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Imperium of Ponykind

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  • Break the Believer: In a parallel to what happened to Primarch Lorgar, Golden Scepter once punished one of his most ardent followers for promoting public worship of him by putting an entire city to the torch, turning said follower against him. Golden Scepter would later call the incident one of the worst mistakes he ever made.
  • Expy: It's implied that the various Generals who served under Golden Scepter in the Imperium era are based on the Primarchs; one of them, General Aurum Lupus, his name being Latin for "Golden Wolf", is based on Horus Lupercal. Much like what happened in WH40k, some of Golden Scepter's Generals turned traitor and rebelled when their leader's worst flaws became apparent, causing them to see Golden Scepter as no different from a divine tyrant.
  • In-Series Nickname: It's sometimes jokingly called the "Golden Imperium" by Pony historians, due to its massive abundance of magically-enchanted gold.
  • Posthumous Character: Golden Scepter's Generals, who are based on the Primarchs, are implied to be long dead. At least one of them, General Aurum Lupus, was noted to have been killed by Golden Scepter himself after he attempted to overthrow the latter, just like what happened to Horus Lupercal.
  • Reincarnation: After settling down in the Fourth Age, Golden Scepter starts suspecting that all of his Generals from the Imperium era have been reborn as his nineteen demi-divine sons that he sired with his mortal wife, Blessed Skies, since some of his sons have behaved in ways that heavily reminded him of them. Luminiferous assured him that even if they are, his sons are still unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, and at this point Golden Scepter has enough knowledge and experience to ensure that his sons will have the "brighter future" that his Generals did not.

    Golden Scepter, the Radiant Emperor of Ponykind 
See his page here.

    General Aurum Lupus 
See his folder entry here.


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