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Sisterhood of Magical Fillies

Symbol: a crowned wand over a heart

Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral/Lawful Good

Structure: Ancient Heroic Order/Heroic Support Network

Leadership: The Spirit Guides, MF Team Leaders, The First Three

Power: Decentralized International Organization

Scale: Global, thousands of front-line and support members, organized in hundreds of teams.

Status: Active

A venerable organization of magically-empowered heroic champions originating from Neighpon, the Sisterhood of Magical Fillies, as its name implies, is one of if not THE most successful faction of Magical Fillies on Equus, with a history that stretched back to the Third Age of Known History.

The organization has its start with magical entities called the Spirit Guides, a group of magical Tulpas and Ethereal Spirits who had been created or spawn during that time, existing to aid heroic champions of that time. After the Third Age's end, they dedicate themselves to continuing the memory and legacy of the heroes of that time by creating new generations of magically-empowered champions.

By accident, design or fate, most of them were attuned overwhelmingly in both personality and ethereal make-up to young female heroines to inspire, empower and trained wherever they could be found. Those who they approach, usually 10 to 14 years of age, become empowered with the ability to transform into a Magical Filly at their consent, giving them vast magical powers they can then deploy to fight evil and injustice.

The success of the organization had led to its spread across Equus, where teams of super-powerful Magical Fillies become famous heroines to those they save and protect, inspiring not only many to be good and do good, but also new generations of young fillies to take up the mantle of the Sisterhood, and even other Magical Girl groups, orders and factions. So long as evil needs to be fought and innocents need to be saved, one can count of the Fillies of the Sisterhood to come to the rescue.


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  • Amazon Brigade: Naturally, since every member of the Sisterhood consists of "Magical Fillies" who are heroic champions fighting against evil and disharmony wherever they may be found. Explained as due to the 'Spirit Guides' who founded the organization being overwhelmingly attuned to young females due to their personalities and ethereal-makeup.
  • The Ageless: Most magical girls become this upon empowerment, which they keep even after leaving active duty. The leaders of the organization, the original 'First Three' Magical Fillies, are implied to be at the very minimum many, MANY centuries old, given their signature weapons are said to be based upon the Three Sacred Treasures of Neighpon.
  • Child Soldier: In the nicest possible way. They are among the foremost magically-empowered heroic champions on the frontlines of the eternal struggle between good and evil, but their recruitment age still ranges between 10-16 years old, and thanks to quirks in their transformation they are more powerful the younger they are recruited. Of course, since Sisterhood members ceases aging upon signing up, many of them might actually be older than they look.
  • Magical Girl Warrior: The most preeminent/venerable faction of them currently on Equus, though by no means the only one.
  • Perception Filter: Their transformed state has this. Even if someone knows their true identity, they won't be able to connect them to their transformed state.
  • Secret Identity: They have these, and often times their transformation changes their physical appearance. Even those who don't have a Perception Filter that prevents them from being recognized. This makes them notable as most introduced heroes don't use these.
  • Secretly Wealthy: Downplayed in that it's actually not kept a secret, but the fact that they are in fact very, VERY rich from all the royalties commercializing their image and ties with various financial and commercial institutions is only mentioned in passing and apparently not very well known. They wisely and mostly used their money to fund the livelihood and training of Sisterhood members as well as financing their overall war effort against evil and disharmony.

Dazzling Divas

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    Gold Ballad, the Glittering Chorus 
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    Magical Hymn, the Holy Singer 
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    Shadow Song, the Song of Oppression/the Symphonic Shadow 
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    Floral Forte, the Blooming Beat 
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