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Neighpon is a land whose history is tempestuous. Long ago, Neighpon was plagued by war for many years as several factions bitterly fought each other for control of the nation. Peace finally came when the legendary daimyo, Owari Kippōshi, united these factions under one banner, and it had stayed that way for decades. However, darkness fell when Yamata no Orochi, the evil wayward son of the Dragon Progenitors Tiamat and Bahamut, arrived in Neighpon and attempted to conquer it. Despite the efforts of Neighgi, a legendary swordsman, Orochi simply bid his time until Neighgi died of old age, after which he tried to conquer Neighpon again and this time succeeded. He leveled the country, and turned it into a despotic kingdom that he ruled with an iron fist as cruel as King Sombra's.

All hope seemed lost, until Princess Celestia, fresh off of banishing her younger sister, Luna/Nightmare Moon, to the moon, decided to intervene by disguising herself as Amaterasu, a divine white wolf. With the help of Breezie artist Issuneigh, Neighgi's descendant Susaneigho, and even her banished sister, Celestia defeated Orochi... but not before the demon serpent spoke a curse that would tell of his rise from the dead should his Eight Demon Heads fall in battle. Celestia scattered Orochi's heads to delay the fulfilling of the curse, and peace returned... for now.

While the threat of Orochi loomed overhead, Neighpon has become infamous for being the hot spot of several kaiju attacks, starting with Dracozilla, who was born after Roedinian Clovenists conducted mana bomb tests in the oceans. While its relationship with kaiju was rocky at first, they eventually welcomed the gigantic monsters with open arms, especially after several of them proved themselves to be benevolent guardians. Supia, a gigantic Changeling Queen who is half-kaiju, is one of these guardians, having set up her hive in the land of her birth.


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  • Divine Conflict: Neighpon is famous for being the battlegrounds of mortal and divine individuals alike.
    • Much like what happened in Ōkami, the conflict between Orochi and "Amaterasu" is one, with an evil Dragon god fighting a disguised Celestia (who took the form of a white wolf) for the ultimate fate of Neighpon. Unfortunately, it ended on a bittersweet note, as Orochi was able to recite a curse that would foretell his revival hundreds of years later.
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Neighpon is the pony equivalent of Japan, with its inclusion of Kaiju and the evil dragon Orochi.
  • Kaiju: Neighpon is famous for its local kaiju, several which have served as the country's benevolent protectors. Changeling Queen Supia, a gigantic Royal Changeling, is also counted as a kaiju along with her similar-sized daughters.
  • Matriarchy: Neighpon is currently ruled by Empress Nadeshiko. The Changelings living there also count, as they are led by Changeling Queen Supia and her daughters.
  • Running Gag: It has become a hilarious pattern of sorts that every time Daring Do visits Neighpon, it's during a Kaiju attack. Fortunately, she always helps save the day.
  • Values Dissonance: In-universe. It's mentioned in the Black Heron Corpse Investigation Team's entry that cremation is the norm in Neighpon, so people who have corpse-embalming as a profession, like Violet Peony, tend to get weird looks.

    Empress Nadeshiko 
The ruling matriarch of Neighpon.
  • Big Good: As the Empress of Neighpon, Nadeshiko serves as one in stories that take place in it.

    Shisa Mask 

Character: Hero

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Griffon/Professional Wrestler/Legacy Hero

Faction: Unaffiliated

"This mask is more than just that! It is a symbol, of honour and courage!"

    Spirit Scribe, the Guardian of Wisdom 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Unicorn/Magical Filly/Divine Champion

Faction: Guardians of the Great Isles

"Power and skill means nothing to an enemy without wisdom to back them up."


Guardian Kaiju

    Dracozilla, Jr. 
Dracozilla Jr. is the "son" of the original Dracozilla (though he isn't sure himself), who was born when Roedinian Clovenists decided to conduct mana bomb tests in the oceans near Neighpon. Because of his "father"'s actions, Dracozilla Jr. was feared to take after him, which were proven true when he was spotted fighting two kaijus by Little Forest, a young pegasus who was stranded on a tundra island by a lightning storm. Though he initially clashed with Orochi's Demon Heads for selfish reasons, he became more altrustic after an infant Mothryu called him out for his cowardice. His aid proved to be very beneficial in killing the three-headed Imperfect Orochi that was summoned by an Orochi-worshiping cult, as well as Ghost Dracozilla when Orochi's Fourth Demon Head possessed Dracozilla Sr. As a result, he was deemed a benevolent guardian of Neighpon, who would rise again to protect the country from any threat.

"Mothryu will protect us."

A Neighponese kaiju. Mothryu is the ruling sovereign of Foal Island and one of many benevolent protectors of Neighpon. As her name implies, she's a moth-themed kaiju and has several abilities that tie into it. She is also a deity, but unlike most, Mothryu can age and die. To make up for her lack of immortality, she has the ability to detect when she will die, allowing her to lay a single egg ahead of time. This egg hatches a larva that inherits its parent's memories, divinity, and personality, similar to how a phoenix dies and resurrects itself.

Mothryu is the female counterpart of Battryu, a male divine moth just like her. Just as Battryu represents "nature's wrath", Mothryu represents "nature's mercy". On Foal Island, she's always represented by a tiny pair of pony priestesses, who have magical abilities of their own and can summon Mothryu's aid with a song.

  • Beware the Nice Ones: Mothryu is a benevolent divine Kaiju and is worshiped by Foal Island for her protective compassion. She can also be as destructive as the other kaiju when angered, though she tries to minimalize the damage to prevent innocents from being affected by her actions.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Happens during the battle with the fused Changeling-Demon hybrid, Dynastinae, just after Gamarea did his own Big Damn Heroes moment and snapped off Dynastinae's horn. While this only caused Dynastinae to fire chaotic magic bursts, Mothryu and Battryu suddenly arrived just in time to bombard Dynastinae in turn.
  • Big Good: Literally. As the divine Kaiju sovereign of Foal Island, one of Neighpon's guardians, and the most benevolent Kaiju in existence, Mothra is possibly the Kaiju equivalent of one, since she is so compassionate that she is almost always the one who takes initiative to fight against evil threats.
  • Born-Again Immortality: Much like her character inspiration. Despite being a Kaiju goddess, she lacks the typical divine immortality that many deities possess so for all her great power, she can still age and die like a mortal. So she hatches an egg beforehand, which hatches shortly after her death into a larva that inherits her memories, abilities, and personality.
  • Butterfly of Death and Rebirth: Mothryu is not like other deities in that she lacks their brand of immortality, being able to age and die. To make up for this, she can detect when she's going to die, allowing her to prepare by laying a single egg. The larva that hatches from it gains its parent's memories, divinity, and personality once the previous Mothra dies.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Mothra, retaining all of the source's powers as well as her routine habit of hatching larva that become her. Her rampage through Tokneigho and Roelisica after her tiny priestesses are kidnapped by a greedy man is very similar to what happened in Mothra's film debut. For bonus points, they even have heavily similar names.
  • Destructive Savior: Much like her canon counterpart, Mothra, Mothryu is worshiped as a benevolent goddess by Foal Island, and routinely protects both her home and Neighpon from dangerous threats. That being said, she's known to leave trails of destruction when her loved ones are threatened. But even then, she tries to minimize collateral damage and avoid killing innocent people if she could afford to, and only saves her wrath for those who deserve it.
  • Enemy Mine: Because her twin, Battryu, is wholly dedicated to protecting Equus to the point of taking it too far, Mothryu had to seal him in order to stop his rampage. However, she managed to talk Battryu into putting aside his anger after the Fifth Demon King emerged and started terrorizing Neighpon.
  • Foreseeing My Death: As described in her profile, Mothryu has the uncanny ability to detect when she will die, since she lacks the trademark immortality of typical deities. This is what helps her lay eggs, so that when she does die, a larva will hatch and inherit her memories, personality, and divinity.
  • Generation Xerox: As part of her Born-Again Immortality, Mothra would lay an egg to ensure her own survival should she die during a crisis. The egg would hatch into a larva that would essentially become her, and so on and so forth.
  • Humans Are Bastards: Subverted. Despite the Dracozilla incidents and the damage to her island that was caused by the Clovenists' mana bomb tests, she holds no ill will towards the outside world and will always emerge to protect Neighpon in times of danger.
  • Kaiju: A gigantic, divine she-moth who wields incredible power to protect those she cares about.
  • Male Might, Female Finesse: The Female Finesse to Battryu's Male Might. As Nature's Mercy, she's weaker in physical combat, but she's deadly in terms of range and magic. Her ultimate technique consists of creating a spell seal that can either heal, purify, or call on magical attacks.
  • Mama Bear: When her tiny pair of priestesses were kidnapped by a greedy Roelisican businessman, Mothryu went on a destructive rampage while looking for them, first devastating Tokneighonote  and then Roelisica. While the damage inflicted on Tokneigho was minor, the same couldn't be said for Roelisca, which had to be assimilated into the Cloven Empire.
  • Moth Menace: Subverted. Mothra is described as one of the most benevolent Kaiju out there, and she actively serves as a protector of both Foal Island and Neighpon.
  • Physical God: Mothryu is worshiped as a goddess by the people of Foal Island, and she has godlike power that could wreak untold destruction if she was angered. However, unlike most deities, she isn't immortal, and in fact can age and die. To make up for it, she reincarnates herself by laying eggs, which hatch into larvae that inherits the predecessor's memories.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: By Kaiju standards, she's relatively small. But to everyone else, she's huge. She's still quite powerful and capable of defending herself in a fight.

"Nature has her mercy, but she also has her wrath."
Battryu's Priestess

  • Captain Ersatz: Of Battra; much like Mothryu, he retains the same appearance, abilities, and personality as his character inspiration. He even has one priestess who communicates for him, as opposed to Mothra's two.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While he's usually a genocidal Knight Templar devoted to protecting only Equus, even he finds the nature-loving King Aspen too fanatical for his tastes.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Much like his character inspiration, he's devoted to protecting Equus, but only Equus. Anyone who lives on it he cares nil, and will not hesitate to destroy them if they upset the ecosystem in any way.
  • Knight Templar: Much like his character inspiration, he's devoted to protecting Equus just like his female twin. However, his protection extends only to Equus, as he generally sees all of its inhabitants as a blight that needs to be eradicated if nature is to survive. That being said, he thinks that King Aspen's devotion to nature is too fanatical even for him.
  • Male Might, Female Finesse: The Male Might to Mothryu's Female Finesse. As Nature's Wrath, he's weaker in range and lacks Mothryu's magic, but he's stronger, tougher, and better in overall physical combat. That being said, he does have a few special abilities of his own, like being able to call on lightning in larva form.

"What do you do when you know your time is over but someday another's time will come? They left a light behind for those to come to ignite."
Daring Do / A.K. Yearling

  • Chest Blaster: Like his inspiration, he's capable of firing a massive beam of mana charged plasma from his chest.
  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: His Ultimate Plasma attack, fired from his chest. It's powerful enough to obliterate the island sized Hafgufa in one hit, but drains the surrounding area of mana. Thankfully, he drained the Shadowed Ones' Tenth Realm to power it, which made its use an entire benefit to the heroes.
  • Wave Motion Gun: Like the original, he can use the Ultimate Plasma attack but at the cost of drastically draining the surrounding area of mana. Thankfully, the one time he's used it was when the Shadowed Ones' Realm was open and he drained that realm. This not only allowed him to kill Hafgufa with the attack, but weaken the Shadowed Ones' forces with said drain.

"You know, maybe that Diamond Dog's god was right about being careful how deep you dig..."





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