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The Visitors

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  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": They're basically Codexverse's extraterrestrial aliens, but given the Ponies and other denizens of Equus in the Fourth Age are not entirely aware of this fact, the more generalized 'Visitors' are labelled as such instead.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: They're implied to be a race of aliens that's not native to Equus. And yet they are so powerful that they can easily lay waste to even entire civilizations if they want to. Yet they are very benevolent and only fight if provoked with good reason, as people who tried to experiment on the Sparkle Ponies found out.
  • Higher-Tech Species: They are noted as being far beyond Equus in terms of technology. It's acknowledged by several parties that they're likely not a threat to Equus because they'd have already taken over if they'd wanted to.
  • Innocent Aliens: In general, they are shown to be benevolent and only harm to protect people or to genuinely vile individuals. However, it's implied that there are exceptions to the rule.
  • Papa Wolf: Sparkle Ponies being abducted and experimented on tends to make them very angry. This is likely because it's implied Sparkle Ponies are their hybrid offspring. In one incident, a male Visitor devastated a Clovenist compound for abducting and attempting to experiment on his daughter, a young Sparkle Pony foal.
  • Sufficiently Advanced Aliens: Enough that a well-armed Visitor can casually break into a Hive or military base, fight through entire cohorts of soldiers, war machines and even a demigod, just to retrieve their imprisoned children. It had been noted that if they wanted to, they could had invaded Equus and wipe the floor with every faction with their indisputably advance magic/technology, but chose not to out of implied benevolence.


Celestial Ponies

    Queen Andromeda 
The enigmatic yet powerful and benevolent Queen of the Celestial Ponies. She first appeared in a canonized Codexverse drabble that took place in the Second Age, during the Maretian Wars that gripped Equus.
  • Get Out!: After making it clear to a Maretian diplomat that his people have started conflicts that they lost, and that the Maretians will eventually die to the violence they used so often, Queen Andromeda would shout at the diplomat to "GET OUT!" with her magically-empowered voice. The Maretian diplomat had no trouble obeying.
  • God-Emperor: Despite her official ruling title being "Queen", she is described as the intergalactic equal to Golden Scepter by one of the Codexverse writers, being a divine Celestial Pony Alicorn goddess who rules over her mortal subjects and possesses great power and technology that surpasses those of most "Visitors".
  • Gravity Master: Could create gravity wells, which she used to crush an offending Maretian ambassador's offensive weapon after he tried (and failed miserably) to kill her with it.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Her true divine form as a Celestial Pony goddess is described as a much larger mare with six wings, and a mane and tail made of solar storms. It's noted that in this form, she looks rather similar to Golden Scepter, whose true divine form is also a six-winged Alicorn, except his hair is made of black spatial energy and his wings are made of holy fire.
  • Immortal Ruler: She's the Celestial Pony equivalent of the Alicorns of Equus, and rules over the mortal Celestial Ponies. One of the Codexverse writers described her as being the intergalactic equal to Golden Scepter, as she is an extremely ancient goddess who embodies Celestial Ponykind (among other things) just as he embodies mortal Ponykind of Equus.
  • Large and in Charge: Her true form as a Celestial Pony Alicorn goddess is larger than her "default" form. She's also the Queen of the Celestial Ponies.
  • Magic Hair: Her true form has a mane and tail that are both made of solar storms.
  • No-Sell: When a Maretian ambassador tried to kill her with a Death Ray for flatly refusing to make an alliance with them until they stop attacking Equus, she simply got up, walk through the barrage and wrenched the weapon from the Maretian's grasp with the ease of an angry adult taking away an unruly child's toy, all without a scratch. This is justified in that her regalia/armour and her people's technology in general are so much more advance than the Maretians that a lethal Death Ray that could had reduced a unprotected Pony to skeleton and ashes is essentially just a harmless toy to them.
    • And it wouldn't had worked even if she went unarmoured: she's a literal God Empress, which in the mechanics of the Codexverse can barely if at all be affected by any matter or magic (while the opposite is true vice versa) unless said matter or magic is charged with Primordial Quintessence.
  • Physical God: She's the Celestial Pony equivalent of an Alicorn, and she is an extremely ancient and powerful goddess who embodies Celestial Ponykind. It's implied that she is as old as Golden Scepter, as her true divine form is a Humanoid Abomination with six wings just like him, and a mane and tail made of solar storms.
  • Tranquil Fury: She's NOT happy with the various factions of Maretians repeatedly attacking Tellus/Equus with desires to conquer the planet and subjugate/exterminate Ponykind. She calmly but firmly gave the Maretian ambassador who tried to negotiate an alliance with the Celestials (then try and kill her when she refused) a brutal dressing down of their violent, hostile and aggressive culture and scared the Maretian senseless with her true form, only raising her voice when she punctuated her disapproval with a divinely-enhanced roar for him/her/it to Get Out! of her ship.
  • Vertebrate with Extra Limbs: Her true divine form has six wings to show how ancient and long-lived she is.
  • Winged Unicorn: A Codexverse drabble describes her appearance as resembling the Alicorns of Equus, yet at the same time she isn't one; rather, she's the Celestial Pony equivalent of an Alicorn.

    The Celestial King 
The consort of the ruling Queen Andromeda (and presumably a co-ruler himself), the Celestial King accompanied her in formal processes such as diplomacy and seem to act as both a supporter and adviser to her. Also first appeared in a canonized Codexverse drabble that took place in the Second Age, during the Maretian Wars that gripped Equus.



Visitors/Aliens hailing from the planet Mares (Codexverse's equivalent of Mars), throughout the 'Second Age' of Known History they had repeatedly attacked Tellus/Equus with intent to conquer the planet and subjugate/exterminate Ponykind. They would serve as one of Tellus/Equus' greatest 'outside threats' for nearly one and a half century in what history would record as the 'Maretian-Tellusian Wars', with the 'Children of Equus' gradually catching up and turning the tables on them, chasing them all the way back to Mares and defeating them once and for all.
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Subverted. There are some Maretians who really aren't out for conquering Tellus and enslaving/destroying Ponykind/Equuskind back in the day. The Expies of the Butt Ugly Martians, for example, defected to Tellus, and their help was instrumental in Ponykind turning the tables on Mares after nearly centuries and a half of on-and-off conflict. This and other factors was also what led to the Tellusians/Equusians deciding to spare Mares when they could had easily wiped them out at the end of the Maretian Wars.
  • Death Ray: Standard as to many Maretian factions. Apparently comes with both Heat Ray and Disintegrator Ray variants. One used by a Maretian ambassador had enough power to reduce a Pony soldier to ashes and bones - which makes Celestial Queen Andromeda's complete No-Sell of its effects with her armor all the more impressive.
  • Flying Saucer: One of their most notable means of transportation and weapons of war/conquest. It was mentioned in passing that many of these from the Ackackian Maretians were captured after the Maretian War of 1961-62.
  • Just Before the End: Implied. The First Maretian Invasion is implied to be a Whole Plot Reference to The War of the Worlds, where the Martians invaded partly in desperation as their world was slowly dying. If the same applies for Codexverse Mares, the implications are that the Maretians were motivated by their own survival as it was by their desires to conquer other worlds and destroy their 'inferior' inhabitants.
  • Low Culture, High Tech: Not in the 'Medieval society with spaceships' sense, but in the 'Barbaric culture with death rays' sense, at least in the opinion of Queen Andromeda of the Celestial Ponies. Despite being more advanced technologically than Equus/Tellus for much of the Maretian Wars and pretentiously believing they are better than the Ponies (and others, including rival Maretian races) they generally act like a bunch of murderous savages filled with desires for domination, destruction and death.
  • Planet of Hats: Subverted. It is noted that there are many different Maretian factions and races inhabiting Mares, not unlike Tellus/Equus itself for most part (Though most of them weren't active on Tellus/Equus at the time). They apparently spent just as much time fighting amongst themselves as they tried to attack Tellus/Equus, which might also explain why Tellus/Equus ultimately won the struggle against them.
  • Puny Earthlings: As a whole, they Ponykind as little more than animals and savages to be subdued/destroyed and make way for Maretian colonization/conquest of Equus/Tellus. After centuries of endless subjugation and torment at the hands of the Maretians, however, the Ponies Equus/Tellus would eventually turn the tide by learning how to adapt, reverse-engineer whatever Maretian supplies/technologies they managed to acquire, and allying themselves with friendly Maretians who didn't agree with what their people were doing, including the heroic Butt-Ugly Maretians trio. The end result during the final stretches of the "Maretian Wars" is a brutal turnaround where the Maretians would suffer the same heavy losses that their victims did, unable to adapt and advance in similar ways because of their collective arrogance and warlike, bullying mindset.
  • Smug Snake: Many Maretians seem to think highly of themselves and see all others - including Ponykind and other rival Maretian races and nations - as being beneath them and easy prey for the slaughter. In the canonized drabbles, Queen Andromeda of the Celestial Ponies would pop the ego of one Maretian ambassador quite thoroughly, while at least one Maretian leader by the end of the Maretian Wars - when the forces of Tellus/Equus were quite literally on Mares' doorstep, suffered a quiet Villainous Breakdown as he/she/it came to realize that compared to the more civilized Ponies who caught up with them, THEY were the inferior ones.
  • Technologically Advanced Foe: Played Straight as this for Equus, at least during the first half of the Maretian Wars. The First Maretian-Tellusian War was heavily implied to be a Whole Plot Reference to the H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, which was a Curbstomp Battle for most part in the invading Maretian faction's favour before the germs wiped them out. The Third Maretian-Tellusian War, while ending in Tellus' favour, was a hard-fought victory which left much of Equus/Tellus in ruins and millions dead owing to the tech-edge and extreme brutality of the invading Ackackian Maretian race. By the final war, however, the Tellusians/Equusians caught up and even surpassed them technologically and militarily, taking the war to Mares' doorstep and forcing their surrender.
    • Subverted hard with the Celestial Ponies, who at that time were so much more advanced than the Maretians that even a Celestial Pony soldier's basic armour could No-Sell a Maretian Death Ray that would have reduce a Tellusian/Equus Pony soldier to ashes and bones. If everything else scales-up to that, the Maretians literally don't stand any chance against them.
  • Villain Forgot to Level Grind: What ultimately did them in: with each failed invasion, Tellus/Equus grew stronger, both from experience and from reverse engineering their tech along with some defectors sharing it with them. This is bad news for Mares, as they were highly reliant on their tech edge. In the final war between the two planets, the Tellusians chased them back to Mares and invaded them, decisively defeating them.



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