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Draconic Pantheon

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  • Dragons Are Divine: Mortal Dragonkind is governed by a pantheon full of divine dragons, headed by Queen Tiamat and her husband, King Bahamut. So far, only Yin and Yang, and their brother Orochi are known to be their children, though Orochi 'Fell' and became an evil god responsible for terrorizing Neighpon.

    Queen Tiamat 
Bahamut's wife, Queen of all Dragonflights, and the Mother of all Dragons.
  • Break the Haughty: According to one dragon legend (one that all dragons are loathe to bring up), the Love Primeval Amareros numbed her ability to feel love after Tiamat gave in to her Greed and started prizing her treasure hoard more than her own family. The literal lack of love made her interactions with her husband, Bahamut, and their divine/mortal children utterly meaningless, and for a divine dragon matriarch like her, it was agonizing. From this, she learned never to become attached to material goods again.
  • Strength Equals Worthiness: Deconstructed. Like many of her Dragon children, she believes in the strength of dragons and looks down on those who rely on other means to win. She isn't very fond of Changelingkind, sees them as shapeshifting cowards, and even tries justifying why they deserved to be wiped out... until Bahamut calls her out on her hypocrisy and reasons that if she has the right to be furious over people massacring Dragonkind, then that means Changelingkind also has the same right if the dragons massacre their kind. She has no response.
  • Top God: Co-leads the Pantheon with Bahamut.

    King Bahamut 
Tiamat's husband, King of all Dragonflights, and the Father of all Dragons.
  • Top God: Co-leads the Pantheon with his wife.

    Yin and Yang 

Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Shadow and Destruction (Yin), Light and Creation (Yang), Balance (both)

Rank: ???

"Shadow and Light, Destruction and Creation - ALL must balance!"

Yin and Yang are the twin draconic children of Tiamat and Bahamut, and the deities of Balance.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Yin embodies Shadow and Destruction, while Yang embodies Light and Creation. As a whole, they both embody Balance.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: They are Eastern style Ryujin instead of the usual Western design most other dragons have.
  • Dragons Up the Yin Yang: Exaggerated. They are based on Eastern style dragons and their overall design is effectively a recreation of the taiji. To hammer the point home, their names are literally yin and yang.
  • The Heart: They serve this role for their parents and Dragonkind as a whole. Whenever Tiamat and Bahamut disagree on something, it's their job to lead the two into an agreement.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: They essentially embody this trope Up to Eleven as their shared domain is Balance.
    • Yin has pitch black scales that seem constantly cast in shadow with glowing white eyes, while Yang has glowing white scales with pitch black eyes.
    • Yin has wields the Power of the Void and Casting a Shadow, while Yang wields the Power of Creation and Light 'em Up.
    • Yin is cold and distant, while Yang is warm and friendly.
    • Yin is physically weaker but more magically inclined while Yang is physically stronger but has less magical capability.
      • Yin values wisdom while Yang values brawn.
    • While possessing affinity for all elements as Ryujin, Yin prefers ice while Yang prefers fire.
    • Yin holds grudges while Yang is forgiving.
    • Yin destroys what needs to be destroyed while Yang creates new from the ashes.
    • Yin is a 'mommy's girl' while Yang is closer to their father.
    • Yin has a compassionate, caring side, while Yang has a cruel, vicious side.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: The two can combine their power of light and darkness into a powerful blast of positive and negative energy, akin to a matter/anti-matter reaction.

    Prince Arcaniss, the Amethyst Guardian 
See his folder entry here.


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