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Second Age Villains


Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Hegemonic Mastermind/Sovereign Scientist/Egotistical Despot/Visionary Extremist

Faction: Coltatia, herself.

"Behold: I give you the Overmare! Lightning made FORM! Madness made WILL! STAND against me if you DARE!"

Widely considered THE greatest supervillain of the 'Second Age', Overmare is the Arch-Enemy of Metamare, Silversmith and likely the entire world, representing what happens when a pinnacle of mortal potential turns their brilliance to stand apart, above and over their lessers, regardless of their reasons and motives.
  • Arch-Enemy: Likely the entire superhero community of Equus during the Second Age, given her status, though most notably she serve as this for Metamare, the Paragon from Beyond and Silversmith, the World's Smartest Pony. Especially Silversmith, considering her inspiration...
  • Badass Boast: Like her inspirations, she's bombastically arrogant, with an extremely high opinion of herself, so she dish out these grandiose boasts as often as she could come up with them. But nevertheless, from what we know she can in fact live up to these claims, being THE greatest super-villain of the 'Second Age'. And she won't let you forget it.
    Overmare: "Impossible? IMPUDENT FOOL! The scientific wonders of Overmare SNEERS at the impossible! Never forget it is by MY brilliant mind alone that turned Coltatia into the technological marvel it is today, putting all others to shame! Just as it is by MY iron will and hoof that Coltatia is a utopia of peace and order, in a world of conflict and chaos! To DARE suggest otherwise is to face judgement before MY percipient gaze, and face destruction before MY awesome might! Such is the FOLLY of disparaging Overmare in the heart of HER power!"
  • Berserk Button:
    • She hates being reminded of the possibility - or the very idea - that she might be equaled or even surpassed by anypony, or being wrong at anything. She also hates people dismissing her achievements as being Beyond the Impossible, because she is a genius and in her mind, anything is possible.
    • Silversmith, deemed the "World's Smartest Pony", manages to bring out torrents of outrage from her simply for being a genius who is smarter and more capable than her. It got to the point where she would curse his name every time she is foiled by him and/or his allies.
      Overmare: (every time he and his allies foil her) SILVERSMITH - !!!
    • Don't presume to try Take Over the World (before she could) or destroy it (She want to SAVE it from itself, HER way). ESPECIALLY in a way that involved her own work without her consent, such as stealing and modifying one of her devices into a Doomsday Device like Void Traveller once tried to do. Goes to the point she is willing to work with Metamare to bring those who tries that down.
      Overmare: "NO creature makes a fool of OVERMARE and escape retribution!"
  • Bio-Augmentation: Wonder why her young, adult self was healthy and beautiful when she was born a sickly, weak filly because of a cogenital condition? She created and took medicinal formulas created through her advanced knowledge of biology and chemistry which not only allow her to cure or at least suppress her condition, but enhanced her body until it became a pinnacle of physical perfection. When she accidentally marred/crippled herself in a lab accident, she compensated via cybernetics and a primitive power-armour. When she vowed she won't be stopped by even her physical disability, she freaking MEAN it.
  • Captain Ersatz: Her character's origins, personality and capabilities combines elements of Doctor Doom, Magneto, the Ultra-Humanite and the Brain, leaning heavily towards Doctor Doom as her core inspiration.
  • Control Freak: Silversmith, Overmare's Arch-Enemy, disparages her as a 'sad, totalitarian control freak' who believes she's entitled to be in charge over the world and Ponykind because she believes her intellectual supremacy makes her better suited at taking them to utopia than leaving them at their own short-sighted, squabbling and self-destructive devices.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Beneath her incredible ego and indomitable will and drive to pursue world conquest, Overmare is a psychologically broken person. See Start of Darkness for the whole sordid timeline.
  • The Determinator: Implied from her inspiration and character so far. It takes a special sort of Pony with an indomitable will to be willing to take on a Superman Substitute, a super-intelligent 'Renaissance Pony' and literally the entire world without a shred of fear or hesitation. AND actually have the cred and ability to pose a legitimate threat to them.
  • Diabolical Mastermind: While she does not consider herself diabolical, her world-conquering goals and means to achieve this make her this trope as a character. Codex Equus even officially classifies her as a 'Hegemonic Mastermind'.
  • The Dreaded: She is the greatest supervillain of the Second Age, who took on the likes of Metamare and Silversmith and come closer than many ever had at world domination. Needless to say, EVERY-PONY was afraid of her.
  • Diplomatic Immunity: Noted under Villain World and Egopolis, she at one point took over Coltatia and turned it into her own nation - which was subsequently recognized as a sovereign nation. This effectively gave her sanctuary in the form of Diplomatic Immunity on top of a base of operation to execute her schemes and conquests, and if she made it back to her borders, even Metamare can't do anything about it without violating the international laws she was sworn to uphold - something which the Overmare was counting on. Even Overmare pointed out the sheer stupidity and timidity of those in power who thought it was a brilliant idea to recognize her country - What do they think she's going to do, leave them alone in exchange?
    Metamare: [Forced to leave Overmare alone] "... Don't think this is over."
  • Disproportionate Retribution: While she has a whole nation's worth of unresolved psychological issues and raging character flaws that might explain it, the fact remains - her enduring animosity towards Silversmith and her obsession at defeating and humiliating him might had started and snowballed from an incredibly petty slight. Namely, Silversmith once had the tenacity of beating her at chess.
  • Emperor Scientist: Classified as a 'Sovereign Scientist' in-universe, having taken and ruled over Coltatia at some point, and used her brilliant genius to singly turn it into a technological Pintsize Powerhouse so advanced it put most other nations - including the five international SUPERPOWERS of Equus at the time - to shame. And she has no intention of stopping there.
  • Enemy Mine: It's implied from the entry and other drabbles that she and Metamare had done this on several occasions to deal with common threats. A drabble demonstrates this with Overmare herself approaching Metamare for a temporary alliance when Void Traveller stole and modify a device she designed into a Doomsday Device for destroying Tellus/Equus. Metamare hopes this would encourage Overmare to leave villainy behind, but Overmare made it clear that, although it's implied she grudgingly respects her, so long as Metamare remains content to be a 'mere attendant' instead of taking charge and fixing the corrupt and chaotic world, it would be inconceivable - to say nothing of Metamare's friendship with Silversmith.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: She genuinely loved and respected her loving scientist father and the deceased mother she never knew, and her villainy is partly motivated by a desire to live up to their belief that she would one day change the world for the better, and partly motivated by the misfortune that befell them. Her parents are the only times on record that she, The Unfettered evil genius that she is, express anything resembling genuine regret and respect, and she dedicate her achievements and ambition to their memory.
  • Evil Cripple: Given one of her inspirations as a character is the Ultra-Humanite, she began her villainous career still scarred and crippled by the lab experiment that finally and fully pushed her into her Super Villain status. Of course, it isn't as noticeable nor hinders her that much thanks to her building a 'mechanical armour' with Artificial Limbs to hold her ruined body together. She even still possessed a relatively fair, beautiful face, although it's heavily implied her cheeks, covered by noticeable face-guards extending from a neck-brace, was marred irrevocably. Even beforehoof, she was born with a congenital illness that went a long way in making her who she is.
  • Evil Is Petty: While many assumed the reason for her infamous animosity to Silversmith (reciprocated from his end) involved an incident with prototype rockets in 1929, during a famous international scientific/engineering project to build and launch a Pony-crewed rocketship into space, Silversmith himself postulated it actually started and snowballed from a much more simple and petty reason: namely, she grew to despise him for having the audacity to beat her at chess.
  • Fatal Flaw: For all her capabilities and competence and the sheer threat she posed to the entire world, she also possesses raging flaws originating from her Dark and Troubled Past which hampers as much as they drive her will to power, just like her inspirations.
    • Pride and Ego - enough of both to rival Morning Star himself. While she is infamous for actually being able to live up to her boasts and hype most of the time, she is also enormously haughty and arrogant, unable to accept the possibility that for all her credentials, she could still be rivaled or wrong. More often than not, this causes her to overlook seemingly inconsequential flaws to her plans that would ultimately snatch victory from her just as it seemed to be within her reach.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From a sickly filly looked down by every-pony to quite literally the greatest supervillain of the Second Age, capable of making even the greatest superpowers tremble in fear, pose a legitimate threat to the likes of Metamare and Silversmith and come closer than any other supervillain to actually WINNING and Taking Over The World.
  • Good Is Impotent: She had this opinion as part of her justification for her Supervillainy, believing that taking the world over and letting her run things as she see fit is the only way to save it from itself, instead of just saving or protecting the existing world order which she deemed corrupt and chaotic. It may had stemmed from the derailment of her original plan to gain legitimacy peacefully by winning such world-acclaim and recognition through her genius, Ponykind would peacefully/willingly elect her as their world leader and allow her to lead them to a golden age. This was compounded by the global downward spiral in the 1930s which left her disillusioned with Ponykind's collective nature. Cited as the reason why, despite grudgingly respecting Metamare as a Worthy Opponent and a fellow (quite literal) Übermensch, she would likely never do a Heel–Face Turn on her behalf.
    Metamare: [After agreeing to a brief alliance against a common threat] "I don't suppose this would mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship?"
    Overmare: [Redemption Rejection] "So long as you remain a mere attendant of this corrupt and chaotic world? Inconceivable."
  • Ponies Are Bastards: Believes this firmly after experiencing an early life of scorn and isolation for her congenital physical weakness as well as witnessing and personally suffering from the horrible consequences of Ponykind's own collective short-sighted, self-destructive ways. This ultimately drove her to use her intellectual superiority to Take Over the World, genuinely believing that Ponykind requires absolute, unquestioned obedience to a being of superior mind and will (HER superior mind and will) in order to achieve greatness and Utopia.
  • I Gave My Word: She was taught by her father to never go back on a promise, something which became quite an iron-clad code for her. This is much to the detriment of the world since those promises she made to her father and herself is to live up to her parents' hopes for her to become great and change the world for the better. Which she ultimately concluded can only be done through world domination.
  • irony
    • Velika's father was a humble and kind stallion who wished only to change the world for the better through his intellect and knowledge. Velika herself became an egotistical and domineering Emperor Scientist and self-proclaimed Übermensch who wants to use her own vastly superior intellect and knowledge to Take Over the World, even if she does want to make it better (on her terms) like her father does.
    • Overmare's Start of Darkness is partly caused by the bullying and scorn she received in her youth for being physically inferior 'mistake of nature' that shouldn't had been born by narrow-minded children and adults. Yet when she grew up to become a intellectual juggernaut mentally superior than nearly every other ordinary Pony, she scorned and seek to dominate them in turn for THEIR mental inferiority, believing them to be too wild, pitiful and self-destructive to be left to their own devices.
  • Insufferable Genius: She is an incredibly gifted prodigy who practically dominates all other peers in most academic fields and KNOWS it. As revenge for her scientist father's humiliation and ruined reputation, she literally challenged an entire university's worth of academics on a week-long intellectual competition with theories, experiments and inventions galore and utterly demolished them at AGE 14. She's so incredibly smart and well-learnt, in fact, that her ego gets blown to the point she haughtily assumed she cannot possibly be wrong and expects every-pony (not entirely without basis) to eventually accept and respect her intellectual superiority (And right to rule) without question. Justified in that given her backstory, being constantly bullied and looked down upon by small-minded fools for her physically inadequate nature, she basically defined her entire sense of self-worth on her intellectual brilliance, and see any challenge to it as a very painful personal affront. This is partly the reason why she took Silversmith's ability to rival, and even SURPASS her on an intellectual level so irrationally and badly.
  • Large Ham: Just look at her quotes - ALL of it. Her Ego likely would not allow her to be otherwise. While she is capable of being nuanced, even her more softly-spoken speeches come off as Cold Ham.
  • Like Father Unlike Daughter: Velika's father was brilliant as a scientist but also humble and loving. Velika, on the other hoof, is not only even MORE brilliant, but incredibly egotistical and scornful of others who are beneath her. The biggest irony is that despite this, they do genuinely loved and respected each other.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Not entirely by her own choice. Because of her congenital illness, she was often kept at home because of frequent illness, and from a young age she was ostracized by fellow children and even narrow-minded adults for her physical weakness and inferiority. This leads to her diving relentlessly into studying and learning distract her genius mind from her internal resentment and loneliness. When her intellectual brilliance manifested she became even more isolated, since no-pony (until Doctor Silversmith) could equal or even keep up with her. All this contributed significantly in pushing her down the path to supervillainy.
  • Mad Scientist: By her own words, Overmare's scientific wonders SNEERS at the impossible! She made chemicals which could freeze water, gadgets that could manipulate magnetism ala [1]
  • Maternal Death? Blame the Child: Defied and averted. Despite her mother dying in childbirth, her father never blamed her and continued raising her with love and care as a good parent should. Nevertheless, she would carry the guilt and self-loathing over "killing" her own mother for the rest of her life.
    Overmare: (on her deceased mother) I had taken a life not my own before I even drew my first breath, and it shall be the only one I, the Overmare, shall ever regret to take!
  • Meaningful Name: Her real name is Velika Volja, which in Croatian means 'Great Will'. She styles herself as an Übermensch philosopher-queen who would bring order to the world and guide it to utopia, and possesses both indomitable willpower and unrivaled intellectual brilliance needed to pull it off.
  • Nebulous Criminal Conspiracy: What Overmare's early plan to conquer the world took the form of, at least up until 1939: A vast, secret criminal empire that quickly expanded across the globe, quickly devouring or eliminating many other criminal syndicates and secret conspiracies as well as evading or subverting authorities of many nations through meticulous manipulations, insidious schemes and advanced weapons all of her own designs. And this was JUST a preliminary set-up to her actual future bids for world domination by securing the resources, personnel and infrastructure needed to pull them off. The sheer scale of it impressed even the Changeling Summer Court, and it was only due to the unforeseeable and unwitting interference of Metamare, the Paragon From Beyond that force Overmare to expose herself directly to deal with her and pave the way for the uncovering of the conspiracy.
  • The Philosopher: Being a peerless titan of intellect who has read and understood the likes of Pony Plato, Machiavelli, Nietzsche and others before age TEN, the Overmare occasionally drifts into this in her monologues and speeches whenever she is challenged by or challenges her opponents on that level. She also styles herself as an Übermensch Philosopher Queen whose unquestioned enlightened rule over the world would lead it and Ponykind to utopia and greatness.
    Metamare: "You are mad."
    Overmare: "You of all Ponies - or not - should know by now, after all the ‘gifted maniacs’ you have fought... That all which separates madness and brilliance are but a thin, imaginary line. I aim to succeed, Metamare, where all others had failed or never hope to... If I win - when I win - would it be called madness, then? Or, more appropriately, the Triumph of the Will?"
  • Tin Tyrant: Owing to her characterization and certain quotes and drabbles, she eventually developed a series of 'Overarmour' not unlike Lex Luthor's Warsuits or Doctor Doom's armour in order to go toe-to-toe with the likes of Metamare (and likely necessary).
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: Thanks to her... rather operatic style, many of her quotes and speeches often have words in BOLD for emphasis.
  • Renaissance Man: She's a literal one-pony Renaissance Mare, literally turning a small country in Southern Marerope into a technological wonderland by herself after taking it over.
  • Rules Lawyer: In a Shout-Out to a DC/Marvel crossover featuring Superman and Doctor Doom, Overmare does this to stop Metamare from capturing her by pointing out that she had just managed to make it back into the territory of the Overdom of Coltatia, which is recognized as sovereign territory with her as sovereign ruler. That means Metamare is not only trespassing, but risks violating international law trying to apprehend her, and Metamare had sworn to uphold the 'laws of Ponykind'. Metamare had no choice but to back off.
  • Start of Darkness: Let's Recap.
    • Young Velinka Volja's mother died giving birth to her, something that she continued blaming herself for despite assurances otherwise from her loving father.
    • Growing up, she was plagued by a hereditary sickly condition that left her her physically feeble and weak, turning her into a constant target of bullying from both children and adults alike.
    • Then her father, always a brilliant yet humble stallion, had his scientific career ruined by jealous, petty, and close-minded peers and rivals who wanted to benefit themselves. His public disgrace worsened when he refused to contribute his talents and skills to their country's military campaigns during the First Great War, causing the local government to brand both him as an unpatriotic traitor.
    • Velinka went with her father on the run for many years, hounded by governmental authorities, angry mobs, and deserters and bandits that resulted from their home country's defeat and collapse... culminating in his father suddenly dying from an illness that he kept secret as to not worry his daughter, devastating her.
    • While she does manage to claw her way back to the top in the 1920s, becoming a celebrated and peerless intellectual titan through her own efforts and work, while thoroughly humiliating the so-called academic intellectuals who ruined her father and taking revenge on all others who ever wronged them, Velinka would eventually be bested in intellect and skill by Silversmith from Ponyland, subjecting her to a Humiliation Conga that left her with quite a bruise ego.
    • The global downward spiral beginning with Stock Market Crash in 1929 and the Great Depression in the following decade, leading to the rise of warmongering dictatorships and other conflicts and chaos, also greatly disillusioned her to the collective nature of mortal Ponykind, believing Ponykind as a whole to be too wild and destructive for the sake of Equus.
    • However, the project that she hoped would salvage her damaged reputation and put her back on the rise to power would literally blow up in her face due to a grave oversight in her calculations, horrifically injuring and scarring her once-perfect body. The lab accident would be the final straw for Velinka, who would now dedicate her life to dominating and make the world "better", but in her image, no matter what it takes. She would abandon her former identity and life, taking up the alias 'Overmare'.
  • Super Intelligence: Her greatest strength besides her indomitable will, unstoppable drive and incredible skills, and also what made her so incredibly dangerous. From a very young age, her intelligence had shown to surpass that of ordinary Ponies: she corrected an error she spotted in advanced equations on her scientist father's blackboard when she was just three years old. A voracious reader and learner, she went through entire volumes of books on countless academic subjects and had not only read the works of Codexverse Pony Plato, Newton, Machiavelli, Nietzche and others, but also understood them far better than most common Ponies or even average academics could. Before age 14 she could invent gadgets and create medicines incredible enough to not only earn her enormous amounts of money, but restore and even enhance her health and ill constitution. At age 14 she could challenge an entire university's worth of professors and associates at theory, experimentation and innovation and utterly humiliate them. There was little wonder than that she became known as the 'Wonder-Genius of Marerope', a renaissance mare who could revolutionize and advance sciences and innovation by leaps and bounds by herself, and after her fall from grace, use it so effectively for world conquest she became the greatest supervillain of the Second Age. Only Doctor Silversmith of Ponyland, Metamare's best friend, surpasses her enough in intellect to match her wit for wit.
  • Take Over the World: She clearly wants to do that, for a (to her) good cause. And she might have very well done it were it not for Metamare, Silversmith and other superheroes and their allies stopping her time and time again.
    • Thanks to her incredible intellect and skills, she's so good at it that Silversmith, her Arch-Enemy and only intellectual superior, estimated that starting from scratch, playing the right cards, she only needed two months and a week to completely conquer Continental Marerope. And that's at the very beginning of her supervillainy infamy.
    • Also to consider: In the Codexverse, it is repeatedly emphasize that taking over the world is absurdly difficult and virtually every Evil Overlord and Diabolical Mastermind who tried do has either failed miserably or always fall short. Although Overmare still didn't succeed in the end, it is implied that she has come far closer than anyone has any rights to. She managed to nearly become a macro-historical anomaly while being nothing more than an incredibly intelligent and determined Badass Normal / Empowered Badass Normal!
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: One of her defining traits, from her entry. Despite her villainy, she GENUINELY wants to make the world a utopia, her desire to conquer it done out of a legitimate belief that it's better off with her in charge. She will bring Ponykind to greatness - but it will be on HER terms and in HER image.
  • World's Smartest Pony: She assumed herself to be this, and is not entirely unwarranted in her assumptions since she is, in fact, an intellectual colossi who mentally surpass most Ponies of her Age. And then she met Silversmith from Ponyland.
  • Übermensch: Fits it near-perfectly and is literally her freaking ALIAS!
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Velika's loving, humble but brilliant father meant well when he encouraged her in her youth, telling her that she is likely the greatest prodigy the world has ever seen, and that he and her deceased mother believes/knows that she would one day grow up to do great things and change the world for the better. Unfortunately, neither he nor anypony could had anticipated that her relentlessly bullied but incredibly brilliant daughter would ultimately interpret his words as meaning that she is superior to everypony else in every way, and being the Uberpferd has an obligation to Take Over the World by any means necessary so she could turn it into a utopia made in her image, becoming quite literally the greatest supervillain threat of the 'Second Age'. If there is any one positive outcome from this, he at least directed her unstoppable drive, unadulterated ego and unfettered ambitions towards making the world a better place out of a sense of moral obligation.
  • Visionary Villain: Even officially classified as such in-universe. All her supervillainy is done with the intent of saving the world from itself. If she had to Take Over the World and establish some sort of enlightened technocratic totalitarian One World Order with herself in charge, then so be it.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: She was scorn and hated for being physically weak and inferior. Once her intellectual superiority developed, she would use it to invoke this on all those who once wronged her and her father and show the world what she's truly capable of. Bright Eyes, the Scholar of Justice of the 'Tales Seven' lampshades this as part of her "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Woobie, Conqueror of Worlds: Overmare's supervillainy is the culmination of a Dark and Troubled Past and a Humiliation Conga that left her with nothing left to lose and (in her eyes) no other paths except to dedicate herself entirely to 'fixing the world'... By conquering it.
  • Worthy Opponent: She sees Metamare as this, being as willing to try and convert her to her cause as she is willing to destroy her mostly for just being in the way. Metamare's friend and ally Silversmith, on the other hoof...


    Max Margins 


The leader of Black Ghost, and the person responsible for creating the 00-Cyborgs.

    Black Ghost 
A global organization of war profiteers and "death merchants". Its main goal is to profit from wars, and it does this by supplying warring countries with their weapons, then sitting back and watching as the countries tear each other apart. The problem is that it's extremely hard to dismantle - Black Ghost has facilities and agents everywhere, waiting for the right chance to stir things up until the situation devolves into full-out war. It is responsible for the creation of the 00-Cyborgs, wanting to produce a line of pony-machine hybrids... but fortunately for the world, it turns out to be one of their greatest mistakes, as the nine ponies who became 00-Cyborgs would escape and rebel against them by opposing their forces at every turn.
  • Arch-Enemy: Serves as one for the 00-Cyborgs, since they were responsible for their existence. After the 00-Cyborgs broke free from their control, Black Ghost has faced significant losses against their intended weapons, thanks to their teamwork and Wind Runner/C-009's leadership.
  • Create Your Own Hero: If they haven't decided it was a great idea to create cyborgs for profit, some of the greatest superheroes of the Second Age wouldn't exist.
  • Dark Is Evil: Is called Black Ghost, and is an evil organization of war profiteers.

    Void Traveler 

Character: Villain

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Type: Destroyer/Nihilist/Parasitic Entity

Faction: Church of the Void

"We were going to destroy ourselves eventually anyway, why not go out to the one thing that will live on? The Void calls and it's time to listen and disappear! Ciao!"

  • Body Surf: So long as a piece of him remained, he could possess another host and regenerate.
  • Expy: Of Evolt.
  • From a Single Cell: So long as anything of him remains, he could potentially regenerate his entire body. Thus it required obliterating his entire body down to the atom to finally kill him.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Sought to destroy all of Equus, and served the Void Sovereign who desire the destruction of everything.
  • Power of the Void: Had the ability to create and manipulate black holes.
  • The Dragon: Turns out to be this to the Void Sovereign.

    Dr. Guile 

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