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Creatures and Monsters

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    Prism Racers 
"Wanna race? It lives for the thrill!"

Prism Racers are giant flying lizards who get their name from the prismatic appearance of their wings and scales. They literally get off from the feelings of thrill and amazement, and feed by participating in racing competitions where they will be watched by adoring, excited crowds. Despite their diet, they are very friendly creatures and are generally welcomed among the skies, where the pegasi mostly live.

Owing to their friendly disposition, they tend to lean on the "flight" side of the fight-or-flight response. They're known for their incredible speed, and their legless bodies are streamlined to endure the turbulence and high speeds they often reach. If threatened, they usually use their wings to emit flashes of rainbow-colored light, blinding their foes long enough for them to escape. They also have minor weather magic like the pegasi, which they use to enhance their performances or defend themselves.
  • Emotion Eater: Prism Racers literally live for the thrill. They're commonly found in race gatherings since they feed off of the exhilaration and amazement from both the spectators and the racing participants.
  • Gentle Giant: Implied; the entire race is described as being this trope in their profile, so they must be pretty large.
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: Averted. Prism Racers are proud, yet very friendly creatures who often participate in races to spice up the competition and enhance the feelings of amazement from being watched. They're also known to give ponies a ride on their backs. It is very frowned upon for someone to poach and kill a Prism Racer for their beautiful scales.
  • Super Speed: They're described as the fastest creatures in Equus, capable of outrunning most airships and rivaling professional athletes.


    Great Song Birds 
"Hope you enjoy singing, you'll probably be doing it for awhile."


"It literally lives on your indignation and self-righteousness."

"I think we're all mixed up..."

    Glory Hounds 
"Pride comes before the fall."

    Kite-Eating Trees 
"AAUGH! Stupid Kite Eating Tree!"
Starlight Glimmer, after losing a kite to one.

"In the frozen north, never go out at night alone."


"Give it its distance. Preferably upwind."

"They feast on your fears!"

    Dangler Trees 
"Don't touch the stalks."

"True monsters kill and devour even their own."

    Giant Crabs 
"Snappy fellows, no matter the size!"

    Heart Fliers 
''"It knows what you did."

''"A good omen... if you can put up with their pranks."

''"The island... it moved!"

    Laughing Lilies 
''"Tickle tickle."

"Just because it's blind, doesn't mean it's dangerous."

"The strength of a lion and the loyalty of a dog."



    Blaze Bats 

    Clobbersaurus Rexes 


    Nian Beasts 


    Witch Weeds 

    Giant Dogs 

    Mourning Glories 

    Temper Trolls 




    Bête Noire 

    Irritation Imps 

    Cuddle Spiders 

    Giant Spiders 


    Haunted Hickories 

    Banezards, the Deathless Menaces 
"'Stabbed it through the eye'. You know, I never really believed it. Banezards are so tough they survived getting half their skulls blown off, and some freaking come back from the dead. Blackpaw’s sabre has to be something really special for him to put a freaking Banezard Alpha down with only one brain kebab."
Mane Allgood, Equestrian animal/monster expert/hunter, wife of Meridian/Equestrian animal/monster expert/hunter Snap Shutter and mother of the Cutie Mark Crusaders organization co-founder Scootaloo. She was later proven correct in her deduction.

  • Captain Ersatz: In-Universe, Princess Stitching Time from the Church of the Stars compares them to the 'Horrasque' from 'Castles & Cavalier' tabletop games (An expy of the infamous Terrasque from D&D) she played back in the Second Age. Then she realizes to her horror that they're not dealing with one of these things, but an ENTIRE SPECIES of them.
  • Extreme Omnivore: While technically predatory, in practice necessity means they would eat just about anything, from animals to plants to even minerals. Whole acres of rain-forests could be devoured down to bedrock by a pack/herd of Banezards when feeding.
  • Healing Factor: Possesses one which allows them to recover from even the most damaging injuries, and part of the reason they are so hard to kill. They could regenerate whole lost limbs, and it's theorized that given broken body-parts had been observed to continue living and regenerating for quite some time, under the right circumstances an entire clone of the original Banezard could be recreated, which would explain some of the more inexplicable returns of old Banezards which Meridians had thought they had definitively put down.
  • Rasputinian Death: This is the only guaranteed way of putting them down as they can take the likes of having half their heads blasted off, losing entire limbs, punctured like a porcupine by spears and lances, suffering fourth-degree burns over their bodies, losing most of their blood, having more than half of the skeleton broken, and survive long enough escape and fully recover.
    • Their bodies also have multiple redundancies that allow them to lose entire organs without missing a beat. A pair of six-chambered hearts, a pair of independent windpipes with multiple layers of bio-filters, a pair of interlocked spines with a pair of spinal cord, a four-lobed brain, three stomachs (one for meat, vegetation and minerals each), among other things. Did we mention they could regenerate all this?
  • Reptiles Are Abhorrent: These things are reptilian monsters which simply do not know how to die, and are hyper-aggressive to boot.
  • Super Toughness: Even discounting their infamous regenerative abilities, Banezards are incredibly tough and hard to kill due to various evolutionary traits. Their scales, for example, are hardened with metallic elements from their Extreme Omnivore diet, including enough traces of heavy metals to make them radioactive. If you can get pass that, their skeleton is also hardened that way, making it difficult to break their bones.
  • Walking Wasteland: All the Banezards can potentially become this, owing to their bodies containing large quantities of radioactive and thaumatic materials from their diets. The 'Radzard' species are notable for being able to externalize this field, making them truly Walking Wastelands among their kind.


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