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Wild and strong, it can't be contained!,
Never bound, nor ever chained
Death is not destruction’s end,
So Gojira will live again!

In 1954, a monster of Odo Island legend turned Tokyo into a holocaust of flames and irradiated rubble. It was thought destroyed at great cost. In 1984, an even larger second Godzilla leveled much of that rebuilt city and doubled the first's horrific death toll. That creature went on to rampage and battle other titanic beasts for another decade before meeting its end through a nuclear meltdown in 1995. But just as some started to celebrate that the age of monsters finally was at an end and a new era for mankind's dominion was at hand, many on Odo Island were adamant the immortal sea dragon of destruction could never die for good. Sure enough, a third Godzilla was briefly sighted retreating into the ocean after the demise of the second. Years later, with the eve of the year 2000 in sight, strange happenings begin to occur. Seismic activity on the sea floor, storms in a region of the sea known since the 1500s for strange occurrences, and a research vessels found with all of the electronics and crew missing. And sightings off the coast of Odo Island confirming the worst fears of some at G-Force. The next Godzilla had returned.


And at the heart of it all a father and daughter duo, Yuji and Io Shinoda, are trying to uncover the mysteries of what is going on. Is this new Godzilla the adult form of the friendly infant that Io befriended as a little girl? If it is "Junior", is he still the docile youth he once was now as a living titan? Why did Godzilla only now become active again? And how might the mythic legends of Yuji's homeland of Odo help a man of science find peace with himself?

Godzilla: New Era is a fanfiction rewrite of Godzilla 2000 written by Tarbtano and proofread by Faith-Wolff and Lance Omikron. It is set in the "Amalgam'verse" continuity and technically serves as a prequel to The Bridge, showing what happened in the world of Terra the kaiju hailed from decades before the main events of that crossover. In essence, it's a retelling of the continuity reboot of Godzilla 2000, set as a continuation of the "Heisei Saga" of Godzilla films and the "Rebirth of Mothra" trilogy; meaning events and persons in the prior sagas feature in this retelling alongside the 2000 cast.


The fanfic is currently in progress (latest chapter posted as of 12/30/2020), marked as incomplete currently with seven chapters that make up "Act 1" of the piece.

Readable here on Fimfiction and here on

This Fan Fic provides examples of:

  • Broken Bird: Io Shinoda carries the baggage of knowing her birth killed her mother with that fact rubbed in her face by a bully, never made any friends her age, and had the one friend she had, the toddler aged Godzilla Junior, ripped away from her. It's heavily implied her snarky, deadpan, obtuse personality is a coping mechanism to hide the pain.
  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane: Godzilla. While the Heisei continuity's explanation that the saurian kaiju is just a dinosaur irradiated and mutated by radiation and Commander Aso disagreed with Odo Island lore seeing it as a kami, questions are brought up. Nobody was able to explain why a seemingly mundane animal survived all that radiation, and Odo island priestess Hina is adamant something metaphysical is at play.
    Hina: “In ancient times, dragons or monsters might use fire, storms, and lightning because to ancient people those things were the most destructive forces they knew of. In 1954 the most destructive force ever seen was the atomic bomb. Is it any surprise then that the modern kami of destruction not only was the only being to survive such devastation, but ascended from it while wielding its power?”
  • Superior Successor: The third Godzilla confirmed to be the grown up Junior is far more powerful and resilient than his predecessor. Cryo-masers and cadmium missiles, all of which could hurt or seriously incapacitate the previous Godzilla barely slow him down. Anti-nuclear bacteria, even when administered through full-metal missiles in many times the dosage that eventually inebriated the second Godzilla, is completely negated when Godzilla used a nuclear pulse that puts his temperature above Burning Godzilla for a brief instance and completely purges the bacteria. G-Force understandably freaks out.
  • Trauma Button: Yugi Shinoda lost his wife to radiation poisoning from the 1984 Godzilla attack when the fight between the kaiju and the Super-X broke out. Seeing Io risk similar after she ran forward to get close to the Godzilla during a military attack puts Yuji in a bad headspace for awhile.

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