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Hybrid Haven

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  • Fantastic Racism: Defied and averted. Having personally experienced racism for being the first living hybrid all his life, King Ibrida has made sure no one will go through the same thing by establishing a haven for those who want to live away from tribal/racial persecution (though it's noted that Ibrida initially didn't want to found another kingdom out of fear of his own flaws, but Golden Scepter encouraged him to do it). In Hybrid Haven, everyone is allowed to live in it as long as they leave their hatred and biases at the door, and racial intolerance is strictly outlawed. Anyone participating in hate crimes will be met with severe punishments.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: As indicated by its name, Hybrid Haven is mostly populated by interracial hybrids, though members of non-hybrid species make their home in it, too. King Ibrida ensured through divine decree that Hybrid Haven should be a place where anyone escaping persecution from hateful and bigoted individuals could seek sanctuary, and participating in such things against one's neighbors in Hybrid Haven will be severely punished.
  • Hidden Elf Village: Justified. Hybrid Haven's true location is kept hidden from the outside world to protect everyone in it - mostly its hybrid population - from tribal/racial supremacist groups that want to harass, persecute, and kill them for opposing their harmful philosophies and being interracial "abominations". After opening up and reaching out to Equestria following Princess Twilight/Amicitia Sparkle's rise to power as a ruler, Hybrid Haven maintains diplomatic ties with the country and has received visitors, but said visitors had to agree to not say where it is to anyone else. Golden Scepter is one of few individuals who became Secret Keepers for King Ibrida at the time of its founding; by his own admission, Golden Scepter was surprised Ibrida trusted him with such sensitive information, but has been working hard to maintain that trust.

    King Ibrida, the Halfblood King 

Divine Classification: Ascendant/Ethereal

Portfolio: Hybrids, Acceptance, Love

Rank: Antecedent

"Only love can defeat hatred. Only acceptance can bring about peace."

King Ibrida (his entry here) is the Draconequus god of Hybrids, Acceptance, and Love, and the divine ruler of Hybrid Haven.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Hybrids, Acceptance, and Love.
  • Barbarian Hero: In an interesting twist of the trope, despite having the looks, prowess and attitudes of one, he is portrayed as an All-Loving Hero version of one of this, owing to both his kind upbringing by his interracial parents and wise teachings of the Grand Primevals, who permitted and protected his existence. He constantly got into fights with his enemies and others who dared to challenge him, especially on the grounds of him being one of the first hybrids to exist back then, and conquered lands for his kingdoms/empires as any conqueror did... but he also forgave and accepted his defeated enemies as much as able and was incredibly progressive for the primitive cultures he was among at the time.
  • Forgiveness: His entry notes that he's rather forgiving and rarely holds grudges, which stemmed from the Grand Primevals teaching him that only Love can defeat Hatred. Thus, when he Ascended to godhood, he gained the divine domain of Acceptance.
    • In one incident, after a repentant Golden Scepter found and restored him from stasis, he explained to Ibrida the destruction of the Halfblood Empire by the Imperium of Ponykind, fully and understandably expecting the god of Hybrids to be angry at him for it. However, to the Radiant Emperor's surprise, Ibrida accepted what happened and forgave him for it.
    • When the Halfblood Empire became complacent, decadent, and corrupt, and fell to ruin as a result, he realized the full scope of his misdeeds and in his regret, he appealed to Amareros and Symvíosi for forgiveness. They granted it.
  • Fair for Its Day: In-universe. Having been raised by loving interracial parents and mentored by two Grand Primevals during a time when mortal sapientkind was living primitively, he became incredibly forgiving, tolerant, and progressive by the standards of that era. Notably, the kingdoms he founded allowed racial hybrids to live in it without fear of being persecuted by others for merely existing. However, eons of sleeping in stasis and keeping his current kingdom, Hybrid Haven, hidden from the world to protect its citizens from bigots resulted in societal/behavioral dissonance that makes him come across as overly brutal by the standards of modern royals, such as introducing himself to others in a loud and hammy manner, and terrifying those who threaten his subjects by threatening them with the prospect of a violent death. And a lot of the things he did in the past, such as conquering lands for his kingdoms and gaining allies through violence instead of diplomacy, were considered reprehensible by modern sapientkind. He even admits that what he did was horrible and he would have gladly taken up more pacifistic methods if they were available, but he had no choice but to be forceful and dominant in order to ensure freedom, unity, and safety for his subjects.
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Part of why he's seen as eccentric by the outside world. Having slept in stasis through countless Ages since the Imperium era until Golden Scepter found him, he continued adhering to the customs and behaviors of his time, despite having wandered Equus for three Ages like the Radiant Emperor did. Founding Hybrid Haven and keeping it hidden from the outside world to protect its citizens from tribalists/Autorists enabled the sheer societal/behavioral dissonance between him and other royals even further. For example, while he was an incredibly forgiving, tolerant, and progressive King in his time, to modern royals he comes off as overly brutal due to taking a very hands-on approach to problems, as he retained some of his era's primitive ways.
  • Half-Breed Discrimination: As the first Hippogriff, he was hated by his parents' respective tribes for merely existing, with both racist Ponies and Griffons initially seeking to kill him and the hybrid "abominations" in his kingdom until he defeated their chieftains non-lethally in a fight. Because of this, he wants to help those who are persecuted by racial/tribal supremacists, especially those with hybrid lineages, and give them a place where they could live in freedom and safety. It's because of this trope that he has praised the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon for including Deer hybrids and non-Deer divines among its ranks, even (though unconfirmed) gushing over Mentálne, the young Bogolenya Deer hybrid goddess of Mental Healing. It's also the reason why he gets along extremely well with people like Princess Twilight/Amicitia Sparkle, the Alicorn goddess of Friendship, and Blue Suede Heartstrings, the Alicorn god of Music and Humility, as the latter two are both staunch opponents of tribalism/racism and bigotry in general.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He was the first Hippogriff, born to a Pony father and a Griffon mother, thanks to Amareros and Symvíosi magically allowing his parents to have children when they otherwise couldn't due to being biologically incompatible. While he would gain a constantly-shifting Draconequus body upon Ascending, his wings are always that of a Griffon and a Pegasus, referring to his humble origins. As the god of Hybrids, he can also invoke this trope by hybridizing things like plants, and allowing people of different species to have hybrid children with a snap of his fingers, much like what a fertility deity would do.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Generally averted. He hates it when people try to justify doing bad things as it still doesn't diminish the horror of their actions, but fully admits that he had to act like a conqueror in ancient times because "dominance" was the only way for anyone, including him, to make progress in a harsh world. As soon as sapientkind and the world evolved to the point where the language of dominance was rendered relatively obsolete, he ditched his conquering ways and resorted to peace instead.
  • Insult Backfire: He was originally called the "Halfblood King" to insult his interracial heritage. However, he eventually adopted it as his epithet, regarding it as a source of pride instead.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Upon being woken up and restored from stasis, he forgave Golden Scepter for the Halfblood Empire's destruction at the collective hooves of the Imperium of Ponykind, something that surprised the latter. Later, when he started developing insecurities about founding another kingdom in fear that it might be destroyed in the future, Golden Scepter encouraged him to do it regardless, citing the fact that above all else, he always wanted to help others by making them feel like they're safe and wanted. This ultimately led to the founding of Hybrid Haven.
  • Large and in Charge: His entry notes that he is massive due to being so old, and his true form dwarfs Golden Scepter's due to Draconequui generally being larger than Alicorns. He also ruled over the Halfblood Empire of yore, and currently rules over Hybrid Haven.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Halfblood King" for being one of the first hybrids on Equus. At first it was originally to insult his interracial heritage, but he later came to see his nickname as a source of pride and adopted it as his epithet.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: After his Halfblood Empire fell into decadence, corruption, and hubris to the point where it experienced its own "Twilight" similar to its allies, the Alicorns, he realized the full scope of his mistakes and regretted what he had done. He begged the Grand Primevals, Amareros and Symvíosi, for forgiveness in light of this fact, and was granted it.
  • Reality Ensues: While his keeping Hybrid Haven isolated and hidden from the larger world is necessary for those who seek to exterminate racial hybrids for existing, especially tribalists and Autorists, it also led to him keeping rather outdated royal protocols. In one incident, he greeted Princess Twilight/Amicitia Sparkle by bursting through her doors and introducing himself with the "Royal Canterlot Voice".
  • Values Dissonance: In-universe. Having lived through a time when Ponies and Griffons were much more primitive, he still maintains some of the values from that time, and thus acts a little bit "eccentric".

    Captain Mlinzi 
See his folder entry here.

    Captain Wood Violet/Bois Violette 

Character: Heroic

Alignment: Neutral Good

Type: Guardsman/Ranger/Skunk Pony

Faction: Hybrid Haven/Haven Rangers

"I simply saved people and got them to safety. Nothing more."

  • Friendly Sniper: He's an excellent sniper, both with weapons and with his skunk spray, but a pretty nice, friendly guy.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: He's half Great Skunk half Earth Pony.
  • Smelly Skunk: Being half Great Skunk, he can spray like one.


Character: Heroic

Alignment: Lawful Good

Type: Hybrid/Security/Aide

Faction: Hybrid Haven


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