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Sunnytown is a cursed place located in what is now the Everfree Forest. Hundreds of years ago, it was a bustling place much like Ponyville.
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  • Adaptational Karma: In the original game, it was made unclear what cursed Sunnytown and its residents with decay and zombification. Here, it's revealed that Pakak, the trickster god of Mischief and Karma, was responsible, having been so enraged by the ponies' senseless murder of an innocent filly that he made a curse that locked them a Vicious Cycle, repeating that fateful day every year for even eternity until they accepted responsibility for their actions and atoned for their crimes.
  • Adaptational Villainy: Save for Ruby, Mitta, and the more repentant ones, the Sunnytowners here are far more fanatic, cruel, deluded, and vicious in their persecution of Cutie Marks and those who have them (or don't). Mitta's entry reveals that the worst of them participated in psychologically abusing her for centuries, turning Mitta into a Broken Bird whose trauma could still be felt in the present day despite mostly getting over it.
  • Cursed with Awesome:
    • Cutie Marks are widely seen as a good thing, but in Sunnytown, they saw Cutie Marks as a sign of Cutie Pox infection because a deadly bout of Cutie Pox ravaged their homes and took more than half the original population. While their fears were understandable, they let it influence them into taking extreme measures to make sure a second round doesn't happen again, leading to them murdering Ruby Heart by burning her alive in her own fireplace when she got her Cutie Mark in finding things. Before casting his curse, Pakak rightly points out to the Sunnytowners that if they even bothered to check if Ruby Heart was actually infected or not, a cruel and senseless death would've been avoided.
    • Their curse of zombification was intended by Pakak to make the Sunnytowners realize that killing a young filly out of paranoia and hatred towards Cutie Marks was wrong, and atone for their crimes. However, Grey Hoof and his most fanatical followers have learned to use the curse to their advantage, as being unkillable zombies that are unburdened by mortal requirements such as food, air, and sleep makes them very persistent killers. Fortunately, Pakak's curse prevents them from leaving Sunnytown after a certain perimeter, and Mitta breaking free from the curse and becoming the Everfree Forest's Guardian ensures that they won't be taking any more victims.
  • Curse Escape Clause: When Pakak cursed Sunnytown, he made it so that the only way the townsponies could escape from their predicament is if they acknowledge their actions as wrong, and accept Ruby Heart and her Cutie Mark on the day their curse would reenact a magical simulation of that fateful day. Once they have done so, then they are free of the curse, restored back to normal, and allowed to continue living normally.
  • Evil Makes You Monstrous: Invoked; after they killed an innocent foal for earning her Cutie Mark, Pakak cursed the Sunnytowners with zombification so their appearance would look as monstrous as their actions and beliefs. The only way they could restore themselves back to normal is if they accept responsibility and atone for their crimes, starting with protecting "Ruby Heart" (actually a magical hologram version of her generated by Pakak's curse) from being killed by those who would prey on her.
  • Freudian Excuse: Deconstructed. The Cutie Pox that devastated Sunnytown left the ponies so traumatized that they became willing to do anything to prevent another infection. However, they lost massive sympathy points when they decided to kill Ruby Heart for earning a Cutie Mark by burning her alive, without checking to see if she was actually infected or not. This enraged Pakak, who emerged from his pony disguise and cursed them with zombification until they accepted responsibility and atoned for their crimes.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: While Pakak acknowledges that Cutie Pox infection is a legitimate fear, he points out that letting fear completely take hold will lead to acts of cruelty and hatred. The Sunnytowners lost their source of sympathy when they let their fear influence them into murdering an innocent foal for getting a Cutie Mark without checking if she was actually infected or not.
  • Karmic Transformation: All of the Sunnytowners were transformed into zombies by Pakak for participating in, or simply condoning Ruby Heart's murder. Every year, they would be restored to experience a magical simulation of the day they were cursed, presented with two choices: Either acknowledge their actions as wrong and accept Ruby Heart's Cutie Mark, or kill her and repeat the cycle for another year. In addition, the zombified Sunnytowners' appearance reflect the cruelty and hatred that sprung from their extreme fear of Cutie Pox, so that people run when they see them, and they cannot leave their town until they atone for their crimes. Those who broke their Vicious Cycle and redeemed themselves will be restored to their original pony form and continue on with their lives.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: They killed Ruby Heart for getting a Cutie Mark by burning her alive in her own fireplace, convinced she was "infected", without bothering to check if it'll actually lead to infection. Pakak turned them into zombies as punishment for this cruel act.
  • Soiled City on a Hill: Sunnytown was once a bustling place akin to Ponyville, until a deadly epidemic of Cutie Pox turned the survivors into Cutie Pox-phobic extremists. Pakak witnessed them murdering Ruby Heart for gaining a Cutie Mark during their anniversary party, and cursed them all into becoming zombies as punishment until they decided to atone for their crimes.
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Justified; after they were cursed with zombification by Pakak, they became unburdened by mortal requirements such as food, air, and sleep. This is what allows them to pursue potential victims, without stop, which eventually became necessary for someone like Mitta to step in and guard the Everfree Forest so people wouldn't wander in and get killed by the zombies. Thankfully want keeps the Sunnytowners from reaching father is their curse preventing them from leaving Sunnytown after a certain perimeter.
  • Town with a Dark Secret: Well, a fairly large hamlet, but Sunnytown is actually a very insidious place despite its name. The place is scorched and full of overgrown ruins, the ghost of a filly used to live there, and there's also zombified ponies who go after anypony they see, Cutie Marks or not. The reason why Sunnytown became what it is now is because hundreds of years ago, a Cutie Pox epidemic swept through and took with it half of the local population, causing most of the survivors to become extremely Cutie Pox-phobic. When a young filly earned her Cutie Mark in finding things, the townspeople ganged up on her, and ritualistically murdered her by burning her alive in the fireplace of her own house. Pakak happened to be attending the party in a disguise that day, and he was so angered by this senseless death that he cursed everyone involved in it to become zombies, until they atone for their crimes. Three Leaf would imply in an interview that Ruby Heart, the filly that was killed, wasn't the only victim and others had been similarly dealt with by Grey Hoof before Pakak came.
  • Undying Loyalty: Thanks to Grey Hoof's friendly charisma and demagoguery, almost all ponies of Sunnytown are extremely loyal to him and thus, they share his irrational hatred of Cutie Marks and will "protect" any blank ponies they come across. Because of this toxic fanaticism, both Ruby Heart and her divine mentor, Grief, have been working hard in helping the Sunnytowners break free from Grey Hoof's poisonous influence so they could repent for their crimes.
  • Vicious Cycle: The curse Pakak put on them for murdering Ruby Heart focuses on their Cutie Mark-based bigotry and phobia. Once a year on a certain day, the zombified Sunnytowners will be restored to their original forms long enough to prepare for a huge party, up until the moment where Ruby will help Roneo find his gift for Starlet and earn her Cutie Mark. If they decide to persecute and kill Ruby Heart, then they will remain zombies possibly for eternity, forced to relive that day again and again as punishment. However, if they decide to acknowledge their opinions and actions as wrong and accept Ruby Heart's Cutie Mark, then they are freed from the curse and restored to their original forms.

    Grey Hoof 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Cursed Zombie/Extremist

Faction: Sunnytown

"All those with Cutie Marks can get the Pox, so all those with Cutie Marks HAD TO GO!"

Grey Hoof (his entry here) is a resident of Sunnytown, and is a prime example of why no-creature should let fear and paranoia rule their hearts.
  • Adaptational Villainy: In the Codexverse, he is far more insidious, fanatic, and malevolent than he was in the source material. It's implied that he had Ruby Heart burned to death in her family's own fireplace to punish her family for trying to protect her from his followers, which enraged Pakak, the Draconequus god of Karma, into punishing Sunnytown by cursing its residents with zombification. Grey Hoof proceeded to turn the Sunnytowners into a "Cutie Pox cult", hunt down innocent ponies with Cutie Marks, and essentially turned Mitta into his prisoner by having his followers psychologically abuse for centuries, leaving her so broken that she could easily be browbeaten back into compliance if she ever got out of line. Three Leaf, Grey Hoof's childhood friend, implies that he had been disposing of townspeople who developed Cutie Marks long before Ruby Heart and got away with it, making Pakak's arrival and presence a coincidence. Grey Hoof is also an insidiously charismatic and persuasive individual who believes that everything he does, including foal-murder, is for the well-being of Sunnytown, so when Apple Bloom discovers Sunnytown's horrible secret and calls him out on his actions, his facade quickly crumbles, ultimately exposing himself as a fanatical, deluded maniac. While Mitta did manage to stand up to her tormentors to save Apple Bloom, the extent of Grey Hoof's psychological abuse was such that she currently has two goddesses helping her recover from her trauma and bolster low self-confidence, as well as two demi-Alicorn Princes teaching her how to fortify herself against psychologically abusive individuals in general.
  • Adult Fear: In-universe; his entry describes him as the "nightmare of every parent", especially those with "blank" foals.
  • Create Your Own Hero:
    • Had he not killed Ruby Heart for earning her Cutie Mark, reduced her older sister, Mitta, to being essentially Sunnytown's prisoner via centuries of psychological abuse, and then tried pursuing a then-blank Apple Bloom to "protect" her, he wouldn't have motivated Mitta to finally gather the courage to defy him. Or pave the way for her to become a divine champion and the current Guardian of the Everfree Forest, and one of his worst enemies.
    • Ruby Heart herself applies, too. Had she not been killed by him, she wouldn't have eventually attracted the Three Deaths' attention and become a Confessor, which would allow her to redeem some of the regretful Sunnytowners.
  • Freudian Excuse: Deconstructed. He's extremely focused on "protecting" ponies from getting Cutie Marks because he was born during a time when Sunnytown was ravaged by Cutie Pox, taking with it half the population as well as his parents. However, he's so far gone in the head that he's willing to use his experiences as an excuse to commit more atrocities against Ponykind, and has influenced his most ardent followers into behaving exactly like him. Pakak himself states that while Grey Hoof's fear is legitimate, he still let that fear motivate him into doing cruel and hateful things in the name of preventing that fear.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: While his background is tragic and his fear understandable, he took it so far as to murder innocents for gaining Cutie Marks out of misguided belief that he's "protecting" them from Cutie Pox infection. Appropriately, public reactions to him in modern Equestria range from fear to anger and disgust, with many people rightfully seeing him as a deluded foal-killer and "crack-nut". Applejack in particular made it clear that she'll "applebuck" him seven ways across Equus if he comes after her sister again.
  • Happily Adopted: After his parents died to Cutie Pox, he was adopted by paternal relatives, who raised him as their own son. Not that it prevented him from becoming the delusional nut he is now...
  • I Did What I Had to Do: He genuinely believes that his actions were for the good of Sunnytown, which is partially why he's so monstrous. When confronted by Apple Bloom over this, he devolves into a screaming madman while trying to justify his actions.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: He was described as being very handsome for his age pre-Curse, to the point where several local mares (including his childhood friend, Three Leaf) were attracted him. Now he's cursed into becoming a decayed zombie until he atones for his crimes, which has been acknowledged in-universe as unlikely due to his insanity.
  • I Reject Your Reality: He genuinely believes that he's doing good by "protecting" ponies from Cutie Pox infection, which actually means he kills them just like he did Ruby Heart. However, he's so deeply insane that he constantly rejects Ruby's attempts to redeem him, still seeing her as an infected monster that needs to be killed. Ruby would later admit to her friends, Midnight Bell and Crystal Prism, that as much as she's dedicated to being a Confessor and helping redeem people, she eventually gave up on Grey Hoof after realizing that he wouldn't change.
  • Karmic Transformation: It's stated in his profile that when Pakak cursed Sunnytown for murdering Ruby Heart, Grey Hoof was among the first to become zombies, since his actions directly led to the death of an innocent filly over something so harmless. As a consequence, because his appearance was made to reflect his monstrous actions, people rightly treat him with fear and disgust. It's noted that because of his deep insanity and refusal to change, he will most likely stay in his zombified form until the potential end of Time and Known History.
  • Kill It with Fire: He caused Ruby's death by having her burned alive in her family's fireplace for earning her Cutie Mark. This is what got Pakak on the warpath when he witnessed it.
  • Meaningful Name: Grey Hoof is an Earth pony stallion with a grey pelt.
  • Nephewism: Justified; his parents died from Cutie Pox infection when he was a baby, so he was adopted by paternal relatives.
  • Nightmare Fuel: In-universe; he and his actions inspire Adult Fear for parents with foals, especially those who haven't earned their Cutie Marks yet.
  • Parental Abandonment: Justified; Grey Hoof's parents both died from Cutie Pox infection when he was just a baby. It's implied that learning the truth of their deaths at a later age was what caused his Start of Darkness.
  • Start of Darkness: It's implied that learning from his relatives what happened to his birth parents caused Grey Hoof to develop an extreme fear of Cutie Pox and Cutie Marks in general. The rest was history...
  • Super-Persistent Predator: Justified; part of what makes him so frightening is that due to being a zombie, he is unburdened by mortal requirements such as food, air, and sleep. This is what allows him to pursue his victims easily, without stop. Thankfully, the only thing that stops him is Pakak's curse, which keeps Grey Hoof and his followers from leaving Sunnytown after a certain perimeter.
  • Tautological Templar: Deconstructed. He genuinely believes that his worldview is right and that he's acting for the good of both Sunnytown and Equestria, while everyone else who opposes him are deemed threats that need to be put down for the greater good. But in the eyes of everyone else, Grey Hoof is a "crack-nut" and a foal-killer who keeps deluding himself with lies. Because of Grey Hoof's charisma, many Sunnytowners behave just like him even when his flaws are glaringly obvious, and once they realize the error of their ways, they're left incredibly guilty over what they did.
  • Toxic Friend Influence: Deconstructed. He was Three Leaf's childhood friend and one-time crush, and when they were foals, the pain of losing their families to a deadly bout of Cutie Pox was what allowed them to bond. However, Three Leaf's entry notes that while he likely did appreciate the support, it didn't stop him from going down the path of villainy, and his charisma and fondness for Three Leaf, combined with her naivety, is what allowed him to manipulate her into being by his side for centuries. His insanity and deluded beliefs also made their friendship deeply emotionally/mentally abusive - Three Leaf was left unable to pursue what she really loved due to her fear/distrust of Cutie Marks, and when she discovered that Grey Hoof murdered her adoptive mother and lied about her fate for centuries, she angrily cut ties with him. However, even after doing so, she retained an eagerness to please others and a habit of being obsessively clingy, which played a part in her refusal to accept psychiatric help. Blue Suede Heartstrings magically severing her friendship "rope" with his domain of Philia Love allowed Three Leaf to finally move on, but it still took some time for her to make significant progress in her emotional/mental recovery. As the mad goddess of Chaos and Domination, Cosmos, cynically put it, "[Grey Hoof] took that innocent mare's hoof and dragged her along through the mud."
  • Undying Loyalty: Deconstructed. Due to his charisma, friendliness, and love for fun, he inspired this in his neighbors and fellow Sunnytowners, some of whom are deeply loyal to him to this day. Unfortunately, Grey Hoof's extreme fear of Cutie Pox meant that he's able to influence the townspeople into forming lynch mobs against innocent people if they get a Cutie Mark, which resulted in Ruby Heart's wrongful condemnation and murder. Pakak's curse and time evolved his followers' loyalty to the point where they are extremely fanatical, simply refusing to believe that what they're doing is wrong. Ruby Heart and her mentor, Grief, have been working hard at moving the Sunnytowners away from Grey Hoof's toxic influence so they can repent for their sins.
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Deconstructed. He genuinely believes that those who get Cutie Marks are put at huge risk for Cutie Pox infection, so he sought to "protect" them (i.e. kill them). According to Pakak, the fear is legitimate, but the bad thing is Grey Hoof and his followers let that fear rule their hearts to the point where they were willing to do cruel and horrible things to prevent it. Grey Hoof is also so deeply insane that he simply refuses to accept any belief other than his own, making attempts to reform him useless. Even Ruby Heart gave up on him, seeing him as too far gone to be redeemed.
  • Would Hurt a Child:
    • He turned Sunnytown against Ruby for earning her Cutie Mark from helping a neighbor, and personally took part in Ruby's murder by burning her alive in her family's own fireplace. Unfortunately for him, this enraged the Karmic god Pakak, who had been attending the party disguised as a pony, into cursing Sunnytown's populace for their crimes by turning everyone involved into zombies.
    • He also tried to "protect" Apple Bloom from getting a Cutie Mark after she discovered Sunnytown's horrible secret. Fortunately for her, she was aided in her escape by both Ruby Heart's ghost, who teleported Apple Bloom to safety, and Ruby's older sister, the zombified Mitta, who broke out of her centuries-long guilt and depression to free herself from her prison, and pulled a You Shall Not Pass! on Grey Hoof and his followers by unleashing her plant magic on them.
  • You Monster!: Apple Bloom called him and his followers "crack-nuts" and "sick buckers" after correctly guessing they were responsible for the burnt skeleton she found in the old fireplace. Grey Hoof loses his composure because of this and is reduced to a screaming madman trying to justify his actions.

    Ruby Heart, the Confessor/Redeemer 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Psychopomp/Deified Spirit/Helper

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Everyone deserves repentance - admitting the truth is just the first step."

Ruby Heart (her entry here) is the biological younger sister of Mitta, the guardian of the Everfree Forest, and is a heroic and benevolent individual despite her horrific past.
  • Adaptational Badass: Downplayed. In Story of the Blanks, she would teleport Apple Bloom to the safe edge of the Everfree Forest to make up for accidentally leading her into danger. Here, she was turned into a Psychopomp by the Three Deaths and became a "Confessor" who listens to people's sins and helps them earn repentance, with a few additional abilities like Intangibility and the ability to see people's sins in the form of bound chains. However, she doesn't have much in the way of combat due to being a ghostly filly, making her weaker compared to Mitta, who became a powerful Guardian of the Everfree Forest in the Codexverse.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: She was burned alive by Grey Hoof and his fanatical followers, in her family's own fireplace, simply for earning a Cutie Mark. What made her death even more cruel and senseless was her young age and the fact that she earned her Cutie Mark by helping a neighbor woo a mare he liked. Her death would lead to Sunnytown becoming a cursed, zombie-filled place when a furious Pakak witnessed what happened and damned the townsponies with zombification until they learn to take responsibility for their crimes and redeem themselves.
  • Detect Evil: Ruby has what she calls her "Chain Sight", which allows her to see a person's sins in the form of chains bound by steel locks. The number of chains and locks on a person is equal to the number of sins they have committed in life and the depths they go in denying those sins. This allows her to identify how to help people in redeeming themselves and letting go of their sins. Unfortunately, morally puristic and hard-lined people such as Poena have desired to use her Chain Sight and have been targeting Ruby so they could use her to "condemn" certain individuals.
  • Easily Forgiven: What Ruby's detractors assume she's doing to criminals and sinners. It's deconstructed in that They see Ruby as a naive and extremely idealistic foal who's wasting her time and effort on people who (supposedly) don't deserve being forgiven, so they want her to let them suffer for their crimes. Poena and other morally hard-lined individuals have been attempting to sway her to their more ruthless and puristic side of Justice, but fortunately Ruby has friends who are far more merciful and willing to protect her. Ruby also forgave Grey Hoof, yet she also gave up on redeeming him because, as she later admitted to Midnight Bell and Crystal Prism, she recognized how deep his insanity had gone.
  • Flaming Hair: After she was "promoted" to a Confessor by the Three Deaths, Ruby gained a flaming mane and tail.
  • Friendly Ghost: She's the ghost of a murdered filly, yet she's incredibly nice. As a Confessor, she helps people redeem themselves by teaching them how to accept and let go of their sins.
  • Interspecies Friendship: She's the ghost of an Earth pony filly who was murdered. After emerging in the Equestrian public eye, she would befriend Crystal Prism, who is noted in her entry to have become a surrogate older brother for her.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Despite the horrific experiences she went through, she forgave her neighbors for killing her as well as her family for not protecting her (they were persuaded and threatened into standing by and watching). As a result, she was "promoted" by being turned into a psychopomp, got her family and a few of her remorseful neighbors to redeem themselves, and earned quite a few friends in both mortals and divines who are all willing to protect her from more hard-lined individuals like Poena.
  • Kill It with Fire: How she died; her own neighbors murdered her for getting a Cutie Mark by burning her alive in her family's fireplace. When Mitta and her parents tried saving Ruby Heart from this fate, they were shortly given a not-so-subtle threat involving this by their fanatical neighbors, explaining their inaction afterwards. Ruby Heart's charred skeleton would be found by a then-blank Apple Bloom centuries later, prompting a harrowing chase by Grey Hoof and his followers, but also motivating Mitta to directly intervene when she heard Apple Bloom's cries for help.
  • Kill the Cutie: A young filly who was burned to death for earning a Cutie Mark by helping out her neighbor.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "The Confessor" since her role is to literally listen to people confessing their sins. Or, alternatively, "The Redeemer", since her goal is to redeem repentant criminals and other lowlifes so they can have a happy ending.
  • Mercy Kill: How Grey Hoof and those Sunnytowners who followed him saw her death as, since in their eyes, earning a Cutie Mark meant that Ruby Heart was "infected" with Cutie Pox. However, they didn't bother to check if Ruby Heart was actually infected before they burned her alive, making their act a very cruel and senseless one. This would earn them the wrath of Pakak, who cursed everyone into becoming zombies until they redeemed themselves for their crimes.
  • Mind over Matter: As a ghost, she has "spiritual" telekinesis, though it's noted to be rather weak.
  • Multicolored Hair: Her entry describes her hair in life as being orange with yellow stripes. After her death and "promotion" to a Psychopomp Confessor, her mane and tail colors started blending together and taking on ethereal qualities, until her hair resembled flames.
  • Murder Into Malevolence: Subverted. Despite experiencing a horrible death at the hooves of her own neighbors for something so innocent like earning a Cutie Mark, she couldn't bring herself to hate her killers, since some of them actually started regretting doing it. She also understands why her family stood by and did nothing to protect her. Her desire to help them achieve redemption for their sins was what led to her becoming a Confessor.
  • Must Make Amends: She felt guilty for leading Apple Bloom into Sunnytown and nearly getting the filly killed by her zombified neighbors, so she made up for it by teleporting Apple Bloom to the edge of the Everfree forest where she would be found by Twilight.
  • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: When she was alive, she helped Roneo, one of her neighbors, woo his crush Starlet by finding a ruby that would make the perfect love gift. However, this gave her a Cutie Mark, causing her Cutie Pox-phobic neighbors (including Roneo and Starlet) to kill her by burning her alive in her own fireplace. While Grey Hoof and his more fanatical followers don't regret it, others like Roneo and Starlet did once they realized the horror of what they've done.
  • Not So Different: She notes to Crystal Prism and Grey Hoof that Poena reminded her of Grey Hoof, as they are both murderously fanatic individuals. Apparently hearing this enraged Poena into attacking Ruby, but Crystal Prism and Princess Twilight Sparkle to protect her.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She's the ghost of a murdered young filly who is chronologically hundreds of years old, due to having died way before the present day. This also applies to her older sister, Mitta, and the rest of the Sunnytowners, who were made immortal by Pakak's zombification curse.
  • Teleportation: Has "spiritual" teleportation powers, which are more powerful than her telekinesis. How it works is she creates balls of light that teleport people who touch them to save places. This proved handy in helping Apple Bloom escape the zombified residents of Sunnytown.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: Despite being a ghostly filly with a flaming mane and tail, she barely attracts any attention while in Ponyville with Midnight Bell and Crystal Prism. Justified; Ponyville's infamous for being a Doom Magnet, so compared to what the locals have seen, Ruby Heart to them is just another newcomer in town.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Was on the receiving end of this both in life and after death.
    • Her Cutie Pox-phobic neighbors decided that she was "infected" when she got her Cutie Mark for helping Roneo, without bothering to check if she was actually infected, and saw it fit to murder her by burning her alive in her family's own fireplace. This is what got Sunnytown's people turned into zombies; Pakak witnessed the whole thing and was so enraged that he cursed them for their crimes.
    • Poena also tried attacking her when she refused to side with her or let the divine Tulpa use her Chain Sight ability. Fortunately, Crystal Prism and Princess Twilight Sparkle were there to protect Ruby.

    Mitta, the Light of Everfree 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Guardian/Divine Champion/Protector/Atoner

Faction: Everfree Forest

"As long as I continue lighting the way, nopony shall fall to the evils that dwell in Everfree."

Mitta (her entry here) is the current guardian of Equestria's Everfree Forest, and the biological older sister of Ruby Heart.
  • Adaptational Badass: In Story of the Blanks, she would suddenly intervene while Apple Bloom is fleeing the overgrown ruins of Sunnytown, holding off the zombies trying to get at the filly by herself. Here in the Codexverse, it's explicitly mentioned that after centuries of enduring psychological abuse from Grey Hoof and his followers, she would finally gather the strength to break herself out of the building she was imprisoned in as soon as she heard Apple Bloom's cries for help. And when she confronted Grey Hoof himself, she would reveal her hidden strengths for the first time by unleashing her plant magic and hordes of timberwolves onto the villainous Sunnytowners, further hampering their efforts to "protect" Apple Bloom. She would proceed to become a divine champion, thanks to Celestia and Luna empowering her as a reward from Pakak for breaking free of his curse and redeeming herself, and as Guardian of the Everfree Forest, she is an experienced and powerful fighter in her own right.
  • Animal Motifs: Her entry gives her a strong association with wolves.
    • Wolves stand for guardianship, freedom, loyalty, and sharp intelligence and instincts. After her sister was cruelly burned to death by Grey Hoof and his followers for earning her Cutie Mark, Mitta essentially became a prisoner of their psychological abuse and her own guilt, believing that everything she experienced was her fault. However, when Apple Bloom wandered into Sunnytown and was nearly killed for discovering its secrets, she finally gathered the courage to stand up to Grey Hoof and his followers, and prevented them from going after Apple Bloom by holding them off and unleashing her plant magic onto the young filly's attackers. This led to Mitta breaking free from Pakak's curse, and eventually attracting the attention of Pakak himself, who had Celestia and Luna empower her and gave her the "official" position as Guardian of the Everfree Forest as a reward for her heroics. Nowadays, Mitta is a benevolent and kind yet stern protector who stands by her oath to protect both her loved ones and the innocent from Grey Hoof's forces and other beings like them. And while she was fairly intuitive before, her horrific experiences sharpened her instincts, allowing her to spot signs of fanatical, insidious, and manipulative behavior.
    • Wolves also represent danger and lack of trust in others and/or oneself. As her entry notes, her life was full of sin, fear, and hatred even before Ruby Heart's death because of the traumatizing effects Cutie Pox had on Sunnytown, but it got even worse afterwards, with Mitta enduring psychological abuse from her villainous neighbors for centuries. Even though she eventually stood up to her tormentors to save Apple Bloom and has taken steps to redeem herself for her own sins, the scars left behind are still fresh, and she is prone to moments of self-deprecation and doubt whenever she believes she has faltered in her duty as a Guardian. Amour-De-Soi, the Alicorn goddess of Self-Love and Self-Esteem, has been working with Mentálne, the young Bogolenya Deer goddess of Mental Healing, in bolstering Mitta's confidence and helping her recover from her trauma so she could learn how to appreciate the good things she did, rather than focus on the bad.
  • Arch-Enemy: She sees Grey Hoof and his "Cutie Pox cult" (as she calls his followers) as personal enemies of hers. It's justified as Grey Hoof killed her younger sister, Ruby Heart, for completely baseless reasons, and his followers proceeded to psychologically torment and abuse her because they saw her as a "loose end" who sided with an "infected" filly. She would finally find the courage to stand up to her tormentors when Apple Bloom was endangered by Grey Hoof and his followers, declaring that she will never let them prey on another innocent foal or pony again. She has since followed up on her promise after she broke free from her curse and was made a divine champion by Celestia and Luna, opposing Grey Hoof at every turn and saving people from him, though she still has moments of self-deprecation and doubt thanks to her psychological scars. Fortunately, Amour-De-Soi and Mentálne have been helping her recover from her trauma and bolster her self-confidence.
  • Badass Cape: After becoming a Guardian of Everfree, she started wearing a green-brown traveling cloak with silver armor. Since breaking free of both Pakak's curse and the psychological abuse that Grey Hoof and his followers used to keep her in line, she has become a warrior and protector who protects the innocent from Everfree's dangers.
  • The Beastmaster: She has the power to telepathically control timberwolves. Because timberwolves are classified in-universe as "planimals", which can be affected by plant magic, she is able to extend her telepathic will to them and coordinate large packs of them, though she is also able to calm them should they go berserk at anytime. When Prince Fanged Paw heard of her skills and personally visited her, Mitta impressed him by showing the Terran demigod her own army of timberwolves. They shared a friendly "hoof-bump" afterwards.
  • Big Brother Instinct:
    • Subverted with Ruby Heart, her younger sister. Mitta initially wanted to protect Ruby Heart from being ostracized and killed by Grey Hoof and his followers. But she and her parents were successfully talked into letting it happen with the justification that Ruby's Cutie Mark warranted a Mercy Kill to prevent her from endangering herself and others... along with the not-so-subtle threat that they'll join Ruby if they continue protesting. Mitta's inaction was what got her cursed by Pakak, and she spent centuries wallowing in depression and guilt over her failure, to the point where she let Grey Hoof and his followers psychologically abuse her on the reasoning that she deserved it.
    • She eventually made up for it by protecting Apple Bloom from receiving Ruby's fate, pulling a You Shall Not Pass! on her fanatic neighbors that gave Apple Bloom more time and room to run. Ruby apparently squee'd and hugged Mitta for her actions.
  • Birds of a Feather: A large reason why she was able to befriend Prince Clear Voice and his younger brother, Prince Steel Barricade, is because they have also experienced psychological abuse like her, both on the giving and receiving ends. Steel Barricade also empathizes with Mitta because like her, he had been traumatized and broken by terrible experiences in the past, and is noted to have shown a softer side around her despite his stoicism. Both Terran Princes have been teaching her how to fortify herself against psychological abuse in general.
  • Cursed with Awesome: Being a zombie granted her immortality and removed the need to eat, sleep, breathe, or drink, allowing her to oppose Grey Hoof's forces unburdened. Then she lost that immortality after she redeemed herself and broke free from Pakak's curse, and with that loss came the biological requirements that burdened every mortal. Her entry notes that she used to worry about her own physical shortcomings a lot since then, as every moment she falters is a victory for Grey Hoof in her eyes, but both Amour-De-Soi and Mentálne have assured her that every life she saved still means a lot to the world.
  • The Dog Bites Back: After losing her younger sister to Grey Hoof over something so innocent and then enduring centuries' worth of psychological abuse from Grey Hoof and his followers, she finally gathered the courage to stand up to her tormentors in order to save a then-blank Apple Bloom, resulting in her unleashing her long-suppressed talent with plant magic onto the villainous Sunnytowners. She opposed Grey Hoof ever since, even after she redeemed herself for her own sins and broke free of Pakak's curse.
  • Failure-to-Save Murder: She and her parents were unable to save Ruby from burning alive in their own fireplace for earning a Cutie Mark because Grey Hoof successfully persuaded them to let her die for the good of Sunnytown. This traumatized Mitta so much that she would fall into a deep depression and blame herself for her sister's death, to the point where she allowed her villainous neighbors to psychologically abuse her and imprison her in an empty building every year on the day when Pakak's curse allowed them to reenact their fateful party. When Apple Bloom was endangered and nearly killed by Grey Hoof and his followers centuries later, Mitta finally snapped out of her depression and proceeded to directly intervene by standing up to her tormentors, and unleashing hordes of plants and timberwolves upon them.
  • Gentle Giant: Her entry notes that after she was empowered by Celestia and Luna, she became a head shorter than Big Macintosh, who himself is large even by Earth pony standards. She's a friendly and benevolent mare who's very fond of foals, but is now sterner than she was pre-Curse because of her new responsibilities as a Guardian of the Everfree Forest.
  • Green Thumb: Her entry mentions that she has an affinity for plant magic, but she wasn't able to go far with it initially because of Sunnytown's heavy discouragement of developing Cutie Marks. After failing to protect Ruby Heart from Grey Hoof, and then having a near-repeat with Apple Bloom centuries later, she finally gathered the courage to stand up against her villainous neighbors and unleashed her plant magic on them, allowing Apple Bloom to escape. She would also do the same thing when Pakak's curse repeated itself, which helped her break free of the curse itself. It's noted that she initially had the standard powers of plant magic, such as accelerated plant growth, summoning thorny (and non-thorny) vines as a means to attack, and plant restoration, but she would later develop new techniques in her quest to fight Grey Hoof. Some of said techniques include plant telepathy, which allows her to communicate with plants and learn the whereabouts of her enemies by listening to them, reshaping wood and sprouting battering logs from them, and using her own large magic reserves to heal and enhance plants to make them stronger, echoing her own increasing resolve to protect people. The strongest she has ever gotten was bringing a few trees to life and allowing them to wreak havoc on large crowds of enemies, though this tends to exhaust her as she is essentially giving them sapience. Her plant magic also allows her to take control of timberwolves because they are classified in-universe as sapient canine "planimals", so thus they fall under her sphere of influence.
  • Handshake Substitute: Of the "Fist Bump" variant. When Prince Fanged Paw heard of her ability to tame and control timberwolves, he would personally travel to the Everfree Forest to see for himself, as he has similar animal-related abilities himself. Mitta proceeded to impress the demi-Alicorn Prince by showing him her army of timberwolves, and they shared a friendly "hoof-bump" afterwards.
  • Healing Potion: She carries a bag of these with her at all times because she doesn't know how to heal herself magically yet. All of her healing potions were made by her friend, Zecora, who is a skilled alchemist, medicine-mare, and potion-maker.
  • Heroic Vow: She would make an epic one while preventing Grey Hoof and his followers from going after Apple Bloom, despite the latter two threatening her to move aside.
    Mitta: You can threaten me all you want, but I've made my choice! I will make sure that you will never lay your dirty hooves on another innocent foal or pony ever again!
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Downplayed; she always suspected that there was something "off" about Grey Hoof, but his fun-loving and charismatic personality made it so that she would always dismiss her suspicions as just her being paranoid. Grey Hoof forming a lynch mob against Ruby Heart before having her burned to death in her family's own fireplace served as a brutal wake-up call as to what Mitta had been ignoring until it was too late, so much that after Sunnytown is cursed by Pakak for their crimes, she would fall into a centuries-long depression and blame herself for her own failings, which isn't helped by the psychological abuse she would receive from Grey Hoof and his followers. She would eventually learn how to forgive herself and break free of Pakak's curse by saving Apple Bloom and protecting the illusionary version of Ruby Heart generated by Pakak's curse from the crazed Sunnytowners, and after becoming a Guardian of Everfree, she would used her sharpened instincts in recognizing insidious, manipulative, and fanatical behavior, allowing her to oppose Grey Hoof and his followers.
  • Interclass Friendship: After breaking free from Pakak's curse and becoming the Guardian of the Everfree Forest, she struck unlikely friendships with Clear Voice and his younger brother, Steel Barricade, who are both demi-Alicorn Princes of the Terran Empire.
  • Interspecies Friendship:
    • Zecora is a Zebra mare who is noted to be a constant companion, and has worked with her several times in protecting people from the dangers of the Everfree Forest, especially during Nightmare Night where children are very likely to wander there. Zecora is also her supplier in healing potions.
    • She also befriended Prince Clear Heart and his younger brother, Prince Steel Barricade, who are both Alicorn demigods from the Terran Empire.
  • I Should Have Been Better: Despite her victories against Grey Hoof and the number of people she had saved since breaking free from Pakak's curse, she would worry about her physical shortcomings and doubt herself whenever she thinks she has failed in her duty as Guardian of the Everfree Forest. In her eyes, every moment where she falters is a victory for Grey Hoof. Both Amour-De-Soi and Mentálne would assure her that every life she saved still means a lot to the world.
  • It's All My Fault: She blamed herself for not protecting Ruby from her Cutie Pox-phobic neighbors when her sister needed it most, to the point where she sank into deep depression and guilt.
  • Karma Houdini: The Poenan pantheon see her as one, since to them, she was connected to Grey Hoof and received no punishment for her own crimes, despite having atoned for them. This is what motivated a group of Poenan divines to pursue her in one incident so they could give what they thought was a more "fitting" punishment by their standards, only to be utterly thrashed by Steel Barricade and Amour-De-Soi. Amour-De-Soi would later encourage Mitta to prove the Poenan pantheon and morally puristic individuals like them wrong by continuing to do good and maintaining the strength of her moral character, thus exposing her detractors as the pathetic people they really are.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Light of Everfree", due to a Guardian who helps lost people find their way out of the Everfree Forest with her divinely-blessed light magic, as well as protecting them from the dangers that lurk within Everfree, such as Grey Hoof and his zombified followers.
  • Mentor Archetype: It's rumored in-universe that Midnight Bell, a Grittish Earth pony filly, was seen with her, likely learning how to use her own plant magic more effectively. Further implication was Midnight's participation in the "Battle of Hornbridge" conflict later on, where she successfully drove away both the Scions of Hurricane and the Children of Platinum from her hometown.
  • Morality Pet: Justified. Despite not being a genius herself, Mitta was able to bring out a softer side in Steel Barricade because they both had experiences with psychological abuse, and had been traumatized and broken by horrific past experiences. This is what motivated Steel Barricade to teach her how to fortify herself against abuse and trauma in general.
  • Not So Different: In an incident where the Poenan Pantheon tried (and failed) to attack her for being connected to Grey Hoof regardless of her atonement, she realized they're really no different from Grey Hoof and his followers after seeing the same fanatical madness in their eyes.
  • Pals with Jesus: She found unlikely friends in the Terran demi-Alicorn Princes, Prince Clear Voice and his younger brother, Prince Steel Barricade, who would both teach her how to fortify herself against psychological abuse and trauma. She would also receive psychiatric help from Amour-De-Soi, the Alicorn goddess of Self-Love/Esteem, and Mentálne, the young Bogolenya Deer goddess of Mental Healing. It's justified; given how it's rumored that Canteros, Amareros' firstborn son and the god of Requited Love and Reconciliation, is famous for helping people "earn their happy endings" and has helped the troubled Three Leaf get the attention she needed, it's not a bit of a stretch to assume that he did the same for Mitta by finding people who would sufficiently help her.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • She unconsciously got so used to the immortality granted by Pakak's curse that when she broke free from it and was restored, she was instantly saddled with the mortal requirement to eat, drink, breathe, and sleep that she went without for centuries. Her entry notes she used to worry about her physical shortcomings a lot since becoming a Guardian of the Everfree Forest, as every moment she falters is a victory for Grey Hoof in her eyes, but both Amour-De-Soi and Mentálne have assured her that every life she saved still means a lot to the world.
    • For all her power, skill, and experience, she doesn't have a magical ability to heal herself with yet, so she relies on the healing potions Zecora made for her to recover from particularly bad fights.
  • Really 700 Years Old: Like the rest of the Sunnytowners, she's chronologically hundreds of years old, due to Pakak's curse turning them into immortal zombies until they atone for their sins. Breaking free of the curse restored her to her old pre-Curse self as a young Earth pony mare, and after Celestia and Luna divinely empowered her, she's looking to live even longer.
  • So Proud of You: She was noted to be rather proud of Ruby Heart for gaining the Three Deaths' attention and turning into a Psychopomp "Confessor" afterwards, remarking that her younger sister is "a lot stronger than she gives herself credit for".
  • Sympathy for the Devil: How she feels towards Three Leaf. Despite Three Leaf choosing to do horrible things, such as participating in Ruby Heart's murder and hunting down Ponies with Cutie Marks, much of her behavior was influenced by Grey Hoof. This is why Mitta doesn't hold much of a grudge towards her as she does with Grey Hoof, and why she was willing to help Three Leaf redeem herself and recover emotionally.
    Mitta: (about Three Leaf) You'd think that, with a background in healing, she'd be a little smarter than that. That she would've known a single Cutie Mark appearing on our flanks instead of many is not a sign of someone being sick... But that's love for you. Like almost every mare back home before the curse, Three Leaf loved Grey Hoof with all her heart, and in the end her love and kindness doomed her. Yes, she did a lot of horrible things, such as participating in the murder of my sister and the shaming of my surviving family... but then again, Grey Hoof had left his mark on all of us. If he hadn't met her, all those centuries of heartbreak, death, and dysfunction could've been avoided. And because of that, I feel sorry for Three Leaf more than I hate her.
  • Telepathy: She has plant-based telepathy, allowing her to communicate with plants and learn the whereabouts of her enemies through them. This ability is what also allows her to control and calm timberwolves, as they are categorized in-universe as "planimals".
  • When Trees Attack: She can invoke this as part of her plant magic by bringing trees to life and letting them attack her enemies, though this tends to exhaust her as she's essentially giving them sapience.

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  • Ungrateful Bastard: Deconstructed. Despite her crush, Roneo, receiving help from Ruby Heart in finding a lost ruby that he intended to give to her, both he and Starlet immediately turned on Ruby Heart the moment she gained a Cutie Mark in finding things, and advocated for the filly's death. She would later regret in the centuries after she and the Sunnytowners were cursed by Pakak, and when Mitta became the first to break free of Sunnytown's curse, Starlet eventually worked up the courage to redeem herself, accept Ruby Heart's Cutie Mark, and break free as well.

    Three Leaf, the Broken Song/Voice of Hope 
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