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Dazzling Divas

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  • Amazon Brigade: The Dazzling Divas, as indicated by their name, all consist of "Magical Fillies" who are heroic freedom fighters in their home country, Corporatum.
  • Instrument Of Murder: All of the Dazzling Divas have musical instruments as their main weapons; Sonic Song has a DJ's turntable, Gold Ballad has a violin, and Shadow Song has an electric guitar post-Heel–Face Turn (though before she used a demonic flute).
  • Magical Girl Warrior: All of the Dazzling Divas are this, being "Magical Fillies" who are all capable of physical combat in addition to being powerful spell-casters. This includes Shadow Song, who was once a Dark Magical Girl working for Ivory Towers and her demonic forces, until she was redeemed by the Dazzling Divas and joined their group.
  • Magic Music: All of the Dazzling Divas can wield Music magic for various effects, though the genre depends on the individual. Sonic Song uses techno music, Gold Ballad uses country music, and Shadow Song post-Heel–Face Turn uses rock music. After they became Clerics of Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music, during a battle with Ivory Towers and her demonic forces, they could use his songs to enhance their existing abilities and cast new spells with them.
  • The Power of Rock: Justified. As indicated by their name, all of the Dazzling Divas are skilled musicians whose collective magic is centered around music. Shadow Song especially applies after her Heel–Face Turn, since her appearance and abilities focus on rock music. During their fight against corrupt Elephant corporate, Ivory Towers, and her demonic forces, the Dazzling Divas would become Clerics after Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music, empowered them to tip the odds in their favor, giving them the ability to use all of his songs - including his rock songs - to cast their spells.

    Sonic Song, the Song of Liberation 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Type: Freedom Fighter/Magical Filly/Teen Idol/Cleric/Cervacorn

Faction: Sisterhood of Magical Girls, the Dazzling Divas

"Let me sing you a song - a song of freedom!"

Sonic Song (her entry here) is the leader of the Dazzling Divas, a heroic group of Magical Fillies, and a well-known freedom fighter in her home country.
  • Adult Fear: She, Prince Red Blade, and Prince Steel Barricade would experience this when Miracle Hymn and Mercy simultaneously went missing during a meeting, and scrambled to find them both. They discovered they both wandered off to go play, only to encounter an evil demon that they both easily defeated.
    Sonic Song: Wait, where's Miracle Hymn?
    Prince Red Blade: And where's Mercy?
    Prince Steel Barricade: So... we've got a super powerful divine magic sword with the mind of a child and a ten year old with the holy magic equivalent to an army missing at the same time.
    Sonic Song: ... Find them, NOW.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: She's a "Cervacorn", a hybrid born from a union between a unicorn and a Deer. This made her the subject of racism, which made her absolutely despise it later on; in one incident, she thoroughly obliterated a demon that was encouraging racial hatred.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Song of Liberation" due to being a Magical Filly with music-based magic and a well-known freedom fighter who helped liberate her country from the tyrannical Elephant corporate, Ivory Towers.

    Gold Ballad, the Glittering Chorus 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Type: Freedom Fighter, Magical Filly, Cleric, Pegasus

Faction: Sisterhood of Magical Girls, the Dazzling Divas

"The more folks joinin' in, the more impressive the outcome!"

Gold Ballad (her entry here) is a member of the Dazzling Divas, a heroic group of Magical Fillies, and a well-known freedom fighter in her home country.

  • Non-Idle Rich: She's a wealthy heiress in her civilian form. Even before becoming a Magical Filly, she used her wealth more to help others than to pamper herself.
  • Support Party Member: While she's also the teams close quarters fighter, she's this, as she has the power to buff up the rest of the team.

    Miracle Hymn, the Holy Singer 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Freedom Fighter/Magical Filly/Cleric/Earth Pony/Kid Hero/Holy Mage

Faction: Sisterhood of Magical Girls, the Dazzling Divas

"Being faithful and kind can work miracles. That's what Mommy and Daddy always taught me."

Miracle Hymn (her entry here) is the youngest member of the Dazzling Divas, and by far one of the most popular and beloved heroes in the state of Coporatum.
  • 100% Adoration Rating: After her heroism became known in Corporatum, she turned into an extremely beloved figure in the eyes of both the country and other benevolent heroes and deities, to the point that they are willing to rush to protect her if she is threatened, though her incredible power and status as a Magical Filly ensures that she is far from helpless. In one incident, after a Scion of Hurricane made the mistake of attacking her, the citizens of Coporatum turned into an angry, vengeful mob out for blood, forcing both the other Dazzling Divas and Blue Suede Heartstrings to protect the Scion and his colleagues from being ripped to shreds until proper authority figures arrived.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Miracle Hymn is a sweet, innocent, faithful ten years old filly... and also the strongest member of the Dazzling Divas and currently one of the strongest Magical Fillies on Equus, capable of one-shotting powerful demons even when not attacking at full power.
  • Big, Stupid Doodoo-Head: Justified in that she's only ten years old, but it's made awesome by the fact that she does this with a Holy magic-amplified voice powerful enough to wipe out entire armies of demons.
    Miracle Hymn: (to the demonic Board of Directors) Big dumb meanies! GO AWAY!!!
  • Bonding Over Missing Parents:
    • She became friends with Mercy, a sentient divine Poenan sword, largely due to sympathy over the latter's separation from her own parental figure, Silver Bane the Dark Hunter. However, she would later understand that Silver Bane had to leave Mercy behind to protect her from being used as a murder weapon by the Poenan Pantheon.
    • She also closely bonded with Blue Suede Heartstrings, who himself went through depression and trauma after his parents died in the early Second Age. While she had to be brought to Mentálne to receive psychiatric help and a future meeting with Grief, the goddess of Grieving and Mourning, is scheduled, Blue's influence did help alleviate some of her trauma. She spent so much time with him that eventually, both she, her fellow Divas, and everyone else acknowledged Blue as her foster father.
  • The Cape: She's noticed as being the most traditionally heroic of the Dazzling Divas, being driven simply by an innocent desire to do the right thing. This makes her the team's moral center.
  • Children Are Innocent: Not even the loss of her parents and nearly her life to rampaging demons made her lose said innocence, although it still took therapy and support from her fellow Divas and others for her to recover from her trauma.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After wandering off with Mercy to go play, they would both encounter an evil demon that they easily defeated by the time Sonic Song, Prince Red Blade, and Prince Steel Barricade found them.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Subverted. Although she had a very rough beginning in her Magical Girl origins (lost her parents and nearly died to rampaging demons) and needed therapy and support to recover, she did not lose her good-natured, compassionate, and heroic character, remaining energetic and cheerful while motivated simply out of an innocent desire to help others with her new life and powers.
  • Ethereal Choir: Miracle Hymn was a choir girl prior to her becoming a Magical Filly, which influenced the abilities she developed.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Holy magic, to be precise, which she could control and apply via singing. Especially so after being deputized as a Cleric of Blue Suede Heartstrings, the King of Music and receiving his boon along with the other Dazzling Divas.
  • Instrument of Murder: Like the other Dazzling Divas, her signature weapon is a musical instrument/implement. In her case, a magical microphone which complements her beautiful singing voice.
  • Light 'em Up: Can unleash gigantic beams of holy magic as one of her powers, and thanks to her raw power could do so without even trying.
  • One-Man Army: Due to how magical power increases the younger a Magical Filly is, she ended up becoming an extraordinarily powerful Magical Filly upon being converted by Mozart; notably, her first victory consisted of her sending the demon who murdered her parents flying into a building with a gigantic beam of holy magic not a minute after transforming, inflicting severe burns on the demon as well. Prince Steel Barricade has once compared her power to being on the level of an entire army.
  • Orphan's Ordeal: As mentioned elsewhere, she lost her parents to rampaging Greed Demons on top of losing her home and nearly her life. Rather traumatic for a filly who is only ten-years old.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Justified. At age ten, she's the youngest of the Dazzling Divas and was turned into a Magical Filly as part of an emergency transformation. Given how Magical Fillies in general tend to be more powerful the younger they are, Miracle Hymn's transformation gave her power that is, according to Prince Steel Barricade, equal to an entire army. Notably, the first time she transformed and used her powers, she unleashed a gigantic beam of holy magic that sent a powerful demon into a wall some distance away with severe burns... and it was just a test shot.
    Sonic Song: ...Okay, so best of a bad situation: she can do that with a TEST SHOT.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Right after she finished her Emergency Transformation into a Magic Filly and defeated one of the powerful demons that attacked her home, she broke down crying and sobbed into the legs of one of the Dazzling Divas, whom she clung onto for dear life. Her entry notes that even though she ultimately remained innocent, compassionate, and heroic, she's still a ten-year-old filly whose parents were murdered by demonic minions of a cruel corporate executive - with the Dazzling Divas too late to save them - and nearly died herself had Mozart not performed a Emergency Transformation on her. Thus, she was understandably traumatized by the experience and like any child her age, she needed both therapy and support to recover from it.
    • During a meeting with Emperor Golden Scepter and his sons, she would befriend Mercy, Prince Red Blade's adoptive "daughter", and the two would wander off to go play. Understandably, this caused both groups to panic the moment it was discovered they went missing. And even though Miracle Hymn and Mercy were fine and even easily defeated a demon they encountered, they're still kids who wandered off unsupervised, and the situation could've gone wrong in many ways. It's also implied that they both got in trouble after they were found, likely with Sonic Song, Red Blade, and Steel Barricade scolding them for wandering off in the first place.
  • Save the Villain: She saved Ivory Towers from having her soul collected by Don'Yoku when she was defeated, blasting him in the face with holy magic. Considering her parents' death, her own near-death experience, and all the traumas that followed were both directly and indirectly Ivory Towers' fault, that is saying something about her character.
  • Super-Strong Child: She's the strongest member of the Dazzling Divas in terms of raw power, owing to the quirk of Magical Fillies being generally much more powerful the younger they are recruited, and that translates to physical strength and endurance as well.
    • It's implied by a Codexverse quote that she wielded her friend Mercy to defeat a demon together while out playing - this is considered impressive since Mercy was built a pretty huge and heavy divine sword, and can only be used effectively by divine champions like her first wielder, Silver Bane, or experienced (demi-)divine warriors like Prince Red Blade, Mercy's adoptive father.
    • In another incident, she also got punched by a Scion of Hurricane who tried attacking her for being an Earth pony... and her incredible endurance means she was able to No-Sell the punch completely, resulting in the Scion getting a broken hoof for his troubles.
  • Token Religious Teammate: She's the only Diva who has a religious background, having been a choir singer and a devoted worshiper of Corporatum's local deities (though exact ones are unknown) prior to losing her parents to Ivory Incorporated's tyranny and becoming a Magical Filly. It's because of her religious background that she ended up being the only Diva with pretty strong connections to Blue Suede Heartstrings, who is ironically devoutly religious himself despite being an Alicorn god, though she would not worship him as she was taught by Blue to worship the "King in Heaven" instead.
  • Trauma Conga Line: Her parents were murdered in front of her by one of Ivory Towers' demon minions after they spoke out against her company, and she would've joined them too had Mozart not turned her into a Magical Filly to save her life (to be fair, Mozart did warn her of the consequences, and she accepted regardless). Then she got pulled into a desperate revolutionary struggle against Ivory Towers herself and her demonic patrons - one of which was the Archdemon of Greed, Don'yoku - for the fate of Coporatum itself, which they would've lost due to their enemies' sheer power, intellect, and ruthless cunning if Blue Suede Heartstrings had not intervened and made the Dazzling Divas his Clerics. All of that happened when she was just ten-years-old... though she ultimately refuses to break thanks to her strong conviction, her innocent desire to help people all over Equus, and the support of her friends and loved ones.

    Shadow Song, the Song of Oppression/the Symphonic Shadow 

Character: Anti-Villainous (Formerly)/Anti-Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Evil (Formerly)/Chaotic Good

Type: Bat Pony, Witch (formerly), Dark Magical Filly (formerly), Diva, Freedom Fighter, Magical Filly, Cleric

Faction: Ivory Incorporated (Formerly), Sisterhood of Magical Girls, the Dazzling Divas

"Music isn't something to be controlled or stifled just to please someone! You gotta let it run LOOSE and FREE, for it was BORN TO BE WILD! YEAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

    Floral Forte, the Blooming Beat 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Type: Freedom Fighter, Magical Filly, Cleric, Skunk Pony, Trottish (included at her own request)

Faction: Ivory Incorporated (Formerly), Sisterhood of Magical Girls, the Dazzling Divas

  • Brave Scot: She's Trottish (the pony equal of Scottish), something she's very proud of, and even before becoming a Magical Filly, she was being a vigilante helping protect people from Ivory Towers' tyranny, despite knowing it could easily result in her death. Naturally, she has a Scottish accent and a fiery temper to match.
  • Greaser Delinquents: She prefers to dress like a Greaser, and this has transferred onto her "Magical Filly" outfit, which has a mix of Greaser attire and Scottish/Trottish-style clothing. Her entry notes that her outfit has led to a bit of joking between her and Blue Suede Heartstrings, who became the Dazzling Divas' patron deity and mentor figure. Personality-wise, she is also a Jerk with a Heart of Gold as typical for Greasers - she can be rather hot-tempered, confrontation, rude, and rebellious, which contrasts with the kind and motherly side she shows around her friends, and has often gotten in trouble at school for getting into fights with bullies. Despite this, she's a good person at heart and always tries to help others even when her own life is at risk.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Being a skunk pony proves surprisingly useful when you're a superhero. It's even more useful when Ivory Towers needs to inhale to use her racial magic.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Due to being 16 when she became a Magical Filly, she's in the opposite situation as Miracle Hymn, being exceptionally weak for one to the point her Super Mode is only somewhat above average for a ''normal' Magical Filly. She makes up for this by being the most skilled member of the group by far, a Combat Pragmatist, and a very intelligent strategist. Being a Skunk Pony also helps.


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