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Breezie Pantheon

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  • The Fair Folk: Breezies are based on Shakespearean faeries, which are ruled by a faerie queen.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Despite their small sizes and fairy-like appearances, they are not weak. Calling them and/or treating them as such will get your ass kicked seven ways across Equus.

    Queen Mab I, the Fae Preeminent 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Nature, Chaos, Entropy

Rank: Preeminent

"It's a shame you are all still so dull! Maybe if I turn some of you into worms, with a hundred eyes and a hundred legs? The world could do with a little makeover..."

Queen Mab I (her entry here) is the mother of Queen Mab II, and the Fae goddess of Nature, Chaos, and Entropy.

She was once the ruler of the Fae pantheon and Faekind in general, but after going through traumatic events that was implied to be a familial rebellion similar to what Empress Blackrose went through with her First-Spawn children, as well as things related to the 'Cycle' Queen Dazzleglow mentioned, the ex-Queen just... snapped. So powerful was her might and insanity that it united all the Fae against her, including Changelingkind, in the First Great Fae War. Despite efforts to seal her, Mab I eventually escaped and caused the Second Great Fae War, where not only did the fae fought her, but they received aid from non-fae for the first time in eons, including Discord, who entered a tentative alliance with the Changeling Progenitors despite them being bitter enemies.

Due to her fall into villainy, Mab II helped overthrow her mother and would eventually become a co-leader of the Breezie pantheon with her husband, King Sefyr.
  • Ancient Evil: She's a Primeval-rank Fae deity, and attempted to conquer all fae on Equus at one point.
  • Captain Ersatz: She's inspired by what Word of God has said regarding Oberon's mother Queen Mab from Gargoyles.
  • Cold Iron: Downplayed. She's described in her profile as an "old school" fae, but she's so powerful that it takes a lot of iron-made enchantments to weaken her. Fortunately, the Elements of Harmony and Rainbow Power are much more efficient.
  • Complete Immortality: One of the most dangerous things about her: her chaos manipulation includes quantum mechanics, and makes her 'mathematically immortal,' at least as long as she believes she is. She was sealed away both times because her enemies simply couldn't figure out how to actually kill her.
  • Disaster Dominoes: One of her applications of Chaos magic is inducing "butterfly effects", creating random events that eventually prove incredibly unlucky and destructive for her enemies.
  • The Dreaded: She has the honor of being one of few beings that manage to disturb Emperor Blackthorn, and that's saying something. Worse yet, she's so powerful and insane that she caused both Changeling Progenitors to ally with Discord in order to take her down.
  • Evil Matriarch: She's the mother of the current Queen Mab, who helped overthrow and defeat her in the Great Fae War.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Speaks volumes of just how dangerous and powerful Queen Mab I is when the Changeling Progenitors had to ally with Discord in the Second Great Fae War, given both of them hated him immensely. Faekind as a whole also received help from other Non-Faekind, which is stated to be unprecedented.
  • The High Queen: It's implied she was once a benevolent ruler, like Blackrose. Unlike her, she fell into evil and madness after experiencing an event that's heavily similar to the Changelings' First-Spawn Rebellion, and never recovered from it.
  • Mad God: She's a Primeval-rank Fae deity, making her one of the oldest deities in Equus, yet she's described by her entry as completely insane.
  • The Magnificent: Queen Mab I, the "Fae Preeminent".
  • Sealed Evil in a Can: Was imprisoned after the Great Fae War by the combined forces of the Breezie Pantheon and the leaders of two (possibly three if the Amber Royal was indeed involved) Changeling Courts. In addition to her sheer power, this is in part due to the fact she has Complete Immortality and might not be possible to kill.
  • The Wonderland: What Queen Mab I's domain looks like when in full control of it, not like the World Gone Mad Discord creates whenever he was in power. Given how nuts she is, it isn't much of an improvement.

    Queen Mab II, the Floral Queen 

Divine Classification: Parental/Elemental

Portfolio: Nature, Flowers

"Don't mistake tiny for weak!"

Queen Mab II is the goddess of Nature, the Mother of All Breezies, and the daughter of ex-Queen Mab I.
  • Berserk Button: She hates being treated as a "weaker" deity by virtue of her small size. One Yak king made the mistake of referring to her as such, and got suplexed through the floor as a consequence.
  • Ear Ache: She tends to pull the ears of other deities if they start arguing, reminding them that if they act like children, they'll be treated as such.
  • Happily Married: To King Sefyr, and even created the Breezie race with him. It's played realistically; they have their spats from time to time, but they deeply love and trust each other.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Her domain is Flowers. This means she can use any kind of flower, and craft a pollen attack that can leave an enemy a sneezing mess with a debilitating allergy attack. She can also use magic flowers, such as Poison Joke and Woebegones, to hex enemies.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Floral Queen" due to being a goddess who embodies Flowers, and is skilled in using various types of plants to fight her enemies.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: She's not much bigger than her subjects, only as big compared to them as the Princesses are to theirs, but she's still a goddess. A Yak king found this out the hard way when he incited her wrath and was suplexed through the floor.
  • Superior Successor: She's one to her mother and ex-Queen, Mab I. Because Mab I had become so evil and insane, Mab II had to step up and defeat her so she wouldn't wipe out all Faekind and possibly Equus as well.
  • Team Mom: She's this to the Cosmic Council.
  • Top God: Leader of the Breezie Pantheon.

    King Sefyr, the Wind King 

Divine Classification: Parental/Elemental

Portfolio: Wind, Nature

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"Even the breeze becomes not so harmless in the right amounts."

King Sefyr is the husband of Queen Mab II, co-ruler of the Breezie pantheon, and the Father of All Breezies.


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