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Evil Cannot Stand Cuteness

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The horror!

"Oh, you couldn't begin to imagine the depths of my suffering there. I spent most of my days strung up like a damned pupating moth trapped above a delicate field of flowers where angels, fairies, and enchanted stuffed animals lived. They played songs and danced asinine jigs as if their only care in life was when they would get their next warm, fuzzy hug! Instead of ruling the universe with an iron fist, I was serenaded by teddy bears!"
Frieza, Dragon Ball Super

There are many ways to show just how evil a bad guy is. They may take great pleasure in their evil actions, do their plotting in not very lit areas, and like to put wicked cool spikes on everything like their costumes, their weapons, their Booby Traps, their toasters, etc. Simply put, they literally live and breathe edge, to the point of having a Bad is Good and Good is Bad mentality.

What other "evil" trait can you add to your cartoonish bad guy? Why, have him treat everything remotely smelling of diabetes — usually anything that comes from the neighboring do-gooders' utopia — as if it were toxic waste.

Anything that comes across as adorable or saccharine, such as sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, puppies, and everything else that comes out of a Sugar Bowl can be expected to provoke a wide range of negative reactions from many Obviously Evil villains, Jerkasses, and Grumpy Bears. Edgy, spike-wearing fiends usually harbor intense hatred towards the saccharine, and will not hesitate to grab a bat and beat a sack of kittens to death on sight, or at the very least make their lives miserable with dreaded finger pokes of evil. Sometimes, they may initially look charmed by said sack of kittens... right before bringing down the bat.


In other cases, villains may find cuteness just as completely revolting as people would normally find canned cheeseburger to be, (Yes, canned cheeseburger exists, and we suggest you don't Google images of it for the sake of your sanity and stomach contents) or even have a crippling phobia of it, running away screaming like they just saw a tarantula skittering towards them. For those unfortunate enough to live in a Sugar Bowl, whether out of circumstance or as a Cool and Unusual Punishment, such an Ironic Hell can completely drive them into insanity. While this trope is generally Played for Laughs, serious examples of this trope may lead to a Sugar Apocalypse in an attempt by the villain to turn the place into something more palatable, such as a Crapsack World.

This trope tends to go hand-in-hand with Kick the Dog when establishing how evil a bad guy is; everyone knows puppies make people happy, which makes them Evil's favorite critters to squish in front of horrified onlookers, because Evil hates seeing people happy more than it hates puppies, And That's Terrible.


Among other reasons for bad guys' general aversion towards the saccharine: Evil Is Cool, so anything that Tastes Like Diabetes threatens to undermine the villain's cool, villainous appearance and make them look lame. The card-carrying variety, especially these guys, will do everything in their power to prevent this, and deviating from their ways by falling under the influence of cuteness may lead to being told, "If You're So Evil, Eat This Kitten".

Sub-Trope of Bad is Good and Good is Bad, and a common characteristic of Cartoonish Supervillainy. If the "cute" is directly weaponized to fight evil, see Care-Bear Stare and Super Cute Superpowers. If evil is repulsed merely by the presence of cute, see Allergic To Good and Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth.

Compare Fun-Hating Villain and The Grinch. Contrast Cute Is Evil, The Fake Cutie, and Sugary Malice. See also Real Men Hate Sugar.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Deadman Wonderland, sociopathic Fake Cutie Minatsuki is greatly perturbed when she finds herself petting an armadillo.
    "You little fucker, why are you not uncute?"
  • Dragon Ball: Frieza is a tyrannical, absolutely sadistic Evil Overlord who enjoys massacring entire races and feeling superior to those he conquers. His ironic, personalized Hell after he died on Earth in Resurrection 'F' has him trapped in a cocoon hanging off a tree, surrounded by fairies, pixies, and stuffed animals dancing, singing, and frolicking all around him for eternity (At least until his henchmen bring him back to life, again). Predictably, he absolutely hates his punishment, and the scene is so saccharine it makes him want to tear his eyes out and traumatizes him long after he escapes from Hell.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animated 
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (2017): When the Storm King invades Canterlot, one of the first things he does is complain about how cute the appearance of the castle is, on account of it clashing with his big, bad powerful guy image.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Good Place:
    • In "The Selection" Shawn threatens his coworkers with being forced to watch videos of red pandas, which are adorable. Since they're demons, they're disgusted.
    • Turned around on Shawn when the Judge threatens him with being forced to watch videos of soldiers reuniting with their dogs in "A Girl from Arizona". Even he has to give pause at that.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series: In "The Trouble With Tribbles", Klingons react to Tribbles with hostility and disgust just as surely as Tribbles react to them with hisses and screeches.

    Western Animation 
  • Fairly OddParents: The Yugopotamians are introduced as an evil alien race with interest in things like violence and garbage. However, they are absolutely afraid of anything cute and cuddly. Justified as these things are biologically toxic to them.
  • Phineas and Ferb: Self-proclaimed evil-scientist Doofenshmirtz hates...well, a lot of things. One lyric from "I Really Don't Hate Christmas" states:
    I hate puppy dogs and kittens
    I hate flowers in the spring
    Heck, I even hate the sunshine, and the birdies when they sing.
  • The Quack Pack Halloween Episode "The Boy Who Cried Ghost" had Donald Duck and his nephews scare off the monsters by disguising themselves as cute things. Huey, Dewey and Louie make use of cute animal costumes they were stuck with earlier in the episode, while Donald pretends to be a baby.
  • Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants considers himself to be a Card-Carrying Villain who gags at the sight of cuteness. When he enters Spongebob's brain in one episode, everything there is too cute for him to stomach.
  • When the Butt Witch first emerges in Twelve Forever, her first reaction to seeing the Endless Island's Sugar Bowl nature is to wince in disgust, her dialogue implying that it was originally a Crapsack World that she - an Emotion Eating Humanoid Abomination Made of Evil - ruled over before Twelve turned it into the Never Land it is now.
    Butt Witch: THIS IS REPULSIVE! Wrong! This is all wrong! What a horribly tacky place this has become! Everything is so trivial... and cute!
  • Gargamel from The Smurfs hates springtime because that's when the birds come back from migration, the flowers bloom, and there's more sunshine. He also thinks the Smurfs themselves are disgusting.
  • In the "International Super Spy" special episode of The Backyardigans, Uniqua's character, the Lady in Pink, sings about how evil she is by listing all her horrible traits, including the fact that she doesn't "even like pie."
    "Who's the girl who never plays nice,
    and wishes that all rubber duckies would sink?"
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Seems to be the case with Juggernaut, if his reaction to Squirrel Girl's "army" is any indication.


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