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Fourth-Age Heroes

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A to C

    Agent Red Thunder 
See his folder entry here.

See her folder entry here.

See his folder entry here.

    Applejack, the Bearer of Honesty 
See her folder entry here.

See his folder entry here.

See his folder entry here.

    Button Mash, the Gamer of Ponyville 
See his folder entry here.

    Captain Mlinzi 
See his folder entry here

    Cricket/Kick Hopper 
See his folder entry here.

D to G

    Dame Starry Knight, the Knight of the Moon 
See her folder entry here.

    Daring Do 
See her folder entry here.

    Detective Private Eye 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Hard-boiled Detective/Private Eye/Former Royal Guard

Faction: Equestrian Crowns

"I ain't Sam Steed or Shadow Spade, but I'll still work to see justice getting done."

    Dracozilla, Jr. 
See his folder entry here.

    Dragon Knight 
See his folder entry here.

    Dragon Lord Ember 
See her folder entry here.

    Dragon Lord Pyro II 
See his folder entry here.

    El Saneighto Jr. 
See his folder entry here.

    Fluttercruel/Odyne Delilah Posey/Cruelty 
See her folder entry here.

    Fluttershy Posey, the Redeemer of the Serpent/Queen Gaia Posey the First, the Chosen Redeemer 
See her folder entry here.

See his folder entry here.

    Gleaming Shield, the Hero of Time 
See his folder entry here.

    Gold Ballad, the Glittering Chorus 
See her folder entry here.

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K to N

    King/High Prince Thorax 
See his folder entry here.

    King Strazha Svetilo 
See his folder entry here.

    Lady Wolfsbane 

Character: Heroic

Allignment: Neutral Good

Type: Monster Hunter/Scientist/Genius

Faction: The Wolfsbane Legacy

"It is said 'Evil triumphs when Good does nothing'. So long as Good never relents, then, Evil shall never triumph!"

  • Action Girl: She's a profession monster hunter and so good at her job she's the nemesis of Blackthorn.
  • Arch-Enemy: The latest of the Wolfsbane Legacy to be this to Blackthorn, though she's his Friendly Enemy... despite the two exchanging rapid-fire murder attempts.
  • Batman Gambit: Capable of pulling this, owing to being clever and cunning enough to rival Emperor Blackthorn. Example: Five separate Count Dracolts from different eras once came back from the dead to terrorize the world again. Knowing she can't fight them all, she took advantage of the fact their ego won't allow them to stand existence of other 'pretenders', and arranged for all of them to appear in the same place at the same time. Cue epic Mêlée à Trois that left the battered last-standing survivor open to be curb-stomped by her.
  • Casual Danger Dialog: Carries on a friendly conversation with Emperor Blackthorn as the two trade attempts to murder each other.
  • The Chessmaster: Both literally and metaphorically. She plays Go with Blackthorn like all other archenemies and rivals of the Changeling Emperor and among the very few who could keep up with him. Given her opponent, who's 'The Sovereign of Schemes', she HAS to be to stand any chance against him.
  • The Determinator: As noted in the quote above, Lady Wolfsbane will not stop, EVER, from fighting and destroying evil monsters, and from trying to kill Changeling Emperor Blackthorn. The ENTIRE CLAN since Father Wolfsbane I is this, leading to the Summer Court Changelings nicknaming them 'The Relentless Ones'.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Regularly contends with Emperor Blackthorn, an ancient and extremely cunning god, and has managed to genuinely foil his plans on multiple occasions. This runs in the family, as her entire family are his mortal nemesis.
  • The Dreaded: She and her entire family line are among the few beings the Changeling Summer Court are actively scared of, as they're Blackthorn's mortal nemesis, and have come closer to killing him than nearly anyone else. Blackthorn himself seems to enjoy the challenge. This extends to other monster species, who have come to fear the Wolfsbane Legacy on instinct.
    Common Changeling Saying: "When Common Changelings want to scare each other, they tell Changeling King stories. When the Scions of Summer want to scare each other, they tell Wolfsbane stories."
  • Friendly Enemy: Despite her and Blackthorn rapid-fire trading attempts to murder each other, she's got a friendly relationship with him.
  • World's Smartest Man: One of them, being so intelligent she rivals Blackthorn in intellect.
  • Worthy Opponent: Emperor Blackthorn considers her and her entire lineage to be this. Father Wolfsbane I was the first mortal EVER to kill a Changeling King, and he himself came closest to killing him than most other character we had known so far in their final confrontation. Lady Wolfsbane also consistently survives every confrontation with Emperor Blackthorn and had also taken out all Changeling Kings foolish enough to try and take her on.

    Legate Anela 
See her folder entry here.

    Legate Stellar Scents 
See her folder entry here.

    Lysets Far, the Light Father 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Hybrid/Warrior/Protector/Demigod

Faction: Light Garrison (Founder/Leader)

"Where there is light, there is darkness. But where there is evil, there is good!"

Born to Astrid Titanna, the Jotunn goddess of War, and a 'Visitor' Giant of Light, Lyset Far is a hybrid 'Cerquus' demigod hero. From his mother Astrid he inherited her fighting prowess and (to a degree) her battle-lust; but from his Giant of Light heritage and his aunt Elske the Jotunn Love Goddess he developed a compassionate personality. Combined with his titannic size, he became a powerful and renowned heroic warrior dedicated to the protection of innocents, especially Tinies, frequently fighting on their behalf against monsters and demons.

He is the founder and leader of the Light Garrison, a faction of heroic Giants of Light who also shared his views, and together they have fought against evil and darkness across Equus and beyond, bringing light and righteousness wherever they fought, whether with their hooves or with powerful beams of energy their kind famously wields.
  • Blood Knight: Downplayed. While he inherited his mother's warmongering tendencies, much of it is greatly tempered by the compassion of his aunt Elske, the Jotunn Love goddess.
  • The Cape: portrayed as this. He got his power and fighting skills from his mother, but a noble and kind character from his aunt and his father. Together they made him a paragon of righteous might and heroic personality.
  • Captain Ersatz: Is one to the Father of Ultra, complete with being the leader of a faction of giant, heroic super-powerful warriors with alien origins. However, he's a hybrid in the Codexverse instead of an alien, being the son of a Jotunn War goddess and a Giant of Light.
  • Divine Parentage: He's the son of Astrid Titanna, the Jotunn goddess of War, Strength, and Victory, and an Equine Giant of Light. His mixed heritage grants him a powerful combination of magic from both parent races as well as a "perfect" light-absorbing gene that lacks the weakness of energy burning that his fellows have. Astrid has stated that her younger sister, Elske, was responsible for bringing her and her future lover together.
  • A Father to His Men: He cares deeply about the Giants of Light warriors under his command in the 'Light Garrison', which gave him his title as "The Light Father".
  • Freeze Ray: Due to his heritage, he also wields limited power over ice and wind from his mother Astrid, which he combined with the powers inherited from his father to create freeze rays.
  • Good Parents: His profile describes him as a naturally good father to his son, Tarou.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: On top of being a demigod, he's a half-Jotunn hybrid with the Equine Giants of Light, making him a Deer/Pony hybrid called a 'Cerquus'.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Accompanies his mother on her monster hunts when he came of age and continued so well after he went on to found the 'Light Garrison', which has fighting monsters as part of their portfolio.
  • Hunter of His Own Kind: Downplayed, as evil Giants of Light are incredibly rare, but one of Lyset's greatest victories prior to founding the Light Garrison was defeating a Fallen Giant of Light warlord. It was a feat so incredible that his mother always bragged about it to anyone who listens.
  • Large and in Charge: Is a Jotunn Demigod, meaning that while he's still smaller than his mother, he still dwarves even mortal Jotunns, and substantially more powerful. He's also the founder and leader of a faction of heroic Giant warriors.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "The Light Father" for being the founder/leader of the Light Garrison.
  • The Marvelous Deer: Is a heroic Jotunn demigod. Jotunn are essentially giant Deer.
  • Our Founder: Founder of the 'Light Garrison', a faction of Giants of Light dedicated to fighting monsters and demons, and protecting innocents from evil in general.
  • Our Giants Are Bigger: Is a Jotunn Demigod. This makes Lysets Far titanic even among Jotunns and other Giant races, though still dwarfed by his Divine parent, Astrid, and other Giant Deities.
  • Semi-Divine: Is a Jotunn Demigod son of Astrid Titanna, the Jotunn Goddess of War, Strength, and Victory, with a 'Visitor' Giant of Light. It's because of his mixed divine/alien heritage that he inherited their powers, an incredibly superior light-absorbing gene compared to those of his fellow Giants of Light, and their fighting prowess.

    Magical Hymn 
See her folder entry here.

    Marshal Braveheart, the Champion of Justice 
See his folder entry here.

    The Medicine Seller 

Character: Neutral (though leans slightly towards Heroic)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Type: Salesman/Wanderer/Exorcist

Faction: Unaffiliated

"Oh, I'm just a simple medicine seller."

  • Anti-Magic: His sword's blade has the ability to completely nullify a Tulpa's magic. As Tulpas are magical beings, this essentially kills them.
  • Blatant Lies: Will always describe himself as a "simple medicine seller" if asked about his identity, though he's actually far from the truth.
  • Cool Sword: He carries a mystical sword whose blade can completely nullify magic, making it an extremely dangerous weapon against Tulpas. He only uses it when he exposes a Tulpa with the "Three Bodies".
  • Covert Pervert: It's rumored that he secretly carries erotic material in the small dresser drawer he wears as a backpack, but he'll always cough uncomfortably if asked. It's also rumored that he knows certain blends that increases a person's heat and/or sexual prowess.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Implied. He usually appears as a pale Neighponese unicorn with an outdated taste in fashion, but his true form is a black Alicorn with gold clothes and pelt markings. If anything, it raises certain questions about his history.
  • Dull Surprise: Much like his character inspiration, he's extremely hard to surprise. This is because, as a Tulpa exorcist, he's been exposed to a lot of mortal cruelty that encountering an evil Tulpa has become a normal routine.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": People always call him "Medicine Seller" due to his claims that he is, and the fact that he never reveals his true name to anyone.
  • Expy: The writer stated that the Medicine Seller is based off of the titular character from Mononoke, though he also appeared in Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales. One of his exploits was based on the "Bakeneko" short from the latter show, hunting down an evil cat-like Tulpa that was haunting an impoverished noble family in Neighpon.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He's wholly dedicated to hunting down evil Tulpas and protecting the races of Equus from them... but it's said in his profile that while he does acknowledge the Tulpas as sapient beings with their own thoughts and feelings, he won't hesitate to kill them for the greater good since they would become dangerous if left unchecked. And because he's been exposed to the horrors committed by mortals, he shows little empathy for them even as he protects them from the Tulpas they created.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Generally, even as he protects them from evil Tulpas, his opinion on mortal races is rather dim, since they are often responsible for creating said Tulpas with their acts of cruelty and despair.
  • Humans Are the Real Monsters: His belief. Due to learning a lot of horror stories while hunting down Tulpas, he came to believe that all sapient races of Equus have a great capacity for evil. This is exemplified in one of his adventures, where his pursuit and defeat of a dangerous cat-like Tulpa revealed that it was created by a Neighponese lord who abused a concubine and beat her to death. That doesn't stop him from making exceptions if they manage to amuse him or continue to be kind despite everything.
  • Hunter of Monsters: He always claims that he's a simple medicine seller, but his real profession is being a Tulpa exorcist, hunting down Tulpas that are evil and/or dangerous to society and Equus at large. In one notable incident, he was hired by a general of the former kingdom Frater to take down the Tulpa Queen Fantasia, and even nearly killed her in their ensuing fight, but he stopped his attacks once Fantasia revealed her Reasoning.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Implied; his profile describes his true Alicorn form as being fast and strong enough to fight in close quarters.
  • Mysterious Past: His past is a mystery, yet he'll always deflect questions about it with the answer of being a simple medicine seller. Given that his true form is a black Alicorn, it's implied that he was once mortal but ascended, and has been around for a very long time.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: After killing the Bakeneko, a catlike Tulpa that was hounding an impoverished house of Neighponese aristocrats, the elderly lord, the creator of the Bakeneko and the only survivor of his family, was imprisoned in his own basement in order to face his sins of abusing and killing a former concubine for the remainder of his ailing life. It's speculated that either the Medicine Seller or the lord's last surviving staff did it.
  • Rule of Three: The only time he goes all-out on a Tulpa is if he exposes them with "The Three Bodies". Once he knows what it looks like (Shape), how it was born (Origin), and why it behaved a certain way (Reason), then he can unleash his power to kill the Tulpa.
  • The Stoic: He's described as a stoic and unflappable person. Justified, since he's been desensitized to the horrors that create evil Tulpa.
  • Super-Powered Alter Ego: Much like his character inspiration, he'll turn into something much more powerful than his base self, that something being a similar-looking person with gold motifs. In this case, the Medicine Seller's true form is that of a black Alicorn with gold markings and layered gold-black kimonos and the ability to use blue fire magic. He only appears once he exposes a Tulpa with the Three Bodies.
  • Unwitting Pawn: He was hired by a general of the former kingdom of Frater to take out Queen Fantasia, then a mortal Tulpa who she desperately kidnapped Frater's Crown Prince to avert the coming of a divine curse. Unbeknownst to all parties, including the Medicine Seller himself, the general who hired him was in turn manipulated by a resentful and bitter general who tried to get the kingdoms of Soror and Frater destroyed to spite both for forgetting him. This was eventually resolved when Fantasia's motives were publicly made known and the true mastermind exposed.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Played with. While he does acknowledge that Tulpas are sapient beings with their own thoughts and feelings, he won't hesitate to kill them for the greater good if they prove themselves to be dangerous to society. On the other hand, while he protects mortal races from evil Tulpas, he has a very low opinion of them since they're often the reason why they're hounded by Tulpas in the first place.
  • Willfully Weak: The only times he unleashes his full power and true form is when he learns everything about the Tulpa(s) he's hunting down. Every other time, he only uses the barest minimum to defeat his foes.
  • Winged Unicorn: What his true form is revealed to be, once the Tulpa he's targeting is fully exposed. His profile describes it as a black Alicorn with a golden mane, with layered black and gold kimonos, golden markings on his pelt, and an "open eye" Cutie Mark.

    Mercy, the Holy Blade/Eater of Worlds 
See her folder entry here.

    Midnight Bell 
See her folder entry here.

    Mitta, the Light of Everfree 
See her folder entry here.

See her folder entry here.

O to R

    Pillars of Equestria 
See their page here.

    Pinkie Pie, the Bearer of Laughter 
See her folder entry here.

    Prince-Regent Vladimir Polaris Blueblood 
See his folder entry here.

    Prince Vultus IV 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Warrior/Ruler/Adventurer/Ham

Faction: Skyhawk Princedom (Sovereign), the Peninsular Pact

"Oh well - who wants to live forever?" [Laughs heartily] "DIIIIIIIIIVE!!!"

  • Acceptable Political Targets: In-universe; while he's honorable and respectable towards others, and wants his peers to follow the same code, he considers the Autorists to be so despicable and honorless that he advocates showing no mercy towards them. Especially after he found out that they sponsored his treacherous fourth brother's attempted coup, leading to the death of their eldest brother and heir to the throne.
    Prince Vultus IV: As our noble gods had said: 'Respect thy peers as thyself.' Unless he’s an Autorist - in which case, GET THE BASTARD!.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Is very capable in a fight as a warrior, being tough enough to plow through enemy ranks and strong enough to claw through armour and brain foes through his helmets (See how he dealt with his treacherous fourth brother). While details are a little bit exaggerated, during the 'Storm King Crisis' he managed to break out of a city besieged by 10,000 Storm Warriors with nothing more than a hundred of his troops - and wielding nothing more than a can-opener.
  • Birds of a Feather: It's mentioned that he would befriend those who are also Large Hams like him, such as Crazy Ant/Copper Cog, and the Minotaur god Entasi. He would also befriend Prince Fanged Paw, the Alicorn demigod of Animals, War, and Disruption; coincidentally, Fanged Paw is also the second-eldest son of royalty like Vultus IV, and as a War God, he bears the ability to weaponize his own voice as a morale-booster and an object of terror. Fanged Paw's brothers fear the day he'll get into a shouting match with Vultus IV or, Equus forbid, both him and Clamos, the Pramanthan god of Screaming that Fanged Paw also befriended.
  • Cain and Abel: He was the Abel to his treacherous, ambitious and resentful fourth brother; when he learned that his fourth brother murdered their elder brother in a bid to gain their deceased father's throne, Vultus was described as "pissed off beyond bonkers". He got even more mad when he learned that said fourth brother was sponsered by Autorist groups in the area. So he killed his fourth brother himself, though it was noted in his entry that he had to replace his previous mace after he broke it from braining the bastard through the helm too hard.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Prince Vulcan, with bits of King Richard IV from Blackadder and other characters, all played by BRIAN BLESSED. Both are proud yet heroic warriors who are also princes among an avian species, and are incredibly hammy and loud. Except instead of his heroic brother becoming king, as what happened in the movie and TV series that came earlier, he inherited the throne instead.
  • The Chains of Commanding: Unlike his character inspiration, who became the head of his people's military after his brother was revealed to be the rightful heir to the throne, Vultus IV became king while his third brother, Duke Darin, became his adviser. While he has proven to be a good and honorable ruler, he greatly relies on Darin for help, and finds his position and expectations boring since he doesn't have time for adventuring anymore. In one incident, he ditched an economic meeting to attend a birthday party at a griffon orphanage after one of the cubs wrote a letter wishing he could attend. He has gone to state that it was worth being scolded by his brother.
  • Cultured Badass: Became this thanks to his cultured and reserved third brother's influence, developing a love of theatre and is a unsurprisingly capable and popular guest actor.
  • Friend to All Children: He once ditched a meeting with his economic advisers to attend a birthday party after an orphaned griffon cub wrote a letter asking if he could attend. He has gone to state that it was worth being scolded by his brother for being irresponsible.
  • Hidden Depths: Is capable of surprising subtlety and stealth when situation requires, such as a nuanced, sincere and eloquent speech for his elder brother's and father's funeral, or sneaking around. Also has or developed a love of theatre, sports and animals and a soft spot for children.
  • It's Personal: While he has always hated the Autorists for being horrible people who justify their crimes with flimsy excuses of superiority, his grudge against them intensified when he learned that they sponsored his fourth brother's successful assassination of their eldest brother, who was the heir to the throne prior. He hates the Autorists so much that while he wants Griffonkind to be respectful, honorable, and kind, he's completely willing to make an exception for the Autorists and will not show any mercy towards them.
  • Large Ham: A given, since he's inspired by a character that was played by BRIAN BLESSED. He was described as being one of the loudest mortals on Equus, always shouting with either great enthusiasm, or great wrath - in fact, his cries are so loud that they can stun enemies and trigger avalanches. Outspokenness is considered to be prized behavior in Griffon society, so it has serious volume (pun intended). He is so boisterous that he was even called "The Loud". This trait is what gained him the favor of Clamos, god of Battle-cries, and also caused people to wonder what would happen if he met similar Hams like Crazy Ant and Entasi, Minotaur god of Sports.
    • Also known to be impressive even when being subtle and nuanced, making him a Cold Ham. See the part where he gave an eloquent speech at his late brother's and father's funerals, both surprisingly quiet and 'profound'.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "The Blessed", "The Loud", and/or "The Great-Hearted".
  • Sporting Event: Hosted these when not out sporting himself, and even gave commentary due to his passion about them. As per his Large Ham personality, some of those commentary could be quite... impressive.
    Prince Vultus IV: [On a spectacularly bad Buckball shot] "THAT GREAT STEAMING PILLOCK! I COULD HAD FARTED THAT IN!"
  • Warrior Prince: Literally. He was born a Prince among Griffon royalty, and proved himself to be a loud and incredibly competent, yet very honorable fighter.
  • Red Baron: Again, he's known as "The Blessed", "The Loud", and/or "The Great-Hearted". In particular, he's known as "The Loud" because he's such a Large Ham that his shouting can stun enemies and trigger avalanches.

    Professor Soulfre 
See his folder entry here.

    Radiant Primrose, Hyrule's Guiding Light 
See her folder entry here.

    Rainbow Dash, the Bearer of Loyalty 
See her folder entry here.

    Rarity, the Bearer of Generosity 
See her folder entry here.

See his folder entry here.

    Ruby Heart, the Confessor/Redeemer 
See her folder entry here.

    Rushing Wind and Gentle Wind 
Two Kirin twin sisters from the Qilin Empire, and a pair of undead monster hunters that Silver Bane befriended during one of his travels.
  • Expy: Of Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei and Mei-Ling/Lin-Lin. Like the source characters, Rushing Wind and Gentle Wind are twin sisters and undead monster hunters who are pursuing the demon that killed their mother.
  • Interspecies Friendship: They are twin sisters and undead Kirin. Two of their friends are Silver Bane, a dhampiric unicorn, and his young adoptive Griffon daughter, Friede.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Implied with their names; Rushing Wind is based on Hsien-Ko and is more combative and out-going, while Gentle Wind is based on Mei-Ling and is calmer and more serene.
  • You Killed My Father: A powerful demon killed their mother, and presumably had something to do with them becoming undead Kirins. They were still hunting him down by the time they befriended Silver Bane and his young adoptive daughter, Friede, though when they actually got to fight the demon, it necessitated Prince Night Shade saving the entire group from death. They would end up getting closure when Silver Bane, having gotten stronger by accepting and mentally fusing with his "dark half", fought and killed the demon later on.

S to V

    Scarlet Bell, the Whistleblower 
See her folder entry here.

    The Scourge of Hell 
See his folder entry here.

    Shadow Sentinel (Fourth Age) 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Royal Legionnaire/Superhero/Rebel/Bat Pony

Faction: Night Guard/Canterlot Rebellion/Royal Equestrian Legions

"When truth and justice is not enough, we need to have something else, something more we all deserve. We need hope."

Shadow Sentinel, known outside of the cowl as Captain Umbra Wing of the Royal Equestrian Legions' Night Guards, is the current holder of the titular dark mantle and current colt-friend of Queen Fantasia.

Much like the previous Shadow Sentinels, Umbra Wing's life had not been a rosy one. He grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood, and his parents almost got mugged by criminals if it weren't for the intervention of a compassionate Royal Guard. Inspired to protect the innocent, Umbra Wing constantly trained himself so he'll be able to become the hero that people needed. After Princess Luna returned from her millenium-long exile, Umbra Wing was chosen to become one of her Night Guards, and has served her loyally ever since.[WIP]
  • Badass Normal: While he doesn't have any magical abilities of his own like a majority of Equus's heroes, he makes up for it with his fighting skills, self-taught ninjutsu, intelligence, and various gadgetry and vehicles that were either made by himself or given to him by Queen Fantasia.
  • Battle Boomerang: He's described as using boomerang-like weapons, something that all incarnations of the Shadow Sentinel are known for.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Terry McGinnis. Like Terry, his rendition of the Shadow Sentinel/Batman costume has a mixed black-red motif, and both of them love to taunt their enemies. Both of them also lost their parents later in life to different tragedies and villains, but they also were able to have a childhood, allowing them to become more emotionally adjusted compared to their predecessors.
  • Cynicism Catalyst: Defied. Unlike his predecessors, who let their traumas warp them until they became cynical and bitter individuals, Umbra Wing refused to let the deaths of his parents and friends break him despite his stern and grim demeanor.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Much like the first Shadow Sentinel of the Second Age and her predecessors, his life had been marred by tragedy. His living in a crime-ridden neighborhood nearly resulted in his parents getting mugged, until they were saved by a benevolent Royal Guard. He would later lose both parents, as well as his entire squadron, to Storm Troopers during the Storm King Crisis and left for dead in the caves underneath Canterlot Mountain. However, he refused to make his past his Cynicism Catalyst and instead continued to help innocent people, later becoming Equestria's Hope Bringer.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: He's a black-pelted bat pony, and his Shadow Sentinel costume is equally dark, but he's a completely heroic individual devoted to giving protection and hope to the civilian populace.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Unlike his predecessors, who were rather grim and humorless, he has a snarky and witty sense of humor. This would help him in goading his enemies into a rage.
  • Divine Date: He's a mortal as well as the latest Shadow Sentinel to get romantically involved with Queen Fantasia, an Ascendant divine Tulpa who has dated/married grim and brooding types like him.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Implied; it's stated in his profile that most of his weapons and gadgets were made by himself.
  • Hope Bringer: As indicated by his folder quote, Umbra Wing became the latest Shadow Sentinel not only because he wanted to protect the people and bring criminals to justice - he wanted to give everyone hope. He also, in light of the production of bleak superhero works and Gilded Screen's infamous "Dream World" speech, believes that superheros in general are also hope-bringers, because they inspire the common person to want to become like them, too.
  • Humans Are Special: As part of his Hope Bringer ideology, Umbra Wing believes that everyone has the capability to acknowledge and resolve their flaws so they could become paragons that inspire others with the hope of wanting to become like them, too.
  • I Shall Taunt You: One method he uses to make defeating criminals easier is taunt and goad them into a rage that also makes them careless at fighting. This is what separates him from his predecessors, who were stern and silent.
  • It's Personal: Averted. Despite the tragedies he suffered and dealing with vicious criminals, he refused to partake in revenge, since his purpose as a superhero is to be a Hope Bringer above all else.
  • Legacy Character: The latest Shadow Sentinel to operate throughout the Known Ages.
  • Lured into a Trap: During a nighttime raid on Canterlot's criminal underground, Umbra Wing incapacitated and apprehended a gang of criminals that he realized almost too late were sent as bait to lure him into an ambush by a much larger force. However, what the criminals themselves didn't know is that they were also lured into a trap - when Umbra Wing fired a colored flare, it signaled the arrival of Flash Magnus and Rockhoof's forces, allowing them to take over through superior numbers and firepower while he went after the mafia bosses.
  • One-Man Army: Downplayed; as Temnobog and Crystal Prism observed, he is a skilled fighter and was capable of taking on a mob full of Canterlot criminals after he was Lured into a Trap by them. However, he's still just one stallion, and eventually he fired a colored flare as a signal for Flash Magnus, Rockhoof, and their forces to take over while he went after the crime bosses.
  • Red and Black and Evil All Over: Subverted. Umbra Wing's suit is black mixed with red to make himself more terrifying to his adversaries. But he's also a heroic individual who wanted to be a Hope Bringer.
  • Secret Identity: Averted. Unlike his predecessors and other superheroes, his true identity is common knowledge to the public.
  • Straight for the Commander: After signaling for Flash Magnus and Rockhoof to take over the fight with the criminal mob with a Flare Gun, he went after the crime bosses of Canterlot, with only a few barely managing to escape being subdued by him.
  • Thou Shalt Not Kill: Like his predecessors, Umbra Wing has never killed a single criminal in his long career, and even refuses to take a life. Justified, since he wants to bring hope to the people he helps, not terrify them with ruthlessness and brutality.
  • "World of Cardboard" Speech: In light of Gilded Screen's infamous "Dream World" speech in response to criticism over his decision to depict the Shadow Sentinel as a killer, Umbra Wing has made a critically acclaimed in-universe review of bleak superhero works such as The Dark Mare, Irreformable, Watchponies, and especially critically panned films that had been directed by Gilded Screen such as Metamare vs. Shadow Sentinel, Mare of Steel, and Justice Paragons. Queen Dazzleglow and Luminiferous, having known and even mentored several Second-Age heroes, were among those who praised him for his words.
    Captain Umbra Wing: The problem with trying to deconstruct a person's motives, personality, and background - especially when it's applied to someone like Metamare and other benevolent superheroes - is that you're trying to look for a flaw. An inherent problem to counter the benevolence they showed in their hearts and to the people they tried to help. I am well aware that even the most benevolent superheroes are flawed. Metamare had the crippling fear that one day, she might go mad with power and turn into a force of destruction. The first Shadow Sentinel took a long time to recover from her childhood traumas because she let them define her for so long, while pushing away anyone who could help her because she didn't want to lose them, too. We just often lack the strength to admit it.

    But when you try to deconstruct someone who has done nothing but good things, you're undermining their benevolence by saying that every single person is as destructive, evil, and monstrous as the villains they fight. That a generous person is secretly selfish and arrogant, a benevolent ruler has the makings of a tyrant, and a martial pacifist has great potential in wielding a gun. Yes, every person is flawed... but, every person also has the power to work past that. By acknowledging their flaws and working to resolve them rather than suppress or destroy them altogether, a person could rise up to greatness and become a bringer of light.

    Perhaps that is why the heroes of the Second Age - and all of the Known Ages, really - are depicted as exemplary individuals. And why we see them as paragons that are larger than life itself.

    They inspire us with the hope that we could become like them, too.
  • You Fight Like a Cow: He has often dished out snarky insults and one-liners to his opponents while fighting, enraging them to the point of utter carelessness.

    Shisa Mask 
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    Silver Bane, the Dark Hunter 
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    Sonic Song, the Song of Liberation 
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    Spirit Scribe, the Guardian of Wisdom 
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    Star Echo 
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    Three Leaf, the Broken Song/Voice of Hope 
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    Torch, the Radiant Emerald Saber 
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    True Heart 

Character: Hero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Nurse/White Mage/Controller

Faction: Unaffiliated

"I'll do what I can to help."

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W to Z

    Zecora, the Ghost of Everfree 
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