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Elternteil Deer Pantheon

The Elternteil Deer Pantheon was once a unified group of divine Deer, led by High King Irminsul and his beloved wife, High Queen Arvan. They consisted of benevolent members who devoted themselves to helping Deerkind prosper, and when Arvan became pregnant with Belyolen, it was expected that her unborn child would become a benevolent deity, too. To ensure this, Irminsul performed a divine ritual that would get rid of Belyolen's darker urges and flaws, but unfortunately, it only resulted in Belyolen being born alongside a dark-furred twin, Temnobog. Disgusted by Temnobog's tainted nature, Irminsul, Arvan, and their friends shunned Temnobog for being born, while showering Belyolen with love and praise. This would result in Temnobog holding a grudge towards his favored brother for a time, until certain truths caused him to reconcile with Belyolen.

At some point in history, disagreements over the mistreatment of Temnobog, and how they should handle the future of Deerkind caused a great schism into two sub-pantheons: the Hoyklan pantheon, and the Bogolenya pantheon, founded by Belyolen and co-ruled by him and Temnobog. With the loss of so many divine Deer, the Elternteil pantheon became much smaller and less significant than it used to be.
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  • Break the Haughty: The "First and Second Splintering" was this for them. Most of them were part of a preceding Deer pantheon until the First Age, when their previous leaders died in a great crisis that forced adopted newcomers, Irminsul and Arvan, to take lead and rally both their surviving allies and adoptive kin underneath a new name, the Elternteil Deer Pantheon. But their long and successful rule over Deerkind, combined with their horrific experiences with the Ascended mortal Grogar I and witnessing the bad sides of the Second Age's technological/scientific growth, left them quite haughty, racist, self-righteous, and borderline reactionary, with a great disdain towards anything and anyone deemed "Evil". When Temnobog was born, almost everyone emotionally abused him out of disgust towards his presence by treating him as the evil, unwanted "cast-off" of his older twin brother, Belyolen, and expected Belyolen to see Temnobog as an abomination that must be destroyed for mortal Deerkind's benefit. However, when Belyolen overheard his family consider killing Temnobog altogether, he called them out on their abusive hypocrisy, stating that they became no better than the actual evils they opposed by torturing a child for merely existing. This, along with other disagreements concerning the future of mortal Deerkind, resulted in the Elternteil Deer Pantheon fracturing, with Belyolen's group forming the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon, and the second group - led by Haust and her future husband, Kaldr- forming the Hoyklan Deer Pantheon, leaving the Elternteil Deer Pantheon a former shell of what it once was until it slowly started regaining its numbers in later years. It's revealed that one of Amareros' daughters, Amour-De-Soi, invoked this trope; as the Alicorn goddess of Self-Love/Esteem, she was incredibly angered and disgusted by the Elternteil Deer deities' arrogance and abusive treatment of Temnobog, and encouraged an upset Belyolen to rebel against his parents by asking him what he would do if he saw someone else being abused like his brother was. According to Amour-De-Soi's oldest brother, Canteros, seeing High King Irminsul and High Queen Arvan get verbally humiliated by their own radiant son was "very satisfying".
  • Cain and Abel: Invoked and exploited. The Elternteil pantheon wanted the pure and compassionate Belyolen to hate the dark and "evil" Temnobog for what he embodied, so they fed Belyolen lies about Temnobog and actively tried blocking him from seeing his brother. This caused Temnobog to attack and sabotage his brother out of spite and resentment, causing Belyolen to oppose him, which delighted their family since they thought Belyolen is finally seeing his dark twin as an abomination that doesn't deserve to live. However, after Belyolen overheard them considering killing Temnobog, he confronted and shamed his family for their abusive hypocrisy and influencing his opinions on what is Good and Evil. It was noted that both brothers took a long time to reconcile because the Elternteil pantheon had done everything they could to separate Belyolen and Temnobog, and make the latter feel like he is utterly unwanted.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: The entire pantheon received one from Belyolen, who, thanks to Amour-De-Soi's encouragement, shamed both his parents and siblings for their hypocrisy, claiming to be "benevolent" and "good" yet abused Temnobog for being born "evil" despite not doing anything to truly warrant such treatment, thus making them truly evil in turn. However, Belyolen also shamed himself for letting the abuse happen and letting everyone influence his opinions on what was "good" and "evil". This caused many of Belyolen's brothers and sisters to side with him, having been overcome with guilt and shame for participating in/condoning the abuse.
  • Fantastic Racism: It's implied - and later confirmed in Irminsul's entry - that many members of the Elternteil Deer Pantheon are xenophobic towards non-Deer and Deer hybrids. This is largely due to their horrific experiences with the Ascendant god Grogar in the First Age, leading to great distrust towards anything "Evil" and "corrupt", as well as their successes in guiding and ruling over mortal Deerkind and their forest realms for centuries while the non-Deer races were often self-destructive, selfish, and incompetent in handling nature. The fact that the Bogolenya Deer deities welcomed non-Deer divines into their pantheon and created "bastard" hybrids strained their relationship with the Elternteil Deer Pantheon. Belyolen rightly fears that both the non-Deer and Deer-hybrid deities would be mistreated should his family ever decide to visit the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon, and has warned his parents that as long as they continue to display their harmful attitudes towards Temnobog and anyone else they deem beneath them, they will not be welcome around him or his pantheon.
    • In one notable incident, an Elternteil deity made Bolezn cry by calling him a "walking, talking trash can" among other insults. The Bogolenya pantheon barely managed to restrain the now enraged Terrors from going after the offender and inflicting a horrible fate for their transgression (though Yarost managed to punch the deity in the face).
    • In another incident, while trying to visit Belyolen and Temnobog, Irminsul got into a heated argument with them where he said horrible things about Temnobog, as well as the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon's non-Deer residents and their hybrid children. A visiting Golden Scepter overheard this, and was so furious that he confronted Irminsul in his true divine form and gave him a epic dressing-down in front of everyone. This terrified the High King so much that he avoids visiting the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon out of fear of bumping into Golden Scepter again.
    • The Elternteil Deer Pantheon also initially planned to punish Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music and Humility, for "stealing" away a few mortal Alvslog Deer subjects in the guise of a mortal Deer stag, when he actually convinced them to abandon their pride, racism, self-righteousness, and reactionary beliefs while still keeping their love for nature. Belyolen intervened by pointing out to Irminsul that harming Blue would anger a staggering amount of people connected to him - from Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, Blue's best friend, all the way up to Golden Scepter himself, who will fly into a protective rage if something were to happen to the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon. All of them, especially Irminsul, immediately got the message and backed off.
  • Holier Than Thou: Deconstructed. Many of its members believed themselves to be benevolent and pure, largely because of their worshipers praising them as such, which gave themselves an excuse to shun and emotionally abuse Temnobog, since in their eyes, he was an evil god who would taint their purity and thus didn't deserve to live among them. The only reason why he was barely tolerated because he was family. When Belyolen overheard his parents and some of his siblings considering the option of killing Temnobog, he got so upset that he later called everyone out on their arrogance and abusive hypocrisy, stating that their claims of supposed "benevolence" fell flat since they abused Temnobog for being born, making them no different than the evils they opposed. This is largely the reason why Belyolen left to form the Bogolenya pantheon so he could get his brother away from the toxic environment at home.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Deconstructed, as their extreme opposition towards anything/anyone perceived as "dark" and "evil" has led to some very serious bad calls of judgement.
    • They abused Temnobog simply for being born as they believed that his dark nature would "taint" the pantheon's benevolence, despite him not having done anything to truly warrant it. This disgusted and upset his pure brother, Belyolen, so much that he later called out the entire pantheon for their arrogant, abusive hypocrisy and left to form his own pantheon, along with several of his siblings who regretted their actions.
    • After catching Scrappus in their divine realm, they welcomed him because they could sense no malice from him, despite him essentially breaking into their house. This would bite them hard in the collective flank, as Scrappus was such a bratty god that he left his hosts battered, injured and/or emotionally traumatized. Because of this, Temnobog is one of few individuals who has a good opinion of Scrappus.
    • They also assumed that Blue Suede Heartstrings was "stealing" their mortal Alvslog Deer subjects away, when he was actually convincing them to abandon their prideful, racist, reactionary, and self-righteous ways while still keeping their love for nature. When they tried to punish him for it, Belyolen intervened and pointed out that hurting Blue over a baseless reason would anger a lot of people, including Blue's best friend, Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, and Golden Scepter, who is friends with the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon. As they realized that confronting an ancient God-Emperor who's more powerful than them is a bad idea, the Elternteil Deer deities decided to drop the case and backed off.
  • A House Divided: The Elternteil Deer Pantheon used to be one single group of Deer gods, many of which mostly embodied the good sides of Deerkind. But after a schism that was caused by disagreements over Deerkind's future and mistreatment of Temnobog, the Deer god of Evil, the pantheon split into three, resulting in the birth of the Bogolenya and Hoyklan pantheons, and leaving the Elternteil deities at lesser numbers than they used to be.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After their High King was driven away from the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon by an enraged Golden Scepter for spouting horribly racist things about Temnobog and its non-Deer/hybrid residents, the Elternteil Deer deities have learned not to mess with one of its sub-pantheons if they are to avoid provoking the Alicorn Emperor's wrath. In one incident, after they discovered that the mortal Deer stag who successfully convinced a few Alvslog Deer to abandon their prideful, racist, reactionary, and self-righteous ways was actually a disguised Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music and Humility, they planned to punish him for "stealing" away their mortal subjects. Belyolen intervened by pointing out that hurting Blue would anger a staggering number of people - Blue's best friend, Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, to Stoltur's family and ultimately Golden Scepter himself. The Elternteil Deer deities immediately got the message and backed off.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • A major part of the reason behind the Elternteil schism was because of their abusive treatment of Temnobog for being born an "evil" god, with the last straw being their consideration of killing him altogether since they couldn't stand his tainted presence. This disgusted and upset his brother, Belyolen, so much that he announced his decision to leave home and shamed everyone for acting like arrogant, abusive hypocrites, stating they became no different than the evils they opposed by abusing someone who didn't warrant such treatment. This caused several of Belyolen's other brothers and sisters to regret their actions and join him in the mass exodus to form the Bogolenya pantheon. It's also noted that one of Amareros's children, the Alicorn goddess of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, had a role in helping Belyolen get the courage needed to confront his hypocritical family out of similar feelings of disgust towards Temnobog's abuse. According to Canteros, Amour-De-Soi's oldest brother, watching the haughty leaders of the Elternteil Deer Pantheon get verbally humiliated by their own favored son was "very satisfying".
    • Years later, they would end up babysitting the young divine Diamond Dog, Scrappus, who was such a Bratty Half-Pint that he left half of their divine realm in ruins, with some of the Deer deities and their servants left battered/injured in embarrassing ways, and the kind and gentle High Queen Arvan being left in tears. While the incident did serve as Laser-Guided Karma for Scrappus, who had a Jerkass Realization and changed his ways, it also served as karma for the Elternteil pantheon, who abused and severely misjudged Temnobog simply because of what he embodied, only to later end up with a real brat that they couldn't sense any malice from. It's because of this incident that Temnobog, who was abused by the Elternteil deities as a fawn for being born "evil", is the only one who has a highly positive opinion of Scrappus.
  • Not So Different:
    • In calling out the pantheon for abusing Temnobog, Belyolen pointed out their hypocrisy, stating that they claimed to be "wise" and "benevolent", but by abusing someone who didn't truly warrant it, they became no different than the evils they opposed.
    • King Strazha Svetilo of Bitaniya has stated that for all their supposed benevolence, he sees the Elternteil pantheon as being no better than extremists in general, since in his eyes they are just insane, self-righteous people who use noble goals as an excuse to impose their will on others, and use Evil methods to fulfill some deluded fantasy that would suit only themselves.
  • Rightly Self-Righteous: Deconstructed. Irminsul's influence and their mortal worshipers' praise has inflated their collective ego, causing the divine Deer to believe that they are superior because they are wise and benevolent beings who protect Deerkind from evil and corruption. However, when Queen Arvan unexpectedly gave birth to Temnobog, almost everyone began emotionally abusing him for being born "evil", seeing him as a mistake that would taint the moral purity of their pantheon. When Belyolen overheard them considering getting rid of Temnobog altogether, he was so upset that he called out everyone on their arrogance and abusive hypocrisy, stating that they've become no different than the evils they opposed by abusing someone who didn't even warrant such mistreatment, while also shaming himself for not protecting Temnobog enough and letting his own family shape his views on what is Good and evil. This caused several of his brothers and sisters to regret their actions, so they sided with Belyolen. It's mentioned, and confirmed, that the Alicorn Primeval of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, helped Belyolen make his decision to leave by encouraging him to do the right thing, as she was similarly disgusted with the Elternteil deities' abuse and complacent arrogance.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: They saw Temnobog as Belyolen's evil cast-off and a "stain" on the Elternteil pantheon's benevolence, and shunned and emotionally abused him because of what he embodied and not what he did to warrant it. True to form, Temnobog did become evil for a time, but only because of what the others did to him.
  • We Have Become Complacent: Likely what led to the Elternteil pantheon's fracturing. The pantheon was so full of benevolent divine Deer that they eventually developed haughty, patronizing attitudes with a great disdain for anything they consider "evil", with no one to keep their behavior in check. The dark Deer god of Evil, Temnobog, was emotionally abused for being born because of this, and it's what led to his hatred of overly Good societies since the absence of Evil causes them to become stagnant (the same thing could be said about overly Evil societies as well).
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: While they're seen as wise and benevolent by their mortal followers, their extreme dedication to Good and Purity corrupted them to the point where they became arrogant and self-righteous. This caused them to abuse Temnobog for being born the embodiment of Evil despite not doing anything to warrant it at the time, and ultimately splintered their pantheon into two sub-groups, one of which was formed by Belyolen, after he became disgusted with his family's hypocrisy and wanted to protect his brother from them. King Strazha of the Erobreseg Deer realms also has a low opinion of them due to his hatred of extremists in general, since in his eyes they're no different than selfish, lazy, and insane people who use noble motives as an excuse to impose their will on others, and use Evil methods to fulfill their deluded fantasies.

    High King Irminsul, Father of All Deerkind 

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Deerkind, Life, Animals, Purification

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"Be stalwart; the forests will protect and provide all. As it always had and shall."

High King Irminsul (his entry here) is the Deer god of Deerkind, Life, Animals, and Purification, the father of Belyolen and Temnobog, and the beloved husband of High Queen Arvan.
  • Abusive Parents:
    • He was this to Temnobog, the God of Evil, Suffering, and Darkness. While Irminsul wasn't physically abusive, he was emotionally neglectful and abusive, seeing him as the living embodiment of taint and corruption that he tried to erase from his then-unborn son. Further enabling the abuse is that Irminsul also saw Temnobog as a walking reminder that he couldn't get rid of his own flaws no matter how hard he tried. Whatever name that he gave Temnobog, it's implied that it wasn't anything good, as Temnobog cast it aside once the Elternteil pantheon splintered. Irminsul also let his family and friends mistreat and shun Temnobog while they showered Belyolen with praise and love, which understandably made Temnobog angry and resentful towards his brother.
    • He was also this towards Belyolen. While Irminsul deeply loved his radiant son, it's made apparent that part of his affection is fueled by his desire for an heir who supposedly bore no flaws and could succeed where he failed. His blatant favoritism and hypocrisy as a parent drove away Belyolen, who was understandably disgusted by the abuse of Temnobog, and started a new pantheon out of love for his brother. It took years of fighting, Mother Deer's interference, a crisis that threatened the entire Bogolenya pantheon and Belyolen's impassioned plea to stand down for Temnobog to reconcile with his brother.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Deerkind, Life, Animals, and Purification.
  • The Beastmaster: His entry notes that as the Deer god of Animals, his psychic influence over animals is unparalleled, being able to psychically communicate with any animal and form mental links with them to see and hear through them. However, this leaves him vulnerable to psychic pain if the animals he's linked to are hurt. His telepathy and empathy are so potent that he could influence almost the entire population of animals within an entire forest, and make even the most ferocious monsters and beasts bend to his will. He can also amplify the emotions of animals and make them focus on certain targets with his rage. Many of Irminsul's mortal subjects are also skilled "beast-masters", as he had personally taught them those skills as part of living harmoniously with nature.
  • Big Good: Subverted. Due to being the leader of the Elternteil pantheon, Irminsul used to be this for all of Deerkind. However, underneath his veneer of benevolence is a flawed person who hates himself for being unable to get rid of his own flaws - when he tried purging his then-unborn son of his flaws and ended up creating both Belyolen and Temnobog, he emotionally abused the latter for being evil and a reminder of his failure, and encouraged his family and peers to do the same. Later, disagreements over how to handle Deerkind's future caused the Elternteil pantheon to split into two independent sub-pantheons: The Hoyklan pantheon and the Bogolenya pantheon. It especially hit hard when Beloylen, his favored elder son, decided to rebel against him and leave with Temnobog because he was disgusted with his brother's mistreatment.
  • Bio Manipulation: His entry notes that as the Deer god of Life, he holds incredible power and mastery over all living things. He can manipulate the biological age of something/someone, including himself, and has strong healing powers to the point where he can fully restore someone to perfect condition and bring them back from death. He can manipulate the fertility of something, making barren lands sprout trees and flowers while increasing their production of fruit and vegetables, but he can also make something infertile indefinitely or steal away a person's life to punish those who exploit and/or harm innocents and the natural ecosystem. His domain of Life gives him some control over plants by manipulating the life energy within them, though Arvan surpasses him in this area due to embodying Earth and Nature. It's also noted that many forests within the Alvslog Deer realms are sanctuaries for animal species that have existed in past Ages, protected from extinction by his blessed followers and champions.
  • Didn't See That Coming: When Belyolen was still in utero, Irminsul tried purging his unborn son's dark urges and flaws, hoping Belyolen would would become a benevolent god that would shun evil and corruption like the other gods. What he didn't expect was the birth of Temnobog, and Belyolen rebelling by leaving and forming his own pantheon over disgust towards his brother's mistreatment.
  • Didn't Think This Through: For a supposedly wise and benevolent god, he made a lot of mistakes that bit him in the ass later.
    • Again, his plan to make his then-unborn son a god of all that is pure and good by magically getting rid of his flaws. This led to the birth of Temnobog, and the emotional abuse he suffered at their hooves turned him genuinely evil for a time, until he reconciled with Belyolen. His actions also enraged Luminiferous, who called Irminsul out on enforcing his twisted ideas of perfection onto his child and compared the stag to the narcissistic, evil Alicorn, Morning Star, stating that they're both similar in believing perfection is the absence of flaws. It's stated that this incident was one of few times Luminiferous became clearly angry instead of just disappointed as usual.
    • He, his wife, and some of his children seriously considered killing Temnobog so they can prevent his evil from "tainting" the elternteil deities's benevolence. Neither of them knew (including Belyolen and Temnobog themselves) that Belyolen and Temnobog were born two halves of the person they would've been thanks to Irminsul's actions, and since they both embodied Good and Evil, killing Temnobog would instantly result in Belyolen's death as Good Needs Evil for Equus to prosper.
  • Fantastic Racism: Deconstructed. He's quite racist towards non-Deer races and even half-Deer hybrids, largely due to past interactions that almost always involved the destruction of Equus' forests for often malicious goals, and his belief that mortal Deerkind must remain unsullied by outside forces in order to prosper. This is one of the reasons why other non-Deer deities and mortals view and treat him with cold disdain.
    • Irminsul's relationship with the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon is rather strained because of this, which motivated Belyolen to keep him and the rest of his Elternteil Deer family away so he could protect the non-Deer/hybrid Bogolenya deities, especially the Four Terrors, from being ostracized and abused. This led to an incident where, during a heated argument with his twin sons, Irminsul said horrible things about Temnobog and non-Deer/hybrid Bogolenya deities. A visiting Golden Scepter overheard, and was so furious that he confronted the High King in his true divine form and gave him an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech in front of everyone, terrifying Irminsul into avoiding the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon from that point on.
    • Irminsul also planned to punish the Alicorn god of Music and Humility, Blue Suede Heartstrings, for "stealing" away a few of his mortal Alvslog Deer subjects under the guise of a mortal Deer stag, when in fact Blue was only convincing them to abandon their prideful, racist, reactionary, and self-righteous ways while still keeping their love for nature. Fortunately, Belyolen saved Blue by pointing out to Irminsul that hurting Blue in any way would invite a staggering amount of deities who do not want to see the Alicorn god hurt - from Prince Stoltur Skjöldur, Blue's close friend, all the way up to Golden Scepter himself, who will fly into a terrible rage if he were to learn of it. Irminsul immediately got the message and got the Elternteil Deer Pantheon to back off.
    • This is also part of the reason (along with his swelled ego) why Irminsul refuses to accept Golden Scepter's attempts to reach out to him and convince him to let go of the arrogance and xenophobia that doomed many mortal/divine rulers in the past. Because Golden Scepter is not a Deer, he has no right to tell him how to rule. This presumably led to the above aforementioned incident with Golden Scepter, as the Alicorn Emperor had lost his patience with Irminsul at that point, and overhearing the High King spout racist things towards his friends pushed him was the last straw.
  • Freudian Excuse: A lot of his less admirable aspects of his character stemmed from unresolved psychological issues that originated in traumatic or unsavory events which he had experienced throughout his existence. However, it's deconstructed in that while his reasons for behaving the way he does are understandable, they still don't excuse the horrible actions he took to make himself appear as the benevolent and wise ruler he believes himself to be.
    • While they were loving and truly meant well, Irminsul's adoptive parents were also very stern and strict in his upbringing, and held very high standards for Irminsul which he constantly had to fulfill. As a result, when he succeeded them as High King of the Elternteil Pantheon after their deaths, Irminsul was left constantly wondering if he could ever match their standards, which developed into self-doubt and eventually, a desperate determination to atone for both perceived and real mistakes that unfortunately led to him making more mistakes than he already had.
    • Despite foreseeing Grogar's rise in the First age and Irminsul's attempts to prevent it from happening, Grogar's attempted conquest of Equus happened anyway, resulting in large regions of Equus' forests beong cut down to fuel Tambelon's war-efforts, and large portions of Irminsul's mortal subjects being massacred or enslaved. Part of the reason behind this massive failure is that Irminsul had ruled extremely well for so long that he grew complacent, and thus he was completely blindsided when the mortal Grogar managed to Ascend. He and Arvan allied themselves with Gaea and the Nature Giants to finally turn the tables, but Grogar escaped punishment by fleeing to the Shadow Realm. This haunted Irminsul deeply even though Gaea never blamed him for it, and instilled in him a deep hatred for anything and anyone he thought were corrupt and dark. This led to him becoming a very emotionally abusive father to Temnobog, seeing him as no different than beings like Grogar just for existing, even though his dark son never did anything to warrant such mistreatment. He even taught his beloved and radiant son, Belyolen, to see Temnobog as an evil abomination that must be destroyed for mortal Deerkind's benefit, and was delighted when Belyolen fought his brother. However, this rigid and puristic stance on morality served as one of the contributing factors in the splintering of the Elternteil Deer Pantheon, with many of his children, including his beloved and radiant son, Belyolen, leaving him behind out of disgust towards what he had done to Temnobog, while many non-Deer divines treat Irminsul with disgust with cold civility.
    • During the Second Age, the retreat of magic forced the Deer pantheon and their people to retreat into seclusion into parallel magical realms to ride out the era. Irminsul would observe the developments of mortal Ponykind, the only race that could survive on a nearly magic-less planet, and was so horrified and disgusted from seeing the damage to nature that the Second Age's technological and heavily-industrialized civilizations that he developed a deep distrust for progress and change in general, believing that such concepts will only lead to mortal Deerkind's self-destruction. Unfortunately, this led the Alvslog Deer Herds becoming prideful, self-righteous, and borderline reactionary just like their divine "father", which is increasingly putting them at risk of being destroyed and overtaken by those who see their customs as obsolete and advocate for progress.
  • Good Is Not Nice: If a supposedly wise and benevolent god saw it fit to mistreat one of his children and consider killing them simply for supposedly being born evil and corrupted, then yes, Irminsul is this trope. As his entry showed, however, much of his behavior stemmed from understandable reasons... though as shown by many other examples in the Codexverse, they still don't justify his horrible actions towards his own family and others.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: In-universe. The Alvslog Deer herds worship and revere him as a benevolent god and loving father who could do no wrong, while Temnobog is depicted as a cackling villain with no redeeming traits at all. In actuality, Irminsul is a well-meaning person who was an emotionally abusive father to Temnobog for something out of his control, felt morally superior because of his own perceived benevolence and the praise he received from his worshipers, and secretly had self-loathing towards his inability to get rid of his own flaws.
  • Holier Than Thou: Deconstructed. Despite being the supreme Top God of the Elternteil pantheon, and being praised as wise and benevolent by his mortal Alvslog Deer worshipers, he has a patronizing, self-righteous, and prideful attitude that causes him to be extremely disdainful of anything he perceives as evil and corrupted, including his own son, Temnobog, despite the latter not doing anything evil at the time. His emotional abuse caused Temnobog to snap and become the evil god his father believed him to be, which only proved to Irminsul that he was "right" and that Temnobog should be killed. This caused Belyolen to call out his entire family, stating that they claimed to be benevolent and wise, but their abuse of Temnobog made them no different from the evils they opposed. It also took a long time for Temnobog to accept that he and Belyolen were equals because of the discord Irminsul sowed between them, until certain truths and Belyolen's impassioned offer to bury the hatchet between them caused him to reconcile with his brother. Mentálne suspects that Irminsul's attitude is a form of Psychological Projection, seeing Temnobog as a "failure" of his attempt to purge his then-unborn son's darker side because he can't get rid of his own flaws.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: As a god of Purification, he is a master of holy magic, and can use it to burn away impurities such as certain poisons, free people from possession by demons, and purify dark magic. One of his favorite techniques consists of him manifesting his holy magic as chains to both restrain and hurt evil and foul entities. In addition, he can channel his holy magic through his own body so he could purify through touch, making him an extremely dangerous foe if confronted in physical combat one-on-one. However, given his warped and puristic morality, he has misused his domain in a few incidents, such as attempting to purify his then-unborn son of his inner evil so he could become a purely benevolent and heroic ruler.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: After his wife gave birth to Temnobog, Irminsul treated him as Belyolen's evil cast-off and encouraged his family and peers to participate in the emotional abuse, thinking that his innate evil will taint the benevolence of the pantheon. Temnobog did become genuinely evil for a time, but only because of what the others did to him. It was only because of Belyolen's love that Temnobog remained on barely civil terms with his former Elternteil peers.
  • Hypocrite: As stated by Belyolen when he called out both his father and his family, Irminsul believed himself to be wise and benevolent, but in abusing Temnobog who truly didn't warrant the treatment, he became no different than the evils he opposed. Belyolen's entry even describes him as a "self-loathing hypocrite".
  • Inferiority Superiority Complex: It's speculated in-universe by Mentálne that Irminsul hates himself for being unable to get rid of his own flaws, and emotionally abused Temnobog as a form of Psychological Projection. Deconstructed in that his behavior drove his favored son, Belyolen, away, as Belyolen was so compassionate that he couldn't bear to see his brother being mistreated, regardless if he was evil or not. It also attracted the disgusted ire of Amour-De-Soi, the Alicorn Primeval of Self-Love who helped a large portion of the Elternteil pantheon break away and join Belyolen.
  • Jerkass: Discussed with Temnobog. Mentálne believes that either Irminsul suffers from untreated Psychological Projection, or he's "just a big jerk" with a superior attitude and extreme bias against anything he perceives as evil. Regardless of the reason, it still didn't excuse the fact that Irminsul was an emotionally abusive parent towards Temnobog for being born.
  • Large and in Charge: He's described as being a tall divine Deer stag who is taller than Golden Scepter's "default" Alicorn form, and he's the Top God of the Elternteil Deer Pantheon. However, his entry notes that Golden Scepter dwarfs him in his true divine form due to being much older, and High King Ragnarøkkr also dwarfs him even in his normal Cervid form for the same reasons.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • After shunning and emotionally abusing Temnobog for being born a "corrupted" god his entire childhood, Irminsul would be devoured by Temnobog years later (though Narren eventually rescued him). Even after his Heel–Face Turn, Temnobog still remained quite resentful of his father, and the only reason Irminsul isn't dead yet is because of Belyolen's benevolent influence on his twin.
    • His bad parenting and favoritism also caused his more beloved son, Belyolen, to rebel and take Temnobog with him, along with a significant portion of the Elternteil pantheon who agreed with Belyolen's beliefs. This left the once-mighty Elternteil pantheon much smaller than it once was. It's noted that while Belyolen still loves his father, their current relationship is quite strained.
    • He ended up being the unfortunate babysitter of the divine Diamond Dog, Scrappus, who gave him hell by acting like a Bratty Half-Pint incarnate while staying over in Roedinia. This was after he kept judging Temnobog and fully expecting his dark-furred son to become evil (which he wasn't, initially). Due to his great hatred for his father, Temnobog remains the only person who developed a liking for Scrappus.
    • He also gets a chewing-out from Luminiferous, who is rightly enraged with him for enforcing his twisted ideas of perfection onto his then-unborn son and thus leading to the creation of Belyolen and Temnobog. Luminiferous even states that he's no different than the evil, narcissistic Alicorn, Morning Star, who also believed in perfection as the absence of flaws.
    • After trying to visit Belyolen and Temnobog, he ended up getting into a heated argument with his twin sons, and said horrible things about Temnobog and the non-Deer Bogolenya deities and their "bastard" hybrid children. This enraged a visiting Golden Scepter so much that he confronted Irminsul in his true divine form and gave him a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech in front of everyone. This left Irminsul so terrified of Golden Scepter that he avoids visiting the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon out of fear of bumping into him again.
  • Light 'em Up: He's noted to have light-based magic in relation to his domain of Life, with some of his techniques being firing streams of pure light and forming protective barriers of light against darkness.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Invoked; Irminsul tried to make his then-unborn son a "benevolent" god like him, but that resulted in the birth of Temnobog. His plans continued to backfire as Belyolen became his own person, to the point where he rebelled by calling his family out on their abusive hypocrisy and leaving home to form the Bogolenya pantheon so he could protect Temnobog.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • After an enraged Golden Scepter confronted him in his true divine form and gave him an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech in front of the entire Bogolenya Deer Pantheon, Irminsul was left so terrified that he avoids visiting the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon in general on the off-chance that Golden Scepter might be there as well.
    • After learning that an outsider, Blue Suede Heartstrings, convinced a few Alvslog Deer to abandon their prideful, racist, reactionary, and self-righteous ways, he planned to punish the Alicorn god of Music and Humility for "stealing" away his mortal subjects. However, Belyolen pointing out the possibility of facing Golden Scepter's terrible wrath again if Blue were to be harmed quickly nips that plan in the bud, forcing both Irminsul and the Elternteil Deer Pantheon to back off and leave Blue alone.
  • Parental Favoritism: Deconstructed. He favored Belyolen over Temnobog, as the former was intended to be a god of lightness and all that was good while the latter was just his brother's tainted cast-off. This led to a messed-up childhood that drove Temnobog against his own brother for a long time because of the inferiority complex he developed. Belyolen was also disgusted by the attention and his brother's treatment, so he rebelled and left to form the Bogolenya pantheon.
  • Psychic Powers: It's noted in his entry that he has strong psychic powers that are enhanced by his divine domain of Deerkind, such as telekinesis, telepathy, empathy, and precognition. However, he pales in comparison to Golden Scepter, who is not only far older than him, but also embodies Psionics and was born a "prodigy" deity, making him a far more powerful psychic.
  • Psychological Projection: Mentálne suspects that Irminsul suffers from this - he hates himself for being unable to get rid of his own flaws. When he tried to get rid of Belyolen's flaws and ended up creating Temnobog, he's stuck with a reminder that he's flawed himself, which resulted in the emotional abuse Temnobog suffered as a fawn. Either that, or he's just a Holier Than Thou Jerkass.
  • Rage Breaking Point: After dealing with Scrappus, a very young and bratty Diamond Dog god, and his mischievously destructive antics in his own realm one too many times, Irminsul punished Scrappus by turning him into a worm and swallowing him as a form of "time-out". This caused Scrappus to realize what a bratty jerk he was, so he promised to redeem himself once he got out of Irminsul's stomach.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • His emotional abuse of Temnobog simply for being born "evil" isn't a good idea. Irminsul hated Temnobog because he embodied the flaws Irminsul tried to purge from his elder son, and is a walking reminder of his own failure to get rid of his own flaws. Regardless of the reason, the emotional abuse messed up Temnobog and made him hateful enough that he genuinely became evil, and tried to sabotage and even kill his kindhearted brother for a time. Even after his Heel–Face Turn, Temnobog still has unresolved issues that took a long time to heal, and has tried to kill/sabotage his father if he thinks he can get away with it.
    • Likewise, his favoritism of Belyolen caused his son to notice how everyone, including his own parents, were mistreating Temnobog just for being born with a dark and "evil" nature. This ultimately caused him to leave the Elternteil pantheon so he could start his own. Just because he was made The Paragon, doesn't mean he's ignorant to injustice and suffering.
    • He's quite racist towards non-Deer individuals/groups due to experiences with Grogar and what he saw in the Second Age, and looks down on the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon for including both non-Deer divines and "bastard" hybrids. This got him in trouble with Golden Scepter, who was enraged by the horrible things he said about Belyolen and Temnobog's families, and confronted him in front of everyone while in his true divine form. It's noted that the dressing-down Irminsul received was so vicious that he avoided visiting the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon out of fear of bumping into Golden Scepter again.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: He would receive a vicious dressing-down from an enraged Golden Scepter, who revealed his true divine form and publicly confronted Irminsul after overhearing the High King say horrible things about Temnobog and the non-Deer/hybrid Bogolenya deities. Irminsul was left so terrified that he avoided visiting the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon on the off-chance that he might encounter Golden Scepter again.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: He tried to get rid of Belyolen's flaws, and when it resulted in Temnobog's birth instead, he constantly shunned and emotionally abused Temnobog, hoping he would go away and not taint his brother. Temnobog did become evil, but only because of the treatment he experienced as a fawn.
  • Swallowed Whole: His antagonistic offspring, Temnobog, once tried to do this to him, swallowing him whole in the form of a monstrous wyrm after stripping Irminsul of his powers. Irminsul himself also did this to Scrappus when the Annoying Pup pushed him too far with his antics, and it is noted that he also did this to many threats and enemies of the Elternteil Pantheon and their mortal children, sealing them away inside his body. It is noted that this is a common tactic used in many a Divine Conflict, made possible and necessary due to their divine natures and how hard and problematic it is to actually kill a deity.
  • Top God: He became one for all the Deer deities in the First Age when the previous leaders of a preceding Deer Pantheon - who were also his adoptive parents - were killed in a great crisis, forcing him and Arvan to rally their allies and adoptive kin together in order to protect mortal Deerkind. This led to the birth of the Elternteil Deer Pantheon, which he and Arvan ruled over as High King and High Queen, respectively. However, a slew of mistakes trying to create an heir who would succeed where he failed ended up fracturing the pantheon; his radiant son, Belyolen, left with the first group to form the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon over disagreements towards Temnobog's emotional abuse and mortal Deerkind's future, while the second group formed the Hoyklan Deer Pantheon that would be worshiped by the Nordskelt Deer Herds. Now he's only ruling over one of the main Deer pantheons.
  • Vicariously Ambitious: His entry reveals that this is the reason why he made his infamous decision to purify his then-unborn son in the womb. He was so full of self-loathing over his own failures as a High King that after he had a vision of a powerful divine stag saving Deerkind from an encroaching darkness and leading them to prosperity, he sought to make his then-unborn son "pure" and devoid of all flaws and evil, so his son could succeed where he himself had failed. Of course, it backfired spectacularly, resulting in the birth of Belyolen and his younger twin brother, Temnobog. Golden Scepter strongly suspects this trope to be the case after Belyolen talked about his disagreements with Irminsul over what an ideal ruler should be, so when he asks Belyolen about it, Belyolen is shaken by the possibility that his father only taught him how to rule well so he could experience his son's achievements, though he strongly hopes otherwise.
    "Father always tried to do what is best for us... but there are things that we... came to blows over," Belyolen explained delicately, as if his father and sovereign of mortal Deerkind was somehow still there, listening in. "For example, our leadership. After Temnobog and I discovered our true natures, we realized that keeping a balance of Good and Evil is essential to all things, even ruling a kingdom. Father... well, I think he believes that a perfect ruler should be WITHOUT flaws. And since I am without flaws..." The radiant stag trailed off.

    Golden Scepter frowned, his vast psychic powers revealing to him what Belyolen wanted to say, but couldn't bring himself to. "...Do you think that your father is trying to live through you?" he asked honestly.

    Belyolen's gentle eyes widened with shock, before he turned away from the antediluvian Alicorn god. "I... I hope not. I know Father wants me to be a great ruler. I know he does. I mean, he taught me everything he could. How else do you think the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon survived all those years?" He laughed, but Golden Scepter detected a hint of nervousness. "Father has his... weaknesses, that much is certain. But I don't think he would be so willing... to..."

    Belyolen didn't know how long he had been quiet until he felt a large wing drape his back. It felt gentle and warm... even fatherly.

    "Well, in that case..." Golden Scepter said before he smiled. "You were right to get away from him. Perhaps one day he will open his eyes and truly see the mistakes he made with you and your brother."

    Though Belyolen's mouth smiled in great appreciation, his eyes bore cautious hope. "Being optimistic, Emperor?" The radiant stag joked.

    "Someone has to be."
  • Would Hurt a Child: He was one of the deities who called for Flœrð's death/suppression because he didn't want a prophesied child to wipe out his biological children, even if they did rebel against him. He even made it clear to Kaldr that he's not going to let Flœrð lead the Hoyklan Deer to their doom, further implying this trope. This angered Kaldr, who threatened to put Irminsul in an "icy time out" if he talks derogatorily about his adoptive son again.

    High Queen Arvan, Mother of All Deerkind 
The wife of High King Irminsul, and the mother of Belyolen and Temnobog.
  • Abusive Parents: Like her husband, she was emotionally abusive and neglectful towards Temnobog, and would treat him as her elder son's evil cast-off. The only reason why she (barely) tolerated him was because he was her son and thus family. However, the last straw was talking with Irminsul about the possibility of getting rid of Temnobog altogether, which Belyolen overheard and caused him to later call out his entire family for being arrogant, abusive hypocrites. It's implied that while Temnobog hates his father, his relationship with his mother wasn't very good, either. Belyolen still loves Arvan to a degree as he does Irminsul, but has firmly warned both parents that they are not welcome around him or the Bogolenya pantheon if they do not change their harmful attitudes.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: She and the rest of the pantheon were called out by Belyolen, who shamed them for their arrogant, abusive hypocrisy and stated that by abusing Temnobog for being born, even though didn't do anything to warrant it, they became no better than the evils they opposed.
  • The High Queen: Subverted. Her rank in the Elternteil pantheon is indeed "High Queen", and she's known for being kind and gentle, yet in reality she's a well-meaning but very flawed individual. Her twin sons, Belyolen and Temnobog, remember her as an emotionally abusive mother who mistreated Temnobog for being born the embodiment of his brother's flaws and evils, while showering Belyolen with love and praise for being born pure and good. After Belyolen overheard her talking to her husband, Irminsul, about the option killing Temnobog, he was so upset that he later called out the entire pantheon for their arrogance and abusive hypocrisy, stating that they became no different than the evils they oppose by mistreating someone who's actually blameless. Belyolen also made clear to his parents that they are not welcome near the Bogolenya pantheon if they continue displaying harmful attitudes towards those who don't fit their standards.
  • Holier Than Thou: Deconstructed. Her worshipers' praise of her caused her to become arrogant and patronizing, and her harmful attitudes also caused her to abuse Temnobog, her own son, for being born "evil" despite not truly warranting the mistreatment. This turned her favored son, Belyolen, away from her to the point of shaming her for her abusive hypocrisy. After the Bogolenya pantheon was formed, Belyolen made it clear to his mother that she's not welcome around him or his pantheon if she doesn't change her behavior.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Deconstructed.
    • She abused Temnobog for being born "evil", even though he hadn't done anything to warrant it, and made it clear that he was unwanted. This caused the miserable dark fawn to snap and attack Belyolen out of spite and resentment, creating a series of long, terrible conflicts that took years to resolve because of the harmful attitudes and teachings she gave to her twin children. Belyolen was so disgusted that he shamed his family for their arrogant, abusive hypocrisy and left to form the Bogolenya pantheon so he could protect his brother.
    • She welcomed the young Diamond Dog god, Scrappus, into the Elternteil pantheon's divine realm because she sensed no malice in him. Turns out that Scrappus was such a brat that he destroyed half of said divine realm, and traumatized her so much that she was left in absolute tears.
  • Hypocrite: As stated by Belyolen when he called out both his mother and his family, she believed herself to be wise and benevolent, but in abusing Temnobog who truly didn't warrant the treatment, she became no different than the evils she opposed.
  • Jerkass Realization: She gave a hint during 'Final Ragnarok', when she and other goddesses of the three Deer Pantheons battled High Queen Kunnusta of the Shadowed Ones, that she's starting to have second thoughts about how she treated Temnobog, she alone of all combatants expressing her pity to Kunnusta when they discovered she doesn't really know what love even is, having never been shown any of it by her husband, siblings, or anyone.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: She abused Temnobog for being born and even considered killing him due to what he embodied, which later caused a disgusted Belyolen to call out both her and the entire pantheon for their abusive hypocrisy, stating that they're all no better than the evils they opposed, before he left to form the Bogolenya pantheon. Years later, she would end up with the young Diamond Dog god, Scrappus, who turned out to be a real brat despite having no malice in him. Babysitting him was so difficult that she was left in tears.
  • Parental Favoritism: Deconstructed. Like Irminsul, she showered Belyolen with love and praise for being a god of all that is good, while shunning Temnobog for being his brother's evil cast-off. This caused Temnobog to hate his parents and brother (though things cooled off in the latter case), while Belyolen rebelled and left to form the Bogolenya pantheon so he could get Temnobog away from the toxic environment, because as the embodiment of Deerkind's positive traits, he couldn't bear to see his brother being mistreated any longer.
  • Rightly Self-Righteous: Deconstructed. She is a benevolent deity, but gradually let her mortal worshipers' praise go to her head, causing her to be extremely disdainful of anything she perceives as "evil", regardless if they actually did evil things or not. This led to her emotionally abusing her son, Temnobog, for being born dark and corrupted, which in turn eventually led to Temnobog snapping and becoming genuinely evil out of spite and hatred.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: She of all people expressed her pity at High Queen Kunnusta for having never truly known love from her abusive husband or any other being. Whether or not this hints at a potential Jerkass Realization over how she treated Temnobog remains to be seen.
  • Wham Line: During the 'Final Ragnarok' arc, she said three words at the realization that Kunnusta, a fellow High Queen who's a Shadowed One and far older than her, hadn't been shown love by her peers and husband/brother, and as a result she doesn't really know what love even is.
    High Queen Arvan: "You poor creature."

    Narren, the Joyous Prince 

Classification: Ethereal/Elemental

Porfolio: Music, Guile, Celebration

Rank: ???

One of the youngest members of the Eltenteil Deer Pantheon, Narren the Joyous Prince is a god of music, Guile and Celebration who became renown among the Pantheon and their worshippers when the merry jester, whose youth and antics once made him rather disregarded, faced off against the Deer God of Evil, Darkness and Suffering Temnobog to save his grandfather High King Irminsul from , in a famous legend that remain widely recounted to this day, even if the details are not exactly accurate.

  • The Bard: As a god of music and celebration, he is a patron of Alvslog Deer bards and is more or less one himself. He sometimes take the stage to sing about his own legendary confrontation with Temnobog with his own followers, on the festival celebrating that very famous legend.
  • Batman Gambit: Narren pulled two in the same confrontation with his Evil Uncle Temnobog.
    • If Temnobog accepts his shape-shifting challenge in exchange for his grandfather, Narren would likely win due to being a Trickster God more versed in shape-shifting then even his Evil Uncle. Temnobog could decline and leave, taking Irminsul with him sealed inside his body, but as the author(s) of the legend notes, doing so would make him a laughing-stock among the gods for being afraid of 'a young fool''s challenge, and his deed would eventually be found out anyway. So he had to take it.
    • The next one crosses over with a Xanatos Gambit and Gambit Roulette: Temnobog knows that he would lose to Narren in the contest, but would not suffer to release his hated father to Narren, leading to him tricking Narren into shape-shifting into a small creature so he could surprise and eat him too before he could change back, sealing away the only witness to his deed. According to the legend, however, Narren was ''counting'' on Temnobog eating him too so he could go inside Temnobog's bowels to rescue his grandfather.
  • Guile Hero: Goes with his portfolio. Knowing he is usually out-matched in raw power and combat experience, Narren fights his battles with wits, cunning and liberal application of trickery. Also proclaims and sing about heroes of the Alvslog Deer Herds as a patron of bards, which inevitably includes guile heroes like himself.
  • The Prankster: Used to pull pranks on his family and others and take nothing seriously, which annoyed everyone to no end. If the legend behind his famous confrontation with Temnobog is accurate, he was quite giddy at the prospect of being finally able to pull a prank on his Evil Uncle.
  • The Trickster: Is known for this, and it shows in his confrontation with Temnobog by pulling a double-layered trick on him: realizing he's outmatched, he challenged Temnobog to a contest of shape-shifting, knowing as a Trickster God he holds an advantage over even his Evil Uncle. But Temnobog is crafty himself, who knows he would lose in a fair contest, and so tricked Narren in turn by challenging him to turn into a Breezie - then grabbing and swallowing him before he could change back. That, however, was revealed to be part of Narren's plan, as it allows him to traverse his Evil Uncle's body and rescue his devoured-and-sealed grandfather himself.

    King Aspen 

Classification: Ascendant

Rank: Godling

The king of the Alvslog Deer realms, and father of Prince Bramble.

  • Adaptational Badass: In the comics, he was just the ruler of the Deers of Thicket, presumably skilled in druidic magic. In the Codexverse, he's an Ascendant Godling.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied, as he's described in Zecora's profile as an "Ascendant Godling".
  • Enemy Mine: While he generally has a very dim view against Ponykind, Zecora managed to talk him into opposing the Storm Empire's forces by revealing that the Storm King's motives aren't very eco-friendly.
  • Fantastic Racism: He had a great disdain for non-Deer, and his self-righteous attitude and refusal to accept outside help largely hindered the ponies' efforts to stop Well-To-Do. The comic adaptation of the Well-To-Do incident was written by radical supporters to tone this down in an attempt to make him look far better than his pony allies and the Equestrian Princesses, who weren't even there at the time.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: He has a white/light-brown pelt and golden antlers to indicate his divine nature, something that wasn't apparent in the comics.
  • Holier Than Thou: Much like High King Irminsul, unfortunately. It's deconstructed in that during the Well-To-Do incident, his arrogance and disdain for ponies made him largely, unhelpful, belligerent, as he kept refusing the ponies' offers to help him stop Well-To-Do, and the ponies' efforts were largely unhindered by his self-righteous and eco-extremist attitudes. His radical supporters tried to tone this down in an attempt to make him look far better than his pony allies and the Equestrian Princesses, who weren't even there at the time.
  • Immortal Ruler: Implied; as an Ascendant Godling, he possesses the same immortality as other typical divines, allowing him to rule for so long.
  • Nature Lover: Like the Alvslog Deer, King Aspen is a devout follower and supporter of nature. However, he takes it to such extremes that Battryu, a Knight Templar who would willingly and uncaringly commit genocide if Equus's ecosystem is changed, is put off by the royal stag's eco-extremist attitude.
  • Papa Wolf: One of his few redeeming traits is his deep love for his son, Prince Bramble. When Well-To-Do kidnapped Bramble and threatened to have an "accident" befall the young fawn, Aspen willingly sold himself into slavery just to ensure Bramble's safety. And once Well-To-Do was thoroughly exposed and on his last legs, Aspen had a Hydra devour him whole, which was noted to be seen as overkill by the others but perfectly acceptable since Aspen was well in his rights to enact vengeance for what Well-To-Do had done to him and his son.


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