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Belyolen, the Radiant One

Divine Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Light, Good, Contentment

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"Even after great suffering, there can be contentment. Even in the darkest depths, there can be light. Even in spite of terrible evils, there can be good."

Belyolen (his entry here) is Temnobog's older identical twin brother, and the Bogolenya Deer God of Light, Good, and Contentment.

When High Queen Arvan became pregnant with another son, her husband, High King Irminsul, used a divine ritual that purged his unborn child's inner evil so he'll embody all that is good and pure. Unfortunately, this caused Arvan to instead give birth to twin fawns - one white and pure, and the other whose fur was dark and tainted. While the dark fawn, Temnobog, was shunned and treated as his brother's evil cast-off, the white fawn, Belyolen, became the favored child of the Elternteil pantheon, showered with praise and love because of his divine pureness.

As a child, Belyolen was so compassionate that he recognized even Temnobog as kin, but his attempts to reach out to him were always blocked by his family, who feared that he'll be corrupted if he associated with him. This eventually caused the utterly miserable Temnobog to believe that even his twin brother didn't care about him, so he sought to make Belyolen as miserable as he was by undoing his good deeds. Whenever Belyolen would bless and protect mortal Deer, Temnobog would curse and rain evil upon them, distressing his radiant brother into opposing him. This delighted their family, as they thought Belyolen was finally seeing his dark twin for what he truly was - a dark abomination and impurity that must be opposed for the good of Deerkind. Both parties were unaware that Belyolen's hatred was directed at Temnobog's wicked actions and not at him as a person.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Belyolen overheard his parents and some of his siblings arguing over what to do with Temnobog, and learned they considered killing the dark god altogether. Upset yet conflicted, Belyolen would encounter the Alicorn of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, who was disgusted by the Elternteil pantheon's hypocrisy and complacent arrogance, and encouraged the radiant stag to do the right thing. It was during a meeting over what to do with Deerkind's future that Belyolen would confront his family and announce that he would be leaving home to form his own pantheon, while taking Temnobog with him as well. In response to shocked protests and pleas to make him reconsider, Belyolen shamed everyone for claiming to be good while abusing Temnobog who hadn't done anything to them to warrant it in the first place, while also shaming himself for not protecting his brother and letting his family shape his opinions on what was "Good" and "Evil". Moved by the speech and overcome with guilt themselves, several of Belyolen's brothers and sisters decided to follow him also, leaving their parents behind.

Because Temnobog was barred from the meeting due to being Evil incarnate, he didn't know what transpired and initially followed Belyolen to usurp him when it was time to choose a leader. This resulted in a series of terrible battles that always ended in a draw - whenever Belyolen or Temnobog tried to kill each other or gain a supreme advantage over the other, they would suddenly become weak, while the other got stronger, and vice-versa. It wasn't until they had to stop a crisis that was afflicting their pantheon that they discovered when working together, they both got stronger. Lestnamatya/Mother Deer would help them learn that because of what Irminsul had done during Arvan's pregnancy, Belyolen and Temnobog were two halves of the person they were supposed to be, and thus divine equals and not "superior/inferior" as they were taught. As living embodiments of dual elements, their role was to preserve their Balance/Cycle so Deerkind as well as Equus could prosper.

Belyolen proceeded to confess everything to Temnobog, including his brotherly love for him. The combination of stress, guilt, and trauma he endured since childhood proved to be too much that he broke down crying in front of his dark twin. To the surprise of everyone watching, Temnobog was genuinely moved enough to bury the hatchet and reconcile with Belyolen for good.

Currently, Belyolen serves as a leader of the Bogolenya pantheon alongside Temnobog, blessing and protecting Deerkind while Temnobog tempts and punishes the wicked. Despite the divine split, Belyolen still loves his family and only desires peace between all three Deer pantheons, though it's noted that his relationships with them, especially his father, Irminsul, is rather strained, as he is content with co-ruling with his brother and has no intentions of going back home.
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    # - B 
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: His divine sword, Proshcheniye, is so sharp that it always makes Clean Cuts in his enemies, and once cleaved the atoms of a rock when he threw it to the ground in an attempt to give it to one of his mortal champions, causing a nuclear explosion that wiped out both the monster army said champion was supposed to fight and most of its surroundings. Justified, as it is a divinely-made sword and not a typical one made by mortals.
  • Adult Fear:
    • Growing up, he watched Temnobog be emotionally abused by his "benevolent" parents and siblings for being born "evil", yet he was unable to do anything about it because of his love for them, and the fact that his family would always prevent him from seeing his brother out of fear of having him be corrupted, causing conflicts to arise later from Poor Communication Kills. The last straw was overhearing them consider killing Temnobog altogether, which in hindsight would've killed Belyolen as well due to their unique nature as divine equals. Meeting Amour-De-Soi gave him the courage to shame his family for their hypocrisy and take Temnobog with him as he left home, but Belyolen continued to blame himself for not protecting his brother as much as he should've years after it happened.
    • Because of his tolerance of things that his family might balk at, Belyolen is concerned about the Elternteil pantheon's harmful attitudes and doesn't want them affecting his siblings and their families should they drop a visit. This fear is especially understandable considering how Temnobog was abused for being born, so the Four Terrors as well as Mentálne, Medik, and Zmluva might be ostracized for similar reasons. Belyolen even made it clear to Irminsul and Arvan that unless they stop treating Temnobog like garbage and accept him for who he is as a person, they are not welcome around him and the Bogolenya pantheon.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Light, Good, and Contentment.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: In a canonized Codexverse drabble, he has a conversation with Golden Scepter about his own disagreements with Irminsul over what a "perfect" ruler should be. The entire time, Belyolen continuously talks about his father in a delicate manner, both out of fear that Irminsul might be listening in, and out of reluctance to insult Irminsul even out of earshot. However, Golden Scepter senses what Belyolen really wanted to say thanks to his Psychic Powers, and asks a question that leaves the radiant stag shocked and unnerved.
  • Balance Between Good and Evil: He and Temnobog are literal embodiments of this. Because he was born with all his flaws supposedly purged from him, Belyolen represents the compassionate side of the person he was supposed to be, while Temnobog represents Belyolen's darker side. They can't kill each other because their elemental bond would ensure that one of them gets weaker/stronger, and vice-versa. While Temnobog works to punish the souls of evildoers and test mortals so they'll become strong enough to oppose evil, Belyolen protects and blesses his mortal followers so they'll be able to overcome the evils affecting them.
  • Barrier Warrior: Implied, as he's described as capable of creating light-based barriers,
  • Big Brother Bully: Despite being marginally older than Temnobog as his twin, he was assumed by Temnobog to be this, due to being lavished with love and praise for being a pure and radiant god while also avoiding his dark brother's presence. However, this was due to Poor Communication Kills on their family's part - in reality, this trope's averted because Belyolen had accepted Temnobog as his brother, and was so disgusted with his family's emotional abuse that he eventually called his family out on their abusive hypocrisy and left home to form his own pantheon so he could get his brother away from the toxic environment. His true intentions and actions weren't made known to Temnobog until much later because their parents and siblings always prevented Belyolen from seeing him out of fear he'll become "corrupted". Belyolen carried regret over his own inaction for several years until Temnobog comforted him and forgave him for what happen, assuring Belyolen that much of the blame goes to Irminsul, who was responsible for their creation in the first place.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Despite being only marginally older than Temnobog as his twin brother, he has this. Justified, because not only does he love his brother that much, he and Temnobog share a magical bond due to being two halves of a whole, so if one of them dies, the other dies with him,
    • His early life was a double-subversion - he accepted Temnobog for who he was and was secretly disgusted with his family's emotional abuse of Temnobog for being born "evil", yet was unable to do anything about it because he also loved his family, and was always prevented from seeing his dark brother. He eventually gained the courage to confront his family after learning they intended to kill Temnobog and being encouraged by Amour-De-Soi, and left to start a new pantheon so his brother could get away from the toxic environment. Temnobog was unaware that Belyolen really loved him until much later due to Poor Communication Kills, having assumed he was just a Big Brother Bully, and learning the truth was what caused him to permanently reconcile with his brother.
    • When hotblooded divine allies of Poena tried assassinating Temnobog in hopes it'll "save" Equus, Belyolen defeated them and warned them that while he's willing to forgive them, dire consequeneces will follow if they tried again. Sure enough, they tried again, this time going after the Four Terrors as well. A disappointed Belyolen let the gleeful Temnobog and his children punish the offending deities for their crimes.
    • He also cast Ispita, Temnobog's ex-girlfriend, out of the Bogolenya pantheon and officially deemed her unwelcome after she genuinely became evil and left Temnobog heartbroken.
    • During an argument with Temnobog over Yarost punching an Elternteil deity in the face for insulting Bolezn to the point of making him cry and the potential hostilities that would arise, Belyolen admits that if it was Temnobog who got insulted, he wouldn't hesitate to defend him, too.
  • Broken Tears: Having to deal with his family lavishing him with love and praise while emotionally abusing the dark Temnobog for being born, unable to love and protect him because of said family's constant interference, overhearing that his parents and some of his siblings considered killing Temnobog, and Temnobog trying to sabotage and kill him out of resentment and hatred due to grave misconceptions caused by the abuse had taken a huge toll on Belyolen, despite his nigh-bottomless compassion. After he and Temnobog learned about their status as divine equals and two halves of a greater whole, Belyolen confessed everything to his brother, and the combined stress, guilt, and trauma over everything that happened caused him to break down crying in front of Temnobog. It's what partially moved the Dark One into burying the hatchet and reconciling with him, knowing that Belyolen indeed loved him but couldn't properly express it because of their toxic, hypocritical family.

    C - E 
  • Cain and Abel: Was the Abel to Temnobog's Cain at first. This is what their family intended, as they wanted Belyolen to see Temnobog as a stain in the pantheon's "benevolence" as well as an abomination that must be opposed for the good of Deerkind. This eventually stopped because not only did their bond as divine equals actively prevent them from killing each other, but Belyolen really didn't want to fight his brother because he loved him so much, and learning the truth moved Temnobog enough to bury the hatchet with him.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: In a shocking (in-universe) moment of Character Development, Belyolen called out both his parents and his siblings on their hypocrisy, explaining that in claiming to be good while emotionally abusing Temnobog for being born "evil", they've become no better than the evils they opposed.
  • Can't Live Without You: He and Temnobog are two halves of the god they were supposed to be, which means they have a magical bond connecting them. If one of them dies, the other goes with him, no matter how healthy and strong he is. This is partially why Belyolen is so protective of his brother.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Belobog, an ancient Slavic god of Light and Good who is often portrayed in tandem with his evil divine counterpart, Chernobog as part of a duality of Light and Darkness, Good and Evil. It's noted that during feasts, the Slavic peoples would dedicate all good and fortunate things to Belobog, while all evil and adverse things were dedicated to Chernobog. Belyolen, being inspired by him, is attributed to all forms of Good and Contentment, as they keep Evil in check and provide relief and mercy to those affected by Evil, though they in turn must be kept in check by Evil to make sure they don't stagnate. His beliefs regarding morality in general, however, came from living with the Elternteil Deer pantheon, whose members became stagnant and corrupted to the point they became morally puristic and abused his younger twin brother, Temnobog, for being born evil. Encouraged by the Alicorn goddess of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi, Belyolen would confront and shame his family for their arrogant and hypocritical mistreatment of Temnobog, and leave with his brother in tow so he could form his own opinions on Good and Evil and give Temnobog the love and respect he believed he deserved.
  • Clean Cut: His divine sword, Proshcheniye, is sharp enough to cleave through anything - in one incident, he threw his sword to the ground with the intention to give it to one of his mortal champions, only to have said sword cleave through the atoms of a rock and ironically cause an explosion that killed both the army of monsters the champion was supposed to fight as well as most of its surroundings.
  • Cool Big Sis: Gender-inverted. Despite being marginally older than Temnobog by virtue of being identical twins, Belyolen shares a close relationship with him post-reconciliation, acting like typical brothers when off-duty.
  • Cool Sword: Belyolen wields a Divine sword called Proshcheniye - 'Forgiveness' or 'Mercy' in Russian/Roedinian. The beautiful and elegant blade is a sharp contrast to Temnobog's menacing and blunt warhammer, and is literally sharp enough to cut clean through opponents which avoids inflicting unnecessarily cruel and painful deaths.
  • The Dividual: Of the "Twindividual" type, and justified. He and Temnobog were born twins because they're actually two parts of the person they would have become, had Irminsul not used a divine ritual to try erase all of his then-unborn son's flaws and leave him a god of good. Because of their unique natures, they cannot kill each other - every time either one would gain an advantage, they would suddenly find themselves weaker while the other gets stronger, and vice-versa. When they did fight, they were evenly matched, but when they worked together, they both became stronger. This is what leads to their realization that neither of them could function with out the other, and their decision to work as equals.
  • Elemental Armor: Implied, as he's described as capable of creating suits of light that enhance his offense and durability.
  • The Empath: Has empathy, though unlike Temnobog, he uses it to alleviate suffering and induce good feelings. As the living embodiment of Good, Belyolen has the ability to see the inner good in people, Deer or not. Temnobog even admits that Belyolen's great empathy is partially why he always had an affinity with him, because he saw a miserable, abused fawn who wanted to be loved instead of the evil abomination everyone else saw him as.

    F - I 
  • For Want of a Nail: It's widely speculated in-universe that had Irminsul not tried to purge his then-unborn son of his inner evil, Belyolen and Temnobog would have instead been born as a single person who would embody Deerkind, and is balanced, incredibly powerful and capable of doing both Good and Evil acts. Belyolen admits that he does think about it sometimes... but goes on to state that if that was the case, then life wouldn't be the same and there would be possibly no one capable of upholding Good and Evil. It's also rumored that this is why he and Temnobog both respect Golden Scepter - as a powerful deity who embodies Ponykind's best and worst traits, he represents the very person they could have been.
  • Gold and White Are Divine: He's described as a benevolent light-pelted divine stag dressed in golden armor, and constantly surrounded by a halo of light.
  • Good Is Not Dumb: Despite being made completely pure and compassionate by divine magic, he was secretly disgusted by how his friends and family in the Elternteil pantheon were emotionally abusing Temnobog for being born "evil", despite not having done anything evil at the time. While he initially couldn't do anything because of his love for his family and being prevented from even seeing Temnobog, he eventually gathered the courage to confront his family on their hypocrisy and abuse and leave home with Temnobog, largely thanks to the Alicorn of Self-Love, Amour-De-Soi. Also, because of his background and being the "Good" half of the person he would've been, Belyolen is much more tolerant of non-Deer and has a better understanding of Good and Evil - he's willing to forgive and protect people from Evil, but he also lets Evil flourish so it'll allow Good to stay strong enough to oppose it, no matter how much it pains him. When a Deer kingdom/town becomes irredeemably evil, Belyolen has the good people in it evacuated before he lets the Terrors deal with the rest, though it's noted that he only calls in his hellish nephews and nieces as a last resort due to the horrific things they do in punishing the wicked.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Double-subverted. As the embodiment of Deerkind's positive traits, he's extremely compassionate and forgiving, so much that he willingly gives sinners another chance to redeem themselves if they are repentant. However, he recognizes when people and kingdoms have become completely irredeemable, and allows his nephews and nieces, the Four Terrors, to deal with the wicked after all the good people have been evacuated.
  • Good Parents: At one point, he married Tsiviliza, the Deer goddess of Civilization, and became the loving father of many children. Among them is his eldest daughter, Mier the Peacemaker, who inherited his compassionate personality. He also became the adoptive father of Cudnost, the Draconequus goddess of Virtue, after Temnobog rescued her from a life of abuse at the hands of her evil and sadistic biological family. Because of Belyolen's good influence, Cudnost is slowly but surely recovering from her traumatic past.
  • Grew a Spine: While he was unable to see or protect Temnobog from his emotional abuse due to his family preventing him from doing so, Belyolen was also so kind that he was unwilling to break free from his toxic and hypocritical family. Meeting Amour-De-Soi gave him the courage to call out said family and leave to form his own pantheon, taking Temnobog with him, and after becoming co-ruler of the Bogolenya pantheon, he has become more assertive and willing to do the right thing, even if his compassion makes him reluctant to do so.
  • Healing Hands: His profile mentions he has healing magic, since it's related to what his portfolio embodies. This proved handy when he healed Queen Vesna Svetilo, who was crippled from the waist down by assassins when she was younger, allowing her to walk again for the first time in several years.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords: He's a completely benevolent and merciful deity, so appropriately he wields a divine sword that allows him to cleanly kill his enemies without causing cruel and prolonged deaths.
  • Holier Than Thou: Averted. Belyolen was the only one of his family and friends who didn't look down on Temnobog or treat him as his evil cast-off, and has accepted his brother for who he was. A major reason why he formed the Bogolenya pantheon is because he didn't agree with the emotional abuse Temnobog was receiving for being born an evil "cast-off" of him, so he tried to give the love and respect he believed his brother deserved. While he did hate him, it was only because of his wicked actions towards Deerkind. Learning that his brother did love him after all was also implied to be a major motivation for Temnobog accepting Belyolen's offer of reconciliation after eons of fighting each other.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: One of Belyolen's unique abilities is divine purification, which comes in handy when facing corruption and evil creatures vulnerable to it. This counters Temnobog's corruption magic.
  • Hypocrite: Many people, especially morally puristic individuals, accuse him of being one, since he let his "evil" brother be his co-ruler as well as constantly consorting with criminals, sinners, and other lowlifes despite his innate benevolence. Belyolen would explain to them that since he's the "Good" half of the person he would've been, he's supposed to work together with Temnobog, as Equus benefits best if Good and Evil are constantly cycling to prevent the planet from stagnating. If one concept existed without the other, the consequences would potentially be more devastating than if they existed together.
  • Hypocrisy Nod: In one incident, he was very displeased when Yarost punched an Elternteil deity in the face for insulting Bolezn, and had an argument with Temnobog over the potential repercussions because Belyolen still wants peace between the three Deer pantheons, regardless of his personal feelings towards the Elternteil pantheon's attitudes. Then Belyolen admits that if it was Temnobog who got insulted instead of Bolezn, he wouldn't hesitate to defend him like Yarost did for his own brother.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: He and Temnobog look almost the same due to being two halves of the person they should've been, except while Temnobog is a dark-furred, red-eyed stag with sharp, jagged antlers and iron armor, Belyolen is a white-furred stag with slender antlers and golden armor.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: Golden Scepter is way older than he is, having lived before Known History during a time where the Alicorns dominated Equus. And yet, despite their differences, they would form a close friendship because Golden Scepter both represents the god he and Temnobog they were supposed to be and treated his brother kindly despite him being a God of Evil.
  • Interspecies Friendship: He, a divine Deer god of Good and Contentment, has a close yet Odd Friendship with Golden Scepter, an antediluvian Alicorn Emperor. Their friendship stemmed from the fact that Golden Scepter represents the god he and his brother were supposed to be, and that Golden Scepter treated his younger brother, Temnobog, with kindness despite the latter being a God of Evil.
  • I Should Have Been Better: While he was ultimately able to get Temnobog away from their abusive and haughty parents and siblings, Belyolen still blames himself for what happened to his brother, and thinks he should have protected him more. And despite his track record as a good ruler, he wishes he could've prevented the rise of the Cloven Empire. Temnobog comforted him when he heard this, assuring Belyolen that Irminsul was ultimately responsible for their situations and if things occurred differently with Roedinia's kingdoms/realms, no one would have gotten to where they are today.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes: His entry describes him as having "gentle blue eyes", which highlights his compassionate nature.
  • It's All My Fault: He frequently blamed himself for his non-interference with Temnobog's childhood emotional abuse as well as Roedinia's corrupt monarchies (which led to the rise of the Cloven Empire when Lestnamatya/Mother Deer gave the rulers a vicious "The Reason You Suck" Speech), believing that if he had acted sooner, things wouldn't have gone badly as they did. Temnobog assured him that if things happened differently, no one would be where they are now, and heroes wouldn't rise without a major threat to react to.

    J - O 
  • Light/Darkness Juxtaposition: He and Temnobog were born twin embodiments of Light and Dark as well as Good and Evil, respectively, because Irminsul tried purging him of his darker urges and flaws while in utero. This gave them an elemental bond that put certain restrictions on their powers - whenever they try killing each other, their attempts would fail because the stronger sibling would suddenly get weaker while the weaker sibling would get stronger, and vice-versa. But if they're working together in tandem, then both of them would get stronger. This means that they were born literal equals rather than superior/inferior as they were initially taught, which ultimately led to their reconciliation.
  • Light 'em Up: One of his divine domains is Light, so naturally he has light-based magic. He gets stronger during daytime and the Summer season, where light is most abundant. It's noted that whatever he can do, Temnobog can also do thanks to having similar capabilities with his darkness magic.
  • Light Is Good: To contrast Temnobog's darkness, Belyolen has light in his divine portfolio. And naturally, since he's the embodiment of Deerkind's positive traits, he's an extremely Nice Guy (until you cross him, that is...).
  • Like Father, Unlike Son: Unlike Irminsul, who emotionally abused one of his children for being born "evil", encouraged his friends and family to do the same, is implied to have untreated psychological projection, and is ultimately revealed to be a self-loathing hypocrite underneath his benevolent mask, Belyolen is genuinely compassionate, and has accepted Temnobog as his brother and darker half of a greater whole. He is also tolerant of non-Deer deities, even letting a few of them join the pantheon, and has treated his hybrid nieces and nephews like family.
  • Master of Illusion: Implied, as he's described as capable of creating light-based illusions.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "White Deer" in Russian, which fits his pure and radiant appearance.
  • Morality Pet: Justified. Due to being the "Good" half of the person he was supposed to be born as, he inspires Temnobog and his surviving children, the Four Terrors, to rein in their darker impulses so they could keep using their Evil-aligned portfolios for constructive purposes. This refers to an underlying theme of Codex Equus - Good and Evil are supposed to exist together, and too much of either side will only make things even worse.
  • My Greatest Failure: He considers both the rise of the Cloven Empire and his inaction towards Temnobog's childhood abuse his greatest failures, thinking that if he intervened sooner, he would've made things better for Temnobog and likely all of Equus. Temnobog comforted him when he heard this, assuring Belyolen that ultimately it was Irminsul's fault and if things happened differently, no one would've gotten to where they are now.
  • Nice Guy: Justified. Because Irminsul tried purging his then-unborn son of his inner evil, Belyolen is an incredibly compassionate and kind stag, embodying all of Deerkind's good traits like empathy and kindness. That being said, he is still not to be trifled with, and does not tolerate anyone who tries going after his pantheon, especially Temnobog or the Four Terrors since they're often targeted simply for being Evil deities.
  • Offing the Offspring: Belyolen once overheard his parents and some of his siblings seriously considering the option of killing of Temnobog due to being Evil incarnate, which became part of the catalyst that would see him confront his family on their hypocrisy and leave home to form his own pantheon. It was a good thing, too - because Belyolen and Temnobog are two halves of a greater whole, killing Temnobog would've killed Belyolen, too, since to kill Evil itself would also mean killing Good.

    P - S 
  • Parental Favoritism: Deconstructed. He was always the favored child in his family because he was the god of Light and Good as his parents, especially his father, Irminsul, intended. Despite this, Belyolen never partook in his family's emotional abuse of Temnobog, even though he hated his brother's wicked actions. He also tried to reach out to Temnobog multiple times since when he was a fawn, but his family would always prevent him in doing so, causing Temnobog to think he was a Big Brother Bully due to Poor Communication Kills. Eventually, what made Belyolen rebel against his family was when he overheard his parents and some of his siblings consider killing Temnobog, and Amour-De-Soi's encouragement allowed him to confront and shame them for their petty, abusive hypocrisy. He still loves his family, being who he is, but Belyolen had made it clear to them (especially his parents) that unless they change their ways, they're not welcome around him, Temnobog, or the entire Bogolenya pantheon. Golden Scepter suggesting the possibility of Irminsul's actions and beliefs being based on wanting an heir who could succeed where he failed leaves Belyolen quite shaken, as it implies that Irminsul only loved him because he wants to live out his own desires to be a "perfect" ruler through his son.
  • The Paragon: Invoked. When he was still in utero, Bolyolen's father, Irminsul, cast a divine ritual that would get rid of his flaws and darker urges so he would become a benevolent god and pure force of good. Unfortunately, Belyolen's flaws would culminate in the formation of his twin, Temnobog. While Belyolen was made compassionate beyond measure due to the absence of his flaws, he wasn't blind to how the other deities treated Temnobog for being born "evil", and after he overheard some of his family members considering killing Temnobog altogether, he rebelled against his family anyway and left because it was the right thing to do and he wanted to protect his brother.
  • The Paragon Always Rebels: A variant where the Paragon rebels and stays good. While respected and treated as the favorite by the Elternteil pantheon, Belyolen broke away from his family both over disagreements on Deerkind's future, and his disgust towards his parents' and peers' mistreatment of Temnobog just for being born an evil god. Belyolen's departure also led to several of his siblings following him, both agreeing with his beliefs and feeling guilty for condoning/participating in Temnobog's emotional abuse, causing the Elternteil pantheon to become much smaller than it originally was.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Many of Temnobog's initial assumptions of him largely stem from interference by their family, who constantly kept Belyolen from even seeing his dark brother out of fear that Temnobog would "corrupt" him with his inner Evil. This led to him becoming so miserable that he tried to attack Belyolen out of spite and resentment, which would also cause Belyolen to attack him, and vice-versa (much to their family's delight, for they saw Temnobog as an abomination that must be opposed for the good of Deerkind). In reality, Belyolen loved Temnobog as his brother and only hated his wicked actions, but was unable to protect him their family's emotional abuse because of said interference. Once Belyolen cleared things up, however, Temnobog buried the hatchet and reconciled with his brother.
  • Rightly Self-Righteous: Averted. Being devoid of all flaws, he is so compassionate that he won't tolerate anyone indulging in this trope, divine or not. This is because he saw firsthand the damage that was inflicted on his dark twin brother, Temnobog, for being born "evil" even though he didn't do anything evil at the time.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: As a god that was made benevolent by a divine ritual, Belyolen was taught by his family and peers to embrace all that is pure and good, while shunning evil and corruption. Deep down, he really disapproved of the emotional abuse Temnobog was receiving for being born "evil", but was unable to do anything due to his family preventing him from associating with his brother, and being too kind to actually do anything at the time. The last straw was overhearing some of his family members consider the option of killing Temnobog altogether, which combined with Amour-De-Soi's encouragement finally gave Belyolen the strength to confront and shame his family for their hypocritical behavior, before leaving to form the Bogolenya pantheon so he could give the love and respect he believed his brother deserved.
  • Seers: Implied, as his profile described him as having "a touch of prophecy", which contrasts Temnobog's recognitive sight.
  • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: Implied, as he's described as capable of creating light-based weapons. Justified, as his dominion over light magic allows him to pull off such a feat.
  • Start My Own: He formed the Bogolenya pantheon because he disagreed with his family over the future of Deerkind, their mortal children, and their abusive treatment of his twin brother, Temnobog.
  • Super Empowering: As a god, Belyolen has the power to give heroes and champions a portion of his divine power, leading to the reputation of being "Blessed by Belyolen". As such, those who become his champions are Long-Lived, but not immortal, though Belyolen points out that they can become immortal if they choose to. After King Strazha and his younger sister, Queen Vesna, inherited the throne of Bitaniya, Belyolen gave Vesna his light magic and healing powers and his precognitive sight,while also healing her of her paralyzing injuries, allowing her to walk for the first time in several years.
  • Super Speed: Implied, as he's described as capable of using "light-based speed".

    T - Z 
  • Top God: He shares the position in the Bogolenya pantheon with his younger twin brother, Temnobog. Ironically, Temnobog intended to usurp this position from him out of spite and a desire to be respected, but after they both learned their true natures as divine halves/equals, Belyolen reconciled with his brother and gave him equal leadership.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: He did this to himself while he was calling out his entire family for their abusive hypocrisy. As much as his parents and siblings were wrong to abuse Temnobog for being born an "evil" god, Belyolen saw himself as being just as guilty because he never once stepped in to protect Temnobog and let everyone shape his opinions on what is good and evil. He would carry this regret for a while until Temnobog comforted and forgave him, assuring Belyolen that ultimately, Irminsul is responsible for their situations in the first place.
  • Wonder Twin Powers: Of a sort. Because they were born two halves of a greater being, Belyolen's powers depend on his relationship with his younger brother, Temnobog. Whenever he tries to gain an advantage over Temnobog, he would suddenly get weaker while the other gets stronger, and vice-versa. This ensures that the brothers cannot kill each other. Only when they're working together do they both get stronger. As a side-effect, if one of them would try increasing their power, the power boost would be felt by the other.


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