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Titan: This town isn't big enough for two supervillains!
Megamind: Oh, you're a villain alright. Just not a super one.
Titan: Oh yeah? What's the difference?
Megamind: [comes out of a giant representation of his head to "Welcome to the Jungle" in midair] PRESENTATION!


In many conflicts between good and evil, who is going to be doing the lion's share of Chewing the Scenery? The villain(s), more likely than not. It's one way they are Obviously Evil and Drunk on the Dark Side. Muwahahahahaaaa!

As for why, it's not known for sure. Maybe it's a reflection of their narcissism and total lack of inhibitions. Maybe they've decided that since they've already punted a few puppies, called down the lightning, and donned the Spikes of Villainy, they may as well have fun with it. And maybe the moral depravity of their act is balanced by how much fun they are to watch. Or this is used to indicate how Power and Evil feel Good. Whatever the reason, bacon and scenery are important parts of every villain's daily balanced breakfast.

That isn't to say the heroes never get to have such moments, but the villains will get the clear majority of them. Of course, when they both do, the awesomeness factor increases tenfold. A Genre Savvy Villain Protagonist will act hammy just because it's expected.


Also, when the villains are pretending to be good guys in some stories, they don't really act hammy, but when they show who they really are, they let loose, almost as if being a Large Ham is their true nature.

Often overlaps with Ham and Cheese. Contrast Softspoken Sadist (the villain is the calmest one in the room).

If a hero is also a Large Ham, or there is a World of Ham, it's not this trope unless the villain manages to still out-ham everyone.

Dastardly Whiplash is a specific character type that embodies this trope — you know, the one with the twirling moustache and cape.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Many villains from 1970s and '80s Super Robot series. Examples worthy of mention are:
    • Mazinger Z: Dr. Hell and Baron Ashura.
    • Great Mazinger: Great General of Darkness.
    • UFO Robo Grendizer: Lord/Lady Gandal.
    • Kotetsu Jeeg: Queen Himika.
    • Combattler V: Prince Garuda.
    • Voltes V: Prince Heinel.
    • Daimos: Richter.
    • Panzer World Galient: Both Marder and Hy Shaltat are prone to spout big, dramatic speeches and declarations.
      Marder: What is the point of eternal peace? Life and death clash against each other. Lusts and ideals intertwine, and joys and sorrows color this world. Therefore, paradise... can only be unbearable grief. It can only be unbound joy. The paradise of all living things is, indeed, in chaos.
  • Just about every named mook in Fist of the North Star, with the main villains slightly less so.
  • In Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, the only truly hammy characters are Rau Le Creuset and Lord Djibril. (Rau spends most of the anime calm and collected, only becoming hammy towards the end when he drops all pretense of being reasonible.) Neither is particularly over the top by anime standards, but they both chew far more scenery than the rest of the cast put together.
  • In Dragon Ball, Piccolo Jr. was an Ax-Crazy Card-Carrying Villain as a bad guy, prone to maniacal laughter and long-winded monologues. After his Heel–Face Turn, he became The Stoic.
    • He was freshly hatched as the reincarnation of the even Ax Crazier Piccolo Daimaou during his villain arc. One timeskip later and we have an older, more mature Piccolo Jr. forced into an Enemy Mine with Goku, leading to Piccolo's face turn. So his progression from hammy to stoic is probably justified as just Piccolo growing up.
    • In the anime series proper, Cell was more-or-less a straight villain. In the video games, however, he steps it up on the ham, with each new release making him even hammier. Dragon Ball Xenoverse, especially, has him at his hammiest, as his lines as your mentor prove.
    "Splendid! Now, this was a real fight! I'd totally hug you right now if that was something I did!"
    • The Ginyu Force are also wonderfully hammy.
    • Zamasu from Dragon Ball Super, all three versions of him, puts the above to shame. He's prone to long speeches about how awesome he is and how much the heroes suck. While for the most part he's at least quiet about his melodrama, as Fused Zamasu he takes this trope and runs away with it. He just gets hammier and hammier as his fight goes on, much to Vegito's exasperation.
  • Basically every villain in Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl, Wiseman, Dr. Tomoe, Mistress 9, Queen Nehelenia, Galaxia, the four generals, the Black Moon Clan (especially Esmeraude), Black Lady, any monster-of-the-day, take your pick.

    Asian Animation 
  • In the Lookus English dub of Happy Heroes, the main villain Big M. has a noticeably loud, exaggerated voice. It does get a bit less hammy in the dub's later episodes, though.

    Audio Plays 
  • Pathetic from Kingdom Paf is basically the incarnation of this trope. She acts hammy even when washing her hands, preparing her lunch, or playing video games.

    Comic Books 
  • Spider-Man:
    • Many of Spidey's villains. Two examples would be Norman Osborn and Doctor Octopus. Venom too, Anti-Hero or not.
    • In Superman vs. the Amazing Spider-Man, Lex Luthor and Doctor Octopus are permanently trying to outdo each other in this department. Neither of them manages to impress their archenemies, though:
      Doctor Octopus: Curse you, wall-crawler! Am I never to be free? Will you hound me forever? Will there never be an end?
      Spider-Man: Huh?
  • Superman:
    • Lex Luthor loves hearing himself talk:
      Lex: I'm the only sane inmate of Asylum Earth. I'm not eager to hand tomorrow over to an interplanetary extremist with laser eyes. There's only room on this world for one leader, Superman. When I'm finished with you, every last gibbon out there will know you for the menace you are... and they'll realize that Lex Luthor is their savior.
    • Brainiac couldn't even stop talking when he was dying in Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?:
      Brainiac: I... am coming for you... Kryptonian... my victory... is inevitable...
    • In Krypton No More, one-time supervillain Protector likes being overly dramatic. His verbosity doesn't impress Superman or Supergirl, though:
      Protector: I warned you, Superman! I told you to leave the polluting industries alone! But no — you wouldn't listen! You've set yourself up as judge, jury, and executioner — and to that, the Protector says NO!
    • Alien overlord Mongul is pretty hammy. In War World:
      Mongul: We had a deal, Kryptonian, and you will honor it — or I will crush your three hapless friends with a single gesture!
  • Many Supergirl villains are verbose:
    • Nightflame in Demon Spawn:
      Nightflame: Nay! Your chrome-plated chariot does not frighten me! Now you shall know of the power of Nightflame! And of my flame-sword!
    • Blackstarr in Supergirl Volume 2:
      Blackstarr: Fool! You think all there is to reality is what is seen? Yes – I appear young – and I may be younger still... or even be you, if I so desire!
  • Batman:
    • The Joker in every possible incarnation.
    • Many other Batman villains fall into this as well, especially in the campy '60s series and some of the movies. (In Batman Forever, The Riddler, played by Jim Carrey, even asks: "Was that over the top? I can never tell.")
  • Doctor Doom: Silence, You Fool! Nobody possesses more ham than DOOM!! Doom's ham-acting actually stems directly from the Pride that is at the root of his villainy: not only does he have to be the centre of attention at all times, but he's recording his words for posterity on top of that.
  • The very cosmos itself is the scenery upon which eternal Galactus chews, mortal. Literally.
  • The League of Evil Exes from Scott Pilgrim, especially the ones who are particularly evil. The film just makes it more obvious in most cases.
  • Baron Karza from Micronauts, just about all the time.
  • Pretty much every single goddamn villain written by Grant Morrison. This is especially apparent when he writes lines for Darkseid, such as in Final Crisis.
  • The Dark Judges are easily the most melodramatic villains in Judge Dredd. As they go around dispensing their own brand of justice, they do basically nothing but spew Catch Phrases. Maybe undeath just breathed new life into them...
  • The Mighty Thor: Most versions of Loki, when they're evil and when they get going (yes, versions. There's a lot of Loki going around.) Thank goodness no more than one hammy Loki has ever been on page at a time, or there might be a hamgularity.
    (A) Loki: (after a particular bout of ham) ... and I am dreadfully prone to histrionics. Do excuse me.
  • In My Little Pony: Nightmare Knights, Luna plays this up for all it's worth while pretending to still be Nightmare Moon.
    Princess Luna: I am Nightmare Moon! I defeated my sister, the sun, and plunged Equestria into darkness! I visit nightmares upon innocent foals. I haunt every shadow you fear in the night. I see what you fear, and I will use it to destroy you!
    Casino Guard: Jeez, lady, leave some drama for the rest of us.
  • In Legion of Super-Heroes storyline The Great Darkness Saga, every single Servant of Darkness, as well as their Master, is prone to pontificate.
    Servant of Darkness: It grows darker throughout the universe, mortal... And there shall be no dawn. Serve the Great Darkness as I do, and you shall thrive... Oppose it, and you shall suffer an eternity of pain.
    Wildfire: The old hi-low, Superboy!
    Superboy: You got it, pal.
    Servant of Darkness: You have nothing, fool. The Darkness shall swallow it all! Give me the Wand I seek, and perhaps you may postpone your Doom.
  • Wonder Woman (1942):
    • (Earth-Two) Elektro claims to have captured Wonder Woman and dramatically sweeps back a curtain on a stage before his fellow gangsters and waits until they've all tried shooting at her and having their bullets repelled to declare that she's actually a robot which they can use to destroy the real thing.
    • (Earth-One) Professor Menace claims to have captured Wonder Woman and dramatically sweeps back a curtain on a stage before his fellow gangsters and waits until they've all tried shooting at her and having their bullets repelled to declare that she's actually a robot which they can use to destroy the real thing. He somehow manages to be even more dramatic than his Golden Age predecessor, possibly because he controls his robots with his mind rather than having to sit at a console like Elektro.

    Fan Works 
  • Child of the Storm:
    • Chthon doesn't quite chew the scenery but does enjoy being the centre of attention.
    • Voldemort is a Cold Ham, by and large, preferring the Soft-Spoken Sadist approach, but sometimes veers into this.
    • 'The Beast' a.k.a. the Blob a.k.a. Dudley Dursley at one point paraphrases Superboy-Prime's infamous "I'M GONNA KILL YOU TO DEATH!" line.
    • This is a signature trait of the Dark Phoenix - which, admittedly, has quite a lot to do with the fact that Harry had a taste for dramatics to begin with, especially when in a bad mood.
  • Daemon from the Tamers Forever Series comes off as this.
  • As if their film versions weren't hammy enough, Team StarKid's versions of Snape, Voldemort, Bellatrix, Lucius, and Umbridge in A Very Potter Musical take this trope Up to Eleven.
  • Though several villains from Yu-Gi-Oh! are hammy already, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series like to take it to comical extremes:
    • Marik is so hammy that he can hardly express himself like a regular person. And it goes Up to Eleven when Melvin takes over: he is hammy even when trying to open a door.
    • While usually more posed and calm than Marik, Bakura has his moments too.
    • Dartz combines it with a ridiculous accent that makes him almost impossible for his minions to understand.
    • Movie villains Anubis ("NOW YOU WILL DIE, AND THEN YOU WILL BE DEAD BECAUSE I WILL HAVE KILLED YOU! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA") and Paradox ("PWOTAGONISTS !") take it to such extremes it becomes ridiculous even for the main characters.
  • The Iconians in any Star Trek Online fic involving Worffan101. Supreme High Lord Inevitably-Fated-for-Greatness is noteworthy for the sheer laughable arrogance of his introductory speech in Beat the Drums of War, but all Iconians fit this trope. Worffan101 has repeatedly stated his dislike of STO's portrayal of the Iconians and reacted by taking the hammy Sufficiently Advanced Aliens of the game to their logical extreme.
  • Doctor Dire of Dire Worm plays this trope, lampshades it, exploits it and generally enjoys herself immensely. For example, facing Leviathan:
    • Again, facing several soon-to-be-defeated opponents:
  • Whether or not she's "evil" really depends on fan interpretation, but in Fantasy of Utter Ridiculousness Yuuka Kazami has a blast when she's fighting Megas. Of note is this bit while she's charging up the Double Spark:
    "Marisa's spunk in stealing my attack is to be admired..." (voice steadily increases in volume) "...but when you absolutely must reduce everything in your path to a mist of atoms, accept... no... SUBSTITUTES!"
  • Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!:
    • Present Mic, being the Large Ham he is, milks this trope for all it's worth when he controls the zero-pointer robot (which is a replica of Starro the Conqueror) during the U.A. Entrance Exam:
      I'm back, bitches! Bet you thought Starro was done for good. Idiots. Can't keep a good extraterrestrial telepathic starfish down! AHAHAHAHAHA!
    • Tenya decides to channel Eobard Thawne in his mannerisms when he's placed on the Villain team during the Heroes vs. Villain's exercise. He hams it up as much as possible, interspersing his dialogue with Evil Laughs and Evil Gloating and shouting "Inconceivable!" when things go wrong. Also lampshaded and deconstructed by All Might, who points out that Tenya had been too in-character, leading to Bond Villain Stupidity.
  • In Devils Diary: Magneto's overdramatic speeches are lampshaded by Quicksilver, who notes he talks like a movie villain.
    "I overheard Pietro once saying that I talked like a villain from an old movie."
  • Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Abridged. While he can be restrained when snarking at others, for the most part, he lets massive ego show in everything he says, and it only goes up if he gets angry.
  • A Diplomatic Visit: In the sequel Diplomat at Large, per canon, the Storm King is this. Loud, boisterous, wise-cracking, and pretty wild.
  • Dance with the Demons: Kobra needs to pontificate before, during, and after a battle, failing to notice Batman doesn't care about his ravings. So, in chapter 22:
    Kobra: "I congratulate you on your sterling effort. Truly, your wife would be pleased. However, I have a final trump your side cannot counter: a force-field which I have activated. It encases this entire floor, above it, below it, and on all sides. Your allies cannot penetrate it. Nor can you. But there is a way in."
    Batman: "What is it?"
    Kobra: "We have always known it would come down to this. The final battle, the Ragnarok. If I am your Midgard Serpent, and you are my Thor, then we must fight. However, no one has yet prophecied which of us will be slain, and which be slayer."
  • The Prince Of Ponyville: Chrysalis chews no small amount of scenery. Subverted by Bank Ledger, who is described as monotone and utterly bland.
  • A Force of Four: Mars is a very pompous and verbose War God who loves histrionics.
    Power Girl: "Aren't you tied to Earth? If you destroy it, how will you survive?"
    Mars: "Mars is not tied to Earth. Mars is tied to war. And what better war than that of vast empires within the second Heaven? Where billions may die, billions more be enslaved, and the bloodflow which results nourishes my power with every drop. No. Earth is unnecessary. A canker in my being. When it is destroyed, only my pain will vanish. But it will not be destroyed yet."
  • In Evil Belle, Sweetie tries every cliche from the black cloak to speak in a guttural voice.
  • Hellsister Trilogy: Darkseid is fond of polysyllabic verbiage and has no concept of indoor voice. Nemesis, the Kryptonian/Zeroxian hybrid whom Darkseid has raised, takes after his father and is prone to histrionics and speaking in all caps.
    Darkseid: "I have had three prior sons, boy. Two of my body, one of my charge. But you, my fourth have had advantages your forebears never knew. I left their upbringing to others. I was busy. You, I have tended to with all my attention. With all my knowledge. Do you know why, boy?"
    Nemesis: "Because I am the greatest of the four. Because I am the one who will break our enemies like pottery shards. Because I will avenge you, my father. Avenge you, mother."
    Darkseid: "Just so. Do you... remember who undid my plans, a thousand years ago, boy? And who, not so long ago... undid your mother?"
    Nemesis: (whispering) "The Supergirl."
    Darkseid: "Just so. It will be some years before you are of age, boy. It will be some years before we can reveal ourselves. The United Planets, the Guardians of the Universe, they must be kept... unknowing. Timing is all-important, boy. Any general can tell you that. Timing is everything."
    Nemesis: "Do you really believe she will come back?"
    Darkseid: "She will, boy. They will summon her."
    Nemesis: "That is good, father. Very, very good."
    Darkseid: "Do you know what you shall do, boy? Do you know what you shall do, in that time and on that day?"
    Nemesis: "I will avenge my mother's death. I will avenge your honor. I will make her pay for blocking the True Path. I WILL DESTROY THE SUPERGIRL."
    Darkseid: "And so you shall, my boy. And so, one day, you shall."
  • A Man of Iron: In his final fight with Iron Man and Centurion, Gregor really chews the scenery.
  • Ancienverse: Guzma resorts to chewing the scenery with his dialogue whenever he's in a scene.
  • Parodied in Shazam fanfiction Here There Be Monsters. The villain known as Acrobat is not good at making overdramatic speeches and he lacks the power to back his threats, so nobody takes him seriously.
    The Acrobat: "I'll kill you. I'm man enough, madman enough, to kill you all! Disc or no disc, I've got the power of ten men when the moon is out, and I ought to have enough strength here to do you all in!"[...] I'll destroy you all! One by one, I'll tear your heads off and make lamps out of them! I'll use your bodies for baseball equipment! I'll–"
    Midnight Maid: "You've been reading too many comic books."

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • As said above, a requirement for any Batman movie villain. Possible aversions are from The Dark Knight Trilogy: Ra's al Ghul is suave and subdued, and Two-Face is deadly serious, particularly compared to The Joker.
  • In Jack the Giant Slayer Stanley Tucci is in non-stop ham mode as Roderick. For the giants, being hammy is almost a requirement.
  • Many James Bond villains, such as Jonathan Pryce's Corrupt Corporate Executive media mogul Elliot Carver, from Tomorrow Never Dies and the Renegade Russian General Orlov from Octopussy.
  • Aeetes, the Sorcerous Overlord of the nation of Colchis in the 1963 Jason and the Argonauts. Jack Gwillim probably never ate a single thing ever again, he devoured the scenery.
  • This trope is seen in a nutshell in the famous "I am the law!" scene in Judge Dredd. The good guy spits out the ultra-hammy "You betrayed the law!", and just to show that evil goes one step further, the bad guy responds with "LAAAWW!!!!" taken Up to Eleven.
  • Eve Mauro clearly relishes her role as the psychotic Morgan in Killer Dream Home.
    "This house will be mine."
    "Looks like we have moles all over the place don't we? Guess I'm going to have to bury them."
    "I refuse to entertain your husband's lapdog."
    "He was going to leave this house to me when he died. I loved him, and he left everything to his selfish wife. And now you're trying to take what's mine!"
    • During the climax Morgan outlines an elaborate and utterly barmy frame-up plot.
      "It is going to be the affair of the century. Hot blonde Bliss Leary gets caught banging boss Josh. Wavy jules goes wild, ends up bashing hubby's head in with a hammer. Then kills anxious neighbour before strangling Miss Bliss to her untimely death."
  • In The Last Airbender, Commander Zhao, played by Aasif Mandvi. Averted with Fire Lord Ozai, who is somewhat of a Large Ham in the original cartoon, but is soft-spoken and contemplative in the film.
  • Gordon Currie's part in the Left Behind movies is the hammiest of all, possibly because Currie was the only one who noticed what kind of movie he was in. He plays The Antichrist. You do the math.
  • Calvera in The Magnificent Seven owns every scene he's in with relish.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
    • Loki in Thor and The Avengers (2012) tends to alternate between being frighteningly intense and unsettlingly collected. Although that one "mewling quim" line does establish him pretty solidly as a Large Ham.
    • Then there's Ultron, who is Tony Stark turned into an evil robot, along with uncannily puppet-like exaggerated movements and even singing a Disney song.
  • Pam Ferris as The Trunchbull in Matilda devours the scenery with so much aplomb you have to wonder if that's her real Trademark Favorite Food rather than chocolate cake.
  • Just about every Malcolm McDowell villain role.
  • Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation is hammy whenever possible, and It! Is! GLORIOUS!
  • Freddy Krueger in the later A Nightmare on Elm Street films, as he started to have more fun tormenting his victims and became a theatrical wisecracker.
  • Whenever someone gets possessed in Night of the Demons (1988) and its sequels, you can bet they'll start chewing the scenery as well as faces.
  • The Wicked Witch of the West in Oz the Great and Powerful is supposed to be terrifying, but instead, she is incredibly hammy, complete with Narm and Scenery Chewing.
  • In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, Dreyfus seems fully aware that he has turned into a Bond villain and he is clearly loving every minute of it.
  • In Power Rangers, Rita is clearly having a lot of fun being evil. It especially stands out in this Darker and Edgier, more 'grounded' version. Everyone else is more subdued, more angsty, even characters who were a lot hammier originally. Alpha goes from an excitable worrywart to a Deadpan Snarker, and Zack goes from a quippy, show-offy Dance Battler to a brooding loner. Meanwhile, every scene of Rita's is every bit as much scenery-chewing fun as the original.
  • Norman Stansfield in The Professional. EEEEVERYONE!! Most other villain roles played by Gary Oldman should count just as well.
  • The hamminess is been disputed between Jellon Lamb (John Hurt), who drunkenly chews every piece of the bar's scenery, and the Burns family led by Arthur (Danny Huston) in The Proposition. Then Arthur kills Lamb for trying to kill Charlie, leaving the hammy niche to him.
  • Rhys Wakefield as the "Polite Leader" of the gang trying to invade Ethan Hawke's house in The Purge. Right away, he gives a Slasher Smile similar to the one in his mask and continues mugging while speaking in an Affably Evil tone that just shows he's full of himself.
  • Retroactive: The murderous Frank, as played by Jim Belushi, is constantly cracking bad jokes and chewing up the scenery around him.
  • Christopher Lee occasionally indulges in this. Although fully capable of being subtle and understated, he knows what's expected of him. His performance in The Return of Captain Invincible especially showcases this.
  • Salma Hayek, Benicio del Toro, and Demián Bichir play the villains in Savages and do it with devilish glee. Especially del Toro's Ham and Cheese performance.
  • In Scanners II: The New Order, The Dragon Peter Drak is by far the most melodramatic of the villains, gleefully killing people with his mind and laughing about it afterwards. By contrast, during his most evil act (murdering David's elderly mother for no reason) he is deliberately calm and quiet.
  • Evil Chancellor Jaffar in Sinbad of the Seven Seas hams it up in every scene he's in, even to the point where other characters start commenting on it.
  • Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog. He's clearly having the time of his life bringing Robotnik to the big screen, combining his penchant for loud and manic characters with the already bombastic nature of the source character. Whether it's him dancing while preparing his vehicles, to screaming about his love of lattes with steamed Austrian goat milk, his portrayal is definitely one to be remembered. Then there's the moment Robotnik has a Freak Out, complete with exaggerated movements after Sonic destroys his robots on the highway.
    Robotnik: [stomping around his base] OUUUUUGH! GIVE ME A BIG! FAT! BREAK!
  • Spider-Man Trilogy:
    • The Green Goblin. You can't really go subtle when you're flying around dressed as a green storybook monster, and Willem Dafoe wisely didn't bother.
    • Whenever Doctor Octopus tries to be menacing, he talks as hammily as possible.
      "Find him. Or I'll peel the flesh off her bones..." (while a tentacle opens and closes akin to a biting gesture)
    • Eddie Brock after bonding with the Venom symbiote.
      "Ooh, my Spider-Sense is tingling, if you get what I talking about. Tiger."
The later Venom solo movie takes it one step further, with the symbiote itself spouting evil phrases in a cavernous voice, and Tom Hardy even adding in weird acting moments playing Eddie Brock to show it's contagious, like a parasite (PARASITE?!!!!).

  • Visser Three in Animorphs. While thought-speak can be directed at one, several, or even everyone in range, the Visser is CONSTANTLY BROADCASTING HIS PRESENCE to all, including his enemies. In fact, in the whole series (when in an Andalite body), he speaks to one person at a time a grand total of ONCE.
  • Opal Koboi from Artemis Fowl practically invented Evil Is Hammy. Especially in the eighth book. She even lampshades it.
    "He is mine. The ultimate power is mine. I have the lemur."
  • Venandakatra the Vile in the Belisarius Series. He is a devotee of every vice known to man, and some that haven't been discovered to this day. He loves hurting people, except when they fight back. He wages war by pitching an array of tents that are more ostentatious and less tasteful than the palaces of more Modest Royalty and then makes guarding his comfort a primary objective of his campaigns. He has the most expensive feasts constantly dumped into his mouth and treats slave girls much like food, to be consumed and the husks discarded; and sex to him is no fun unless combined with torture. The book also makes a point of mentioning that he is called The Vile and not The Cruel because the latter might imply respect. In general, the chief pleasure a reader takes in his character is that it is almost impossible to imagine someone so extravagantly and flamboyantly evil - even if we know such people exist in Real Life.
    • In addition, his Royal Brat status means that a good chunk of his dialogue consists of loud, semi-coherent rage.
  • Discworld: Averted by Lily Weatherwax in Witches Abroad; she's actually somewhat menacingly toned down. What makes this instance notable, though, is the way her sister, Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax, reacts; the very fact that Lily isn't Chewing the Scenery enrages her as much as all the damage she's done to innocent lives over the years. Lily went off to be the bad sister, leaving Esme to be the good one, but Lily spent the whole time deluding herself that she was the good one, so even though there was no doubt which sister she was, she never took the opportunity to enjoy it. To Granny, this is almost as bad as denying Esme the choice in the first place.
  • The Dresden Files: Many of Harry Dresden's enemies are this to some degree. Drunk on the Dark Side is quite common throughout the series and coupled with the Antiquated Linguistics of many supernatural creatures, this is a great recipe for some serious ham. The standout example is probably Lord Raith, who is explicitly compared to a movie villain in his extremely over-the-top and melodramatic dialogue, but many other characters also fit the bill.
  • Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in Dune. Ian McNeice definitely shows it in his portrayal of the baron in the miniseries.
  • The main villain in Fancy Apartments is Vrotheus the Vile, who hams up any line he can. It's hard to tell if that's his nature, or if he just likes being dramatic. Oddly enough, he still seems a serious threat despite it.
  • The villains of The First Dwarf King seem to think they're in a stage opera. Then again, so does everyone else, but Pathruushkè and Trang Barok take it Up to Eleven — especially when they argue.
  • Old Kingdom: Kerrigor in Sabriel. "Blood for the breaking!" Apparently, he was a flamboyant guy who loved having every eye on him even while alive; after becoming undead, getting Drunk on the Dark Side, and becoming quite possibly the most powerful active being on the planet, this natural tendency got taken Up to Eleven.
  • Invoked in The Tamuli, when the normally restrained Sir Bevier goes undercover at the villain's camp as a mercenary. He attempts to appear "dangerously competent", but his stage training takes over and, as a result, he ends up looking like a homicidal maniac and leaves the entire camp terrified of him.
  • Used differently with each of the three most powerful Forsaken in The Wheel of Time.
    • Ishamael is a rather impressive ham in his persona as Ba'alzamon, giving some rather spectacular Card-Carrying Villain rants owing to being Drunk on the Dark Side. Subverted when he comes back later in the series as Moridin, and is much calmer and more restrained, coming across as almost resigned at times, and is much scarier for it.
    • Lanfear is usually Affably Evil, especially around Rand. Just don't mash her Berserk Button, because we're not kidding about the "berserk" part. Lanfear is one of the most deadly channelers of all time, and in a screaming temper, she's more than capable of blasting just about anyone in her way to ash.
    • Demandred appears at first to be a complete aversion; the guy is stoic to the point of hardly ever showing genuine emotion except for the occasional glimpse of the seething core of epic rage at the heart of his personality. Then in the final book he finally lets all that hate out, in the process becoming the Large Ham he was born to be.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Babylon 5: Invoked Trope in the Season 4 finale. A future propagandist is using holographic versions of several main characters to engage in some historical revisionism. When Evil Capitan Sheridan is making a speech in front of a group of about-to-be-executed prisoners, Bruce Boxleitner hams it up for all he's worth.
  • Blake's 7. Averted with the soulless Orwellian bureaucrats of the Terran Administration, but once we leave Earth and those tranquilizers they put in the water there are no shortage of Mad Scientists, religious maniacs (one played by BRIAN BLESSED), campy crime bosses, power-hungry schemers, murderous Femme Fatales and psychotic Federation thugs to make things interesting, half of them dressed in Impractically Fancy Outfits and Chewing the Scenery for all it's worth. And while "evil" is an open question, it's certainly true that the more embittered and morally-compromised Avon becomes, the more studs he wears, poses he strikes, and lines he delivers in staccato barks.
  • Buffyverse:
    • In the first season of Buffy, The Master had moments of incredible ham:
      "Yes, shake, Earth! This is a sign! We are in the final days! My time is come! Glory! GLORY! *pause* What do you think? 5.1?"
    • And Glory was just made of ham. Seriously, she might not have had a single scene that wasn't gloriously hammy. Overcompensating for your lost hell-empire will do that to you.
    • In both Buffy and Angel we have Angelus, who uses those vampire teeth to chew all the scenery he can find. Particularly in his second appearance. Good lord, man, switch to decaf.
      Angelus: "Uh-ohhh! Vampire with a gun!"
  • The Chronicles of Narnia: All of Barbara Kellerman's roles in the BBC TV adaptations of the book series, i.e. the White Witch in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the Hag in Prince Caspian, and the Lady of the Green Kirtle in The Silver Chair. Her attempts to sound angry are more likely to send the audience into giggles than intimidate them.
  • Criminal Minds: Being a show full of unstable killers, many of whom have a genuine mental illness, this is common.
    • The Reaper stands out even among other UnSubs. He's over-the-top to the point where he's like a comic book super-villain. Due to his desire for twisted fame, he wants to make everything as dramatic as possible. He overacts his role even when pretending to be his own victim.
    • Billy Flynn is played by Tim Curry. Enough said.
    • Paul and John Mulford are clear cases of Giggling Villain, and visibly enjoy Hunting the Most Dangerous Game.
  • CSI: Nate Haskell hams it up to no end at his trial for stabbing Langston. It's clearly the character being hammy, as the actor can do a very good subtly creepy when he wants to.
  • Dexter: The show seems to be rather fond of this one for the seasonal Big Bad. Season 3 had Jimmy Smits, season 4 had John Lithgow, and season 6 has Edward James Olmos AND Colin Hanks.
  • While the show is in general a World of Ham, any Doctor Who villain worth their salt will out-ham the heroes.
    SF Debris: Doctor Who is a world where no villain has an indoor voice.
  • The Flash (2014): Leonard Snart was originally a calm and methodical criminal who planned every robbery out to the second. He succeeded every time without any real trouble, but he wasn't enjoying it. After the Flash beat him for the first time and he got a freeze gun, he embraced his new "Captain Cold" identity with gusto.
  • Game of Thrones: Ramsay Snow, Lord Bolton's bastard son. Initially, while pretending to be Theon Greyjoy's friend and rescuer, he seems quite calm and soft-spoken; however, the moment he reveals his true colors, he turns into a giggling, jumpy, mood-swinging, psychotic Large Ham.
  • Unsurprisingly, considering that they are part of the Batman Rogues Gallery, almost all of the villains on Gotham can be this way. Penguin is a mob boss with a Hair-Trigger Temper who is prone to Suddenly SHOUTING! (and homicidal rage) when things don't go his way, and Jerome Valeska is a laughably evil Captain Ersatz of the Joker who has to kill people in the funniest and most theatrical way possible. His twin brother, Jeremiah Valeska, another Captain Ersatz of the Joker, is less funny than his brother, but no less theatrical. He wears make-up and fancy suits in outlandish colors just like the comic character, and he actually dresses up as Zorro at one point as part of a convoluted scheme that also involved kidnapping Bruce Wayne. Bonus points that the actor who played him got inspiration for his role by watching Tim Curry play Dr. Frank N. Furter.
  • Many of the villains are this way on Highlander: The Series, just like they are in the Highlander movies. Kalas, a former opera singer, is of particular note, of the villains that last for more than one episode, as is Kronos, an immortal so old he's been terrorizing people ever since the Bronze Age. While he is equally good at exuding quiet menace, he definitely has his hammy moments, especially when he's dueling Macleod.
    Kronos: I am the end of time!
  • Horrible Histories portrays historical villains this way occasionally, especially Caligula. Philip II of Spain has his hammy moments too.
  • Hounded: The villain's name is Dr. Muhahahaha. See quote page.
  • Jekyll: Doctor Tom Jackman is a quiet father of two with a deadpan sense of humor. Hyde, by contrast, is an unrepentant maniac and acts like it.
  • Kamen Rider:
    • Kamen Rider OOO: Kougami (an extremely Large Ham as is) makes a Kamen Rider movie in-universe. Everyone playing a villain in the film suddenly becomes a gigantic ham, especially Ankh as the Big Bad, who gives Kougami a run for his money. Of course, this might be because he's still kind of a villain anyway.
    • Dan Kuroto, the Big Bad of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, leaves no scenery unchewed as he becomes more and more unhinged and his god complex grows. His Slasher Smile moments even get special camera effects and sounds. He was actually more of a calm and dignified villain at the beginning but it's clear that that's just a mask and one he's not able to keep on for long periods.
  • Robbie Rotten of LazyTown, with an eccentric delivery from actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson mixed with Jim Carrey-level facial contortions. Exhibit A.
  • In the BBC's 2008 adaptation of Little Dorrit, Andy Serkis clearly had a ball playing the villain of the piece Rigaud.
  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers:
    • Invoked Trope, where Kimberly is kidnapped by Zed's minions. They try a failed Hypnotize the Princess spell on her, but she fakes it working by acting like Rita in all her scenery-chewing glory.
    • Rita herself, as her line in the opening of the show proves it:
      Rita Repulsa: AAAAHHH!! After 10,000 years, I'm FREE! It's time to CONQUER EARTH!
      • Rita's boss Lord Zedd manages to equally as hammy with No Indoor Voice. His volume typically consists either of shouting or really shouting.
    • It's basically required for any Power Rangers villain to be hammy enough to reach Camp status.
    • Tommy / the original Green Ranger. As a good guy, not really much hammier than the other Rangers. As a bad guy? "MUHAHAHA! I will DESTROY the Power Rangers!" He reverts to this when brainwashed by Gasket in Zeo.
    • There's also Astronema/Karone, who was INCREDIBLY hammy as a villain, but no more so than other characters after making a Heel–Face Turn.
    • In addition, Tokusatsu villains in general tend to be like this.
  • Once Upon a Time:
    • The Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin are both rather hammy in the Enchanted Forest. Rumpelstiltskin combines this with Giggling Villain, The Evil Queen absolutely devours the scenery. Regina and Mr. Gold, their human Storybrooke counterparts, however, choose to become a Cold Ham.
    • Rumpelstiltskin is probably hammier than Mr. Gold because he's also far crazier. Regina, on the other hand, was probably hamming it up for kicks.
    • You thought the Evil Queen was hammy? Wait until you see her impersonate Ursula. Lana Parrilla is clearly having the time of her life.
    • Dr. Whale's true identity turns out to be Dr. Frankenstein. He's as hammy as you'd expect.
    • Virtually every villain is either a classic ham, or at least a Cold Ham, with the Wicked Witch of the West and the majority of Disney villains who appear (Cruella, Hades, Dr. Facilier, the real Ursula) being the former and Jafar (ironically), Lady Tremaine, and Drizella Tremaine being the latter.
  • Quark. In "The Good, the Bad and the Ficus", a Negative Space Wedgie creates an evil version of our heroes.
    Quark: (calmly) Ficus, program Maneuver Plan Red. Jean, give me as much power as you can.
    Jean: Yes sir.
    (cut to other ship)
    Evil!Quark: FICUS! Program ATTACK Plan RED! (grabs Jean's shirt) Jean, give me more POWER or I'll BREAK your face!
    Evil!Jean: (grabs Quark's shirt) Commander, you're such a SPACE-HEAD, I'M taking over this ship!
    Evil!Quark: Try it, transmute, and you're SPACE JELLY!
  • Red Dwarf: Any of the characters from WaxWorld's "Villain World" qualify. Among the villains are the particularly hammy Caligula and Napoleon.
  • Revolution: Captain, no, Major Tom Neville engages in this at times. Bass describing how he'd use a working Blackhawk helicopter against the other republics is pure ham.
  • Robin Hood: In this 2006 BBC production, NO ONE chews more scenery than the Sheriff of Nottingham. NO ONE.
  • Sherlock: Moriarty, to a certain extent. He's very hammy when he feels like it, but is just as good at being calm and creepy when that suits him better.
  • Smallville: Clark would become far hammier whenever he was under the influence of Red K or switched out for an evil doppelganger. And that's without getting into the series' villains. Between John Glover as Lionel Luthor, Michael Rosenbaum's Lex Luthor, and Callum Blue's scenery chewing as the horrifically unstable Major Zod, the show had this trope covered.
    "Unlike you I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows. Everyone on Earth, including the woman you love, will Kneel Before Zod!"
  • Stargate SG-1:
    • The Goa'uld pretty much had hammy-ness as a species trait. This was justified because all the Goa'uld were egotistical, bought into their own act of playing gods, and based their entire civilization on ruling through fear. Their Cool, but Impractical technology, their outfits, and their behavior all went along with this trope. Nothing like a booming "KNEEL BEFORE YOUR GOD!" accompanied with some Glowing Eyes of Doom to get the peasants in line.
    • A Goa'uld could tone it down if it ever needed to pretend to be human, but the hammy-ness returned the instant its true nature got discovered.
    • Case in point:
      Anubis: I am Anubis. Humans of the Tau'ri! Your End of Days finally approaches! There will be no mercy!
      Jack O'Neill: Aw, c'mon. Who talks like that?!
    • The Priors could also ham it up occasionally, especially when quoting the Book of Origin.
  • Star Trek: The Original Series:
    • Although William Shatner usually negates this trope since he's the hero, when Captain Kirk was split into good and evil selves in the episode "The Enemy Within", the evil side was much hammier.
      "I'm Captain Kirk! I'm Captain Kirk! IIIIII'M CAPTAIN KIRK!"
    • He does it again when we briefly see the evil Mirror Universe Kirk in "Mirror, Mirror".
    • Same goes for every character in the mirror universe episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. Most of the actors were at near-Shatner levels of hamminess even during the normal episodes, but their evil counterparts take things Up to Eleven.
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:
    • Invoked Trope in the episode "Duet". Aamin Marritza, a Cardassian filing clerk who worked in a forced labor camp run by the brutal Gul Darhe'el impersonates the latter, both to make Cardassia admit to the crimes committed against the Bajorans and to soothe his guilty conscience over not being able to stop it. While impersonating Darhe'el he acts pretty hammily, but when the ruse is dropped, he acts far more subdued. This is used to great effect when Kira confronts him with the truth and Maritza gives another hammy rant only to break down in tears once the memories and the guilt start flooding in.
    • And speaking of Cardassians, Gul Dukat puts on some of the most ham-tastic grandstanding ever, to the point where everyone else comments on how much he loves the sound of his own voice.
    • Also, an early episode where Dr. Bashir came down with a bad case of Grand Theft Me thanks to a dying evil space criminal gave Alexander Siddig the chance to let his ham flag fly.
    • And let's not even get started on the holodeck Bond villain played by Captain Sisko, which allowed Avery Brooks to chew up every bit of scenery around him in ways taken Up to Eleven (and obviously had the time of his life doing it.)
    • As in the Original Series, their Mirror Universe characters are much hammier, with added Homoerotic Subtext.
  • Star Trek: Voyager.
    • Emperor Scientist Dr Chaotica in that Flash Gordon (serial) holodeck homage, The Adventures of Captain Proton in "Bride of Chaotica!". The entire program is a World of Ham with even Captain Janeway joining in, so naturally the villain has to out-ham everyone or get left behind.
      "FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! You shall PAY for your inCOMPetence! SEIZE HIM!"
    • Inverted in "Living Witness", where a 'historical recreation' of Voyager shows the crew as squabbling genocidal thugs with a side of ham. Yet the evilest characters in the simulation, Janeway and the Doctor, speak in a calm undertone that contrasts with their normal hammy personas.
  • Star Trek: Picard. In "Stardust City Rag", Jean-Luc Picard has to pose as an organ trader selling Seven of Nine for her Borg parts, so he gleefully hams it up as an eyepatch-wearing French Jerk villain with an overdone Maurice Chevalier Accent.
    Picard: I thought I looked (in exaggerated French accent) appropriately sinisterrrr.
    Raffi: No comment.
  • Star Trek: Discovery continues the grand tradition of having the main cast chew the scenery with gleeful abandon as their Mirror Universe counterparts.
  • Supernatural:
    • Though he didn't start that way, Lucifer has become hammier over time.
    • This is the easiest way to tell if Castiel is himself or not. In his right mind, he's The Comically Serious. When he gets body-jacked by the Leviathans or Lucifer, however, Misha Collins gets to chew scenery with gusto.
    • Witch Rowena is fairly hammy as well. But even she is out-hammed by the witch, Catriona Loughlin, in "Regarding Dean".
  • True Blood: Russell Edgington, Vampire King of Louisiana, in the third season. *rips news anchor's spinal cord out, waves it around* "We! Will EAT YOU. AFTER we eat your children! [Beat] And now for the weather. Tiffany?"
  • Adolf Hitler as depicted in the 1988 miniseries War and Remembrance. It actually did the now-infamous Hitler Rant made famous by Downfall. While arguably Downfall pulled off the scene better, this version cranks the evil ham Up to Eleven.
  • Pretty much every villain in Wizards vs. Aliens, especially the Nekross King, voiced by none other than BRIAN BLESSED. The Nekross' hamminess makes them surprisingly lovable!
    "The Nekross Shall Feast!"
  • The Mandalorian continues the above-mentioned tradition with Star Wars villains and this trope with its Big Bad Moff Gideon. He's no Sith or any practitioner of the dark side, but he is every bit as theatric as one.

  • Shakespears Sister's "Stay" is a Concept Video where Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey portray Anthropomorphic Personifications of life and death and fight over a comatose man. Fahey's performance as death is definitely the more over-the-top of the two, mainly due to her dramatic gestures and facial expressions.
  • The Megas: Air Man is an Omnicidal Maniac, Heat Man seems to think he's the Devil, and Bomb Man is a Robotic Psychopath who loves Stuff Blowing Up way too much. Then there's Dr Wily, the Big Bad. They're, for the most part, the most overtly villainous characters, and they get the most over-the-top moments in their songs.
    Beneath the Steel/Bomb Man: CUE EXPLOSION!
    The Annihilation of Monsteropolis/Air Man: There will be a fire in the sky, and YOUR DOOM WILL RAIN DOWN!
    Man on Fire/Heat Man: You are the hero! I am the fire! This is the meltdown! Of your desire! Your fight for justice turns to ashes, MEGA MAN!
    Look What You've Done/Dr Wily: This is the eeeeend! You've started the fall! Can't see the destiny, that we once saw, on the edge of dawn! (What have you done?!) What. Have. You. Done?


    Professional Wrestling 
  • Super villain wrestlers Dr. Cube in Kaiju Big Battel and later, UltraMantis Black in Chikara, chew massive amounts of scenery while describing how they will tear down our society/those stupid heroes/the tecnicos.
  • The New Day is all over this trope.
  • When Bruce Tharpe was managing the NWA talent in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, he would act like a heel so over-the-top that it was almost cartoonish. Bombastic, loud, and condescending, the New Japan fans loved when he would get knocked on his butt by the New Japan Army.
  • Bayley after she evolved her heel character from The Stoic to an over the top obnoxious troll.

  • Simon from Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues keeps himself low key most of the time. His split personality, the Dark Dragon, is not only much more evil than him but also revels in the chance to act like a maniac and ham it up whenever possible.
    "Oh, man, tha's just askin' for an over-dramatic speech o' malice, dread, an' bigging meself up."

  • Any Pantomime villain worth his salt.
  • The Wolf from The Trial of the Big Bad Wolf requires a Large Ham, to contrast with his lethargic attorney.
  • Cora in Anyone Can Whistle is a first-class scene-stealer who even succeeds at interrupting one scene change so she can get ready.
  • In Twice Charmed, Franco DiFortunato definitely is hammy, as are Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters.
  • In Pokémon Live!, all the villains are hammy, especially Jessie and James.
  • In Shrek: The Musical, Farquaad really cranks up his hammy tendencies, with a generous dose of campy flair added for good measure.
  • The Phantom of the Opera, especially when the actor portraying him goes into Careful with That Axe territory.

    Theme Parks 
  • At Universal Studios:
    • Miseria in The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad makes it very clear that she's the evil villain, from the way she acts to the way she dresses.
    • In Poseidon's Fury, Lord Darkenon is about as hammy as a villain could possibly get, always doing an evil laugh and just reveling in how sinister he is.

    Video Games 
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood: If Cesare wants to live, he lives. If he wants to take, he takes. If he wants you to die, you die. And if he wants to ham, he HAAAAAAAAAMS!
  • Geldoblame, of Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean, is far and away the hammiest character in the game and (unintentionally) probably the best-voiced character, just because it's so amusing.
  • In Bayonetta, Final Boss Father Balder has a gleefully campy World of Ham to live up to... and manages to outdo the rest of the cast. His fashion sense does a good chunk of the work alone, but his tendency to both chew and hurl the scenery, along with his brutal execution of the gigantic demons Bayonetta conjures to kill him carry him over the top.
  • BlazBlue: Hazama/Yuuki Terumi. Part of the reason he's so Laughably Evil is that his voice actors are clearly having a hell of a time.
    • In Platinum's Gag Reel, when Litchi becomes the Evil Overlord 'Boob Queen', she becomes so overly hammy in nearly everything. In canon, however, Litchi is well-reserved and not that hammy (unless you count her suggestive moans of pains to be 'ham'), and even if she's Forced into Evil and in the NOL group, she didn't even become hammy, still retaining her calm. Tsubaki, on the other hand, becomes even more vehement and probably 'hammy' in trying to force the NOL order after her Evil Costume Switch.
  • Handsome Jack, the Big Bad of Borderlands 2, is not a subtle man. As the story of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! goes on, he goes from having a relatively standard acting range to utter scenery-chewing excess as his dark side becomes steadily more dominant.
    Jack: Forgive me. Where's your husband now?
    Helena Pierce: He's dead.
    Jack: That is a heartbreaker, but...[Gunshot] YOU GOT SOMETHING IN COMMON WITH HIM NOW AT LEAST!
  • Dr. Nero Neurosis of Brain Dead 13 tends to shout whenever he gets irritated or scared.
    Neurosis: "Average?" I! AM NOT! AVERAGE!
  • Castlevania:
    • Barlowe in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia normally speaks with a very neutral and verbose tone. However, once his true colours are revealed, he goes nuts with wild abandon, laughing manically the whole time.
    • And Dracula. In pretty much every game with voice acting. In most games' Japanese dubs, he's voiced by the above-mentioned Norio Wakamoto.
    • Death from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow simply never shuts up in his 5 minutes hammy speech even though he has been quite normal when he stayed as Zobek, your ally.
  • Kane in Command & Conquer becomes ever increasingly hammy as time goes on.
  • Dawn of War, since it takes place in Warhammer 40,000, everyone is evil, and hence everyone is hammy, even if they are a Magnificent Bastard.
    • Special mention must go to the Chaos Space Marines, however. Especially Crull, the Chaos Lord from the Winter Assault extension. Oh dear Emperor, Lord Crull...
    • In Retribution, Kyras make them all look sane and stable.
    • The Dark Eldar in Soulstorm embrace this whole-heartedly.
  • Arius from Devil May Cry. "OH! NO! I was going to be KING of this world!"
    • Arkham and his devil trigger, Jester, is also a rich source of Ham. With the latter, it's intentional, as he tried to act like a fool in order to effectively play the sons of Sparda and Lady against each other. And it could also be a way of unleashing his inner goofball beneath that serious facade.
  • Every single Prime Evil in Diablo is this. Diablo, Baal and Mephisto really love to Chew The Scenery to dust. Just listen to them speak, and even Zoltun Kulle is also an offender.
  • Flemeth in Dragon Age: Origins is very hammy when she isn't pretending to simply be a batty old lady and gets much more so in Dragon Age II. Being voiced by Captain Janeway really helps.
    • Loghain becomes much hammier after his Face–Heel Turn.
    • Though averted for the most part in the first game, since the Darkspawn can't, you know, talk. Until Awakening, when they can talk and get their full opportunity to be hammy.
      • Special mention goes to the ham-tastic Mother.
    • Knight-Commander Meredith in Dragon Age II is one of the best examples in the entire series.
      • Not to mention Well-Intentioned Extremist teammate Anders; while he's only hammy in combat (actually, he's usually soft-spoken otherwise), his combat taunts (and screaming) are a bountiful platter of ham.
  • Throughout The Elder Scrolls series, this is a trait of the Dremora, an intelligent race of lesser Daedra who are most commonly found in the service of Mehrunes Dagon as his Legions of Hell. They are essentially a race (the Master Race if they are to be believed) of Large Ham Blood Knights with deep "outdoor" voices. Some prime snippets of their dialogue:
    Morrowind: "After I kill you, I will rape your corpse. Don't worry. I'll be gentle."
    Oblivion: "Bow to me!" "Break and fall!" "Break! Bleed!" "Burst, bloodsack!" (And those are just the ones starting with "B"!)
    Skyrim: "I HONOR my LORD by DESTROYING YOU!" *slays enemy* "THERE CAN BE NO OTHER END!"
  • Far Cry:
  • Final Fantasy:
  • Nergal from the 2003 game Fire Emblem wasn't THAT hammy until we got to see his disfiguring scar by the end of the game. Then, he unleashed his inner ham and let it run wild.
  • Sir Richard Hawksmoor in Ghost Hunter. Sir Michael Gambon practically introduces himself with "I want FLESH." An incredible contrast with his role of Dumbledore in the movies.
  • The Galactic Emperor from Gotcha Force is this trope, pure and simple. Let's look at his nice little pre-final battle speech...
  • In I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, Harlan Ellison himself put so much feeling into voicing AM that one review said that the name of the evil artificial intelligence ought to be renamed HAM.
  • Poquelin from Icewind Dale, especially before your final fight with him.
    "Over?, OVER?!!! On the contrary, my time has just begun!!!"
  • Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: When Nur-Ab-Sal fully possesses Sophia, she really chews the scenery there.
    The woman who was is now THE KING THAT SHALL EVER BE!
  • Gouji Rokkaku from Jet Set Radio Future doesn't spend too much time center-stage, but he damn well makes the most of the time he has. It helps that he's voiced by Charles Martinet, of all people.
    Rokkaku: The name of this tower of ultimate beauty, blah-diddly blah blah, the name is IRRELEVANT!
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: After dispatching the comparatively serious Medusa, Hades steals the show, absolutely ravishing in his evilness like if Tim Curry was an evil god.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
    • Pick a Big Bad. Any one of 'em. They're this trope. It's a Final Fantasy / Disney crossover, so this was basically inevitable.
    • Ansem, Seeker of Darkness/Xehanort's Heartless gets an extra special mention here. Billy Zane (his original voice actor) managed to out-ham the likes of Maleficent and Hades.
    "Kingdom Hearts! Fill me...with the power of darkness! SUPREME DARKNESS!"
    • Xemnas, by contrast, is a textbook Cold Ham. It's in his character to be as hammy as possible. Having no emotions, he makes up for it with exaggerated hand gestures and stretches out a lot of his lines to seem more emotional. His voice actor in the Japanese version certainly helps.
    • Ends up being inverted in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, where one of the villains remains calm and demure until he does turn full-on evil. He's Xehanort from the past before he was corrupted by Darkness. Given that Master Xehanort is one of the characters with the highest potentials for Ham, apparently Evil Makes You Hammy.
  • Lord Ghirahim in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, aka Mr. Furious! OUTRAGED! SICK WITH ANGER!! Zant from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is similarly hammy, especially during his Villainous Breakdown. And Master Kohga from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild uses lots of dramatic posing and self-hyping. Ganon is also somewhat hammy (literally, in certain situations), but he's rather restrained compared to the other two.

  • LEGO Dimensions features a whole plethora of classically hammy villains,Including...  and the Original Generation villain, Lord Vortech, still manages to out-ham them all. But, then again, would you expect anything else from Gary Oldman?
    Lord Vortech: Welcome to the end of chaos...AND THE BEGINNING! OF! PERFECTION!*
  • Ghaleon from Lunar: The Silver Star and its first remake.
    "My coming out party can begin! Send in the clowns!"
  • The Reapers in Mass Effect are very hammy. Especially Harbinger, who is ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!
  • Metal Gear:
    • Exaggerated with multiple characters, who are only hammy when they are evil.
      • Most obvious with Gray Fox, whose Heel–Face Revolving Door comes with the appropriate personality. As a hostage of Outer Heaven, he's cool and a little condescending. As the lieutenant of Zanzibar Land, he's a disaster of evil laughter and Say My Name, stomping around in a mech. As the antagonistic ninja, he's monologuing about his soul and doing Orgasmic Combat; after he remembers his true self, he's casually teasing Snake.
      • Huey Emmerich is subdued and gently-spoken in Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, but in his antagonistic role in Metal Gear Solid V, acts and moves like a stereotypical tokusatsu mad scientist, drenched in sweat and with his voice actor channelling Davros in "Genesis of the Daleks". Lampshaded when Snake and Kaz watch his arm-flinging delivery, make mutual eye contact, and then both comment that these kinds of dramatics are a dead giveaway about his true intentions.
      • In Metal Gear Solid V, the usually pleasant Miller is reduced to Guttural Growler rage and stumbling around in seething fury, while the usually outrageous Ocelot, who is on your side the whole time in this one, has a calm, cattish delivery that comes off as slightly bored.
    • Liquid Snake manages to do this every chance he gets in Metal Gear Solid.
    • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's Sundowner would like you to know that he's FUCKIN' INVINCIBLE!
      • Sundowner pales in comparison to his boss, Senator Armstrong, whose "NANOMACHINES, SON!" is legendary.
  • Vice President RIICHAAARD!! Hawk in Metal Wolf Chaos opened his every appearance with an Evil Laugh and gleefully delivered lines such as...
    RICHARD: "This wild dog of war is on the move, Michael! It'll bite you if you don't move it! It's time for my afternoon tea. There's nothing like sipping some delicious Darjeeling tea...and watching you getting your clock cleaned!"
  • In Persona 5, during the boss fight with The Mole after their betrayal, they really go all out.
    Goro Akechi: KILL THEM! PERSONA!!!
  • Pit People is a World of Ham, but the Narrator out-hams everyone else with a fair margin. In a bit of a deconstruction they also imply that they're not used to overacting and find that "being evil is exhausting," lamenting that they really shouldn't have skipped breakfast earlier that day.
  • In Portal, once you escape the fire pit, GLaDOS starts along this path. She really goes to town once you incinerate her morality core.
    • In Portal 2, Wheatley gains several levels in ham when you yank GLaDOS out and plug him in. Apparently, a certain amount of hamminess is literally hardwired into the system.
  • The Professor Layton series isn't exactly a World of Ham, often going with one hammed line per game, but it is ALWAYS said by a villain.
    Don Paolo: Heeere I come.... READY OR NOT!
    Anton: LAAAYTOOOON!!
    Clive: This isn't happening... It can't end this way... IT WON'T END THIS WAAAY!!
  • Mad Scientist Dr. Nefarious of the Ratchet & Clank series. He simply delights in being as over-the-top ham as possible, despite wanting to exterminate all organic life from the universe. It really says something that, in a World of Ham like Ratchet and Clank, he manages to continuously out-ham everyone.
  • Wesker in the Resident Evil series.
  • In Return of the Obra Dinn, we have Second Mate Edward Nichols, the morally bankrupt official who sounds a bit hammy when it comes to stealing treasure and kidnapping the Formosan Royals and killing anyone who attempts to thwart his plans. Especially when he's about get shot in a Karmic Death (and his voice actor Chris Sharpes' delivery of these lines certainly helps):
    "Wait! Don't shoot! I have treasure! I YIIIIEEEELLLLLD!"
  • The Sengoku Basara versions of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Ishida Mitsunari. The first is absolutely, baby-eatingly, skull-cup-usingly Obviously Evil, and even has ominous background music and Dramatic Thunder to back him up. And he's voiced by Norio Wakamoto. Hideyoshi is the type to surround three armies at war, and demand ALL of their surrenders at once in a loud voice and with an even louder fist. He then goes ahead and obliges some hotblooded heroes. He also parts the seas. Mitsunari really likes shouting about what he is going to do to his enemies, specifically those who side with Ieyasu. Mitsunari does not say "Ieyasu!" He says, "IEEEYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASU!!!!!!!!"
  • Any time you get to confront and fight YHVH — i.e. God — in a Shin Megami Tensei game, you can expect him to bust out bombastic speeches about The Evils of Free Will about eternal punishment and hammy one-liners and battle cries during battle.
    (in Shin Megami Tensei II) "Not even a thousand deaths would be fitting punishment for thy sins! I shall smite thee, and in hell I shall torture thee over and over!"
    (in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, now with voice acting!) "HOW could you diminish me to such a state?! IMPUDENT HUMANS, I CANNOT FORGIVE YOU! I asked ONLY that you take the life I granted you and obediently followed my word! The WEIGHT of your BLASPHEMY is TOO GREAT for death! ETERNAL SUFFERING IS THE ONLY SUITABLE PUNISHMENT! ROOAAAAARRRRR!!"
  • The Big Bad of the Skylanders series, Kaos, is voiced by the same person who voiced Invader Zim and is appropriately hammy.
    "Fear my giant floating head! FEAR IT!"
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • DAN GREEN as Mephiles the Dark is one of the very few good points of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) for precisely this reason.
    • Eggman has always showed spades of this, but in more recent games (especially in Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations), he's been invoking this full-on, and he doesn't look like he's going back. Best demonstrated in the finale of Generations where even his past self is unnerved by his maniacal laughter.
    • Out of all members of the Deadly Six, Zazz definitely stands out as the most hammiest.
  • In StarCraft, the Zerg Overmind's first line is: "Awaken, my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright." Every one of its subsequent lines is equally epic and pompous.
    • "Know that I am the Overmind, the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me..."
    • Duran's appearance in StarCraft II is an interesting case: in disguise as Emil Narud, he has a perfectly normal speaking tone. Once he drops the disguise and shows his true colors, though, out comes apocalyptic levels of ham.
    Narud: It is only beginning. Amon whispered of this from the stars. He told you of his return... he told you of ruin... extinction... the end of all things.
  • The cruelest and evilest of all Suikoden villains, Luca Blight, is also the hammiest, with lots of exclamation marks, a distinctive Evil Laugh of "HOO HOO HOO HA HA HA HA HA!!!", and, of course, his famous last words "It took hundreds to kill me, but I KILLED BY THOUSANDS! LOOK AT ME!!! I AM SUBLIME!!! I AM THE TRUE FACE OF EVIL!!!!! *maniacally laughs to death*"
  • Super Mario Bros.:
    • Bowser gets hammier with every game.
    • Fawful in the Mario & Luigi series is a hammy lunatic who speaks in the most over the top way possible. Him being the villain in Bowser's Inside Story and being against the aforementioned Bowser is one of the reasons it's seen as so funny.
    • In Super Paper Mario, most of the hammier characters are the villains. Let's see, there's O'Chunks, Count Bleck, Dimentio, Mr. L, and to a lesser extent, Mimi and Francis. And there's also Bowser as always, so it's probably safe to say that this trope is in full effect in this game.
  • Team Fortress 2: Cower, fools! MERASMUS IS HERE!
  • Lord Whitehill in Telltale's Game of Thrones.
    WHAT?! GONE?! That was MY JUSTICE to deliver, BOY, and YOU denied me of it!!
  • Warframe has a lot of evil bosses who ham it up, but the best example has to be Councilor Vay Hek, a Grineer diplomat who serves as the Big Bad of the Earth maps and The Heavy in general when it comes to anything Grineer-related. He is a violent sociopath in every sense of the word, and is also well-known for running around gnawing chunks of scenery with No Indoor Voice and far more Dramatic Pauses than are really necessary, especially while players are on the Plains of Eidolon.
  • Thorgar from Warhammer: Mark of Chaos. Seriously, he's probably the most hammy video game character ever. Just listen to the guy. Of course, the other warriors of Chaos are (almost) as hammy as him, and the Skaven are pretty fond of unleashing the hog as well:
  • Blizzard loves this trope when it comes to antagonists and raid bosses. It's rare to find one that isn't a giant ham.
    • One of the Old Gods, Yogg-Saron, greatly delights in shouting pretty much everything in a booming voice, in direct contrast to the Creepy Monotone of fellow Old God C'thun.
    • Sindragosa, the second-to-last boss of Icecrown Citadel, chews the scenery with gusto.
    You are FOOLS to have come to this place! The icy winds of Northrend will CONSUME YOUR SOULS!''
    Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic BETRAAAAYYYYYSSSSSS YYYYOOOOOUUUU!''
  • Wario has always been hammy, but when he becomes Wario Deluxe in WarioWare Gold, he takes on a whole new level of hamminess. Even with the game's All-Star Cast, Charles Martinet still manages to steal the show.
    Wario Deluxe: HEHEHAHAHA! Oh, the money! The POWER! I feel it inside! Gurgling! Building! It's,'s, uh...EXPLOSIVE! AHAHAHA! OHOHOHAHAHAHEEEEE!
  • The Dark Savant in Wizardry 8.
  • Xenosaga gives us Albedo Piazzolla, an incurable muncher, complete with rampant evil laughs at any given opportunity.
  • The X-Men arcade game introduces us to MAGNETO, MASTER OF MAGNET! Who wants those X-CHICKEN to know that THEY ARE NOTHING and would like to welcome them TO DIE!!

    Visual Novels 
  • In Umineko: When They Cry, after a relatively understated introduction (at least as far as the anime goes), Beatrice becomes the queen of this trope. Subverted. She's not the evil one. Bern is. And she's actually an Emotionless Girl. Although, after The Reveal, she does get a lot more very expressive faces.

    Web Animation 
  • The AI O'Malley from Red vs. Blue. Just one example, after he's been asked to examine one of the Blue Team:
    O'Malley: We want something from you, but we're not going to tell you what it is, until we need it! Huhuhuhuahahahaha!
    Church: No way! I'm not agreeing to something without knowing what it is!
    O'Malley: Huhuhuhuhuhuh Oh yes you will. You will or your little friend Tucker will die, die a most horrible death. And you know his blood will be on your hands. Years from now, you'll drive yourself mad wondering if there was anything you could have done to save him, so you will agree to what I want. You will agree even though what I want is something mysterious, what I want is something frightening, what I want is something PUUUUUUUUUURE EEEEEEEEEEVIL, AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!
    O'Malley: I've also been told a $20 co-pay is pretty much standard.
  • Resident Villain Tobe on Pucca. Taken to insanely OTT levels in the Spanish dub.
  • RWBY:
    • Tyrian is a constantly cackling, Ax-Crazy lunatic of a man who positively exults in battle and general violence. He's also surprisingly eloquent and has a penchant for the theatrical.
      Ruby: What do you want?
      Tyrian: [melodramatic gasp] The rose has thorns! Why, my little flower, I'm here to whisk you away!
    • The more serious villains of the series become this in the Lighter and Softer Spin-Off, RWBY Chibi. Cinder loves to exult in her evil plans, while Roman desperately tries to get some actual time in the spotlight after his canon death. Emerald, Mercury, and Neo are mostly just along for the ride.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Boo. If you can even call him 'evil', that is! Still, he's puts a lot of emphasis into his words.
  • Dreamscape: Ethan! Ohhhhhh boy, does he play it up!
    Ethan: It's me, your far-superior adversary, Ethan!
    • His sister Curien is the same way.
    Curien: Oh my! Did your house suddenly turn into a river?! Now how on earth did THAT happen?!

  • The vast majority of the villains in The Order of the Stick. Though Xykon and Tarquin are the most prominent.
  • In Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, Lewie the Lich chews more than his fair share of the scenery. Lampshaded in "The Art of Villaininess".
  • Royce Lashiec, from Heartcore. To say he has a flare for the dramatic would be a grave understatement.
  • Dracula from Deep Dive Daredevils, complete with Evil Laugh.
  • Dr. E. M. Balmer from Awful Hospital is a Shady Real Estate Agent but for corpses, and probably the most loud-mouthed, egotistical, and flamboyant embalming machine you'll ever see.
    Dr. Balmer: There is a bad thing polluting this environment, madam. A bad thing so contrary to the matter-law that you would be familiar with, it could very well thrive under conventional decontamination procedures, unless of course we can correctly identify a sample and adapt our formulation. One miscalculation, one pseudo protein away from perfection, and this entire vessel could undergo a Category D Extrapaisley Reconfiguration Event! The chaos! The exquisite madness! I'm simply swooning with UNIMAGINABLE terror! Mmmm....yesss....
  • Homestuck has Caliborn, the epitome of evil who speaks exclusively in ham large enough to overshadow his constant use of capital letters and who speaks so much about conquering everything that you'd wonder if he could just talk them all to death.
  • The Free Willies: Perhaps due to the luxury he has of being able to manipulate his realm however he likes, Mysterious Monocle Man definitely likes to act and dress over-the-top (one of his favorite things is glitter), especially in his initial interactions with the protagonists.
  • Invoked in Peter Parker: Foreign Exchange Student when Tenya and Peter practice their maniacal laughter during the Heroes vs. Villains exercise.
  • Debugging Destiny has this in Baleyg, who actively tries to satisfy the hamminess requirements. Lampshaded by King upon realizing the braziers ignite and go out when Baleyg appears and disappears.
    King: Is he really so theatrical to set something like that up ahead of time?

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 

    Western Animation 
  • Most of the Megatrons of Transformers tend towards dramatic speeches, bombastic tones, and a flair for impressive presentation.
    • There's a lot of Ham with all the Decepticons (and Predacons and Vehicons); Megatron just happens to be around the most.
      • In one episode of Beast Wars, a Mirror Morality Machine turned the laid-back Maximal Rhinox into a Predacon who chewed the scenery with as much gusto as any of them. Being made evil made him hammy to go with it.
    • Starscream clearly wants to take Megatron's place as both leader of the Decepticons and biggest ham in the Transformers franchise, although his approach to it is noticeably shriller than Megatron's. Or anyone's. Ever.
  • Admiral Zhao and Fire Lord Ozai of Avatar: The Last Airbender, the former pontificating endlessly about his own greatness when he plans to kill the moon while the latter gets severely Drunk on the Dark Side when Sozin's Comet arrives (to the point where most of his lines in the final battle are him bellowing one taunt after another). Azula too, especially once her Villainous Breakdown kicks in during the finale. The Ember Island Players' version of Ozai is even worse.
  • As Atomic Betty's Card-Carrying Big Bad Maximus I.Q. boasts, being hammy is a prerequisite for Supreme Evil Overlords like himself to be great villains. And considering how much scenery he chews in the average episode, it's safe to say he takes this belief very seriously.
  • Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. "Moments from now, I will wreak a terrible vengeance on this town! NO ONE WILL BE SPARED! NO ONE! To say nothing of Sideshow Bob.
  • From Teen Titans, Brother Blood, Trigon, and a lot of the minor villains (notably Control Freak, Mumbo, Mad Mod, Killer Moth, and Dr. Light) are all rather hammy. Averted with the show's main Big Bad, Slade, who almost never varies his voice from a very Creepy Monotone, and the Brain, season five's Big Bad, who speaks through a voice synthesizer and really can't ham. While The Brain can't ham, Monsieur Mallah, his talking gorilla assistant, does a pretty good job of it.
  • Gargoyles covers the whole spectrum:
    • Xanatos and his wife Fox are always very calm and poised, and their Battle Butler Owen is absolutely (and deliberately) wooden. Xanatos does indulge from time to time when it amuses him, however.
    • Demona can range from dangerously understated to completely hammy depending on her mood, as can Thailog. Sevarius loves to ham it up when he's got an audience, but is calmer and more businesslike otherwise; seeing as how he's voiced by Tim Curry, hamminess is to be expected.
  • A number of villains in The Spectacular Spider-Man.
    • Especially in the appearances after his first, Doctor Octopus becomes a cunning Card-Carrying Villain down to having an Evil Genius coffee mug, and accordingly becomes immensely hammy ("TREACHERY!!!" anyone?).
    • Electro has a Hair-Trigger Temper on account of his Power Incontinence and can instantly be prompted into a violent rampage by anyone calling him Max (his name before transformation). On some level, he's kind of amusing, but it's also pretty disturbing given his clear Sanity Slippage.
    • Green Goblin is a highly amusing superficial hammy who retains his original version's wacky personality, manipulative planning, and amazing acrobatism. he is shown to crack sadistic jokes.
    • Mysterio seems to have walked out of the Silver Age, having an immensely hammy Evil Sorceror persona, talking in a Fake Brit accent, and throwing around Gratuitous Latin. As with the Goblin, Mysterio interestingly isn't all that hammy in his civilian identity. In Mysterio's case, he's partly Doing It for the Art, and for both, it's a combination of a supervillain perk and to hide how dangerous and cunning they actually are.
  • It's almost a requirement to be a SWAT Kats Villain. Indeed, it would be easier to isolate which ones are not hammy.
  • Similar to the above, it's a required (or heavily preferred) prerequisite to get on Megas XLR, from Warmaster Gorath to Magnanimous, but the REGIS Mark V takes the cake.
    REGIS: You will all beg for mercy, in vain. The debris of your planet shall litter this solar system. I shall suck upon your very atoms.
  • Subverted on Young Justice. After her plan to take over Qurac is foiled, cameras catch Queen Bee shaking her fist at the presidential palace, screaming that "Qurac will be mine!" However, she turns out to actually be M'gann, disguising herself as Queen Bee so that people would know she was behind the scheme. Later when M'gann meets the real Queen Bee, she turns out to be a Softspoken Sadist who calls her performance "a bit over-the-top."
    • Played straight with Gordon Godfrey. He's a news anchor voiced by Tim Curry, who is secretly an agent of Darkseid. So far he hasn't been seen off his news show so that persona could very well be an act.
  • Peridot from Steven Universe was introduced as a calm and cold villain, but quickly became on of the hammiest characters on the show after she got stranded on Earth. She shouts her lines, laughs maniacally and sometimes even makes faces at the heroes. Surprisingly, she becomes even hammier after her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Kaeloo: Olaf the emperor penguin is incredibly hammy, and does hammy things like shouting most of his lines and doing Evil Laughs. The trope is averted with the other villains, Stumpy, Mr. Cat and Pretty.
  • Miraculous Ladybug: Hawk Moth, as well as any super villain he creates. Every time he transforms someone, the guy gives a hammy speech about the villain he'll make, and closes every episode swearing revenge against Ladybug and Chat Noir, usually with some good puns thrown in for good measure. Ironically his civilian identity, Gabriel Agreste, is The Stoic. His minions aren't much better, as most of their dialogue is cracking puns about whatever their gimmick is. A few of them sing about it.
  • Apocalypse from X-Men takes it Up to Eleven million. Every word out of his mouth is an A God Am I rant for the ages, to the point that the film version at "full Skeletor" seems tame by comparison! Voiced by John Colicos, aka Kor, the first Klingon in Star Trek: The Original Series. You can't get hammier than the guy who created Klingon-type ham! A few of his more memorable lines include: "I am the rocks of the eternal shore! Crash against ME and be BROKEN!" "How many peoples have dreamed of my end? You are no closer than the Babylonians with their swords and fire sticks!" "Spare me your petty judgments! They spring from a brain too meager to comprehend my reality! NOW TASTE THE POWER OF APOCALYPSE!" Throw in an epic Evil Laugh like no other with many of those lines.


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