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  • Adaptational Villainy: The Canterlot nobility. In canon, most of them are jerks and bullies at worst. Here, with a few exceptions, they are depicted as so corrupt and incompetent that they contributed to many of Equestria's problems, such as its near decimation at the hands of the Storm Empire and its allies.
  • Aristocrats Are Evil: The nobles of Canterlot are far more insidious than is shown in canon - they are stubborn, corrupt, and backwards, and would do anything to maintain the status quo and keep their power. Some of the nobles are also quite tribalist, with Blueblood's deceased parents and the pro-unicorn Children of Platinum faction being two examples; the latter even attempted to assassinate both Princess Twilight Sparkle as well as her assistant/adoptive son Spike (which was thankfully foiled by Blueblood). They are completely willing to do anything that will ensure their power as well as the current status quo are protected, including assassination and sabotage. If anything, they are the reason why Prince Blueblood gradually lost his overt idealism and hide his Hidden Heart of Gold in order to deal with them, and why the Equestrian government struggled to pass reforms that will overturn outdated policies and benefit the country as a whole.
  • Badass Family: The Equestrian royal family is this, with both divines and mortals being willing to kick ass and take names for the sake of their subjects. Even little Léon, an Alicorn Prince, has contributed in his own way, though being a toddler and Blueblood trying to protect him from his enemies means that he wouldn't be doing much.
  • Cornered Rattlesnake: The Storm King Crisis had caused massive public backlash to be directed at the corrupt nobility, being a large reason why the Storm King was able to invade Equestria easily, which finally gives the Equestrian Royal Family a chance to pass the reforms the nobles were trying to block. However, Celestia is given a warning by a disguised King Brachion about the measures they would take to secure their crumbling power.
    King Brachion: Beasts are at their most dangerous when wounded and cornered. They will not go down without a fight - they will thrash, they will struggle, they will bite and tear and kill; they will take any chances and go any lengths to survive. Many a hunter on the edge of triumph had found their throats torn open by the dying animal they sought to put down. Take care, your highness, if you wish to slay your beasts; you may never know what they would not do, what they are capable of, if they felt they have nothing left to lose.
  • Fantastic Racism: As implied in Blueblood's backstory, many nobles are unicorns and thus look down on those who are non-unicorns, including non-unicorn nobles. Their tribalism is so deeply ingrained that Blueblood had to develop the same attitudes in order to covertly circumvent them.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: It is believed by some Equestrians that only females are worthy of becoming Alicorn royalty, with "proof" lying in the incredible magical power of Celestia and Luna, the supposed absence of male Alicorns and the Ascension of Princess Twilight Sparkle, who was before then a Child Prodigy and one of the most powerful unicorn mares of her generation. Because of this, when Prince Léon was officially introduced to the public, they saw him as a potential threat to the existing hierarchy. Both Luminiferous and the Alicorn Princesses themselves have decried the belief as a load of bunk, with the later stating that anyone becoming an Alicorn is a cause for celebration.
  • Morton's Fork: This is what the Alicorn Princesses and their royal/noble allies face, in regards to their backwards, arrogant, corrupt, and incompetent nobility. As Princess Luna described to Crystal Prism, even goddesses such as themselves need middle-ponies to carry out their will and balance out the needs the government and their subjects. This would create a problem, especially once those same individuals began falling to corruption - if the Alicorn Princesses tried using force to implement the reforms they wanted, they would be decried as "tyrants" and overthrown, giving the corrupt nobility more power and opportunity to do whatever they wanted. But if the Alicorn Princesses did nothing in vain hope that at least one or two nobles will notice the problem and try improve an increasingly hopeless situation, the same thing will happen regardless. However, unlike Celestia, who would try use words to appeal to the nobles' better nature and get them to change, Luna is far more pragmatic and ruthless on the matter, believing that the problem would be solved permanently if the nobility was subjected to "a good old-fashioned PURGE".
  • Princesses Rule: Justified and exaggerated; Equestria is one of many countries/societies that have "Princess/Prince" as a ruling title, which explains why Celestia and Luna have such titles despite technically being Queens.
  • Politically Active Princess: Justified; as "Prince/Princess" are official ruling titles in Equestria, the Alicorn Princesses are very involved in governmental affairs and have duties that would normally be reserved for those ranked higher than Princesses, such as Kings and/or Queens.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: All members of the Equestrian royal family are very capable - Celestia and Luna are powerful Alicorn goddesses whose magic lies in the Sun and Moon, respectively; Twilight Sparkle is the Element of Magic and has saved Equestria multiple times; and Cadence, though technically not part of Equestria, is the benevolent ruler of the Crystal Empire. Even Prince-Regent Blueblood gets in on the action by being a clairvoyant who uses his power to redirect government authority to where it needs to go, is one of Celestia's few trusted individuals, and the commander of the Royal Equestrian Navy. The only one who isn't involved is the Alicorn Prince Léon, but it's justified in his case as he's a baby/toddler, and Blueblood has forbidden him from participating in governmental affairs until he's older to protect him from various enemies.
  • Supernatural Elite: As in canon, most of Canterlot's nobility are powerful, wealthy, and influential unicorns from ancient families. The royal Alicorns, however, take it one step further by being the highest living forms of authority in Equestria, with Princess Celestia and her younger sister, Princess Luna, serving as the ruling diarchs. Even Prince Léon, an Alicorn toddler, is considered royalty, though his young age means he won't be as active until he's older.
  • Token Good Teammate: There are a few nobles who aren't deeply corrupt and/or incompetent, such as Blueblood, Fancy Pants, Fleur-De-Lis, Twilight Velvet and Night Light. Unlike the vast majority of their peers, the aforementioned ponies are all working hard to ensure that some good occurs in their country. Princess Luna notes to Crystal Prism that people like them are becoming a "rarer breed" with each generation, which might become a problem in troubled times, so a more thorough "purge" of the entire nobility itself might be the only way to get rid of the rampant corruption.

    Princess Celestia 
See her folder entry here.

    Princess Luna 
See her folder entry here.

    Princess Amicitia Sparkle Equestria, the Spark of Friendship/Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Bearer of Magic 

Princess Amicitia Sparkle Equestria, the Spark of Friendship/Princess Twilight Sparkle, the Bearer of Magic

See her folder here.

    Prince-Regent Vladimir Polaris Blueblood 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Tactician/Clairvoyant/Prince

Faction: Canterlot Government

"As those Changelings are so fond of saying - one's outer appearance can be quite deceiving."

Prince-Regent Vladimir Polaris Blueblood (his entry here) is a member of the Equestrian royal family, though one with a highly divisive reputation.

Prince Blueblood was born in House Platinum, a noble unicorn House that's famous for having blood descendants of Princess Platinum, one of the Founders of Equestria, and thus its members enjoy considerable power and influence. As the only child of his generation, Blueblood's parents tried molding him into an ideal Scion, including making him develop tribalist attitudes towards non-unicorns and forbidding Blueblood from pursuing anything that's unbecoming of a unicorn noble, including exploration and navigation. This left the young Blueblood feeling so miserable that Princess Celestia took notice when he and his parents attended her court. After a session of cookies and gentle talking, Blueblood bawled in front of her, having never experienced parental love and kindness before.

Celestia saw this as proof that he was being abused at home, and personally adopted him as her nephew. When Blueblood's parents protested the decision, she had them escorted out by her Day Guards, and by royal decree declared House Platinum persona non grata in her court for encouraging the mistreatment of a foal. Despite Celestia's busy schedule as a ruler, Blueblood grew up mostly well-adjusted under her wing, and used his newfound freedom to pursue a military career in the Navy, since it was related to his childhood love of maps and exploration.[WIP]

  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: The Codexverse subjects him to one to justify his canon behavior. For one, he had a terrible childhood, and his parents were emotionally abusive and had high standards of what a unicorn Scion of Princess Platinum should be. The sheer misery he would suffer motivated Celestia to adopt him once she learned what was happening. His boorishness towards Rarity was also explained as one of many facades - years of being roadblocked by incompetent, cruel, and entitled nobles forced him to develop ways to circumvent them and help Equestria without endangering himself, and dealing with messy breakups and scandals caused by mares who only wanted his title and wealth influenced him to behave so repulsively in public that any mare pursuing him will be disgusted and driven away.
  • Adaptational Badass: Here, he's a clairvoyant unicorn Prince who is one of the most powerful and influential ponies in Equestria that's right behind the Alicorn Princesses themselves, and also boasts physical combat skill, nautical expertise, and international diplomacy, everything his canon show incarnation doesn't have.
  • Adaptational Heroism: A beloved war hero among his soldiers and a stallion completely dedicated to the well-being of Equestria and its people. His facades were his way of getting around the insidious and malignant members of Canterlot's nobility in order to do what he truly wanted. Beneath them, he's a very nice pony, if a bit cynical and pragmatic.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Here, he's a loving family man who cherishes the mares and stallions in his life, and a beloved war hero who never abandons his fellow soldiers. The unpleasant behavior he showed towards Rarity in canon is actually the result of a facade he put up to protect himself from more heartache, after being pursued by ambitious socialites who only wanted him for his money, title, and power, but turned against him for being quite not what they wanted.
  • Assassin Outclassin':
    • It's implied that he was subjected to numerous assassination attempts by nobles who wanted to get rid of him, but thankfully his magical talents and fighting skills saved his life. He has scars that have since healed as proof of the incidents.
    • He also prevented an assassination attempt on Twilight Sparkle by a pro-unicorn tribalist faction, the "Children of Platinum" group, by sending a few of his loyal entourage to serve as undercover spies and having Luna assign her Night Guards to bodyguard duty for Twilight and Spike, who was regarded as a target, too due to his ties to Twilight. The foiling of such an attempt raised public opinion of him considerably, especially the Mane Six, who were terrified out of their minds by the thought of nearly losing two of their best friends to political conflict.
  • Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting: As a colt, his birth parents emotionally abused him in their attempts to mold him into the ideal Scion of House Platinum, including trying to destroy his childhood dreams of being an adventurer after he got a compass rose Cutie Mark. Years later, after he was adopted by Princess Celestia and he was introduced to Prince Léon, then an infant Alicorn, he initially had doubts over his parenting skills and feared having Léon's innocence corrupted by Equestria's incompetent, selfish, and cruel nobility... but he ultimately chose to take responsibility and become the good parent to Léon that his own parents were not, resulting in an emotionally well-adjusted toddler. Both Luminiferous and Celestia believe that lots of good things await him if he continues raising Léon right.
  • Break the Cutie: When he was younger, his parents' controlling and emotionally abusive attempts to mold him into the ideal unicorn left him unusually sad, depressed, and tired for a colt - so much that it caught the attention of a sympathetic and protective Celestia, who adopted him shortly after learning of his history. He got better since then... but then he went through it again years later, when his attempts to help Equestria were constantly blocked/sabotaged by lazy, incompetent, greedy, and entitled nobles, and he would be the subject of scandals after having messy breakups with socialites who only wanted him for his title and wealth. It got to the point where he had hide his Hidden Heart of Gold constantly, both to protect himself and to sabotage the nobility from the inside without having his progress impeded.
  • Damned by Faint Praise: This happened in one notable occasion when he was tasked with overseeing his birth parents' funerals - he couldn't be openly honest about his parents because funerals required proper decorum, so he made adoring and reverent speeches for each parent that ironically exposed their worst flaws. Those who caught on were greatly amused to the point where a few, like Luna, quickly collapsed laughing.
  • Family of Choice: After he was adopted away from his controlling and emotionally abusive parents, he sees Celestia as a mother figure despite being his adoptive Aunt, and came to see Luna as a second Aunt after she came back from her exile on the Moon. Cadence is his surrogate sister, with shades of Annoying Younger Sibling as she teases him with (in his own words) "her obnoxious humor".
  • Fantastic Racism: Subverted. Despite his parents encouraging him to develop contemptuous hatred of non-unicorns, he never developed the inclination for it. If he did act like a tribalist, then likely it's part of a facade that he puts on to keep the despicable nobles of Canterlot appeased. The fact that his parents, relatives and ancestors claim to follow Princess Platinum's values is rather ironic, since Platinum changed her ways after Clover the Clever saved her and the other Founders by driving away the Windigos and saving them from being frozen.
  • Flanderization: In-universe; The Equestrian citizens have seen Blueblood's public facade for so long that they started seeing it as his "true" personality. Sensationalists capitalize on this by printing and spreading malicious media depicting him as either a power-hungry villain or a complete joke whose sheer unpleasantness made Nightmare Moon turn back into Princess Luna, horrified by the idea of being compared to him. It gets deconstructed and played for drama in that Blueblood secretly feels that he has no other choice but to be the asshole everyone thinks he is, or else he'll never be able to get past the nobles' corruption and help Equestria at the same time. His friends and loved ones are rightly upset and furious with the slander, and try to clear up any rumors and gossip they find, while they also feel saddened that the compassionate and heroic stallion they knew turned himself into an asshole in order to continue doing good.
  • Freudian Excuse: Deconstructed, as while his motives and his experiences are understandable, his actions still end up biting his ass in the end.
    • He constantly hides his Hidden Heart of Gold in public because it's the only way to keep the genuinely useless members of the Canterlot nobility cowed, and to prevent them from sabotaging more of his efforts to help Equestria. He did try do it the nice way, but he found his reforms blocked and sabotaged, and even got into fights with assassins numerous times. This caused the public to see him as a genuinely boorish, tribalist, and sexist flank-hole who had no right to be a Prince if he isn't an Alicorn, something that secretly gives him grief as he believed there was no other way.
    • He also acts like a sexist lout in public because early in his career, he had flings with ambitious socialites who only wanted him for his money, power, and title, and had to deal with scandals that resulted from messy breakups. This broke his heart so much that he doesn't want his heart to be broken again. This ended up biting him when he ended up mistreating someone who turned out to have genuine affections for him, such as Rarity; he soon realized his mistake and went out of his way to clear things up with Rarity and apologize for his actions.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: Even though his Jerkass behavior and his motives for it are understandable, considering the circumstances he went through, he still ends up hurting those close to him, and making the public genuinely see him as no different than the corrupt nobles he's trying to undermine. For his part, Blueblood genuinely believes that there is no other way for him to act, as he will be blocked and assassinated by his enemies if his intentions were made known, and even regretted it once he realized what he had done with Rarity at the Grand Galloping Gala. Fortunately, he now has Prince Léon to keep him honest again.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: He admits that he feels slightly envious towards House Sparkle for being blessed with Good Parents like Twilight Velvet and Night Light, while House Platnium gave him Abusive Parents.
  • Gut Feeling: How his clairvoyance works. When he focuses on finding something, then he'll take whatever path his magical intuition reacts strongly to, whether if he's finding a material object, a location, or even an abstract concept.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Double-subverted. He's a blond unicorn stallion who acts like a boorish fop and an entitled noble in public, but it's just a facade to keep the genuinely useless nobles cowed; beneath the facade is a stallion who is a loving family man that wants to help Equestria and its people.
  • Happily Adopted:
    • When he was a colt, he was officially adopted by Celestia as her nephew after she discovered that his birth parents were being emotionally abusive and controlling, which explained why Blueblood came to her court looking unusually sad and tired. Since coming under her wing, Blueblood had grown up mostly well-adjusted, and regards Aunt Celestia as his true parent.
    • Years later, he would adopt Prince Léon as his son, despite them technically being "biologically" related, as Léon was born from the karmic backlash of his good deeds. Due to his desire to be a better parent than his own birth parents were. The result was a well-adjusted Alicorn toddler.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: Deconstructed. He generally acts like a "useless, mare-hating flankhole" in public because if he didn't, the genuinely useless nobles of Canterlot will find a way to undermine his political power and possibly get rid of him altogether. Everything else was fabricated by his rivals or attention-starved sensationalists. However, his behavior in "The Best Night Ever" was one of those times where he took his facade too far and ended up ruining Rarity's night. His public misbehavior has earned him a rather unpleasant reputation, whether through conflicting information and/or bias, but Blueblood feels that he has no other choice but to act like an asshole in order to get things done. His friends and loved ones are rightfully upset with the slander and try to clear up any rumors and gossip they find, while they are saddened that Blueblood has to act that way for the greater good, having known him as a kind and altruistic pony. Also, his desire to protect himself from gold-diggers and social-climbers backfired on him spectacularly when he treated Rarity poorly, not knowing that her affections were real and that she's the Element of Generosity, leading to great animosity between them until Blueblood later cleared things up and apologized for his actions.
  • I Am Not My Father: The fact that his birth parents raised him poorly drove him to adopt Prince Léon as his son (despite being technically biologically related) and become a much better parent than them. The result was Léon becoming a well-adjusted toddler.
  • Large and in Charge: He's described as being a tall unicorn with an athletic build, compared to Shining Armor who's short and stockier. He's a Prince-Regent who takes control of the Equestrian government and keeps it running if Celestia and Luna are occupied elsewhere, or are incapacitated somehow.
  • Like Brother and Sister: Despite being adoptive cousins, both he and Cadence are very close and behave like brother and sister, with Cadence teasing him with her "obnoxious humor".
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Unlike Blueblood's unicorn parents, who were genuinely unpleasant to the point where Celestia permanently banned them from her court for what they did to their son, Blueblood himself is genuinely nice, loving, and altruistic behind the many facades he put up to deal with useless nobles and personal heartache.
  • Loophole Abuse: Happens when he was tasked with overseeing his birth parents' funerals. He couldn't express how he really felt about them because the situation required proper respect and decorum, but at the same time he didn't like them, either. So he gave seemingly adoring and reverent speeches that ironically exposed his parents' flaws. This amused the funeral-goers so much that a few of them, like Princess Luna, collapsed in stitches.
  • Love Hurts: He got in quite a few scandals early in his career because he had messy breakups with socialites who either turned out to be gold-diggers or wanted to use him for their social advancement. This deeply broke his heart to the point where he pretended to be a sexist lout in public so the mares will leave him alone. This got him in trouble with Rarity when he severely misjudged her behavior and actions and caused them both to part on bad terms, until he cleared things up with her later and apologized.
  • Making a Splash: His specialty lies in water magic, which reflects his changing personality. He can generate and change water to ice/gas for various uses, such as creating scalding steam clouds, firing sharp icicles and large pieces of hail, and manipulating existing water sources to create gigantic whirlpools and/or tsunamis as a crowd-control method (though this tends to exhaust him).
  • Mind over Matter: Is noted to have unicorn-type telekinesis.
  • Nephewism: Was adopted by Celestia as her nephew when he was still a colt after she found out about his emotionally abusive upbringing, yet was raised like her own son since then. This caused Blueblood to prefer her as his "true" parent.
  • Never Be Hurt Again: Deconstructed. He had a few romantic relationships in the past, only to get into scandals over messy breakups because the mares he dated seriously either turned out to be gold-diggers or social-climbers. So he started acting like a sexist lout in public so the mares will be disgusted enough to leave him alone for a long time... unfortunately, this leads to him treating Rarity poorly because he vastly misjudged her character and intentions, and the public has seen him act this way so often that they assumed that his public behavior really is his personality.
  • No One Gets Left Behind: During his days as a Navy soldier, he would often go back to save a comrade-in-arms from being abandoned, even at great cost to himself. This earned him praise and loyalty from his fellow soldiers, which hasn't changed much even after being promoted to Commander of the entire fleet.
  • Related in the Adaptation:
    • He's a blood descendant of Princess Platinum, one of the Founders of Equestria, while there was no such indication in the canon show.
    • He's also Prince Léon's adoptive father, though technically he's also his biological father as well.
  • Royal Blood: Ironically, despite his name, which is Blueblood.
    • He's a blood descendant of Princess Platinum, a unicorn ruler from before the founding of Equestria. His family, House Platinum, pride themselves in being related to unicorn royalty and following her ideals, and presumably enjoyed considerable power and influence in Canterlot before they were exiled from Celestia's court.
    • He came under Celestia's wings via adoption after the latter learned of his parents' emotional abuse, which makes him related to divine royalty. Luna and Cadence are part of the adoptive family, too.
  • Seers: He has clairvoyance, hence his compass rose Cutie Mark - he can find lost things that people need and direct others to where they need to go. This is what allows him to attend to various political matters so Celestia and Luna can still have time to tend to their divine responsibilities. However, in his own words, he isn't one and regards Celestia as a "true" Seer since she can receive future visions even while awake.
  • Speak Ill of the Dead: Done during his birth parents' funerals. Blueblood couldn't talk about how he really feels about his parents in an overt way since funerals require social respect, so he got around this by roasting them with seemingly adoring and reverent speeches that ironically revealed their worst traits. Those who caught on found this to be so funny that a few of them, like Princess Luna, collapsed in stitches.
  • Token Good Teammate: Of Canterlot's nobility. It's double-subverted in that while he acts like a Jerkass in public, it's so the genuinely useless, arrogant, tribalist, and incompetent nobles wouldn't try blocking his efforts to pass reforms or assassinate him altogether if they didn't know his true intentions. Beneath his facades is a compassionate stallion who wants to help Equestria.
  • True Companions: Blueblood has a circle of close friends to which he is very loyal, which includes ponies like Shining Armor (despite their constant snarking), Fancy Pants and his wife Fleur-De-Lis. During the Storm King Crisis, after Fancy Pants was injured and Fleur-De-Lis was left vulnerable, Blueblood came to their rescue and fought off a few Storm troopers to protect them.
  • Truly Single Parent: Léon is technically his biological son, having spawned from the magical karmic backlash from all of Blueblood's good deeds. And due to having a few past relationships end badly and create messy scandals that he alone had to deal with because the mares he dated only wanted his wealth and political power, Blueblood never married.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Implied to be his relationship with Shining Armor; they frequently snark at each other, yet they are completely willing to work together in times of crisis. A prominent example occurred during the "Storm King Crisis", in which he and Shining rallied the remaining soldiers against the Storm Empire and directed war efforts against the Storm Navy. And sometime after the "Storm King Crisis" ended, Shining Armor was among those who approached Blueblood with an offer to adopt and care for Prince Léon in his place, largely because he genuinely wanted to help a friend out.
  • Warrior Prince: Well, Prince-Regent, but Blueblood is an experienced Navy soldier, tactician, and water mage with Cutie Mark-based clairvoyance, and thus is capable of kicking ass. Notably, he fended off numerous assassins sent by rival nobles, and participated in the Storm King Crisis where he fought a few Storm Troopers just to protect a friend, Fancy Pants, and his wife Fleur-De-Lis.
  • Weak, but Skilled: By a relative standard; his profile states that while he doesn't have the raw power held by Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle, he's incredibly talented in water magic, capable of creating gigantic whirlpools and tsunamis when at his strongest. This implies that while weak in comparison to Alicorns/Gifted unicorns, he's still magically powerful when compared to average unicorns.

    Prince Léon Blueblood 
See his folder entry here.

    Raven Inkwell 
Princess Celestia's personal assistant and one of few ponies she explicitly trusts.

    Fancy Pants 


    Duke Gypsy Night Light, the Oracle of Stars 
A Canterlot noble, Twilight Velvet's husband, and the father of Prince-Regent Shining Armor and Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  • Adaptational Badass: Implied. In canon, he's only a supporting character like his wife. Here in the Codexverse, he's a unicorn noble with foresight.
  • Crash-Into Hello: How he met his future wife, Twilight Velvet. She was so frustrated from dealing with arrogant and callous nobles that she stormed out to her family's castle grounds after the party she was attending ended, feeling the need to vent and wishing she could "GET AWAY from it all!" As luck would have it, she didn't see Night Light, who was also outside studying the stars, and ended up walking straight into him. Despite their rather embarrassing first meeting, they would befriend and fall in love with each other. The rest was history.
  • Happily Married: To Twilight Velvet, his wife, as in canon.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Oracle of Stars".

    Duchess Twilight Velvet Sparkle, the Vorpal Blade 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Noblemare/Duelist/Protector/"Good Parent"

Faction: Equestrian Crown/Canterlot Nobility

"As long as I still draw breath and my blade remains unbroken, I shall continue protecting all that I hold dear!"

Duchess Twilight Velvet Sparkle (her entry here) is a prominent Canterlot noble, the wife of Duke Gypsy Night Light, and the mother of Prince-Regent Shining Armor and Princess Twilight Sparkle.
  • Adaptational Badass: In canon, she's only a supporting character. The Codexverse greatly expands on her personality, role, and abilities, turning her into a benevolent and fiercely protective noblemare who commands power, respect, and fear as an Equestrian Duchess. She is also an incredibly powerful Magic Knight with impressive magical talent and skills in swordsmanship, enough that she became Rarity's personal tutor when the latter approached her out of concern that she Can't Catch Up with her friends, who are either (distant) descendants of gods or have helpful mutations.
  • Crash-Into Hello: How she met Night Light. She was so frustrated from dealing with arrogant and callous nobles that she stormed out to her family's castle grounds after the party she was attending ended, feeling the need to vent and wishing she could "GET AWAY from it all!" As luck would have it, she didn't see Night Light, who was also outside studying the stars, and ended up walking straight into him. Despite their rather embarrassing first meeting, they would befriend and fall in love with each other. The rest was history.
  • Doting Parent: She's rather proud of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle for what they had done with their lives, and praises each of them for their accomplishments. Even though Twilight is more accomplished and talented than her brother, and an Alicorn goddess to boot, she never favors her daughter for it, and sees Shining Armor as equally lovable and unique as his sister.
  • The Dreaded: Her entry notes that she's feared for her Mama Bear tendencies, as she tends to fly into a rage if her family and subjects, especially her children, are threatened and/or insulted.
  • Good Parents: While she does have her embarrassing moments, such as calling her kids affectionate nicknames in public, she's otherwise noted as being a very loving and maternal parent. Notably, she doesn't show Parental Favoritism towards Twilight Sparkle despite her being a magical prodigy and an Alicorn goddess, as she sees Shining Armor as having a lot of traits and skills that make him equally great and lovable as her talented daughter. She also welcomed Spike into her family, despite him being a dragon. It's not advisable to threaten or insult her children, as she'll go into a deadly rage if it happens.
  • Happily Married: To Night Light, her husband, as in canon. Her entry reveals that she fell in love and married him because unlike the other nobles, Night Light was a very friendly stallion who treated her like a mare rather than a political pawn to gain power, and had no love for his arrogant and callous peers himself
  • Heroic Lineage: She and her family are maternal descendants of two Twilights of the First Age: Twilight of Paradise Estate, and Twilight the Wisher, who she heavily resembles most. It's noted in her entry that, because she's connected to two famous historical ponies, many nobles tried gaining her favor as well as her hoof in marriage, which she detested. After falling in love and marrying Night Light, she would become the parent of Shining Armor and Twilight Sparkle, both who would become great heroes themselves.
  • Magic Knight: Her entry notes that she's a very skilled swordsmare, with lots of training on her hooves, and a very powerful mage due to her family having strong magic in their blood. Her "Armament magic" allows her to summon multiple blades, weapons, and shields with her own magic, and can also enchant existing weapons and shields so her allies can have increased offense and defense. She can also channel magic spells through her primary weapon, a cutlass named the "Vorpal Blade", and turn it into a weapon whose blade produces elemental magic, such as fire, ice, and lightning.
  • Mama Bear: She's rather fiercely protective of her family, especially her children, and would go after those who threatened and/or insulted them. In fact, she's feared for it.
    • She went after those who treated Shining Armor like nothing more than a Baby Factory and "throne-warmer" for his wife, Princess Cadence, since the Crystal Empire is a traditional matriarchy that's ruled by Empresses and (recently) Princesses.
    • She does not tolerate displays of anti-Dragon racism at Spike, whom she has welcomed into her family, and has been known to verbally cut down anyone who does so.
    • In an infamous incident, she was furious when she learned that the tribalist Children of Platinum faction nearly succeeded in assassinating Twilight Sparkle and Spike. During the assassins' trial, Night Light apparently had to drag her away from the courtroom to prevent his wife from attacking the perpetrators responsible. She was noted to be rather satisfied when she received the news of their final punishment.
      Duchess Twilight Velvet: If Prince Blueblood hadn't gotten to those tribalist nobles first, I would have GLADLY cut them down myself for trying to hurt my babies.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Vorpal Blade", due to her extreme skill in swordfighting and armament magic. Her epithet came from her weapon, a cutlass that is also named "Vorpal Blade" after an old bedtime story she used to read to her children as foals.
  • Mutants: Because she's a blood descendant of Twilight from the First Age's Paradise Estate, she was born a "So Soft Pony", and thus she has a thicker yet softer pelt that gives her natural armor against blunt-force attacks, and allows her to endure colder climates. Despite constant trimming and the drawbacks of increased body heat in hotter weather, Twilight Velvet believes the benefits of her mutation outweigh the cons, as Night Light loves cuddling up to her fluffy body. She would pass on this gene onto her children, though it's more prevalent with Shining Armor, which is a good thing since he lives in the Crystal Empire near the Frozen North. Hilariously, her mutation led to an incident where she found little Prince Léon nibbling on her pelt, after she let it grow longer once. Prince Blueblood, Léon's father, sheepishly promised that he'll help wean him off of "hair and other things that might catch his fancy".
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Her entry notes that she's really good at "playing dumb", acting like a demure and graceful aristocrat in public until an opportunity comes to let her show her true colors and strike.
  • Parental Favoritism: Averted. Despite Twilight Sparkle being more intelligent, accomplished, and magically talent than Shining Armor, even to the point where she eventually Ascended while her brother didn't, Twilight Velvet doesn't favor her over Shining Armor. This is because in her eyes, Shining Armor has a lot of unique traits and skills that makes her son equally deserving of love and praise.
  • Purple Is Powerful: She has purple streaks in her hair as well as a Cutie Mark depicting three purple stars that twinkles magically at night. She's also a skilled swordsman, and a powerful and highly adept mage who specializes in summoning and enchanting weapons and shields.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: She fell in love with Night Light because he was very friendly, and genuinely treated her like a person instead of someone to befriend in order to gain power and prestige among the nobility.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: She's described as being a near-splitting image of Twilight the Wisher of the First Age, except for their eye and pelt colors, the number of Stars on their Cutie Marks, and the coloration of their manes and tails. This in part made her a powerful and politically influential noblemare in Canterlot, whose lineage made other nobles want to befriend her to gain power from being associated with a descendant of a First-Age hero.
  • Token Good Teammate: Of Canterlot's nobility. While she plays the part of a graceful and demure aristocrat around her peers, she secretly detests most of them for being arrogant, callous, and incompetent elitists, and fears the possible negative impact they might have on her children. She ended up becoming one of the Royal Alicorn Sisters' most powerful allies because of her strong principles.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: She would comfort Twilight Sparkle after the latter began blaming herself for inspiring Noble Grace and Bubbling Beaker to create Crystal Prism, assuring her daughter that she still did her best and nothing would ever change that.


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