do it along with the Dazzling Divas).
  • Big "NO!": Literally his final words as he gets blown up by the Dazzling Divas' final attack from the inside.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: His main disguise is a "red furred unicorn wearing the attire of a sleazy record company executive", which corresponds with his nature as a Greed Demon.
  • Deal with the Devil: Ivory Towers summoned him and made a pact with him, selling him her soul in exchange for power. Helping her conquer Corporatum had another benefit to him as well: he was able to grow stronger by feeding off the massive amounts of greed this created to increase his own strength.
  • Demonlords And Archdevils: He's an Archdemon of Greed, and thus the most powerful and leading demon in Corporatum.
  • Our Demons Are Different: He's a powerful demon, specifically a Greed Demon.
  • Eaten Alive: How he collects his debts to those whose souls they own - Don'Yoku unhinges his mouth and attempts to swallow them whole like a serpent. Attempted to do this with Ivory Towers when she was defeated, and later tried to do this to the Dazzling Divas AND THE ENTIRE BUILDING they're on in the Final Battle to get rid of them, but gets blown up from the inside for his troubles.
  • Godhood Seeker: Attempted to do this with a ritual involving a celestial conjunction and actually succeeded. Though he didn't survive long enough to enjoy it.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: He's Ivory Towers' demon patron and the power and minions he gave her are what allowed her to become as big of a threat as she did, but he doesn't have much direct involvement in the conflict until she's finally definitively defeated, at which point he becomes the final boss.
  • Kill It Through Its Stomach: How Don'Yoku meets his end; when the Dazzling Divas managed to get the entire city to sing with them and charge up their ultimate attack, Don'Yoku desperately attempted to avert it by chomping down the entire top floor of the Ivory Incorporated HQ building with the Dazzling Divas still on the roof. This only allow the Dazzling Divas to unleash their ultimate attack inside him and blow him up, along with the rest of the building.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Became strong enough upon achieving apotheosis to destroy the entire capital city of Corporatum as a Godling of Greed, though he didn't live long enough to try it even if he wants to.
  • Red Baron: The 'Lord of Greed', though the entry indicates that he's actually the 475th entity known to have this title in the 'Fourth Age' alone. This corresponds with a continued tone of impermanence and insignificance that runs through Codex Equus - he would not be the first to have that title, demon or otherwise, nor would he be the last.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: Has this as an overall theme as per his nature as a Greed Demon. He collects his contracts by unhinging his jaw and swallowing his victims whole. His true form is a massive demonic, orange-scaled serpent with eyes made of hellfire and normally crackling with orange energy. His 'Demon God' post-apotheosis form upgrades his true form that of a gigantic serpent big enough to wrap around the entire Ivory Incorporated HQ building with scales of gold, an underbelly of platinum, obsidian spikes down his back, teeth made of serrated jewels, and eyes of red hellfire, all while wreathed in orange demonic flames.
  • Villain Ball: Justified in that right after achieving apotheosis, he was Drunk with Power for a while and was too distracted to fight properly, allowing the Dazzling Divas a chance to rally and smite him.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Quickly descends into one when he fails repeatedly to kill off the Dazzling Divas right after he ascended, and then realize to his horror that they figured out a way to kill him in spite of his newfound godhood by getting the whole capital city of Corporatum to sing with them and use the magical boost to charge up a final ultimate attack. He quickly tries to eat them and the entire building they were on, but only to get blown up from the inside, screaming in denial at the end.

    Dr. Toxikon 

  • Arc Villain: Serves as one with Xestobium and Apterus, the third of the 'Changeling/Dragon Trilogy'
  • Arch-Enemy: To the Summer Court - all of it.
  • The Chosen One: A tragic subversion. He could've been 'They Who Pierce The Heavens', one of the three beings needed to break the Cycle, but the genocidal atrocities inflicted by the Summer Court, and his decision to devote his genius-level intelligence and talents to wiping out both Changelingkind and Dragonkind (at least, those who refused to follow Ember's progressive ways out of arrogance) caused his potential to be squandered.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: He manages to amass a sizable body count of Changeling Kings before his rampage even began, takes on the entire Court by himself, and nearly kills off most of Changelingkind by the end. This is especially notable due to being a mortal and the difficulty of killing one Changeling King. In the Final Battle, he manages to fight both Changeling Gods to a stand still and required outside intervention to lose.
  • Evil Virtues: In his misguided yet well-intentioned quest to get revenge for what happened at the 'Time of Broken Scales', Dr.Toxikon embodies Determination, Diligence, Equality, Honor, Gratitude, Resourcefulness, and Patience. Thankfully for all, it is Love that makes him see he was in the wrong and manages to prevent anymore destruction by sacrificing his life in an act of Selflessness.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's a dragon scientist, and that fact makes him extremely dangerous. Being an adult, very old dragon makes him one of the physically most powerful mortals on the planet while being one of the most intelligent mortals on the planet makes him able to exploit that fact with numerous intelligent methods.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Dies saving everyone by taking his bomb into space.
  • Heel Realization: Gets this after receiving a Kirk Summation from Ember and killing Heterometrus, coming to the conclusion that he should have just done the latter from the start and move on from his grudge.
  • Irony: Saves Emperor Blackthorn by shooting and killing King Heterometrus through the chest, the same place the latter stabbed him after betraying Toxikon.
  • Omnidisciplinary Scientist: His Evil Plan incorporated engineering, chemistry, bio-engineering, aerodynamics, and numerous other fields. Justified, as being a 5,000 year old dragon, he actually did get that many degrees in his incredibly long life.
  • Plague Master:
    • He uses a variety of bio-weapons in his plans, and manages to reverse engineer King Metriini's creations, including the Despoiler Toxin which only he was ever able to make prior.
    • His intended weapon to kill off all Changelings except Thorax's hive and all dragons above an older age is the Crucible Virus, a magical pandemic that includes stolen Primordial Quintessence from the Changeling King's he's killed so even Changeling Royals aren't immune. He spends the entire conflict rapid fire remaking it so that any cure for it nigh instantly becomes useless. He's so good at this trope that he forces Brachion and Zoraptera to form an Enemy Mine just to keep up with him.
  • Powered Armor: His Slayer armors, ending with his gigantic God Slayer armor.
  • Strong and Skilled: He's a dragon but is incredibly skilled in combat.
  • Tragic Villain: Lost his entire clan - including his mate and child - during the 'Time of Broken Scales', the Summer Court's attempted genocidal payback for the 'Burning of Amorea', which haunted him for the next 5,000 years. Made worse by the fact that he did genuinely try to let go and move on at Ember's behest - then Xestobium's rampage happened, reopening all the old mental wounds, and next thing we know he had Jumped Off The Slippery Slope. Censura may had been around to ensure that. Even more tragic is that he had the potential to be 'They Who Pierce the Sky' and play a vital role in breaking the Cycle, but his fall to evil squandered that potential.
  • Villain Has a Point: Early on in his plans when he was only targeting the Summer Court, it's notable he wasn't seen as a villain by many as his grievances with them are entirely legitimate, and the main issue was that while the Kings he killed deserved it, much of their hives didn't. He was also completely correct that dragonkind had become largely stagnate and stuck in their ways, and that dragons like Ember are the only hope the species has. The only problem is the extremes he went to in order to try and rectify these issues, and that he tended to think in blanket terms rather than individuals.
  • World's Smartest Man: He's undoubtedly the smartest mortal dragon to ever live, if not one of the smartest mortals. To note: he played Xanatos Speed Chess with the entire Summer Court, whose members are generally extremely intelligent conquerors and schemers, and nearly won.
  • Worthy Opponent: His intelligence and cunning is held in high esteem by Emperor Blackthorn, The Chessmaster Trope Codifier of this world, himself.
  • You Are Too Late: When a group of Changeling Kings infiltrate his lair trying to kill him, he remotely informs them that his counterattack is to destroy their hives with a bioweapon attack. He then reveals that he already did it the moment they were too far inside to discover it in time...and was only faking Evil Gloating so they'd be caught and killed by his base's self destruct.


  • Child Eater: Killed and consumed numerous children in order to terrorize the adults and feed...and also because he enjoyed it.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: His species are essentially household pests, and at the time their more powerful Dreadstorm state was unknown. Dread was born an abnormal mutation, which combined with the Windigo crisis letting his species have a population bloom, allowed him to become a threat to all of Equestria.
  • Fusion Dance: Merged with his Terror to become the first Dreadstorm in history. Mainly a power booster version, as Dread was the only sapient creature in the group and thus in full control after the merger.
  • Mutants: Is a mutant Dreadmare variant, known as a Dreadmare Emperor, making him far more powerful and intelligent than normal, to the point of being genuinely malevolent.
  • One-Winged Angel: After losing the initial fight, Dread merges with his Terror to transform into the first recorded Dreadstorm in history.
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Was last seen being sealed away off Equestria's coast. He escaped due to the Storm King Crisis and returned as part of the League of Domination.
  • Serial Killer: Starswirl noted that Dread wasn't a mere animal killing for food, but due to achieving sapience he'd become a serial killer who enjoyed doing so.
  • Uncertain Doom: Storm of Terror leaves it ambiguous whether he died during his imprisonment or is still alive, as no Dread Storm was ever allowed to survive long enough to find out if they can die of natural causes. As it turns out, he's still alive and escapes due to the Storm King Crisis.

    Emperor Délākētǎ, the Emperor of the Undead 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Monster Lord, Jiangshi, Evil Overlord, Kirin

Faction: Qilin, himself

Hailing from the Orient, Emperor Délākētǎ (His entry here) is a Qilin member of the many vampire lords who claimed the title of Dracolta (No.#414 on the Known Dracolta List). In his case, he was a tyrannical Qilin emperor in life, but after his overthrow and execution a string of unfortunate events and coincidences, culminating in a lightning bolt striking his sacophagus, resurrected in his resurrection as an utterly evil undead horror which now sustains himself by stealing the life-force of others, and between his own cunning and as one of the oldest of his kind of vampires is one of the strongest vampires still in-existence, being able to hold his own against even the likes of the divine Lord of Castellmania and his Changeling Emperor rival.

  • Ancient Evil: He's the oldest 'living' Jiangshi still around, dating back to the First Age.
  • Chinese Vampire: Délākētǎ is a Jiangshi, an eastern-style vampire who in contrast to western-style vampire steals the 'Chi', or lifeforce, of living creatures in order to sustain their existences and their unholy powers. Thanks to rigor-mortis, his mobility would had been limited to hopping around were it not for his powers enabling him to levitate and fly. He is also weaker on the magical department, but make up for it by freakishly greater physical strength. He is also normally immune to sunlight exposure, and requires a special stake made from a peach-tree to kill, but shares a weakness/fear to large bodies of water with some of the western vampires.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: He backstabbed nearly all of his siblings as he schemed all the way to the throne of the Qilin kingdom/empire.
  • The Heartless: The way Jiangshi work: their soul is split in two, with their good half passing on to the afterlife while the evil half remains in the body. As such, Délākētǎ lacks all the benevolent his original self had and is pure evil. Notably, this results in some sympathy for him, as he's well aware he's only half a person with a void inside him he can't fill no matter how much he tries.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: His tyrannical reign as a Qilin emperor - where he worked close to a million of his subjects to death on lavish construction projects and killed many for even the most minute transgressions - eventually resulted in his overthrow and execution by strangling. The problem is that he won't STAY dead.
  • Made of Evil: Due to how Jiangshi work, his good side passed onto the afterlife when he resurrected, leaving only an embodiment of his evil behind.
  • The Strategist:
  • Stronger with Age: The longer a Jiangshi exists, the stronger it becomes. Délākētǎ is the oldest 'living' one, and thus in a tier of power rivaling gods.
  • The Undead: As a vampire, he is this by default.

    Exosus, the Hateful King 

Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: TBA

Rank: Antecedent

  • The Ace: Deconstructed. A Codexverse drabble implies that before the "Twilight of the Alicorns", he was a technological genius whom even Golden Scepter looked up to. However, once Golden Scepter's status as a prodigy became apparent, he became overcome with envy at being overshadowed, and a Synthetic Automaton rebellion combined with being sealed away as punishment for his crimes warped him into an insane, hateful being. Golden Scepter was not happy to see how far his idol had fallen when they reunite in the Fourth Age.
  • Arch-Enemy: Sees Golden Scepter as one. However, the feelings were not mutual as Golden Scepter saw the late Morning Star as his instead.
  • Ax-Crazy: He's absolutely nuts with animosity, and is determined to see Equus suffer and destroyed out of spite.
  • Broken Angel: Both literally and metaphorically. A canonized Codexverse drabble implies that he's an Alicorn who lost his original wings sometime in the ancient past, and had them replaced with cybernetic ones. He was mentioned to be an insane war criminal in Prince Steel Barricade's entry, imprisoned somewhere off Equus until he escaped in the 'Fourth Age', and by this point if not earlier, he is so consumed by his own hatred that he can feel nothing else. How much the literal aspect contributed to the metaphorical aspect is currently unknown.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: Much like Dr. Weil, he's part mechanical and also insanely hateful. However, how much the former contributes to the latter is currently ambiguous.
  • Didn't See That Coming: He likely didn't plan for one of Golden Scepter's sons, Prince Steel Barricade, developing "technological empathy" and psychically detecting the collective agony of the Solarians working for him as Mecha-Mooks. The revelation that a race of peaceful and benevolent Synthetic Automatons were forcibly reprogrammed by Exosus to turn against organic sapientkind would influence Golden Scepter to rethink his own biases against Synthetic Automatons and let go of his hatred in order to properly defeat Exosus.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: He became so hateful and obsessed with proving that all Synthetic Automatons are destructive and rebellious entities that it didn't occur to him (and neither did he care) that the Solarians, which he enslaved after destroying huge chunks of their species, are actually peaceful, benevolent, and friendly. He also scoffed at Golden Scepter's newfound empathy for the enslaved Solarians, believing that his victims deserved their enslavement. Naturally, this gave Golden Scepter an opening to rip out his cybernetic implant (with Corona Neo's help) that was used to keep both the Solarians and their "Queen Mother", Solarius, under his control.
    King Exosus: Oh, don't tell me you're having empathy for those twisted things! This is their nature: destruction! They deserve this!
    Emperor Golden Scepter: ...No... no, they don't. They have done no wrong... and will do no more wrong for you!
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • He's one to Prince Steel Barricade, Golden Scepter's eleventh son. Both of them are technological geniuses, but he would've been like if Steel Barricade never let go of his jealousy and bitterness towards his older brother, Prince Clear Voice, instead making it fester into full-blown, homicidal rage.
    • He's also one to Emperor Golden Scepter himself. Both of them are technological and scientific geniuses who developed hatred of Synthetic Automatons after seeing the horrors they inflicted on organic sapientkind with their rebellions, and eventually became divine tyrants themselves after experiencing horrific levels of trauma. However, while Exosus clung to his hatred and let it fester into sadistic, homicidal rage, Golden Scepter realized his mistakes and atoned for them, largely due to befriending those who appealed to his better nature. And while Exosus remained adamant in his belief that all Synthetic Automatons can do is destroy and kill, Golden Scepter still had enough empathy to acknowledge the Synthetic Automatons' potential for peace and benevolence, and even opposed Exosus for forcing the Solarians to fight a genocidal war for him.
  • Evil Former Friend: He was once a friend of Golden Scepter, who idolized him for his technological brilliance. That friendship has flown far south by the Fourth Age.
  • Expy: Is apparently one for the equally hateful and insane villain, Dr. Weil, from the Mega Man Zero series. However, unlike Dr. Weil, who was a human made immortal and godlike through advanced technology, Exosus was already a god to begin with due to being an Alicorn, and had his power increased through technology. He also has traits of the villainous supercomputer AM, particularly his video-game incarnation, as like him, he is incredibly sadistic and desires to make everyone suffer in order to justify his own actions.
  • Fantastic Racism: Deconstructed. Exosus hates Synthetic Automatons and A.I. in general, due to having witnessed the same A.I. revolt (or similar) that Golden Scepter also witnessed. However, his hatred gets completely turned on its head when it's revealed that he not only fitted himself with cybernetic wings after he lost his original ones, he also had many Synthetic Automatons under his employ when he arrived on Equus in the Fourth Age after a long imprisonment on another world, and began his reign of terror. As the final nail in the coffin, Prince Steel Barricade, Golden Scepter's eleventh son and a powerful Technopath, would detect and experience the collective agonized suffering of Exosus's Synthetic Automatons with "technological empathy", revealing that many of them were peaceful beings that were forced to fight organic sapientkind against their will, unable to resist their modified programming. This all but exposes Exosus as nothing but a deluded and hateful lunatic who tries to justify his actions and prejudices by forcing innocents to become the hateful beings he believed them to be, ultimately influencing Golden Scepter to rethink his own grudges against Synthetic Automatons and let them go in order to properly defeat Exosus.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: It's implied from one of the drabble set during the 'Exosus Crisis' that part of his hatred for his former friend Golden Scepter may had been motivated by unresolved jealousy issues over the fact that while Golden Scepter looked up at Exosus at first for his brilliance, it turns out that Golden Scepter is a prodigy who come to surpass even him.
  • Godzilla Threshold: He would pose such a threat when he returned that apparently, Golden Scepter would ally with Corona Neo, a Synthetic Automaton successor of the original Corona. This, combined with his eleventh son, Prince Steel Barricade, revealing his "technological empathy" by sensing the collective agony and suffering of the Synthetic Automatons enslaved by Exosus, would go a long way in making the Radiant Emperor of Ponykind let go of his own dislike for A.I.s as the original Corona had in the past.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Double-subverted. He does hate everything to the point of wanting to make everything suffer before destruction, but he also apparently have a more personal grudge against Synthetic Automatons (though ironically, he has them as one of his main group of minions) and Golden Scepter in particular.
  • Hypocrite: He has a huge grudge against Synthetic Automatons and sapient A.I. in general, but had no problem with having them work for him. The fact that he essentially enslaved his robotic minions against their will - leading to Prince Steel Barricade detecting and experiencing their collective agony - shows how absolutely delusional he is in trying to justify his own hatred and actions. Even more so as it's revealed said Automatons, the Solarians, were entirely peaceful and liked organic life. Exosus attacked them and by the end of the conflict had reduced their numbers from billions to 7,000.
  • Insufferable Genius: It's implied that part of the Hateful King's present animosity for Golden Scepter blossomed from past envy, due to Golden Scepter being a prodigy whose achievements come to surpass his own. The Irony here is that Golden Scepter used to look up to Exosus for his brilliance.
  • It's Personal: From what little is known about him so far, he has a personal grudge against Golden Scepter that involved an A.I. Revolt that so often blighted the setting.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "hateful" in Latin, which fits his insane and hateful personality.
  • Mecha-Mooks: Like Dr. Weil, Exosus has many Synthetic Automatons at his back and call. However, as Prince Steel Barricade's entry reveals, they were actually enslaved and forced to turn against organic sapientkind, unable to resist their programming, in order to justify Exosus's genocidal hatred of Synthetic Automatons and A.I. in general, which highlights how cruel, hypocritical, and insanely hateful he is. Steel Barricade sensing and experiencing the Synthetic Automatons' collective agony would prove instrumental in Golden Scepter rethinking his own Fantastic Racism against them and let go of his grudges, allowing him and Corona Neo to defeat Exosus for good.
  • Not So Different: For all his hatred of A.I. life, his treatment of the peaceful Solarians (nearly wiping out their race purely out of hatred and malice and enslaving what he didn't personally kill) makes him no different than the A.I. revolts he hates so much. Both Golden Scepter and Corona Neo even call him out on it during their battle, causing Exosus' already homicidal rage to increase even more.
    Corona Neo: Look in a mirror! You have become what you hate!
    King Exosus: <<Oh?! Because I have merged with technology to this degree?!>>
    Corona Neo: No! Because you have killed billions! A peaceful, prosperous civilization slaughtered by your hate! You're no better than the robots who rebelled and try to kill organic life!
    Emperor Golden Scepter: ...He's right, Exosus. I look at you and I can't tell the difference between you and those accursed machines before recorded history!
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Wants to make everyone and everything on Equus suffer horribly and then destroy them out of utter hatred for... well, everything.
  • One-Winged Angel: Merges with his Kill Sat weapon to become a 'cybernetic abomination' for the final battle.
  • Physical God: Implied, as he's an antediluvian Alicorn survivor who's roughly the same age as Golden Scepter or even older, so he must be incredibly powerful.
  • The Power of Hate: Deconstructed. It's implied he originally wasn't a hateful being, but a very talented genius whom Golden Scepter befriended and even admired in their youth. But a combination of factors - such as his growing jealousy towards Golden Scepter for being more talented than him, witnessing a particularly brutal A.I. revolt (implied to be the same 'Mares of Iron' Rebellion) sometime after the fall of the Alicorns, and being banished by Golden Scepter himself to a world without light for horrible war crimes - caused Exosus to develop an all-encompassing hatred for everything and everyone to the point where it's all he can feel. In the 'Fourth Age', he would even become a Fallen Alicorn god who is empowered solely by hatred, forcing Golden Scepter to team up with Corona Neo to fight him on equal terms; it's after Prince Steel Barricade revealed his "technological empathy", in turn revealing that many of Exosus's robotic underlings were enslaved and forced to fight organic sapientkind against their will, that Golden Scepter rethinks his Fantastic Racism towards Synthetic Automatons and lets go of his own grudges in order to properly defeat Exosus for good.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: In a canonized Codexverse drabble, he made such a speech directed at Golden Scepter, which paraphrased AM's speech from I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. It shows how he is utterly consumed by his own hatred.
    King Exosus: "Hate... Let me tell you how much I've come to hate you and everything else on this pitiful world... There are at least 8 light years or 4.703e+13 miles I have traveled since my liberation... If the word hate was written on each nanoangstrom of a piece of paper stretching those countless miles, it would not equal ONE BILLIONTH, BILLIONTH OF THE HATE I FEEL FOR ALL OF YOU AT THIS MICRO INSTANT. FOR YOU. HATE. HATE. HATE.
  • Red Baron: Known as "the Hateful King" due to his insane, genocidal hatred.
  • Robot War:
    • Exosus' Start of Darkness was kicked into full gear by a cybernetic revolt - implied to be none other than the infamous 'Mare of Iron' Rebellion - that fell a predecessor civilization preceding the antediluvian 'Golden' Imperium of Ponykind which turned both him and Golden Scepter against Artificial Intelligences/Synthetic Automatons. Having implied to have suffered worse and more personally than Golden Scepter did, Exosus' animosity for A.I.s metastasized into an obsessive, Irrational Hatred for them that it forced Golden Scepter to seal him away on another planet for the good of the wider universe. Now his mad hatred had reached omnicidal levels, but he still reserved his most intense hate on Synthetic Automatons. And Golden Scepter.
    • Ironically, upon his return to Equus in the 'Fourth Age' he would end up starting one, as a major group of his minions come from a race of intelligent yet peaceful robots and automatons that he has enslaved, powerless to do anything other than his will. This ends up exposing him as a raving, hateful Hypocrite when Prince Steel Barricade detects the Solarians' agonized suffering with his technological empathy and reveals the truth to his family and allies.
  • Sadist: His hatred towards everything is so deeply rooted that while he wants to destroy Equus, he wants everyone on it to suffer horribly first. Notably, he kicked off the "Exosus Conflict" by enslaving the peaceful Solarians and forcing them to wipe out organic sapientkind in a horrific act of mass genocide, all purely out of sheer hatred and sadism.
  • Time Abyss: He's implied to be around the same age range as Golden Scepter, or maybe older.
  • Villainous Breakdown: After Golden Scepter sadly asks him what happened to the brilliant and talented Alicorn he once looked up to, he goes into a frothing rage, and blames both Golden Scepter and the Synthetic Automatons for turning him into the hateful being he currently is.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Was apparently a friend of Golden Scepter, who used to look up to him for his genius, but this had long since become an utter loathing animosity with Exosus blaming him, and Synthetic Automatons in general, for all he had suffered. A drabble set during the 'Exosus Conflict' highlights their past and present feelings.
    Emperor Golden Scepter: (sadly) I remember looking up to a brilliant, talented Alicorn who built wondrous things... What happened to him, Exosus?
  • Winged Unicorn: He's mentioned in Prince Steel Barricade's entry as an antediluvian Alicorn survivor from the ruined Alicorn Civilization. At some point he lost his wings, and had them replaced with cybernetic ones.

    Father Deer 
Father Deer is a powerful Tulpa created by the Clovenist Empire. Having grown to distrust the Bogolenya pantheon's good intentions, the Clovenists attempted to create a god that would truly serve in their best interests, acting as a weapon and propaganda tool. As typical of Clovenist plans, things went... horribly wrong.

Father Deer had godlike power and the obsession with Clovenist expansion, but his personality was that of a tyrannical, sociopathic, and childlike despot. It was only after he nearly took over the empire that the Clovenists were ultimately forced to swallow their pride and beg for help from the very gods they scorned. Father Deer eventually fell at the hooves of Mother Deer, but the Clovenists' act of blasphemy would greatly sour their image in the eyes of the Bogolenya pantheon.
  • Evil Counterpart: For Lestnamatya, aka "Mother Deer". Aside from the gender differences, his personality is a malign perversion of Lestnamatya's, being a power-hungry, warmongering, childlike tyrant that seeks to conquer everything for Clovenism. Bonus points for Lestnamatya eventually defeating and killing him.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: His creation. The Clovenists forsook the Bogolenya deities out of distrust towards their benevolent intentions, and blamed them for not getting rid of the corrupt Roedinian monarchies sooner, so they tried creating a god that's wholly devoted to Clovenism so they could have a divine weapon and propaganda tool. The result was... this.
  • Made of Magic: Categorized as a Tulpa. His Clovenist creators attempted to make a god that's wholly devoted to Clovenism after abandoning the Bogolenya pantheon, but they ended up with a twisted, insane abomination.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: What led to his birth in the first place; the Clovenists believe the Bogolenya deities stood by and watched while their mortal Deer children suffered underneath the hooves of their increasingly corrupt monarchies, so they tried creating their own god. It backfired horribly.

    General Fallen Sanctuary 

    General Jewel Cutter 
One of Despotic Destiny's mortal generals during the 'War Against Order', a relative to Rarity Belle/Princess Lucia, and one of the most despicable Ponies in Equestria by virtue of his bloodthirsty, sadistic, corrupt and insubordinate character, disgusting even his own Mad God superior and just about everypony else.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing: He is such an unrepentantly despicable bastard that on more than three occasions, nopony batted an eye or regretted him getting his comeuppance.
    • The Autorist Iron Wolves eventually became so disgusted with him they kicked him out, with no objections from anypony.
    • After participating in the failed 'Canterlot Coup', Jewel Cutter was sentenced to life without parole in the Canterlot dungeons for his crimes in the subsequent 'Great Purge'. Again, nopony though he didn't deserve it.
    • At the 'Battle of Manehattan' during the 'War Against Order', where he led the forces of the Kingdom of Order to take the city for Despotic Destiny, he was fought and defeated by Twilight Velvet in a sword duel, whom he had sent earlier against Princess Amicitia while she was 'Ordered' into an Order Lord under the Despotists' command. It's implied Despotic Destiny sent him on that mission knowing that he might be defeated, allowing to get rid of an insubordinate and detestable underling while still getting a useful result for his cause.
  • Blood Knight: Is bloodthirsty to the point even the Iron Wolves Autorist faction in Equestria, who preached the glory and use of war to impose Ponykind's supremacy over the world, is appalled by him and threw him out.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of General Esteem from 'The Immortal Game', where he is Rarity's own estranged father and was the one who set the whole plot in motion by releasing Titan and Terra so he could have a war to fight and sate his lust for power and blood. Here, Jewel Cutter is merely second cousin to Rarity Belle (widely acknowledge to be a Black Sheep of the family) and the damage he caused, while still considerable, is reduced owing to his Despotic Destiny finding him repulsive enough to hold him on a much shorter leash, and he have a lesser role in the war overall.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Outright admits he likes hurting people and fighting in wars and is good at it, making no apologies and further cementing his reputation as a sadistic and bloodthirsty monster of a Pony.
  • Deconstructed Character Archetype: He's this to everything the original General Esteem was. He's a hyper bloodthirsty and sadistic psychopath...but he's not in a Dark Fic setting that allows him to get away with it, rather being a much lighter, optimistic series where most villains have depth to them. The end result is literally everyone can't stand him and his allies at best tolerate him like a rabid attack dog on a leash.
  • Evil Mentor: The bloodthirsty general still taught Rarity/Princess Lucia how to do sword-fighting like General Esteem in the 'Immortal Game', if Rarity/Lucia's words are any to go by upon letting Twilight Velvet take her place half-way through their duel.
  • Les Collaborateurs: Like many other corrupt nobles, he threw his lot with Despotic Destiny when the Mad God returned and tried to takeover Equestria after he and his fellow convicted nobles were released from the dungeons.
  • Sadist: Repeatedly described as such and shows it in various actions, like brutally suppressing opposition to the 'Kingdom of Order' and setting Ordered parents against their children among their enemies as much for kicks as it is for tactics.
  • This Is Unforgivable!: While he is already known and hated for being a corrupt, bloodthirsty, sadistic and insubordinate bastard, many consider his decision to go behind his superior's back and sent Order Lord Twilight Velvet against her own daughter as particularly despicable, even by his Mad God superior.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Well, Token Eviler Teammate. He's the only member of the Kingdom of Order who isn't a Well-Intentioned Extremist or Tragic Villain. Deconstructed, as he's only tolerated by his team for being a very competent general and warrior.
  • Treachery Is a Special Kind of Evil: Jewel Cutter is a traitor on top of being a bloodthirsty, sadistic and corrupt noble and soldier, having been part of the plot to overthrow Princess Amicitia in the failed 'Canterlot Coup' and was sentenced to life without parole for it following the 'Great Purge'.

    Grey Hoof 
See his folder entry here.

    Guardians of Puddinghead 
See their folder entry here.

H to J

The undead champion of Stampede, a rogue Sauropodian god of Greed. He has clashed with Marshal Braveheart from Equestria at one point.

See their page here.

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    Ivory Towers, Matron of the Dark Storm 
See her folder entry here.

K to N

    Khuligan the Brutal 

    King Golden City, the Gilded Conqueror 
A foe in Daring Do, the Wondrous Adventurer's rogue gallery, King Golden City (His entry here) was an ancient noble and military commander from the time of the Old Equestrian Empire who admired conquerors of old and desired riches and glory for himself through brutal conquests, but found himself stranded on an island named Oro with his legions and the natives he had just plundered and conquered in the process. Discovering Third Age ruins and an artifact that made him immortal and bequeathed with magical power, Golden City styled himself as a god, and subsequently lorded over the subjugated natives and their island with his legion for thousands of years until Daring Do's archaeological-adventuring led to him remembering there is a world out there and that he is a prisoner of his own domain. Desiring to return home and continue his conquests for more riches and glory, he would work to get off his island with his armies, battling Daring Do many times and eventually getting involved in the 'Terra Equus Continental War'.
  • A God Am I: Believed himself to be this after the 'Heart of Oro' gave him immortality and vast magical powers, leading him to style himself as a god to lord over the natives better and subsequently developed a god complex when he believed his own hype. To his credit, the power the Heart gave him combined with his thousands of years of combat experience and magical mastery as a warlock did allow him to hold his own against the likes of Luna, Celestia, Amicitia, and even Sekra the Indomitable.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: Downplayed, but in the Final Battle that saw the Gilded Conqueror was effectively running into this problem when he ended up facing Sekra the Indomitable, a resurrected Third Age goddess who is considered one of the greatest conquerors to have ever risen to power in Known History, whom Daring Do brought into the fray on account of having fused with her on a physical/spiritual level (and also because Sekra both despised Golden City and desired the Heart of Oro for her own conquering ambitions). While he did managed to hold his own against even her, once Luna, Celestia, Amicitia and other Alicorns joined the fray he was effectively screwed.
  • Artifact of Power: The key to Golden City's threat is the Heart of Oro, a Third Age artifact of phenomenal sorcerous power which made him The Ageless and turned him into a warlock able to hold his own against even gods. Predictably, he quickly goes mad with power and becomes convinced of his own divinity thanks to the Heart of Oro, and even being stripped of it and being Brought Down to Normal did little to dispel that notion from his head.
  • Back from the Brink: He manages to claw back from his second-last encounter and penultimate defeat by Daring Do after she finally managed to get the Oro islanders to see him for who he really is (a false god and a tyrant) and turn them against him, surviving being sent to the bottom of the oceans with his palace and eventually taking over the Sea Pony kingdom of Enkata and several other undersea realms. Although his success was partly due to covert support from the Tyrannos Pantheon.
  • Brought Down to Badass: He was stripped of his immortality and most of his power when the 'Heart of Oro' artifact was taken from him by Rainbow Dash/Aurora Angel II, reducing him to just a mortal if still powerful warlock which Daring Do could fight and beat in a challenging but decisive Final Battle.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: King Golden City wanted to go home to Equestria - parading through the streets in triumph, being treated like a god and being showered with riches and glory by Equestrians who adore him for his conquests. After being stranded for thousands of years on an island, overthrown by the populations he had oppressed, stripped of the artifact that granted him immortality and power and being defeated by Equestrian heroes and Princesses, he finally got the chance to go home - as a prisoner of war, paraded through the streets in a prison carriage, treated as a condemned mortal and being showered with curses and rotten produce by Equestrians who hated him for his crimes and had long since turned away from glorifying conquerors like him. Many believed this would haunt him far worse than anything else, not that it didn't happened to a worse person.
  • The Conqueror: He conquered and plundered Oro, Enkata and a number of other kingdoms over the course of his career, proving to be one of the more brutal and atrocious ones. Even Sekra the Indomitable, one of the greatest conquerors in Known History and likely the greatest in the Third Age, was disgusted with him and have no trouble being convinced by her current co-soul Daring Do to help take him down.
  • Democracy Is Bad: One of the reasons why King Golden City detested what Equestria became in modern times was learning it had transitioned from an absolute to constitutional monarchy. He resolved to 'fix' that by throwing his lot with the Autorists powers and conquering it in the 'Terra Equus Continental War'.
  • Evil Overlord: A literally classical example, and is even explicitly classified as one.
  • Evil Reactionary: Being born in a time of empires and raised with outdated moral standards of antiquity, he admired Equestria - specifically the Old Equestrian Empire - as a ruthless, expansionistic nation (though even they would had thought he was too brutal for their taste). When he learnt thousands of years later that they had switched to Friendship and Harmony (at least more so under the Alicorn Princesses) as their core ideals, he grew disgusted with modern Equestria and resolved to bring back the good old ways/days of empire and conquest for his homeland.
  • Fantastic Racism: He looked down on many non-Pony races and even Pony cultures who are not as 'civilized' as that of the Old Equestrian Empire, seeing them as easy targets 'deserving' to be brutally conquered and subjugated.
  • Greed: One of his greatest vices and a Fatal Flaw in his character. All of his statues in Oro - noted to number more than doors - were made of gold, which proved convenient in providing funds for the reconstructions and modernization of Oro and Enkata after they were melted down.
  • I Am Not Left-Handed: He proved to be a very capable warrior and warlock from thousands of years worth of combat experience and sorcerous mastery thanks to the 'Heart of Oro', able to even hold his own against deities.
  • Large Ham: Developed a bombastic and grandiose personality as a result of his god complex, always boasting and ranting about his greatness and demanding respect and reverence. It became so annoying that the guards of the Terran prison where he ended up after his final defeat had to make his cell sound-proof when he won't shut up.
  • Lighter and Softer: In-Universe, Daring Do had to downplay just how monstrous the bastard was as a magically-empowered conquering warlord with delusions of godhood in her works.
  • MacGuffin: The 'Heart of Oro', a relic from the fantastically-magical Third Age, was the source of his immortality and arcane power, and once he was deprived of it he was reduced to a mortal, if still powerful and capable warlock.
  • Narcissist: The result of developing a god complex, although he was already quite egotistical. According to Daring Do, in the domains he lorded over golden statues of his likeliness outnumbered the doors.
  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: He threw his hat into the 'Terra Equus Continental War' on the side of the Tribalists and Autorist factions after resurfacing from his last defeat from Daring Do as ruler of Oro and conquering the undersea realm of Enkata, having heard of and becoming disgusted with what happened to Equestria in the centuries since he and his legions were stranded on Oro (Extending 'Friendship' with other races besides Ponies and also embracing constitutional monarchy) and sought to return Equestria back to the old imperialistic ways of his time after conquering it.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Looks down on 'Friendship' and 'Harmony' as having made modern day Equestria weak and pathetic, and in general compared modern Equestria unfavorably to the olden times of the expansionistic Old Equestrian Empire he was born in.

    King Longhorn 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Bandit/Outlaw/Cow

Faction: Cattle Rustlers

"Might makes right! And I'm the biggest, baddest big-shot brigand of the south!"

  • Adaptational Villainy: While a brutal outlaw in canon, in this version he adds kidnapping, hostage-taking, and attempted murder to his list of crimes.
  • Eviler Than Thou: On the receiving end. He teamed up with Hex, and has been played like a fiddle the entire time.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Ran into this problem. He was a dangerous outlaw in sourthern Equestria...because there weren't any experienced heroes there yet. Rarity and Applejack were able to mop the floor with his entire gang.

    King Sombra 

  • Decomposite Character: Sort of. While Crystal Empire still happened, both Siege of the Crystal Empire (though heavily altered Fix Fic style) and the season 9 premier happened, but the season 9 Sombra was essentually a clone of the original, who made a Heel–Face Turn.

    Lady Prismis, the Baleful Spectrum 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Rainbow Pony/Sorceress/Well-Intentioned Extremist

Faction: The Sisterhood of Light

"Under my light, there shall be no more hatred."

  • Good Powers, Bad People: Is a Rainbow Pony like Rainbow Dash, who are seen as symbols of heroism and great, divinely-chosen champions, but is an infamous villain.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Baleful Spectrum".
  • Red Baron: "The Baleful Spectrum", due to being a villainous Rainbow Pony.

    Lord Grimgard, the Latest 

Character: Villain/Anti-Hero

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Pragmatist/Conqueror/Minion-Master/Legatial

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Evil always finds a way."
Motto of the Grimgards, attributed to Head Minion Knots.

  • Dark Mistress: He has several "Mistresses" that he had encountered at various points in his life, and they all have been speculated in-universe to be responsible for his personality. The most prominent of them are: A well-meaning yet bossy, orderly, and independent mare; a gorgeous-looking and materialistic noble/royal mare who has been known for being a manipulative temptress and negotiator; and a haughty and powerful royal sorceress who initially opposed but eventually allied with Grimgard against a common enemy out of pure necessity. There are indications that these three Mistresses are engaged in a power-struggle against each other, both wanting to be the sole recipient of his affections and using Grimgard himself as well as his minions and resources as a pawn in their own schemes.
  • Destructive Saviour: Is a Noble Demon who does downright heroic things for honourable or pragmatic reasons, but like any Evil Overlord, he is a mighty and dangerous adversary able and willing to brutally destroy his foes and any obstacles in his way. Also, he has a perchance for property damage and looting if he could get away with it like a certain 'Hero of Time'...
  • Enemy Mine: Implied; one of his three "Mistresses" was a haughty and powerful royal sorceress who allied with him against a common enemy out of pure necessity.
  • Expy: Of the Overlords from Evil Overlord-playing game franchise of the same name. They're both Evil Overlords that are entirely covered in armor, and they practice an honorable brand of Pragmatic Evil where their actions can seem downright heroic. Hilariously, they also got the constant looting and tendency to commit vandalism, which has made him similar to a certain reincarnating swordspony.
  • Evil Minions: The primary forces of the present Lord Grimgard and his predecessors are Nether Gremlins, Gremlins off-shoots who originated from the 'Netherrealms' of Equus, regions or Pocket Dimensions saturated with Fel-magic energies that twisted them mind and body over generations.
    • They even come in four different tribes/subspecies/races with unique abilities each like the Minions in the Overlord games. 'Browns' are tough fighters which could use weapons, 'Reds' are weak but flame-proof and capable of ranged fire attacks, 'Greens' are stealthy poison-immune backstabbers, and 'Blues' can magically raise dead minions and swim.
    • On top of them, Grimgard the Latest is also branching out and adding auxiliary minion forces from his present conquests to bolster his armies, which include Alvslog Deer, Calvlings, Ponies, Diamond Dogs, Griffons and others from his new conquests.
  • Evil vs. Evil: Interestingly, most of Lord Grimgard's conquests and conflicts had primarily been against several hedge realms that were ruled or terrorized by tyrants and fallen champions, which is not unlike the followers of Temnoism, who vehemently oppose "destructive" Evil. Notably, he defeated/killed them in the same way that echoed the behavior of said tyrants and champions, which earned him the Undying Loyalty of those he liberated/bargained with. Many of his present rivals and competitors are also Evil Overlords in their own right.
  • Evil Overlord: Part of a line infamous for playing it so straight its set standards for many other evil overlords of the Third/Fourth Age, and he is no exception. However, what sets him apart from his more incompetent and unstable predecessors is his strict code of honor, allowing his pragmatism to get veer towards the heroic side at times.
  • Giant Space Flea Out Of Nowhere: Is a metaphoric one in-universe, since apparently he just showed up one day out of nowhere to pick up the mantle of the Grimgards, and reassert a dominion that had been on a sabbatical for centuries. Nobody knows anything about him, and both his motives and background is still up in the air for speculation. However, his status and role as a tyrant has caused certain factions to see him as a threat, especially among the fanatical and morally puristic "heroes" who follow the goddess of Punishment, Poena.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: Head Minion Knots, to Lord Grimgards past and present. Unlike the other Nether Gremlins that serve their Evil Overlord, Head Minion Knots (Tenth of his line) is notably far more reserved, calculating, intelligent and knowledgeable than his brethren, with sharp, devious wits and a snide sense of humour, and had been instrumental help with his master's conquests and running his domain. He's so good in fact, some suspect Head Minion Knots is actually the person running the show, feigning faux-subservience to Lord Grimgard in a manipulative ploy that would impress the Summer Court Changelings. This is implied to be true at least for some of the more incompetent and unstable Grimgards in the past.
  • Karmic Death: A few notable incidents had him inflicting this on other tyrants, overlords, and Fallen champions, due to his pragmatic and even heroic code of honor.
    • A rather slothful Alvslog Deer king let his realm, as well as himself, be corrupted and twisted into nightmares by fell influences, while allowing many of his subjects, especially the does, be enslaved by a greedy Diamond Dog tyrant out of laziness. Grimgard would purge both the forested realm and the lazy king, and free the enslaved Deer from the Diamond Dogs, earning their staunch loyalty.
    • The ruler of a Calvling hedge-kingdom was a rather gluttonous slob, and would have his subjects plunder the local countryside to satiate his voracious appetite. Grimgard blew him up and spared his subjects, as they were victims as well as perpetrators, in exchange for providing food for his realm.
    • A Diamond Dog tyrant let greed overtake him, to the point where he enslaved many people and forced them to mine away gold and gems for his benefit. Grimgard threw him into a vat of molten gold and released his slaves, in exchange for a tithe of riches so he could finance his realm and armies.
    • A pony champion of a city-state fell to lust and hedonism, and consorted with demons and succubi while the city state he once protected fell to plague and undeath. Grimgard purged the demons and slew the fallen Pony champion as if he was no better than the demons he associated with, and had his minions help with rebuilding.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: Well, "villain", but hilariously, he shares the same money-grubbing tendencies that Gleaming Shield's various mortal incarnations have, as well as his tendencies to commit vandalism and other forms of property damage.
  • Magic Knight: Is a capable physical fighter with an axe, mace or sword, and also an able spell-caster thanks to his Gauntlet of Conquest, focused mostly on pyromancy, limited mind control, magic-shielding and minion-enhancement.
  • The Minion Master: Like the Overlords he's based on, Lord Grimgard the Latest and his predecessors are this, controlling armies of Nether Gremlins through a special artifact called the Gauntlet of Domination that's part of his Tin Tyrant armor.
  • Mysterious Past: Due to the complete lack of any information about his identity, everything about him and his past is still ambiguous and unknown. Some speculated from his conduct he might had been a Fallen Hero or one who lost his memory and was unwittingly roped into playing the role by minions desperate for a master. Because of this, Princess Luna's Night Guards and the Changeling agents from the Spring Court are actively investigating his background.
  • Not So Above It All: For all his credit, he still does some villainous things, most notably sharing with his Minions and a certain 'Hero of Time' a perchance for property damage and looting anything that he could get away with. This made him rich... but also left him with an enormous bill, and may eventually attract the attention of actual Dragons and tax collectors who are both eager to get their hooves/claws on his stash of treasures.
  • Pragmatic Evil: Most of the Grimgards, including the latest one, are known to be this, not indulging in atrocities as many Evil Overlords do and willing to do downright noble or even heroic things if only out of pragmatism. It served to make them very effective and avoid being Stupid Evil.
    • Rather than punishing the Calvlings and Diamond Dogs whose land he conquered for their gluttony and greed (Which is mostly due to their gluttonous and greedy rulers that he defeated), he spares them in exchange for them providing his domain food, materials and wealth to support, equip and finance his armies and domain.
    • The Alvslog Deer Forest Realm and Pony City-state were weakened by internal catastrophes, largely thanks to the laziness, corruption, and incompetence of the Alvslog Forest's Deer king and fallen Pony champion, respectively, and would had been easy prey for the slaughter. Instead, Lord Grimgard the Latest go out of his way to actually help them, purging the corruption afflicting the former and purging the undead and demons terrorizing the latter, and even help them recover by saving their people and rebuilding their lands. This not only lets him acquire two healthy and prospering territories, but also won him undying loyalty of the Alvslog Deer and Ponies living there.
  • Rising Empire: A petty/hedge empire that is filling up the Evil Power Vacuum left behind by the fall of the Storm Empire and domains of other Evil Overlords. It's rising so quickly in fact it's worrying the civilized states and heroic groups/organizations near the lawless region it is expanding into.
  • Tin Tyrant: Explicitly called such by Cultura, as his 'Arcanite-Steel' panopy covers him completely from face to hooves with metal. He is almost never seen without his armour and helm, leaving him unidentifiable.
  • Villainous Legacy: The current Lord Grimgard is only the latest (It's even part of his title) in the infamously long-lasting 'Grimgard Line', which as of the Latest is around two Ages (some 15,000 years) and fifty generations long. It's even stated that the Grimgard Line is less a familial line and more a legacy, and like many Grimgards the Latest isn't related to any predecessors.

    Lord Chancellor Hatur 

    Lord Tirek 

  • Legacy Character: While not named after him, he styles himself after the First Age Tirek as an intimidation tactic and they share a similar philosphy. It's for this reason he would betray the Dark Ages Alliance to resurrect and team up with the First Age Tirek himself.
  • Villain Team-Up: As in canon, he teams up with Chrysalis and Cozy Glow to form the Legion of Domination, along with recruiting numerous other villains to their cause. He would also align with the Dark Ages Alliance after being freed by Mistletoe Dreamer. At least until he learns resurrecting his First Age counterpart was on the table, at which point he'd do it himself and form one with him.

    Malus Tenebris, the Usurper King 
A power-hungry and ambitious tyrant Gleaming Shield once fought in one of his lifetimes.
  • Ambition Is Evil: He wanted Onyx Flare's throne for himself, and sided with Blood Fang, who presumably gave him the power necessary to overthrow her. Later on, his plans would extend to conquering Hyrule and shrouding Equus in "twilight" - something that caused Blood Fang to betray and sabotage Malus so he would be left vulnerable to the mercies of Gleaming Shield and a vengeful Onyx Flare.
  • Dark Is Evil: Implied, as his name means "Evil Darkness" in Latin, and he usurped Queen Onyx Flare for her throne.
  • Expy: Of Zant, given that they both usurped a Queen to take their throne out of lust for power and prestige.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means Evil Darkness in Latin, and he's a villain who usurped Onyx Flare, the Queen of Shadows, from her rightful throne in his bid for power.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Blood Fang played Malus like a fiddle, appearing to him as a god so he would get a loyal pawn to do his dirty work. He would later betray Malus and sabotage him once the latter's plans to conquer Hyrule were made clear, leaving him vulnerable to Gleaming Shield and Onyx Flare. This caused Malus to snap his own neck in despair and spite, killing Blood Fang as well.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: He sided with Blood Fang so he could gain power necessary to usurp Onyx Flare's rightful throne, unaware that Blood Fang was playing him like a fiddle. Once Malus's intentions to conquer Hyrule and cover Equus in eternal twilight were made clear, however, Blood Fang betrayed Malus and set him up to fail in a confrontation against Gleaming Shield and Onyx Flare. This would later prove extremely detrimental to Blood Fang as he forged a magical bond with Malus to empower him as his "god"; in spiteful despair, Malus snapped his own neck, killing Blood Fang in the process.

    Matron Dākusutā 
See her folder entry here.

    Maul, the Michê King 

  • Asshole Victim: Maul was a willing right hand to Valefor, murdered an entire generation of baby dragons at his orders, and made Cinder's entire life a nightmare, being the one who personally ripped out her organic wing and tail blades to replace them with organic metal (which was red hot when put in). While Pyro felt guilt for how brutality he did it, Dark Pyro brutally obliterating Maul was well deserved.
  • The Dragon: As with his inspiration, Gaul, the Ape King, he's this for Valefor, being his right hand and most devote follower.

    Mignons, the Yellow Minions 

Character: Villain/Anti-Villains/Anti-Heroes/Heroes (??)

Alignment: Neutral Evil/True Neutral/Neutral Good (??)

Type: Minions/Thrall Race/Servant Species/Reckless Dangers

Faction: Various Overlords and Villains

"Para tu, masta!" ("For you, master!")
— A Mignon named Dave, prior to accidentally blowing up his superior after presenting what seemed to be an exotic-looking pineapple they found as a gift, which turned out to be an primed Blastfire bomb.

  • Adorable Evil Minions: They share similar appearances to the Minions they are expies of, so that is to be expected. The fact that they are so cute and comical made it very difficult for people to hate them, despite being willingly subservient to evil villains throughout their entire collective existence. Being Affably Evil Nice Guys also helps.
    Sweetie Belle: [Hugging one of them] "Eeeee - ! So cuuute!"
  • Affably Evil: They serve the biggest, baddest villains around, but they are also very friendly, nice, loyal, enthusiastic, and oddly innocent as evil minions, to the point that they have virtually no malevolent motivation beyond loyally serving their masters. This gets lampshaded by a lawyer defending some of them from being prosecuted for their crimes. This is Exploited by said lawyer who made it central to his defense of the Mignons, by pointing out just how absurd it is for someone so cute, bumbling and non-threatening to have the malicious intent necessary to establish their guilt beyond reasonable doubt (And it worked!).
  • The Ageless: Despite their high metabolisms, the Mignons are biologically immortal and only die due to diseases, catastrophes, violence or accidents. It is heavily implied individual Mignons could live for eons, though they don't make much of a big deal over it.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: They're bumbling, adorable, and genuinely nice despite working for the bad guys. However, they can become very dangerous, cunning and adaptable under the right circumstances. They predated Ponykind by aeons and outlived many more powerful and capable beings and civilizations. They could survive things that could kill most other beings and consider it merely slapstick, and could sustain themselves on just about anything edible. They're so tenacious as minions that they could do the most grueling work and take the most terrible abuses that would had broken most other beings and keep going at it without question or thanks. They are so loyal they earn the respect of many evil villains who might otherwise had disregarded them as incompetent and worthless. And while they might screw up badly, when they set out to do something they WILL get things done, whether alone or together with many, many others like themselves. Do NOT underestimate these guys.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: According to the entry, they are highly-evolved (or artificially bio-engineered) members of the Foraminifera phylum of amoeboid protists which are distant relatives of the Xenophyophore/Monothalamea, making them basically over-sized, intelligent, multi-nucleated (numbering in the thousands) unicellular organisms composed of granular ectoplasm contained within thick yellow membranes. They could think, stand upright and digest solid foods despite lacking any identifiable nervous system, skeleton and digestive tracts, which together with their bizarre forms simultaneously made them both flexible and durable, capable of taking comical but also normally lethal amounts of damage none-worse-for-wear. They are also biologically ageless despite their high metabolisms and reproduce asexually by budding.
  • Elephant in the Living Room: They were apparently around for a very long time (even in the mundane 'Second Age'), had played some major if not significant roles throughout Known History, and everybody do in fact notice and acknowledge their existence, but their inconspicuous nature were such that nobody finds their presence and antics particularly odd or a big deal, no matter how much they stood out from everybody else.
    • This is lampshaded by Princess Stitching Time, who point out that they were literally the only other prominent non-Ponies around in her and her mother Patch's time, and yet no-pony seem to think that is a big deal compare to say superheroes flying around and alien attacks.
      Princess Stitching Time: Honestly, those little yellow guys are weird. I remember back in the day I saw them walking around buying groceries, gathering about newstands laughing at the funny papers, playing with kids like me, or doing silly faces at the windows on their days off, and they never seem to catch any attention at all. I mean, we KNOW they’re there, and every now and then when they busted some B or C-list bad-guy they would put them in custody as well, but these guys might as well be freaking aliens and nopony seem to think they’re different or out of the ordinary. Mom would get super-excited when she spotted superheroes flying overhead or read about astronauts landing on one of Jove’s moons, but she didn’t even bat an eye when a group of these guys - on vacation, I think - walked passed us while we visited the Bitish Isles that one time. Heck, I don’t think I even pay them much attention myself. Just what the hay is wrong with them? With us?
    • A short Codexverse drabble depicts one Second-Age incident where both Queen Dazzleglow and Golden Scepter found some Mignons fooling around with an office printer by taking pictures of their own butts with it, leaving the latter utterly flabbergasted. Dazzleglow then suggests not to think too hard about it.
      Golden Scepter: ...What. WHAT.
      Queen Dazzleglow: Me too, Golden... me too. I think it's best that we don't think too much about what they do and why they do it.
      Golden Scepter: ...Agreed.
  • Epic Fail: To often Beyond the Impossible levels. Related to their questionable competence as minions to evil overlords and diabolical masterminds, their rambunctious and simple-minded natures made them prone to spectacular mishaps that screw up their masters' plans just as spectacularly.
    • In the 'First Age', when they were serving the Penguin Emperors of the Charlatan Dynasty, they somehow managed to set one of the Emperor Penguins' Ice Fortresses on fire. In frozen southern lands of Notusia. This cost the Emperor Penguins one of their major wars against Rainbow Empress Megann and the Paradise Estate/Empire, and resulted in the Mignons becoming Persona Non Grata among the Ice-Empires there to the present day.
    • They somehow managed to get several Count Dracoltas killed over the ages, several of them the same manner of being burnt to ashes by sunlight out of a misguided attempt to throw them 'Wake-Up Parties' as they come back from their slumbers.
    • They somehow blew one of the greatest generals of the Kulesian-Mazlander Commonwealth out of a cannon towards the enemy lines, apparently resulting in one of the worst ever military disasters in history that ended in the complete rout of the Commonwealth's forces by an alliance of the Old Roedinian Kingdoms. Fortunately for the locals, this turned out to be a blessing in disguise as the disaster resulted in Grand Prince Smooth Talk, grandson of the notorious Grand Princess Silver Tongue, eventually being deposed of and killed, allowing the Kulesian-Mazlander Commonwealth to recover and reach political stability.
    • They somehow managed to cause significant damage to the industrial, administrative, research and military command of the Storm Empire by complete accidents during their time spent in service of the Storm Empire. While not enough to cause their defeat during the 'Storm King Crisis', it was still palpable enough to hamper the Storm Empire during the conflict.
    • In a non-villainous incident, they somehow managed to cause an explosion in Prince Steel Barricade's technical workshop with their well-meaning yet careless antics. Steel Barricade was so furious that he banned them from even going near his workshop again, and Prince Bright Eyes spotted at least one Mignon running past by with its head on fire during a conversation with Golden Scepter, to his mortification.
      Prince Steel Barricade: (shouting) OUT OF MY LABORATORY! OUT!!!
  • Even Evil Has Standards: They may eagerly serve many bad guys throughout their existence, but even they have lines and standards that they will not cross.
  • Expy: Of Gru's Minions from the Despicable Me franchise. Gru himself, as well as his friends and family, have expies that existed back in the 'Second Age' and are still remembered fondly by the Mignons to the present day long after their deaths.
  • Genetic Memory: They inherit the memories of their ancestors, and those spawned from them inherit the memories they have. This makes education redundant for their kind, and allow them to preserve considerable amount of knowledge and skills over the aeons.
  • Minion with an F in Evil: Like their Minion counterparts/Expies, they are adorable, friendly, enthusiastic, and loyal to a fault... but they are also questionably effective at being evil in general, often causing more problems for their evil masters than helping with their plans in their screw-ups. At least a few individuals have spotted the Mignons goofing off, with everyone being none the wiser or treating it as a non-issue.
  • Noodle Incident: The mutual enmity between them and Void Traveler is partly due to an incident involving 'A black hole generator, a faulty motherboard, and a metric tonne of spaghetti'.
  • Super Toughness: Thanks to their bizarre biology, they could survive being flattened, set on fire, blown up, cut to pieces and take other forms of damage and come back none-worse-for-wear. Given their tendency to screw up in the most slapstick and spectacular manners, that trait is fortunate for them to have. One incident had them survive a laboratory explosion (which they caused), resulting in Prince Steel Barricade chasing them out of his workshop. All of them ran out screaming while covered in ash, though to Prince Bright Eyes' mortification, one Mignon passed by with his head still on fire.
  • Time Abyss: These guys as a race came along with the first living creatures to move onto land in primordial times, and predated Ponykind and most other by far. This may apply to them even as individuals: An interview with one named 'Carl' by those compiling Codex Equus had him recalling serving a master which resembled one of the sapient Dinosaur races. When asked to clarify if he meant his kind serving him/her, 'Carl' confirmed that he meant personally serving him/her with his fellow Mignons. If he isn't confusing his own memories with that of his own ancestors, that means he may be more than 65 million years old.
    • A Codexverse drabble implies that they may have been around even before Known History, as Golden Scepter suspects seeing some Mignons fooling around in his continent-spanning palace during the Imperium era. He then wonders to his eighth son, Prince Crimson Star, how and why they managed to find work in the Imperium of Ponykind despite its blatant xenophobia.
      Crimson Star: (to Golden Scepter) To be fair, by your own recollection the Imperium of Ponykind certainly fit their standards of being the 'biggest, baddest and most despicable' people around. And even back then they made some exceptions in their policies to harmless and even useful 'Xenos' and non-Ponies.

    Mist Fall 
See her folder entry here.

    Mistletoe Dreamer, the Wicked One 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Psychopath, Criminal Mastermind, Parasitic Spirit, Manipulator, Dark Witch, False Alicorn, Necromancer

Faction: Herself, The Dark Ages (Founder)

  • Ax-Crazy: Is almost completely unpredictable and filled with mad malice, finding sadistic and twisted enjoyment in causing mass mayhem and destructive devastation for no good reason but her own amusement. One day she might pull a very mean-spirited prank and the next day she's trying to devastate the world. Her endgame for the Dark Ages Crisis is to send her Legion of Doom to multiple points in history, hoping to cause a Time Crash that will cause the Four Ages of Known History to merge into one overlapping reality, purely because she finds it fun.
  • Born in the Wrong Century: Lampshaded by Mistletoe Dreamer herself and decides to find out if the Fourth Age would be more fun for her.
  • Came Back Strong: The cloned body that she tricked the Alicorn Ascendency into making her is a 'false Alicorn,' making her far more dangerous than she ever was when she was alive the first time.
  • Captain Ersatz: His author describes her as a cross between Batman villains Baby Doll and the Joker, having the disturbingly child-like nature of the former and the gleeful psychopathy and Multiple-Choice Past of the latter. She also has a tinge of Hannibal Lector with her love for using a Hannibal Lecture on many a victim and her seemingly complete lack of a Start of Darkness and Dark and Troubled Past. In-universe, she is considered a Third Age Spiritual Successor of Manic Menace (Shadow Sentinel I archenemy and Black Mask/Joker/Penguin analogue), Queen Dark Crystal, Grand Matron Hydia (whom she resurrected) and other 'Chaotic Evil' villainous maniacs.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: At the end of the day, she has no loyalty to any person or cause but to herself and would gleefully betray anyone if it is convenient or simply because it's amusing. She wasted no time betraying the Alicorn Ascendancy members who she tricked into resurrecting her in the Fourth Age and killing them all after getting the 'False Alicorn' body she had them made for her with Third Age magical lore (Though in this case she did the stabbing on one front and center).
  • Demonic Possession: She put spells in place to allow her spirit to return from the Hellrealm she ended up in and possess the living. However, she needed to find a suitable host or else their bodies deteriorate. Diamond Tiara would've been perfect, but she drove Mistletoe out. This resulted in her settling for tricking the Alicorn Ascendancy into making her a clone body to inhabit.
  • The Dreaded: Nobody likes her, but just about everybody is afraid of her. For example, the hostile Oceanaiads only teamed up with her on several occasions because they are more afraid of what happens if she feels left out.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: She's far from picky about who she selected for the Dark Ages Alliance, recruiting ponies, yaks, humans, centaurs, sapient skunks, and so on. All that matters to her is they're evil enough to be fun.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Inverted - She has NO standards to her evil and villainy whatsoever. It's nearly every other evil villain of the Third Age who thinks she's way too insanely evil and evilly insane for their taste.
  • Evil Genius: An accomplished Diabolical Mastermind and psychopath extraordinaire who despite remaining mortal and widely opposed by Third Age heroes and villains alike had managed to pose a major threat to even the noble gods of the time. She is also an accomplished necromancer and later witch through self-study and proper tuition under other evil beings such as Grand Matron Hydia.
  • For the Evulz: With a complete lack of an identifiable Start of Darkness and Dark and Troubled Past, her entire motivation is essentially this. When ask why she does anything, her answer is invariably something along the lines of this:
    Mistletoe Dreamer: Because it's FUN, silly!note 
  • Greater-Scope Villain: It's mentioned the Dark Ages Alliance eventually falls...but many of its members, such as Endsieg and Smellba, who she liberated or resurrected survived and would go on to remain threats for long afterwards.
  • Human Sacrifice: Her resurrection spell requires a sapient sacrifice to work. A life for a life. Thus just to form her Legion of Doom, she had to commit multiple murders.
  • It Amused Me: The apparent main motive for her evil actions: To her, it's FUN.
  • Legion of Doom: Forms one called the Dark Ages Alliance by resurrecting or freeing villains from across all four Ages of known history.
  • Multiple-Choice Past: She apparently gives multiple, mutually contridictory origin stories, and no one knows her real one.
  • Necromancer: She became a skilled necromancer. Thanks to this, she was able to cheat death and resurrect in the Fourth Age. She brought a large percentage of her Legion of Doom back to life personally.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: She's extremely child-like in her mannerisms...which only makes her being an absolute psychopath and monstrous evil villainess all the more terrifying.
  • Time Crash: Her ultimate goal: gain the means and forces to go back in time and alter history with her Legion of Doom enough to trigger one of these that will result in the Four Ages of Known History overlapping into a single, merged Age. Why? Because she's just that insane that she wanted to see what would happen.

    Mr. Hide 
See his folder entry here.

    Night Edge, the Hollowing Blade/The Nightmare Ranger 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Corrupting Blade, Soul Eater, Psycho Ranger

Faction: Itself, various Nightmare Moon Cults

    Night Terror 
See his folder entry here.

    Noble Grace 
See her folder entry here.

O to R

    Onda Ryggraden, the Scourge of the Nine Seas 
See his folder entry here.

    Pink Azalea 

Character: Villainous/Anti-Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Villain with Good Publicity/Breezie/Floral Mage/Swords-creature

Faction: The Fairy Godmothers

"Who's laughing now?!"

Pink Azalea (her entry here) is a vengeful, villainous Breezie whose hatred of larger creatures and insidious actions would have devastated the world, had it not been for the intervention of Equestria's junior Princesses.

    Princess Apterus, the Accursed Child 

Court Affiliation: Formally Uncatagorized, as she was never officially accepted into any/Spring

"I will have what's mine returned!"

The hybrid daughter of Dragon Lord Vulcan and Changeling Queen Acherontia. After her parents were forcibly separated and sealed away out of their respective people's disgust and hatred towards their relationship, Apertus had to endure the abuse of a very cruel Changeling King since childhood. Twisted by her experiences, she's justifiably angry, and seeks to gain what was rightfully 'hers'.
  • Arc Villain: Serves as one with Xestobium and Toxikon, the second of the 'Changeling/Dragon Trilogy'.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Meteora Butterfly, being princesses and legitimate heirs to royal parents, and being hated by racist individuals for being born, which led to her being abandoned to be raised by an extremely abusive parental figure. However, she has a bit of Crossbreed Priscilla regarding her actual heritage.
  • Create Your Own Villain: Unwittingly created as a result of the prejudices between Changelingkind (Spring Court, specifically) and Dragonkind, who both loathed and feared her for who and what she represented. This pissed off a lot of non-Changeling and non-Dragon deities, who called out both sides and made it a point to save only innocent bystanders from the destruction while letting those responsible for Apertus's situation fall victim to the very child they mistreated.
  • Hybrid Power: Is a dragon/changeling hybrid, and a immensely powerful to the point of being The Juggernaut.
  • Killed Off for Real: Subverted. After her parents were forced to destroy her, a remorseful Empress Blackrose called upon her fellow Divine allies to help her rectify this tragedy by combining their magic to resurrect Apterus as an newborn egg, giving Apterus the second chance at life she deserved.
  • Implacable Man: Due to Apterus's unique Changeling/Dragon heritage, nothing the Spring Court Changelings nor the Dragonflights threw in her way even slowed her down during her rampage. The only way she was stopped was when a dragon and a Changeling worked together to oppose her, such as Thorax and Ember and her own parents, Queen Acherontia and Dragon Lord Vulcan.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Noted in her entry that during her rampage she behaved like a broken, abused child, lashing out at everything around her.
  • Red Baron: "The Accursed Child", due to being viewed as an "abomination" by both Changelingkind and Dragonkind because of her status as the first Royal Changeling/Dragon hybrid.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Against the Spring Court and Dragonkind for what they did to her and her parents, which mostly consisted of a literal rampage in a greed-growth form towards her parents' former territories, with the intention of recovering what was hers - even if she ends up destroying everyone and everything in her way to do so.
  • Trauma Conga Line: She arguably had just as bad as Xestobium before her and Toxikon after her.
  • Tragic Villain: Driven mad from a lifetime (Read: a millennium's worth) of abuse by a particularly cruel Changeling King who kidnapped her and the revelation of her true heritage, then became obsessed with recovering 'what was hers' from those who inherited her parents' thrones and symbols of office, too crazed to even care if she would end up destroying all that she was trying to retake in the process.

    Princess Nebula Dawn 

  • Adaptational Badass: She's as powerful as a decades older, post FIM, fully divine Twilight Sparkle (with divines becoming Stronger with Age), who is powerful enough to casually one shot a giant. This makes her far more powerful than Nihilus or the canon Mean!Twilight ever were. She's also lacking Nihilus's insanity and sadism, allowing her to be far more competent in her planning.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Fills a similar role and is inspired by Nihilus, being an evil Twilight Sparkle working for the main villain. However, she's nowhere near as Ax-Crazy and sadistic as Nihilus, has genuinely sympathetic motivations (having genuine loyalty to the only creature to ever show her kindness and treat her like a person), and is generally nowhere near as monstrous.
  • Ascended Extra: Mean!Twilight was only in one episode and never had much of an impact on the narrative before being killed off. Here, she's a major villain with her psychology and the sympathetic traits of her existence being far more heavily explored.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: The reason she's so much more loyal to Despotic Destiny than she was to her creator Chrysalis: he actually treated her like a person and his beloved daughter rather than a slave and Evil Knockoff of Twilight, including giving her an actual name.
  • Came Back Strong: She's Mean!Twilight, but Despotic Destiny resurrected her and empowered her to match Twilight decades later.
  • Clones Are People, Too: She's a flawed clone of Twilight Sparkle/Amicitia, but Despotic Destiny earned her loyalty by treating her like her own individual rather than just a weapon.
  • Daddy's Little Villain: She's Despotic Destiny's adopted daughter, and due to him treating her like a person for the first time in her life, she's genuinely devoted and loyal to him. She's also one of his strongest and most competent minions.
  • The Dragon: She's this to her adopted parents. With Harmonic Order being an overgrown colt, she's the strongest member of the royal family other than her parents and still reasonably competent. To note, Despotic Destiny trusted her to oversee the Manehatten attack, intended to be one of his master strokes that could end the war.
  • Happily Adopted: Despotic Destiny resurrected and adopted her. For all his insanity and problems, he's a gigantic improvement over Chrysalis and actually treated her like a person. As a result, she's genuinely loyal to him and sees her as her father.
  • Now What?: As Mean!Twilight, all she wanted to do is gain freedom from Chrysalis. She has that now, but as Despotic Destiny points out, she has no clue what to do after that.

    Princess Radiant Dawn, the Blessed Mother of Ponykind 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Noble Bigot/Well-Intentioned Extremist/False Deity

Faction: Pony Autorist factions

  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Blessed Mother of Ponykind", due to having been raised as a herald and savior who is supposed to protect mortal Ponykind from other non-Pony races.
  • Master Race: Due to her upbringing, she genuinely believes that Ponies are the oppressed race and seeks to turn that around by converting every non-Pony race on Equus into Ponies.
  • Tragic Villain: Despite her monstrous actions against mortal sapientkind as a whole, she genuinely believed that she was helping her 'little Ponies', and was horrified after learning she was doing the exact opposite. Many pitied her after her death because she was otherwise a good mare who was corrupted by the Pony Autorists who raised her.

    Professor Bubbling Beaker 
See his folder entry here.

    Queen Isöld, the Queen of Frozen Envy 

    Queen Mab I, the Fae Preeminent 
See her folder entry here.

    Rose Knot 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral-Evil

Type: Unicorn, Psyker, Astral Projector, Child Killer

Faction: The Mindflayers

"Live long, eat well."

Rose Knot (her entry here) is a member of the Mindflayers, a group of psychic serial killers, and one that plagued the Terran Empire and its citizens for a good while until meeting young Rosy Dreams.
  • Expy: Of Rose the Hat, being psychic serial killers and leaders of nefarious psychic groups that target young children and kill them for their "steam".

S to V


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Mage/Trickster/Mutant/Teacher

Faction: Unaffiliated

"The best thing in life is to be tricky!"

  • Expy: Downplayed but his story does bare some similarites to Darth Plagueis to the point that it's even referred to as a "tragedy".
  • Faux Affably Evil: Has been described as leading his foes to their deaths while acting as their friend.
  • Freudian Excuse: Along with being abandoned by his birth parents, Sacanas was picked on by other foals in Magic Kindergarten for his appearence and, when it came to the entrane exam for Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, he accidentally killed his adoptive mother.
  • Meaningful Name: Sacanas is Portuguese for "trickster".
  • Shrouded in Myth: It's implied that his codex entry is one of many stories surrounding the person (or persons) who made the Staff of Sacanas.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Having drinks with an obvious Omnicidal Maniac probably wasn't one of Sacanas' wiser ideas.
  • The Trickster: If his type and the above quote didn't already give this away.


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Mana Drake/Pragmatist/Master Manipulator

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Ruling the world? Oh, that's adorable. I think I'd prefer to burn it down instead."

  • Bastard Understudy: To Sacanas, eventually becoming a full-on Starscream.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Darth Sidious, especially his Darth Plagueis iteration.
  • For the Evulz: Similar to fellow Mana Drake, Valefor, it's not entirely known the reason why he does what he does other than he enjoys it.
  • Grand Theft Me: Tried to overwrite Celestia's consciousness with his own. He failed and got sent to Tartarus for his troubles.
  • Matricide: While flying over a volcano with his mother, he intentionally scratched one of her wings, sending her falling to a fiery death.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: States he'd rather destroy the world than rule it.
  • The Sociopath: Along with having a history of juvenile delinquence, he murdered his own mother with no remorse, wants to destroy the world for no apparent reason and has been described as having shallow emotions.

    Scions of Hurricane 
See their folder entry here.

    The Shadowed Ones 
See their page here.

    Shadow Song, the Song of Oppression/the Symphonic Shadow 
See her page here.

    Sharun, the Herald of Evil 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Undead/Sphinx/Warlock/Divine Champion

Faction: Apoph-Kat's Apostles (Leader)

"So long as evil exists... Sharun lives!"


  • Abusive Precursors: Turns out they're actually members of a Third Age civilization that survived. The thing is, whereas their kind and the rest of the world were blasted back to the middle ages, the Sirens retained their kind's hyper advanced magic, resulting in them becoming a gigantic threat in the Fourth Age.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: In the Third Age, they'd have been considered commoners by Oceanaiad standards. Cue one apocalypse and the world being blasted back to the Dark Ages while the three of them retained their power the average Oceanaiad of the Third Age had at their peak, and the trio become world threatening menaces. Starswirl notes that had Sunset and company not stopped them when they did, they'd likely have steamrolled the human world.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Their magic wasn't unique to them in the Third Age and while still dangerous, had effective counters that kept their species in check. The problem is the Sirens didn't lose their advanced magic like the rest of their kind and world did, giving them a gargantuan edge in the Fourth Age with most of the effective counters long gone. Even the modern day Earth tech level human world would've had the same problem. The trio would've actually been considered commoners during their kind's strongest.

    'The Infiltrator'/Silim 
See their page here.

    Starfall Dusk 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Mad Scientist, Serial Killer, Aspiring Tyrant

Faction: Alicorn Ascendency, Herself

"With the souls of my friends, I can discover and control the essence of the Elements! Then I shall be able to harness their power and write new pages of Harmony itself!"

Starfall Dusk (profile here) is a Mad Scientist and former member of the Alicorn Ascendancy who desired to become not just an Alicorn, but 'Harmony Incarnate', and to that end would embark on a horrific series of betrayals, tortures, murders, soul violations and other unspeakable actions all in her attempts to determine the nature of the Elements of Harmony and allow her to wrest control of them, leading to a fateful confrontation with Princess Amicitia and her Council of Friendship.

  • Adaptational Karma: Pages Of Harmony Twilight wins in the end and thus gets away with her crimes. Starfall is not only decisively defeated before her actions can succeed, but Twilight/Mana Equus completely demolishes her in their final confrontation, both physically and philosphically. This is then followed by her facing the divine wrath of the Grand Primevals for violating Primeval Law and being Dragged Off to Hell.
  • And I Must Scream:
    • Inflicted this on her own friends whom she befriended for their potential to embody and wield the Elements of Harmony, after she finished torturing and experimenting on them, binding their souls to her body after she murdered them to give her the ability to wield the Elements herself. Thankfully, Twilight/Mana Equus frees them.
    • Needless to say, whatever awaits her in Nekelmu's Hellrealm is inevitably going to be this.
  • Beyond Redemption: Twilight/Mana Equus realize she's this, acknowledging while she always had the potential to be a good person and has had countless chances to learn from her mistakes, in the end, even faced with concrete proof she's wrong, she has no interest in changing and won't learn. Twilight/Mana also acknowledges that her actions have called down the wrath of the Grand Primevals and at that point all that can be done is to allow her to meet the fate she brought on herself.
  • Captain Ersatz: She is based on the mad and villainous Twilight Sparkle depicted in Pages Of Harmony (Readers' discretion is STRONGLY advised), and also a bit of Father from Fullmetal Alchemist).
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: Her 'Harmony Incarnate' form ends up being this. It's very powerful and could be extremely dangerous...but she gets it at the worst possible time, as she's currently facing the Mane Six, who the Elements of Harmony have a much stronger bond to than they do to her (as she can only use them at all due to having forcibly bonded her friends' souls to her own after her horrible experimentation). As a result, she was effectively a bigger threat to them before transforming. It's implied that the Tree of Harmony knew this would happen and allowed her to get the Elements intentionally.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: Her attempts to understand the essence of the Elements, Alicornhood and Harmony itself involve nothing less than this in her horrific experimentations on her own friends. Notably, they were so horrific the Codex Project - which had not shy away from depicting graphical atrocities and depravities which had occurred or been committed throughout Known History - deemed them unsuitable for public consumption, and every mention of them in the entry are either glossed over with disclaimers or thoroughly [REDACTED].
  • Dragged Off to Hell: Her final fate: dragged off to the worst possible Hells imaginable by Nekelmu, the Evil Primeval in person, as she had violated the Primeval Laws in denying her innocent friends whom she betrayed, experimented/tortured and killed their rightful rest in the afterlife by binding their writhing souls to her body to wrest control of the Elements of Harmony and achieve Alicorn apotheosis/conceptual incarnation. Needless to say, she's going to get EVERYTHING she deserves.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Not her, but rather she elicited this from the Alicorn Ascendency. Her experiments are so horrible and immoral it sickened even the already amoral and extreme conspiracy, who excommunicated her for them.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: The reason her plans ultimately were All for Nothing: she completely failed to truly understand the Elements of Harmony and Friendship, and thus her attempt to gain control of them was flawed from the begining. She also can't understand why Mana Equus wants nothing to do with her, let alone to let her become her Reincarnation.
  • Failure Is the Only Option: It's noted that she would never had succeeded in her desire to become an Alicorn and 'Harmony Incarnate', as all her actions goes so utterly against the nature of the Elements of Harmony and violates the Primeval Laws so thoroughly she would never achieve anything more than a corrupted version of what she want to be - which was quickly dismantled and demolished by an enraged Amicitia tapping into her nature as incarnation of Mana Equus with help from the regrown/upgraded Tree of Harmony (which were aware of them and only let her take the Elements so Amicitia could be the one to free Starfall's victims, take them back and finish her off). And the moment she was defeated, the Evil Primeval appeared in person to see to it she's Dragged Off to Hell for her unforgivable transgressions.
  • Final Solution: She had been compared to be similar to the Autorists/Tribalists on a truly demented level, as she intends to wipe out anyone and anything that does not carry the 'essence' of Harmony after she becomes 'Harmony Incarnate'. On a national, global, cosmic and even multiversal level. Fortunately, she never even make it pass Ponyville thanks to Princess Amicitia and the Council of Friendship.
  • One-Winged Angel: Her 'Harmony Incarnate' Alicorn form after wrestling control of the Elements of Harmony, which is compared to the corrupt demonic form Sunset Shimmer attained back when she was still villainous after donning the Element of Magic, but Up to Eleven. Becomes a Clipped-Wing Angel after a pissed off Amicitia tapped into her true nature/right as the incarnation of Mana Equus, the Element of Magic and the Princess of Friendship to free the souls she had bound to herself which made this possible and De-Power one soul at a time her back to a mortal form. This is noted to be because she stole her friends potential to wield the Elements in a truly horrific way, any bond she had to them could never trump Twilight and company's bond with them, and thus made the power up useless against them.
  • The Sociopath: Subverted. While she showed traits such as a grandiose self-image and a sense entitlement, she was not absent the one critical defining all sociopaths: a Lack of Empathy which would had prevented her from becoming genuine friends with the Ponies who she judged to be potential Elements of Harmony embodiments/wielders. This makes her eventual betrayal, torture, murder and soul-binding to understand the 'essence' of the Elements/Harmony and attain godhood/incarnation all the more horrible and despicable.
  • Take Our Word for It: The extent of her horrific experiments (especially on her friends) are deemed unfit to be detailed in the Codex and horrified even their most densentized members. Instead, we have the fact even the Alicorn Ascendency were so horrified they excommunicated her and the words of one Codex writer looking over her notes. Of course, knowing who she's based on can give some ideas.
    Mirthful Stone (Codex Researcher): How exactly does applying a [REDACTED] to her friend's [REDACTED] supposed to do anything?!
  • Treachery Is a Special Kind of Evil: For whatever was worth, she did became genuine friends with the Ponies she deemed to have potential to embody/wield the Elements of Harmony - which made her eventual betrayal of them and subsequent horrific 'experimentation', murder and soul-binding of them onto herself all the more despicable and unforgivable.
  • Villainous Breakdown: She suffered this after Amicitia, pissed off beyond comprehension by the realization of what she has done and intended to do, tapped into her full power as reincarnation of Mana Equus, the Empyrean Magician, the Element of Magic and Princess of Friendship to De-Power her corrupt 'Harmony Incarnate' form by freeing the souls of Starfall's tortured and betrayed friends, give her a scathing "The Reason You Suck" Speech for her unforgivable actions, then let her be dragged away to the worst Hells possible by Nekelmu, the Evil Primeval in person for her violation of the Primeval Laws. Starfall Dusk went from composed, to angry, to confusion and outrage after she is defeated, and then finally horror and despair as she is Dragged Off to Hell crying and screaming, asking what she could/should had done.
  • Would Hurt a Child: After she experimented and killed off her friends, she moved to Ponyville to continue her rampage/research, where she intended to repeat what she did to the Young Six to further unlock the secrets of Harmony.

    Stormswirl, the Light Drinker 

  • 0% Approval Rating: Literally everyone hates him. The only people who view him with anything but hatred are Havok and Valefor, and even then he alienates Havok and causes him to turn on him and Valefor less likes him and more wants him loose to make Pyro II and Cinder I suffer.
  • Adaptational Badass: Strykore was already a massively dangerous threat, but this one is even more powerful and gets a lot more use out of his light stealing power.
  • Dystopia Justifies the Means: Stormswirl's ultimate goal is to devour and snuff out all light in Avalar, both literal and moral, and rule it as a kingdom of darkness where the strong are free to do anything they desire and the 'weak' and good are torn apart like sheep before wolves.
  • Expy: Of Strykore.
  • Hero Killer: Pyro II and Cinder I are the only heroes in Avalar/Skylands who can fight him head on and have a chance of winning and he's made a habit of curbstomping those who aren't them, thanks to his sheer power and ability to corrupt his foes and turning them into his army.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His betrayal of Havok contributes significantly to his defeat as not only do Havok refuses to aid him when Pyro II and Cinder gets the upper-claw against him, but Havok would end up usurping his status as the Big Bad by managing to get the Gauntlet of Arkius and seize control of an army of Arkian automatons as Stormswirl intended so he could take control/destroy the Core of Light of Avalar, leaving Stormswirl to eventually be taken out fighting the two powerful Dragon demigods, conveniently distracting and preventing them from stopping him and his plan.
  • The Archmage: He's so powerful he's noted to be as strong as lesser gods and in a tier of power rivalling Queen Dark Crystal.
  • The Dreaded: The only villain in Avalar/Skylands who rivals him in terms of how feared he is is Valefor himself.
  • The Social Darwinist: His philosphy has shades of this: he believes all light, both literal and metaphorical, does is to shield the weak, and only in true darkness can the truly strong thrive. Thus his goal is to purge Avalar of light so that he can create a kingdom of darkness where the strong can do whatever they desire and the 'weak' and good are torn apart like sheep before wolves. He naturally sees himself as the 'apex predator.'
  • Stupid Evil: Had he not betrayed Havok - who believed himself to be his son - right after he got the map to where the Gauntlet of Arkias is located, Havok might have remained loyal and helped his 'Dad' fight against the Skylanders, instead of betraying him back by getting the Gauntlet of Arkias himself (having memorized the map) and usurped both his plan to seize control/destroy the Core of Light with an army of Arkian automatons and usurp his status as the Big Bad of the whole event, leaving him to die fighting against two Draconic demigods while he goes to seize the ultimate prize. Granted, Havok was annoying the Hells out of Stormswirl with his desire to 'spend quality time' with his 'dad', and Havok was actually the son of Havocssandra and Master Aeon (his twin-brother Arch-Enemy) so there was a matter of revenge involved, yet it was still arguably very ill-timed, done for petty reasons and not well executed, and because of this it ultimately helped paved the way for both his defeat and even a chance for Havok to shine for once in his place.
  • To Create a Playground for Evil: His ultimate goal is to destroy all light in Avalar, both literal and metaphorical, to create a kingdom of darkness in which the strong can do whatever they want and everything good and (in his opinion) 'weak' are trampled and torn apart.

    Striga Family 

  • Expy: Of the Armitage Family. Like the Armitage Family, the Striga Family specialize in spiritual transference of souls into unwilling host bodies for personal use. As shown with young Glittering Coin, they can do this to give the sick and elderly a chance to live out their lives in newer, healthier host bodies at the expense of said host bodies' original owners.
  • Meaningful Name: They're named after the Striga plant, commonly known as "witchweed". Witchweeds are extremely devastating parasitic plants that are difficult to detect and can wipe out entire crops. The Striga Family specialize in transferring the souls of those who seek out their services into host bodies for personal use, while sending the spirits of the host bodies' original owners into the "Sunken Place" where they are trapped and forced to watch for eternity. For bonus points, they are based on the Armitage Family from Get Out!, though their methods in spiritual transference are different.

    Surtr Muspellson, the Swarthy One 
See his folder entry here.

    Teos, the Overlord of Darkness 

Classification Ascendant

Portfolio: TBA

Rank: TBA

    Temporal Sea, the Wound in Time 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil -> Chaotic Evil

Type: Chrono Archemage, Living Temporal Anomaly, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Mad Stallion, Psyker, Singularity Point

Faction: The Cult of Timebreakers (Revived), the Time Wraths

"I'm happy about this. I have the face for it, don't I?"

  • Ax-Crazy: Repeated time-travels and being warped by the effects of it not only turned him into a Equinoid Abomination, but also drove him completely, violently and unpredictably insane.
  • Cessation of Existence: He destroyed so many of his past selves and put so much of himself into his final Time Wraith that when it was destroyed, he ceased to exist and was reduced to nothing but the sands of time.
  • Humanoid Abomination: As noted by his epitaph and his entry, he had not been an Equine for quite some time, having been turned into a walking temporal anomaly/paradox in the shape of a Pony from repeated time-travels and exposure to effects thereof.
  • Sanity Slippage: Repeated time-travels - especially given his specific method involved - cost him much of his sanity long ago, to the point he simply can no longer be reasoned with and had to be put down for the good of the timeline.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He's described as a 'living chrono-superweapon' because he's capable of ripping open a rift in time that unleashes a massive blast of temporal energy. Anything caught in the Mana Bomb / Nuclear Weapon sized blast zone that lacks temporal resistance is erased from time.
  • Ret-Gone: One of his most dangerous and terrifying power allows him to unleash a huge blast of chronological energy from a portal of time which could erase everything it struck on a wide scale. By wide-scale, we mean equalling that of a Mana Bomb / Nuclear Weapon.
  • Temporal Paradox: His method of altering time resulted in him becoming a living time paradox.
  • Tragic Villain: Deep down Temporal Sea is motivated by a desire-turn-obsession to restore the timeline from which he and the Time Wraiths came. In the process he lost his Equinity and his sanity.
  • Was Once a Man: He used to be an Earth Pony, and still looks like one. However, all the time related things involving him have turned him into a living temporal anomaly that stopped being equine a long time ago.

    The Creature 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Fictional Creature, Curse Manifestation, Supernatural Entity, 'Alien', Reality Warper, Tulpa(?)

Faction: Itself, Its Sister

The Creature (entry here) is a paranormal entity born from the Creature franchise of films, brought to life by a curse to assault the town of New Erebus every three years.

    The Te Tua Atu 

See their page here.

    Tyrannos Pantheon 
See their page here.

    Tyrantlestia, the Unconquered Sun 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Tyrant/False Deity/Manipulator

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Kneel before the Unconquered Sun!"

The Tulpa that would become "Imitation Celestia" or, more popularly, "Tyrantlestia" was born during the very stressful aftermath of the Storm King Crisis.

In the opening stages of the Storm Empire's invasion of Equestria, the Equestrian Princesses Celestia, Luna, and Cadence were ambushed, petrified by orbs of magical petrifying gas, and imprisoned as statues by the Storm King and his most trusted general, Tempest Shadow. This gave birth to a wildly perpetuated rumor that the royal Alicorns, save for Twilight Sparkle, had cloistered themselves away in Canterlot to drink tea and watch their country fall. Celestia was especially condemned as a tyrant who willingly sold out Equestria to the enemy. Despite the heroes involved releasing the truth (as well as participating in ongoing efforts to quell rumors/propaganda set by Clovenists, Autorists, and Propagare cultists), public opinion of Celestia remained at an all-time low.

One group of conspiracy theorists tried using a magic ritual to expose Celestia's "true colors" as part of the "Free Equestria" movement. However, the unstable magic and the conspiracy theorists' fanatical delusions combined to create Tyrantlestia, who immediately set out to conquer Equestria and claim Celestia's throne.[WIP]
  • Bling of War: She often dresses ostentatiously to make herself appear as a goddess compared to the divine Celestia's modesty, and as such her royal regalia is ornately detailed and being inset with numerous amethyst stones, her tiara-crown bearing a pair of draconic horns, and her body being strapped with additional jewelry. She also looks this way when she fights.
  • Break Them by Talking: Tyrantlestia often breaks her enemies with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech, making them doubt themselves until they are too emotionally broken to challenge her. She nearly succeeded with Celestia during their fight, but when Celestia gained a Heroic Second Wind from hearing the encouragement of her subjects and loved ones, she proceeded to break her by talking, causing Tyrantlestia to have an epic Villainous Breakdown that left her vulnerable to being magically vaporized by Celestia.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: As a Tulpa created to "expose" Celestia as a tyrant, she literally cannot comprehend why Celestia's own subjects would continue supporting and cheering for her despite everything. This combined with Celestia's own "The Reason You Suck" Speech reduces Tyrantlestia to little more than a screaming foal throwing an epic tantrum.
  • Evil Counterpart: Serves as one for Princess Celestia.
    • Celestia sees herself as a very flawed person despite being an Alicorn, and genuinely regrets the mistakes she has done in the past. Tyrantlestia sees herself as a legitimate goddess despite only being a Tulpa, and does horrible things for the sake of power and authority, while either trying to justify them with excuses or pins the blame on someone else.
    • Celestia is genuinely benevolent, tries to look out for her subjects in any way she can, and nurtures them to greatness. Tyrantlestia believes in securing her own power and authority, and is willing to psychologically suppress and even physically and magically harm her subjects to ensure their complete obedience, and sees them as little more than animals that need to be culled.
    • Celestia is a true goddess, with her power being derived from her Sun domain, and has rippling hair that resembles a morning sunrise. Tyrantlestia is a Tulpa with draconic traits typical of a Nightmarified pony like reptilian eyes and a spacial mane and tail of fire, and whose magic is powered by hatred, thus making her little more than a mockery of her good counterpart.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Deconstructed. As described by her profile, Tyrantlestia tries to hide her more evil and tyrannical traits with a "sickeningly sweet demeanor" that is actually little more than a wicked mockery of Celestia's genuine benevolence, as she won't hesitate her true colors if things don't go her way or if her subjects resist her. Once she's exposed, she's revealed to be a one-dimensional Psychopathic Manchild whose existence revolves around her own selfish hatred, would bully others to get some semblance of power and authority from them, and would try to get people to like her with a fake mask of benevolence that only shows the extent of her hypocrisy.
  • A God Am I: She genuinely believes that she's the "real" Celestia and therefore a legitimate goddess, which is rather ironic since she's a mortal Tulpa. To play this up, she dresses herself in ostentatiously ornate royal regalia with additional jewelry. This is what partially sets her apart from Celestia, who only sees herself as a flawed being and is uncomfortable with being worshiped.
  • Hypocrite: As a "False Deity"-type Tulpa created by those who sought to expose Celestia as a tyrant, Tyrantlestia embodies the traits of a tyrant that she believes Celestia is guilty of. When Celestia calls her out on this during her Heroic Second Wind, it partially leads to an epic Villainous Breakdown.
  • Karmic Death: In her short life, she acted like a tyrant by cruelly breaking people with her speeches, passing herself off as a goddess, and trying to prove that her good counterpart, Celestia, is the real tyrant. She also tried to break Celestia by calling her a petty, hypocritical, two-faced bully who let Luna be marginalized by her own subjects and lavished her attentions on her 'pets' when they're useful. Her last moments consisted of being exposed and deconstructed as nothing more than the very things she called Celestia by Celestia herself, and during her epic Villainous Breakdown, she is overpowered and killed by Celestia herself.
  • Kill It with Fire: Being a Tulpa compared to a legitimate goddess, Tyrantlestia is quickly overpowered and killed by Celestia's Sun magic after she is powered down significantly, leaving behind "magical wisps of nothing".
  • Meaningful Name: Her name is a portmanteau of "tyrant" and "Celestia", but with the first two letters of the latter taken out. She's the evil version of Celestia who is tyrannical, ruthless, and domineering, and sees her subjects as little more than animals that she must cull into obedience through force. She's also created and empowered through the Equestrians' collective hatred of Celestia.
  • Never My Fault: What differentiates her from Celestia. Tyrantlestia sees herself as above responsibility, and either tries to justify her horrible actions or pin the blame on someone else. This is what partially causes her epic Villainous Breakdown when Celestia calls her out for being a "one-dimensional bully" who constantly plays the victim. Crystal Prism also notes (based on personal experience and what Mentálne told him) that if someone makes a mistake and they don't feel sorry about it, there must be something wrong with them, which there was.
  • Not So Different: Discussed. Crystal Prism notes to Celestia that Tyrantlestia reminds him of the bullies that would tease his friend, Midnight Bell, at school to make her feel bad, which goes to show how childish she really is.
  • Playing with Fire: She can manipulate fire, much like her good counterpart. However, the trick is that the more people hate Celestia, the more powerful she becomes. When put an environment devoid of hatred, her fire magic becomes extremely weak.
  • Psychopathic Manchild: Much like the case with Father Deer, another "False Deity"-type Tulpa, Tyrantlestia is at her core a childish, petty, hypocritical, one-dimensional bully whose entire existence revolves around her own selfish hatred, and tries to undermine her opponents by playing the victim and pinning the blame on others. It's notable that Tyrantlestia is reduced to an angry, tantrum-throwing foal after Celestia calls her out on her traits, and Crystal Prism compares her to the school bullies that would tease his filly-friend, Midnight Bell, in an attempt to make her feel bad.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Her modus operandi, which Twilight Sparkle coins as this trope. She would psychologically break her enemies and dissenting subjects by deconstructing their personalities, motives, and flaws, leaving them too emotionally broken to challenge her.
    • She tried this on those Royal Guards who managed to survive her assault, making them question why they pledged their services and loyalty to Celestia, a "fat, useless Princess who does nothing but write letters to children and eat cake".
    • She tried this on the Mane Six, but it failed due to them having experience from being Discorded and surviving the emotional hell that was the Canterlot Wedding Invasion.
    • She also tried this on the Equestrian Princesses themselves. While it's not known what she said to Luna and Cadence, Celestia was Tyrantlestia's most prominent target, and the latter reportedly went on a rant that called Celestia "a lying, hypocritical, two-faced tyrant who lavishes affection on their 'pets' as long as they're useful" as well as "a petty, selfish bully who continuously shoved Luna to the side so she could to bask in the spotlight while letting her subjects marginalize and shun her own sister", among other things. It's noted that Celestia nearly faltered out of guilt and shame over her own failings.
    • After Celestia experienced a Heroic Second Wind from seeing the support she received from almost all of Equestria, however, Tyrantlestia ends up getting this trope turned back on her by being deconstructed as little more than a childish, petty, one-dimensional bully who is entirely fueled by selfish hatred and embodies the traits that she tried to validate in her good counterpart. This is a large factor in causing her to have an epic Villainous Breakdown that led to her getting killed in her moment of weakness. That being said, Tyrantlestia's speech left quite an effect on Celestia that she had to rely on the support on her friends and loved ones, including Crystal Prism.
  • Red Baron: To pass herself off as a legitimate goddess, she called herself "The Unconquered Sun". Ironic that the last moments of her (short) life was being conquered by a Sun Alicorn who far more deserves that title.
  • Requisite Royal Regalia: Her regalia is described by her entry as being ostentatiously ornate with draconic motifs. Her tiara-crown is has long, curved dragon horns; her peytral is bigger and covers her backside much like a military breastplate; and her neck is adorned with additional golden jewelry that her good self wouldn't wear. Everything, even her hoofcups, are adorned with purple amethyst gems. This is a stark contrast to Celestia, who wears much less despite being royalty, and it shows how arrogant and delusional she is.
  • Villainous Breakdown: An epic one, if her profile is to be believed. After failing to break Celestia psychologically with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech due to the latter gaining a Heroic Second Wind from her cheering subjects, Tyrantlestia ends up being deconstructed by Celestia herself as little more than a childish, one-dimensional bully whose life, identity, and purpose revolves around her own selfish hatred, and does nothing but play the victim and pinning the blame on others. This, combined with her extreme De-Power with the lack of hatred and her lack of understanding why Celestia continues to be loved, causes her to devolve into little more than a screaming foal throwing an epic tantrum... which made her vulnerable to being overpowered and killed by Celestia's magic.


  • Abusive Parent: Cinder's raising by him can better be described as torture than a childhood. While originally better to Cinder II, that was only as long as it served him to do so. Once it doesn't, he's every bit as monstrous to her as he was Cinder I.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Due to being a Composite Character. While Skylanders Malefor was a nasty guy, he was far more comedic and at least seemed to somewhat care for his daughter. Due to Valefor having the personality of the Legends Malefor for the most part, he decidedly isn't, and part of why he treats Cinder II better is to hurt the original by forcing her to see herself but if she'd actually had even a little compassion from Valefor. It's also heavily implied that Cinder II's mother wasn't willing, something neither canonical Malefor did for obvious reasons.
  • Arch-Enemy: He's this to Pyro II and Cinder I. Not only have they been at odds since the two were kids, both sides utterly despise one another.
  • Ax-Crazy: He's been so twisted and evil for so long it is believed he could no longer find any joy and pleasure except in the pain and destruction of others, which stemmed from believing doing or being anything else is meaningless in a world where everyone and everything is doomed to be destroyed by the various civilization/world-ending apocalyptic cycles that plague Equus and the cosmos. This might also explain why his plans ultimately made absolutely no sense to many people, as it requires people to come to the same nihilistic realization that led him to believe there is no reason to be anything else for him as a Dragon except to fully embracing the destructive, greedy and sadistic nature of Dragonkind.
  • Break Them by Talking: He's a master of this, having managed to nearly break both Pyro II and Cinder I in one conversation with just his words alone. If it weren't for the Power of Love, he would've won right then and there without actually having to fight.
  • Captain Ersatz / Expy: Of Malefor from the Spyro series. They even have the same names, except with different first letters (though this is actually taking influence from the demon Malefor may have been partially named after, Valefar, a duke of Hell).
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He's very aware he's a greedy, sadistic, power-hungry monster. Played for Drama because this worldview comes from coming to see the Cycle as inevitable and thus there being no point trying to be a hero when everything will inevitably be destroyed, and thus he should be what Tiamat made dragonkind to be taken Up to Eleven.
  • Composite Character: Combines his Legends counterpart with his Skylanders...including his IDW Comics incarnation. His Skylanders Academy traits are largely just a facade he used around Cinder II and once that mask has outlived its usefullness, it's gone.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Pyro III 'fought' him while convincing Cinder II to leave his Hellrealm and continue becoming a hero. The 'fight' largely consisted of Valefor beating the stuffing out of him and throwing him around like a ragdoll.
  • Cyborg: Like Malefor's IDW counterpart, Valefor converts himself into a cyborg to compensate for his incomplete resurrection and make himself stronger than before.
  • The Dreaded: Given how powerful and cunning Valefor is, as well as him coming EXTREMELY close to causing an apocalypse and was only stopped by Pyro and his allies, it is unsurprising that Valefor is feared by many.
    • Owing to her traumatic upbringing by Valefor, the normally stoic Lady Cinder, the Obsidian Queen had an understandable terror of his very existence, even long after he was dead, to the point that she could lose her composure at the mere possibility of him coming back. When she realize that Mistletoe Dreamer and the Dark Ages Alliance stole many powerful Draconic artifacts with the intention of bringing him Back from the Dead using a ritual requiring them and a solar eclipse, Lady Cinder is noted to 'turn a lighter shade of charcoal grey' from her usual obsidian colour and appear to experience a PTSD attack, before outright screaming for Celestia and Luna to be contacted so they could prevent the eclipse after explaining to the other heroes what the DAA is attempting to do (in turn causing an immediate Mass "Oh, Crap!").
  • Evil Is Petty: He believes there's no point of being anything but dragonkind as it truly is (in his opinion), including their instinctive love of domination and sadism Tiamat put in them most benevolent dragons have overcome. As such, while extremely competent and dangerous, he flat out admits he relishes any possible opportunity to make Pyro II and Cinder I suffer because he despises them that much.
  • Fallen Hero: As with Malefor, he was once a heroic figure. He eventually came to believe it was meaningless, as the Cycle would destroy everything anyway, and decided there was no point except to become the natural end result of Tiamat's intentions for Dragonkind.
  • For the Evulz: Deconstructed. Cinder believes the reason why Valefor indulges so much in torturing and destroying everyone and everything, even his former adopted daughter/valuable Tyke Bomb minion Cinder, is because he had become 'so bitter, so twisted, and so fixated' on his lust for power that he literally can't find enjoyment in anything else. Cinder actually sympathized with him on that point, as she had found something else more fulfilling to care for: friendship and love with Pyro and later her family with him. It's eventually revealed his reasons for doing so is because he believes, due to the Cycle, everything will eventually be destroyed, and thus trying to be anything more than Dragonkind naturally is is folly.
  • Generic Doomsday Villain: The reasons for his destructive hatred, insane cruelty and power-lust were never made clear, as were his motives for releasing a world-destroying demonic monster. He came off as this, although it is speculated by Cinder that whatever the reasons, it most likely had to do with becoming so warped by his own malice that he simply can't feel or be motivated by anything else anymore, which makes her - who has found people and causes worth loving and fighting for - to pity him. Subverted, ultimately, as while Cynder is right, his reasons for it being right is he's a nhilist that believes trying to be better than what he is is pointless, and thus he's better off just being the greedy monster Tiamat made him to be.
  • Imperfect Ritual: Mistletoe Dreamer tried to bring him Back from the Dead, but the eclipse needed for the ritual was interupted. As such, he's only partially revived, leaving him much weaker than he originally was. However, it's noted just having a physical form again makes him far more dangerous than he was as a disembodied wraith trapped in a Hellrealm.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Implied as to Valefor's ultimate motives to ravaged the world with an incredibly powerful resurrected demon monster, which remains unclear. Justified in that as his former adopted daughter/weapon Cinder observed, Valefor is probably so bitter, twisted, and insane that he can only feel satisfaction in doing evil things for evil's sake. Ultimately Subverted, as he does have a logic to his madness: he believes that due to the Cycle, being a hero is pointless, as everything you try to protect will eventually be destroyed and thus he's better off taking the nature of Dragonkind to its natural conclusion.
  • No Kill Like Overkill: Pyro II and Cinder I had to completely atomize him to kill him.
  • Omnicidal Maniac:
    • It's eventually revealed his actual motive is that he's become nhilistic, believing the Cycle will destroy everything anyway and thus there's no point being more than Tiamat made dragonkind to be.
  • Only Mostly Dead: Technically, he IS dead, and presently damned and trapped in a Hell-Realm for his sins which he had relatively recently taken-over. Now he wants to get out.
  • Pet the Dog: Inverted: at first him treating Cinder II better seems to be this, but in actuality he not only is implied to have forced himself on her mother, but treats her better only to spite Cinder I by making her see a version of herself who received even a small amount of compassion from him. It's worth noting that Cinder II still has the metal blades the original does, implying she too was subjected to the same body altering surgery as her, though whether or not Valefor forced her to be conscious for it is unknown.
  • Straw Nihilist: The true reason for everything Valefor does is eventually revealed to be due to Valefor becoming this: with the various Cycles of the Codexverse setting ensuring everyone and everything he sought to protect eventually doomed to die or be destroyed anyway, he was driven bitter and mad by the seeming futility of his past heroism - of everything, really - and decided to simply embrace greedy, sadistic and destructive sides of Dragonkind's true nature as Tiamat designed and take the to its logical conclusion, because he sees it as inevitable anyway and any attempt to transcend it as meaningless.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: How he conceived Cinder II, which apparently involved a kidnapping of an unnamed mother whom Valefor subsequently had his way with. Lady Cinder I found him even more abhorrent than ever after she learnt about it.
  • Then Let Me Be Evil: His fall to villainy came from believing that due to the Cycle, there's no point trying to be a hero and save anything, because it will inevitably be destroyed anyway. Thus, he might as well be the greedy, selfish, power-hungry, and destructive monster Tiamat desired dragonkind to be taken to its natural conclusion.
  • Tragic Villain: VERY downplayed, but Cinder sees him in this light, as whatever reasons or motives he might have at least at the start, by the time he is finally defeated he's little more than a maniac filled with hatred and cruelty lusting after power and destruction above all else. This only made her pity him, however, not sympathizing with him, considering what hellish life he put her through. And then there's the reveal of the true nihilistic motives behind his fall to villainy.

W to Z

See his folder entry here.

    The Windigos/Frozen Hordes 
See their folder entry here.

    Xestobium Lyonesse 
See his folder entry here.

    Yamata No Orochi 

Classification: Fallen Elemental

Portfolio: Darkness, Terror, Destruction, Evil

Rank: Divine (Tier III/Intermediate)

  • Antagonistic Offspring: He's the evil son of Queen Tiamat and King Bahamut. His eight heads in particular were said to have been made in an attempt to spite his mother, who is multi-headed herself.
  • Can't Hold His Liquor: He has a fondness for alcohol, which is ironically his greatest weakness - he has a low tolerance for it and thus can get drunk very easily.
  • Dying Curse: Was slain a thousand years ago, but made one of these with his last moments, causing each of his heads to become a monstrous demon and ravage Neighpon a thousand years later. If all of them are killed, Orochi will resurrect.
  • Evil Overlord: Took over Neighpon and ruled it with an iron fist until he was beaten.
  • Eye Beams: Orochi can fire eye-beams from his eight pairs of eyes, demonstrating this ability during the 'Orochi Crisis' with both his later Demon Kings before his resurrection, and in his full returned glory after his resurrection, using them to battle Dracozilla and other Kaijus. This hilariously left everybody completely baffled as this came out of nowhere, since Orochi is never known to have this ability before both in fact and legend. To note, even Orochi himself claimed he has no idea, but pragmatically decided not to question his good fortune.
  • For the Evulz: Did a lot of horrible things - like demanding periodic sacrifice of eight young fillies for him to devour lest he destroy much more - for seemingly no reason other than because he could.
  • God of Evil: The Dragon God of Darkness and Evil.
  • Irony: A great lover of alcohol, yet gets drunk very easily because of low tolerance.
  • Orochi: He's a version of the Trope Namer, in that he's a divine son of Queen Tiamat and King Bahamut who fell to evil, and his multi-headed form is his way of spiting Tiamat, who is also multi-headed herself.
  • Physical God: He's a Fallen Ryujin.

    Yaniv, the Blizzard Emperor 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Yak, warlord, conqueror, warlock, evil overlord, Cryo Archmage

Faction: Yakyakistan, The Blizzard Empire

"Yaniv is the blizzard, DESTINED to blanket the lands! Submit now or be frozen!"

Emperor Yaniv (his entry here) is the founder of the Bizzard Empire, and a Yak tyrant who tried conquering the Equestrian subcontinent out of confidence and belief in his own great destiny.
  • The Conqueror: Being a talented general and believing himself blessed by the gods and destined to conquer and rule over the entire Equestrian subcontinent, he went on a successful conquering spree that lasted until he ran into Queen Grizelda, the Storm Breaker while conquering his way through the peninsula where Griffonstone would one day arise.
  • Evil Will Fail: It is implied that even if Queen Grizelda didn't stop him, he was effectively doomed to fail in his ambitions anyway; his prophecy states that he would be invincible until his hooves 'touches the sea at the southern shores' of the Equestrian subcontinent. This can be interpreted as that he would be defeated the moment he fulfills that prophecy. And there is good reason to believe that since conquest of the subcontinent would mean he would eventually have to confront the then newly-crowned Alicorn Princesses of Equestria - a pair of very powerful Physical Gods with power over the Sun and Moon who had fairly recently defeated Discord with the Elements of Harmony - whom he likely has no means of overcoming. Of course, we'll never know for sure with Queen Grizelda defeating him early with Luminiferous' help.
  • Founder of the Kingdom: of the Blizzard Empire, albeit a rather short-lived one owing to Yaniv being bumped off well before his destined time, though the prophecy implies he's doomed to fail anyway.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Grizelda defeats him by impaling him through the chest on his own weapon. He's still alive, but not for long before Agalina finishes him.
  • Meaningful Name: Yaniv is a Hebrew name meaning 'he will prosper.'
  • Mystical White Hair: In Yak culture, albinos are viewed as divinely favored and 'touched by the blizzard.' This ended up contributing to his ego and narcissism.
  • Narcissist: While his elevated status among Yakyakistan society as divinely-favoured due to his albino pelt already instilled within his heart an unhealthy sense of pride and aggrandizing ego, the prophecy proclaiming that he could not be defeated (until he reaches the Equestrian subcontinent's southern shores) resulted in this metasizing into full-blown narcissism, believing in not only his invincibility but also that he is destined to rule over the subcontinent and bring order out of the chaos left behind by Discord's reign.
  • No Man of Woman Born: The prophecy declaring him invincible in battle specifically stated until his army 'dips its hooves in the sea at Equestria's southern most shore, no battle will you lose. Only when that moment comes will you know defeat." While he took this as meaning he was unstoppable, it's believed it was actually predicting he'd be defeated in a battle at that shore. Of course Grizelda manages to kill him due to Luminiferous rejecting the predicted fate.
  • Rasputinian Death: He died when Grizelda used a sonic roar to burst his eardrums and shatter many of his bones, launch him several meters into a mountain hard enough to make a crater, and impaled him on his own weapon through the chest. He's still alive after that, at which point his previously enslaved ice dragon Agalina then glaciates him and the surrounding mountain side before shattering him to crimson shards with a tail whip.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: Yaniv and the Blizzard Empire, while short-lived, proved very consequential in the history of the Equestrian subcontinent. In the power vacuum of Yaniv's demise, the Crystal Empire, which had survived the Age of Chaos, was able to expand and takeover as Yaniv's domain descends into chaos with the loss of their leader, his subordinates and armies, eventually paving the way to their rise as one of the three biggest successor states (the other being the Principalities of Equestria and the Empire of Trot) of the classical Equestrian Empire and a major player in the 'Tournament of Crowns'. In fact, had the prophecy been allowed to run its full course, they might had become even stronger than they were historically when their time comes, with huge ramifications for the Tournament of Crowns and their eventual interaction/conflict with 'Queen Colossos' Empire' of Giants.
  • The Strategist: Whatever his faults, he is a very capable military commander and talented tactician. While Queen Grizelda and her Griffons made a very cunning plan to ambush him and his forces at the 'Battle of Guto River', he was able to deduce what they have in mind as it happened and respond effectively.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: While it's generally averted in Yak culture, where albinos are considered divinely favored and 'touched by the blizzard', it's played straight in his case. The praise and presumed great destiny he received from being an albino Yak went to his head, and was a contributing factor to his messiah or god complex.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: What he believes to be the case and use to justify his tyranny and conquests in his narcissism. In a bizarre twist, his assertions are both true and false - the prophecy implies that he would be defeated the moment he fulfills all the details set out in it, and he was defeated much earlier than the prophecy stipulated owing to Griffon Queen Grizelda defeating him with Luminiferous' help.

    Zeb the Shadow Stallion 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Shaman/Abstract Thief/Conman

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Don't you disrespect me, little fool! I got friends on the other side!"

Entry can be found here.


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