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Wild and strong, it can't be contained!,
Never bound, nor ever chained
Death is not destruction’s end,
So Gojira will live again!

In 1954, a monster of Odo Island legend turned Tokyo into a holocaust of flames and irradiated rubble. It was thought destroyed at great cost. In 1984, an even larger second Godzilla leveled much of that rebuilt city and doubled the first's horrific death toll. That creature went on to rampage and battle other titanic beasts for another decade before meeting its end through a nuclear meltdown in 1995. But just as some like G-Force started to celebrate that the age of monsters finally was at an end and a new era for mankind's dominion was at hand, many on Odo Island were adamant the immortal sea dragon of destruction could never die for good. Sure enough, a third Godzilla was briefly sighted retreating into the ocean after the demise of the second. Years later, with the eve of the year 2000 in sight, strange happenings begin to occur. Seismic activity on the sea floor, storms in a region of the sea known since the 1500s for strange occurrences, and a research vessels found with all of the electronics and crew missing. And sightings off the coast of Odo Island confirming the worst fears of some at G-Force. The next Godzilla had returned.


And at the heart of it all a father and daughter duo, Yuji and Io Shinoda, are trying to uncover the mysteries of what is going on. Photographer Yuki Ichinose joins the pair as they navigate across Japan and meet both faces from Yuji's past and G-Force's operations. Is this new Godzilla the adult form of the friendly infant that Io befriended as a little girl? If it is "Junior", is he still the docile youth he once was now as a living titan? Why did Godzilla only now become active again? And how might the mythic legends of Yuji's homeland of Odo help a man of science find peace with himself?

Godzilla: New Era is a fanfiction rewrite of Godzilla 2000 written by Tarbtano and proofread by Faith-Wolff and Lance Omikron. It is set in the "Amalgam'verse" continuity and technically serves as a prequel to The Bridge, showing what happened in the world of Terra the kaiju hailed from decades before the main events of that crossover. In essence, it's a retelling of the continuity reboot of Godzilla 2000, set as a continuation of the "Heisei Saga" of Godzilla films and the "Rebirth of Mothra" trilogy; meaning events and persons in the prior sagas feature in this retelling alongside the 2000 cast.


The fanfic is currently in progress (latest chapter posted as of 2/25/2022), marked as incomplete currently with twenty chapters.

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This Fan Fic provides examples of:

  • Action Girl: Belvera is a very powerful Magic Knight capable of fighting Millennian drones one on one and destroying multiple singlehanded.
  • Adaptational Achilles Heel: Godzilla goes from the priority target by the Millennian to their biggest weakness. While they do want to copy and control his regeneration ability, radiation output and possibly some unknown elements of his biology make being around him cause horrific cancers to spread. This is why Millennian wants Io so badly, as she's abnormally resistant to radiation.
  • Adaptational Badass:
    • The Millennian. Combining traits of their manga adaptation with the film version, along with remote controlled biological drones that can assimilate and replicate animals and humans they've killed to present a very dangerous threat to the human cast. They're also far more active and dangerous than they were in canon. Once they become Orga, they display a larger number of powers than they canonically did.
    • Belvera is shown to be an extremely powerful Magic Knight and One-Man Army when she really wants to be.
  • Adaptational Context Change: A lot of the scenes from Godzilla 2000 still happen, but context and characters involved changed.
    • The GPN find Godzilla on a cliff side road bordering the ocean. How Io Shinoda acts and Godzilla reacts upon noticing her is completely different.
    • The Full Metal Missiles are still used on Godzilla in a military strike. However the location has changed and several of the missiles are instead modified to act as giant syringes to infect Anti-Nuclear Bacteria.
    • The military does go up against the Millennian UFO when the alien's malicious intent is made clear. What they field however changes as instead of a mostly realistic Japanese Self Defense Force, the Millennian are against G-Force with the Super-X3 as a flagship.
    • Godzilla arrives at a Japanese capital with the intent of ignoring the military and killing the Millennian, with the latter becoming Orga. But this time the fight happens in Kyoto instead of Tokyo and Godzilla had also arrived to save Io.
  • Adaptational Heroism:
    • Godzilla is much less destructive and solely after the Millennian ship and Drones, not causing any intentional destruction, compared to the movie. This is because this is the fully grown Junior and he's actively protecting humanity.
    • Katagiri is also more sympathetic and helpful than he was in canon. He even has a Heel Realization at the climax and spends his last moments helping Yuji destroy what's left of the Millennian UFO, disabling its connection to Kyoto and allowing Junior to break through to Orga.
  • Alien Invasion:
    • The Millennians awaken and begin launching an attack on Earth. However, they're also much more proactive about it than they were in the movie with more active goals.
    • The Mysterian invasion is also noted several times.
  • All Your Base Are Belong to Us: The Millennian, via hundreds of hidden drones hiding across the base and disguised as G-Force personnel, launches a mass surprise attack on the Tokyo G-Force base to kill as many soldiers as possible, disable their equipment, and hack the internet via the base's supercomputer terminal.
  • Ambiguous Situation: Io Shinoda is found to have an incredible immunity to radiation. It's either because she was a naturally born Mysterian-Human hybrid without medical technology assisting, her hybrid powers manifesting in a weird way; or her mother having been irradiated before she got pregnant with Io. Finding out how excites C.C.I. greatly. Then again, see Maybe Magical Maybe Mundane.
  • Angry Collar Grab: Commander Aso, when enraged at thinking Dr. Shinoda had betrayed his trust by working with illegal Godzilla cells, yanks him into one. He's so irate in a brief moment that despite his age and Yuki Ichinose grabbing onto him, he still manages to lift Shinoda off the ground slightly.
  • An Arm and a Leg: Commander Aso has a leg from the knee-down amputated by a Millennian drone. During the final battle, Godzilla repeatedly dismembers Orga by blasting or tearing limbs off, only for them to remain alive and undergo a full Body Horror version of regeneration.
  • Ancient Evil: Millennian has been trapped on the ocean floor for countless years before CCI accidentally frees it.
  • Badass Driver: Yuki Ichinose behind the wheel of a beat up compact car with two passengers vs. a nigh-unkillable Millennian drone driving a multi-ton semi-truck? Out maneuvering and Deadly Dodging leaves the truck totaled.
  • Bad Future: The future the Futurians came from is presented as this, even if history has been altered, as it signals the return of Japan to its imperialistic past. Multiple characters show a great deal of concern about this possible future.
  • Beam-O-War: Aso rams the Super-X3 into the Millennian UFO's main cannon and gets into a point blank beam struggle using the cryomaser. He's losing at first, but after it's heavily damaged by full-metal missiles fired into the bottom of its haul, he manages to win.
  • Behemoth Battle: Admiral Tachibana piloting GUNHED against a several story tall Millennian drone in the form of a Jyarumu. Later, naturally, Godzilla vs. Orga in its multiple forms.
  • Big Bad:
    • Millennian, the Hive Mind behind the Millennians as a whole, is the main antagonist as it was in canon. It becomes active even earlier than the Millennians did in canon, and thus are even more this trope.
    • After turning into Orga, the Hive Mind is shattered, resulting in Orga and the Asuka Drone splitting this role.
  • Big Damn Heroes:
    • Yuri Tachibana is about to be consumed by a Millennian Drone when Belvera arrives and ultimately destroys it.
    • Yuri and Io are cornered by the Millennian Drones when Belvera onces more shows up to save them.
    • Orga has disabled the Super-X3, the only thing that could halt it, and moves to claim Io...when Godzilla Junior blasts the invader with his Atomic Breath as he emerges from Mount Otowa.
  • Big Entrance: Godzilla Junior arrives in Kyoto by blasting out of Mount Otowa and flooring Orga with his Atomic Breath right as the alien is about to claim Io before marching into Kyoto to confront it.
  • Big Good: Commander Takaaki Aso is this for the human cast, as the head of G-Force and Father to His Men while also being the Reasonable Authority Figure who hears out Dr. Shinoda's advice and findings.
  • Body Horror: Everything about the Millennians, who absorb DNA and mix it together into horrifying drones capable of transforming at will. Orga's intial form is a malformed mash up of creatures, with Godzilla and a human being most notable. It isn't until Junior blows off the human part that Orga as it's typically portrayed appears.
  • Broken Bird: Io Shinoda carries the baggage of knowing her birth killed her mother with that fact rubbed in her face by a bully, never made any friends her age, and had the one friend she had, the toddler aged Godzilla Junior, ripped away from her. It's heavily implied her snarky, deadpan, obtuse personality is a coping mechanism to hide the pain.
  • Canon Welding: It's a retelling of Godzilla 2000 but as a continuation of the Heisei Saga of Godzilla films as well as the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy. Cameos and name drops also state the events of the 1998 Godzilla film happened with its television series set to happen shortly after.
  • Cast from Lifespan: One of the weaknesses of the Millennian Drones: they only have so much energy to use and the more they expend shapeshifting or healing, the more they breakdown. This wins G-Force the battle at the base because they're able to hold off the drones long enough for them to burn out.
  • Central Theme: A main theme of the story is how one should not let their fear control them, especially fear coming from past trauma. Most of the poor decisions on the heroes' side are a direct result of this.
    • Similarly and tied into above theme, faith can be a powerful force of hope to fend off nihilism and misery. It doesn't matter what kind of faith, be it religion, good defeating evil, or in others making the right decisions.
  • Chekhov's Gun:
    • Aso is given a mummified Godzillasaurus claw by Hina. It turns out to possess the same ability to kill Millennian drones as G-Cells, and saves Aso's life against the drone that tried to kill him.
    • The full-metal missiles are used against Godzilla as they were in canon. They're later used to destroy the Millennian UFO once Aso in the Super-X3 lures it into position.
  • Clipped-Wing Angel: Orga's final form is a several hundred meter tall abomination trying to devour the C.C.I. HQ building to get to Io...but it's in such ravaged shape its only actual defense is putting up its barrier shield to try and keep Godzilla Junior at bay. Once Junior breaks through the barrier, Orga's defenseless.
  • Cool Old Guy: G-Force Commander Takaaki Aso is old enough to have served in the very first graduating class of the Japanese Self-Defense force and had been on the ground during the 1954 Godzilla attack. He's also a beloved mentor and commander to his troops, while also being a Reasonable Authority Figure to give his scientific advisors ample resources to do the work they need to.
  • Continuation: Of the Heisei Godzilla series continuity that started with The Return of Godzilla and otherwise ended with Godzilla vs. Destoroyah.
  • Cute Monster Girl: "Monster" is a bit subjective, but Io Shinoda in this canon is a Mysterian-Human hybrid and is quite adorable.
  • Deconstruction: Think scientific advancement and leaders with good intentions will always triumph over challenges and lead to new horizons? Think again.
  • Death by Childbirth: Asuka Shinoda, Io's mother and Yuji's wife. She exits the world bringing Io into it during the prologue. The cause was undiagnosed radiation born scar and cyst she'd gotten after being too close to Godzilla in the 1984 attack that ruptured during delivery. This motivated Yuji into studying Godzilla to try and understand his immunity to radiation.
  • Demoted to Extra: Subverted. As the story is written like a traditional film, Godzilla's point of view and thoughts aren't shown like they are in The Bridge. The human cast are decidedly the main characters, though Godzilla factors heavily on the plot and does get multiple scenes.
  • Determinator: Commander Takaaki Aso does not stop easy, despite his age. Even losing half of his lower leg doesn't slow him down once he cauterizes the wound.
  • Dies Differently in Adaptation:
    • Orga is still killed by a super charged nuclear pulse at point blank range, but Godzilla isn't in his mouth.
    • Katagiri still falls, but he was already mortally wounded beforehand. The fall doesn't kill him and Godzilla isn't the one to do it, rather Godzilla is trying to save him and actually catches his body before it can hit the ground.
  • Dinosaurs Are Dragons: Whether Godzilla is just a mutated dinosaur or possibly is a living incarnation of a Shinto kami in the form of a dragon is a point of debate for several characters.
  • Dragons Are Divine: The legends of Seiryū, a divine dragon protector of the East, and Odo Island's tale of Gojira as a kami of destruction who will always reincarnate are both brought up. The possibility the adult Godzilla Junior is one or both is hinted at. When he arrives in Kyoto by the East to stop the Millennian, both Pentecost, Aso, and Yuji Shinoda can't help but notice a sense of awe or majesty to him.
  • Do Not Go Gentle:
    • Commander Aso, a physically worn down man in his 60s, is ambushed by a Millennian drone in his office with no useful weapons on hand. Even after it tears and eats his leg from the knee down, he refuses to lay down and die. And manages to turn the tables, fending it off with the Godzillasaurus claw Hina gave him enough for him to get medical attention.
    • It's made abundantly clear that G-Force's chance of success at stopping the Millennian in their last stand are abysmal, but they still fight valiantly and even manage to bring down the UFO.
  • Doomsday Clock: Midnight on New Years becomes this, after the Millennian hack almost every computer on the planet and launch multiple hundreds of nuclear missiles. The governments across the world can stall the impacts, but not stop them; buying G-Force until midnight to stop the Millennian. Junior kills Orga and let's the kill codes reach the missiles at the last possible moment.
  • Dramatic Irony:
    • If the audience has read The Bridge, they know Godzilla is the adult Junior and decidedly heroic, but the characters themselves don't.
    • The audience is made aware of how dangerous Millennian is before most of the heroes even know it exists.
  • The Dreaded: Godzilla, as to be expected, is feared by most everyone. Millennian rightly declares him the biggest threat to its invasion. Deconstructed, as this leads to mistakes on the human's part. Everyone has such difficulty accepting that he's on humanity's side until the end when they see him with new eyes.
  • Due to the Dead: Commander Aso journeys to Odo Island in the epilogue to do this for the 1954 and 1984 Godzillas, as a way of putting their personal war behind them in the hopes they might rest in peace.
  • Dug Too Deep: A deep sea exploration accidentally awakens Millennian and gives it enough energy to finally escape its underwater prison.
  • Eldritch Abomination: The Millennian check a lot of Lovecraftian tropes in this rewrite. Come from a prison deep beneath the sea? Check. Eons old and from a different world? Check. Completely incompatible morality with humanity they see as inconsequential? Check. Advanced technology and abilities that seem to break physics and make them come off as supernatural? Check.
  • Father to His Men: Commander Takaaki Aso in a nutshell. He keeps a humble office in an accessible spot of G-Force headquarters specifically to not put himself above his troops and constantly put their safety first in his plans. It makes him very beloved with both subordinates and the troops. A mild deconstruction happens with some of the youth, ignorant of the scope of the Imperial era's history, favorably compare him to high profile, admired World War 2 era commanders and this disturbs him greatly. Reconstructed by the end when he's given the chance to prove himself worthy of that admiration.
  • Fingore: Both Yuji Shinoda and Yuki Ichinose suffer hand injuries from the Millennian drones resembling Asuka Shinoda. Yuji had his fingers dislocated, crushed, and fractured; Yuki had her ring and pinkie fingers bitten off and needing to be reattached later.
  • Flashback Nightmare: Several characters have one to the 1984 second Godzilla attack, with some of the older cast also having horrific recollections of the 1954 attack by the first monster. Chapter 8 showcases what Takaaki Aso went through being a boot on the ground caught in the middle of the first attack in 1954 as a young man.
  • The Four Gods: It's implied that Hina suspects the possibility that the current Godzilla is an incarnation of the Azure Dragon guardian of Kyoto, Seiryū. Commander Aso passively remembers it was miraculous its egg hatched in Kyoto of all places.
  • Frontline General: Commander Aso in the finale, much to the shock of Pentecost and everyone else. Aso didn't want to put another younger pilot in harm's way again after being haunted by the deaths of the past Super-X pilots, leading to him personally flying the Super-X3 into the final confrontations with the Millennian UFO.
  • Freudian Excuse: Yuji Shinoda and Katagiri were both present in 1984, and the event heavily effected their present behavior, and continues to influence Katagiri as his behavior becomes more extreme.
  • Fusion Fic: Interfranchise example. In this case the events and characters of Godzilla 2000 within the continuity of the Heisei Godzilla films, Rebirth of Mothra trilogy. Characters from Godzilla: The Series and Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack! also appear several months or years earlier than those events taking place.
  • Gone Horribly Wrong: Millennian attempts to incorporate Junior's DNA into its being to become the Ultimate Lifeform. This backfires, resulting in it horrifically mutating into Orga and going insane.
  • Handicapped Badass: Aso has his leg torn off by a Millennian drone, but still manages to mortally wound it with a Godzillasaurus claw. He then goes, gets the wound cauterized and dealt with, and then gets right back in on the action to save Yuji. He proceeds to fly the Super-X3 into battle and dogfight the Millennian UFO and win.
  • Heel Realization: Katagiri finally has one, realizing he allowed his fear and hate to rule him for years, causing himself grief and directly contributing to the current crisis. As a result, he spends his dying moments helping Yuji destroy the wreckage of the UFO that's allowing it to control Kyoto against Godzilla. He even admits to Yuji he was wrong about Godzilla all along.
  • History Repeats: The concern that the Futurian timeline will come to pass and Japan will become Imperialistic again is brought up at times. Many Japanese youth in the younger troops are somewhat ignorant of the darker nature of the Imperial era and CCI is implied to be encouraging this. Disturbingly, Katagiri is willing to accept that future if it means wiping out threats to humanity, real or assumed.
  • Hive Mind: The Millennians are a hive mind, with each part of the whole sharing one consciousness. Notably, the hive mind refers to itself solely as simply Millennian, in a way akin to a personal name rather than the species. Because of the hive mind being connected to its biomass, when Godzilla's DNA begins ripping through its genetic code, it also begins tearing its Hive Mind apart, resulting in its Villainous Breakdown. It's shattered so badly, pieces torn off of Orga can't recognize other pieces of Orga as the same entity and attack one another.
  • Hot Scientist: Heavily downplayed with Dr. Yuji Shinoda. Yuki Ichinose was expecting someone looking much worse and was somewhat surprised at how average he was. His late wife Dr. Asuka Shinoda certainly counted.
  • Implacable Man: Multiple.
    • The Millennian Drones take absurd amounts of damage to actually put down, and so long as they still have biomass, they're still dangerous no matter how much damage they sustain.
    • Godzilla himself shrugs off almost anything thrown at him.
  • I Know What You Fear: The Millennian, by absorbing billions of memories and psychologically studying people, can make their drones project images to psychologically traumatize or play off their fears. Yuji Shinoda is forced to look at a drone resembling his dead wife, whereas another drone unsettles Commander Aso by appearing as him wearing an Imperial Japanese era uniform whilst morphing its face to all those who died under his command.
  • Kryptonite Factor: The Millennian are extremely vulnerable to radiation, which is one reason they target and try to destroy Godzilla. This also makes magic highly effective against them, as mana is a form of radiation in this universe. This is why it wants to gain Godzilla or Io's genome so it can overcome this weakness.
  • Logical Weakness:
    • Millennian has difficulty hacking humanity's systems because their computers largely aren't powerful enough for to properly interface with. It needs G-Force and CCI's supercomputers to do that.
    • The Millennian assimilate and store every genome they consume, meaning they have a DNA sequence hundreds of thousands of times more complex than most life. This makes them extremely vulnerable to high doses of certain radiation which can give them rapid on-set cancerous tumors.
    • The Millennian UFO is curved on every surface but the bottom. As such, G-Force manages to destroy it by firing full-metal missiles into its under side where they can't be deflected by its shape.
  • MacGuffin Super-Person: Io has an incredible resistance to radiation far beyond a normal human. As such, Millennian wants her genetic code so it can overcome its own weakness to radiation.
  • Magic Music: The Shobijin appear with their song based magic. Moll and Lora use a song to channel massive amounts of electrical, thermal, and radioactive energies from an undersea volcanic region into Godzilla to speed up his healing.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane:
    • Godzilla. While the Heisei continuity's explanation that the saurian kaiju is just a dinosaur irradiated and mutated by radiation and Commander Aso disagreed with Odo Island lore seeing it as a kami, questions are brought up. Nobody was able to explain why a seemingly mundane animal survived all that radiation, and Odo island priestess Hina is adamant something metaphysical is at play.
    Hina: “In ancient times, dragons or monsters might use fire, storms, and lightning because to ancient people those things were the most destructive forces they knew of. In 1954 the most destructive force ever seen was the atomic bomb. Is it any surprise then that the modern kami of destruction not only was the only being to survive such devastation, but ascended from it while wielding its power?”
    • Hina herself has elements of this with how she's able to seemingly appear in Aso's room, past all his security, without much effort and Aso is the only one who seems to take notice of her. The ending makes it ambiguous if she's just a very sneaky old woman or a ghost.
    • It's implied Io might be the one chosen to be some kind of medium or priestess to Godzilla. Hina, revealed to be a prior miko and Io's grandmother, references "another" was chosen as the medium to the kami she sees Godzilla as and Io herself was born on Odo Island.
    • Whether the current Godzilla, as a benevolent protector of mankind, is a modern incarnation of Seiryū is unanswered.
    • While flying the Super-X3, pilots tend to feel an uneasiness of doom. Aso seemingly sees the revenant ghosts of the past dead Super X series pilots and it's vague as to if he's literally being haunted or is just hallucinating from guilt.
  • Miko: Hina, though a much older example than the usual trope as she's well into her 60s or 70s. It is noted Odo Island practices a more archaic form of Shintoism different than the Japanese mainland.
  • Monumental Damage: Par for the course of the franchise. Much of Kyoto, including Mount Otowa and Kyoto Tower, are heavily damaged or destroyed in the final battle. Flashbacks to the Sunshine 60 Tower being destroyed in the 1984 Tokyo attack by the second Godzilla are also shown.
  • Mouth of Sauron: Millennian finally speaks through one of its drones to Aso and Yuji. It's unclear, however, how much Millennian is being honest.
  • Mythology Gag: Multiple times, most from Godzilla 2000 itself.
    • Io Shinoda and her mother having pale colored hair resembles the Godzilla 2000 manga adaptation.
    • A brief battle between the military and UFO, with use of the Full-Metal Missiles, also comes from the manga. Though here it actually works, if only because the UFO as weakened.
    • Several of the most stand-out lines from the English dub appear as well, though in different contexts and sometimes spoken by different people.
  • My God, What Have I Done?:
    • Yuji has a moment of this when he screams at Io during an argument. He later has another when he realizes that the third Godzilla is the adult Junior.
    • Aso has this when he realizes that his pride has made him repeat some of Hideko Tojo's mistakes.
    • Pentacost has a downplayed one when he realizes Godzilla was never their enemy.
    • Katagiri has a major one when he realizes his attempt to communicate and warn Millennian of the G-Force attack instantly results in Millennian hacking the entire internet the nanosecond he opens the door. He continues to have one after shooting Yuji while trying to kill Millennian by blowing up C.C.I. despite knowing Io and Yuki are inside it. This triggers his Heel Realization.
  • My Greatest Failure: Commander Aso is still very clearly haunted by sending the crew of the Super-X, including his original chosen successor, on the mission that killed them in 1984.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Godzilla seeming to notice Stacker Pentecost resembles a scene from Godzilla (2014) where the titular kaiju noticed Ford Brody. Like the novelization of the film, Stacker sees the intelligence in the eyes of the monster.
    • The final blow against Orga in this version resembles a mix of the final shockwave attack from Godzilla: Aftershocks and Shin Godzilla's photon blast.
  • New Era Speech: A rare heroic example when Commander Aso gives one upon the death of the second Godzilla, which seems to be a final end to the epidemic of kaiju that had been getting steadily more dire in the 1990s and promising a new age for humanity's dominion of the planet. Doubles as a Title Drop.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Millennian has its moments of this:
    • While it does force a recharge, they put everything into their main cannon and don't stop firing at Godzilla until they have no energy left. It doesn't work, but it knocks him out and forces him to spend time recovering.
    • The nanosecond that Katagiri accidentally allows them into the CCI mainframe, they hack everything and cut straight to trying to nuke humanity.
  • Nuke 'em: Millennian hacks military systems worldwide and proceeds to try and nuke humanity, launching hundreds of warheads at once.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: Belvera apparently single-handedly destroyed four Millennian drones offscreen in addition to the one she did onscreen. Now keep in mind the amount of effort it takes everyone else to kill one.
  • Old Soldier: Takaaki Aso is in his 60s with Taizo Tachibana not far behind. Both were present in Tokyo during the 1954 Godzilla attack, when Takaaki was a JSDF Private and Taizo was a young boy.
  • One-Winged Angel:
    • The Millennian drones tend to assume much more monstrous, powerful forms when pushed too far.
    • Millennian puts all its biomass together into creating a physical form. This goes wrong thanks to Godzilla's DNA, resulting in the birth of Orga. After being blown to bits by Godzilla, it begins transforming into a several hundred meter tall final form.
  • Parental Substitute: Though they start off quite rocky, Yuki Ichinose eventually becomes this to Io Shinoda. In a moment of panic at Yuki getting hurt protecting her in the finale, Io calls her "Mom!" and it helps activate her full powers.
  • Prayer Is a Last Resort: A non-comedic example during the finale. The nukes are about to hit and wipe out humanity within the minute, Orga is trying to consume Io whilst keeping Godzilla at bay with a barrier the dragon begins to force his way through. Out of options and with nothing he can do, Yuji Shinoda falls to his knees and prays for Godzilla to stop Orga and save his daughter.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: G-Force's core leadership between Commander Takaaki Aso, Subcommander Stacker Pentecost, and Admiral Taizo Tachibana.
  • Retcon: The original Amalgam'Verse timeline had Orga surviving and being part of the Coalition's kaiju army. This has been changed to Junior having killed it completely.
  • Riddle for the Ages: It's never confirmed just what Godzilla is. A chance freak mutation? An ancient kami of destruction taking a new form? An incarnation of Seiryū? Somehow all three?
  • Scars are Forever: Hina reveals she is a "hibakusha" note . One of her arms has burn scars from the clothing she was wearing at the time when she got too close to the Bikini Atoll test in 1954.
  • Second Love: It is heavily implied Yuki Ichinose gradually becomes this to widower Yuji Shinoda, concurrently with her increasingly acting as a Parental Substitute to Io.
  • Senseless Sacrifice: Subverted: Aso believes his Super-X3 fight with Orga is this, but he survives and it turns out he unknowingly distracted Orga long enough for Godzilla Junior to arrive.
  • Series Fic: Serves as a prequel to The Bridge, however this is not a crossover and is a straight Godzilla series story.
  • Shout-Out: Much like the prequel.
    • The ending has a few visual and music similarities to the finale of Pokémon 3.
    • The fight between Admiral Tachibana piloting GUNHED and a giant Millennian drone resembles one of the cinematic fights from Patlabor.
    • The Millennian mass hacking military systems and launching nuclear missiles doubles as both one to the Millennium Bug scare and Diaboromon's actions in Digimon: The Movie.
  • Sizeshifter: Belvera knows a spell that allows her to grow to human size, though still short.
  • Stab the Scorpion: During the Amami Islands fight with Godzilla, Godzilla seemingly charges up his atomic breath to attack G-Force's base. The heroes only realize afterwards that he wasn't aiming at them, but at the Millennian UFO. In fact the entire time, Godzilla had been hunting them and humanity merely assumed he was being aggressive to them.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Godzilla in the finale, as per a telepathic link with Io.
  • Superior Successor: Several.
    • Commander Takaaki Aso considers the Japanese Self-Defense Force and G-Force to be this to the Imperial era Japanese Military he loathed the legacy of. Much of his command attitude was specifically done to prove himself a better leader and more moral person than the likes of war-criminals such as Hideki Tojo. He faces a Heroic BSoD upon realizing his pride lead to him making some of the same mistakes.
    • The third Godzilla confirmed to be the grown up Junior is far more powerful and resilient than his predecessor. note 
  • Synchronization: It's unclear if it's a strange application of her hybrid psychic powers or something supernatural, but Io can feel the current Godzilla's pain and vice versa. The ending shows this bond was broken for her sake, with the implication the kaiju somehow did it.
  • The Four Gods: Hina is implied to suspect the current Godzilla is a modern incarnation of Seiryū. In the finale, as Godzilla walks past Seiryū's Kyoto temple, Aso whispers their name in awe while looking upon the kaiju.
  • The Last of These Is Not Like the Others: The first two modern Godzilla were vengeful engines of destruction striking back at the hubris of mankind. The current one is the grown up Junior and is entirely benevolent to humanity, seeking to protect them from the Millennian.
  • The Reveal: Several.
    • Part 5: The presence aware of the Millennian drones and stalking them turns out to be the late Battra's Elias, Belvera.
    • Part 7: Yuji Shinoda confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt that the current Godzilla is the grown up Junior.
    • Part 10: Commander Aso and Hina had actually crossed paths several times before in the 1954 and 1984 attack, confirming she was the woman in white he saw at each. She also knew the dinosaur that became the 1954 Godzilla before it was irradiated.
  • Trauma Button: Yugi Shinoda lost his wife to radiation poisoning from the 1984 Godzilla attack when the fight between the kaiju and the Super-X broke out. Seeing Io risk similar after she ran forward to get close to the Godzilla during a military attack puts Yuji in a bad headspace for awhile. It's implied that the same event is behind Katagiri's behavior.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: More "average guy, hot wife", but true when comparing the average looking Yuji Shinoda to his stunner of a wife Asuka Shinoda.
  • Ultimate Lifeform: Becoming the apex of evolution is Millennian's only goal, having no other desire beyond that. They believe they've reached this with Godzilla's DNA, but it goes wrong, turning it into Orga.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Millennian views humanity as a minor nuisance at best. Humanity proves far tougher to destroy than it assumed, and, while still needing Godzilla and Belvera, manage to destroy its UFO.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Millennian tricks G-Force into attacking Godzilla with the Super-X3 and other weapons to both ware him down and handicap him with the humans in the area so they can knock him out with their cannon.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Millennian reacts with panic as Junior's DNA begins ripping it apart, which also makes its Hive Mind begin to fall apart. This causes its mind to essentually rip itself apart and only be able to focus on getting Io in a desperate attempt to stablize itself as it becomes Orga. As the final battle continues, both Orga and the Asuka drone become far more frantic and insane as their desperation to get Io grows.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Both Yuji Shinoda, Takaaki Aso, Mitsuo Katagiri, and Godzilla all get these.
  • Where It All Began: The fact the final confrontation moves to Kyoto, the city where Godzilla Junior was born to bond with Io and Yuji and Katagiri both did their major work in, is not lost on the characters. Especially when Godzilla, the grown up Junior, marches into Kyoto to confront Orga.
  • Why Isn't It Attacking?: During the confrontation between Godzilla and G-Force, in the Amami Islands, Godzilla never attacks the military, any damage caused being entirely accidental despite everyone later noting he could've easily leveled the island if he so chose. This proves he's the adult Junior, and everyone later realizes that he was there for the Millennian ship and they were actively handicapping him because he didn't want to hurt them. Katagiri is the only one who refuses to accept this until the end.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Dr. Yuji Shinoda and Dr. Mitsuo Katagiri were close college friends, with Katagiri serving as Shinoda's best man at his wedding to their mutual friend. The 1984 attack left them on divergent paths and they increasingly became hostile to one another until a fallout in 1993. By 1999 that antagonism still persists strongly, but it's later clear both do want to go back to being friends and put the past behind them.
  • Worf Had the Flu: Junior loses to the Millennian ship in their first encounter because G-Force is firing on him and he can't go all out due to all the humans on the island. The heroes gradually realize this was entirely intentional by the aliens.
  • Wrong Context Magic: Io seemingly has some sort of magical connection to Godzilla Junior. This shouldn't be possible, as Mysterian hybrids normally can't have magic. Exactly how it's possible is unknown, but may be connected to the same reason she's so resistant to radiation.