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Here is a list of Draconequus characters from the Equestrian Pantheon.

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Equestrian Pantheon (Draconequui)

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    Duchess Vyléčit, the Mad Doctor 

Classification: Ethereal/Elemental

Portfolio: Healing, Medicine, Doctors

Rank: Divine (Tier II/Lesser)

"The nature of science and medicine is truly fascinating. Of course, conducting research means more creatures on the operating table..."

Duchess Vyléčit (her entry here) is the Deer-Draconequus goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors, and is an infernal joint-member of the Equestrian and Bogolenya Deer Pantheons.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's a Deer-Draconequus goddess who embodies Healing, Medicine, and Doctors.
  • Armor-Piercing Response: Upon being confronted by Stækka over her puristic quest in staying a 'good' goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors, she demanded to know why she was born. She is stunned when her father replies that he had similar questions in his youth, which leads to Stækka showing her the truth of her existence when she presses further.
    "But how am I evil, Father?! How can I be if I was born embodying Healing and Medicine?!" Vyléčit shouted.

    For a moment, Stækka looked pained, as he remembered asking Bolezn a similar question regarding his own domains many centuries ago. Then, he sighed with such sorrow.

    "...You are not the only one who asked that question, Vyléčit," Stækka replied softly.

    Vyléčit found herself rooted to her spot in shock. Her father, the god of Life, Wealth, and Growth, bearing doubts over his identity, too? Just how bad it was to make him question who he was?

    "How?" Vyléčit asked hoarsely.

    She didn't expect what came next.
  • Bastard Bastard: She is a sadistic Deer goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors who was born from Brother–Sister Incest. However, it's subverted as she devotes her evil nature to constructive purposes.
  • Black-and-White Insanity: Narrowly averted. In her attempts to stay a benevolent goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors, she tried repressing the evil nature that she inherited from her parents, thinking that her inner evil is the reason why some of her patients started resenting her for saving them. This only made her dangerously close to falling into madness, which would have had bad consequences for everyone had Stækka not intervened, thanks to Hnignun's predictions. While learning the truth of her contrasting nature and domains hurt her greatly, she came to realize her parents were right after some self-reflection, and returned to her duties as a constructively Evil goddess.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: She's the eldest daughter of Prince Stækka and his younger fraternal twin sister, Princess Hnignun. After reconciling with Hnignun, Stækka gradually fell in love with her (and vice-versa), largely due to their divine portfolios being closely intertwined. It wasn't long until they slept with each other, with Vyléčit being the end result.
  • Color Motif: Black and white, which she inherited from her parents. Like her father Stækka, she's a white-furred Deer-Draconequus with black spots and gradients similar to that of her mother, Hnignun. She also has black antlers like her great-grandfather, Temnobog. Her color scheme is a symbolic representation of how good intentions and things can be corrupted by evil.
  • Cruel to Be Kind: She firmly believes that a doctor cannot help a patient heal without hurting them first, such as performing surguries to excise it or realigning the bones of a fractured limb. She also believes that it is sometimes best to let a patient die if their suffering is too great to be cured. Because of her mindset, she sees Medicina's oath of doing no harm extremely foolish, and has been teaching the Zebralicorn goddess to think the same.
    Duchess Vyléčit: (to Medicina) To say 'Do no harm' is to delude oneself as a doctor. In the medical field, you must harm your patients in order to help them heal. You cannot help a creature heal from a tumor without first excising it, or restore a fractured limb without realigning the bones first. And sometimes, when the pain becomes too great to be alleviated, death can be the greatest of mercies.
  • Dr. Jerk: She's outright called this by Cultura. Though a skilled doctor and healer, she acts like an arrogant, dismissive, and Insufferable Genius, and she shows a severe Lack of Empathy towards her patients. She acts this way towards the damned shades in her parents’ hell-fiefs, since her job is to punish those who pursued healing and medicine to unfettered extremes... that being said, her behavior has leaked into her interactions with her family and allies at times, which she's trying to reduce.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: She opposes 'Destructive Evil' and those who practice it, especially Sadists who became doctors to satisfy their urges to experiment on innocent people. She once confronted with Moon Ray Vaughoof a group of Abominable Alignment scientists who, among other horrible things, got their victims addicted to Psycho Serums. Said scientists begged the authorities to arrest them after everything was said and done.
  • Evil Counterpart:
    • To Medicina. Both are goddesses who embody concepts related to healing, medicine, and doctors, but unlike Medicina, a benevolent goddess who embodies Modern Medicine, Surgery, and Doctors, Vyléčit is a Sadist (though a constructive one) who embodies the unfettered/amoral aspects of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors. Vyléčit also sees nothing wrong with weaponizing her domains or performing twisted experiments on others with them, while Medicina is a staunch pacifist who primarily focuses on healing the sick and injured. Vyléčit sees Medicina's oath of 'Do no harm' as extremely foolish and has been teaching her that it's sometimes necessary to be Cruel to Be Kind when not opposing/tempting her.
    • To Moon Ray Vaughoof. As a goddess of Medicine, Vyléčit's powers revolve around creating various medicines, drugs, and chemicals, whereas Moon Ray's original powers as a god of Temperance and Water revolve around overcoming addictions and purging various poisons and pollutants, respectively. Vyléčit embodies the amoral/wicked aspects of doctors and thus has no qualms about spreading/encouraging drug addictions in others, while Moon Ray is a former drug/alcohol addict who is determined to help addicts become sober and prevent others from becoming addicted. Their opposing beliefs and activities has led to them and their mortal followers clashing more than once, but outside of that, there's no hard feelings between them.
    • Ironically, she serves as a 'good' counterpart to Závislost, a Fallen relative of hers through her Fallen twice-great grandmother, Ispita. Both Vyléčit and Závislost can create addictive drugs, but Vyléčit devotes her powers to spreading constructive Evil, whereas Závislost, as the Fallen god of Drug Addiction, gets people addicted to drugs for his own amusement. Her hatred of Závislost is one thing Vyléčit can agree with Moon Ray on.
  • Evil Versus Evil: She is truly enraged by acts of 'Destructive Evil', which are noted to be one of few things that can break her stoic demeanor. Those who become doctors purely out of sadism receive her worst punishments upon death. She also opposes the Children of Ispita, especially Závislost, a Fallen god of Drug Addiction who gets people addicted to drugs out of sadistic amusement; it's one thing she and Moon Ray agree on.
  • Generation Xerox: Like her father, Stækka, she develops a puristic mindset as a result of embodying 'good' concepts like Healing and Medicine, concluding that someone with such a portfolio has to be good. In trying to heal all the sick and injured, she ends up doing more harm than good, spurring her to double-down on her efforts. A concerned family member forces her to see the truth of the matter, which sends her into a Villainous Breakdown, but ultimately she is able to come to terms with her existence and starts using her domains for constructive evil.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Averted. She wears safety goggles, which are for protecting the eyes when conducting scientific and medical experiments/research.
  • Good Needs Evil: Initially, she was greatly confused over her existence as an evil goddess with 'good' domains, which made her believe that as a goddess of Healing, Medicine, and Doctors, she has to be good. Her actions in staying good only served to drive her closer to insanity until Stækka intervened and revealed the truth behind her existence: She was born to show sapientkind what happens when good things and concepts are corrupted for evil. Naturally, the truth hurt her greatly, especially after seeing many amoral/wicked doctors pervert her domains for their own ends. But after a period of self-reflection, she came to realize her parents were right and returned to her duties as a constructively evil goddess.
  • Good Powers, Bad People: She embodies benevolent concepts like Healing, Medicine, and Doctors... except Vyléčit embodies the bad sides of her domains. It got deconstructed when, in her youth, Vyléčit suffered from identity confusion because she was born an 'evil' goddess with 'good' domains, which influenced her to defy her evil nature by becoming a benevolent doctor who heals people. When people started resenting Vyléčit for saving them, she blamed it on her evil nature and tried repressing it. This only led to her suffering a Sanity Slippage that, according to Hnignun's predictions, would have led to great tragedy later on. Stækka confronted Vyléčit and told his daughter the truth: Vyléčit was born to show what happens if people perverted good things for evil, or pursued good things to unfettered extremes. The truth naturally hurt Vyléčit, but her parents comforted her, and she eventually comes to the conclusion that her parents are right and resumes her duties as a constructively evil goddess, making it a reconstruction.
  • Healing Hands: As a goddess of Healing, she is talented in healing magic, and she shares this domain with her younger cousin, Medik. Like Medik, she's capable of restoring severe wounds and even bringing back affected individuals from near-death. She can also apply healing spells to herself, empower the healing abilities of both deities and mortals (if they have any), and treat even divinely-made injuries and plagues. When enraged, Vyléčit can use her healing powers to ensure that injuries don’t heal correctly, resulting in the healed being left much worse off than they were before. And as a goddess of Doctors, she can heal those working under her should they get hurt on the job.
  • Insufferable Genius: Though a skilled doctor and healer, her intelligent, logical mindset can make her seem arrogant and dismissive, and she has a severe lack of empathy towards those she treats. While she acts this way towards the damned shades in her parents’ hell-fiefs, her insufferableness has leaked into her interactions with her family and allies at times, which she is trying to reduce. Her desire to provide scientific explanations for everything can ironically make her close-minded, especially since there are weirder things that require no such explanation. Due to her profession, she's also a Dr. Jerk.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Mad Doctor", due to being an intelligent yet sadistic Mad Scientist who experiments on her patients, and being a goddess who embodies amoral/villainous Doctors.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name can mean "heal", "cure", and/or medicine in Czech. Ironically, she embodies the evil aspects of Medicine and Healing, showing what happens if both are pursued to unfettered extremes.
  • Mercy Kill: She believes that letting patients die is a necessary solution for situations where they are too far gone to be saved, which stems from her experiences of being resented by patients who suffered even more after having their lives saved. She's trying to teach this lesson to Medicina so the latter could understand she cannot save everyone.
  • Mind over Matter: As a goddess of Doctors, she has refined telekinetic abilities, which allow her to manipulate surgical and medical tools associated with her profession.
  • Not So Stoic: She becomes truly enraged whenever people commit acts of 'Destructive Evil', especially doctors who only got into the profession to satisfy their own sadism.
  • Psychic Powers: Her domain of Doctors gives her telepathic and telekinetic abilities.
  • Sadist: Much like her father, Stækka, she is sadistic towards the damned shades she punishes. Before she joined the Equestrian Pantheon, she helped her parents perform gruesome experiments on the damned shades, keeping them 'alive' with her healing powers to extend their torment, while forcing them to ingest newly-created medicines, poisons, and drugs to test their effectiveness. Her targets are often amoral and/or wicked doctors, scientists, and other researchers whenever she sojourns in the mortal planes, and she would tempt them into using unfettered methods in their practices. Those who resist her are spared, while those who give in to their corruption are damned upon death. Ironically, she hates people who only become doctors out of sadism and gives them her worst punishments.
  • The Stoic: While she inherited her studious, quiet personality from her mother and her sadism from her father, she has a stoic and logic-driven personality that none of her parents have.
  • Super Empowering: As a goddess of Doctors, she can empower doctors working under her with various buffs, such as enhanced intelligence, stamina, and precision. She also becomes much stronger when working in places that are populated by doctors, such as a laboratory or hospital, including makeshift ones. Though as the embodiment of amoral/villainous Doctors, she becomes stronger when working alongside them, whether in the Hell-Realms or the mortal planes. This means that she becomes weaker once she is deprived of allies.
  • Sympathy for the Hero: While High King Irminsul could hardly be called a hero, Vyléčit nonetheless feels nothing but pity and disappointment for her thrice-great-grandfather, in contrast to many who are simply angry with him. This stems from the fact that despite knowing of the horrible things Irminsul did to his family and others, Vyléčit knows that much of his behavior stems from him being deeply in denial over his own flawed nature, much like how she felt towards her own inherently depraved nature in her youth.
  • Telepathy: As a goddess of Doctors, she has refined telepathic abilities, which allow her to communicate with doctors effectively and coordinate them in extremely difficult operations.

    Prince Touha, the Prince of Lust 

Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant

Portfolio: Lust, Passion, Desire

Rank: Divine (Tier III/Intermediate; formerly a demigod)

"Lust and Passion is like a fire. Stoke it too much, and you will burn."

Prince Touha (his entry here) is the Deer-Draconequus god of Lust, Passion, and Desire, and is one of Pokhot's older sons who is a joint-member of the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon and the Equestrian Pantheon.
  • Animal Motifs: His chimeric traits are based on animals that are associated with lust, passion, and/or desire, such as Rams, Purple Starlings, Roosters, Tigers, and Weasels. He also has the eyes and fangs of a Viper, representing how simple pursuits can be corrupted to unfettered extremes.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He's a Deer-Draconequus god who embodies Lust, Passion, and Desire.
  • Attention Whore: He can be an 'attention whore' at times, as seeking attention from others is another form of lust and desire. This might be partially why he behaves like a Large Ham like his friend, Pourrir.
  • Big Brother Instinct: He was enraged with those of his siblings who mistreated Lenost for being "lazy" and not working in spreading 'constructive Evil' like they are. When Lenost approached him for protection and later revealed his plans to run away from home to indulge in his slothfulness in peace, he warns their mother Pokhot of what was going on. He would later grant Lenost his own sub-estate in his own hell-fief so he could be there to quickly lend aid should his brother need it.
  • Blank Book: This is used by him as a punishment in his hell-fief. Damned shades who pursued knowledge to unfettered extremes in life will be placed in libraries with books that are filled with only nonsensical placeholder text, making them utterly useless for knowledge-seekers. Stitching Time recognizes said placeholder text as Lorem Ipsum, which originated in the Second Age.
    Princess Stitching Time: ...You put Lorem Ipsum text in here, didn't you?
    Prince Touha: I don't know what that is, but putting random things in a book felt like a really good idea for a punishment.
  • Blue Blood: He was born the son of an increasingly depraved and hedonistic Deer noble. After moving in with his mother and being granted his own hell-fief for his deeds, he essentially became divine royalty.
  • The Casanova: Owing to his very nature, he is an extremely seductive and lustful person, though a large part of it was influenced by his mortal noble father, himself a Depraved Bisexual. When he was a demigod, he was such a skilled and beautiful violinist that he gained multiple admirers of both genders, and proceeded to have affairs with said admirers, earning his title as "the Prince of Lust". After Ascending to true godhood, he would expand his horizons to his own divine champions, siblings, and children in addition to the lovers he already had... but unlike his father, who treated his own lovers like playthings and disposable tools, he treated all of his lovers well. The fact that he (somehow) remained youthfully handsome and fertile drew resentment from his aging father to the point of becoming increasingly abusive and wicked later on.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: Being the Prince of Lust, he had many lovers over the centuries, and he's this to those he genuinely loved when not fulfilling his role as a constructively evil deity. He also regularly spies on his family with Lust-based observational spells whenever they participate in depraved hedonism. But he greatly appreciates it whenever people express genuine love, passion, and desire for others, as he rather enjoyed watching his little brother Stoltur have loving and consensual sex with his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus Melodia Equestria.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was born to a hedonistic and corrupt noble who gradually resented him and his mother for inexplicably remaining youthful and fertile. Despite this, he still believe his father loved him until Pokhot showed him otherwise. He would kill and damn his unrepentant father during a 'Calling the Terrors' event, but he was so traumatized that to cope, he created illusionary fantasy worlds where his father repented and became a genuinely loving parent. When Pokhot tried intervening out of concern, he attacked his mother, forcing his older/younger siblings to restrain him while Pokhot dispelled his fantasies for his own good. He became extremely depressed afterwards, especially after learning he nearly followed in his parents' hoofsteps in self-destructive indulgence and denial, but being forced to see the truth also allowed him to heal.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He embodies the bad, unfettered aspects of Lust, Passion, and Desire, but he believes that his domains are not evil in themselves and can be used for good. For example, lust and desire makes people go after what they really want in their lives, while passion keeps them energized and motivated to continue their pursuits. More importantly, without lust, passion, or desire, heroes would never be able to rise up and oppose evil to protect those they care about.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Subverted and played straight.
    • Much like his father, Touha acquired lovers of both genders even as a demigod, giving him the title "the Prince of Lust". After Ascending to true godhood, he would start sleeping with his own champions, siblings, and children. But it's subverted as unlike his father, Touha doesn't selfishly use his lovers as toys that are thrown away once he grows tired of them, and treats them all well. He also isn't so depraved as to sacrifice his lovers for his own goals like his father did in his quest for eternal youth.
    • Touha's treatment of the damned souls of condemned mortals, however, plays the trope straight. As a god who embodies the the unfettered aspects of lust, passion, and desire, he punishes the wicked dead in his hell-fief by (among other things) forcing them into sexual slavery, having them be raped by gangs of sexual predators, and agonizingly converting them into intoxicating drinks and drugs. One example of this is during the "Canterlot Coup" and subsequent "Great Purge", where Touha, his family, and his servants dealt with the corrupt Canterlot nobles and other Equestrian elites by raping and sexually abusing them until they literally died, before dragging his victims off to his hell-fief to give them their well-deserved punishments. It's noted that what he did was rather karmic since his targets did the same thing to their lessers for years with impunity, yet were not punished for it until after the "Storm King Crisis".
  • Emotion Bomb: As The Empath, he can project auras that increase emotions pertaining to his domains; in his case, his empathic auras increase lustful and passionate feelings in those affected.
  • The Empath: As a god of Lust, he has empathic powers that allow him to sense and encourage lustful thoughts and emotions in others. He also has this power as a god of Passion, allowing him to sense and encourage passionate feelings in others. His domains also grant him the ability to project empathic auras that pertain to his domains, such as increasing lust and impassion.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Like his friend, Pourrir, he can be loud, hammy, and over-the-top, often announcing his presence with a booming voice. His entry notes that this has become a source of annoyance for his siblings and children, especially his perpetually sleepy brother, Prince Lenost.
    Prince Lenost: ...Ugh, seriously? I'm trying to sleep!
  • Five Stages of Grief: He went through all five stages in regards to his mortal father. He denied his father was becoming increasingly wicked and abusive until Pokhot showed evidence of his father's change. While he kills and damns his father during the "Calling the Terrors" sanction that destroyed his kingdom of birth, he was left so traumatized that he sank into listless, apathetic depression. He tries to remedy this by becoming a shut-in and using his Reality Warper powers to create illusionary fantasy worlds where his father redeemed himself of his own evil and became a truly loving parent. When Pokhot finds out and tries intervening, he lashes out at her in anger, forcing his siblings to restrain him so Pokhot could dispel his fantasies. Then he becomes depressed again when he learns he nearly became as bad as his father in terms of self-destructive lust and desire, just in a different way. Fortunately, his family and Grief (who was hired by Temnobog) would help him reach acceptance. When Pokhot took him to visit the damned shade of his father, Touha saw how unrepentantly wicked his father had become, providing the final push that allowed him to achieve acceptance and move on.
  • Freudian Excuse: While his inherent evil nature is a factor, much of Touha's lustful and hedonistic behavior was influenced by the behavior of his mortal father, a noble who constantly cheated on Touha's mother with multiple lovers and slowly became a Depraved Bisexual as he searched for anything that would give him the pleasures he craved. It's noted that he would've become self-destructive like his father did, especially after he started creating illusionary fantasy worlds out of grief and trauma over killing/damning his father, but Pokhot's influence kept him from going over the brink.
  • God of Evil: Specifically, he embodies the unfettered/wicked aspects of Lust, Passion, and Desire. It's subverted as he follows constructive evil, and punishes those who indulged in their own lusts and desires excessively.
  • The Hedonist: Much like his family. As a god who embodies Lust, Passion, and Desire, he craves pleasure of all kinds, including sexual pleasures. He has slept with his own champions, siblings, and children in addition to the many lovers he had courted over the centuries.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: Inverted. He's a constructively Evil god, yet his main weapon is a sword, Vášeň. Thanks to a magical enchantment, Vášeň's blade can coat itself with flames that burn increasingly hot to match the passions of its wielder(s).
  • Hikikomori: Killing and damning his own father left him so traumatized that he shut himself up in his room, only giving his servants permission to enter. Pokhot later discovered that in his self-imposed isolation, he was drowning himself in self-created fantasy worlds where his father redeemed himself
  • Hot as Hell: Owing to his nature as an infernal god of Lust, Passion, and Desire, he has a lot of demons and Ascendant infernal champions under his employ, and they make up the 'nobility' of his hell-fief. When not tempting mortals, they're punishing the damned for crimes that relate to lust, passion, and desire.
  • I Can't Feel My Legs!: Played for Laughs with Prince Behemoth after he (and all his siblings who moved into the Equestrian Pantheon) slept with him, with Behemoth being the one on top. It took Touha days before he could feel his rear and move his hind-legs again, but considers the whole experience to be a blast.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: It's rumored In-Universe that he and some of his family members and subordinates participate in cannibalism, much like his cousins from Bolezn's family, since it's possible to lust after food regardless of where it came from. He has never confirmed or denied it.
  • Interspecies Friendship: It's noted that while he would befriend other 'constructive Evil' deities, he would get along with Pourrir, a Skunk/Dragon hybrid, the most due to both of them sharing similarly passionate, driven, and lustful/greedy personalities.
  • I Reject Your Reality: He loved his mortal father so much that he refused to believe the latter was becoming increasingly wicked until Pokhot showed evidence of it. Then, after killing/damning his father during a "Calling the Terrors" event, he attempted to cope with his grief by creating illusionary worlds where his father repented and stayed a loving parent. It's deconstructed as this put him at risk of falling into full-blown madness, forcing Pokhot and his siblings to intervene for his own good by dispell his fantasies. Learning he repeated the same self-destructive cycle of denial and self-indulgence that affected his parents left him extremely depressed, but seeing the truth of his beloved father's wickedness — and how his father truly felt about him — allowed him to let go and move on.
  • Ironic Hell: He owns a hell-fief that focuses on administering punishments to damned shades who pursued Lust, Passion, and Desire to unfettered degrees.
    • Damned shades of nobles and royalty who used their position and power to turn their own subjects into glorified Sex Slaves to use at their leisure will in turn be victimized, either by gangs of sexual predators, or taken in by Touha's family/subordinates to satisfy their own depraved urges. They're also subjected to cruelly humiliating and degrading falls that leave them in maddened despair once their infernal masters get tired of them, which is what they themselves did to their own servants and subjects. Serial rapists get similar punishments in the form of having their depraved desires brought to life as their victims, who proceed to inflict the same torment they themselves suffered.
    • Those who indulged in consumables like food, drink, and drugs are transformed into the very things they once consumed for pleasure in life, and subjected to an endless cycle of being consumed by Touha's family, reformed, processed, and consumed ad infinitum as punishment. It's rumored that, like the damned shades in Bolezn's hell-fief, the damned shades in Touha's hell-fief are cannibalized in a similar process, though Touha has not confirmed or denied it.
    • Those who were unfettered knowledge-seekers in life were placed in libraries where the books are only filled with placeholder text, making them ironically and utterly useless.
    • Those who envied and/or resented others' good fortune to where they ruin them just to feel good about themselves are left unable to intervene in any shape or form, forced to watch as their victims continue to enjoy their good fortune.
    • Those who become extremely passionate about corrupt causes to the point of fanaticism will be victimized by the same causes they once pursued. This usually involves supremacist factions like Autorists. In the case of judicial extremists, they’re cast in a fiery pit where they are left to burn from their own passions, as unfettered passion is the root of fanaticism.
    • Those who selfishly tried to acquire power and status, including becoming a god, are put in illusionary fantasies where they obtain artifacts that seemingly give them what they want, but prevent them from enjoying it or are actually useless, setting themselves up for a cruel humiliation.
    • Those who let their own grief over losing their loved one(s) consume them to the point of ignoring/hurting the living just to bring back the person(s) they lost will be punished by having an illusion of the deceased person that’s always within reach, yet will reject them and leave once the damned shade manages to find them, putting them back at square one.
  • Like Father, Like Son: Much like his mortal father, he also participated in acts of self-destructive lust and desire. Except while his father sought eternal pleasure for himself with no care for those he sacrificed to get it, he created illusionary fantasy worlds to fulfill his desires for what could've been in his attempt to deal with his grief over killing/damning his own father. Learning that he was going down the same path as his mother once did after being personally wronged by a family member left him a psychological wreck.
  • The Lost Lenore: Deconstructed, as excessively grieving someone's death without moving on from it can be damaging for everyone involved. Damned shades who in, life, let their own grief consume them to the point of ignoring and/or hurting the living will be punished through being put in a Vicious Cycle where they're constantly chasing afer the illusion of the person they lost, only to be rejected and abandoned by said illusion once they finally manage to catch up to them.
  • Love Goddess: Gender-inverted; he's an infernal god who embodies Lust, Passion, and Desire, and thus has powers like empathy, shapeshifting, fire magic, and reality-warping (among other things). Much of his punishments revolve around pursuing lust, passion, and desire for evil, such as sexually violating people, obsessing over certain things like knowledge or the memory of deceased loved ones, or letting one's passion evolve to toxic, fanatical levels. Despite his nature, he believes that his domains can have beneficial purposes if used constructively or even positively.
  • Lotus-Eater Machine: As a god of Desire, one of his most powerful abilities involves creating illusionary worlds that cater to people's deepest, darkest desires, which is ideal for both testing heroes and punishing damned shades. Ironically, he did this to himself by creating fantasy worlds where his abusive father repented, unable to deal with the guilt of killing and damning him. It's deconstructed and played for drama, as using illusions to cope with his trauma only made him increasingly deluded and blind to the reality of his father's situation. Had Pokhot and her other children not sensed something wrong and intervened in time, he would have fully sunken into madness just to maintain his dreams for what could have been.
  • Love Martyr: Deconstructed. He loved his mortal father so much that he was blind to how his father hated him for being eternally youthful, and refused to believe his father was becoming increasingly wicked overall. While he chooses to kill/damn his father after being shown evidence of the latter's misdeeds by Pokhot, he was left so traumatized that he sank into listless apathy, and turned to creating illusionary worlds where his father stayed a loving parent in order to cope. When Pokhot tried intervening for his sake, he attacked her, spurring his siblings to restrain him so their mother can dispell his fantasies. He became a psychological wreck upon realizing he indulged in the same selfish hedonism that destroyed his father, but being forced to acknolwedge the truth of his father's wickedness allowed him to heal and move on, especially after personally visiting his father's damned shade.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Prince of Lust", due to being a lustful and hedonistic god who had many lovers over the centuries. In his demi-divine youth, he first gained this title when he started following in his mortal father's footsteps by having many affairs with his fans/admirers. Ironically, he was nobility at the time.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: Justified. His mother, Pokhot, is an infernal goddess of Lust and Sex, while his mortal father is a hedonistic noble who became an increasingly Depraved Bisexual. This gave him many half-siblings, both divine and mortal, on top of the biological ones he already had. It's noted that he became close to some of them while clashing with others, especially in regards to getting their mortal father's attention.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His name means "desire" in Czech. Fittingly, he's a god of Desire, and his other domains, Lust and Passion, are both forms of desire.
    • The name of his sword, Vášeň, translates to "passion" in Czech. It refers to how, thanks to a magical enchantment, the blade burns hotter as its user's passions increase.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: As a Deer-Draconequus hybrid who is one of Pokhot's older sons, he has chimeric traits revolving around animals that are associated with lust, passion, and desire - he has the curling horns of a Ram, the wings of a Purple Starling, the tail feathers of a Rooster, the right front leg of a Tiger, and the left hind leg of a Weasel. Like his aunt Phykti, he has the eyes and fangs of a Viper, representing how simple pursuits can be corrupted into unfettered extremes.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Being a depraved and hedonistic god of Lust, Passion, and Desire, he punishes those who gave in to their inner lusts and desires to the point of exploiting innocents for their own gain, both in life and in the afterlife. One prime example is how, during the 'Great Purge' and other concurrent events, he punished the most corrupt Equestrian nobles by sexually violating them for his own pleasure - including an entire noble House known for its depraved lusts - until his victims died from the abuse, after which he would drag them off to his hell-fief and continue violating them forever. The innocent and genuinely repentant were spared, and were noted to have become chastity and virtue in part out of fear following the experience.
    Depraved Noble: You can't do this to us!
    Prince Touha: Of course I can. I have royal blood. I have more wealth. I have more prestige. I can get away with anything I do to those who do not have them. Is that not how it always worked?
  • The Peeping Tom: His entry notes that as a god of Lust, he possesses observation spells that allow him to spy on family members whenever they participate in carnal activities. One incident had him and his siblings spying on Stoltur while the latter is having consensual missionary sex with his husband Caerulus. Stoltur and Caerulus' genuine displays of love, trust, and devotion during the act leaves the onlookers feeling absolutely giddy.
  • Playing with Fire: Much like his uncle Yarost, he can wield fire magic, which thematically represents both the supportive and harmful aspects of Lust and Passion. He can do things like increasing/decreasing heat, projecting auras of heat to ignite flammable material and protect himself from water/ice magic, fire-breathing, shooting beams of fire, and throwing fireballs. Thanks to Phoenix King Naur, his grand-uncle, he has been learning how to predict the future through pyromancy. Unfortunately, like Yarost, his fire magic is fueled by his emotions and runs the risk of becoming uncontrollable if he's not careful.
  • Power Perversion Potential: His Lust domain gives him 'observation' spells that allow him to see and hear past walls, making them perfect for spying on enemies. However, since he comes from a family of depraved infernal divines who embody many aspects of Lust, he uses these spells to spy on family members whenever they participate in carnal depravities. In one incident, a few weeks after his little brother Stoltur married Blue Suede/Caerulus, both he and several other siblings used their observation spells to spy on them while they're having loving, consensual missionary sex.
  • Purple Is Powerful: He has wings of a Purple Starling, and part of his divine regalia consists of luxurious purple clothes made in the style of Bitalian nobles/royalty. In battle, he wears a full set of purple divine barding. He's also a powerful god and competent Warrior Prince.
  • Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil: Despite his nature, like many other constructive good/evil beings Touha considers sexual violation of the innocent to be heinous, and condemns those who does it or otherwise sexually exploited others for their own selfish passion in life and death. This stemmed from his own personal experiences with his father.
  • Really Gets Around: Given both his heritage to Pokhot and all his domains, he have had a lot of lovers throughout his existence and sleeps with many of them.
  • Seers: He practices pyromancy, a form of divination that produces future visions via flame-reading. His grand-uncle, Phoenix King Naur, is an experienced pyromancer and has been teaching him the art as of late.
  • Sex Slave: Many thousands of damned shades in his hell-fief are forced into sexual slavery by him, his family, and his demonic servants/champions, and purchased for personal use. It's extremely common for one to possess harems of damned shades who act as unwilling consorts that are acquired and discarded at will.
  • So Beautiful, It's a Curse: As a divine son of Pokhot, he is incredibly handsome with an extremely irresistible presence even without using magic. This worked against him when his mortal father started resenting his son for remaining inexplicably handsome and fertile while he himself grew less so as he aged, to the point of becoming increasingly abusive, depraved, and wicked. Eventually, his father sacrificed some of his old lovers to barter deals with demons in exchange for eternal youth. This convinced him that his father needed to be stopped, but he was so traumatized over killing/damning him that he fell into a period of denial and obsession with what could've been out of grief.
  • Telepathy: As a god of Lust, he possesses telepathic powers that allow him to sense and encourage lustful thoughts and emotions in others.
  • Villainous Breakdown: He was so traumatized by killing/damning his depraved mortal father in a 'Calling of the Terrors' event that he sunk into listless apathy, culminating in him creating illusionary fantasy worlds where his father changed and continued loving him. It's deconstructed as his coping methods were extremely unhealthy, leaving him increasingly at risk of developing full-blown madness out of denial. This forced a very concerned Pokhot to intervene for his own good, dispelling the illusions while he was restrained by his siblings to keep him from attacking their mother. The ordeal left Touha a psychological wreck, but it also forced him to acknowledge the truth of his father's wickedness, which allowed him to move on and heal.
  • Warrior Prince: He was originally born a noble, but after moving into Pokhot's hell-fief and later gaining a hell-fief of his own, he became a Prince by virtue of his mother being the 'Empress' of her hell-fief, and he's a powerful and dangerous infernal god of the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon.
  • Wicked Cultured: Like his mother and half-siblings, he has a great appreciation for the arts, especially music. In his case, he's a skilled violinist, and he learned his trade from his deceased father, who was also a violinist in life. He encourages the pursuit of music among his children and servants, which resulted in them being skilled in Magic Music. He was also elated when he received magical copies of Alvslog sheet music from Blue Suede Heartstrings as a 'thank you' gift for helping him recover from his psychological breakdown.

    King Stoltur Sigvaldr Skjöldur Equestria-Cervidia, the Sword of Potential 

Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant, Draconequus, Demon, Giant (Eoten), Devourer

Portfolio: Pride, Perfection, Potential, Primordial Evil, Mirrors, Legacies, many others

Rank: Divine (Titan/Ascendant/???)

Affiliation: Bogolenya Pantheon, Equestrian Pantheon, Corporatum Pantheon

"It is often said that anyone can become as perfect as the gods. But for me, only those that I deem worthy can truly do so. Anyone else who falls short of my standards will simply feel the coldness of my magic, or taste the sharpness of my blade." (as Prince Stoltur Skjöldur)

"Perfection and potential sometimes cannot be achieved by holding on to what keeps you fettered, but by letting go of what holds you back." (as King Stoltur Sigvaldr Skjöldur Equestria-Cervidia)

King Stoltur Sigvaldr Skjöldur Equestria-Cervidia, born Stoltur Skjöldur (his entries here and here), is the Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant hybrid god of Pride, Perfection, Potential, and Evil, and is a joint-member of the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon, Equestrian Pantheon and Corporatum Pantheon.

Born the son of a depraved warlord whom Pokhot tempted in disguise, Stoltur grew up a prideful and vain but honourable deity who vowed to not sink as low as his father, upholding his family's constructive evil. Befriending each other and eventually falling in love, Stoltur and Blue Suede Heartstrings eventually married and joined the Equestrian and Corporatum Pantheons, where they had a happy life together with their karmic, adoptive and biological children. Yet Stoltur would feel increasingly troubled by his own fears/doubts of becoming like his father, his insecurities about his self-worth compared to his loved ones, and his failing struggle to deny and suppress those natural parts of himself in his own pride and principles, all of which came to a head in a crisis where he was forced to let go of all that's holding him back - and in the process become far greater than he or others had ever imagined with his re-Ascension.
  • Abstract Apotheosis: He was born a demigod thanks to his mortal father, Voldugur Skjöldur, sleeping with a disguised Pokhot, who is a full-fledged goddess. After Voldugur's death, he is raised by Pokhot, learning the ways of "Constructive Evil" until he was able to Ascend as a god of Pride, Perfection, Potential, and Evil. Some centuries later, he re-Ascends by letting go of his fears regarding his father and devouring an ancient Cervine Eoten Demon god to save the world from destruction, transforming him into a god of Pride, Perfection, Potential, Primordial Evil, Mirrors, and Legacies (among other domains).
  • Actually Pretty Funny: He laughed in supreme amusement after learning Shrewd Slayer, a very narcissistic swordsmane and warlord under his employ, was defeated when Prince-Regent Shining Armor decked him in the face. As a constructively evil god, he saw Shrewd Slayer as nothing more than a useful pawn to test mortals with, and privately congratulated Shining Armor for his victory.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: Unlike Sigvald the Magnificent, Stoltur goes through this due to massive changes in his character and background. While born to a parent who genuinely loved and raised him well, learning of the sheer number of atrocities his mortal father had committed in life instilled a fear in Stoltur of becoming like his father that would plague him for centuries, driving him to separate himself from his father's legacy in every way. This not only riddled him with various psychological issues, but also stunted his physical and magical growth as a god — which isn't helped by meeting his father in-person and discovering the latter's psychotic madness. Eventually, Stoltur comes to realize that obsessing over his father's wickedness to the point of self-repression is wrong, and lets go his fears, leading to him re-Ascending.
  • Adaptational Badass: Sigvald the Magnificent in Warhammer is an ageless mortal whose powers were only made possible by becoming Slaanesh's favored champion. Here, Stoltur, who is based off of him, is born a demi-divine son of an Evil goddess of Lust and Pride through a mortal father, but eventually Ascended to true godhood. Later, Stoltur goes even further when he, out of desperation to save his loved ones, devours a primordial Fallen Eoten god, transforming him into an utterly massive Cervine Giant god himself despite his young divine "age" and re-Ascending with different yet stronger abilities, giving him raw power beyond his wildest dreams. By contrast, Sigvald is turned into a Daemon Prince by Slaanesh in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar following the latter's escape from its prison in Uhl-Gysh.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Sigvald the Magnificent is, to put it lightly, an incredibly depraved, sociopathic, cruel, and vain man who became Slaanesh's favored champion because of it. Here, Stoltur is still evil and depraved by nature, but he is a very honorable and noble individual who keeps his word, and tests mortals with his Evil so they could be come strong enough to oppose actual evils. Even after devouring a Fallen Eoten god and re-Ascending as a Cervine-Demon Draconequus god, he still stays constructively evil, if much more open with his depraved, vain, and hedonistic character.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: Sigvald the Magnificent is an incredibly depraved, sociopathic, cruel, and vain individual who only cares about himself, and has pulled Disproportionate Retribution over things like bad wine or someone else having better hair than him. By contrast, Stoltur, while similarly depraved, is a Noble Demon who keeps his vows, is capable of genuine love for his family, and is a follower of "Constructive Evil" who tests heroes in order to make them stronger. Upon letting go of his fears and insecurities and re-Ascending, he becomes much more open with his depraved nature, but is much happier and emotionally healthier because of it. He's also a caring partner to his many lovers — including his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, and a loving father to the scores of children he sired with said lovers.
  • Adaptational Sexuality: While an extremely debauched and hedonistic character, Sigvald the Magnificent only had interest in women. Stoltur, his Expy, is bisexual; in addition to sleeping with his own siblings and other family members, he has multiple lovers among other deities and mortals, including his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, whom he's in an open marriage with. With his depraved lust magnified by his re-Ascension, it's got to the point of Anything That Moves as he is driven to have his way with entire nations, lands, hells and pantheons he found wanting in his carnal hedonism.
  • Adaptational Skill: Unlike Sigvald the Magnificent, Stoltur is Wicked Cultured, bearing knowledge and skill in things like arts, music, and literature. He is also a wine sommelier (i.e. someone who tastes, analyzes, and paring wines with foods), a Supreme Chef, and a gardener who grows his own fruit and vegetables (though it's noted he received help on that from his cousin, Prince Stækka).
  • Affectionate Gesture to the Head:
    • While they're having missionary sex, he kisses a transformed Blue Suede/Caerulus (who turned himself into an Earth Pony for the occasion) on the forehead where his Alicorn horn had been.
    • He himself would receive a few kisses on the forehead from Blue Suede/Caerulus after Jade Shell (comically) asked about his presence being redundant due to his nature and powers being similar to a Glory Hound's, requiring Blue Suede/Caerulus to comfort him.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Blue Suede Heartstrings calls him "Stolts", even after marrying him.
  • Alliterative Name: His birth name was Stoltur Skjöldur. Following his re-Ascension and crowning as King, his name changed to Stoltur Sigvaldr Skjöldur.
  • Aloof Big Brother: Downplayed. He's far from the oldest in his family, but while he can be a bit aloof and sardonic at times, he genuinely loves all his siblings — and sleeps with them, too.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Formerly, he was a Deer-Draconequus god who embodies Pride, Perfection, Potential, and Evil. Following his consumption and assimilation of a Fallen Eoten god, he now embodies Pride, Perfection, Potential, Primordial Evil, Mirrors, and Legacies, among other domains.
  • Arch-Enemy: He has an undying hatred of Hydianite Covens because many of the things they're guilty of were also done by his unrepentantly depraved mortal father, Voldugur Skjöldur had done when he was alive. The Hydianites treat him as The Dreaded for his ruthlessness in persecuting them.
  • The Assimilator: Thanks in part to his re-Ascension as a demonic Giant deity giving him a Giant's hunger and magnified his prideful and lustful disposition to all-consuming levels, Stoltur is driven to dominate, debauch and devour all he find wanting to sate his egotistical vanity, carnal hedonism and ravenous gluttony, both to punish the wicked and to make himself greater and more 'perfect' than ever. Countless beings he had since devoured are absorbed completely into himself if not subjected to eternal torments in his innards for punishment, power and pleasure.
  • Awesome Moment of Crowning: During the "[REDACTED] Crisis", he devoured an ancient, evil Cervine Demon Giant god in order to save his family and the world, re-Ascending as a Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant hybrid god in the process. Afterward, he crowned himself as King and renamed himself "Stoltur Sigvaldr Skjöldur Equestria-Cervidia" to mark this change, making him equal to his husband, King Blue Suede/Caerulus, in both title and marriage.
  • Badass Cape: He frequently wears thick cloaks and pelts due to his Cervidian Nordskelt heritage, and he was both a powerful Deer-Draconequus hybrid god of Pride and Evil and a competent warrior. After re-Ascending, he became a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god who not only towers even many Giant deities, but also has sheer raw power thanks to his new nature "overwriting" his previous one, giving him powerful Chaos magic in addition to space-time-warping abilities tied to the Giants. While he's Unskilled, but Strong in many ways, he still hasn't lost his experience and skill in others.
  • Bastard Bastard: Double-subverted. Thanks to Pokhot sleeping around, he has multiple half-siblings (with himself being sired through a different father), and being a biological grandson of Temnobog left his good traits irrevocably twisted and corrupted by his inner evil. While he does share his family's depravity, hedonism, and sadism, he is an honorable, noble, and loving god who genuinely loves his family, and devotes his nature to constructive ends by testing heroic mortals to see if they would prevail against temptation. Even after re-Ascending as a Cervine-Demonic Eoten god, he still retains his honor, love, and devotion to "constructive evil" even though his Giant nature makes him less restrained about his depravities. The same could not be said about his father, Voldugur Skjöldur, who was similarly depraved but became an irredeemably wicked stag who committed many atrocities out of narcisism.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Due to his innately depraved nature, he willingly sleeps with his own half-brothers and half-sisters, but he genuinely loves them all and is equally willing to protect them. His half-siblings love him for it.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: With his re-Ascension as a Cervine-Draconequus Demon-Giant god (specifically, an Eoten, the racial predecessors of modern-day Jotunn Deerkind), he became much bigger than he previously was, taller than most mountains and towering over even other Giant deities like Princess Iron Crown, Prince Behemoth Equestria, and Queen Peínagápia. Many of his lovers - including his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus - noted that his drastic size increase made him much more enjoyable in bed, which is helped by his new spatial and time-warping powers allowing him to alter his size and extend their nights of passion for as long as they wanted. For his part, he himself was so overjoyed by his bigger size that he proceeded to have sex with Blue Suede/Caerulus, who used to be the tall one in their relationship. And then bed his entire family on Temnobog's side. And then Queen Peinagapia and her clan. And then Prince Behemoth Equestria and his scions...
  • Blue Is Heroic: Zigzagged. He's heavily associated with the colors silver and (dark) blue, and while he's a haughty, cruel, and depraved God of Evil thanks to his Villainous Lineage (his father, Voldugur Skjöldur, was a depraved, narcissistic warlord while his mother, Pokhot, is an infernal Deer-Draconequus goddess of Pride), he practices "Constructive Evil", always keeps his word, follows a strict, self-imposed code of honor, and genuinely loves his family and friends. After letting go of his issues regarding his father and re-Ascending, he becomes more open with his depraved nature, but is decidedly still on the side of constructive evil even though his newfound Giant nature leaves him with less restraint than before. He's also ironically Happily Married to an Alicorn god named Blue Suede Heartstrings, who was a completely Humble Hero before realizing the importance of pride, but otherwise serves as his Good Counterpart and tempering influence.
  • Bright Is Not Good: He has white fur with silver body and wing markings, and wears white, silver, and dark blue Cervidian-style regalia. He's also a depraved God of Evil who embodies the unfettered aspects of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, making him rather vain and sadistic in his dealings with others. His re-Ascension as a Cervine-Demon Draconequus god only aggravated these personality traits, as his sheer power, combined with Giantkind's racial domineering behavior and ravenous hunger, can make him go outright Drunk with Power at times. However, he's a, honorable, Noble Demon who practices "Constructive Evil", and is a loving husband and father to his (many) lovers and children.
  • Brother–Sister Incest:
    • Due to being an innately depraved God of Evil, Stoltur has slept with his older and younger half-siblings and sees nothing wrong with it, but then again, neither do his siblings or their mother. To his credit, he treats all of them well and is willing to protect them, so in turn they genuinely love him back.
    • Subverted in regards to Stoltur's own birth. He was a product of a seemingly incestuous relationship between his father, Voldugur Skjöldur, and the doe whom Voldogur thought was his sister, but later turned out to be Pokhot, an infernal goddess who murdered his real sister and took on her identity. Discovering the truth left Voldugur a maddened, gibbering mess, even as he was abandoned to die at the hooves of his rebelling subjects, while Pokhot took the then-infant Stoltur with her.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Sometime after his re-Ascension, he visits his now psychotically mad father, Voldugur Skjöldur, in the realm of Armrheim while accompanied by his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, and verbally tears into Voldugur about how the latter is nothing but a pitiful being who had fallen so far as to be not worth tormenting or violating. He also makes it clear that he is done fearing his father, and to have him in his life even as a prisoner within his endless innards is "disgusting". He then proceeds to vent all of the pent-up fury and frustrations he had over Voldugur for much of existence before leaving his hated father to rot in Armrheim.
    King Stoltur: I had entertained such wonderful fantasies, father. I wanted to swallow you whole like a little morsel and then spend the rest of eternity tormenting and having my way with you inside me, like you did to others in your reign... but you know what? You are not worth it. All this time I had lived in fear of stepping into your shadows, of becoming as vile and monstrous as you did, but I am done with such imperfections. You are NEVER worth it, a pitiful thing unfit to even serve as my morsel and toy. I have become far greater than you would EVER be - and to have you as a part of it in any way disgusts me. So I'll leave you here, to rot in the cold darkness of Armrheim where you belong.

    But first things first... A little venting of my pent-up fury and frustration for the pain you caused all my existence.
  • Cool Crown: After re-Ascending, he crowned himself as King, wearing a silver crown to match Blue Suede/Caerulus' blue and gold crown.
  • Deal with the Devil: As an evil god of Pride, Perfection, Potential, and Evil, he does the opposite of what Luminiferous does with his students. While he does show people images of his best potential selves like Luminiferous, in his case he does it to stroke people's egos and convince them to take "shortcuts" in order to achieve their predestined greatness — including abandoning their friends, loved ones, and moral restraints. Accepting his offers will lead to eternal damnation, which delights him, but refusing them and becoming great through hard work delights him even more.
  • Decomposite Character: While an Expy of Sigvald the Magnificent, Randomfan11 has stated that he's based on any redeeming traits Sigvald might have had, while his father, Voldugur Skjöldur, was based on Sigvald's vile, monstrous canon personality.
  • Deity of Human Origin: He was originally a Deer-Draconequus demigod, thanks to his mother being a full-fledged goddess while his father is a mortal Nordskelt Deer. Eventually, he Ascended to true godhood after learning the ways of "Constructive Evil" and doing a sufficient amount of good deeds. Later, he went further by devouring an ancient, evil Cervine Demon Giant god (among others) during the "[REDACTED] Crisis", which made him re-Ascend as a Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant god with multiple domains.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Subverted. He's bisexual, and as a depraved God of Evil like the rest of his maternal family, he has acquired many lovers, even among his own half-siblings and cousins. However, he genuinely loves all of his partners (and is loved back), and he's a follower of "Constructive Evil" who sows evil to test mortal and divine heroes. At one point, he falls in love with his best friend, Blue Suede Heartstrings, and marries him; while they are Happily Married, they later decided to have an open marriage instead due to mutual need to fulfill their domains making it impossible for them to remain strictly monogamousnote . After re-Ascending, he takes on even more lovers, including those he had devoured and sired children with via avatars inside his own body.
  • Distracted by My Own Sexy: Like Sigvald the Magnificent, he developed the tendency to be distracted by his own reflection, basking in his own glory every time he comes across a reflective surface. This presents a disadvantage of being vulnerabel to enemy attacks if he suddenly decides to preen himself in the middle of a fight. This didn't change even after re-Ascending as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god. On the other hand, he weaponizes this trope by making his enemies look upon his resplendent mirror-shield, Þráspegill, and his silver armor, distracting them; how their reflection looks depends on the individual.
  • Divine Parentage: His mother is Pokhot, the youngest member of the Four Terrors and the Deer-Draconequus goddess of Lust, Pride, Sex, Deception, Evil. His father, Voldugur Skjöldur, on the other hand, is a narcissistic mortal Nordskelt Deer warlord who slept with a disguised Pokhot under the assumption that the latter was his own sister.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: His husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, is a constant source of attraction for him, on account of being depraved by nature and Caerulus being a big and incredibly handsome Alicorn god. He quite admired the view of his husband when a magical accident briefly turned Blue Suede/Caerulus into a Giant, and was the only one who complained against him shrinking back down to normal, much to Blue Suede/Caerulus' embarrassment.
  • The Empath: As a god of Pride and Evil, he has empathic abilities to sense and encourage people's inner pride and wickedness, respectively. He can also psychically rid people of their pride indefinitely, though he hates doing this since it turns them into little more than Empty Shells. His empathic abilities were amplified following his re-Ascension, which either changed his existing domains or gave him some new ones.
  • Eternal Love: He eventually marries his friend, Blue Suede Heartstrings, after the latter recovers from his psychological breakdown and they join the Equestrian Pantheon together. Despite being complete opposites, as well as having some rough spots in their marriage (such as having to take on other lovers out of necessity to fulfill their own divine natures), they love each each other deeply and cherish one another. Being gods, their relationship will last for eternity.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Despite his evil, depraved, and hedonistic nature, he is capable of genuine love and affection for others, which completely contrasts his utterly narcissistic and monstrous mortal father.
    • He is rather close to his demonic maternal family, including his mother and siblings, and treats them all well even while he sleeps with them. He is also willing to protect his siblings should the need arise, and according to his family, he was a "Momma's buck" when he was younger.
    • Outside of his family, he has many partners that he loves deeply. One of his most prominent partners is Blue Suede Heartstrings, an Alicorn god whom he befriended, fell in love with, and eventually married; while they had a rocky start due to opposing beliefs and natures, and their marriage wasn't without problems, he genuinely, deeply cares for Blue Suede and is very protective of his husband. At one point, he flew into a rage when corrupt Canterlot nobles tried assassinating Blue Suede in their pride and power-lust, and reduced his husband's would-be killers by showing them exactly what awaited them should they die. Even after his re-Ascension, his love for Blue Suede has not changed, and they proceeded to have a healthy, if rather intense sex life.
    • He's also the loving father of a huge number of children, whether spawned by karmic backlashes, adopted into his care, or sired naturally through his various lovers, like Prince Perfect Tone, Princess Baby Blue, and Archduke Regal Pillar Heartstrings. After his re-Ascension, he proceeded to sire more children with multiple lovers that he devoured and kept inside his body via avatars, though he still loves them all the same. Being who he is, he is quite proud of himself for being a good father, since his mortal father wasn't one in life.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: As a divine follower of "Constructive Evil", he naturally has standards he wouldn't break. It's eventually deconstructed and played for drama; much of his standards come from his fear of becoming like his irredeemably wicked, narcissistic father, which drove him to adhere to a self-imposed code of honor that he ultimately couldn't fulfill. Once he realizes this, he lets go of his fears — which helped save the world from a divine threat — and develops more realistic standards for himself to follow.
    • He was disgusted by cannibalism, something that his father partook in in life, which led to him becoming a vegetarian despite his family's attempts to convince him otherwise. However, despite his efforts, he eventually relapsed and ate meat in desperation, which greatly upset him to the point of breaking down in tears. He finally starts accepting eating meat after devouring an ancient, evil Cervine Demon Giant god and re-Ascending from that, having come to realize that Living is More Than Surviving.
    • Because his father was a monstrous, unrepentant Serial Rapist, he started believing that Rape Is a Special Kind of Evil, which pushed him to treat his male and female lovers (including his half-siblings and other family members) kindly. This also fueled his desire to repress his more depraved and hedonistic instincts in order to remain Happily Married with Blue Suede/Caerulus, who likewise did the same with his own divine nature. Eventually, both he and Blue Suede/Caerulus agreed to having an open marriage and taking on multiple lovers out of necessity, but they still remained devoted to each other, even after his re-Ascension made him more debauched than he previously was.
    • He also hates the act of pledging oneself to deities who practice "Destructive Evil", as well as sacrificing innocent creatures to said deities, as this is what his father did in life. This also made him hate the Hydianites by extension, as they did the same things, to the point where the Hydiantes treated him as The Dreaded.
    • When he heard Emperor Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star, a Fallen antediluvian Alicorn god who committed even more atrocities during the "Twilight of the Alicorns", he was so horrified that he had nightmares about it for a while. He swore afterward never to become as bad as Morning Star, though as mentioned above, he eventually lets go of his fears and starts accepting his own imperfections upon realizing that he couldn't hold on to his self-imposed standards forever.
  • Evil Counterpart: Due to his nature and role as a constructively evil god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, he is living antithesis to deities who embodied similar concepts.
    • To Amour-De-Soi. Stoltur represents the bad sides of Self-Love and Self-Esteem by being a sadistic narcissist who either tempts people into sinful excess by stroking their egos, or drives them to despair by breaking their self-worth (but only those who rightly deserved it). Amour-De-Soi focuses on helping people by encouraging people to be more confident and accepting of themselves, and is enraged by those who indulge in narcissism and break people's self-esteem out of malice.
    • To Luminiferous. Both Stoltur and Luminiferous were born to depraved, narcissistic monsters who saw their sons as nothing but extensions of themselves, except Stoltur represents what happens if Luminiferous devoted his nature to sowing constructive evil. As a god of unfettered Perfection and Potential, Stoltur tempts people into achieving greatness by giving them the means to "cheat" their way into it as part of his tests to see if they would resist or not. Luminiferous is a benevolent Mentor Archetype who helps his students achieve their full potential through heroic deeds and self-improvement. And whereas Stoltur is a perfectionist which influences him to cut down anyone who falls short of his expectations, Luminiferous encourages even the lowliest of creatures to rise up and become better than what they previously were.
    • To Blue Suede Heartstrings. Blue Suede was born to loving yet religious mortal parents, while Stoltur was born to a depraved mortal Nordskelt Deer warlord and an infernal Deer-Draconequus goddess of Lust and Pride. Blue Suede is a benevolent god of Humility who discouraged excess pride, while Stoltur is an evil god of Pride who used his domain to sow evil among mortals. However, despite their opposing natures and beliefs, they managed to become friends and later husbands, with their relationship being the catalyst for their realizations that pursuing Humility or Pride to extremes was ultimately detrimental to their respective developments. After re-Ascending, Stoltur became even more prideful, his divine nature and personality magnified by his new Giant nature, whereas Blue Suede counters him as a god of Self-Respect (which balances pride and humility).
  • Evil Gloating: Much like his mother and other infernal family members, he loves bragging about his depravities and other accomplishments to anyone who listens. Naturally, he restrains himself when around his noble-hearted relatives. This trait increased after re-Ascending as a Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant god, as the Giants' racial domineering behavior aggravated his pre-existing pride and vanity to greater levels.
  • Evil Is Deathly Cold: He's a depraved god who embodies the unfettered sides of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, and is heavily associated with ice and snow. He was born in the snowy Nordskelt Deer Realms, is an incredibly talented user of ice magic, and possessed a "cold and unnatural" beauty. And prior to to his re-Ascension, he was a white-furred Deer-Draconequus hybrid whose chimeric traits came from cold-oriented animals like snowy owls, arctic wolves, and polar bears. After his re-Ascension, he became a Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant hybrid god with white fur made of snow and silver-colored ice lining his body. However, he is more a Noble Demon who tests mortals, punishes the wicked for unrepentant evil, and genuinely cares for his allies, echoing how pride has empowering and corrupting aspects.
  • Evil Vegetarian: He was initially a vegetarian, though it had nothing to do with him being a God of Evil — rather, his vegetarianism stemmed from his attempts to never become like his deceased mortal father, who among other things was a depraved cannibal. With help from his cousin, Prince Stækka, he started a garden where he grew his own fruits and vegetables. Eventually, however, he ended up relapsing when a moment of desperation spurred him to eat meat, and ultimately comes to realize that obsessing over his father's misdeeds to the point of self-repression was harmful to his growth. Letting go of his fears was what allowed him to save the world from a rampaging Cervine Demon Giant god and re-Ascend.
  • Evil Versus Evil: He and his maternal family are followers of "Constructive Evil", so they're naturally bitter enemies of all forms of "Destructive/Careless Evil", which would destroy everything (including itself) if not properly contained. Because his mortal father was an irredeemably depraved narcissist who (among other things) raped his victims and sacrificed to Fallen deities, he is a feared Arch-Enemy of Hydianite covens, whose members have done similar things. Even after re-Ascending as a Cervine-Draconequus/Demon-Giant hybrid god, he still remains opposed to "destructive evil", and goes after even other Giants who were found to have participated in it.
  • Expy: According to Randomfan11, one of the Codexverse writers, Stoltur was based on Sigvald the Magnificent. Like Sigvald, Stoltur is the son of a powerful warlord who later became an incredibly handsome yet narcissistic individual who fights with swords and shields, is closely associated with wicked, infernal deities, and has a tendency to get distracted by his own attractive reflection. However, he ends up becoming a Decomposite Character thanks to changes made with Sigvald — whereas Stoltur is an expy of Sigvald if he was raised by a loving (if still evil) parent and had any genuine redeeming traits to make him go Pet the Dog, it's his father, Voldugur Skjöldur, who takes more after Sigvald's depraved, narcissistic personality in canon, with all that entails.
  • The Fighting Narcissist: He is a god who embodies Pride, Perfection, and Potential as well as Evil, and due to his divine nature, he is a rather vain, sadistic, and depraved stag who takes pleasure in breaking people's pride. He would spend hours preening himself to make sure he looked perfect, and whenever he came across a reflective surface, he would choose to stop and bask in his own glory. This does not stop him from weaponizing his own beauty and silver tongue in battle, or from being a deadly swordsmane and and ice mage. His re-Ascension as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant hybrid god only magnified this further by giving him Giantkind's racial domineering traits on top of the sheer power that came with devouring an ancient Demon Eoten god.
  • Freudian Excuse: Much of his behavior and actions, including his self-imposed code of honor and his staunch refusal to eat meat, stem from both his fear of becoming as monstrous as his birth father, Voldugur Skjöldur, as well as his obsession with completely separating himself from Voldugur's legacy. However, it's deconstructed as said actions led to him stunting his own physical and magical growth as a god, which later created problems when he continued staying quite short while his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, continued surpassing him in height. He finally realizes during the "[REDACTED] Crisis" that living his life to the fullest is more important than clinging to his own pride and/or principles, driving him to pull off an incredibly risky gambit to save both the world and his loved ones — a gambit that he, against all odds, ultimately survives thanks to his Heroic Willpower.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: While his birth father is indeed an Asshole Victim who deserved to be hated for his crimes, he eventually realizes that obsessing over what his father did and defining himself based on that was wrong and he was holding himself back by doing so. This leads to him re-Ascending during the "[REDACTED] Crisis" when he devoured an ancient Demon Eoten god, a move that was incredibly risky and, due to his young divine age, had a high chance of killing him.
  • Fur and Loathing: He wears thick pelts as part of his divine regalia as a Prince and later a King, inspired by the Nordskelt Deer Realms in Cervidia where he was born. He's an evil, sadistic, and depraved god of Pride who takes pleasure in breaking people's pride, and these traits were aggravated to incredible degrees when he later re-Ascended as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god. Despite this, he is a Noble Demon who practices "Constructive Evil" and directs his wickedness towards punishing unrepentantly evil individuals.
  • Generation Xerox: Like his maternal grandfather, Temnobog, he would end up befriending an Alicorn god who's not only much older than him, but also embodies concepts that are fundamentally opposed to his own. In his case, his friend is Blue Suede Heartstrings, a "Tier IV"-ranked Alicorn who (at the time) embodied Humility. However, he ends up taking things one step further by falling in love and marrying Blue Suede after the latter accepted his pride — which is in stark contrast to Temnobog, who, despite having a crush on Golden Scepter, ends up being adopted as a son by the latter.
  • Glad-to-Be-Alive Sex: During the "[REDACTED] Crisis", he is badly wounded while fighting an ancient Demon Eoten god, and shortly devours said god in a desperate move to prevent it from dying and unleashing an apocalyptic meltdown (as what happens when a deity dies). Against all odds, he re-Ascends as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god thanks to his Heroic Willpower, but despite everything turning out okay in the end, he was still that close to losing everything he loved. By his own admission, he proceeded to bed Blue Suede/Caerulus the first chance he got, using his newly-acquired Time magic to extend their night of passionate love-making so he could savor his husband (and take advantage of his now bigger size) for as long as he wanted.
  • God Couple: He and Blue Suede Heartstrings were initially close friends, but after helping Blue Suede recover from his psychological breakdown and near-corruption, he ended up marrying him. While their marriage wasn't perfect and they later resorted to Polyamory out of necessity (as deities are compelled by the concepts they embody and repressing their natures always ends badly), they still remained loving and devoted to each other. In fact, the events led to them both re-Ascending as gods only led to their love deepening further. They also became Good Parents to the scores of children they had since marrying, whether spawned by karmic backlashes, adopted, or sired through multiple lovers.
  • God of Evil: It comes with being the son of Pokhot and an extremely depraved mortal Cervidian warlord. However, it's subverted in that despite his Evil nature and lineage, Stoltur grew up being taught the philosophy of "constructive" Evil after his father's death, and uses his divine domains to test heroes and champions, while damning wicked mortals to an eternity of hellish punishment for their sins. Outside of his duties, he's described by his loved ones as a "perfect gentleman" who, while a bit aloof and sardonic at times, treats all of his lovers well and genuinely adores his mother and siblings to the point where he's willing to protect them, even though he often sleeps with his family as much he does with his non-familial lovers. He's also a very prideful and narcissistic, yet honorable and noble individual who genuinely wants to see mortal sapientkind do well against "careless" Evil, and abides by his oaths once he makes them.
  • Good Needs Evil: Like his family and relatives, he believes that Good needs Evil (and vice-versa) in order for sapientkind to survive.
    • He has been teaching Blue Suede Heartstrings that pride is just as important and beneficial as humility, as Blue Suede has a tendency to downplay his own achievements even when credit is rightfully deserved. This later helps Blue Suede make a full psychological recovery after defeating 'The Colonel' together, as Stoltur's teachings helped him realize and accept that being prideful is okay. After being crowned as Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, he marries Stoltur and they settle down in the Equestrian Pantheon together. Even during their marriage, Stoltur has been encouraging Caerulus to take a lead role despite being dominant himself, and they take turns being dominant/submissive during sex so Caerulus can become more self-confident.
    • It's believed In-Universe that he had many of his mortal followers infiltrate the Order of the Blue Rose, a religious order of benevolent dark mages, so he could test the moral integrity of Winter Opera and her mortal followers. Many people think he's out to destroy or corrupt them for their power, but Stoltur states that if he wanted to do that, he would have done so already.
    • His beliefs in this have also factored in his decision to have his infernal family, Ascendant champions, and servants monitor the Great Seedling and regulate his activities. Having known of the fallout between his twin cousins Stækka and Hnignun, and the near-disasters they caused over their respective natures of growth/decay, Stoltur wants to make sure that the Great Seedling doesn't cause more disasters like Stækka once did with his 'gifts' of plentiful harvests and other bounties.
  • Good Stepmother: Gender-inverted; after marrying Blue Suede Heartstrings, he became the stepfather of all the children the latter had, whether biological or adoptive. Prince Crystal Clear, Blue Suede's oldest son, was initially weirded out by his presence due to him being a God of Evil, but they later came to accept each other as family.
  • Happily Married: After helping Blue Suede Heartstrings making a psychological recovery, he would marry him in a small wedding, with both of them wearing matching silver wedding bands/rings to reflect this. While his marriage to Blue Suede wasn't perfect and they had to overcome various hardships in order to make their relationship work, he still loves his husband, and the feeling is very mutual. Various entries, drabbles, and quotes depict their sex life as being very healthy, with him as the dominant partner and Blue Suede as the submissive one; at first, this was complicated by the widening height gap between them, but after he re-Ascended as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, their sex life not only improved, but also intensified, as his new powers and bigger size allowed him to bed Blue Suede for as much and as long as he wanted. They also became the doting fathers to multiple scores of children under their care, whether through adoption, spawned by karmic backlashes, or sired through various lovers.
  • Has Two Mommies: Gender-inverted. Being a gay couple in an open marriage, he and Blue Suede/Caerulus end up becoming the doting fathers of scores of children, whether adopted, spawned by karmic backlashes, or sired through various lovers.
  • The Hedonist: While not to Prince Touha's extent, he is still a depraved, hedonistic god on account of his infernal heritage and takes part in the same activities the rest of his infernal family enjoys, like attending Pokhot's massive orgy-parties and having his way with the damned shades who were sent to his family's hell-fiefs as punishment for various crimes. And like his family, he sees little difference between work and play. His hedonistic tendencies and impulsives were magnified significantly by his re-Ascension, as his transformation into a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god gave him domineering behaviors that aggravated his pre-existing pride and depravity. Thankfully, he devotes his hedonism towards constructive ends, and his more benevolent peers and loved ones are making sure he doesn't go out of control.
  • Hell: Like his siblings, while he lived in a larger hell-fief owned by his mother, Pokhot, he also oversaw his own hell-fief designed to punish damned souls who were found guilty of crimes related to unfettered pride and perfection. Following his marriage to Blue Suede/Caerulus and move to the Equestrian Pantheon as a joint-member, he was given jurisdiction over some of the Equestrian Pantheon's Hell-Realms on account of being a 'constructive' God of Evil. When he re-Ascended as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, he gained the ability to make Hell-Realms inside his own body, allowing his infernal and mortal worshipers and champions to torment those he devoured inside his endless gullet. This ability also allowed him to transfer his old hell-fief into his body as spatial distortions turned his gullet into living "storage space".
  • I Am Not My Father: After hearing stories from his mother about how monstrous his birth father was, he became so afraid of becoming like his birth father that he imposed an incredibly strict code of honor upon himself to ensure that he would never repeat his father's mistakes. This included completely abstaining from meat, treating his lovers well, and hunting down individuals/factions who worshiped Fallen deities, like Hydianite covens. It's noted that his behavior is rather unusual among infernals as they are not known for being honorable even to that extent. However, it's deconstructed as his obsession over his father's misdeeds ended up stunting his physical and magical growth as a god, creating problems that inflicted unnecesary stress and caused his marriage to Blue Suede to suffer. He eventually realizes during the "[REDACTED] Crisis" that he couldn't continue clinging to his own pride forever, especially when the entire world is at stake — which pushes him to pull off an incredibly risky move that, against all odds, leads to his re-Ascension.
  • An Ice Person: He is an incredibly talented ice mage, though not to the level of High King Kaldr of the Hoyklan Deer pantheon, the latter being a much older, experienced, and powerful deity of Winter. As such, Stoltur can radiate an aura of extreme cold, freeze his opponents into ice blocks, and summon blizzards, though he is best in creating ice barriers that can withstand even the strongest attacks. He has been known to even use his barriers offensively, such as bashing and crushing his enemies, producing ice spikes on his barriers to impale his opponents, and covering his front hooves with small yet hard ice bubbles to enhance his strikes. Fittingly, he is also born with a white pelt, and his beauty is described as being incredibly handsome, yet "cold and unnatural", and on top of that he has a natural talent in magic over ice and freezing, which he could use for both offensive and defensive purposes. As his ice magic comes from embodying Pride, it is a reflection of how pride itself can empower and protect, but also corrupt and harm those who have them.
  • If I Wanted You Dead...: Many people think that he had his mortal followers infiltrate Winter Opera's Order of the Blue Rose religion so he could corrupt her and her followers for his own ends. As a 'constructively Evil' god, Stoltur begs to differ.
    Prince Stoltur Skjöldur: If I wanted to kill or corrupt that Order, I would have done it a LONG time ago. But Winter Opera and her followers have proven themselves honorable time and time again, so I won’t do that. And plus, my darling Blue will be MOST displeased with me if anything befell his former student...
  • I Gave My Word: This is one of his defining traits. When he learned from Pokhot all the horrible things his mortal birth father, Voldugur Skjöldur, did in life, he swore never to become like him and kept his promise for years. One of the things he abstained from was eating meat because Voldugur was an unabashed cannibal. When he listened to Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star's atrocities, he swore never to misuse his divine domains in the same way Morning Star did. It's eventually deconstructed; his devotion to keeping promises comes from his fear of following in his father's hoofsteps, which caused him to repress his darkest desires and, ultimately, stunt his physical and magical growth as a god. It also strained his marriage to Blue Suede/Caerulus, whom he resented for being much taller than him. During the "[REDACTED] Crisis", he realizes that the only way to save everyone he loved was to let go of his fears and vows, prompting him to try devour the Demon Eoten god who was unleashed to wreak havoc upon the world. Despite the great risks involved, he survives thanks to his Heroic Willpower, and while he's much less restrained about his depraved nature, he is much happier and more emotionally stable than before.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: Defied and averted. Because his depraved mortal father participated in unrestrained cannibalism (among other things), he is adamant in not becoming like him in any way, which influenced him to swear off meat completely and become a staunch vegetarian. This applies to even meat from presumably non-sapient animals; despite his mother and siblings' attempts to convince him that eating meat in general won't automatically turn him into his father, he still managed to keep his word to this day.
  • Immortality Begins at Twenty: Subverted. Deities grow "older" by getting Stronger with Age, with their true form's size, power, and eldritch appearance being indicative of their true age. He was once a "Tier II"-ranked god, making him a young god by divine standards, yet various psychological issues and insecurities prevented him from growing properly, causing much Height Angst. During the "[REDACTED] Crisis", he lets go of said issues and re-Ascends by devouring an ancient Demon Eoten god, transforming him into an ancient and utterly gigantic Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant hybrid god who towered over even his largest half-siblings and lovers.
  • Intergenerational Friendship:
    • Prior to his re-Ascension, he was a "Tier II"-ranked god who was best friends with Blue Suede Heartstrings, a "Tier IV"-ranked god who came from the early Second Age. It later upgrades to Interspecies Romance once they get married, and later the roles are reversed when he transforms into a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god who utterly dwarfs Blue Suede.
    • He also befriended Princess Winter Opera, who's roughly the same age as Blue Suede. This stemmed their shared experience of being born to evil and unrepentant fathers whose legacies haunted them, and their mutual respect and gratitude towards their role in helping Blue Suede in some way. Later, he ends up becoming Winter Opera's adoptive joint-father after Blue Suede and Luminiferous adopted her as their joint-daughter.
  • Interspecies Friendship: He is a Deer-Draconequus hybrid god of Evil and Pride, while his friend is an Alicorn god named Blue Suede Heartstrings, who at the time embodied Music and Humility. Despite their opposing natures, beliefs, and portfolios, they developed an Odd Friendship where they both countered and strengthened each other. Later, after helping Blue Suede overcome his traumas and accept his pride, he would marry Blue Suede in a small wedding ceremony.
  • Interspecies Romance: This is what his Interspecies Friendship with Blue Suede Heartstrings later evolves to. He helped Blue Suede recover from a severe mental breakdown by helping him kill 'The Colonel' and teaching him the benefits of pride. This caused Blue Suede to fall in love with him, and they got married in a small wedding ceremony after Blue Suede joins the Equestrian Pantheon.
  • Karmic Jackpot:
    • He became good friends with Blue Suede Heartstrings, then the Alicorn god of Humility, and helped the latter recover from a particularly nasty mental breakdown. He is eventually rewarded when Blue Suede falls in love and marries him, leading to a series of positive karmic backlashes that birthed multiple children like Prince Perfect Tone.
    • During the "[REDACTED] Crisis", he realizes that his obsession with not being like his birth father was holding him back, and proceeds to devour the Demon Eoten god that was terrorizing the world to save everyone despite knowing the great risks involved. He not only survives, but comes out of it an utterly gigantic Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, which improves both his life in general and his marriage to Blue Suede.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: In battle, he carries with him a silver mirror-shield called Þráspegill, which translates to "Desire Mirror" in Icelandic. True to form, while it provides a source of defense in case he can't use his ice magic, Stoltur can also use it to make manifest his enemies' inner desires by conjuring illusionary images of what they desire most. His entry notes that should he lose his shield, he starts focusing on overwhelming strength and speed to make up for a lack of defense... though it also makes him vulnerable as he is more exposed, especially if he can't use his ice magic in place of his shield for some reason.
  • The Magnificent:
    • His first title is "the Shield of Perfection", due to being an evil god of Perfection who is skilled with using shields and creating barriers with his ice magic in battle.
    • His second title is "the Sword of Perfection", due to retaining his swordmaneship skills while using his new part-Giant nature to test and damn both wicked Giants and 'Tinies' for their sins of pride and unfettered perfection.
  • May–December Romance: Technically, his marriage to Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria is this. Stoltur's a "Tier II"-ranked god (maximum age is 1000 years), while Caerulus is a "Tier IV"-ranked god (maximum age is 100,000 years), making him vastly older than Stoltur. Despite this, age doesn't really matter since deities grow differently than mortals, and Stoltur and Caerulus are Happily Married.
  • Maligned Mixed Marriage: His marriage to Blue Suede/Caerulus was this. Because he's an evil god of Pride, many judicial extremists and moral purists have accused him of "corrupting" Blue Suede/Caerulus, who at the time embodied Humility, and tried attacking him for it. However, many others, especially those within Blue Suede/Caerulus' social circles, are accepting of the decision because Blue Suede/Caerulus wouldn't have recovered from his issues otherwise.
  • Masculine–Feminine Gay Couple: He is an evil god of Pride who is vain, bold, and assertive, while his husband, Blue Suede, is a god of Humility who is empathetic, humble, and kind. This applies even to their sex life, with him being dominant while Blue Suede is submissive. However, it's ultimately zigzagged — he wants and actively encourages Blue Suede to become more assertive so the latter could accept his own pride, leading to Blue Suede re-Ascending as a god of Self-Respect and a Reincarnation 'clone' of Mana Equus and becoming a King. But his innately depraved, prideful nature still pushes him to act dominant, especially after he himself re-Ascended with the domineering traits of a Giant deity. Blue Suede, for his part, doesn't really mind this at all.
  • May–December Romance: Technically, his marriage with Blue Suede is this, being a "Tier II"-ranked god (maximum age is 1000 years) while Blue Suede is a vastly older "Tier IV"-ranked god (maximum age is 100,000 years). It's deconstructed — because deities age much differently, being younger than Blue Suede gave him a lot of Height Angst, and Blue Suede's attempts to accommodate him by shrinking down to his level only stirs up resentment (though he does regret feeling that way). Eventually, the roles are flipped when he devours an ancient Demon Eoten god to save the world; while he's still quite young chronologically, he physically transforms into an "Antecedent"-ranked Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, utterly dwarfing Blue Suede to the point where the latter is almost a speck to him.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • His name translates to "Prideful Shield" in Icelandic. He is a divine son of Pokhot and embodies Pride just like her, and is an incredibly vain and sadistic yet honorable individual who can use shields, magical or otherwise, for both defensive and offensive purposes.
    • His mirror-shield, Þráspegill, translates to "Desire Mirror" in Icelandic. It has the ability to distract enemies with their own reflections, and make manifest their inner desires by generating illusionary images of what they want the most.
    • Following his re-Ascension, he adds "Sigvaldr" to his name. This is not only a Shout to his character inspiration, Sigvald the Magnificent, but also translates to "one who has the strength and power to win" in Old Norse. What led to his re-A Scension was his act of devouring an ancient Demon Eoten god to save the world, despite knowing the incredible risks involved, and surviving.
  • Metallic Motifs: Silver. Even before his re-Ascension, his body was primarily white with silver markings, and both his divine regalia and armor mostly consisted of silver. Him being a god not only refers to the mystical aspects of silver, but also reflects his honorable and dignified nature as a god of Pride. It also makes him a contrast to his husband, Blue Suede, who has bright yellow-orange fur and wears blue regalia with gold designs.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Due to being part-Draconequus through his mother, Pokhot, he has chimeric animal traits pertaining to his nature as an evil god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, such as the golden-yellow eyes of a Snowy Owl, as well as its large wings, the front left leg/paw of an Arctic Fox, the right hind leg of a Polar Bear, and the canines of an Arctic Wolf. Later on, it's averted following his re-Ascension; becoming a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god rewrote his chimeric animal traits, resulting in them manifesting as extremely potent Chaos magic that he uses to warp everything and everyone around him.
  • Momma's Boy: According to his family, he was a "Momma's buck" when he was a young fawn. Given how depraved his maternal family is, his love for his mother grew into something darker later on.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In-Universe; when he listened to Golden Scepter's stories about Morning Star, he was so horrified by the Fallen antediluvian Alicorn god's atrocities that he would have nightmares for a while. He would then swear never to misuse his divine domains of Pride, Perfection, and Potential in the way Morning Star had done with his own.
  • Noble Demon: He's a very prideful and narcissistic individual, being quite vain and deriving sadistic pleasure in breaking and demeaning others. He also participates in the depraved hedonism that his mother and siblings enjoy. However, his entry notes that as the living embodiment of the bad aspects of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, he tests mortals by swelling their egos and tricking them into accepting his offers of power by convincing them to abandon their friends and morals. He's also honorable and noble who strives to keep himself from falling into "careless" evil as his birth father and many other deities (such as Morning Star) had done, and always abides by his oaths even if he has every opportunity to go back on them. Outside of work, while he can be a bit aloof and sardonic, he genuinely loves his family and relatives, and treats his male and female lovers well (even if said lovers include his own siblings). He's also a loving and supportive husband to Blue Suede Heartstrings, now Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, whom he married after joining the Equestrian Pantheon together.
  • Not Afraid of You Anymore: He spent much of his life both hating his monstrous birth father, Voldugur Skjöldur, and fearing the idea of becoming like him, to the point of entertaining dark fantasies about the numerous ways he would torment his birth father. But when Voldugur came Back from the Dead as a psychotically mad stag thanks to Mistletoe Dreamer, seeing his birth father's apparent insanity ruined any satisfaction he got from killing him. After letting go of his fears of Voldugur and re-Ascending as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, he decides that he is done obsessing over his birth father and vents his pent-up fury and frustrations upon Voldugur's damned shade before leaving him behind to rot in Armrheim.
  • Odd Couple: This is what he and Blue Suede/Caerulus became after getting married. Whereas he's a depraved god of Pride who is vain, cruel, and sadistic, Blue Suede/Caerulus is a god of Humility (and later, Self-Respect) who is kind, merciful, and humble. Despite their opposing natures, he is Happily Married with Blue Suede, which helpted the latter gain a lot of self-confidence after a mental breakdown. While they later pursue an open marriage out of necessity, he and Blue Suede still love each other dearly and have a healthy sex life, which was intensified when he re-Ascends as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, making him more vain and domineering than before.
  • Odd Friendship: At one point, he befriended Blue Suede Heartstrings, a benevolent and kind-hearted Alicorn god who at the time embodied Humility. Despite their contrasting natures and beliefs, his friendship with Blue Suede ultimately proved to be beneficial as they supported and countered each other. This allowed both of them to recover from their respective issues and realize the harm of taking their respective concepts to extremes. Later, their friendship evolved to Opposites Attract as they fell in love and got married; while they eventually pursued an open marriage out of necessity, they're still deeply devoted to each other regardless.
  • One Head Taller: Justified, as deities age differently than mortals in the Codexverse. Because he's a "Tier II"-ranked god, he's much shorter than his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, who is often mistaken to be the dominant partner because of it. It's eventually deconstructed; while the problem is mostly remedied by shapeshifting, he still suffered from a lot of Height Angst over being short, causing him to envy Blue Suede/Caerulus for being taller — especially after Blue Suede/Caerulus re-Ascended as a reincarnation "clone" of Mana Equus — and reject his husband's attempts to accommodate him out of pride. Later, this becomes exaggerated when he re-Ascends as a Cervine-Draconequus-Demon-Giant god, causing his true form to become so ginormous that Blue Suede/Caerulus is barely visible to him. It also influenced him to bed Blue Suede/Caerulus the first chance he got as he is no longer the shorter partner, and absolutely relishes the idea of dominating his husband.
  • Opposites Attract: Despite their contrasting natures as gods of Pride and Humility, he ends up falling in love with Blue Suede while helping the latter recover from his issues and PTSD, and they get married after joining the Equestrian Pantheon together. While Blue Suede's family and friends have accepted this, others like the Poenan Pantheon were appalled over an "evil" deity marrying a "good" one and have tried attacking them for it. Eventually, both decide to have an open marriage due to their divine natures compelling them to take on many lovers, but they're still devoted to each other. This dynamic had not changed any after Blue Suede re-Ascended as a god of Self-Respect, which is a "healthier" version of his Humility domain.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Like his constructively evil family, he serves as a divine punisher, and as a god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, he torments damned shades who became so prideful that they committed various atrocities to become "perfect" beings. One of his favorite punishments involves elevating a damned shade to a higher social status, then throw them away once they're not of use anymore. After marrying Blue Suede/Caerulus and moving to the Equestrian Pantheon, he helped the local deities purge the corrupt Canterlot nobility and punish the souls of those who died unrepentant. Following his re-Ascension, he starts applying this to both mortal and divine Giants and 'Tinies', devouring and tormenting up to entire pantheons if he deemed them to be genuinely unrepentant enough to warrant such a fate.
  • Pelts of the Barbarian: Double-subverted. While he bears no love for his mortal birth father, he still wears the fashions of Cervidia, his homeland, which consists of white, silver, and dark blue regalia with thick clothes, cloaks, and pelts. Personality-wise, he behaves more like a prideful and aristocratic, if evil and depraved Noble Demon due to him being heavily influenced by higher culture, but that does not make him any less of a fierce warrior than his father's people. This does not change after he re-Ascends, and has expanded his cultural sensibilities to Giant-related material due to him being part-Giant.
  • Power Perversion Potential: Following his re-Ascension as a Cervine-Demon/Draconequus-Giant god, he gained both the racial spatial-warping powers of Giantkind and magnified Choas magic from his overwritten Draconequus traits. Being depraved as he is, he milked his powers for all their worth by using them to bring about his fantasies to life, as well as enhance the pleasure of his partners during sexual intimacy. Notably, when he bedded his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, he used time magic to extend their love-making sessions for as long as they liked.
  • Pride: His entry notes that he embodies Pokhot's prideful aspects, as he inherited his divine domain of Pride from her. Much like his mother, he often brags about his accomplishments to anyone who listens, spends hours preening himself until he looks perfect, and gets incensed at both real and perceived insults to his ego. He also takes his pride farther by developing the tendency to get distracted by his own reflection, even in the middle of a fight. And as his folder quote shows, he holds extremely high standards in who gets to become like the gods themselves, cutting down those who fall short of his expectations. Power-wise, he is an empath who can both encourage and strip away prideful feelings in mortals (though he hates doing the latter as it leaves his victims little more than Empty Shells), and is an incredibly talented ice mage who can use ice for both defensive and offensive purposes, echoing how Pride can both empower and corrupt people.
  • Psychic Powers: He has telepathy, empathy, and precognition relating to his domains of Pride, Perfection, Potential, and Evil. Following his re-Ascension, they increased drastically in strength, and his domain of Perfection now gives him a degree of psychic powers as he came to embody mental perfection as well as physical.
  • Reality Warper: While all gods are by default reality warpers to a high degree with regard to their Domains, as a result of his re-Ascension a lot of Chaos Magic Stoltur possesses as a part-Draconequus was externalised from his body when it was partly overriden by his newly Giant-Demon divine nature, and then magnified by his upgrade into a biologically far older and stronger Titan/Antecendent level deity. All this turned him into this almost on par with Discord and other older Draconequus in power (if not in skill/experience), allowing him to twist time, space, environments and beings with a thought or even with his mere titanic presence and making himself look practically omnipotent to many. Being who he is, he uses it to indulge in all his depraved fantasies when not using it to spectacularly punish the wicked.
  • Seers: His domains of Pride, Potential, and Evil gave him forms of precognition to predict what happens if people gave in to their inner pride and wickedness, as well as what happens if people fulfilled their potential for goodness or wickedness. His precognitive abilities increased drastically once he re-Ascends, with his domain of Evil changing to Primordial Evil.
  • Semi-Divine: He was born the son of Pokhot, an Evil Deer-Draconequus hybrid goddess and member of the Four Terrors, and a mortal Cervidian Deer stag who was an incredibly depraved warlord in life. After Pokhot secretly sabotaged Stoltur's father and left him to die at the hooves of his own subjects, she would take little Stoltur with her and raise him herself, teaching him the philosophy of "constructive" Evil until he grew up and Ascended to true godhood.
  • Sensitive Guy and Manly Man: His friendship with Blue Suede Heartstrings had this dynamic, with him being the prideful, cruel, and vain "Manly Man" while Blue Suede is the "Sensitive Guy" who is humble, merciful, and kind. After he marries Blue Suede, they turn into a Masculine–Feminine Gay Couple where he is the dominant partner and Blue Suede is the submissive one. However, it's zigzagged, as he had been encouraging Blue Suede to become more self-confident in the years following the latter's breakdown, including taking turns on being dominant or submissive during sex.
  • Silver Has Mystic Powers: In battle, he carries with him a mirror-shield, Þráspegill, which distracts his opponents with their own reflections and makes manifest their inner desires by showing them illusionary images of what they desire most. His
  • So Proud of You: He's very proud of Princess Winter Opera for not only founding a religious Order that promotes benevolent use of dark magic, but also resisting his attempts to corrupt her and her followers by ensuring her own followers don't become corrupt themselves.
  • Stomach of Holding: After his re-Ascension turned him into a Giant divine whose titanic presence causes spatial warping, he exploits his body's now being practically infinite volume to not only imprison nations, lands, hells and pantheons he subsequently consumed in his ego, lust and gluttony, but also act as extra storage room and living space for his stuff and his demons/champions/worshippers. He even relocated his old Hell-Fief inside his body.
  • Space Master: His post re-Ascension Giant nature causes spatial distortion which makes him Bigger on the Inside (to practically infinite volume), and he could combine with his other powers like Chaos Magic to warp space and create a Pocket Dimension or several.
  • Super Empowering: Much like Luminiferous, he can do this.
    • Using his domain of Perfection, he can empower his allies' physical and mental capabilities to their peak, though this does not mean they cannot learn anything new while empowered. As his first entry noted, when he uses it on mortals, it's usually to encourage them to improve themselves so they could become the best they can be.
    • Using his domain of Potential, he can empower people with their future potential, but unlike Luminiferous, he encourages his targets to take "shortcuts" in achieving their future potential by either accepting deals from him or searching obsessively for magical artifacts that would likely endanger and curse them.
  • Superior Successor: It's implied that Golden Scepter sees him as this to Morning Star. Both Morning Star and Stoltur are prideful and sadistically cruel beings, except Morning Star had grown so arrogant that he destroyed the Alicorn Civilization and nearly ruined the entire world just to fulfill his own twisted ideas of perfection. Despite Stoltur having similar evil and prideful qualities, his honor code and genuine love for his family keeps him from sinking to the depths of depravity that Morning Star had reached in his time. This once caused Golden Scepter to remark that Stoltur heavily reminds him of Morning Star if he became a "constructive" Evil deity and helped the Alicorns prosper by motivating them with his Evil. True to form, when Stoltur listened to Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star's atrocities, he was so horrified that he had nightmares about it and swore never to become like the Fallen antediluvian Alicorn god.
  • Time Master: Following his re-Ascension, he gained time magic as part of his Chaos magic, the result of his chimeric Draconequus traits being overwritten by his new Giant nature. Being a depraved God of Evil, he uses it to enhance the sexual pleasure of his partners, such as twisting the flow of time so that he and his husband, Blue Suede/Caerulus, could have sex for as long as they wanted.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Much like the rest of his infernal family, hew was this to the entire Bogolenya Deer Pantheon, as he spread Evil to test mortals and punished the damned shades in his mother's hell-fiefs for their crimes in life. After joining the Equestrian Pantheon to be with his husband, Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, he becomes this for the aforementioned pantheon, as Equestria's Hell-Realms needed someone to properly govern it. The same goes for those of his family who left the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon to join him in Equestria.
  • Too Much Information: He once happily provided details about his sex life with Blue Suede/Caerulus, his husband, during one interview with Codex Equus writers/researchers. Predictably, his interviewers were grossed out.
    Jade Shell: There was one interview where Prince Stoltur happily went into great detail over what this means... I think my boss made me rewrite the entire section to make it more 'kid-friendly'.
  • Villain Respect:
    • As the Evil god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, he's delighted whenever his victims either give in to their pride completely, and/or accept offers from him to become as powerful as they could potentially be without going the long way like Luminiferous's students have done. However, he's even more delighted when people resist him and avoid the shortcuts he offers, eventually becoming truly heroic and powerful as he makes them believe they could be.
    • He is thankful towards Princess Winter Opera for helping Blue Suede defeat the Colonel and saving him from becoming a Fallen Alicorn. The feeling is mutual, as Winter Opera appreciates him for looking after her mentor's emotional/mental well-being. He's also quite proud of Winter Opera for founding The Order revolving around benevolent usage of dark magic, and resisting the temptations of power and pride that comes with it.
  • Warrior Prince: He is a Prince by virtue of his mother, Pokhot, being the "Empress" of her hell-fief, and is a powerful Evil god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential who is also a very competent and deadly fighter.
  • What You Are in the Dark: Whenever he makes an oath, Stoltur always sticks with it, even when he's at home. A prominent example is his decision to completely abstain from meat, which stemmed from the fact that when his mortal father was alive, one of the crimes he committed was unrestrained cannibalism. Despite attempts by his mother and his siblings to convince him otherwise, Stoltur still refuses to give in because if he goes back on his word, he'll become no better than his depraved father. His entry notes that this is a rather impressive feat, since most Evil deities often don't stick by their word.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: He's described as being a white-furred Deer-Draconequus hybrid god with a handsome yet incredibly cold and unnatural beauty. He's also an Evil god of Pride, Perfection, and Potential, and due to his nature, he's an incredibly prideful and narcissistic individual who takes sadistic pleasure in breaking and demeaning others' pride, and sees nothing wrong with participating in the depravities that his mother and siblings enjoy, such as their massive, often incestuous orgies. As his folder quote shows, he holds very high standards for the mortals he tests, and believes that only those who he deems worthy can become gods like him. However, it's subverted in that as a follower of "constructive" Evil, he serves as a divine tester for mortals, representing the bad sides of Pride, Perfection, and Potential and the consequences of pursuing all three without compassion and restraint. Outside of work, while he's a bit aloof and sardonic, he genuinely loves his family and relatives, and is a very honorable and noble individual by their standards. He's also a loving and supportive husband to long-time friend Blue Suede Heartstrings/Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, whom he married after joining the Equestrian Pantheon, and an equally loving father to infant Prince Perfect Tone.
  • Wicked Cultured: Justified; because Pride (and Lust) is often rooted in higher culture/society, he and his many divine and demi-divine siblings were raised heavily influenced by things like art, music, science, and literature. Stoltur himself is knowledgeable and skilled in these areas, what with being immortal, but he is especially noted to be a wine sommelier who specializes in tasting, analyzing, and pairing wines and other alcohols with certain foods. This makes him an ideal partner for the children and demonic subordinates of his surviving uncle, Bolezn, who are ften skilled chefs.
  • Yin-Yang Bomb: He is capable of combining his Pride magic with Blue Suede's Humility magic to create a devastating attack, which played an important role in helping Blue Suede permanently kill 'The Colonel', the psychic manifestation of Blue Suede's suppressed traumas and negative traits.
  • You Remind Me of X: Golden Scepter has once remarked that Stoltur reminds him of Morning Star, if he actually used his evil to help the Alicorns prosper by motivating them to stay good instead of making everyone suffer to satisfy his own ego. True to form, Stoltur was horrified by Golden Scepter's stories of Morning Star and the atrocities he had done in life, to the point where he had nightmares about it and swore never to follow Morning Star's example.
  • Your Heart's Desire: His mirror-shield, Þráspegill has the ability to make manifest people's inner desires by conjuring illusionary images of what they desire the most. Fittingly, Þráspegill's name means "Desire Mirror" in Icelandic.

    Prince Perfect Tone 

Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Temperance, Music, Potential, Dreams

Rank: Godling


Prince Perfect Tone (his entry here) is the Alicorn-Deer Draconequus god of Temperance, Music, Potential, and Dreams, and is by far one of the youngest members of the Equestrian Pantheon.
  • All Your Powers Combined: In-Universe, he's speculated to have diluted versions of all the mortal Pony tribes' magics, due to being part Alicorn from Caerulus' side.
  • Animal Motifs: His chimeric traits are based on animals that oppose each other and/or prey on each other, such as cats and dogs, and certain birds (i.e. Bluejays are predators of Goldfinches). This refers to him being the 'biological' son of two gods whose natures fundamentally oppose yet complete each other in a way that they're able to fall in love and become Happily Married.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He's an Alicorn-Deer Draconequus god who embodies Temperance, Music, Potential, and Dreams.
  • The Baby of the Bunch: While he, Flurry Heart, and Léon are the youngest members of the Equestrian Pantheon overall (not counting Cild, an ancient Draconequus god who appears as a child), he was considered the youngest of the Caerulidae until his baby sister, Princess Baby Blue, was born.
  • Cheerful Child: His entry describes him as a cheerful baby who's frequently laughing and smiling, and is very trusting of the people who are in both of his fathers' lives.
  • Children Are Innocent: He's a cheerful baby whose adorable presence makes him a Morality Pet for many criminals and villains, though he has no clearly developed sense of right or wrong yet. He is also unaware of the sheer hatred certain groups like Tribalists, Autorists, and judicial extremists bear for him for merely existing.
  • The Cutie: He's a small, chubby, and adorable infant Alicorn-Deer Draconequus which, combined with his Temperance-based empathy, tends to make even amoral/villainous people act nicely towards him. He's so cute that he caused his grandmother, Pokhot, to quickly fawn over him.
    Pokhot: Who's a cute little baby? You are!
    Prince Perfect Tone: (laughing) Ehehehehe!
  • Divine Parentage: Blue Suede/Caerulus and Prince Stoltur are his biological parents due to him being 'born' from the karmic backlash of them marrying each other despite their opposing natures as gods of Humility and Pride, respectively. This means that he is a biological grandson of Pokhot, one of the Four Terrors, and a great-grandson of Temnobog.
  • Embodiment of Virtue: He embodies Temperance. This gives him the ability to produce an empathic aura that tempers one's behavior to healthy levels and prevents it from going into extremes.
  • The Empath: His Temperance domain gives him the ability to project an empathic aura that regulates one's behavior and prevents it from going into extremes; for example, prideful beings like Prince Ace and Prince Stoltur become more humble, while humble beings like Blue Suede/Caerulus become more prideful. This also makes him a Morality Pet, as his empathy regulates the bad impulses of amoral/villainous beings and makes them act more protective and kinder towards him.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Defied. Despite many expecting great things from Perfect Tone, his fathers, Princes Caerulus and Stoltur, have made it very clear that their son will be receiving a normal upbringing, as trying to foist people's expectations onto a baby or child is emotionally/mentally harmful to them.
  • Half-Breed Discrimination: Because of his hybrid heritage, various supremacy groups, such as Tribalists, Autorists, and others like them, see him as an abomination and an affront to their standards of racial purity. Fortunately, many people are willing to protect him, from the Equestrian Pantheon itself, the mortal followers of his fathers and their allies, to the (rumored) infernal agents of Vicearch Iniquitous who have moved to Equestria on Iniquitous' behest.
  • Has Two Mommies: Gender-inverted. He was born to two fathers when Blue Suede/Careulus married his long-time friend, Stoltur Skjöldur, creating a huge karmic backlash from Humility uniting with Pride that spawned an infant deity. Because of this, Caerulus and Stoltur are by all intents and purposes his biological parents.
  • Heinz Hybrid: He's part-Alicorn, part-Deer, and part-Draconequus due to being the biological son of Blue Suede/Caerulus (an Alicorn) and Prince Stoltur (a Deer-Draconequus hybrid).
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Despite serving as a Morality Pet for both amoral and villainous individuals, his entry notes that he can sometimes be too trusting, and needs to be protected by his friends and family. Justified as he's a baby with no clear sense of right or wrong yet.
  • Hybrid Power: As a son of an Alicorn Prince and a Deer-Draconequus, he's speculated In-Universe to have diluted versions of his fathers' racial magics, though him being a baby means it's too early to tell.
  • Karmic Jackpot: He's a 'Karma Baby' born from the karmic backlash of Blue Suede/Caerulus Melodia accepting his pride and marrying his long-time friend, Prince Stoltur, an infernal god of Pride.
  • Loser Son of Loser Dad: Despite being a baby, he is scorned and hated by puristic groups like the Poenans, who see him as an abomination for being a son of Prince Stoltur, an 'evil' deity of Pride, and have called for his death. Fortunately, Perfect Tone's family, relatives, and fellow deities are very willing to protect him from harm.
  • Made of Magic: He's classified as an "Ethereal" deity, due to having spawned from a magical karmic backlash that resulted from Blue Suede/Caerulus and Prince Stoltur marrying each other, despite their opposing natures as gods of Humility and Pride, respectively. This makes them the biological 'parents' of Perfect Tone for all intents and purposes.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: As an infant god of Music, one ability he inherited from his father, Caerulus, is the ability to unleash powerful sonic screams. Being a baby, it only manifests when he's really upset and/or throwing a tantrum.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Being a Alicorn-Deer Draconequus means that he has chimeric traits that were either inherited from his fathers, or pertain to animals that oppose and/or prey on each other. He has a small Alicorn horn, a small pair of budding Deer antlers, the right wing of an American Goldfinch, the left wing of a Bluejay, the right front leg of a Scottish Fold, and the left hind leg of a Golden Retriever.
  • Morality Pet: Being a cute little baby, he often makes amoral and/or wicked beings soften in his presence and consequently feel more protective and loving towards him. He also has the same effect on the Deti Uzhasov, including his own father, Prince Stoltur, since all of them are descended from Temnobog, the living 'evil' side of High King Bogolenya. His domain of Temperance invokes this via an empathic aura that makes people who intend to harm him actually feel unable to act on their bad impulses.
  • Oral Fixation: Like Prince Léon, he has a tendency to nibble on anything that catches his fancy, including hair, which means that the magically rippling manes and tails of the Equestrian Alicorns (especially the older ones) are frequent targets. He even chews on Prince Healing Song's mane when the latter holds him. It's justified since he's a baby and babies do that.
    Prince Healing Song: Oh nooooo! He's eating my haaaaair!
    Princess Winter Opera: Oh, don't be a baby, Healey.
    Prince Healing Song: But I'm holding a baby!
  • The Power of Love: This is essentially how he came about. Caerulus and Stoltur falling in love showed that Pride and Humility can coexist, leading to a magical karmic backlash birthing a little baby that had traits inherited from both his fathers.
  • Psychic Powers: Through his domains of Temperance and Potential, he has inklings of empathy and precognition, respectively. It's believed by his fathers and others that his domain of Dreams also gives him some degree of psychic ability that allows him to sense the dreams of others.
  • Seers: Due to inheriting his domain of Potential from his father Stoltur, he can see precognitive flashes of what people could potentially become. However, being a baby means he can't understand these flashes very well.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: Puristic judicial groups, like the Poenan Pantheon, see him as an abomination due to being the son of a God of Evil and have called for his death, even attempting to do it themselves. Fortunately, almost everyone is willing to protect Perfect Tone from them.

    Discord, the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony 

Classification: N/A

Portfolio: Chaos

Rank: Titan

  • Abusive Parents: Discord was not a good father to his kids as a villain. He mentally abused Cudnost for being heroic and virtuous (and then quickly left her to Ispita and her siblings after failing to corrupt her), and ended up driving his previously heroic and kind-hearted eldest daughter, Anarchie, insane. While he treated his evil children better, he still abandoned and forgot about them when he escaped. He feels extremely bad about this after his Heel–Face Turn.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: A drabble revealed that Discord, like any 'prodigy' deity, let alone one as old as he is already, grew much more rapidly than normal. As such, it's implied his true form is a straight up Eldritch Abomination and the form he normally occupies is for the sanity of those around him.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: It's heavily implied that he embodies Chaos, owing to his title.
  • Anti Matter: Discord is literally made of Anti-Magic, the Anti Matter equal of Magic. No one knows how he doesn't explode when he comes into contact with 'normal' magic.
  • Arch-Enemy: Blackthorn and Blackrose despise him, and for very good reason. Blackrose has laid her grudge on him aside, at least for now, in light of his redemption, but still decidedly doesn't like him. Blackthorn has not let Discord's redemption stop him, on the other hoof, having already executed several off-screen schemes to try and destroy him.
  • Badass Boast: A Changeling King from the Summer Court tried to get to him through Fluttershy. Discord's response was to threat to show the King why 'your father hasn't killed me yet.' The Changeling King didn't listen and was last seen being thrown into another dimension.
  • Born Winner: It's noted that Discord is way stronger than a god his age should be. Notably, he's 'only' a Titan, but has power comparable to a Primeval naturally. Justified, as he's a piece of the Void Sovereign.
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Deconstructed: he didn't bother to remember every monstrous thing he did back when he was evil because there were so many. This comes back to bite him, and Equestria, square in the flank when one of those evil deeds was imprisoning King Iussum and his wife in a demiplain of chaos and forgetting about them, resulting in them not being very accepting of his reformation upon escaping.
  • Defeating the Undefeatable:
    • To note, last time he was loose and on the warpath, he was at war with everyone for over 500 years, and even then only beaten by two other gods armed with the Elements which are a gift to Equus from the Genesis Sovereign. One thing that gained the Mane Six international recognition is they beat him in a matter of days.
    • Many, many beings have tried to reform him, but all have failed miserably or, in the case of some like Cosmos, ended up corrupted themselves. Fluttershy successfully did so. She's also one of the few beings who has ever managed to consistently beat his mind games.
  • The Dreaded: Discord is, as in canon, an incredibly powerful and dangerous Reality Warper. Notably, he managed to more or less last over a 500 plus years at war with everyone during the War Against Chaos. While he had minions back then, this was more than enough that everyone was horrified of the idea of him starting another one, which would have happened had he not been defeated by the Mane Six. Even after his Heel–Face Turn he's extremely feared and infamous.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Being the son of a Grand Primeval, especially Kaos, the Chaos Primeval, he's this. A drabble reveals he's not simply Kaos' son, but rather a piece of the Void Sovereign Kaos did something with. A drabble reveals the form he normally appears in is A Form You Are Comfortable With and his true form is a sanity threatening abomination.
  • Evil Overlord: Once conquered Equestria and ruled it as a chaotic tyrant for over 500 years. He notably refuses to be named King of Friendship Gardens after marrying Fluttershy, instead willingly taking the title of Prince-Regent, showing just how much he's changed from his days as one of these.
  • Evil Counterpart: It turns out he's this to the Tree of Harmony as he's created from the Void Sovereign, while the Tree of Harmony was made from a seed created by the Genesis Sovereign specifically to counter him. Downplayed after his redemption, as while no longer evil, he's still much more antagonistic. This also means he can sacrifice some of his power to create his own counterpart to the Elements of Harmony, the Elements of Chaos, he just never had reason to do while a villain.
  • Freudian Excuse: It's implied that discovering he's a piece of the Void Sovereign, the cause of the end of the Second Age and a cosmic EldritchAbomination contributed majorly to his fall to evil.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Prior to reformation, Discord had a record of infamy whose consequences are still felt to the present day.
    • Everything involving the Changelings - their origins, their hardships, their very nature - is implied to be directly or indirectly his fault for his role in the Fall. This earned him the feared titles of 'The Curser' and 'The Serpent of Amorea' among the Changelings and very personal enmity with the Changeling Progenitors themselves.
    • Also responsible for Cosmos' fall to madness and evil in a scenario much like the Joker and Harley Quinn, making him indirectly responsible the 'Cosmos Incident' down the line when she come back for her 'Darling D'.
    • Had many children with Ispita the Deceiver, a Fallen Draconequus like he is, who would return in the present day to help their mother out with her plans to break free from her seals and plunge the world into evil and vice. Some, like Anarchie, used to be sweet-hearted and heroic individuals until they were corrupted into madness by him, something that Discord would come to deeply regret years later after his Heel–Face Turn.
    • His actions towards King Iussum and his wife back when he was equal directly resulted in the War Against Order when they were corrupted by everything he put them through and came back for revenge.
  • Happily Married: Eventually marries Fluttershy and becomes Prince-Regent of Friendship Garden as a result.
  • Heel–Face Turn: As in canon, made one due to Fluttershy. What made it even more notable is that the Codexverse version of him was a decidedly morally-bankrupt person.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: It's theorized in universe one reason Fluttershy succeeded where all others failed and redeemed him is because he's never been able to beat her with his mind games, something exceedingly rare.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: The War Against Order Arc is essentially his cruelty and evil back in his wicked days blowing up in his and Equestria's face when one of his playthings from back when he was monstrously evil returns for their revenge. Doubly so, as it's pointed out by many that the entire mess would never have happened if he'd just released Iussum and his wife when he was redeemed and apologized.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Him not bothering to remember every terrible thing he's done results in him leaving King Iussum and his wife trapped in a Demiplain of chaos even after his redemption. It's pointed out that had he remembered and freed them when he reformed, the entire War Against Order could've been averted.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: After finally escapaing his captivity in the War Against Order Arc, he does something shocking everyone: he sincerely apologizes to Rosedust for The Fall.
  • Pieces of God: He's revealed to have been created from a fragment of the Void Sovereign.
  • Precursor Killers:
    • He's responsible for the destruction of the Old Equestrian Empire (though it was already on decline) and the Old Equestrian Pantheon. Pakak and his three children were among the few survivors of the attack.
    • It's heavily implied he caused the destruction of the precursor civilization and the creation of the Changelings, who were previously Flutter Ponies. Because of this, all of Changelingkind, especially the Changeling Progenitors, have an undying grudge against him and call him "the Serpent of Amorea".
  • Reality Warper: As in canon, he's this. To note, despite her being a Primeval, he's even in power with Queen Mab I. It's implied this is due to being a piece of the Void Sovereign who gained independent existence.
  • Shout-Out: He made a certain goose in the Grittish Isles one of his champions.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: He's reformed...but a lot of creatures and gods remember what he did and aren't exactly forgiving towards him. Deconstructed when one of those atrocities results in King Iussum and his wife being corrupted into Despotic Destiny and Broken Harmony and returning on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Part of his Start of Darkness is implied to have been discovering that, rather than Kaos' son, he's actually a piece of the Void Sovereign that Kaos did something with.
  • Truly Single Parent: Some time after creating the Elements of Chaos, he suddenly buds off five children, much to his shock. As it turns out, making his Elements properly 'synced' him with Equestria's Tree of Harmony, and thus caused him to do as it did and spawn Spirits of Chaos to counterbalance the other five Trees of Harmony.
  • Worf Had the Flu: He's defeated and captured by Despotic Destiny, but it's noted the two would've been evenly matched had Discord not been weakened by creating the Elements of Chaos beforehand. Even then, Discord put up a huge fight.
  • Wrong Context Magic: Discord isn't like a normal god, who are composed of Primordial Quintessence. Rather Discord is composed of Anti-Magic, specifically PQ's Anti Matter equal. This means no other god on Equus functions quite the same as he does. This is due to Discord being a piece of the Void Sovereign.

    Pakak, the Trickster/Mischief 

Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Karma, Trickery, Pranks

Rank: Titan

"Ain't I a stinker?"

Pakak (his entry here) is the younger brother of Discord, and the Draconequus god of Karma, Trickery, and Pranks.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He's a Draconequus god who embodies Karma, Trickery, and Pranks.
  • The Atoner: Invoked with the Sunnytowners. While his curse of zombification was a reminder of how Sunnytown's irrational fear of Cutie Pox directly led to Ruby Heart's death, he put in a Curse Escape Clause that allowed anyone to return back to normal if they realized their mistakes and repented for them honestly. This included those who condoned the murder like Mitta and her parents family did.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality/Gray-and-Gray Morality: Discussed with Rainbow Dash regarding his abilities around Karma, which allows him to look at and manifest other beings' 'Karma Meter' for reference. According to him, while it can accurately deduce the moral/karmic dispositions of many beings, there are a not insignificant number of people he used it on who turn up with inconclusive or even bizarre results, due to the ambiguity of their moral character and in turn their actions (as he noted, most people are contradictory messes rather than monolithic personalities, while what is a 'right' or 'wrong' action heavily depends on context), with some even being so different in morality and mindset from 'normal' people that even objectively Good and Evil as most understand it simply cannot apply to judge them or their deeds. He demonstrates this by manifesting the Karma Meter for the ancient, enigmatic and powerful legendary witch Karaldina De Hex as Rainbow Dash asked him to earlier, and instead of a blue (Good karma) and red (Bad karma) divided bar, he got one solid purple bar. Then there was this one time early in his existence where he tried to get a reading on an Equine individual, and got flannel and polka dots.
  • Cain and Abel: The Abel to Discord's Cain. Ironically, by the time they meet again in the present, Discord's performed a Heel–Face Turn and the two reconcile.
  • Divine Date: At one point in his life, he fell in love and had children with a mortal Paradise Pony mare, Shady. During this time, he took the form of a pony and loved her dearly.
  • Karmic Transformation: Invoked, as he is a god of Karma.
    • Much of his spells involving this area depend on how bad his targets' karma is, such as spending a year or two as a dog. One such example is his transformation of Sunnytown's Cutie Pox-phobic residents into zombies to punish them for their murder of Ruby Heart, a young filly, who earned a Cutie Mark and was immediately deemed 'infected' with Cutie Pox. Because Ruby Heart let fear motivate them into doing cruel things for the sake of their town, they became things that made people run away in fear.
    • He also taught Blue Suede Heartstrings, now King Caerulus Melodia Equestria-Equestria, these type of curses and hexes, since learning Humility sometimes involves humiliating prideful people in order to force them to acknowledge their flaws and change. Since Caerulus embodies Humility, he became a natural at it and used the karmic spells taught by Pakak to punish the corrupt Canterlot nobility for their crimes, something that made Pakak himself extremely proud to the point of crying.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: Implied. He once dated and married the First Age pony heroine, Shady, siring his children Arlequin, Katharsis, and Cild through her. There is no indication of Shady's presence in the Fourth Age beyond sparse mentions of her in the Codex, indicating that she was eventually outlived by her family after they Ascended to godhood.
  • Mentor Archetype: He became one of many deities who taught Blue Suede/Caerulus new abilities so Caerulus can explore his domains and himself as a person, back when the latter was a god of Humility. One of the things Pakak taught is various curses and hexes, especially of the transforming kind, since part of learning Humility humiliating prideful people to force them to acknowledge their flaws and change. Caerulus proved to be a natural at wielding these curses and proceeded to use them as punishments for Equestria's corrupt nobility and racial supremacist factions, which made Pakak extremely proud to the point of crying.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: As a Draconequus, he has various chimeric traits that pertain to his personality - he has the antlers of an elk, the left arm of a black bear, the right arm of a coyote, the right wing of a bat and the left wing of a raven, the right leg of a grey wolf, the left leg of a deer, the fangs of a rattle snake, and the tail of a skunk.
  • Morality-Guided Attack: His most powerful spells use the karma of the target. This is one reason he was recruited to help fight Surtr: as monstrous as Surtr is, he had so much bad karma it let Pakak be a major threat to him.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: As a god of Pranks and Karma, he tends to reserve his worst spells for people with bad karma, though it depends on how severe their crimes are. When he learned that Cutie Pox-phobic residents of Sunnytown murdered and cremated a young filly for gaining a Cutie Mark, Pakak furiously cursed them to spend the rest of eternity as zombies. They would never be able to rest, or leave their home, until they took responsibility for their actions and atoned honestly. Pakak was noted to have felt not a single ounce of remorse for what he did.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: He's described as having red eyes. While he's a benevolent god, he can be extremely dangerous, especially when the target(s) of his ire has acquired a lot of bad karma through their actions. A notable example is his cursing of Sunnytown, for which he showed absolutely no remorse.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: His reciting the curse that would turn all of Sunnytown into zombies for their crimes was entirely in rhyme.
    "Fear you let rule your hearts, and cut off an innocent life at it's start.
    So from this day forth you shall roam this place, striking terror on any face.
    As beasts neither dead or alive, in a place where nothing thrives.
    Each year this day will repeat, reminding you of this horrible fete.
    Until your actions you come to own, you shall reap what you have sown.
    Only when you accepted and repented for your crime, will this curse run out its time."
  • Sealed Good in a Can: Was sealed in a locket by Discord during his reign for opposing him. Discord ultimately frees him with Rainbow and Pinkie's help to make up for it.
  • So Proud of You: He was extremely proud of his student, Blue Suede/Caerulus, when he witnessed the latter's actions in punishing the corrupt Canterlot nobility during the "Second Equestrian Civil War" and other related events, which also provided prime material for Katharsis to photograph and mail to said nobility's victims. He was noted to be so proud that he cried Tears of Joy.
    Pakak: *Sniff* My student has come so far...!
  • Tranquil Fury: His reaction to the Cutie Pox-phobic Sunnytowners murdering an innocent filly out of paranoia was that of calm anger; according to his writer, this was invoked as being calm made Pakak scarier than if he was furiously angry.
  • Trickster God: Naturally, as he is a God of pranks and trickery, he is mischiveous and chaotic.

    Arlequin, the Prankster 

Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Pranks, Enthusiasm, Optimism

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater), formally Demi-Goddess

"Laughter is the best medicine!"

Arlequin (her entry here) is the Draconequus goddess of Pranks, Enthusiasm, and Optimism, and is one of two daughters of Pakak.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's a Draconequus goddess who embodies Pranks, Enthusiasm, and Optimism.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Prankster" due to being the Draconequus goddess of Pranks, as well as a natural prankster just like her father, Pakak.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Much like her father, Pakak, she has chimeric traits that pertain to her personality. In her case, her chimeric traits revolve around mischievous animals, such as her right arm being a Hyena's, and her left arm being a Coyote like Pakak's.

    Katharsis, the Confidant 

Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Emotional Venting, Closure, Catharsis

Rank: Divine (Tier III/Greater); formerly a demigoddess

"Just let it all out."

Katharsis (her entry here) is the Draconequus goddess of Closure, Catharsis, and Emotional Venting, and is one of two daughters of Pakak.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Her younger brother, Cild, calls her "Kathy".
  • Animal Motifs: Her Draconequus traits come from animals that are kept as pets and bring comfort to their owners, suck as dogs and cats. Her skunk tail is a little unusual, but it also relates to the more dangerous parts of her personality - specifically, her willingness to people achieve closure by humiliating those who hurt them.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's a Draconequus goddess who embodies Emotional Venting, Closure, and Catharsis.
  • The Empath: Her entry describes this trope as her primary power. As the goddess of Emotional Venting and Closure, she can sense and bring emotions to the surface, if it'll help emotionally-afflicted victims heal from their traumas. She can also break people's emotional "plugs" and release all of their bottled-up emotions at once, though she only does so when necessary.
  • Heroic Lineage: Her mortal mother was Shady, a legendary G1 Paradise Pony from the First Age.
  • In-Universe Catharsis: One of her domains is catharsis. She helps situations, literal or not, reach their conclusion, even dishing out Laser-Guided Karma for those who angered her. This is what separates her from her father, Pakak - while Pakak merely sends a villain falling to their death as karma, Katharsis would take it further by making the villain hit every outcropping available on the way down, making them look as pathetic as they really are to their victims. It's noted that Katharsis may have had some role in the downfall of both divine and mortal villains in the past, such as the humiliating defeat of Abyssinian goddess Fik'iri, as well as giving her sister Arlequin the idea of giving an evil Giant baron a humiliating demise.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Her current name, Katharsis, is a Punny Name that's based on the word "catharsis", an emotional process that involves release and providing relief from strong/repressed emotions. She's a goddess of Catharsis, and her primary role is to help people earn closure in various ways, such as punishing their tormentors and/or releasing any emotions that are strong or bottled up.
    • Her birth name, Comforting Shade, refers to cool shades being used as places of rest during hot days. In her case, she is a source of comfort for those who suffer from strong and/or repressed emotions due to various traumas.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Much like her father, Pakak, she has chimeric traits that pertain to her personality. In her case, her chimeric traits revolve around pets who bring comfort to their owners, such as the right leg of a dog, the left leg of a cat, and the tail of a skunk.
  • Punny Name: Her name sounds like "catharsis", but spelled with a 'K'.
  • Revenge: Subverted; despite her tendency to dish out humiliating Laser-Guided Karma to her foes, she's not a goddess of Vengeance. She only helps situations reach their conclusion, and helps emotionally-afflicted people achieve catharsis by exposing those who wronged them as pathetic.
  • Semi-Divine: She was born with partial divine heritage because of a union between her father, the karmic god Pakak, and her mother, Shady, a heroic Paradise Pony mare from the First Age. She would eventually Ascend and become a full-time goddess.

    Cild, the Inner Child 

Classification: Ascendant

Portfolio: Childhood, Inner Child, Play

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater); formerly a Demigod

"Everyone's got an inner child - there's nothing wrong with embracing it so long as there's no harm done!"

Cild (his entry here) is the Draconequus god of Childhood, the Inner Child, and Play, and is the only son of Pakak.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He's a Draconequus god who embodies Childhood, the Inner Child, and Play.
  • Affectionate Nickname: He calls his older sister, Katharsis, "Kathy".
  • Dual Age Modes: He is well-versed in age manipulation, and has the ability to turn people into children and/or adults, depending on how old they are at the time of transformation. This is because he embodies the concepts of Childhood and the Inner Child, and his role is to help others understand the dangers of trying to grow up too fast.
  • Fountain of Youth: His entry notes that as the god of Childhood and the Inner Child, he is well-versed in age manipulation. He has been known to turn adults into children as part of some of his games, and vice-versa.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Inner Child" due to embodying all the good aspects of childhood in terms of personality - including creativity, happiness, and imagination - and helping people rediscover their "inner child" by reconnecting them with things they once enjoyed in their youth.
  • Meaningful Rename: Back when he was a demigod, his name was Shadow Trick, referring to magical illusions constructed with shadows as entertainment for children. When he Ascended to true godhood, his name changed to Cild, referring to how he embodies the concept of someone's Childhood and/or Inner Child.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Due to his role and the concepts he embodies, he's a Draconequus god who has the traits of "cute" animals, such as kittens and Cuddle Spiders. He also inherited his father's antlers.
  • Punny Name: His name is essentially the word "Child" with the 'h' taken out.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Justified. Despite often appearing as a young child, he's actually an ancient Draconequus god, having been born to Pakak and Shady, a mortal First-Age Pony heroine from Paradise Estate. This means that his true age is around 10,000 to 100,000 years.

    Fluttercruel/Odyne Delilah Posey/Cruelty 
See her entry here.