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Federal Republic of Ponyland

"Out of the Many, ONE."

Out of all the nations that populated Equus (then called "Tellus") in the Second Age, few were as great as Ponyland, which became known as the "Land of the Free". Despite its tempestuous, dark, and bloody history, Ponyland has largely stayed true to its own values of liberty, freedom, and unity. By the Second Age's end, it has already developed into a national superpower.

True to its name as the "Home of the Brave", Ponyland has been a historical birthplace and home for legendary heroes, which is largely thanks to a wandering enigmatic figure that called himself the "Mentor". Among such heroes are Metamare and the team of Paragons that worked with her, the Tales Seven group, Dr. Silversmith, Sr., and others. Unsurprisingly, some deities also originated in Ponyland, such as Princess Stitching Time, Blue Suede Heartstrings and his older twin brother, Bossa Nova Heartstrings, and Sola Mors.
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  • The Alliance: Leads one in the form of the 'Alliance of Democratic Nations' during the 'Twilight Struggle' than spanned the 'Great Wars Era' Post-Second Great War. This alliance is military in nature as it is economic, with a unified military command in the form of the 'ADN Armed Forces' or ADNAF.
  • Alternate Universe: Although Ponyland's history shares many similarities with RL USA, the nature of the setting with RL and between Ponykind and Humankind meant differences were inevitable, often resulting in divergences that range from Alternate History to Never Was This Universe.
    • Their capital of Liberty D.C. is named after a different Founder of Ponyland, in this case a mare named Liberty Bell, who was a prominent leader during the revolution. Incidentally, the conflict was also called the 'Ponyland War of Freedom'.
    • The 'Ponyland Civil War' (Only the FIRST one, it should be noted) ended a year earlier than RL Earth, but on a lot more bitter note between the Northern and Southern states because unlike in our timeline, the leaders of the 'Southron Confederacy' fled on a steamship with some of their remaining loyal supporters when the end was near, never to be seen again, while the vengeful Southron conspiracy that killed President Stovepipe Lakeside also got his Vice-President (Not THAT much of a loss, really) and the Secretary of State. It is heavily hinted from what's mentioned so far that all this will lead to some serious trouble down the line.
    • There are no term restrictions in Ponyland presidents: President Theddeus Moosepelt, by some unknown change in circumstances, served no less than FIVE terms in office where his RL counterpart served two and failed to get elected a third time. Incidentally, that meant Codexverse version of William Howard Taft and Wooddrow Wilson never became president, and are not even mentioned.
    • As noted under Expanded States of America, the Federal Republic of Ponyland got a lot more territory and states than its real-life counterpart, adding much of Codexverse western Canada and Cuba on top Codexverse Alaska, the Philippines and Hawaii (Here called the Sandwich Islands).
    • Ponyland intervened into the 'First Great War' in late 1915 a lot earlier than America did in the 'First World War' in 1917, due to a triple whammy of the 'Sinking of the Lusitmanea', an earlier 'Black Tom Explosion' (Which killed hundreds, seriously damaged the Statue Of Liberty and immediately pinned on Germane saboteurs) and rumours of Germane involvement in the Mexicolt Civil War and raids by Mexicolt Revolutionaries into southern Ponyland. This combined with President Teddy Moosepelt's own personal involvement (Theodore Roosevelt REALLY wanted USA to get involved in WWI earlier in real life) led to an earlier declaration of war against Imperial Germaney and the Central Powers folding a lot earlier in May 1917.
    • Ponyland was apparently responsible for helping Gran Coltolumberia stay united, and even helped them build several Paneighma Canals, which is a Gran Coltolumberian project, while they themselves have successfully built several Neighcaguaran Canals. They also apparently built not one, but seven Transcontinental Railways. Some of their leading scientists and geniuses - including a Captain Ersatz of Robert H. Goddard and a young Silversmith - participated in an international project to send a crewed rocket ship into space and achieved crewed space travel as early as 1929; space travel for the Americans wasn't possible until Alan Shepherd's suborbital flight in 1961.
    • History began to significantly diverge in various ways starting the 1930s: first, one of Theddeus Moosepelt's son became president in 1933 rather than his nephew. In 1938, the first bonafide superheroes emerged such as Metamare, Shadow Sentinel, Dr Silversmith, Battle Prince and others, beginning the superheroic era. And then of course, a shocking Wham Episode in the form of the Wall Street Coup and a brief, Second Ponyland Civil War occurred in 1940. And while Ponyland did have its Elvis Presley equivalent in Blue Suede Heartstrings, he never died, instead becoming a globe-trotting Alicorn god of Music and Humility after meeting Luminiferous during a low point in his life and quitting his job as a career musician.
  • Awakening the Sleeping Giant: Like the USA during the First and Second World Wars, twice did the Federal Republic of Ponyland emerge from isolationism to kick flanks and take names in the First and Second Great Wars, their economy and huge population numbers proving instrumental in helping the Entente/Allied Powers win both conflicts.
  • Barbaric Bully: It is implied that after past experiences with countless attacks by super-villains - many of them had their Start of Darkness from being bullied or being bullies in childhood - that the Ponylanders resorted harsh, even questionably disproportionate sanctions for bullying and those which enabled bullying, as well as investing significantly greater effort in helping bully victims recover from their abuse, all in hopes of preventing dangerous future supervillains and meta-criminals from rising.
    • The Addendum of a drabble depicting Starlight, the Diligent Teacher stopping a school shooting and talking the teenage shooter down shows that at the shooter's trial, Starlight testified and spoke in his defense, as his actions were motivated by the relentless bullying he received from the principal's son, who got away with his actions thanks to his parent's protection. The shooter was rehabiliated and thanked his teacher for saving him from himself and either a life in prison or death in a police shootout.
    • The bully, on the other hoof, received an almost ridiculously harsh response. While his father was fired and later arrested on unrelated charges, the bully looked like he would be left alone, having learnt his lesson... until a psych review showed that not only does he showed no remorse, but also showed psychological inclination to seek revenge on his bully victim and Starlight, as well as anti-social behaviour traits reminiscent to those of supervillains that Starlight and her friends had fought in the past, along with all the implications this entails. The authorities IMMEDIATELY shipped him to the asteroid belt colonies.
  • Conscription: Maintained 'mandatory military service' throughout the entire 'Great Wars Era' of the Second Age owing to the frequent conflicts and crises that the country and the world experienced throughout the era, necessitating as many soldiers as they could reasonably get while ensuring a large fraction of Ponyland's population actually knows how to fight, for both good or ill. This became convenient for President Personable Pony on at least one occasion.
  • The Coup: The 'Wall Street Coup' of 1940 nearly led to the overthrow of the legitimate government of President Knitted Moosepelt by a clique of reactionary business and military interests, who... rather disagreed with his socio-political and economic reforms to deal with the Great Depression, and wanted to replace Ponyland's democratic government with a corporatist/fascist junta loyal only to themnote . Luckily, they were defeated within a month, although it would have lasting consequences to Ponyland's subsequent history.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Some Ponylanders managed to Ascend to godhood despite the Second Age's relative lack of magic. Examples include Stitching Time, Blue Suede Heartstrings and his older twin brother, Bossa Nova Heartstrings, Tough Love, Shamrock Bloom, Radiant Rapier, and Sola Mors.
  • Elvis Lives: Thanks to Luminiferous' intervention (and ultimately, Bossa Nova's intervention, since he's why Luminiferous got to meet Blue at all), Blue Suede Heartstrings was saved from experiencing the same fate as Elvis Presley, which was suffering under an exploitative and controlling manager and a continuous degrade in music/concert quality up until his death. Encouraged by Luminiferous' pep-talk and those who loved him, Blue quit his job as a career musician, and proceeded to travel the world so he could preform on his own terms. It's heavily implied that this means not only Ponyland got to listen to his music for years to come, but many other people living overseas in different countries were finally able to listen to "The King of Music". And with Blue's Ascension to godhood, the world would continue listening to him long after the Second Age ended.
  • Expanded States of America: Or rather, Ponyland, which acquired a lot more territory in some of the earliest divergences from its RL counterpart. On top of getting Codexverse version of Alaska and the Philippines, it also purchases all of Canada west of the 90W Parallel (The Bitish Empire was strapped for cash to rebuild after the world-shocking 'Maretian invasion of 1896') and then outright annexed Codexverse Cuba following the Spmanish-Ponyland War in the same year. The Codexverse Baja California Peninsula was added into the Federal Republic in the wake of a punitive expedition sent to stabilize Mexicolt during the First Great War. Then just before they intervened in the Second Great War (and in fact it helped trigger the intervention) they annexed even more of northern Mexicolt after a pro-Axis revanchist junta in power there attempted to grab their own territories back while Ponyland was distracted by a failed coup and a brief civil war (which failed miserably). Only time will tell how much more territory will Ponyland possess as more details are revealed...
  • Fantasy Counterpart Culture: Ponyland is based on The United States, its history more or less a parallel to what happened in real life, save for several differences. For example, the Sandwich Islands are based on the Hawaiian Islands as they are both annexed Ponyland/American territory, with influence from Lilo & Stitch as one of its residents is an orphaned pegasus filly living with her older sister and a rehabilitated Maretians weapon experiment, whom the pegasus filly named "Stitch".
  • Fantastic Racism: Being based on the United States, it has its fair share of racism and/or tribalism, namely in its treatment of Zebras. One particular incident involved the death of Garden Spade, a teenage Zebra colt who was brutally lynched by tribalists based on a unicorn mare's testimony that he whistled at her. This enraged a then-mortal Blue Suede Heartstrings when he heard of it, and in response to a reporter's question, he gave a scathing public "The Reason You Suck" Speech that decried the killers' actions as stupid, childish, and senseless, and criticized both the judges who let the killers walk away free and those who turned a blind eye out of hatred and/or cowardice.
  • Frickin' Laser Beams: One of their technologically-advanced weapons is apparently an expy of the Mirage Tank called the XBT-C 'Chamaleon' Experimental Battle Tank, which carried a DEW as its main armament and once dueled their Hooviet Lightning Tank counterparts during the 'Fourth Great War' in the shores and streets of Ponyland. Isn't as powerful as the Commonwealth SWT Mk-III 'Spectra' Special Weapons Tank, which is an expy of the Prism Tank.
  • Historical Badass Upgrade: This can apply to the entirety of Ponyland itself, as due to taking place in the My Little Pony universe, magic exists (albeit under a scientific term), and superheroes and gods are real, which means that certain events occurred differently. However, this can also apply to the various historical figures of Ponyland that also existed in real life.
    • Blue Suede Heartstrings is based on Elvis Presley, one of the most famous rockstars of his time. They are musicians who are also former soldiers who served during World War II. However, while Elvis continues to be remembered as an influential figure in the development of both rock-and-roll and modern rock, he's also remembered for his degrading career and obesity in his later years, ending with a rather Undignified Death. By contrast, Blue would meet Luminiferous during a very low point in his life while he was still relatively young. The pep-talk he received from Luminiferous motivated Blue to quit his job as a career musician and travel around the world, doing good deeds until he became an Alicorn god of Music and Humility (something he sees as ironic due to his religious background).
    • Bossa Nova Heartstrings, Blue's older identical twin brother, is based on Jesse Garon Presley, Elvis Presley's older identical twin brother who came out stillborn. While he came out stillborn like his character inspiration, Bossa Nova was adopted by the Three Deaths, giving him a (rather large) surrogate family of his own. His noble upbringing influenced him to eventually become something great - an Alicorn god - despite being dead, and being a Death god means he's still rather powerful despite not being a "prodigy" deity like his younger brother.
    • President Theddeus Moosepelt is based on Theodore Roosevelt, who is venerated for his reforms and was something of a Renaissance Man when he was alive. Here, he served five consecutive terms (Franklin D. Roosevelt served four terms as President), and was responsible for various reforms, including the federal income tax, workers' rights, monopoly/trust-busting, electoral reform, prohibition of alcohol, universal suffrage, desegregation of the Federal Government, and greater civil rights for minorities. It's noted that many of his reforms had been met with mixed or considerable success.
  • In Spite of a Nail: Despite all the historical changes that really began to pick up as the nation entered the 'Great Wars Era', the country still participated in the first two world wars and emerged from them a Superpower like the USA in real-life. The notable changes were in the details as to how it happened and who or what were involved. For one, the Codexverse equivalent of the Pearl Harbor attacks happen only in 1942 when Imperial Neighponese forces attacked the Sandwich Islands, but that was well after Ponyland and Neighpon were at war after Imperial Neighponese forces invaded Ponyland-held Fillypines in 1941. The Imperials also attacked Atlastka and the West Coast of Ponyland in that time as part of a wider Axis incursion of mainland Ponyland.
  • Invaded States of America: This happened to Ponyland more than once, with some invasions being more or less a parallel to what happened during the "Great War" period. Due to it being an entirely different version of The United States, however, things would take a completely different turn.
  • Mexico Called; They Want Texas Back: This happened in Ponyland history - the political and societal disarray caused by the "Wall Street Coup" allowed Mexicolt's revanchist junta forces to invade southern Ponyland to reclaim its lost territories, hoping to take advantage of its neighboring country's moment of weakness. This led to Ponyland stopping and overthrowing the junta once the remnants of the Wall Street Coup was fully dealt with and, to add further insult to injury, occupying/annexing pats of northern Mexicolt and the Brayja Peninsula.
  • Tank Goodness: Developed many good Battle Tanks during the 'Great Wars Era' of the Second Age, contributing to the Second Age Ponies' status as the 'Lords of War'. One of them include the MBT-80 'Bison' Main Battle Tank, which apparently took out many Hooviet Lightning Tanks and other vehicles with their electrothermal main cannon.
    • The XBT-C 'Chamaleon' Experimental Battle Tank is an expy of Mirage Tank from Red Alert, capable of as its name implies melding into the environment with its camouflage systems, and also sporting a DEW main weapon that allow it to duel their Hooviet Lightning Tank counterparts during the 'Fourth Great War' of 1984.
    • The M2AT3 Patriot-Main Assault Tank is another example of Ponyland Tank Goodness, essentially an Expy and Adaptational Badass / Adaptation Expansion of the GI Joes' Grizzly Patriot tank and was in fact first used by their GI-COLTS Expy in-universe. It features a 120 mm electro-thermal automatic main cannon with 75 rounds of ammunition capable of firing up to 30 rounds per minute (under controlled conditions to prevent overheating and barrel-damage. Fire rate is variable and can be adjusted), guided by an advanced computer targeting system that can ensure most of the shots are dead on, while its secondary armaments include either a .50 Cal HMG with 1200 rounds and/or a freaking MINIGUN with 1500 rounds. A microfusion-powered 'Heavy Duty Accelerator' Drive system (with two pairs of rear extra-large accelerator wheels) which gives it several times the range and speed of RL modern tanks and an option to double the latter for short 'turbo-charges' bursts. Its sloped armour features layers of 'Composite Metal Foam' with lattice structure which confers several times normal protection from kinetic, thermal and mechanical damage than normal materials at only a fraction of the mass (contributing to an overall mass of tank at merely 55 tonnes), as well as a powered, smart-system integrated 'nano poly-ceramic' composite armour which confers extra protection through the energetically-magnified and computer-regulated properties of its ceramic nanoparticles (including those of dielectric, ferroelectric, pyroelectric, ferromagnetic, magneto-resistive, superconductive and electro-optical natures), and also painted with energy and kinetic-deflecting paint, making it highly durable to various forms of weapons fire and damage (The Patriot is not even considered the best among its peers in terms of protection, relying more on speed and firepower as per Ponyland military doctrine of the time).note  And that's just the baseline variant.
  • This Means War!: The "Wall Street Coup" left Ponyland vulnerable to Mexicolt's revanchist junta in late 1940, which tried to reclaim its lost territories that now made up southern Ponyland. In dealing with the junta's invasion and overthrowing it, Ponyland discovered that both the Wall Street Coup and the Mexicolt incursion were orchestrated by agents of Reichist Germaney. Then, forces from Imperial Neighpon suddenly attacked the Fillypines, while the Germane Navy sunk Ponyland ships with U-Boats in 1941. All these whammies enraged Ponyland, enough to declare war on the Axis Powers as an Allied nation and revitalize its own economy/society following the devastating "Great Depression" period.
  • Unfazed Everyman: During the 'Second Age', world-endangering conflicts and calamities became such a regular occurrence many Ponies by the 1980s/90s were more or less unfazed by all but the most terrible events, and the citizens of Ponyland were no exception to this. One time, waves of ballistic missiles were launched all over the world by a renegade faction, leveling entire cities, and Ace, one of the colt friends of Virtuous/Tales Seven, was more annoyed by the fact that he had to move the venue for his birthday party that day, rather unbothered by much of his hometown being demolished by the attack (Then again, Ace IS a Power Ranger and a superhero himself).
    News Bulletin: "- Reports are coming in from all over the world: many cities are in ruins, devastated by hails of ballistic missiles launched by the renegade forces of - this just in! The president has declared a nation-wide state of emergency and martial law in response to - !"
    Ace's Mother: "Honey, what's the weather forecast for today?"
  • Warts and All: Ponyland's entry does not shy away from fully mentioning and implicitly condemning some of the worse parts of its history, such as the genocide of the Native Amarericans, the (First!) Ponyland Civil War and racial discrimination against Zebras and other minorities of the era. Justified in that unlike in Real Life, the Codex Equus entries are made tens of thousands of years after the end of the 'Second Age', meaning the authors have zero emotional attachments to the past civilization and could review both its merits and sins with greater objectivity.

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Presidents of Ponyland

    President Stovepipe Lakeside 

    President Theddeus Moosepelt 

    President Knitted Moosepelt 

    President -REDACTED- 

    President Personable Pony 


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