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Clockwise: The Joker, Presto-Change-o, The Trickster (Earth-3) and the Painted Doll. All but the Painted Doll have been portrayed by the same guy.

"Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight is more disconcerting than a cold blood shower with your father. And like Vader and Lecter, The Joker caused a chain reaction of copycats, which has now looped around ouroboros-style to Jared Leto's upcoming portrayal of The Joker in Suicide Squad. The only problem here? Ledger's Joker has become the go-to blueprint for every goddamn villain out there."

Just as Batman is one of the most popular superheroes of all time, his Arch-Enemy The Joker is one of the most popular supervillains. And much like how the Batman Parody is an Expy of Batman, the Joker Impersonator is modeled after the Clown Prince of Crime. A chaotic and unhinged villain with a tendency for slasher smiles and a usually bombastic attitude, the Joker Impersonator tends to have at least a few of the following traits:

It's worth noting that the Joker's design was largely inspired by Conrad Veidt's depiction of Gwynplaine, from the 1928 film adaptation of The Man Who Laughs. Unlike the Joker, however, Gwynplaine was a wholly good character who simply looked disturbing because of the Glasgow Smile he suffered from. Compare Darth Vader Clone, a character modeled after another iconic villain.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • The Big O: Alan Gabriel is an enigmatic villain who has a white face, and is a sadistic, strange figure with a penchant for giggling, similar to the Joker.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo: Cioccolata, one of the Boss' Special Guard, is a Psycho for Hire for Passione. A former doctor, he's a Serial Killer that experimented and tormented his patients and before that the elderly in his care because he liked to watch them suffer and die, and has green hair ending in puffballs that makes him resemble a deranged harlequin. Much like the Joker the rest of the organized mob, even his own boss thinks he's scum. His relationship with Secco (a former patient he twisted and experimented to be his insane sidekick) is similar to the Joker's treatment of and relationship with Harley Quinn.
  • Hisoka Morrow from Hunter × Hunter, who shares the Joker's Monster Clown gimmick, obsession with the hero that borders on Foe Yay, and capability to cheat death.
  • Fist of the North Star had two of them. Jako was based on The Joker and there was also a green-haired Filler Villain called Joker.
  • Parallel Paradise's Galia is a rare female version of this: while not a straight-up clown, she's got a jester aesthetic. Personality-wise, she's genuinely goofy, childish and clumsy on top of being so sadistic and murderous that her cruelty is legendary among the entire cult of cannibalistic witches she belongs to: humiliating others and breaking their spirits is basically what gets her out of bed in the morning, to the degree that she'll forgo a meal for the chance to do so. Besides the fact she's been around for roughly three millennia, we know only the vaguest things about her past.
  • The Psycho-Pass villain Shogo Makishima has a signature smile, unnaturally colored hair and skin, has a fascination with a brooding, black-clad hero, and loves spreading chaos because he prefers it over submitting to the Sybil System.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yami Marik, the psychotic Split Personality of Marik Ishtar. He's an Ax-Crazy, sadistic, sociopathic Serial Killer who enjoys killing, inflicting pain, and spreading terror which by his own admission is motivated solely For the Evulz. He's Laughing Mad and is dangerously unhinged, but in spite of this still manages to be The Chessmaster and a formidable duelist. He also appears to be an Omnicidal Maniac who would be happy to bring about the end of the world had he been allowed to have his way.

    Comic Books 
  • The Joker himself has a number of in-universe copycats in the DC universe. He likes to use the Joker Venom to turn people into copies of himself complete with maniacal laughter, bleached skin, and green hair.
    • Dark Nights: Metal introduces the Dark Knights, evil alternate Bruce Waynes who also take traits with other characters, and represent dark paths Batman could've taken. Their ring-leader is the Batman Who Laughs, the Bruce Wayne of Earth-22 who was corrupted by Joker Venom after killing his version of the Joker. Representing Batman's fear of becoming as bad as the Joker, he has Batman's methodical mind mixed with the Joker's love of chaos. He considers himself Eviler Than Thou to the Joker, which the Joker actually agrees with to the point where he was willing to team up with Batman to stop him.
    • Teen Titans: Duela Dent, a.k.a. The Joker's Daughter, dresses up as a Distaff Counterpart of the Clown Prince of Crime, and even claims to be his daughter, though eventually it's determined she is the daughter of Two-Face (or rather, a female Two-Face and heroic version of the Joker from a Mirror Universe). Unlike most examples of this trope she's a heroic character... at least until the New 52, where she becomes a psychopathic young woman obsessed with the idea of serving the Joker, even wearing his cut-off face.
    • Out of universe, The Trickster I (James Jesse) from The Flash is seen as the Lighter and Softer version of the Joker, having a circus theme with all kind of toys and clown stuff used as weapons and being on the wrong side of the law. However, he's more calm and focused, and the craziness of his persona is only seen in their robberies and acts against Flashes rather than with the Rogues. His successor (Axel Walker, known as the Trickster II), however, is more Ax-Crazy and became more of a Circus Brat, being closer than his predecessor to the Joker.
    • The story "Panic at the Midnight Rodeo" from the Dog Days of Summer Special introduced Bat-Cow's archenemy, an untameable, green-tinted, and lipsticked rodeo steer named Laffa-Bull who tramples, gores, and otherwise maims people For the Evulz.
    • In Batman/Superman (2013), the arc "Superman's Joker" revolves around one of Superman's rogues turning into an Ax-Crazy For the Evulz antagonist who functions as his equivalent to the Joker. It turns out to be Xa-Du.
    • In New Super-Man, Alpaca, a.k.a. Wang Jiali, acts as the Joker analogue to the Chinese Bat-Man (Wang Baixi), causing mayhem and acting as his archenemy due to not being chosen to be his "Robin".
    • Circe, one of Wonder Woman's most reoccurring and powerful foes, has been depicted this way since the 90s. She is an Evil Counterpart to the main heroine as both are superpowered women of divine origin but while Diana wants to help and protect humanity, Circe is a petty misanthrope who wants to corrupt and destroy it. Circe has even sometimes been depicted with purple hair and green clothing, a visual inversion of the Joker's iconic look and is often written as snarky and jovial with an obvious malicious streak. She has also shown a penchant for striking at Diana through her loved ones, as when she brainwashed Vanessa Kapatelis into becoming the new Silver Swan.
    • Some of Batman's international allies have their own Joker counterparts. The Knight from Britain has Jarvis Poker, the British Joker, who is more of a prankster than a murderer, and Night Runner has The Man Who Laughs, a dadaist lunatic.
  • Hack/Slash has April Fool in the "Interdimensional Women's Prison Breakout" arc, a female mass murderer from another universe who dresses like a sexy clown and tries to make all her crimes sadistically funny, and appears to hate having any one outfit on for more than a few hours due to being a Mood-Swinger. Cassie, not having Batman's inhibitions about killing people, hangs her immediately after finding her.
  • Marvel Comics:
  • Nemesis has its titular character, who answers the question of "what if Batman was the Joker?" A rich playboy decked in white, who constantly outwits law enforcement and does various horrible things and mind-games For the Evulz. Like the Joker, his true identity is a mystery as he lies about his backstory, merely stating that he's "rich and bored".
  • The premise of Oxymoron was deliberately done as "what if there was a Joker, but no Batman?" The titular Oxymoron is a psychopathic killer with a rictus grin, his costume a white ski-mask and a white suit and red tie. His goal is to kill all Hypocrites and contradictions everywhere, but with the various logical hurdles he goes to to accuse his victims of such, it is very likely this is just an excuse to murder indiscriminately. Like various incarnations of the Joker, he also winds up inspiring a legion of copy-cats.
  • Promethea has the Painted Doll, a mass-murdering "omnipath" who is hero-worshipped by in-universe edgelords and dresses like a Pierrot. He has Joker Immunity, which is finally explained by the revelation that he is a series of robots created by a secretly-villainous Gadgeteer Genius hero, a new one being activated whenever one is destroyed. Close to the end of the comic, all the existing robots are simultaneously activated - they proceed to destroy one another until only one is left, who announced his intention to go straight.
  • Clown, later known as the Violator, in Spawn, an Ax-Crazy demon whose human guise is an obese Monster Clown.
  • Stormwatch PHD introduces Serial Killer Pagliacci as a clear Joker expy, a clownish thrill-killer with next to no information about him. Unlike the Joker, he's obsessed with drama and tragedy rather than dark comedy, befitting his namesake.
  • Wanted: With his fitting Slasher Smile, psychopathic tendencies, and Black Comedy, series antagonist Mr Rictus is an obvious send-up of the Clown Prince of Crime.
  • Watchmen:
    • Played with Edward Blake, a.k.a. the Comedian from the original Watchmen mini-series. While mainly an Expy of Peacemaker and a twisted version of Captain America, he takes clear inspiration from the Joker due to his psychotic and amoral personality, associations with smiles, and dark sense of humor believing the world is a joke. His alias is similar to that of "Joker". His Straw Nihilist views would be popularized as a characterization of the Joker a few years later, by the same author. That said, his humorist/jokester aesthetic is very clearly less circus clown and more Groucho Marx, sporting a thick mustache and chomping a cigar.
    • Doomsday Clock: Marcos Maez a.k.a. Mime, along with being an Expy of Punch, takes clear inspiration from the Joker. He's a theatrical, sadistic murderer, with a Psychotic Smirk and facepaint, though is an Enemy Mime rather than a Monster Clown. His relationship with Erika Manson/Marionette is reminiscent of the Joker and Harley Quinn, though without the Domestic Abuse since they truly care for one another.
  • Supreme gives us Jack-a-Dandy. His nemesis is Batman expy Professor Night, and he shares Joker's green and purple color scheme. While equally crazy, he's not interested in laughs, but rather style: he's foppish and effeminate, and makes sure his Death Traps are beautifully-decorated. He's nevertheless shown to have killed people on a whim.
  • In Wrong Earth, both versions of Number One are clear expies of the Joker, with the Earth-Alpha version being based on Cesar Romero's portrayal and the Earth-Omega version being based on the more modern Joker.
  • In Astro City, Mister Drama was one of these. A failed actor who turned to crime, he adopted a fancy suit and stylized mask and served as a persistent enemy to the original Jack-in-the-Box. He even had a facial deformity, though this came late in his career, after a mishap with poisonous chemicals gave him cancer.

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Some DC Extended Universe villains were criticised (and sometimes praised) for acting more like the Joker than their comic counterparts;
    • Jesse Eisenberg's eccentric portrayal of Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came off a lot like Heath Ledger's portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. He has the stringy hair, disheveled appearance, Faux Affably Evil demeanor, and he’s an expert strategist with a nihilistic worldview. As this Cracked article put it:
      Here's a fucking question: What is up with Lex Luthor in Batman V Superman? Why is the iconic, cool-headed businessman transformed into a shaky-voiced lunatic peeing in jars while ranting about the paradoxical nature of man? In the end, his slap-shit babble plan is to make Superman and Batman fight while also releasing an uncontrollable ogre on the city for the fuck of it. That is objectively not the character of Lex Luthor; it's a level of nonsense quite conveniently close to The Joker.
    • Ewan McGregor's portrayal of Black Mask in Birds of Prey (2020) made a lot of fans think he would make a good Joker. He’s portrayed here as a flamboyant, swaggering mobster whose jocular and disarming nature contrasts with his sheer ruthlessness and sadism, and he has a specific bone to pick with Harley Quinn.
  • After killing two Wall Street executives in self-defense and one For the Evulz, the titular character of Joker (2019) inspires a movement of imitators who mistake his actions as the start of an anti-establishment revolution.
  • Skyfall: The Big Bad, Raoul Silva, was confirmed to be inspired by the Joker, with bleached hair, an unnerving grin that's entirely false, and a love of spreading chaos.
  • Probably an unintentional example, but Alex from A Clockwork Orange seems rather like the Joker, being a sociopathic, Straw Nihilist asshole who likes to murder and rape people For the Evulz and (in the film at least) wears an excessive amount of makeup.

  • Being a satire of sexism in superhero comics in which all the characters are a very recognizable Cast of Expies, Catherynne M. Valente's The Refrigerator Monologues inevitably includes a Joker-equivalent, Mr. Punch, a serial killer who mutilated himself to look like a marionette, frequently gets sent to a mental hospital, has an obsession with dark vigilante "Grimdark", and has a hero-worshiping, equally-deranged girlfriend who he murders.
  • Gary Gwynplaine from The Golden House, who was born with pale white skin and green hair, and wears a purple suit. He's called "Joker" through most of the novel, and is an extended Take That! against Donald Trump.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Amazing Extraordinary Friends has the Comedian: a wise-cracking criminal who uses weapons based on practical jokes, and is completely ruthless (and murderous when he wants to be).
  • The Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner" revolved around a comic book villain called the Ghastly Grinner coming to life and wreaking havoc in the real world. The Ghastly Grinner was most likely inspired by the Joker because he was a villainous jester with a manic grin.
  • Arrowverse:
    • Being different than his comic book counterpart, the Trickster from The Flash is closer to the Joker in the series, having a sense of chaos and even been as campy as any of Batman's Rogues Gallery from the old '60s series. He's portrayed by Mark Hamill, who'd soon go on to being the Joker's voice actor in Batman: The Animated Series. He ends up reprising the role of the Trickster in the 2014 series, again portraying him closer to the Joker than his namesake.
    • Arrow:
      • Cecil Adams/The Count was stated by his actor to have his performance based off the Joker. That is, he's a complete psycho who gets off from the suffering of others.
      • Lonnie Machin/Anarky is a Bomb Throwing Anarchist who giggles with glee as he spreads chaos and terror across the city. He's also a Combat Sadomasochist who enjoyed being burned alive and thinks of it as being reborn.
      • Prometheus takes a lot of cues from the Joker, being the psychotic Arch-Enemy and Evil Counterpart of The Hero who is a Batman analogue. He is deeply obsessed with ruining the hero's life, being completely devoid of humanity and dedicates his entire life to his cause. This becomes even more apparent in Season Six where he returns as a Vertigo induced hallucination to haunt Oliver, very much like Joker did to Batman in Batman: Arkham Knight, establishing himself as the one enemy Oliver can never be truly rid of.
  • Frank Gorshin's portrayal of The Riddler in Batman (1966) is an inversion of this trope — various comic book writers have noted that when Batman was retooled circa 1970, the Joker was retooled based on Gorshin's Riddler. The constant swings from manic giggling to homicidal seriousness are all Gorshin's Riddler rather than Cesar Romero's more prankish and kooky Joker.
  • Dollhouse has Alpha, an Ax-Crazy Laughably Evil Serial Killer who makes it his business to get under Echo's skin and try to turn her into someone like him.
  • Gotham:
    • Before the series introduced the real Joker, Jerome Valeska served as the proto-Joker. A very deliberate example in this case due to the show being done by a DC-sanctioned take on Batman, so the writers were constrained by Warner Brothers' insistence that the Joker be used specifically in their DCU films. So Jerome ends up being the Joker in all but name, having his characterization derived from several different versions of the Joker and being explicitly said to be a tribute to the Clown Prince of Crime. Though originally created as a one-off possible identity of the Jokernote . However, Monaghan's performance proved so popular that Jerome was promoted to this, becoming essentially the show's take on the Joker for the first four seasons and taking on many of the iconic Joker traits. Fittingly, he was responsible for giving rise to the real Joker of Gotham.
    • Jerome's cultists, possibly modeled on the Jokerz from the comics, also qualify. After Jerome's first outing as a terrorist, a cult develops around him that he and later, his twin brother, use in their various schemes. They all wear clown-inspired clothing and makeup, and buy into Jerome's philosophy towards life, which seems to be that there's no such thing as loyalty and goodness, anyway, so you might as well betray, kill or blow up anyone you want, and have a good time doing it. Their attitude towards betrayal comes back to bite them hard when they decide to turn on the show's real Joker after one of his schemes doesn't work, and the Joker proceeds to burn them alive for their betrayal.
      Joker/Jeremiah: I want you all to know, I find your fickleness quite hurtful. And more so, very predictable. [quickly backs out of the room, locks the door on them, and turns on the incinerator that he just happened to have built into the room they were standing in]
  • Goosebumps had a Canon Foreigner villain in its multi-part episode "Chillogy" named Karl Knave: a monstrous, malicious prankster in a bad purple suit who kills children by playing lethal games with them to amuse himself, all the while putting up a Faux Affably Evil act. Even his name is an implicit reference to The Joker. Many times, The Joker has taken identities related to clowns, jesters and such, including such obscure references as Eric Border. A Knave is an old word for a Fool — or, alternatively... a clown.
  • Kilgrave from Jessica Jones has shades of this. He's unbalanced, manipulative and childish; he has an obsession with a gloomy, psychologically damaged hero(ine) ; he's abusive to the women in his life; he wears a purple suit; and he has a habit of telling people to "smile".

    Tabletop Games 
  • Mutants & Masterminds:
    • The Conqueror Worm in the Freedom City setting has his weird conviction that he's a Well-Intentioned Extremist punishing "sinners", but is basically an Ax-Crazy lunatic who kills people for no real reason except he can. His belief that he and the Raven are Not So Different means that even after his death, he's still one of the few villains who gets under Duncan Summers's skin. He even had a Harley counterpart named Ligeia.
    • Blood Wing in Halt Evil Doer!. The greatest enemy of the first Black Wing, he was a scarred psychotic who is believed to have killed thousands of people, and his obsession with Black Wing stems from a horrific example of Create Your Own Villain (he was the murderer of Black Wing's family, and Black Wing left him tied up in a burning house. He later appeared claiming to have done a deal with Satan for revenge). Like Conqueror Worm, he's officially dead (killed by the Psychotic Seven, possibly as a Thanatos Gambit), but he's a Legacy Character: between his online Manifesto of Blood and his possibly having survived as a walk-in spirit, there's always someone twisted enough to put on the Blood Wing costume. (In a way, this is the ultimate Multiple-Choice Past — any given Blood Wing might have a different past because he's a different person, but once someone's become Blood Wing, it doesn't really matter who they were before.)


    Video Games 
  • Ace Attorney
    • Florent L'Belle in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies wears a purple suit, is covered with pale makeup, carries a squirt flower, goes through a line of hair dyes that ends with green, and is a flamboyant criminal willing to kill someone over an issue with his personal cosmetics brand.
    • Roger Retinz is a nihilistic, Faux Affably Evil TV producer who, In his "Mr. Reus" persona, wore a green-and-purple suit and took the "Joker" as his tarot symbol.
  • Batman: Arkham Knight has an in-universe example with the Joker Infected, who are infected with the Joker's blood and show different aspects of the Joker's personality; Christina got his obsession with Batman, Johnny his theatrical flourishes, and Albert his brutality. As later revealed, Henry Adams gets his brilliant scheming. The last infected victim turns out to be Batman himself, who is poised to receive the full package.
  • BlazBlue: Yuuki Terumi is a green haired Psychopathic Manchild with a nihilistic outlook of the world, seeing it as nothing but lies, and believes that the only truth is despair. He's well aware of how much of a vile son of a bitch he is, and is also utterly insane, frequently breaking into fits of laughter, has a constant Slasher Smile on his face, is the Arch-Enemy of a brooding Anti-Hero who he loves to get under the skin of, commits atrocity after atrocity for no other reason than because he felt like it, has a sick and twisted sense of humor, and is also very hammy.
  • Delta Rune has the Bonus Boss Jevil, a former court jester to the Card Kingdom who snapped after learning that his life takes place in a video game thanks to a mysterious stranger. He then started treating the world as an open sandbox game as an agent of chaos with all the associated nastiness. While his reign of terror was put to an end by his imprisonment, he did drive his former colleague and captor Seam towards despair and apathy at the state of the world. As a cherry on top, the Card Kingdom has a Playing Card Motifs theme, so Jevil is based on the Joker card much like Batman's nemesis.
  • Devil May Cry: Jester, a form of Arkham is based off the Joker and was almost named as such. He's a Monster Clown who despite how evil he is can be pretty funny.
  • Dragon Quest VIII: Dhoulmagus is a magical jester and similar to the Joker in many ways. Like the Joker, he's a Monster Clown that tends to make things serious, and a dark-humored figure who enjoys his kills.
  • Vaas Montenegro of Far Cry 3, from his Straw Nihilist For the Evulz mentality to his Mood-Swinger Ax-Crazy nature and his personal desire to break down Jason Brody, is a Joker take on Ruthless Modern Pirates.
  • Clown from Fighters Dynamite series is the Sub-Boss of the series, and a Monster Clown with various circus-themed weapons and tarot cards. Different from many of the expies, he's an ugly man who hides under an harlequin mask. He finds himself as a narcissist and likes pretty boys, and it's implied he's homosexual.
  • Final Fantasy VI: Kefka Palazzo is similar to the Joker, though put in a fantasy setting. A mad jester with white clownish make-up, he's dedicated to causing chaos and suffering For the Evulz, with a large part of his broken psychology being he finds life and love worthless. And like what happens to any group who thinks they can control the Joker, Kefka turns on his superiors.
  • Fu'un Series has a villain properly called as "Joker". The leader of the Looly Po Po, a criminal organization, Joker is a demented psycho who loves chaos and disorder, who's also dressed as a clown with rollerblades and Hidden Weapons. He enjoys making people suffer and thinks it all to be just a joke. He only enters both tournament organized by King Lion just for fun and to get his attention because he seems more funny than him.
  • League of Legends:
    • Shaco, the Demon Jester, is basically the Joker as an enchanted marionette in a Villainous Harlequin outfit: deceptive, chaotic, tricky, murderous, laden with sadistic toys (he can even hide a demonic jack-in-the-box), and completely devoid of any goals but causing mayhem. He even has a very similar appearance to many versions of the Joker, with a chalk-white face and an exaggeratedly large Slasher Smile.
    • Jinx, a heavily-armed, completely insane, criminally inclined young woman with blue hair and very pale skin, who thinks violence is hilarious, was, according to Word of God, conceived as a gender-flipped version of the Joker from Batman: The Animated Series, although many players are reminded more of Harley Quinn.
  • The Legend of Zelda
    • The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has the titular, vibrantly colored mask contain an incredibly violent and petty spirit. Majora's Mask has a sketchy backstory at best (it was said to be used by an unnamed tribe for rituals), and it's crimes range from trying to drop a moon on Termina to poisoning the water supply of a civilization to knocking over old ladies, all out of amusement and/or boredom.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword gives Ghirahim a primarily white color scheme with hints or red, yellow, and black, making him look somewhat like a jester or a Renaissance clown. Behind his easygoing exterior, he's particularly vicious by the standards of Demise's army, often issuing colorful death and torture threats over being delayed in his quest to revive his master. Other than being a sword of Demise that can take on a sentient form, he has no backstory whatsoever.
    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has Yuga, a Monster Clown with mostly purple clothing. He has no detailed backstory, although he is eventually revealed to be Princess Hilda's right-hand man and advisor. Although he supposedly acts to save Lorule from destruction, his actual end goal is to annihilate both it and Hyrule so he can make new worlds in his own image, just because thinks of both as "hideous."
  • Metal Gear Solid V has Skull Face, who has quite a few parallels with the Clown Prince of Crime, particularly his incarnation from The Dark Knight and the eponymous Joker graphic novel. That the audio tapes, particularly the one with Skull Face detailing his backstory can be likened to one of Joker's infamous "scar stories" and the fact that he's a Wild Card playing against both Snake and Cipher doesn't help one bit.
  • Gengar from the Pokémon games is purple and sports a malicious smile. Numerous pokedex entries state that Gengar gets its jollies from tormenting people.
  • While he's much smaller-time than the Trope Namer, Lucas Baker from Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a scrawny and pale Large Ham Serial Killer whose M.O. is rigging elaborate deathtraps and torture devices which he subjects his victims to in Deadly Games. He also blatantly does it because he genuinely thinks it's fun, grinning and giggling up a storm once he thinks he's played someone into his hands; and late-game plus the Not a Hero DLC reveal that he's also officially a researcher for a crime syndicate wherein even the scientists who work under him are disturbed by what a loose cannon he is. For bonus points, he's mildly associated with clown and circus imagery, even using a stylized image of a Monster Clown as a personal logo.
  • Super Paper Mario: Dimentio initially appears to be a Villainous Harlequin, but is gradually revealed to be this instead. He is an evil jester who has a sense of humor but is Ax-Crazy, killing Mario and friends with a smile on his face, and he believes that Love Is a Weakness to be exploited in his plot to destroy all dimensions and replace them with perfect new ones. He also has a Mysterious Past- where he came from is never explained, and while Carson has theories, nothing is ever confirmed. Finally, he tries to get the heroes to join him in overthrowing Count Bleck, sapping their free will if they comply.

    Web Animation 

    Web Original 

    Web Videos 
  • The first episode of Save the Supers features the Jokester as villain, who's pretty much the Joker with orange hair. Unfortunately for him, the local Batman expy, Night Knight, is a bit trigger-happy and the Jokester gets killed on his first appearance.

    Western Animation 
  • DC Animated Universe:
    • The Creeper in The New Batman Adventures was originally Jack Ryder, a news anchorman who tries doing a biographical expose on the Joker, only for the Joker himself to show up and kill him for doing so without his permission. He gets a face-full of joker-gas before falling into the same chemical solution that made the Joker into what he is. The unique chemical compound turns his skin orange and his hair green, as well as giving him enhanced strength, speed and reflexes. The process turns him into a crazed loon, but not the same, sociopathic extent as the Joker, with sightings of him causing others to confuse him for a copycat. While he starts off wanting revenge on the Joker, he soon drops this when he sees Harley and becomes a relentless Abhorrent Admirer. By the end of the episode, the Creeper's antics become so bad that the Joker himself crawls up to Batman on his hands and knees looking for help.
      Joker: He's a lunatic!
    • Being based in the series, the Trickster from Justice League is entirely based on the aforementioned The Flash series, also being voiced by Mark Hamill just as he did in The Flash (1990), being more as a ported version than an adaptation from the comic book counterpart.
    • An in-universe example happens in Batman Beyond with the Jokerz, a street gang of hoodlums who dress up and model themselves after the Joker. When the actual Joker comes back, he's disappointed by them. It's eventually revealed he tried to create a Joker copy by torturing Tim Drake into a "Joker Jr.", which backfired when the traumatized Tim shot him. Who he later possesses to come back from the dead, thanks to a chip on his neck.
  • In Beware the Batman, Anarky is reimagined as a cackling, nihilistic, openly insane agent of chaos whose voice is a dead-ringer for that of Heath Ledger, and he's given an all-white costume and mask to match the Clown Prince's signature pallor. The Joker never had a chance to appear in the cartoon because of the creators' initial decision to focus more on the obscure enemies of Batman and the series being cancelled after one season, so Anarky was intended to be a stand-in for the Joker.
  • Samurai Jack:
  • Darkwing Duck: Quackerjack is an Expy of both the Joker and the Toyman. A deranged toymaker who turned to crime after the video game industry put him out of business, he's a mentally unstable Villainous Harlequin who's goofy and highly eccentric yet dangerous, and knows he's crazy but doesn't care. While he doesn't have a Multiple-Choice Past, it is mysterious compared to the rest of the Fearsome Five as aside from going insane when his toy company went under, we know next to nothing about his backstory. The Latin American dub actually took it a step further and named him "QuackGuasón" (lit. QuackJoker).
  • The Venture Bros.
    • Boggles the Clue Clown was originally a member of the Council of Thirteen, an oligarchy of super-villains that helped run the Guild of Calamitous Intent under the Sovereign. He was an Expy of both the Joker and The Riddler (having a clown-based gimmick with a penchant for leaving riddles with a rather twisted punchline) before he died of heart disease, his last riddle involving his own dead body and coffin being used as a jack-in-the-box. The Joker analogue is pushed further since his arch-enemy was Captain Sunshine, who is voiced by Kevin Conroy (most famous for playing Batman in the DC Animated Universe).
    • Presto Change-O is a villainous jester who likes to make jokes. Strengthening the comparison is that he's voiced by Mark Hamill, who voiced the Joker in the DCAU and other media.
    • The Wild Fop, while mostly based on Oscar Wilde, has the white makeup and facial features of The Joker. His voice also brings to mind Jeff Bennett's interpretation in Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • Mal from Total Drama: All-Stars, the evil Split Personality of Mike and the overall Big Bad of the season. He's an Ax-Crazy sociopath who is unpredictably chaotic and enjoys terrorizing others For the Evulz as well as being Laughing Mad. It's also put up to debate whether he or Mike is the original personality. Mal is the closest thing Total Drama has to the Joker.
  • Zombozo from Ben 10 is a Monster Clown supervillain and a frequent nemesis of Ben Tennyson, who had huge issues with him due to a phobia of clowns. Bonus points in that all of Zombozo's voice actors (John Kassir in the original series, John DiMaggio in the subsequent ones) have played The Joker at some point.
  • The Justice Friends segment of Dexter's Laboratory featured a villain called the Disgruntled Postman, who resembled the Joker dressed like a postal worker and was just as crazy as the Clown Prince of Crime himself.
  • Static Shock: Shiv is Ax-Crazy, is associated with the color purple and even states to be a huge fan of the Clown Prince of Crime during an episode where Static teamed up with Batman.


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