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Here is a list of characters from the Shadowpact Empire.

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Shadowpact Empire

Founded by Overlord Vondur, the Shadowpact Empire was once one of the greatest villainous threats of the otherwise compassionate and fantastical 'Third Age', and one of the reasons why things never became too boring and stagnant and why its people never became too complacent and ignorant of the threat of evil.

Consisting of a massive alliance of dark gods, overlords, villains, criminals and miscellaneous 'bad-guys' and 'anti-villains', the Shadowpact Empire at the peak of its power was able to legitimately rival the likes of villainous great powers like the Old Crypta Empire as a threat to the world and all that is innocent, good and virtuous. While like many Third Age villains they have many standards and draw lines they would not cross, neither are they exactly 'noble demons'. Many prefer the freedom and fun that comes with being overlords and villains, and if it means causing trouble for peaceful folks and clashing with heroic forces (as much for the challenge/fun of it as them being in the way), then they're up for it.

The Shadowpact Empire had survived the Third Age's end at a much-reduced vestigial state, but with the return of one of their greatest rivals in the Crypta Empire during the Fourth Age, their leaders would be stirred from dormancy and back into action with new resolve, reentering the world stage in a new era of frenzied activity filled with new villainous schemes, alliance-building, outward conquests and enthusiastic mayhem that would go down in Known History as the 'Shadowpact Restoration'. Time will tell how well they will adapt to the new age and what impact they will leave when they clash once more with the heroes of modern times.
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  • The Alliance: According to their author, they started out as a number of dark gods, overlords, villains, criminals, miscellaneous 'bad-guys' and even quite a number of Anti-Villains, Noble Demons and Token Good Teammates, all deciding to join forces during the 'Third Age' and forming a massive villainous empire to facilitate their villainous ambitions and antagonistic desires.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: They were not exactly 'Noble Demons' as a whole (Though their ranks do contain many of them), but like many Third Age villains they have many standards that comes with being a Shadowpact member and have many lines they will not cross, and if Vondur is anything to go by they in general prefer the freedom and fun that comes with being overlords and villains more than being actively out to cause misery and suffering for their own sake. In general, they are 'in the middle of the spectrum' between true Destructive Evil and fully Constructive Evil.
  • Chainsaw Good: Like many other nations and powers of Equus, the Shadowpact Empire would end up getting their own versions of the Terran Empire's Chainblade weaponry, in this case equipping many of their Dark Knights with an Evil Knockoff of the iconic Chainswords. It should be noted that far from being allies, the Shadowpact Empire just essentially copied their Chainblade weapons without consent, which is lampshaded by Terrans themselves.
    Chapterknight (Iron Warrior): Now THAT is just plagiarism.
    Dark Knight (Brutalstrike Brethrenhood): We consider it flattery!
  • Even Evil Has Standards: While they were one of the nastier villains of the time, like many Third Age villains they have many lines they will not cross. Joining the Shadowpact requires members to adhere to a code of conduct and standards that entails this trope. Many Shadowpact members were not even particularly evil at all, being a Noble Demon, Anti-Villain, indulges in Pragmatic Villainy or were even by some standards a Token Good Teammate, and thus hold themselves to even higher standards. This is implied by Vondur to be exactly the reason why the Shadowpact was so successful and threatening as it makes everything easier - and more fun - for them in the long-run, reducing the chance of them self-destructing, being less feared and hated by everyone and actually enjoy being a bad guy without having to deal with regrets.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: The Shadowpact Empire does not care who or what you are, only what you can offer to the greater whole of the villainous alliance and how well you can stick to your word and the Shadowpact's standards. Best exemplified by Overlord Vondur inviting Kardin and his Deergle people into the alliance, and mentored and encouraged a young Princess Eclaira, not caring in either case for their appearances nor species but what they can achieve for him, for the Shadowpact and for themselves.
  • Rising Empire: Their present status in the 'Fourth Age' in what became known as the 'Shadowpact Restoration', after their leaders were reinvigorated by news that one of their greatest rivals had returned and realized they have a new reason (and in hindsight several) to live again.
  • Vestigial Empire: Was formerly this by the Fourth Age, having been greatly reduced since the end of the Third Age with its leaders in a listless rut. Then they heard High Queen Sekra and the Crypta Empire - with whom they had an infamous rivalry - had returned to stake their claim for dominion of Equus once more. Cue an immediate return to activity that would see them quickly restored to much of their former glory and power.

Shadowpact Pantheon

At the very top of the Shadowpact Empire lies the Shadowpact Pantheon, a group of 'Shadow Gods' who either ascended from mortal ranks or joined afterwards by initiative or invitation, watching over the empire directly or indirectly as its immortal divine superiors.
  • Dark Is Evil: Played with. The ruling pantheon of the Shadowpact Empire is the Shadowpact, and many of its gods and goddesses have names, epithets, and/or titles that are based around shadows and/or darkness. However, many of them are firmly on the side of Noble Demon and/or Anti-Villain in morality, due to the widespread empathy and compassion of the Third Age, and thus has lines they will not cross. A few like Kardin and Queen Eclaira also have sympathetic backstories to explain their rise to power as divine sovereigns of the Shadowpact Empire.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: The Shadowpact Pantheon is one of the most prominent villainous factions of the Third Age, whose presence kept their heroic and empathetic opponents from going complacent and stagnant. However, as is the case with many Third Age villains, even they abhor doing things that they consider beyond the pale.
  • Evil Is One Big, Happy Family: As if reflective of the general disposition of villains in the Third Age, much of the Shadowpact Pantheon so far had been depicted to be getting along nicely with and devoted to each other, whether mutually respecting each other as peers, in platonic relationships or even act as mentor/surrogate-parent figures to their younger members.
  • Theme Naming: Shadows, whether in their name, epithets, and/or titles.

    Vondur, the Overlord of Shadows 

Classification: TBA

Portfolio: Evil, Freedom, Chaos, Dark Magic

Rank: TBA

Overlord Vondur is the god of Evil, Freedom, Chaos, and Dark Magic, and is the ruler/founder of both the Shadowpact Empire and its namesake pantheon.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Vondur is as ambitious as any Evil Overlord and God of Evil worth their salt, and sees the whole concept positively.
  • Ax-Crazy: In a preview drabble, Vondur is shown to punish insubordination by boiling the transgressors alive and used the pot to make potions and stews to buff and feed the rest of his forces.
  • At Least I Admit It: Makes no excuse nor hides the fact that he and his fellow shadow gods and overlords are bad guys or at least dark to varying degrees. Whether they are nastier than average back in their day or nicer than the mean by earlier or later Ages, they're still villains, and Vondur believes it's pointless and even counter-productive to deny that even to themselves.
  • Benevolent Boss: Surprisingly, he's a very good boss to his subordinates (so long as they remain loyal and up to standards. If not...), which partly explains why he is so effective and dangerous an Evil Overlord.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: He is rather Laughably Evil and quite laid-back when not properly motivated - but it should be noted that he is still exceedingly dangeorus and effective. This guy and his Shadowpact Empire were both once legitimate rivals to Sekra the Indomitable and her Old Cryptan Empire back during their hay-day in the Third Age. He also has a mean-streak which shows when he's infuriated enough, as seen in how he punished insubordinate minions once by boiling them alive (And use the resulting potion and stew to buff and feed his forces).
  • Big Entrance: How he made his grand return as an active Evil Overlord and God of Evil in the 'Fourth Age': interrupting a battle between Cryptan forces led by his arch-rival, Sekra the Indomitable, with other heroic factions and nations, leading his own army with the intent of fighting her then and there and proclaiming his presence in full Large Ham mode.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He outright admits and describes himself as being a 'bad-guy' to many, honestly and without irony nor regrets.
  • Dare to Be Badass: He gave a Rousing Speech version of this in his book "The Overlord's Guide to Evil", where he speaks highly of ambition and encourages people to not be afraid to pursue their wants and dreams and becoming as great as they want to be and more, never letting oneself be satisfied and be ever-willing to take it to the next level. Notably, the then-rising Princess Eclaira was inspired to take the path she took because of his speech.
    Overlord Vondur: Something I was once told was this: ‘the cup you choose to fill has no bottom.’ A simple message, really, but that’s when I realized something. There are plenty of games in this world that have no ending, you just try to get the highest score. Ambition is that sort of game. There is no limit to how high you can go, no end, just how far you will eventually fall.

    But that’s the point. That’s why ambition is what it is, what makes it so exciting. To never be satisfied with your place in the world, to always take your wants and dreams to the next level. The point is never to fill the cup, it’s to see how much you can pour in. That is the nature of ambition. Don’t be frightened by it, embrace it! Always be willing to take it to the next level.
  • Didn't See That Coming: He notes in hindsight that he should had expected how Princess Praline would react over Eclaira and Vondur's plan to ascend Eclaira by kidnapping one of Praline's daughters, use her as bait to lure Praline into a trap to be de-powered and swallowed alive, allowing Eclaira to drain Praline of her beauty and primordial quintessence, then use a ritual when Eclaira drained enough to ascend her to godhood before the Virtusidae could stop them. This led to a supremely pissed-off Princess Praline responding after all that by tackling Eclaira and beating the absolute crap out of her for what she did.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Like many Third Age villains, Overlord Vondur have many lines he would not cross. If his advice to Eclaira is any indication, having standards is precisely why and how the Shadowpact had been so successful, differentiating them from unscrupulous villains even they don't like and generally making things easier and more fun in the long run.
    • When a young Eclaira asked if the ritual he suggested to her would also allow her to consume souls as well, Vondur was appalled and made it clear that neither he nor the Shadowpact would ever entertain such a thing. Eclaira was relieved that it wasn't the case, since neither did she want to bar souls from their rightful afterlife herself either.
  • Evil Overlord: A surprisingly capable and dangerous one from the Third Age.
  • Evil Virtues:
    • Idealism - Vondur believes that everyone deserves a chance to achieve all their wants and desires and should be free to do it in any way, good or bad (so long as they don't go too far). He encourages others to do the same, especially those whom he mentored/influenced, and also to have fun while doing it.
    • Ambition - Vondur considers ambition to be a positive thing and strives to achieve all his goals and dreams with nothing to hold him back but standards and principles.
    • Honour - Vondur possess like many villains of the Third Age moral codes, principles and standards that he will not cross, and respects his enemies if they prove to be a Worthy Opponent to challenge and be challenged by. His Shadowpact Empire have strict rules dictating what members can or cannot do, and realizing one of his greatest rivals has returned in the Fourth Age was what finally spurred him and his Shadowpact back into action.
    • Honesty - Vondur never deny the fact that he and his fellow villains, overlords and dark gods are 'bad guys' and makes no excuses that they pursue villainy for selfish and egotistical reasons. They care more about not overdoing it and avoid causing any more suffering than necessary, as well as actually having fun all the way.
  • He's Back: Hearing his old Arch-Enemy / rival High Queen Sekra return was enough to spur him back into action.
  • How the Mighty Have Fallen: Having survived with his empire into the Fourth Age at a much reduced state... until he heard his old rival Sekra returned. He immediately got to work getting back up so he continue their struggle.
  • I Regret Nothing: Played with. Vondur emphasizes on the need for villains to be honest about themselves being, at the end of the day, bad guys who are out for selfish or egotistical reasons, yet also even while pursuing villainy they should hold themselves to standards and don't cross too many lines. Be evil (or good) if you want, but don't do anything that you would regret. This philosophy is partly what made Vondur and his Shadowpact Empire quite effective as villains.
  • Large Ham: Oh, HELL YES.
    Vondur: [Meeting his rival once again] HELLOOOOO, SEKRA! Did you MISS me?!
  • Laughably Evil: He's known to have a VERY dark sense of humour, but is still incredibly dangerous. He is also quite hammy and fun-loving despite being villainous, perhaps stemming from his Third Age background.
  • Opportunistic Bastard: Overlord Vondur had demonstrated flexibility and keenness in how well he could take advantage of chances offered to him when they showed up. This is best demonstrated when he sensed a young Princess Eclaira's yearning desire to be the fairest mare of her kingdom and eat all she wants through an enchanted copy of his infamous magical tome which happens to be confiscated and held in the palace archives of Eclaira's homeland. Seizing this opening, he used his sorcery to lure her to secretly access the book, and upon hearing her sad story and dreams happily help her achieve them, earning him a powerful and loyal 'Shadow Lady' and eventually 'Shadow Goddess' for his then rising Shadowpact Empire.
  • Parental Substitute: Acts as one to many fellow Shadow gods/goddesses and notable Shadowpact minions, such as Queen Eclaira, the Voracious Shadow and Zil, the Shadow Dancer, never depicted to judge or demean them for arbitrary reasons and are actively encouraging and supportive of them so that they might fulfill their full potential, whether for themselves, for him or for the wider Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • The Rival: Was apparently one to Sekra the Indomitable, High Queen of Crypta according to Nevermore813, the feelings of which were mutual. No sooner had he heard his old rival Sekra had returned, Vondur immediately went straight to work getting his empire up and running again to its former power and menace, just so he could fight her again on equal grounds.
    • From the same source, he also doesn't get along with the infamous Vicearch Iniquitous of the Malrègnar Empire. Their conflict stems from the contrasting natures of their Evil: the 'Lawful Evil' Iniquitous finds him and his ways too wild for her taste, while the 'Chaotic Evil' Vondur considers her a 'stick-in-the-mud'.

    Kardin, the Broken Shadow 

Classification: Ethereal/Corrupted

Portfolio: Fertility, Arts, Passion, Corruption

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"Shadow and stone, hear my call."

Kardin, the Broken Shadow (his entry here) is a sombre dark Deer divine member of the Shadowpact Pantheon, the oldest 'Shadow God' among its ranks. Once, he was a much happier and down-to-earth member of what would become the future Eltenteil Deer Pantheon, who loved throwing revelries with his mortal worshippers and teaching them and creating art. However, his life took a terrible and tragic turn like many of his siblings and mortal Deer worshippers when Grogar and the Tambelon Empire attacked Deerkind during the 'First Age', with him being among the siblings who would be captured by the Shadow King of Tambelon. Tortured and twisted irrevocably by dark magic into a pale shadow of his former self, the now madden and corrupted Deer god was set loose upon his former race and family like rabid beast during the war, and was eventually struck down by his own tearful father High King Irminsul with a blast of purification magic that many hope would put him out of his misery.

His story, however, did not end there. Although the blast neither killed him nor restored his once pristine form, it did banished Grogar's perfidious influence from his mind and restored much of his sanity. His corrupted form, damaged even more than it was but still alive, was sent flying off a cliff and into the ocean, where he eventually drifted onto the shores of a remote volcanic island. Despondent over what he became and knowing he could never return to his people and home in his still corrupted state, he was content to stay on the island, falling into a slumber to heal himself - only to find himself no longer alone in the forsaken land when he awoke years later.

While the Deer kingdoms and pantheon eventually prevailed over the Tambelon Empire and drove Grogar back to the Shadow Realm, the mark left behind by the Shadow King cannot be erased. One of those marks were the Deerggle - twisted, hideous hybrids of the forests' Deers and Tambelon's Troggles created by Tambelon's vile Ibexian Necromancers. Escaping purging and persecutions by those who saw them members of Grogar's hordes of abominable monsters, a group of Deerggle refugees adrift at sea arrived on the island, bereft of hope or future. Taking pity on those wretched hybrids, who suffered horribly like he did, he became their saviour and god, giving them the ability to reproduce, teaching and giving them art, culture and magic, and working together to make their volcano island - which would become known as the Black Isle - into a habitable place where they could build a new society and civilization.

While he would forever be haunted and marred by his trauma and tragedy, Kardin would take to his new purpose with dedication, protecting and leading his new people well into seclusion of the Second Age and a new beginning in the Third Age, where in the course of helping them colonize and expanding their home to stave off overpopulation, he would accept an invitation from Overlord Vondur to join his Shadowpact alliance and bring his people into it with him, becoming one of the founders of the Shadowpact Empire. There he would remain to this day, through the empire's decline and restoration in the Fourth Age, serving as a font of wisdom and history for the pantheon and the empire and a patron of its artisans and craft-makers.
  • The Aloner: He's one of the less public members of the Shadowpact Pantheon, and a god of Arts and patron of artisans within the Shadowpact Empire.
  • Benevolent Boss: He loved his Deerggle people, sympathizing with their plight which mirrored his own, and was the one who saved them as a race, taught them art and culture, build a society/civilization with them and led them to become more than what they could had been despite their wretched beginnings and lingering reputation as a 'dark race'. This earned him their Undying Loyalty and unconditional love.
  • Body Horror: It cannot be understated just how horribly Grogar had done a number on his body, made worse by the wounds he suffered from his father and others on top of that. He is first and foremost described as looking like a Deer god that had been 'horrifically injured', a mess of deep torture scars and black batches from being charred by purification magic covering all over his dark and tainted pelt, while still open and sore wounds which can never be healed properly bleed black, corrupted divine blood constantly. His body's condition is so bad he had to resort to fusing obsidian plates onto his own flesh just to hold his broken body together and restore his strength.
  • Being Tortured Makes You Evil: Yes, but also not quite. While member of a villainous pantheon, he's not exactly evil himself, merely a dark and corrupted god as a result of his present nature and domains. He was more this trope during his time as Grogar's 'attack dog', having been driven mad by torture and corruption into little more than a rabid beast turned against his former people and family and had to be (almost) put down.
  • Broken Ace: Downplayed. He was once a pure, pristine and powerful Deer divine, but it is clear following his tortures and corruption by Grogar and injuries inflicted by his father he is a pale shadow of what he once were. He is still very powerful and experienced, however, between his age and wisdom.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He loved his Deerggle worshippers and subjects dearly, having sympathized with their plight as kindred spirits and becoming the saviour of their people. In turn, he has earned their unconditional love and loyalty for all he had given them.
  • Hates Being Touched: He understandably dislikes physical contact after going through excruciating pain from being tortured and corrupted.
  • Ice Queen: Gender-inverted version. Where before he was jolly and playful, now he is cold and distant.
  • The Quiet One: Once more talkative and outgoing, Kardin's trauma had made him presently this trope, being aversive to long conversations.
  • That Man Is Dead: Sees his old self and life as having ended even after recovering his sanity, given that he's still a shadow of his former glory.
  • Tragic Villain: Both as Grogar's 'attack dog' and later as a member of the villainous Shadowpact Pantheon. Tambelonians' tortures and dark magic had turned him into a mad and corrupted being which was let loose back upon his former worshippers and pantheon during the Tambelon Empire's incursions into the Deer realms. Even after he regained his sanity, his still corrupted and broken form meant he could never return to his family and people, and the fear and disgust many have for both him and his new Deerggle worshippers and subjects meant that he have little choice but to join the Shadowpact when they were invited to, partly because the Shadowpact are among the few who would ever accept him and his people with neither reservations nor revulsion.
  • I Have No Son!: Tragically and on the receiving end. As far as his original Eltenteil Deer Pantheon family are concerned, Kardin died when High King Irminsul (almost managed to) put him out of his misery, and considers anything else as too painful to contemplate. Kardin knows in his corrupted state he could never go back to his own people, and thus similarly view his old life being good as dead.

    Queen Eclaira, the Voracious Shadow 

Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant, Dark, Devourer

Portfolio: Gluttony, Feasts, Vanity, Beauty, Desire

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"We are all what we eat. I just take it more literally."

Queen Eclaira (her entries here and here) is the Shadow goddess of Gluttony, Feasts, Vanity, Beauty, and Desire, and is one of the Shadowpact Pantheon's more infamous members.

Known as "the Voracious Shadow", she is well-known for not only how she satiates her obsession with beauty and ravenous gluttony, but also for being one of Princess Praline, the Princess of Beauty's most well-known adversaries, and is widely considered to be a villainous foil to the Virtusidae goddess of Beauty, Fashion and Baking.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Ironically, Eclaira is and remains this for Princess Praline, as she idolized her beauty and bakery and she was an inspiration for her even despite being each other's Worthy Opponent Arch-Enemy, with Praline still abhorring her and Eclaira still wanting to eat her and add her beauty to herself.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Deconstructed and played for drama. She had the sheer misfortune of being born an ugly-looking Princess in a kingdom which extremely obsessed with beauty and fashion on top of delicacies and cuisines. Because of the social pressures that resulted, both her subjects and her own family shunned, bullied, and abused her for her inadequate looks, causing her to develop stress-eating as a way to alleviate her own misery and in turn making the problem worse and only give her detractors and tormentors more ammunition to demean her. At the same time, her miserable situation gave birth to ambitions and desires regarding becoming the most beautiful Pony in her kingdom and eating however much she wants, all which drove her into the hooves of Overlord Vondur, who became her mentor and friend. After years of learning under him, Eclaira, now a powerful sorceress, conquered her childhood kingdom and punished almost every single person who participated in her foalhood abuse by devouring them and stealing their beauty and vitality for her own, eventually followed by most of the kingdom.
  • And I Must Scream: Downplayed, but the fate of everyone swallowed by Eclaira is to be trapped and squirm inside her forever, where her body would drain and dissolve them endlessly for their beauty and vitality, with her magic sustaining their lives and/or bringing them back repeatedly to be drained/dissolved, again and again. Given she's a Third Age villainous goddess, however, it's not actually as bad as it sounds: the endless maze of gastrointestinal chambers and tunnels inside her is actually quite spacious, giving them plenty of room to settle in; apart from feeding on their beauty and vitality she leaves them alone, and the draining/dissolution processes are more-or-less painless, only making her victims lethargic and increasingly mediocre in appearance; she doesn't consume their souls so they could pass on if they actually perish or runs out of vitality and beauty for her to feed on; and last but not least it's implied that she allows them to try and escape if they can, finding it fun to challenge them and see if they can succeed, even though as a gluttonous divine she has complete control over her internal dimensions and could had make it impossible for anyone to escape. And of course, as Prince Knight Shade demonstrates, there are ways for others to set those trapped inside her bottomless belly free.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's a Shadowpact goddess who embodies Gluttony, Feasts, Vanity, Beauty, and Desire.
  • Arch-Enemy: One of Princess Praline's most persistent and well-known adversaries, though by the Fourth Age they had become each a Worthy Opponent and a Friendly Enemy to each other. The irony here is that Eclaira idolized Praline from the very beginning and still looks up to her, as much as she wants to eat her and feed on her beauty to sate her gluttony and vanity.
  • Asshole Victim: While a lot of those she enthralled to her beauty and eventually devoured did not deserve it, a considerable number of her victims arguably did, in fact, had it coming.
  • The Assimilator: Her most notable modus operandi is eating others and assimilate their beauty to her own, making her ever more beautiful and gorgeous. A throwaway line or two suggests on occasions her victims perish inside her or depleted of vitality and beauty beyond recovery, she dissolves their bodies one last time and adds them to her own while releasing their minds and souls.
  • Ate It All: From many a Mountain of Food taken as tribute to entire nations of people in her gluttony and vanity.
  • The Bad Guys Win:
    • Queen Eclaira succeeded in becoming a Vain Sorceress, achieve supernatural-levels of beauty and power, taking over her kingdom in a coup, turn her kingdom into a massive farm/temple dedicated to feeding her hunger and stoking her vanity, devour most of her subjects partly as punishment for years of looking down on her, and at the end of her first reign gets to meet her idol who would become her Arch-Enemy, and get away thanks to her mentor Vondur before the Virtusidae could put a permenant end to her villainy.
    • Queen Eclaira succeeded in achieving godhood with Vondur's help by kidnapping Princess Praline's daughter, using her as bait to trap and devour Princess Praline, drain Praline for weeks while she's inside her body of her beauty and Primordial Quintessence and then used the accumulated power and divine 'spark' to ascend in a magical ritual before the Virtusidae could stop them. She got the stuffing beaten out of her by an enraged Princess Praline afterwards for her trouble, but she and Vondur still manages to get away with her divine beauty and immortality intact.
  • Baleful Polymorph: Even during her Evil Overlord Vain Sorceress phase, she could use her magic to turn Ponies and others into 'living food' temporarily which she could eat like normal food without painful, gory and messy results.
  • Beauty Is Bad: In contrast to Princess Praline of the Virtusidae/Coltic Pantheon, who uses her Beauty and Baking domains to benefit the world, Queen Eclaira is an insanely beautiful sorcerer-queen turned 'Shadow Goddess' of the Shadowpact Pantheon who is so obsessed with beauty and eating that she combined both and became a cannibalistic villainess who consumed countless other beings and imprisons them inside her body so she could assimilate their beauty into her own, making her eternally fair and forever more beautiful and gorgeous.
  • Benevolent Boss: Queen Eclaira is nice to those who had been loyal and adored her, rewarding them well for their services and sparing them from her hunger.
  • Best Served Cold: Her Royal family and kingdom ostrasized her for failing their culture's expected standards of beauty and mocked her further for indulging herself in eating to cope with her misery over it. When Eclaira turned herself into a vain, gluttonous and insanely beautiful sorceress and took over as queen, she would pay back her family and kingdom for all her years of mockery by feasting on them and draining them alive inside her for her eternal beauty and vitality, eventually devouring nearly her entire homeland and her subjects in her voraciousness and vanity.
  • Big Eater: Is known as 'The Voracious Shadow' with a good reason. Desiring to be the most beautiful of all (and to indulge the insatiable appetite she developed without limits), she became a vain, cannibalistic god-queen who achieves supreme fairness and power by devouring people, trapping countless victims inside her innards to be slowly drained or repeatedly dissolved, adding their beauty and vitality to her increasing power and beautification. She is also an enthusiastic Foodie who loves to savour delicacies and cuisines of all kinds and endlessly feasts on many a Mountain of Food given as tribute or plundered as she does people. Either way, lands she conquered and dominated under the Shadowpact Empire would often end up being largely stripped barren of living things as everyone and everything is eventually made to sate her endless hunger and added to her ever-increasing beauty. Is even classified as a 'Devourer' in her Divine Classification.
  • Bigger on the Inside: The ritual that turned her into a vain cannibalistic sorceress and eventual god-queen made her body this by implication, considering she feasts on hundreds if not thousands of Ponies and others at any given day and she needed all the space inside her to store all those she devoured and drain/dissolve and absorb their beauty and vitality from.
  • Black Hole Belly: Thanks to her Third Age dark sorcery and later her divine domain of gluttony and beauty, she can ingest whole kingdoms worth of food and people without affecting her figure.
  • Caged Inside a Monster: The inevitable result of Eclaira's modus operandi for her victims: those who consumed by the vain, cannibalistic god-queen are left trapped inside her belly to be drained and dissolved for their beauty until their perish, or they are rescued. It's not as bad as it sounds, but still very unpleasant, and with an appetite to rival Giant deities the prisoners within her number in the millions from feasting upon whole lands and kingdoms. The same also applies to her top subordinates, most prominently the Ravenous Regents.
  • Cain and Abel: Justified. Being an 'ugly duckling' among royals who were obsessed with beauty, fashion, and food meant that she would be endlessly scorned, bullied, and abused by her own brothers and sisters. Eventually, her ambitions to become more beautiful than her siblings caught the attention of Overlord Vondur, who encouraged her and taught her everything she needed to take revenge against her childhood kingdom and establish herself as its beautiful tyrant-Queen. During her conquest, one of her sisters who constantly demeaned her in their youth begged to be spared, only for her pleading to be willingly ignored and made to join the rest of the her family now in her sister's belly.
    Eclaira's sister: No, please! Sister, I'm sorry! I'm sorry for calling you names and making you look bad all the time! I'm BEGGING you! Don't eat me! I'M – !
    Princess Eclaira: You should had done that sooner, sister... Now you can tell our dear mom and dad that you're sorry!
  • Card-Carrying Villain: Like her mentor/adoptive uncle Vondur, she makes no excuse as to what she does, caring only that she doesn't take it too far and do anything more which she could regret. She even turns down Princess Praline's offer of a chance to atone for her sins and become a benevolent hero, feeling that she is satisfied with her current way of life even though she admires Praline.
  • Close to Home: She abhors those who demean people who were born 'ugly' because when she was a filly, she was born a rather mediocre-looking Princess in a kingdom that was obsessed with beauty and fashion, giving her no shortage of bullying, abuse, and scorn from even her own royal family. While she proceeded to treat her childhood kingdom like her own buffet after conquering it afterwards, she granted her 'ugly' subjects a portion of her own beauty (especially if they diligently provided her with great loyalty and service) and punished those who demeaned said subjects by eating them. She also reacted with genuine horror and disgust when she learned that Princess Winter Opera used to be bullied for being beautiful in her mortal youth to the point of wishing she was ugly for a time.
  • Create Your Own Villain: She wouldn't have become who she is today if her childhood kingdom actually treated her with love and respect despite her mediocre looks, instead of scorning and abusing her for being 'ugly' by their standards. And for their own folly, they would become the first among the many a vengeful Eclaira would devour to sate her own ravenous hunger and vanity.
  • Creepy Children Singing: A (in)famous children's folk rhyme in the Shadowpact Empire is often sung about her, especially in areas under her direct control. It basically sums up how she sees the world and everyone else in relation to her, and warns listeners what happens to those who fails to give her what she wants when asked.
    "All the world is her show stage,
    And all folks who lives her buffet.
    Worship, adore, when you are told,
    Or down her gullet, you will go!"
  • Crushing the Populace: For Eclaira, rebellions in lands she rule over are just excuses for her to have population-feasting buffets.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Or in her case, 'Eats most of her kingdom and drains all their precious beauty and vitality for her own inside her belly after a lifetime of mockery for her appearance and appetite'.
  • Deity of Human Origin: While a mortal Vain Sorceress and 'Shadow Lady' of the Shadowpact Empire at first, she did eventually ascended to godhood and joined the empire's ruling/overseeing Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • The Dreaded: Eclaira is very well-feared in the Third Age and even in the Fourth Age as a villainous deity, for the same reason anyone would be when they hear the description 'Vain cannibalistic god-queen' as well as being member of the Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • Eat Me: One of the more disturbing results of Eclaira conflating her supernatural beauty's enthralling wiles with her insatiable cannibalistic appetite is that a sizeable fraction of the population she rules over become so infatuated with her and her euphorically-gorgeous looks they sincerely and enthusiastically take the initiative to offer themselves as willing sacrifices to be eaten by her and have their beauty added to her own. This would had been considered creepy in ANY Age, both in-universe and out-.
  • Eaten Alive: The terrible fate of anyone who had the unfortune of being caught by Eclaira and fed to the vain cannibalistic god-queen's hunger and vanity. While it's not actually as bad as it sounds thanks to her being a Third Age villainess goddess, it's still unpleasant.
  • Energy Absorption: Another way Eclaira had shown to consume her victims is to convert them into streams of magical energy which she would then swallow en-masse, reforming her victims once they are taken completely into her body.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Being a villainous goddess from the Third Age, even she has standards.
    • She was both disgusted and horrified when she learned of Princess Winter Opera's experiences with being bullied and shunned for resembling her handsome yet villainous father, War Rock, which were completely opposite to her own experiences yet no less hurtful.
    • While she would happily consume Ponies and others to be drained and/or repeatedly dissolved physically to absorb their beauty and vitality, both processes are relatively painless, and in the latter case the draining only causes lethargy and increasingly mediocre appearances, while those who ended up being dissolved are physically rematerialized whole and new with some of their beauty and vitality taken and remains so until they are dissolved again, and overall her victims are generally left to their devices inside her. She maybe a vain cannibalistic god-queen, but she isn’t a sadist.
    • When Vondur advised her on the ritual that would allow her to absorb beauty and vitality from consuming others, she was worried that she might end up consuming her victims' souls as well, and was relieved when Vondur reassured her that no, she wouldn't and the Shadowpact would never contemplate it. Aside from being an unthinkable taboo under the 'Primeval Laws' to steal and keep souls from their rightful afterlives, even she like Vondur considers such a practice too abhorrent to contemplate.
    • She also like many Third Age villains adamantly refuse to harm children below a certain age. They are completely off the menu, and in the event some are accidentally eaten, they are let out as soon as they could be (if at all possible) or are otherwise protected from the depredations of her endless innards.
    • While she expects and takes lion's share of food as tribute from her yet-consumed subjects, she also makes sure that whatever happens they still have enough food to eat on their own. While this is partly done out of Pragmatic Villainy by ensuring they would be in good condition to continue supplying her with food and people to eat and drain, her gluttonous nature made her personally hate the very idea of starvation and truly did not want anyone to suffer from it.
    • Despite their goals being Not So Different by her own admission, even Eclaira considers her renegade former minion/worshipper Insectora, the Prodigious Mnoarch's final insane plan to choke the world of Equus by fusing with, corrupting and spreading the Dreamstalk and feed on all life that lives on it for eternity as sustenance on her ascension to beauty and divinity as going way too far. Queen Eclaira wanted to do more or less the same thing - feasting on the lands and peoples of Equus to eternally increase her own beauty - but she doesn't actually want to consume the whole world and destroy it all for her vanity and gluttony, or be excessively cruel and heartless about it unlike her insanely narcissistic ex-minion. This goes to the point she's willing to join forces with Princess Praline helping Vol, the Hungry Hero and his allies in defeating Insectora at the final battle.
  • Evil Chef: Feasting being one of her domains, Queen Eclaira is a highly-capable divine chef in her own right, with a focus on quantity. She had challenged and had been challenged by heroic mortals and gods in cooking contests, and also organized great feasts for her minions and fellow villains.
  • Evil Feels Good: She turned herself with Vondur's aid into a vain, cannibalistic, supernaturally beautiful sorceress/god-queen to escape the misery of being scorned for her appearance and appetite, and had never regretted it nor stopped since then. She regarded the first reign that saw her taking over and eventually consuming most of her own homeland for beauty and nourishment (with a pinch of payback) as one of the best times of her life, having got everything she wanted and more, even seeing her being defeated by her future Arch-Enemy Princess Praline as Worth It since she gets to meet her beauty/cooking idol.
    • The mere act of her eating people and draining/dissolving them endlessly of their beauty and vitality inside of her is described as being incredibly pleasurable for her, causing her to crave for more and becoming ever more beautiful and ravenous with every being she consumes.
  • Evil Overlord: Eclaira started out as one herself, and since her ascension to the Shadowpact's goddess of Gluttony, Feasts, Vanity, Beauty and Desire has two major groups of evil overlords as her top subordinates, under her patronage or otherwise allied to her, each sharing commonality in being incredibly beautiful female Sorcerous Overlord like herself: Vain Vicereines are those whose magical powers and modus-operandi lean towards Eclaira's domains of vanity and beauty, while the Ravenous Regents are those who lean towards Eclaira's domains of gluttony and feasting. While this is a general categorization, there are probably overlaps between the two groups.
  • Fairest of Them All: Having been ostracized all her life for her mediocre appearance (and her appetite from drowning her misery in eating), Eclaira burned with such a desire to one day be the fairest of her land that it attracted Overlord Vondur's attention, who taught her how to. To the horror of many, especially by 'Third Age' standards, she eventually achieved this with dark magical aid by eating people.
  • The Famine: Zigzagged. On one hoof, because of Pragmatic Villainy and Eclaira hating the very idea of starvation, she always makes sure no matter how much food (and people) she takes to eat, there will be still enough food to go around for her subjects. On the other hoof, given the ever-growing nature of her appetite and desires, the final and inevitable result of her voraciousness and vanity would not only end up depopulating lands, but picking them clean of nearly all food and life like a horde of locusts, resulting in this trope around the empty, barren lands which she had conquered and eventually consumed.
  • Foil:
    • To Coltic and Virtusidae Pantheons' co-goddess Princess Praline, the Princess of Beauty, being in many ways a perversion of her domains on top of being opposite in moral alignments, which is lampshaded even in-universe. Both are goddesses of beauty, but where Praline is selfless and humble about hers and work to inspire and promote it in others as a divine muse and patron, Queen Eclaira is selfish and haughty about her beauty, obsessed with becoming the Fairest of Them All by taking beauty and vitality from others and assimilating them to enhance her own. Both have domains revolving around food and are each a Big Eater, but where as a goddess of bakery Praline uses her domain to feed others, Queen Eclaira is a villainous glutton whose ravenous hunger goes up to cannibalistic levels, and in her insatiable voraciousness had deprived whole lands of food and depopulated whole kingdoms of people.
    • She is also one to Fragile Beauty/Fairest Monarch, a vain super-villainess from the 'Second Age' who was redeemed by Praline's mother Bon Bon, the Faithful Designer, given their similar villainess motivations but presently different moral alignments. Fragile Beauty even noted how much she is a reflection of the vain super-villainess she once was, but taken Up to Eleven.
    • She's also one to Princess Winter Opera. While Eclaira was tormented and abused for being born ugly in a kingdom obsessed with beauty, Winter Opera was bullied for being both beautiful and the splitting image of her villainous father, War Rock. And while Eclaira was raised a Princess by a royal family who scorned her for how she looked, Winter Opera was raised by loving adoptive parents which impacted her positively in the long run. Both were driven to the brink because of their miserable foalhoods, but Winter Opera was saved by Luminiferous and Blue Suede Heartstrings, who became her mentors and helped her become a heroic goddess, while Eclaira became a villain in part thanks to Vondur's influence and never looked back since. Eclaira also represents what happens if Winter Opera decided to use her great beauty and powers for selfish, vain ends much like War Rock did in life, and Ascended to godhood with a villainous morality.
  • Friendly Enemy: She has a few.
    • It's implied both Eclaira and Praline's adversarial relationship had become this by the Fourth Age, where it was much more hostile from the start especially from Praline's end. Praline still abhors her villainy and Eclaira still wants to eat her and feed on her beauty, but apparently they got along outside of their clashes.
    • She also became this for Princess Winter Opera, another goddess of great beauty. While they oppose each other due to being of different moralities, goals, and pantheons, Eclaira sympathizes with Winter Opera's foalhood experiences with bullying and respects her for resisting her temptations.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: She went from a little Earth-pony Princess who was bullied by both her subjects and her own family for her ugly appearance (and the appetite she developed to alleviate her own misery), to an insanely beautiful Sorcerous Overlord who was both worshiped for her beauty and dreaded for her extremely voracious appetites. Thanks to the influence of her mentor, Overlord Vondur, she later managed to Ascend to godhood and become a member of the Shadowpact Empire's ruling pantheon.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: With her being the 'Bowser'. By the Fourth Age her adversarial relationship with Praline and other heroic forces had evolved to the point they can be considered legitimate friends. When not battling heroes and trying to eat Praline as usual she goes shopping, dining, modelling and making movies with them.
  • God-Eating: Queen Eclaira wants to devour her Arch-Enemy Princess Praline ever since their very first confrontation, knowing as the Princess of Beauty Praline would provide her with an unending feast of beauty and vitality more abundant and sumptuous than all the mortals she had consumed and drained. Her succeeding the first time and draining her for a few weeks in her belly was instrumental to her ascension into godhood. Upon her apotheosis, she was gleeful over the fact that even the gods won't escape her hunger, so there's no telling how many other gods and pantheons she had consumed since then, including other gods/goddesses embodying beauty.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: There is no better to reason to call for divine or heroic salvation from ones' queen when she has a habit of feasting on her own kingdom and subjects to make herself eternally and ever-more beautiful, eventually devouring every land and most of their population she conquered if not defeated.
    • Literally invoked at the end of Eclaira's first reign as a vain and cannibalistic mortal Sorcerous Overlord by Fragile Beauty/Fairest Monarch once the reformed immortal super-heroine realizes that she is outmatched by Eclaira's sorcery. This results in Praline inflicting a Curbstomp Battle against Eclaira, though by then she and her allies realized they were too late to save most of the kingdom from going down Queen Eclaira's gullet and having their beauty and vitality fed to her.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The forgotten early-Third Age kingdom Eclaira was born in was famous not only for its cuisines but also its cultural obsession with beauty, to the point society ostracized those who don't fit their standards of beauty from bottom to top. They were undone by this when their constant disappointment, scorn and bullying of Eclaira led to a chain of events that turned her into a vain cannibalistic Sorcerous Overlord who would take over the kingdom, turning their beauty from a blessing to a curse when her desire to take it from them to become the fairest of them all eventually caused her to devour most of her own kingdom, becoming little more than food to feed her insatiable gluttony and unquenchable vanity.
  • Hot God: Gender-inverted. She became so insanely beautiful from all the people she devoured and drained of their beauty (among other things) inside her belly that she became a goddess of Beauty and Gluttony upon Ascending to godhood. And unlike her rival and Arch-Enemy Princess Praline, she is not adverse to using it to her advantage.
  • I am a Humanitarian: Up to Eleven. One of if not the biggest reason for Eclaira's infamy in the Third Age is that in her obsession to become the most beautiful being there is and eating to her heart's content, she at Vondur's suggestion combined both traits and used a ritual to become a vain cannibalistic sorceress/god-queen. By devouring people alive, draining or repeatedly dissolving and restoring them, she can become supernaturally beautiful and powerful via absorbing their released beauty and vitality. Given her ravenous appetite and vanity, she would constantly crave for more Ponies and others to consume as she does normal food, and in her insatiable desire to feast and beautify herself, her appetite would literally consume whole lands and kingdoms' worth of population, with everyone literally existing to sate her endless hunger when not adoring and worshipping her looks to sate her vanity.
  • I Am a Monster: Openly admits to being a monster when Princess Praline told her that she could walk away from being one, and claims that she is fine with it since it was turning to villainy with Vondur's influence and aid which finally net her true happiness. She even rationalizes her true hideous monstrous inner self she had saw in enchanted mirrors when shown by her enemies to be 'beautiful' in its own exotic way.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Being a Vain Sorceress and a villainous goddess of beauty foil to Princess Praline, she's not afraid to use her supernatural beauty - which she took from all the people she consumed and drained inside her - to enthrall others to her wiles and whims.
  • I Just Want to Be Beautiful: Being looked down upon by her beauty-obsessed kingdom for being mediocre in appearance and being so miserable she seeks solace from it by indulging in her appetite, she dreamed of becoming a beauty admired by all, even comparing herself to the 'Ugly Duckling' from the famous fable (which she was derisively nicknamed after) who would grow up to become a beautiful swan. With Overlord Vondur's encouragement and help, she succeeded.
  • I Regret Nothing: Given how miserable she was before and had gotten everything she wanted through her villainy, she had never looked back from her decision to become the vain, cannibalistic and ravishing Sorceress Overlord and God-Queen she is today.
  • King Incognito: Gender-inverted and Downplayed. During much of the Fourth Age, while the rest of the Shadowpact Empire and Pantheon sank into dormancy and ennui, Eclaira had remained active, and had spent much of that time in an inconspicuous manner. She didn't exactly hide her identity or presence, and still occasionally gone about her villainous ways, but she kept enough of a low profile that it still surprised people when she revealed herself and her return to villainy when the 'Shadowpact Restoration' began.
    • When news of the 'New Crypta Conquests' and soon afterwards the start of the 'Shadowpact Restoration' spread, it found her while she was living in a semi-permeant basis in Equestria, where she had became both a popular movie starlet after entering Applewood with one of her Friendly Enemy's help and proprietor of several restaurant and fashion chains with outlets across Equestria and the world. The hilarious part is that in spite of everypony in the studios apparently knowing she is actually a vain cannibalistic god-queen from the Third Age, their infatuation with her beauty and Fragile Beauty/Fairest Monarch's vouching still managed to keep her presence and true identity under wraps until the 'Shadowpact Restoration' began.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Through a villainous scheme Queen Eclaira succeeded in achieving divine beauty and immortality, but before she could go celebrate she got the stuffing beaten out of her by an enraged Princess Praline for using the Princess of Beauty to achieve that end.
  • Laughably Evil: On top of having sympathetic traits, she also have comedic traits in spite of her dreaded, villainous status, which could be attributed to her mentor being Overlord Vondur.
    • Having idolized her legendary beauty and cooking, Eclaira's first reaction when Princess Praline confronted her for the first time is to Squee! and ask for her autograph, much to Praline's stupefied surprise.
  • Life Drinker: Eclaira drains not only the beauty but vitality of all the beings she consumed and trapped in their belly, using it to empower herself as much as to endlessly beautify herself.
  • Putting the Band Back Together: When the 'Shadowpact Restoration' began, Eclaira played a major role in getting the Shadowpact Pantheon members back up and together again, having been keeping them in contact while she remained active through the Fourth Age. She also helped recruiting new members as new Shadow Lords/Ladies and Shadow Gods/Goddesses.
  • Magic Hair: Her mane and tail is designed to superficially resemble various desserts and pastries, such as cannoli, biscuit swirls, and donuts. It's noted, though, that her Beauty domain lets her change the way her hair looks at any time.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name Eclaira is a play on Éclair, a French confectionary, the same way Praline's name is also based on a French confectionary.
  • The Mirror Shows Your True Self: She was subjected to this on several occasions - both literally and metaphorically - by her enemies, which more often then not sends her into a terrible rage as it is implied her true inner self, consumed with gluttony and vanity as it is, is monstrously hideous.
  • More Than Mind Control: Her supernatural beauty as both an insanely beautiful Vain Sorceress and eventually a villainous beauty goddess allows her to enthrall weaker minds to her whims and will in sheer euphoric adoration and appreciation. This goes to the point that her worshippers and admirers willingly offer themselves to be eaten by her and add their beauty to hers (Which as far as Eclaira herself could tell makes up nearly half of those she consumed), when not fighting over her approval, trinkets or even just for the right to be in her presence for more than five minutes.
  • Never Accepted in His Hometown: Deconstructed. Despite being a Princess, she was born so mediocre-looking that by the standards of her beauty/fashion/food-obsessed kingdom, she might as well be ugly. The sheer bullying, abuse, and scorn she endured from both her subjects and her own family made her absolutely miserable, but also gave her ambitions to prove her kingdom wrong by becoming the Fairest of Them All. Once she became a student of Overlord Vondur, who accepted her for who she is and not her appearance, she would later come back armed with dark magic and punish/devour a large majority of her childhood kingdom for their mistreatment.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: On the receiving end of one right after her apotheosis, when Princess Praline, enraged over her daughter's kidnapping, Queen Eclaira eating Praline and then draining her beauty and primordial quintessence for weeks to achieve ascension, responded to what she did by tackling and beating the absolute crap out of her. Eclaira would concede many years afterward that she probably had it coming, and could only beg Praline not to hit her in the face during the beatdown.
  • Not in the Face!: As a reminder of her vanity, one of the thing she shouted while Princess Praline responded to what she did to her to achieve apotheosis by beating the absolute snot out of her was to beg her not to hit her in the face.
  • Odd Friendship: Being a Third Age villain, Eclaira developing friendships with those who represent the opposite of who/what she is and are even her heroic enemies would not be considered entirely unusual by Third Age heroes' and villains' standards.
    • They are well-known rivals and foes through the Third Age and still is in the Fourth Age: Princess Praline still abhors her for her villainy and for being perversions of her domains, while Queen Eclaira still wants to consume her and feed on her sumptuous beauty and vitality to add to her own. Despite this, by the present day they apparently got along well enough outside of their clashes to be considered friends.
    • Queen Eclaira also developed a friendship with 'Second Age' superheroine-turn-goddess Princess Winter Opera, the Defiant Symphony, sympathizing with each others' Dark and Troubled Past over appearances, and Eclaira continues to serve as a 'constructive foil' testing and challenging Winter Opera.
    • Downplayed, but despite being the heroine who sounded the alarm that eventually led to the end of her first reign, Fragile Beauty/Fairest Monarch had apparently shared notes with Queen Eclaira over things like fashions and even put on beauty shows and made films together.
  • Oh, Crap!: She, together with everyone else present, had this reaction despite her triumphant delight moments earlier when she realized how absolutely pissed-off Princess Praline is over the whole kidnapping her daughter to bait and eat her so she could drain her power for ascension to godhood plan. She barely managed to offer a peace-feeler before Princess Praline tackled and beginning to pummel the absolute stuffing out of her.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: After learning dark magic from Overlord Vondur, the Shadowpact god of Dark Magic, she would later go back to her childhood kingdom, and devour both her royal family and subjects and steal their beauty for her own as punishment for years of unwarranted scorn, bullying, and abuse for being 'ugly'.
  • People Farm: What she turned her own kingdom into practically over the course of her first reign as Queen Eclaira: on top of the entire kingdom's economy re-organized entirely to satiating her ravenous appetite, the population were managed such that they would provide an endless supply of people who she could consume and add their beauty and vitality to her own, whether as unwilling sacrifices or willing volunteers. Despite pragmatism and moderation, the kingdom couldn't keep up with her ever-increasing voraciousness and vanity, leading to her devouring most of it and her subjects. In her later conquests she turned every domain she taken over into this as well, as much to feed her hunger as it was to supply other realms of the Shadowpact with surplus mane-power.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: As a 'Shadow Goddess' of gluttony, she can devour entire kingdoms and lands of all their food and people singly, picking everything clean and leaving only barren lands in the wake of her conquests and consumptions. For comparison, usually Giant divines are the ones who can and have the incentive of doing this.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • While she treated the kingdom of her birth as her own food pantry and source of never-ending beauty to empower herself with, she abhorred and devoured those who demeaned others for being ugly like she was. She also promoted beauty among her subjects, including granting those who were physically ugly a portion of her own beauty, and generously rewarded faithful servants/agents.
    • She was also genuinely horrified and disgusted when she learned that Princess Winter Opera, the Alicorn goddess of Dark Magic, Potential, and Defiance, was similarly bullied and shunned like her as a filly... but for being beautiful. Even worse is Winter Opera revealing that for a time, she wished that she was ugly just to make the bullying stop.
    • Because of her vain nature, she appreciated genuine praise or works about her, whether it be made sincerely or in desperation, so long and especially if it is done well. A desperate bard was once spared from becoming her dinner when he made up a song on the spot about her, which she loved so much that instead of eating him, she made him one of her court's musicians.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • Queen Eclaira may be an incredibly powerful Vain Sorceress from all the people she consumed to fuel her with their beauty and vitality, and Princess Praline is less combat-oriented and experienced, but the latter is still a goddess, while the former is not. Despite Eclaira giving a good showing, she was still overwhelmed by Praline in their first confrontation. It was not until after Eclaira later ascended to godhood herself that the fight became more balanced.
    • Eclaira had succeeded, devouring Princess Praline and keeping her inside her body for long enough, draining her primordial quintessence, that she was able to achieve apotheosis. She STILL gets herself flattened by an enraged, released Princess Praline before she could celebrate because she was still a Godling while she is already a Tier-IV Greater Goddess.
  • Redemption Rejection: She truly appreciates the offers to turn a new leaf from Princess Praline and others, but ultimately decides to stick to being a villainess because turning to evil was finally what allowed her to achieve happiness. That aside, she loved and felt in-debt enough to Vondur, her mentor and substitute father figure, that she cannot bring herself to turn her back on him.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Note quite on account of them technically still alive, but as payback for an early-life of scorn, bullying and disappointment over her appearance and appetite, Queen Eclaira would as part of her crowning ceremony consume her whole Royal family, swallowing them one by one from her parents to her siblings, intending on keeping them inside her belly until they learn to finally appreciate true beauty, and her. Since they were never mentioned again, it's implied they're still imprisoned somewhere deep inside Eclaira to this day, feeding her with their beauty and vitality forever along with the rest of their consumed kingdom.
  • Start of Darkness: An early life of bullying by her family and kingdom because of her appearance and appetite filled her with both misery and a desire to be the Fairest of Them All so strong it attracted the attention of Overlord Vondur, who encouraged her to pursue it and taught her knowledge of dark sorcery as means to that end. When that proved insufficient, she developed a ritual at her mentor's suggestion that would allow her to satiate her unquenchable desires for both beauty and food by allowing her to take beauty and vitality from those she Eaten Alive, turning her into the vain, cannibalistic and ravishing Sorcerous Overlord and later god-queen she is today.
  • Stomach of Holding: Given her appetite and her domains, it comes to no surprise that her innards are practically bottomless in terms of storage capacity, being implied to be an endless maze of gastrointestinal chambers and tunnels where all the food and people she consumed are endlessly digested for nourishment and drained of beauty and vitality respectively.
  • Swallowed Whole: Many of her victims were subjected to this, which is a slightly milder/nicer fate than those who were (non-fatally/painfully) cooked into her regular meals (with them shrunken or meal being giant-sized), zapped into a stream of magic, or even subjected to Baleful Polymorph temporarily into 'living food' which she could savour like normal food without painful, gory and messy results.
  • Undying Loyalty: She felt in-debt to 'Uncle' Vondur, her mentor and substitute father figure, who influenced/supported her ambitions and help made her everything she is today, that she is one of his biggest supporters even to this day and cannot bring herself to turn her back on him and do a Heel–Face Turn. The moment Vondur got out of his rut and return in the Fourth Age, Eclaira wasted no time going back to him and help Vondur get the Shadowpact Pantheon back together and the Shadowpact Empire back up.
  • Vain Sorceress: She learnt dark magic and sorcery from a very young age through Overlord Vondur himself, thanks to an enchanted copy of his infamous 'Vondur's Guide to Wicked Wizardry' which her family happened to possess and through which he secretly contacted her. Because she is an Earth-Pony, she had to craft many spell-casting artifacts in the form of jewelry and other adornments to help her cast spell in the absence of a horn or other magic-casting appendages. In accordance to her desires and ambitions, one of the thing she used it for is to make herself supernaturally beautiful.
  • Villainous Glutton: Her defining trait besides her obsession with beauty, taken Up to Eleven given how she end up satiating it AND her vanity at the same time via swallowing countless people whole and feeding on their beauty and vanity as they squirm forever inside the endless depths of her belly. She is so ravenous she eats people by the hundreds, thousands and millions, on top of stripping whole lands of most life and food. And no, thanks to her domains of Gluttony and Beauty, it doesn't affect her figure at all and in fact makes it better.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Played with in-universe example. She's essentially a beauty-obsessed, cannibalistically gluttonous evil Vain Sorceress god-queen who once terrorized the world in an Age exemplified not only for its fantastical magic but also its all-prevailing kindness and compassion. Of course, given she IS a 'Third Age' villainous goddess, the way she does that is still actually not as horrible as it normally would had been had she been born and rose to power in other Ages, with more standards and sympathetic traits.
  • Where I Was Born and Razed: Despite pragmatism and moderation, her increasingly ravenous hunger and vanity eventually led to her consuming most of her kingdom, stripping her lands clean of life and depopulating the provinces, before she was dethroned for the first time.
  • Winged Unicorn: Post-Ascension, she became a tall and stunning Alicorn goddess of resplendent beauty, with her Beauty domain allowing her to change her appearance whenever she wishes. Notably, her pelt/hair colors, makeup, and divine regalia are always food-themed. Her mane and tail superficially resembles dessert pastries like cannoli, donuts, creams/custards, and biscuit swirls, and befitting her domains of Gluttony and Feasts, she constantly has a predatory, hungry look in her eyes and a maw that can stretch unnaturally wide to let in sapient creatures.
  • World Most Beautiful Woman: Eclaira would be a likely contender for this, having absorbed the beauty and vitality of untold millions of beings she devoured.
  • Worthy Opponent: She considers Princess Praline this from practically day one, having idolized her in her youth and still does despite of their adversarial relationship. The feelings eventually become mutual on both ends.
  • You Are Too Late: By the time Praline and the other Virtusidae and heroes found out and dethroned Eclaira for the first time, she had ruled for generations in her lands, and had all but devoured her entire kingdom. While some - but not all - of those she swallowed would be freed, the land was still stripped barren of food and life and would take many years to recover even with the help of benevolent gods and Third Age magic.

    Cramoisie Amour, the Shadow Queen of Blood 

Classification: Ascendant/Ethereal/Undying

Portfolio: Love, Uncommitted Love, Blood, Vampirism

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"Ah, the blood is really pumping now!"

Cramoisie Amour (Her entry here), the Shadow Queen of Blood is a vampiric 'Shadow Goddess' in the Shadowpact Pantheon and one of two Undead divine sisters who embody darker aspects of Love - in Cramoisie's case, Uncommitted 'Ludus' Love. All this stems from their unique heritage as daughters of a certain ancient Love God and a unique upbringing that would send them both down the path into becoming the dark goddesses they are today, yet not without developing a strong sense of nobility so characteristic of villains in the Third Age.
  • Amazonian Beauty: Is described as a large, beautiful Alicorn-Vampire goddess with a 'Corrupted Alicorn' appearance who is also physically strong and imposing.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Both Cramoisie and her sister were power-hungry and ambitious from their earliest days, thanks to being raised by an Ibexian Necromancer who adopted them.
  • Badass in Charge: Her passionate and Hot-Blooded nature often compels her to adopt a more direct role in battle and other aspects of leadership, and she is known to be a very capable combatant, academic, sorceress and Evil Overlord.
  • Batman Gambit:
    • During the 'Terra Equus Continental War', a god from an upstart evil/fallen/villainous pantheon who are backing the Autorists devised a plan to take out one of the gods of the Shadowpact Pantheon (namely, Cramoisie) and decimate a portion of the Shadowpact Empire's forces by ambushing her and her armies en-route under the cover of night to another front, planning to fight and pin her down long enough for the sun to rise and weaken her sufficiently (along with the night-long battle) to defeat her, then help the Autorist forces and his followers do the same with the army that's with her. Thing is, having received word of the the preparations from a mysterious intelligence source and deducing what the Autorists intended, Cramoisie decided to counter it with a multi-step plan: 1) Bring a living legion/army/horde instead of her usual ones from Royaumort (which are full of Undead) and pretend to fall into the ambush; 2) while they battle it out, have her co-ruling Lich goddess sister Blanche and her liches prepare rituals nearby; 3) when armies on both sides took enough casualties and dawn is imminent, raise the fallen on both sides as Undead, and 4) while the enemy deity and the Autorist forces are distracted fighting the resurrected bodies of their foes and former comrades, use her Blood Magic to drink the entire battlefield's worth of recently-spilled blood to recharge and boost herself. Meanwhile, her sister joins the fray. Because of this, rather than herself being weakened and defeated and her forces destroyed, it is the enemy god who is left exhausted, his followers and Autorists soldiers finding themselves outnumbered 3 to 1, the Shadow Queen of Blood becoming reinvigorated/empowered, with her co-ruling sister backing her up. In the end, the Autorist force was annihilated and reanimated as Undead, bolstering Shadowpact forces when they finally arrived at the front they are needed, while the enemy god is taken out of the fight by Cramoisie defeating him and drinking his blood, boosting her power even further and leaving the upstart Autorist-aligned pantheon weakened in the process.
  • Blood Knight: Given her Hot-Blooded personality, Cramoisie loves to fight and being in the thick of battle and is more physical/combat-oriented than her Lich goddess sister. She always lead the charge at the front of her kingdom's and Shadowpact's forces with her halberd and crimson armour.
    Cramoisie: "Sweet blood... how it sings to me! And where blood flows, I shall go! ONWARD, TO THE BATTLEFIELD!"
  • Blood Magic: Is extremely talented with Sanguinmancy - Blood Magic - on account of being a goddess with domains over Vampires and Blood. She can create devastating spells with but a few drops of blood, manipulate her own blood and that of others, such as hardening them to steel-like levels of strength to create tools, weapons and armour, and in emergencies can even transmute her body entirely into blood.
  • Daddy Had a Good Reason for Abandoning You: In Amareros' case, it wasn't even his fault: both Cramoisie's parents were too busy at the time helping the world recover from the ravages of the Void Aeon, and thus were away when the place and people they entrusted Cramoisie and her sister to were wiped out by a disaster. They did not reappear until the stasis capsule which protected them but suspended them out of time reemerged in a swamp hundreds of years after the event. By then, they were discovered and adopted by a loving adoptive father, so even if Amareros did sensed their existence through Lord Tothar's presence, he would not had interrupted until Lord Tothar's time had come because it's fundamentally against his nature to interfere with loving relationships in any way.
  • God of Evil: While not exactly embodying Evil specifically as one of her domains, Cramoisie was still an ambitious and power-hungry Vampire goddess who is part of a villainous pantheon which rules/watches over a powerful empire made up of overlords, villains and other ne'er-do-wells in the Third and now the Fourth Age.
  • Happily Adopted: By an Ibexian Necromancer named Lord Tothar, who was a good parent to them by all considerations, even if he did taught them Necromancy and Dark Magic and other teachings which send them down the path of becoming an Evil Overlord and Dark Goddesses in their own right.
  • Hot-Blooded: Being the emotional, passionate, thrill-seeking and fierce 'Red Oni' to her sister's 'Blue Oni', Cramoisie loves being challenged and challenging others in turn on a physical, intellectual and magical level, and is attracted to strength with many of her lovers being ones who could give her a good fight. As sovereign, she always prefer a direct leadership role and often leads the charge at the front, whether in battle or in other things.
  • Hot Goddess: Being both a Love Goddess and a Vampire Monarch, she is this by default.
  • Good Parents: Cramoisie Amour and her sister had one in their birth father Amareros, who accepted them for who and what they are in spite of their darker natures and even help them ease into their larger family and their eventual roles by introducing them to their darker relatives after they returned with him. Lord Thothar, the Ibexian Necromancer ex-overlord who adopted them sister were also a good father to them by most considerations, teaching them Necromancy and other dark power as well as raising them to be strong enough to make it on their own in the world, and even when his time finally came encouraged them to go with Amareros when he came to take them home knowing that they will fulfill their full potential under him and the Amaredae. Cramoisie too, despite being an embodiment of Uncommitted Love, is one as well, loving and treasuring all her fully Vampire and half-Vampiric Dhampir children from her many flings.
  • Love Goddess: Is an embodiment of both normal Love and Uncommitted (Ludus) Love as a goddess.
  • Noble Demon: Being raised by the Retired Monster Ibexian Necromancer Lord Tothar led to both Cramoisie and her sister developing dark and villainous personalities, both becoming ambitious and power-hungry and wanting to emulate their adoptive father by raising Undead armies and going out to conquer lands to rule for themselves. Fortunately, their adoptive father's good upbringing as well as their real father and his family's positive influence also causes them to develop a sense of nobility and compassion in spite of still being Evil. It helps that their Grand Primeval relatives include Lhaine the Hatred Primeval, Adversus the Adversity Primeval and Nekelmu the Evil Primeval, all of whom are each a Noble Demon themselves with their domains.
  • Parental Abandonment: Tragically unintentional example. Their parents were Amareros, the Love Primeval and an immortal/long-lived superheroine from the 'Second Age' who loved them sincerely and dearly, but were often forced to put them in the care of others owing to being busy all the time helping to rebuild the world in the aftermath of the 'Void Aeon'. This leads to them being in no position to save their children when a disaster struck one of the places where they were left in care. Fortunately, one of the caretakers managed to protect them before perishing by putting them safely inside a 'Stasis-Capsule'. They remained safe suspended out of time for hundreds of years before they turned up in a swarm, where a reclusive Ibexian Necromancer who had retired there from conquering and ruling in the Ibexian Kingdoms found, adopted and raised them like his own daughters.
  • Physical God: A Vampire divine like Dracolta, Lord of Castellmania.
  • Really Gets Around: Being the embodiment of Uncommitted Love, she have had many flings with many beings over her unlife and divine existence, having many children in spite of never committing to any of her relationships whom she nevertheless doted on dearly.
  • Vampire Monarch: Is the sovereign of Royaumort, a highly successful Necrocracy ruled over by her Court of Blood and other high-ranking Undead, and with her membership in Overlord Vondur's Shadowpact is the de-facto leader/sovereign of all Vampirekind in the Shadowpact Empire

    Balthazar, the Shadow of Greed 

Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant

Portfolio: Greed, Curses, Evil

Rank: Divine (Tier IV/Greater)

"All that glitters is mine!"

First mentioned in this drabble, Balthazar is a draconic god of Greed, Curses, and Evil, and one of the more infamous 'Shadow Gods' member of the Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • Animal Nemesis: Is stated to have a quote 'long, violent history' with Sekra the Indomitable, High Queen of Crypta's Giant Scorpion pet and companion Merew, and in Crypta-Shadowpact conflicts both during the Third Age and during the 'Shadowpact Restoration' had repeatedly fought each other.
  • Captain Ersatz: A Composite Character of Beresad from Kingdom Rush and Fafnir from Norse/Germanic Mythology, being both a once mortal being of relative high status whose greed led to him being unwittingly cursed (or willingly transforming) into a coveting dragon. Balthazar was also a vicious and expensive mercenary like Beresad was.
  • Evil Overlord: Was once a 'Shadow Lord' serving under Overlord Vondur prior to ascending to godhood and becoming a member of the Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • Hired Guns: He was once a vicious and expensive mercenary working for the Shadowpact Empire before his repute and deeds earned him a permenant place in the Shadowpact as a 'Shadow Lord'.
  • Was Once a Man: Once a Diamond Dog Prince named Runtus, before a cursed bag of treasure turned him into a greedy Dragon. And that's before he became a Shadow Lord and eventually ascended to godhood.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Although he's one of the more powerful and infamous members of the Shadowpact Pantheon, he rarely leaves his lair of treasures and had to be coaxed out of his mountain before his prodigious might could be best utilized.

    Trogg, the Shadow of War 
"Strength and Honour!"

  • Blood Knight: Going by his inspiration, title and likely characteristics, he is probably this trope by default.
  • Deity of Human Origin: Troggkind origins, actually. He was a Troggorc - one of the many Troggkinds artificially created from baseline Troggles by their Ibexian necromancers and overlords to be an improvement of what they perceive to be their less-than-adequate/reliable Battle Thralls. After leading much of Troggkind to rebellion and freedom during the Third Age, he would join the Shadowpact Empire and eventually ascended to godhood as the 'Shadow of War', the principal deity of Troggkind in the Shadowpact Empire and a War God.
  • Expy: Of Veruk, the Orc hero from Kingdom Rush: Vengeance, who was Made a Slave and forced to fight in gladiatorial pits for years before claiming his freedom and becoming the leader of the Orcs and 'Warmongers' in Vez'nan's forces.
  • Gladiator Revolt: Given his inspiration, he was most likely a gladiator or a battle-thrall himself, making the 'Trogg Uprising' he led one of these on top of being a general slave revolt.
  • Made a Slave: Trogg was one of many downtrodden Troggkinds - including Troggles, Troggorcs, Troggres and others - utilized by the Ibexian overlords as slaves and Battle Thralls before breaking free from slavery and leading much of Troggkind to freedom early in the Third Age.
  • Our Orcs Are Different: Trogg is a member of the Troggorcs, an 'improvement' upon the baseline Troggles made by the Ibexians based on the long-vanished Orcs predating the First Age which serve as their Known History counterparts. They were meant to be stronger and more reliable than the Troggles who had failed the Ibexians - though Trogg would prove as with other 'Trogg Uprisings' that the Ibexians only managed to nail the 'stronger' part.
  • Rebel Leader: He was the leader of one of the major 'Trogg Uprisings', rallying much of Troggkind to oppose their Ibexian overlords and leading them to freedom, eventually joining the Shadowpact Empire with him ascending and joining the Shadowpact Pantheon.
  • Red Baron: Going with the naming/title theme of the Shadowpact Pantheon and members, Trogg is called the 'Shadow of War'.
  • Slave Liberation: Led one of the major 'Trogg Uprisings' at the beginning of the Third Age.
  • War God: It's in his title.


Notable Shadow Lords/Ladies


    Count Dracolta, the Bloody Shadow 
  • One Steve Limit: Subverted. He is one of two known Dracoltas among the Shadow Lords of the Shadowpact Empire. Emphasis on known.
  • The Rival: The Bloody Shadow and the Shadow of Blood do NOT get along, always constantly bickering over who's the REAL Dracolta and trying to outdo and outcompete each other.
  • Those Two Guys: One of two known Dracoltas who are Shadow Lords in the Shadowpact Empire.

    Count Dracolta, the Shadow of Blood 
  • One Steve Limit: Subverted. He is one of two known Dracoltas among the Shadow Lords of the Shadowpact Empire. Emphasis on known.
  • The Rival: The Shadow of Blood and the Bloody Shadow do NOT get along, always constantly bickering over who's the REAL Dracolta and trying to outdo and outcompete each other.
  • Those Two Guys: One of two known Dracoltas who are Shadow Lords in the Shadowpact Empire.

    Opscuro, the Shadowed One 
  • Name's the Same: His title is the same as that of the Shadowed Ones pantheon composed of Evil/Fallen 'Children of Erebus' manipulating the 'Ragnarok Cycle', causing much confusion about what/who he is to his incredible frustration.
  • Our Demons Are Different: He is a 'Shadow Demon' who happens to be a Shadow Lord in the Shadowpact Empire.
  • Red Baron: the 'Shadowed One'. Played for Laughs as he discovers how many are confusing or associating him with the 'Children of Erebus' composing the 'Shadowed Ones' pantheon manipulating the Ragnarok Cycle, much to his frustration.

    Zenith, the Nightmarish Shadow 

Notable Shadowpact Minions


    Vacío, the Shadow Blade 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Type: Embodiment, Noble Demon, Divine Champion, Commander

Faction: Shadowpact Empire

"I have but one desire, to grow stronger, and further test my limits!"

Vacío, the Shadow Blade (His entry here) is a champion of the Shadowpact Pantheon, and is a feared, well-known and unusual one among the ranks of the Shadowpact Empire's minions, subjects and allies.

Formerly a member of the infamous Dark Matter Clan, like Vol the Hungry Hero, he was so influenced by the magical feedback from the overall higher standards of morality and compassion of the Third Age, more specifically those from 'Noble Demons' he transformed into a new Blank Slate being who was found, raised and trained by a wandering Black Knight, in the process becoming one himself.

Bound by a strict honour code of chivalry while driven by a desire to challenge and be challenged in battle and in doing so become stronger, Vacío's biggest desire in his life is and remains to seek out heroes and champions among the forces of goodness to fight, seeing they could best provide the challenges he seeks. To that end, he would serve under the employ of various tyrants and overlords, yet also act as a 'Stealth Mentor' to various heroes and champions who he saw has potential, despite their defeats by him at first.

Eventually, his skills and strength attracted the attention of Overlord Vondur, who offered him a place in the Shadowpact Empire, becoming one of his 'Dragons' and the leader of his own unit of minions, his elite Shadow Guards. There, he would remain for the rest of the Third Age, and with the return of the Shadowpact Empire in the Fourth Age, he would return along with them to face the heroes and champions of the new era, seeking strength and be tested by strength of others.

    Zil, the Shadow Dancer 

Character: Villainous

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Type: Corrupted Thestral, Nightmare Blade, Assassin, Champion

Faction: Shadowpact Empire


Zil, the Shadow Dancer (Her entry here) is a [WIP]

Notable Shadowpact Dominions/Factions

    Black Isle 


    Troggre Tribes 


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