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Jotunn Pantheon

The Jotunn are to other Giants what Giants are to "Tinies" — even the scrawniest and weakest among them rival mountains in size... and that's just the mortal Jotunn. Jotunn deities can be as hard and unforgiving as the frozen lands they hail from.
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  • The Marvelous Deer: The Jotunn are essentially Giant Deer, and the Jotunn pantheon is no exception.
  • Swallowed Whole: Much like their mortal cousins, Jotunn deities have a tendency to devour mortals and even entire realms, though the more benevolent members of the bunch only do it to evil realms as a method of Pay Evil unto Evil.

    The Grand Elders of Jotunnkind 

    Hrothgar of the Endless Winter 

Divine Classification: Ethereal/Elemental

Portfolio: Sailors, Warriors, Plunder, Conquest, Winter

Rank: [TBA]

Father of Astrid Titanna and Elske Titanna, Hrothgar is something of a powerful and well-respected Jotunn god, loved and feared in equal measure by his daughters.


    Astrid Titanna 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: War, Strength, Victory

Rank: Divine (Tier 4/Greater)

"I'm big, you're small. That means I'm in charge, even if I wasn't a goddess who eats castles for fun.

Astrid is the Jotunn goddess of War and Victory. Boisterous and combative, she is always itching for a fight against whoever is unfortunate enough to be in her way. Countless monsters, mortal realms, and demons have fallen to her; be it under her hooves, in her belly, or by her obsidian battleaxe Hellsbane. Anyone who will listen—willing or not—will be regaled with tales of her conquests...even terrified prey she is about to devour.

Despite seeming immature and arrogant, Astrid does not neglect her duties. Prayers for victory by righteous warriors are promptly answered, whether or not they are Jotunn, and she has extensive knowledge of battle tactics and combat techniques.
  • Action Girl: She is a War Goddess, after all...
  • Amazonian Beauty: Astrid sports an athlete's lithe, muscular frame—fitting for a warrior.
  • An Axe to Grind: Wields a giant divine axe to chop up her foes whenever she's not simply crushing or eating them. It can also summon storms, and in her free time Astrid likes to chop the tops off mountains with it.
  • An Ice Person: Astrid can use Hellsbane to summon ice and freezing winds.
  • Big Eater: If Astrid isn't stepping on, sitting on, or chopping up foes with her axe, she's eating them. She's eaten entire kingdoms for lunch, along with countless monsters and even minor gods.
  • Blood Knight: She's always ready for a good fight or rampage, and loves dominating the battlefield. This is stated to be rare among other war gods, who tend to be stoic and taciturn.
  • Cool Scars: She's gained quite the collection of them from her millennia of battle, and loves showing them off. They can even change in severity depending on her mood.
  • Doting Parent: She's extremely proud of her hybrid demigod son, Lysets Far, and would constantly brag about his accomplishments to anyone who wants to hear, including the incident where he hunted down and killed an evil Giant of Light warlord.
  • Giant Foot of Stomping: Fond of crushing foes underhoof.
  • Large and in Charge: Astrid revels in her gigantic stature, and always makes sure everyone knows just how small they are compared to her.
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: She's lithe while Elske is plump, bombastic and combative where her sister is shy, modest, and gentle.
  • The Strategist: Beneath her boisterous attitude, Astrid has a wealth of knowlege in battle tactics and combat methods, inspiring these in her worshippers. However, she disdains maneuvers involving deception like feinged retreats (calling them "a bunch of damned cheating!") and forbids her worshippers from employing them.

    Elske Titanna 

Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Love, Affection, Passion

Rank: Divine (Tier 4/Greater)

"And that is why love conquers all. Being gigantic helps, too. Oh, and sorry about the mountain. And the other mountains. I need to watch where I sit..."

Elske is the Jotunn goddess of Love, Affection, and Passion, and Astrid's little sister. Elske is more demure, affectionate, and gentler than Astrid, regally dressed in pink robes and soft furs... but that doesn't mean she's a weakling among her people. As a love goddess in the Jotunn pantheon, Elske has unmatched magical empathy, capable of inspiring the most stoic people into showing their goodwill; killing creatures that thrive solely on negative emotions; rendering emotion-manipulating magic completely useless; and stirring up romantic feelings in mortals. And physically, due to being a Jotunn, she's quite capable of dealing with enemies that bother her, either by giving them a stern talking to, or by stomping and/or sitting on them... literally.

Like most Giants, Elske can devour entire realms, though in her case, it only applies to those that have proven themselves to be utterly irredeemable. This is related to another aspect of her character - her motherly compassion. Elske is very fond of children and often has them taken away to safety before she devours the corrupted society they're born in, either by herself or with the help of her devotees. Once everything has been eaten, she takes the children to her divine realm, where the children are immune to harm, and looks after them as their adoptive mother. One of the games she plays with them is the "Seat/Belly Sprint", where the children run across a large cushion that Elske prepares to sit/lie down on. Those who avoid being squished by her wins, though thanks to living in a divine realm, all child participants are physically unharmed.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: Elske defeated a Necromancer and his resurrected evil dragon minion that her father once killed... by talking it to death. According to legend, she was so fascinated upon seeing her first dragon that she began peppering it with questions, eventually causing said dragon to commit suicide by throwing itself into a volcano to get away from her. As for the Necromancer himself, he found the circumstances of his defeat so hilarious that he continued laughing even after being devoured. When Astrid arrived and found nothing (she had been dawdling by gathering mortal heroes along the way), she was so angry that she "invented all the profanities used by modern Deer and Jotunns that day". To her credit, Elske felt somewhat embarrassed by it.
  • All-Loving Hero: She's so gentle and compassionate that she inspired religious orders (such as the "Children of Elske") and the construction of temples where she stomped/sat on her enemies. Among the divine Jotunns, some have decided to adopt her merciful approach.
  • Ass Kicks You: How she usually deals with enemies in her homelands. Elske's plump body causes her to accidentally wrecks her surroundings by sitting on them. While she is often embarrassed by this, Elske has done it on purpose on occasion - once, she came into conflict with Propagare's cultists, who attempted to sow hatred and distrust among the mortal Deer realms so that both of them would fall into war as the god of Propaganda planned. When Elske arrived, she smashed one army flat, then sat down on the other while explaining to the mortal Deer citizens of their divine deception. Elske would (proudly) claim later that she had done it on purpose. In a more hilarious example, Elske's plumpness is used in a children's game called the "Seat/Belly Sprint" - those who are not flattened by her belly or her rear end wins, though all the children participating in it are unharmed due to the divine nature of Elske's realm.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Elske is much friendlier and gentler than her older sister, and loves children...but she is still a gigantic goddess who has happily eaten entire kingdoms off the map when sufficiently provoked.
    • She once stopped a war Propagare had provoked by casually crushing both cities' armies (one she stomped, the other she sat on) before revealing the truth. When Propagare's cultists tried to flee, Elske crushed each and every one of them under her hooves. Slowly. Finally, Elske induced a wild spree of love and passion that had mortals making love in the streets. The mayors of both cities ended up legally married to their desks.
    • Elske completely flipped the buck out when Khakiston tried to get at her through her adopted Tinies children, which ended up with her growing to truly titanic-size and flattening Khakiston in response (and Astrid as well, since apparently she also wasn't being nice to them)
  • Big Beautiful Woman: While she's a plain and plump-figured doe by divine Jotunn standards, she's still regarded as insanely beautiful by mortals.
  • Big Eater: Deconstructed. Being a Jotunn deity is a given, but Elske's appetite is even more prominent than Astrid's. It's also mentioned that Elske loves eating sinful cities, kingdoms, and realms. It's implied her appetite gave Elske her plump figure, and (to her embarrassment) caused her a lot of trouble by getting herself stuck between mountain passes and making craters whenever she lies down belly-first.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Invoked by Elske. As shown with the Propagare cultists, getting slowly crushed underneath a Jotunn goddess's foot is not fun. Though in Elske's case, it may be a Pay Evil unto Evil, showing what happens when mortals give in to hatred.
  • Detect Evil: Justified. Being a love goddess with powerful empathy, Elske can sense hatred and malice within mortals, describing those feelings as "a rot on mortals' hearts". She also has an incredible sense of empathy that can pierce even the deepest stoicism or self-deception.
  • The Empath: She's described as having powerful empathy, which is fitting since her portfolio revolves around Love. She can sense hatred and malice, seeing them manifest as rot on mortals' hearts, and is so powerful that she could see even the feelings of mortals who have covered their emotions under a deep layer of stoicism, inspiring them to do good deeds. Her mere presence repels/kills creatures that thrive on negative emotions and render emotion-manipulating magic completely null. As a Love Goddess, she inspires romantic love in others, though it's more impassioned compared to the tamer Cadance.
  • Friend to All Children: Elske adores children and would never even think of hurting one. Whenever she eats a sinful city/kingdom, she always makes sure to rescue the innocents, especially children, before devouring the place. After eating the sinful place, she takes the children to her personal realm for cuddles and pampering.
  • Good Hurts Evil: One of Elske's applications of her empathy is repel/kill Emotion Eaters who specifically rely on negative emotions for sustenance.
  • Good Parents: She acts like a loving mother to the mortal children she takes to her realm after devouring the sinful places they used to live in.
  • Happily Adopted: The children she often takes in come from cities, kingdoms, and realms that have fallen to incredible sin and corruption. Elske makes up for the loss of their families and homes after crushing/eating them by becoming their adoptive mother.
  • Height Angst: Being a divine Jotunn, she often finds herself accidentally wrecking mountains and making craters if she's not careful. Being very plump-bodied as the result of her unrestrained eating habits doesn't help much.
  • Love Goddess: Elske is one, since she has powerful empathy and all of her divine domains involve Love in some form. Though unlike Cadance, who inspires tame affection, Elske inspires the hot-blooded romance variety, invoking such passion in mortals that they tend to get completely caught up in the moment... until it wears off, that is.
  • Mama Bear: As she adopts Tinies children and loves/dotes on them dearly, trying to harm them is one of the few things that will truly set her off in a rage and a brutal stomping of whoever dare do such a thing. Khakiston learnt this the hard way. Astrid also once received the same treatment for apparently not being nice to the children - she would later admit that she deserved getting belly-flopped by her own sister.
  • Meaningful Name: "Elske" is Norwegian for "love", which fits since she's a Jotunn love goddess.
  • Motor Mouth: She's quite chipper and talkative, to near-Pinkie Pie levels. See Talking the Monster to Death for how far she can take chatter.
  • No-Sell: Magic that manipulates a person's emotions is rendered completely useless in her presence, due to her being The Empath.
  • A Party, Also Known as an Orgy: On a large scale. After she wiped out a group of Propagare cultists and their forces, she used her empathy to spread love in the region, getting rid of the hatred and distrust that Propagare was trying to sow among mortal Deerkind in order to start a war. Everyone celebrated Elske's victory, likely with wild parties, and ended up marrying each other at random at the drop of a hat. When everyone woke up the next morning with hangovers, nobles were mortified to discover they married peasants, while mayors found they were legally wedded to their desks.
  • Power Nullifier: Her empathy is so great that those who can manipulate emotions with their magic are left completely powerless in her presence.
  • Swallowed Whole: It's mentioned that as a divine Jotunn, Elske is no stranger to eating mortals (and gods!), but she especially loves devouring sinful places. Though she does take care to evacuate the children herself or have her devotees do it for her before the eating occurs.
  • Talking the Monster to Death: A hilariously literal instance: on a mission to hold off a resurrected evil dragon, Elske was fascinated at meeting such a legendary monster...and peppered the beast with questions and quips even as he spewed ice at her and tore the landscape with his claws. The dragon grew so tired of Elske's fangirling that he threw himself into a volcano to get away from her. The Necromancer who summoned the dragon promptly laughed himself to death, finding his own defeat hilarious!
  • Wouldn't Hurt a Child: While Elske loves devouring sinful cities and kingdoms, she makes sure all the children are out first by evacuating them herself, or having her devotees do it. She makes up for the loss of their original homes by carrying the now-orphaned children to her divine realm, where they are immune to harm, and looks after them as their adoptive mother.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Her aforementioned empathy can make even the most self-loathing mortals realize this and discover love.

Fire Jotunn Deities


    Surtr Muspellson, the Swathy One 
See his folder here.

    Surtr's Father 

Portfolio: Destruction, Parental Deity (Adversai)

Rank: Preeminent

Surtr's mysterious father, who had a romance with Adversus the Adversity Primeval, and it is from their union was born Surtr and his siblings. He was the one who banished Surtr from the real Muspelheim after his various rampages and crimes all across Equus came to light, and also inflicted a Mortality Phobia on Surtr as a warning and part of the punishment.

  • Armor-Piercing Question: Asked Surtr one that would forever haunt him until the day of his defeat and death: "WHAT WILL YOU DO?"
  • Breaking Speech: Delivered one to Surtr just before he banished him, effectively foretelling/cursing Surtr's own doom at his and his victims' hooves. Surtr did not take this well.
  • Curbstomp Battle: Inflicted one on his own son Surtr when the latter attacked him in a fit of rage. It only took one swinging blow from his own sword to reduce mighty destructive Surtr to a battered wreck. It was Surtr's worst ever defeat in battle up until the events of 'Final Ragnarok'.
  • Disappointed in You: A tragic example. After years of trying to redeem Surtr, only to realize that his wayward son would never change no matter what he did, he would start regarding Surtr with deep resignation and pity, even as he delivered a Curb-Stomp Battle to his son after the latter tried attacking him. His final moments with his son consisted of him teaching Surtr a final lesson on mortality before exiling him from the real Muspellheim realm forever; the narration notes that facing his father's disappointment, combined with receiving a Breaking Speech, traumatized Surtr so badly that he developed a Mortality Phobia.
  • The Dreaded: Justified; he's implied to be such an incredibly ancient and powerful Destroyer Deity that he's closer in years to the Grand Primevals, who are similarly ancient, powerful, and feared themselves. For one, his mere presence immediately caused the mortal Fire Jotunns to back away or flee the area entirely when he arrived. Even Surtr, his oldest son through Adversus, fears him for not only utterly defeating him with one hit, but reminding him of what he would later fear most: His own mortality. And ever since their confrontation, Surtr has been leaving behind trails of destruction in an attempt to get rid of this fear and prove his father wrong. And even during their very brief fight, Surtr was quickly reduced to panicking and begging for mercy after he was struck down and his sword broken with one hit.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Unlike his son, Surtr, who would become and go down as a minion of the Shadowed Ones as well as one of the nastiest and most monstrous Fire Jotunn divines, he behaves more like his lover, Adversus, the Grand Primeval of Adversity. He too, destroys things and serves as an "adversary" for both mortal and divine heroes, but he genuinely wants all of sapientkind to grow and advance because of their struggles, and disapproves of those who destroy because they enjoy the suffering they inflict upon their victims.
  • Noble Demon: Had hints of this. He is an ancient and terrifying Destroyer Deity like Surtr, but even he greatly disapproved of what his psychopathic eldest son was doing, and banishes him from the real Muspelheim when Surtr finally goes too far.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Up to Eleven, being described in terms of being something of a walking apocalypse. Nightmarishly poetic narrations spoke of how he is wreathed in conflagrations that could scour continents, how his steps could shatter lands, how his wrath could annihilate entire empires, how his very breath could spell the death of millions. To say that this is not a guy you want to mess with is an Under Statement.
  • Playing with Fire: He showed up with his form wreathed in a continent-scouring firestorm.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Delivered one to Surtr after his crimes come to light. While the contents of the exchange is not known, it apparently involved Surtr's father seeing pass all the base and crass motives behind Surtr's veneer of justifications, deconstructing all of his reasonings and exposed Surtr for who he really is - a petulant, psychopathic child. And this was BEFORE the Breaking Speech that inflicted Surtr with a Mortality Phobia.
  • Ultimate Blacksmith: Hinted to be this. The sword that he put Surtr in his place with was in the process of being forged by him and was only half-finished. It's likely he also taught Surtr and his other children how to forge and maintain their own weapons.
  • Worf Effect: With Surtr on the receiving end. To note: Surtr is an implacable juggernaut of destruction who could (and had) wipe out entire lands and pantheons For the Evulz, killing/burning/eating everything in his path with relative ease. When Surtr attacked his father in a fit of rage, Surtr's father literally ONE-SHOT him.


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