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The Storm Empire

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  • Armies Are Evil: What the Storm Empire's forces are at their worst, if we go by what we know in canon and implied so far in the Codexverse. On top of being aggressive, they're depicted as fanatically loyal to the Storm King, whom they revere as the herald/prince of the "Storm Spirits" that would lead their kind back to glory.

    The Storm King 

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: His origin story portrayed him and his rise to power as either that of a brilliant genius who earned his status, or simply a cynical opportunist who happened to be extraordinarily lucky. On the other hand, several deities see him in-universe as a monster, with both Zmluva and his younger sister Mentálne labeling him as a sociopathic monster with no empathy or other redeeming traits whatsoever. That being said, he's still portrayed as a capable warrior and a pragmatic villain.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Before his imprisonment, Tikuri was tricked by a bullying Diamond Dog god into transferring most of his power into an amulet that would be called the "Misfortune Malachite". The Misfortune Malachite would indiscriminately cures anyone who tried using its power, until it came into the hands of the Storm King, who shattered it when he decided the benefits were not worth being cursed at all. This allowed Tikuri's lost power to be collected and returned to him by one of his angels, Dimeti, who was rewarded by becoming Tikuri's main apprentice for his actions.
    • While he does cause a ton of damage, death, and destruction, it also forced Equestria to rebuild its military stronger than before, which would also permit the defeat of Dr. Toxikon (according to the timeline Final Epoch created where the Storm King never existed). As it also turns out, the Crisis would ultimately result in public backlash against the stubborn, backwards, and corrupt nobility, giving the Equestrian Royal Family the chance to finally make reforms.
  • The Sociopath: According to other deities. Zmluva made no attempt to negotiate peace with him because his empathy told him that he was a completely sociopathic person whose quest for conquest would not stop unless he was stopped through force. Zmluva's younger sister, Mentálne, described him as a "malignant narcissist" who has all the traits of a psychopath, including aggressiveness, sadism, utter lack of empathy and remorse, and grandiose delusions.

    Tempest Shadow 

  • Broken Ace: Implied. Tempest Shadow had great magical power, but after losing her horn in a childhood confrontation with an Ursa Minor, she became extremely embittered from the ostracism and shunning she would receive from her fellow ponies, which drove her to ally herself with the Storm King, hoping he would fix her broken-off horn. After the "Storm King Crisis", Crimson Star, a blind Alicorn Prince and one of Golden Scepter's demi-divine sons, would approach her because he recognized that they're Not So Different in that they're both incredibly talented people who suffered from permanent disfigurement, and reached out to her because deep down, despite her anger, bitterness, and her treachery against Equestria, Tempest Shadow desperately needed help.
  • Not So Different: Crimson Star, a blind Alicorn Prince and one of Golden Scepter's Semi-Divine sons, would be attracted to Tempest Shadow because like her, he was permanently disabled in an accident, causing him to fall into a period of deep depression and self-loathing. He even mentally notes that had things played out differently, he would have stood in Tempest Shadow's place, heavily embittered by the loss of something he once took for granted. This trope is why he decided to help her out and ensure that she still had a future to look forward to, knowing that she desperately needed help despite her actions against Equestria.


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