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Equestrian Pantheon

The Equestrian pantheon is one of the most popular pantheons in Equus, or at least the most well-known. Containing a mix of Alicorns and Draconequui, these immortals dedicate their immortal lives to making Equestria the most peaceful and prosperous place it can be, though they have been known to be present at dangerous crises, either fighting whatever threat is present at the moment, helping the innocent, or both. Unlike most deities, however, the Alicorn half of the pantheon doesn't like to be worshiped, as they believe even gods can be just as flawed as mortals... but that doesn't stop the mortals themselves from praying to them.
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  • 100% Adoration Rating: Subverted. While the Alicorn Princesses are beloved by ponies and some races and civilizations who encountered them, they still see themselves as flawed as mortals, which is supported by the fact that they have many enemies in and out of Equestria.
    • The Scions of Hurricane, a fanatical group of pegasi devoted to blood purity, see the Princesses in general as false tyrants who are disgusting interracial abominations and represent the worst traits of Earth ponies and unicorns in general. Their goal revolves around usurping the Princesses and establishing pegasi as the master race of Equestria.
    • As of the Storm King crisis, the older Princesses have come under fire from the public, who had their faith in them shaken out of belief that the Princesses had cloistered themselves away in their palace while their subjects suffered under the tyranny of the Storm King. This resulted in the rise of tribalist factions such as the Scions of Hurricane, who seek to usurp the Princesses and install pegasi as the supreme rulers of Equestria. It came to a head where, in an attempt to magically "expose" Celestia as a tyrant, a group of fanatical conspiracy theorists ended up creating the evil "False Deity" Tulpa, Tyrantlestia. Tyrantlestia was quickly and utterly defeated by the real Celestia, turning public opinion back into her favor.
  • The Ageless: All of the Princesses possess immortality by virtue of being Alicorns. This presents a problem since Princess Cadence is married to Shining Armor, a mortal unicorn stallion, and would eventually outlive him.
  • Badass in Distress: Save for Twilight, all of the Alicorn Princesses were ambushed, petrified, and imprisoned as statues by the Storm King and Tempest Shadow during the opening stages of the Storm King Crisis. While they were eventually rescued and restored, their inaction led to the public developing a low opinion of them, thinking the Princesses cloistered themselves away in Canterlot to watch Equestria fall. This is largely thanks to the propaganda spread by Clovenists, Autorists, and Propagare's cultists despite the heroes' efforts to reveal the truth.
  • Big Good: Out of the divine Big Goods in Equus, the Equestrian Princesses are the most famous, with almost every historical event having some involvement from them at one point or another. Celestia is perhaps the most proactive and experienced, with Twilight coming second.
  • Deity of Human Origin: While Twilight and Cadence especially apply, all Alicorns are described as "Ascendant Deities", implying that Celestia and Luna's entire race were once mortal before they ascended. The only exception is Prince Léon, who is an Ethereal-type Alicorn who was born from magical karmic backlash caused by both the duplicity of Blueblood's life and the various good things he did behind the scenes.
  • A God I Am Not: The Alicorn Princesses don't particularly like being outright worshiped, despite their genuine divinity. How much they're this trope varies though. It is noted that even when they were in their home realm, they and their parents were merely 'common' Alicorns, whereas they would be rightly seen as gods and sovereigns by mortals anywhere else.
  • The High Queen: Though the official title is "Princess" in Equestria, all of the Alicorn Princesses are wise and benevolent rulers, even Twilight. Princess Cadence, though not part of Equestria, is also one for the Crystal Empire in place for the traditional benevolent Empresses that ruled it in the past. The only ones who don't see them as this are their enemies, including some tribalist pony factions such as the Scions of Hurricane, who all see them as "freaks of nature", "False Princesses", and divine tyrants who spread lies to subjugate them.
  • Immortal Ruler: All Alicorn Princesses are immortal, and rule Equestria as a whole. Princess Cadence co-rules the Crystal Empire with her husband, Prince-Regent Shining Armor, but she's immortal while Shining is not. The only Alicorn who isn't ruling is Prince Léon - due to being a toddler, his adoptive father, Prince Blueblood, has forbidden him from participating in governmental affairs until he's older to protect him from various enemies.
  • Physical God: All Alicorn Princesses are this - Cadence controls Love; Celestia and Luna controls the Sun and Moon, respectively; and Twilight Sparkle controls Friendship. Léon, a male Alicorn who is the newest addition to the pantheon, embodies Innocence and Trust.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: While Twilight is the most involved in global affairs, being an Element of Harmony and all, the other Princesses are shown to be this, too - they usually help from behind the scenes, using their powers to influence events so they wouldn't end up causing collateral damage by accident.
  • Winged Unicorn: All of the Equestrian Princesses are Alicorns, making them long-lived, godlike beings.



    Princess Celestia 

Divine Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Sun, Day

The Alicorn goddess of the Sun and Day, and Luna's older sister.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Subverted. Despite being benevolent, wise, and powerful (and is rightfully revered as such), there are those who see her as a false tyrant and/or actively seek to usurp her rule. It got to a point where attempts to "expose" her as a tyrant led to the birth of Tyrantlestia, though Celestia's triumph over her evil counterpart and genuine public display of remorse caused her subjects' opinion to change for the better.
  • Adult Fear: A canonized Codexverse drabble reveals that due to being an immortal Alicorn, she secretly fears losing her adoptive nephew, Blueblood, to time and age. When she brought this up with Luminiferous and pleads for him to find a way to let Blueblood Ascend, Luminiferous agrees to help, though makes it clear that as the Alicorn god of Potential, he can't hold Blueblood's hoof all the way as the journey to divinity must be made on his own volition. He does comfort Celestia by showing her a vision of what Blueblood could potentially be: A benevolent Alicorn royal who possibly embodies Guidance and Direction.
  • Ain't Too Proud to Beg: While experiencing her Darkest Hour fighting Orochi as Amaterasu, Celestia telepathically pleaded with Luna (who was still Nightmare Moon at the time) to lend her aid, reasoning that if Orochi isn't stopped, the ponies of Neighpon would start seeing the night as a symbol of evil and misery. It's not exactly known whether Luna acted to receive praise or out of the remaining goodness of her heart, but she answered Celestia's calls, leading to Orochi getting the death blow.
  • Attention Whore: Implied in her younger days. Her evil counterpart, Tyrantlestia, called her out for shoving Luna to the side and letting her be forgotten just to be worshiped by their subjects. Considering how Luna's envy and resentment turned her into Nightmare Moon and Celestia's guilty reaction to it being brought up years later, it's somewhat plausible...
  • Big Good: One of several benevolent deities; she serves as an overarching influence for Equestria and Equus as a whole.
  • Big Sister Bully: Deconstructed. It's implied that the Nightmare Moon incident started because Celestia was too prideful and/or ignorant of her own subjects' shunning of Luna and her night, and even allowed it, planting the seeds of envy and resentment that would corrupt Luna into becoming the aforementioned villain. This would come back to bite Celestia many years later, when Tyrantlestia calls her out for being a petty bully who shoved Luna aside just to be worshiped while letting her own sister be forgotten. Although Luna eventually forgave her, the Nightmare Moon incident is one of many mistakes that Celestia still feels regret over and tries to atone for it.
  • Break Them by Talking: Was on the receiving end of this by Tyrantlestia, who gave her a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech about her flaws and the mistakes she made in the past with her subjects as well as her own family. This caused Celestia to nearly falter out of guilt and shame, but hearing her people cheer her on caused her to experience a Heroic Second Wind where she turned the tables on Tyrantlestia herself, causing the evil Tulpa to suffer an epic Villainous Breakdown.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied; she's described as an "Ascendant Deity", which would mean she or at least her race was once mortal before they ascended.
  • Good Parents: Despite being his adoptive Aunt, Celestia is Blueblood's ever-loving and supportive mother figure in all but name. It got to the point where Blueblood regarded her as his "true" parent rather than his emotionally abusive and controlling birth parents. When ponies raised a stink about Blueblood being royalty despite not being an Alicorn, Celestia responded in a press conference that Alicorn or not, she'll always love her "darling Bluey". Her good parenting would pay off when Blueblood became one of the first few who cheered her on during her fight with the "False Deity" tulpa Tyrantlestia, which gave Celestia the strength to verbally break her enemy and obliterate her with sun magic.
  • A God I Am Not: While all Alicorn Princesses hate being worshiped, Celestia is the only one who's prominently shown to this dislike. She doesn't hate religion per se, seeing it as a necessity that helps guide her subjects in bettering themselves, but otherwise being treated as a goddess makes her uncomfortable. It's implied that her feelings partially stem from the Nightmare Moon incident, where a combination of her own pride/ignorance and her allowance of her subjects shunning Luna's night led to the birth of Nightmare Moon.
  • Heroic Second Wind: After nearly breaking from being on the receiving end of Tyrantlestia's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Celestia gets her confidence back when she hears her subjects, friends, and loved ones cheer her on and encourage her never to give up. This is what allowed Celestia to give Tyrantlestia her own "The Reason You Suck" Speech and kill her while the evil Tulpa was suffering a Villainous Breakdown.
  • Immortal Ruler: An "Ascendant deity", and one of two Alicorn Princesses who rule Equestria.
  • Mama Bear: After learning of Blueblood's emotional abuse at the hooves of his birth parents, she immediately decided to adopt him as her nephew. When said birth parents protested, she made it clear that mistreatment of foals will not be tolerated under her roof, and not only had her Day Guards escort them out, she also rendered House Platinum itself Persona Non Grata in her court.
  • Mr. Exposition: The Changeling Courts series was Celestia explaining to Twilight the history of Changelingkind, as well as its society and culture.
  • Must Make Amends: Celestia feels guilty over mistakes she has made in the past than she lets on, such as the Nightmare Moon incident, and Tyrantlestia's calling her out reopened old wounds. Crystal Prism assures her that the fact she's able to feel regret for her own mistakes is a good sign, as not feeling regret for it is a sign of something bad.
  • Noble Wolf: The events of Ōkami happened because Celestia took on the form of a white wolf, Amaterasu, to avoid detection by Orochi.
  • No-Sell: Balefire attempts to incinerate her with his radioactive flames. Given she's the goddess of what amounts to a giant flaming fusion reactor, she isn't even inconvinced. Shadow Sentinel is quick to lampshade how dumb of an idea that was.
  • Oh, Crap!: She gasps when Luna accidentally reveals that Chrysalis is not the only Changeling Queen in Equus.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Due to being a goddess, she secretly fears outliving Blueblood, who is her adoptive nephew and a mortal unicorn Prince-Regent. Luminiferous agrees to help Blueblood Ascend, but makes it clear that the journey to divinity must be made on Blueblood's own volition, as he can't hold his hoof all the way.
  • Parental Substitute: She adopted a young Blueblood as his nephew after learning of his birth parents' emotional abuse and served as his mother figure since then. As a result, Blueblood prefers her over his birth parents, to the point where he regards her as his "true" parent.
  • Persona Non Grata: After learning of Blueblood's parents' emotional abuse, she adopted him as her nephew and had her Day Guards escort said parents out when they protested, on the reasoning that no one should ever mistreat a foal under her roof. She also had House Platinum permanently exiled from her court presumably for the same reason.
  • Rage Against the Mentor: Was on the receiving end of this by Twilight, who was furious that she knew about Chrysalis yet didn't do anything much aside from imprisoning her and her hive in a volcano with little to no security. Celestia doesn't fault her for being angry.
  • Remember When You Blew Up a Sun?: In his attempt to encourage Celestia and make her feel better after her ordeal with Tyrantlestia, Crystal Prism brought up a few of her accomplishments such as her victories over Discord, Orochi, and the Kraken that Luminiferous and Queen Dazzleglow told him stories about.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: As a Princess, Celestia is quite capable of ruling and kicking ass. She played a very important role in the first defeat of Yamata no Orochi, taking on the form of Amaterasu to help fight him.
  • Telepathy: During the first great battle with Yamata no Orochi, Celestia telepathically pleaded for Nightmare Moon to lend her the power of the Moon so Orochi could be defeated, or else the Neighponese ponies will come to see the night as a symbol of evil and terror. Whether it was out of a desire for love and respect or Luna influencing her, Nightmare Moon accepted, leading to Orochi's defeat.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: After her ordeal with Tyrantlestia, Celestia's self-confidence is at an all-time low. Crystal Prism makes her feel better by reminding her of her deeds and accomplishments, as well as how she helped Equestria and her friends by raising the Sun every day and being there for them when they're in some kind of trouble.

    Princess Luna 

Divine Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Moon, Night, Dreams

The Alicorn goddess of the Moon and Night, and Celestia's younger sister.

  • Civil War: Implied. Unlike canon, which depicted a magical sisterly spat, Luna's rebellion as Nightmare Moon led to a bloody war between her faction and Celestia's faction.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied; she's described as an "Ascendant Deity", which would mean she was once a mortal pony before she ascended.
  • Dream Walker: Like in canon, she's able to enter and traverse through the dreams of sapient beings, including ponies. This proved handy when she teamed up with Tenya, the Abyssinian goddess of Sleep, to defeat a powerful dream demon going by the name of "Night Terror".
  • Dream Weaver: As the Alicorn of Night and Dreams, Luna has the power to influence the dreams of sapient beings. This came in handy while fighting Night Terror, a powerful dream demon.
  • Fallen Hero: As Nightmare Moon, like in canon. Once she was defeated and redeemed by the Elements of Harmony, she became good again.
  • Fighting from the Inside: Another speculated reason why Luna chose to help Celestia defeat Yamata no Orochi. During her imprisonment on the moon as Nightmare Moon, her good self was starting to resurface, which moved her to answer Celestia's pleas for help.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Her motivation for turning into Nightmare Moon, after she was overwhelmed with bitter jealousy over her subjects shunning her night while worshiping Celestia. It's speculated in-universe that, when Celestia asked her for help against Yamata no Orochi, she lent her power so the people of Neighpon could continue to revere the night instead of fearing it as a twisted symbol of evil.
  • Immortal Ruler: An "Ascendant deity", and one of two Alicorn Princesses who rule Equestria.
  • Oh, Crap!: She has a moment when she accidentally reveals that Changelingkind does exist, and Chrysalis is not the only Changeling Queen in Equus.
  • Saying Too Much: Accidentally lets slip to Twilight in defending Celestia that there are other Changelings like Queen Chrysalis.
    Luna: Now that is most unfair, Twilight Sparkle! My sister hath in fact did everything in her power to learn of Chrysalis and her swarms’ whereabouts, and had plans in place in case she returned. But if there’s one thing changelings do well, it is hiding from the eyes of others, and knowing Chrysalis, I wouldn’t be surprised if the others couldn’t find - ! (She realizes what she just said and covers her mouth)
    Twilight: Wait, ‘others’? What did you mean, others? I thought Queen Chrysalis and her changelings were… the only... (Her eyes widen as she realizes what this means) But... she isn’t the only Queen, isn’t she? And neither is her swarm the only swarm...

    Princess Cadence 

Divine Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Love

The Alicorn goddess of Love, and the current ruler of the Crystal Empire. Her husband is Shining Armor, the Prince-Regent of the Crystal Empire, which would make Princess Twilight Sparkle, Shining's younger sister, her younger sister-in-law by marriage.

  • Adult Fear: Celestia mentions to Luminiferous that Cadence had to deal with the Crystal Empire's nobility treating Shining Armor like glorified "throne candy" whose only purpose is to make the Princess look good and be a Baby Factory to give his wife female heirs. And because she's an Alicorn goddess, she also had to deal with the possibility of outliving her mortal family members.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Implied. While she and Blueblood are very close, she often teases him with, in Blueblood's words, "her obnoxious humor".
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: She delivered this to Fik’iri, the Abyssinian goddess of Love, after she tried to absorb her power and portfolio in order to avenge her divine dethronement. Cadence was noted to have sent Fik’iri running away with her tail between her legs.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied; she's described as an "Ascendant Deity", which would mean she was once a mortal pony before she ascended (if Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell is to go by, Cadence was once a pegasus).
  • The Empath: Implied. Cadence has empathy that inspires feelings of tame affection, where as the Jotunn Elske, a fellow love goddess, inspires hotblooded passion.
    • It's mentioned by Celestia that when Blueblood started putting on his facades, she took it very hard because her empathy would register a lot of emotions from him, except she had difficulty figuring out which ones were fabricated and which ones were real.
    • Celestia also mentions that Cadence could feel the contempt the Crystal Empire's nobility have for Shining Armor, seeing him as nothing but a glorified stallion whose only purpose is to produce female heirs and make the Princess look good.
  • Happily Married: To Shining Armor, like in canon.
  • The High Queen: Though not an Empress as it had been traditionally, Cadence still rules benevolently her empire as a Crystal Empress should.
  • Immortal Ruler: An "Ascendant deity". While she's technically not part of Equestria due to ruling the Crystal Empire, she's still immortal.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Despite being adoptive cousins, she and Blueblood behave like "surrogate siblings" as if they're related by blood. It's mentioned in Blueblood's profile that Cadence likes to tease him with her obnoxious humor.
  • Love Goddess: She's the Alicorn of Love. It's implied that she has magical empathy as typical of someone with her station, though unlike the Jotunn goddess Elske, who embodies hotblooded passion, Cadence embodies tame affection.
  • Physical God: An immortal Alicorn Princess whose domain is love.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?: Celestia mentions to Luminiferous that because she's an Alicorn, Cadence has to deal with the possibility of eventually outliving both Shining Armor and Blueblood.

    Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Bearer of Magic 

Divine Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Magic, Friendship

The Alicorn goddess of Friendship, and Element of Magic. She was once a unicorn and Celestia's prized student until she Ascended.

  • Adult Fear:
    • When she and Apple Bloom went to the Everfree Forest on an errand for Zecora, Twilight was trying to remove some logs that mysteriously blocked their path, only to find Apple Bloom missing after she finished. When she finally found the filly, she was so happy that she didn't get mad at Apple Bloom for wandering off, only relief that she was safe.
    • In one incident, she and Spike were targeted for assassination by the tribalist Children of Platinum faction. Fortunately, Blueblood's intervention and foresight saved them both, but she, Spike, as well as her friends were left shaken by the ordeal.
    • Her friend, Rainbow Dash, had her wings magically amputated by a trio of selfish and entitled unicorns, Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Goldencap, so they could turn themselves into Alicorns at her expense, which would potentially cripple Rainbow forever, and didn't give a damn about what they were doing to her. Understandably, Twilight was immensely angered by this and indefinitely stripped them of their magic.
  • Brought Down to Normal: As the Alicorn goddess of Magic, she has the ability to strip someone of their magic indefinitely, especially as a way to punish them for abusing magic. This is what she did to the villainous unicorn trio Decepticolt, Zappityhoof, and Goldencap, having been rightly enraged by their action of magically amputating Rainbow Dash's wings so they could use them to turn themselves into Alicorns.
  • The Chosen One: She's the chief candidate to become 'She Who Will Unite Us All', one of three beings required to break the Cycle, according to the prophecy made by the Church of the Stars. In her case, it's notable since she was explicitly named by said prophecy, while the identity of the other two were left vague.
  • Deity of Human Origin: As in canon, Twilight was formerly a unicorn who became an Alicorn after she finished Starswirl's unfinished Cutie Mark spell.
  • Heroic Lineage: Her mother is a badass and powerful Magic Knight, and a very intelligent mare who's really good at hiding her true character and capabilities until it's time for her to strike. Going farther back, it's revealed that her entire maternal family are descended from Twilight of Paradise Estate and Twilight the Wisher, both from the First Age.
  • Immortal Ruler: An "Ascendant deity". Technically, Ponyville is seen by visiting royal dignitaries as Twilight's territory.
  • It's All My Fault: Twilight Velvet's entry reveals that she blamed herself for Crystal Prism's "birth", because her Ascension partially inspired Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker to conduct horrific experiments on foals and teenagers to mass-produce Alicorns for a "new age" for Ponykind. Her mother would assure her that she still did her best and nothing would ever change that.
  • Mutants: In a difference from canon, Twilight is a 'So Soft' pony, having a mutant gene where her fur is somewhat thicker and much softer than normal. This can provide a natural armor.
  • Rage Against the Mentor: She angrily shouts at Celestia for knowing of Chrysalis and her hive, yet did almost nothing about it. While the inaction regarding Timbucktu's destruction was justified with Equestria's recovery from the Nightmare Moon incident and civil wars, Celestia decided to seal Chrysalis inside a volcano instead of Tartarus because the latter's toxic effects of its malice and hatred, and left it with the barest minimum of security, allowing a Giant Wyrm to carve into the volcano easily and letting Chrysalis escape. For her part, Celestia couldn't exactly fault Twilight for her anger.
  • Spanner in the Works: She was revealed to have played an important role in the defeat and purification of Final Epoch when Twilight's act of finishing Starswirl's unfinished Cutie Mark spell allowed Queen Dazzleglow to find a loophole in Final Epoch's powers. Had it not happened, Final Epoch would have become powerful enough to "fix" timelines as she pleases and Retgone anyone she perceived as a threat.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Her Ascension as the Alicorn goddess of Magic and Friendship was what partially gave Noble Grace hope that Ponykind can become deities like her, which ultimately resulted in the "birth" of the Alicorn demigod, Crystal Prism. Twilight would blame herself for it, until her mother assured her that she still did her best and nothing would ever change that.

    Princess Flurry Heart 
The Alicorn daughter of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor.
  • Only Child Syndrome: Her parents wanted to avert this by offering Blueblood to let them adopt Léon as their son, so Flurry Heart wouldn't grow up alone when she has a brother to hang out with. Blueblood ultimately refused in favor of taking responsibility and raising Léon by himself. They're okay with it either way.
  • Winged Unicorn: Like in canon, she was born as an Alicorn, despite her father being a mortal unicorn.

    Prince Léon Blueblood 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Innocence, Trust, Altruism

Rank: Godling

"I never would had imagined my double-life would take a life of its own, let alone Ascend at the moment of conception!"
Prince Blueblood, on his (adopted) son Prince Léon

Prince Léon is the Equestrian pantheon's newest addition, and a mysterious oddity that ultimately proved to be a beneficial force.

Léon was found as a baby by Steel Heart, a lone Day Guard, who heard crying in the Canterlot royal gardens and discovered what looked like a snow-white infant unicorn swaddled in a warm blanket. Steel Heart quickly notified Princess Celestia, who took the infant unicorn to Prince Blueblood, noticing the strong similarities between them. However, their shock and confusion increased when they saw that the "unicorn" turned out to be an infant Alicorn, and almost the splitting image of Blueblood save for their hair and eye colors.

Blueblood initially wanted to put Léon up for adoption, fearing that he was incapable of being a father and Léon would eventually be corrupted by Canterlot's nobility just like they did him. His friends and family would each offer to adopt Léon as their son - Princess Cadence and Shining Armor wanted to give their daughter, Princess Flurry Heart, a brother so she wouldn't grow up alone, while Fancy Pants and Fleur-De-Lis wanted to repay Blueblood for saving them during the Storm King Crisis. Even Princess Luna offered to look after Léon, since she adored foals. Blueblood would ultimately choose to take responsibility and raise Léon as his own son, determined to be a better parent than his birth parents were for him.

It was during his time living with Blueblood that Léon's powers would become known. He's an extremely powerful empath, with the ability to detect which peoples were trustworthy. If around unsavory types, he would hide behind Blueblood or any trusted individual, making him an "evil detector" of sorts. During an incident with sensationalist reporters who tried to smear Blueblood's name even further, an upset Léon would unleash an empathy wave that would show said reporters the good, heroic side of his father, causing some of them to regret their actions now they have seen Blueblood's true character. And during his encounters with cursed objects and people, he would purify them unwittingly and accidentally - this would be a huge boon during the "Temptation Unbound" event, where Mr. Hide, the Fallen angel of Ispita the Deceiver, would be defeated by Léon's divine purification and purged from his current host, which would also spell the defeat and death of Ispita's demigod son Dark Illustration, who was left outnumbered and vulnerable to benevolent forces.

Despite the overwhelmingly good reception to Léon, some people see Léon as a potential threat to Equestria's social hierarchy, as they believed that only mares and fillies are capable of becoming Alicorns, which both Luminiferous and the Equestrian Princess would decry as a load of bunk. The Alicorn toddler would also become the constant target of assassination by both tribalist factions such as the Scions of Hurricane and Children of Platinum, who saw him as a "freak of nature" and a potential divine tyrant, as malicious divines such as Ispita and the Tyrannos pantheon who saw him as a threat to their corrupting influence over mortals. Fortunately, Léon is well-protected by his family and their allies, and his powers make it highly unlikely that he'll be reached by the opposing side - indeed, during one such attack by tribalists, he would unwittingly empower Cadence and Blueblood after laughing at the former's silly faces, allowing them to drive off the tribalist assassins with their strengthened love and water magics, respectively.

Luminiferous believes that Léon is actually the living product of a magical karmic backlash, having seen such an individual in the Changeling/Dragon hybrid goddess, Princess Lampyridae/Firewing. Due to living a duplicitous life for so long, the amount of Blueblood's good deeds would pile up until it resulted in the creation of an Alicorn deity who embodied Blueblood's good traits such as Trust, Innocence, and Altruism. Validating Luminiferous's hypothesis is the fact that since adopting Léon as his son, Blueblood has become kinder, and more honest and trusting in public, causing his Equestrian subjects to slowly warm up to him. Furthermore, it is expected that raising Léon would eventually lead to great things in Blueblood's future, though what exactly is currently unknown.

Despite currently being a young toddler, and the controversies surrounding him, Léon has great potential to become a powerful and heroic divine, which is entirely possible should Blueblood continue raising him the way he is now.
  • Adaptational Badass: Played with. While Léon is depicted as a divine Alicorn toddler, with mostly empathy and purification-based powers, he's still an Alicorn toddler, so he's not capable of fighting yet.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Justified. Despite purifying a cursed hoof mirror and (accidentally) freeing a pony from being possessed and used as a host by Mr. Hide, he never acknowledged or understood what he did because he's a toddler.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Innocence, Trust, and Altruism. He's also the living embodiment of Blueblood's duplicity and various good deeds, both given the form of a baby/toddler Alicorn.
  • Cheerful Child: His entry describes him as usually being pretty happy and trusting, even as a baby, and due to being an empath, he (unknowingly) makes people feel very relaxed and more open to friendship just by being around him. His behavior is such that whenever he starts hiding behind Blueblood or any trusted figure out of fear, it's usually a sign that there's a shady/malicious person nearby.
  • Cower Power: Like most children, he'll hide behind Blueblood, his adoptive father, or anyone he trusts if he senses bad feelings and/or ill intent. Since he's usually so trusting and happy, this trope is a sign that something's very wrong.
  • Detect Evil: Due to being a very young empath, he usually tends to hide behind Blueblood or someone he trusts if he's around people with bad feelings and/or genuine ill intent. Since he's usually so cheerful, Léon's negative change in behavior means that something is wrong, turning him into a walking "evil detector" that has helped the Equestrian royal family do "spring cleaning" with the corrupt nobility numerous times. Blueblood has made it clear, however, that he will not let Léon directly participate in governmental affairs until he's older.
  • Emotion Bomb: A variant; unlike Princess Lampyridae/Firewing, he has an empathy wave that's both telepathic and empathetic in nature. When unleashed, it brings out the hidden goodness of a person and shows it to others in the form of living memories, which emerged for the first time during an incident involving Blueblood and a group of vitriolic sensationalist reporters seeking to smear his name even further. It's noted that Léon's ability has various potential effects, such as showing the innocence of a defendant in trial, dispelling bitterness and grief by reminding people of the good things that happened to them in life, and remind villains of what they used to be before their fall.
  • The Empath: Much like Princess Lampyridae/Firewing, he has budding empathy powers that instills good feelings, calms agitation and anger, and inspires people to do good things. He can also unleash a telepathic/empathetic wave that brings out the hidden goodness of a person in the form of living memories. Because of this, he tends to liven up parties by creating happy environments simply by attending, and has been used by the royal family to sniff out corrupt nobles and other authority figures (though Blueblood made it clear that he'll not let Léon participate in governmental affairs until he's older).
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Part of his hair is the same blond color as Blueblood's, and he's a very trusting Cheerful Child.
  • Happily Adopted: By Prince Blueblood, who is also his biological "father" by all intents and purposes. Since Blueblood doesn't want to follow his emotionally abusive parents' example, Léon ended up becoming a well-adjusted toddler.
  • Holy Burns Evil: He possesses some degree of divine purification, which allows him to purge mundane forms of curses and dark magic. Crystal Prism has noted that they're somewhat similar due to being empathetic divines with the power to cure corruption.
    • Once, he purified a cursed hoof mirror designed to enhance the vanity of its user just by touching it. By the time Blueblood and Raven Inkwell arrived, worried out of their minds for him, they found Léon nibbling on the now powerless hoof mirror as if nothing happened.
    • He also defeated Mr. Hide by purifying his current host by accident, freeing said host from being possessed.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Inverted; it's expected by Luminiferous and other benevolent figures in Blueblood's life that Léon would influence his adoptive father to be more trusting, honest, and kinder like him. It's implied that Blueblood has a great destiny ahead of him, one that he might be able to achieve if he becomes truly compassionate.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Blueblood participates in duplicity, both as protection and a way to fool the corrupt nobility into thinking he's on their side. Léon is a guileless and trusting Alicorn godling who exposes corruption and duplicity, due to being a young toddler and The Empath.
  • Love Redeems: Played with. While Blueblood's already a Nice Guy with a Hidden Heart of Gold, it's expected by both Luminiferous and Blueblood's adoptive family that Léon would help him cast away his masks and gain his innocence back, which is supported by the fact that Blueblood has become much kinder since adopting Léon as his son. Both Luminiferous and Celestia seem to have a special destiny for Blueblood in mind, which is implied to be becoming an Alicorn himself.
  • Made of Magic: He's classified as an "Ethereal" deity - it's hypothesized by Luminiferous that the various good things Blueblood has done behind the scenes has resulted in a magical karmic backlash that ultimately created Léon. And since Blueblood has lived a double-life for so long, Léon's birth may be a sign that Blueblood's masks might not be needed anymore.
  • Multicolored Hair: His entry describes him as having Blueblood's hair color, but with sky-blue streaks added in, making it look like a clear sunny day as opposed to Celestia's hair, which reflects a morning sunrise.
  • The One Guy: Played with; while there are male members of the Equestrian pantheon, most of them are Draconequui, and their half of the pantheon is balanced in terms of gender. The Alicorn half, however, had been all female prior to Léon's birth, making him the only male Alicorn.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: He's usually very trusting and happy, so seeing him hide behind Blueblood or someone he trusts out of fear (or in worst-case scenarios, having a meltdown) means that someone nearby is bearing ill intent.
  • Oral Fixation: As a baby, he would constantly put things in his mouth for him to nibble on, which includes hair and other objects. Justified since, obviously, he's a baby/toddler, and nibbling on things are how young kids tend to learn.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He's noted by his entry to be almost Blueblood's splitting image in all but hair and eyes, having the same white pelt and compass rose Cutie Mark, but having an ethereal mane and tail with blue streaks in his hair and a darker blue eye color. Justified, as he was the result of the magical karmic backlash that came from all of Blueblood's good deeds, making him his "biological" son for all intents and purposes.
  • Super Empowering: As the embodiment of Trust, he has the power to enhance people's existing powers, which entirely depends on how deeply he trusts them. This came in handy during an attack on Canterlot by the Scions of Hurricane, where Léon spontaneously empowered both Cadence and Blueblood after laughing at the former's silly faces, allowing the royal adoptive cousins to use their respective love and water magics on a much larger and finer scale (once they both got over the initial confusion).
  • Winged Unicorn: He's an Alicorn toddler. Unlike most examples, he's a godling that came into being because of the karmic backlash that came from the abundance of good things Blueblood has done over the years, despite his Hidden Heart of Gold, rather than being a mortal equine who Ascended.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Has been on the receiving end on this trope multiple times. Various tribalist factions see him as a freak of nature and a divine tyrant in the making due to being an Alicorn, while evil/corrupt deities like Ispita and the Tyrannos pantheon both see him as a threat and a potential ally if he were to be corrupted, since his unique magic can be used as a wheel to spread their corruption on a wider scale. Fortunately, both Blueblood and various benevolent figures are very willing to protect Léon, with Celestia and Luna making it very clear that if anyone tries to go after Léon, they will be severely punished.


    Discord, the Spirit of Chaos 

  • Abusive Parents: Discord was not a good father to his kids as a villain. He mentally abused Cudnost for being heroic (and after being frustrated left her to Ispita and her siblings) ended up driving his eldest daughter Anarchie insane. While he treated his evil children better, he still abandoned and forgot about them when he escaped. He feels bad about this after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Arch-Enemy: Blackthorn and Blackrose despise him, and for very good reason. Blackrose has laid her grudge on him aside, at least for now, in light of his redemption, but still decidedly doesn't like him. Blackthorn has not let Discord's redemption stop him, on the other hoof, having already executed several off-screen schemes to try and destroy him.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Prior to reformation, Discord had a record of infamy whose consequences are still felt to the present day.
    • Everything involving the Changelings - their origins, their hardships, their very nature - is implied to be directly or indirectly his fault for his role in the Fall. This earned him the feared titles of 'The Curser' and 'The Serpent of Amorea' among the Changelings and very personal enmity with the Changeling Progenitors themselves.
    • Also responsible for Cosmos' fall to madness and evil in a scenario much like the Joker and Harley Quinn, making him indirectly responsible the 'Cosmos Incident' down the line when she come back for her 'Darling D'.
    • Had many children with Ispita the Deceiver, a Fallen Draconequu like he is, who would return in the present day to help their mother out with her plans to break free from her seals and plunge the world into evil and vice. Some, like Anarchie, used to be sweet-hearted and heroic individuals until they were corrupted into madness by him, something that Discord would come to deeply regret years later after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As in canon, made one due to Fluttershy. Even more notable in this case, as this Discord was a decidedly morally-bankrupt person.

    Pakak, the Prankster 

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Mischief, Karma

"Ain't I a stinker?"

The younger brother of Discord, and the god of Karma, Trickery, and Mischief. He's generally good-natured about his pranks, but god help you if he learns you've done bad.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Mischief and Karma.
  • Cain and Abel: The Abel to Discord's Cain. Ironically by the time they meet again in the present, Discord's performed a Heel–Face Turn and the two reconcile.
  • Divine Date: At one point in his life, he fell in love and had children with a mortal pony wife, Shady. During this time, he took the form of a pony and loved her dearly.
  • Karmic Transformation: He transformed Cutie Pox-phobic residents of Sunnytown into zombies to punish them for murdering Ruby. Because they let fear motivate them into doing cruel things for the sake of their town, they became things that made people run away in fear.
  • Morality-Guided Attack: His most powerful spells use the karma of the target. This is one reason he was recruited to help fight Surtr: as monstrous as Surtr is, he had so much bad karma it let Pakak be a major threat to him.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: When he learned that Cutie Pox-phobic residents of Sunnytown murdered and cremated a young filly for gaining a Cutie Mark, Pakak furiously cursed them to spend the rest of eternity as zombies. They would never be able to rest, or leave their home, until they took responsibility for their actions and atoned honestly. Pakak was noted to have felt not a single ounce of remorse for what he did.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: His reciting the curse that would turn all of Sunnytown into zombies for their crimes was entirely in rhyme.
    "Fear you let rule your hearts, and cut off an innocent life at it's start.
    So from this day forth you shall roam this place, striking terror on any face.
    As beasts neither dead or alive, in a place where nothing thrives.
    Each year this day will repeat, reminding you of this horrible fete.
    Until your actions you come to own, you shall reap what you have sown.
    Only when you accepted and repented for your crime, will this curse run out its time."
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Was sealed in a locket by Discord during his reign for opposing him. Discord ultimately frees him with Rainbow and Pinkie's help to make up for it.
  • Tranquil Fury: His reaction to the Cutie Pox-phobic Sunnytowners murdering an innocent filly out of paranoia was that of calm anger; according to his writer, this was invoked as being calm made Pakak scarier than if he was furiously angry.

    Arlequin, the Prankster 

Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Pranks, Enthusiasm, Optimism

Rank: Divine (Tier IV - Greater), formally Demi-Goddess

"Laughter is the best medicine!"

    Katharsis, the Confidant 

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Emotional Venting, Closure, Catharsis

Rank: Divine (Tier 3/Greater); formerly a demigoddess

"Just let it all out."

Katharsis is the Draconequus goddess of Closure, Catharsis, and Emotional Venting.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Emotional Venting, Closure, and Catharsis.
  • The Empath: Her entry describes this trope as her primary power. As the goddess of Emotional Venting and Closure, she can sense and bring emotions to the surface, if it'll help emotionally-afflicted victims heal from their traumas. She can also break people's emotional "plugs" and release all of their bottled-up emotions at once, though she only does so when necessary.
  • Heroic Lineage: Her mortal mother was Shady, a legendary G1 Paradise Pony from the First Age.
  • Revenge: Subverted; despite her tendency to dish out humiliating Laser-Guided Karma to her foes, she's not a goddess of vengeance. She only helps situations reach their conclusion, and helps emotionally-afflicted people achieve catharsis by exposing those who wronged them as pathetic.
  • In-Universe Catharsis: One of her domains is catharsis. She helps situations, literal or not, reach their conclusion, even dishing out Laser-Guided Karma for those who angered her. This is what separates her from her father, Pakak - while Pakak merely sends a villain falling to their death as karma, Katharsis would take it further by making the villain hit every outcropping available on the way down, making them look as pathetic as they really are to their victims. It's noted that Katharsis may have had some role in the downfall of both divine and mortal villains in the past, such as the humiliating defeat of Abyssinian goddess Fik'iri, as well as giving her sister Arlequin the idea of giving an evil Giant baron a humiliating demise.
  • Semi-Divine: She was born with partial divine heritage because of a union between her father, the karmic god Pakak, and her mother, Shady, a heroic Paradise Pony mare from the First Age. She would eventually Ascend and become a full-time goddess.

    Cild, the Inner Child 

Divine Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Childhood, Inner Child, Play

Rank: Divine (Tier 4/Greater); formerly a Demigod

"Everyone's got an inner child - there's nothing wrong with embracing it so long as there's no harm done!"


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