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  • Cat Folk: As in comics canon, the people of Abyssinia are basically semi-anthropomorphic cats like Capper. It is implied that they are not the only Cat Folk on Equus, given the existence of Catrina during the First Age, who is decidedly different from the Abyssinians in some ways.
  • Jerkass Gods: Had a problem with this with the Abyssinian Pantheon, at least until the Abyssinian Divine Revolution. When they weren't dealing with Zinabi's Hair-Trigger Temper and the catastrophic storms he would bring if something so much angered him, they would deal with Fik'iri's constant lust as she would have her way with any mortal that caught her eye and then throw them away like trash once she's done with them.
  • Thirsty Desert: As in canon, the environment of the country seem to be one of deserts and savannahs, possibly putting it somewhere close to Zebrica. Might be a real world reference to Abyssinia, the old name of Ethiopia in Africa.
  • Wretched Hive: Became this during its time as a vassal of the Storm Empire, reduced to poverty, anarchy and corruption with the plundering of its former wealth and the reduction of its monarchs to irrelevance. Luckily it had since started to recover thanks to Jegina and Wibeti overthrowing the previous leaders of the local pantheon, as well as outside help from countries like Equestria.

    Felicia, the Mother of Music 
A kindhearted, white-furred were-cat living in Abyssinia. She was once a famous singer and actress, but has since settled down to found and look after her own orphanage.
  • Expy: Of Felicia, being kindhearted, white-furred felines who were once performers/singers, but would later become beloved headmistresses of their own orphanages. They even have the same names.
  • Friend to All Children: She was once a famous singer, but has since retired to found her own orphanage, where she was presumably much-loved by the children living under her care.
  • Nice Guy: Gender-inverted and implied. Silver Bane's entry mentions that she's a very kindhearted individual, and she's the headmistress of her own orphanage, beloved by the children under her care.



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