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"Haredevil Hare" is a 1948 Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon directed by Chuck Jones, and starring Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian, with the latter in his debut. It is one of The 100 Greatest Looney Tunes.

When scientists declare they are sending a rocket to the moon, Bugs "volunteers" to be the pilot. At first, the rabbit is reluctant, until he sees the millions of carrots as his ration supplies and immediately jumps in. After a forceful blastoff, Bugs goes on a wild ride before crashing on the moon. However, Bugs isn't alone on the moon for long as another rocket soon arrives, carrying a bizarre-looking creature. At first, Bugs talks friendly with the being, Marvin, until he realizes that he intends to blow up the Earth and confiscates the creature's Uranium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator (i.e a stick of dynamite). When Marvin retaliates by summoning his dog, K-9, to go after Bugs, the rabbit uses his wits to deceive the two, which unfortunately puts himself and his adversaries in a bad fix in the end.

Of special note, this is the most recent Warner Bros. cartoon made available on the Associated Artists Productions syndication package.

"Haredevil Hare" provides examples of:

  • Batman Can Breathe in Space: Bugs has no trouble breathing on the moon (and in space at the end).
  • Casual Danger Dialogue: At the end of the cartoon, when the scientists on Earth contact Bugs, he casually confirms he reached the moon, before finally screaming "GET ME OUTTA HERE!" when it's revealed he's holding onto the edge of the moon's remains.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Mere moments after Bugs lands on the moon, Marvin shows up in his own rocket on a mission to blow up the earth.
  • Deface of the Moon: The cartoon ends with Bugs blowing up Marvin with his own space modulator, which also destroys all but a thin sliver of the moon. He is hanging from the edge, with Marvin and K-9 hanging from his ankles, for the Iris Out.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Bugs attaching Marvin's space modulator to a Plunger Detonator and blowing it up on Marvin and K-9 seemed like a clever trick, except he ended up blowing up the moon and getting himself in a troublesome situation along with his adversaries
  • Dragged by the Collar: At the beginning of the cartoon, the scientists drag Bugs to the rocket while he pleads not to go.
  • Duck Season, Rabbit Season: How Bugs gets the explosive space modulator from K-9.
    Bugs: Hey, what's the big idea? Give me that!
    K-9: D'oh, no I won't!
    Bugs: Oh, yes you will!
    K-9: Oh, no I won't!
    Bugs: Oh, yes you will!
    K-9: No, I won't!
    Bugs: Oh, no you won't!
    K-9: D'oh, yes I will!
    Bugs: Oh, no you won't!
    K-9: Yes I will!
    Bugs: Oh, no you won't!
    K-9: You take it or I'll shove it down yer t'roat!
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
  • End of an Age: This is the final Warner Bros. cartoon to be sold to the Associated Artists Productions syndication package. It is also the last such film to feature Bugs, as well as be the only such film to feature Marvin.
  • For the Evulz: Marvin's reasons for wanting to blow up the earth aren't explained, other than the fact that he's an antagonist.
  • Got Volunteered: A newspaper headline reads "Heroic Rabbit Volunteers as First Passenger". Cut to Bugs being dragged to the rocket, begging for his life and crying "I don't wanna be a hero!" Once he sees the tons of carrots being loaded into the rocket, however, he's far more willing to board.
    Bugs: [to the scientists] Well, you talked me into it.
  • Hemisphere Bias: When Bugs admires the "beautiful Earth out tonight", he's naturally looking at the Western Hemisphere.
  • I Have a Family: As Bugs is dragged into the rocketship, he begs "I've got a wife and kids! Millions of kids!"
  • Impact Silhouette: As the rocket takes off, there is a Bugs-shaped bulge at the bottom.
  • Kilroy Was Here: Bugs walks by a rock with the famous graffito as he claims to be the first living creature to ever set foot on the moon.
  • Late to the Realization: It takes Bugs a while to realize what Marvin is up to.
    Marvin: [loading the space modulator] Oh, I'm going to blow up the Earth.
    Bugs: Yeah? Well, you sure picked a nice day for it. Nice looking weapon you got there. I'll be seeing you around, Shorty. [walks away] Now there's a brainy little guy. Probably get ahead in the moon. [returns] Pardon me for bothering you, Marconi, but, uh, did you say you was going to blow up the Earth?
    Marvin: [lighting the space modulator] Huh? Oh, yes, I did.
    Bugs: Yeah, that's what I thought you said. Well, adiós. [walks away again] One man's meat is another man's poison, I always say. After all, it's his business if he wants to blow up the Earth. [stutters in shock as the realization hit him] WHOA!! [runs back and takes the space modulator] You can't do that! All the people I know are on the Earth! The nerve of this character.
  • No Name Given: Marvin and K-9 are unnamed in this short.
  • Retro Rocket: The "flying cigar" (as Bugs calls it) that takes Bugs to the moon. Of course, it wasn't retro when the cartoon was released.
  • Ridiculously Potent Explosive:
    • The rocket that sends Bugs to the moon is launched with an ordinary firecracker.
    • Marvin's Illudiumnote  Q-36 explosive space modulator. Powerful enough to blow up Earth, yet looks exactly like an ordinary stick of dynamite. When Bugs detonates it at the end, it destroys all but a thin sliver of the moon.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After the rough take off, Bugs decided to leave and tried to jump out the emergency exit, only to find that the rocket had already left Earth's atmosphere, prompting him to stay.
    Bugs: [clinging to a pole] After all, only a coward would desert his ship.
  • Squashed Flat: Bugs is pressed wafer thin by the G-forces of takeoff.
  • Suddenly Shouting: The final line.
    Control Center Technician: Have you prepared a statement for the press?
    Bugs: Well, yes, I have prepared a statement: GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!
  • Trip to the Moon Plot
  • Walkie-Talkie Gag, Over: Bugs is so traumatized by the rocket trip to the moon, once he lands he does a series of spastic fits. He continues to throw fits as he answers the walkie talkie from mission control, but takes the time to end the communication properly with "over". Later, when he tries to call for help about Marvin the Martian going to blow up Earth, all the walkie talkie picks up is a radio commercial jingle.
    Crumbly Crunchies are the best
    Look delicious on your vest
    Serve them to unwanted guests
    Stuff the mattress with the rest!