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Alvslog Deer realms

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  • Black and White Insanity: Implied. They are almost completely unable to accept that Temnobog and his evil has a natural place in Equus's Balance as a constructive force that tests heroic mortals, so they paint him as a completely wicked servant to Belyolen, as well as his "lesser" brother. This is one of many details they get wrong, as Temnobog and Belyolen are actually born elemental equals who literally exist to balance each other out. The Alvslog Deer also revere High King Irminsul as a wise and benevolent god, even though Irminsul was very emotionally abusive to Temnobog for being born "evil" and was extremely biased against anything he perceived as evil.
  • Druid: Implied to be prevalent among the Alvslog Deer herds. It's mentioned in a comedy short written by BrutalityInc that the royal family has many Seers and Druids under their employ, as they were present during Captain Blackthorn's interrogation to see if he was actually the disguised Changeling Emperor Blackthorn.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade: In-universe; they have a tendency to lionize anyone they see as "benevolent", regardless of their actual behavior in real life.
    • They portray Temnobog's father, High King Irminsul, as a completely compassionate and nice god who was right for shunning him, as Temnobog was born a God of Evil. In real life, Irminsul was (according to Mentálne) full of self-loathing over being unable to get rid of his own flaws and tried doing the same to his then un-born son, Belyolen, leading to Temnobog's birth. He also emotionally abused and shunned Temnobog as Belyolen's evil "cast-off", while encouraging others to do the same because he believed his dark son's very existence would "taint" the benevolence of the Elternteil pantheon, even though Temnobog did nothing to warrant such treatment at the time. This is why Temnobog became genuinely evil for a time, until he eventually reconciled with Belyolen.
    • Belyolen is also portrayed as Temnobog's superior and master by virtue of being a pure and radiant stag devoid of all flaws. Ironically, Belyolen sided with Temnobog in real life because he accepted him as his brother, and left to form the Bogolenya pantheon because he was disgusted by the Elternteil deities' emotional abuse.
    • King Aspen's portrayal in the MLP comic "Root of the Problem" was stated to be an attempt by Aspen's radical supporters to glamorize his personality and actions during the Well-To-Do incident, while portraying the ponies and even Celestia and Luna as unhelpful and incompetent. In real life, he was largely unhelpful, belligerent, and had also largely refused any assistance from non-Deer, while the ponies' ability to help was greatly hindered by his self-righteous and eco-extremist attitude.
    • They hold Gleaming Shield and his various incarnations as The Paragon and a shining example of what the ideal Deer should be. In real life, while Gleaming Shield is a noble hero, he's actually a flawed individual who broke into people's homes to steal their money and committed other minor crimes when not questing to defeat his Eternal Foe, Blood Fang.
  • Historical Villain Upgrade: In-universe; they see Temnobog as a straight-up villain and "wicked servant" of his radiant brother, Belyolen, with no redeeming or likable traits whatsoever, and openly depict him as such in their lore. This is one of many facts they get wrong, as while Temnobog is an unapologetic God of Evil, he's a decent person who preserves Equus's Balance with constructive Evil, and shares co-leadership of the Bogolenya pantheon as well as a close relationship with his older twin brother, Belyolen. He only became genuinely evil for a time because of the emotional abuse he received from his own family and peers, but he eventually reconciled with Belyolen.
  • Holy Ground: The Emerald Woods, also known as "Zunach, the First Forest", is a primordial forest that was supposedly the birthplace of the first members of mortal Deerkind. It's also where the entrance to the Elternteil pantheon's domain is placed. The Emerald Woods is considered to be so sacred that only the most virtuous and stalwart Deer can live in it; its location is unknown, though it's speculated to be somewhere in Cervidia.
  • The Marvelous Deer: The Alvslog Deer invoke elements of Tolkien's elves like in canon, as they live in forested areas and have an affinity for nature and plant magic. It's subverted as a large majority of them, including their royals, are morally puristic, belligerent, and racist towards non-Deer, with King Aspen being largely unhelpful and dismissive of the ponies who offered to help him deal with Well-To-Do's deforestation.
  • Nature Lover: All Alvslog Deer hold nature and all of its aspects in high respect, with the Emerald Woods being treated as Holy Ground, hence why they often live in forested kingdoms and cities. It's because of their affinity and devotion to nature that the "Captain Equus" cartoon of the Second Age is so highly beloved in their realms. However, it's implied that they're so fanatical in this trait that even Battryu is put off by them, especially in regards to King Aspen.
  • Seers: It's mentioned in a comedy short written by BrutalityInc that the royal family has many Seers and Druids under their employ, as they were present during Captain Blackthorn's interrogation to see if he was actually the disguised Changeling Emperor Blackthorn.

    King Aspen 
See his folder entry here.

    Crown Prince Bramble 
Son of the Ascendant Godling King Aspen, and heir to his father's royal throne.
  • Canon Foreigner: Like King Aspen and Captain Blackthorn, he's from the IDW comics.
  • Harmful to Minors: He was kidnapped by the corrupt Minotaur businessman Well-To-Do, and used as a bargaining chip to force King Aspen into being essentially Well-To-Do's slave in exchange for his son's safety, with subtle threats that an "accident" would befall Bramble if Aspen didn't comply. Bramble was later rescued, but the incident was worryingly noted to have a traumatic impact on him.
  • Make It Look Like an Accident: After he was kidnapped, Well-To-Do threatened to have an "accident" befall Bramble if King Aspen didn't comply with his demands, forcing the royal stag to become the Minotaur's slave in exchange for his son's safety.

    Captain Blackthorn 

  • Canon Foreigner: Like King Aspen and Prince Bramble, he's from the IDW comics.
  • Mistaken Identity: Due to having the same name as the Changeling Emperor Blackthorn, he was imprisoned and put under heavy scrutiny for a few days, constantly prodded by the royal family's Seers and Druids to see if he was actually the Changeling Deity in disguise. Emperor Blackthorn was reportedly very amused when he found out.
    Emperor Blackthorn: "We are very much amused."


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