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Tauren Giant pantheon

With many Giant races, there are also many Giant deities, and the Tauren Peninsula is no exception. The Giant Gods there are collected into a loose alliance who doesn't always get along well with each other, but still manages to find common cause in fighting off threats and fighting for dominance over the Peninsula against the non-Giant Tauren Gods.
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Divine Classification: Ethereal/Elemental

Portfolio: Earth, Battle, Honor

Rank: Titan

"From honour comes might; fight with honour, and you will quake the world itself!"

Father Deity of the Gigantes race of Tauren Giants, Terraton is Giant Elemental Divine of Earth, Honour and Battle.
  • Big Eater: Has an appetite to match his gigantic stature, to the point he can and had gulped down whole nations and whole tribes of giants. As noted, this is pretty much expected of most Giants and their Divines.
  • Bigger on the Inside: As per standard to divines, especially Giant gods, to the point it's like a whole land/continent in itself. He have had whole civilizations and pantheons rising and falling inside his guts after chowing them down over the ages.
  • Blood Knight: Loves to fight and had won more often than he had lost. There's a reason why he's the Gigantes' God of Battle.
  • God-Eating: He, like other Giant divines, likes eating their divine rivals and foes in conflicts - especially those of the Tinies - as their way of dealing with them, whether to simply imprison them inside his body until he lets them go, or digest and absorb their power into himself as a way of disposing them. Given his size, might and age, he had chowed down whole pantheons.
  • Heel Realization / Jerkass Realization: Terraton had one about his own character when he found a Tinies' temple dedicated to his honour while he was wandering incognito as a Tiny. The statue and iconography depicted him as a monstrous god, despite them being grateful for his unwitting rescue from a Draconic demigod, since that is all they knew of him is that of a violent, dominating and hungry monster. They prayed that he is actually the noble, honourable god they think he is and would be merciful if he ever found out about this place. That was when he realize what sort of person he really was and did not like it one bit.
  • Large and in Charge: He's big as a mountain, the father deity of the Gigantes Giants race and is one of the leading members of the Tauren Giant Pantheons.
  • Made of Iron: Owing to being an earth deity, a magical entity born from geological processes like volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, he himself is incredibly tough.
    • During the 'Final Ragnarok', he got himself impaled through the abdomen on Surtr's antlers, straight through his back, which would had straight-out killed any other living thing and mortally-wound even a lesser god. To Terraton, however, it was Only a Flesh Wound, and he proceeds to pound the living crap out of Surtr's face, snap the antler off still lodged in his body, then rip said antler out of his body intact, and still had enough in him to charge and ram the Fire Jotunn Destroyer Deity into a mountain, calling him out for his abhorrence and atrocities all the while. He remained in fighting condition for the rest of the epic battle.
  • Proud Warrior Race: What he turned his Gigantes into, after having a Heel Realization / Jerkass Realization. Rather than being brutes they were, Terraton realizes that for him and his chosen people to be greater than The Brute as people, they need to check their worst impulses with a code of honour, while bringing out the best in themselves pursuing honour in both conduct and conflict.
  • Top God: One of the top leaders of the Pantheon, but not the only one due to the loose association between the Tauren Giant Gods. Definitely this among his mortal children.


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