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Here is a list of tropes pertaining to the dreaded Iniquitous, the Vicearch of Malrègnar.

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Iniquitous, Vicearch of Malrègnar

Classification: Ascendant/Ethereal, Divine Ruler, Victorious Villain

Portfolio: Evil, Vice, Domination, Power, Dark Magic

Rank: Divine ([???])

"We had won a long time ago. Evil reigns supreme over these lands. And it is much better for it."

Iniquitous (her entries here and here) is the infernal divine empress of the Fourth-Age Malrègnar Empire, and the Alicorn goddess of Evil, Vice, Domination, Power, and Dark Magic.

Mysterious to all and dreaded by those who know of her, Iniquitous is infamous in modern day Equus as an example of a Evil Overlord / God of Evil who had WON, reigning supreme for many millennia as the unchallenged and absolute divine 'Vicearch' of the Malrègnar Empire, a (relatively) stable and (very steadily) ascendant evil empire. Victorious in a war of domination a long time ago, she would rather prefer to preserve that victory, and since consolidating her rule her empire had remained in splendid isolation, not getting involved with the outside world or the battles between good and evil still raging there. That is, of course, except when something from outside her empire's borders challenges her absolute domination over her own lands. In which case, the world would quickly be reminded of what she and her domain is capable of. Her triumph and her dominion challenges many existing assumptions of being an 'Evil Overlord' and a 'God of Evil', and is examined with both curiosity and fear by those who wishes to know how one of the most successful and longest-reigning dark sovereign/divine managed to accomplished all she did...
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    A to B 
  • The Ace: Often described and dreaded as having became a near-unstoppable force of inequine evil, earning it over the course of her rise to power by outwitting, defeating and consuming her foes and anyone else who stood in her way, triumphing despite overwhelming odds over all obstacles through meticulous preparations, daring audacity, unparalleled ruthlessness and undaunted resolve. This is emphasized by the fact that the only being mentioned thus far who could consistently keep her and her evil in check is an EQUALLY near-unstoppable force of transequine good in the form of Virtuecrat Fairytale of Vertusia, and even then the two of them only fought and plotted against each other to a stalemate.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Literally, having embraced Evil for the power - demonic and eventually divine - to takeover the disparate lands of Malrègnar and remake it in the image of her dark glory. She even considers it foolish not to seek power at all costs, pointing out that many humble and pious people who rejected power left themselves rather hapless and vulnerable before iniquitous people who have no such reservations or restraints - Like her, for example. Whether or not one is worthy of it, to her, is just a matter of will and character.
    Princess Regina Maiestas Ponyland: You have so much power - whether it be won or stolen from others - and yet you ever desire for more?
    Vicearch Iniquitous: And why not? ALL seek power, for power is merely the ability to induce change as we will it. And all of us desire it, one way or another, for it is only natural - and necessary. Denying power in humility have been a frequent mistake among the virtuous and pious, rendering many hapless before the forces of iniquity and calamity. You would find that We will make no such error.
    Princess Regina Maiestas Ponyland: Perhaps; the Sovereign of Schemes himself told me as much. But there are as many good reasons to reject power as there are reasons to accept it. Do you truly think you can bear the weight of such great might? How much more do you think you can bear without being crushed or undone by it?
    Vicearch Iniquitous: We had triumphed a long time ago, and had reigned supreme ever since over all we desired. You know the answers to those questions.
  • Always a Bigger Fish: One difference between her and most villains is that she's well aware she's not the biggest fish in Equus's pond. Thus, while this trope to many, many lesser beings, mortal, celestial, and god alike, she also goes out of her way not to provoke beings that are this trope to her.
    • After losing to Golden Scepter, the Radiant Emperor, she goes out of her way to avoid provoking him as Iniquitous acknowledges for all Her accumulated power and foretold potential She is still far off from facing a grandson of King Equus and scion of one of the Thirteen Empyreans. In spite of Her defeat, however, She still managed to terrifying many by managing to last twenty minutes in their duel - for comparison, most don't even last two minutes.
    • When Iniquitous visited Omnia Equus, the All-Knowing Empyrean at her library, She went already knowing She would unlikely be able to get what She wanted - Her 'book', containing everything about Herself which even She doesn't know, and those of Her counterparts - and Omnia Equus herself is too powerful for her to force the issue. Justified since Omnia Equus is one of the Thirteen Empyreans and is way beyond Her in power, knowledge and experience by literally millions of years, even more so than Golden Scepter, and to challenge her would invoke the wrath of all the remaining Empyreans upon Herself.
    • Iniquitous is very well aware that even as powerful as she is, She doesn't stand a chance against the Grand Primevals or their firstborns and thus goes out of Her way not to provoke them. An instance She uses to highlight her reasons why saw Her and her Princelings barely defeated Adversus's first born daughter Strife by the skin of their death...while she was only using a fraction of her full power so fighting her was fair. Iniquitous cautions Her empire that the other firstborns of the Grand Primevals are every bit as powerful, but likely wouldn't pull their punches if genuinely enraged.
  • Answers to the Name of God: It is implied that the Vicearch's name had been invoked enough times in the past that Iniquitous finds it annoying, and prohibits her subordinates invoking her name unless they have her express or implied permission. This is implied to be necessary since, given she runs an ascendant evil empire, she needs to discourage those who serve her from invoking her name often in vain, as there is actually a serious chance with their often greedy, prideful or ambitious dispoisitons that they might become Drunk with Power from the mere idea that they implicitly have her full backing when they do not, or invoke her attention and power as if she was some sort of genie who serves them when it's actually the other way around.
  • Antagonistic Offspring: Implied but downplayed. Both Iniquitous and her brother are suggested to be not on very good terms with their mother, who left them and their father/her husband years ago and had only remained in contact only by correspondence, and usually only when she needs something from them or their father. While her brother is downright resentful and uncaring when she finally died, Iniquitous' own reactions are left much more ambiguous.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: She's an Alicorn goddess who embodies Evil, Vice, Domination, Power, and Dark Magic.
  • The Assimilator: One of the most notable beings in the Codexverse with such a status and one of the reasons for her eventual triumph: where her own already prodigious power is insufficient for her ends, Iniquitous consumed many, many, many other beings to attain ever greater heights, adding the knowledge, experience, skills, might, domains and their very existence into her own dark glory. It is believed at absolute minimum Vicearch Iniquitous had devoured and assimilated tens of millions into herself mind, body and soul, from mortals to demons to gods, both the damned and those who transgressed against her and her empire who would know horror and agony without end within her, while those who had been loyal and served her well would also be consumed and be rewarded with joy and pleasure without limits, such as her presently half-devilic brother whenever she does not need his advice and assistance.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: Essentially her most defining trait - she is an Evil Overlord / God of Evil who plotted and fought to take over the entire realm she and her brother were born in, and eventually succeeded after years of scheming, planning, and dealing with both heroic and villainous forces that sought to undermine her. She had reigned supreme over her lands as the unquestioned, absolute god-ruler of a (relatively) stable and (very steadily) ascendant evil empire for millennia. It's even in her classification, being a 'Victorious Villain'.
  • Badass Bookworm: Of the sorcerous kind. A mortal Iniquitous studied, mastered and innovated further from her witch mother's work and that of her cabal to become a powerful witch matron, developing such an in-depth understanding and mastery of dark magical lore that when she achieved godhood, Dark Magic became one of her eminent domains, and is one of the world's foremost practitioners of Dark Magical spells, hexes, rituals and enchantments. It is also implied that she is a prolific author and academic on various other subjects, with a wealth of studies accumulating over the course of multiple millennia of her reign.
  • Bargain with Heaven:
    • In a very strange way, a canonized drabble sees her make one of these with Princess Radiant Rapier. If Radiant Rapier tracks down and apprehends Malrègnar criminals, truly vile, evil criminals who the world is decidedly better off if they're brought to justice, and brings them to her, Iniquitous will return her comrades who she devoured during Radiant Rapier's disastrous attempt against her. This is mutually beneficial, as Iniquitous considers these criminals' continued freedom an embarassment to her and her empire, while Radiant Rapier gets her friends back and brings justice to numerous, extremely evil and monstrous evildoers that deserve to take her comrades' place inside Iniquitous. While the list of criminals did include a number of benevolent beings to have run afoul with Iniquitous, it's implied this was a Secret Test of Character and Iniquitous is willing to bargain other, much more monstrous criminals' capture for their freedom.
    • Iniquitous also made one with Slánú, the Shining/Shadow Savior of the Coltic Pantheon, whom She had devoured along with all her comrades and spent millennia putting them through unspeakable torments within Her dark glory for daring to mess with Her and Her empire as part of Radiant Rapier's failed crusade. When despite being put through 'horror and agony without end' Slánú refuses to break, kept her comrades' hopes alive and even offered Iniquitous redemption, Iniquitous was impressed enough at her audacity and conviction to offer her a deal: Should Slánú manage to redeem 1,000 of the most monstrous and vile souls whom Iniquitous had also consumed and send them to her Good Counterpart, the Vicearch would while not freeing them at least stop torturing them inside of Her. Despite being hinted to be an intentional Snipe Hunt, Slánú succeeded in doing so, and Iniquitous would honour Her word.
  • Batman Gambit: During her rise to power, Iniquitous pulled not one, but SEVERAL such gambits, counting on those whose essence she desired to ascend to greater power to act exactly as she was counting they would, first as a "Demon Queen" and then eventually, a Goddess of Evil.
    • Knowing she needed boons from diabolical patrons but unwilling to let them collect her soul for eternal damnation, she executed a plot so insane and audacious it stunned the likes of dark lords, demons and divines even to this day, with literally everything to lose for the incredible advantage she might gain. She basically summoned and sold her soul to not one, but SEVEN demon lords (known only collectively as the 'Seven Sacrifices') who each embody a cardinal sin, each independently and hiding it with a special ward that only she developed. Then, after years of preparations, she, her brother and the witches/warlocks under her command prepared a specially warded, enchanted and sturdy ritual chamber, drew a special spell circle, and, with intent of personally summoning all seven demon lords at once, cut her own jugular and bled herself out, using her fading life-signs to draw them from their hell-realms into her chamber through the marks on her soul. The key thing here is that all seven demon lords HATED each other. Her entire gambit at this moment counted on them letting their self-destructive nature and mutual enmity override their fury towards her for her back-dealing 'betrayal'. It was an INSANELY dangerous gamble, yet it worked beyond her wildest dream, as they quickly turned on and destroyed each other over their rights to her soul, their Irrational Hatred amplified by the chamber reflecting their diabolical influence back on them while cutting them off from escape or their infernal reinforcements. By the time they had finished killing each other off, her brother had closed her wound and revitalized her, allow them to finish off the battered survivor. With this single masterstroke, she not only managed to save her soul from potential damnation, but also keep her boons and more by devouring the now deceased Arch-Devils/Demons/Fiends' essences and transforming into a 'Demon Queen' individually more powerful than other Evil Overlord rivals, warlocks and witches and even diabolical entities. And as a bonus, smaller portions of their demonic power was now available to boost her brother and her own witches/warlocks, and getting the demon lords' cultist worshippers and lesser demons to bolster her own forces. Nearly overnight, she turned from merely a powerful witch into one of if not the single biggest threat in the lands of Malrègnar, allowing her to really get her conquest of these lands going.
  • Berserk Button:
    Vicearch Iniquitous: No one. Questions. ME, devil. (Vaporizes and devours her devil) NO ONE.
    • She seems to really hate hypocrites. This is one reason the Old Malrègnar Pantheon received as bad of a fate as they did, and why she genuinely respects those who stay true to their morals and principles in another.
  • Bling of War: Her helm and armor, which were reforged subconsciously by her own power upon Ascending to true godhood, depected her infernal apotheosis with twisted, resplendent imagery of broken cities, ravaged lands and demonic horrors.
  • Breaking Speech: Gave one to Radiant Rapier, the Princess of Justice after the Virtusidae led an incursion force of gods, angels and heroes into Malrègnar with the intent to finally bring Iniquitous to justice, only to end up getting them all killed or devoured, including nearly herself. What she said to her served in part to traumatize Radiant Rapier so badly the whole ordeal briefly sent her into a downward spiral of moral extremism and membership with the Poenan Pantheon.
    Princess Radiant Rapier: N-N-NO!!! Give them back! GIVE THEM BACK!
    Vicearch Iniquitous: Too late, little goddess. We had taken all that they are into us. Within our dark glory, they will know horror and agony without end. And it is all because of YOU - You who brought them here, to face our merciless wrath. You... who led them all to their demise.
    Princess Radiant Rapier: No... please no... it was not supposed to... Not this... not like this...
    Vicearch Iniquitous: You were warned, little goddess. You were warned of what the price shall be for intruding our dominion and challenging our power. Now you too shall pay what is due for your folly, as your comrades had. Tell us, is this not 'Justice'?
    Princess Radiant Rapier: ...Mother... I'm so sorry...
  • Breaking the Cycle of Bad Parenting: While Iniquitous' own mother wasn't outright abusive to her and her brother, she was rather emotionally neglectful and later estranged herself from her children to keep her other life as a Lilithian witch a secret following her divorce. If Iniquitous' brother is to be believed, they rarely saw their mother except during occasions when she wants something from them. When their mother died, neither of them shed a tear, with Iniquitous' brother seeing her act of bequeathing her own belongings to her daughter as finally doing them some good. By contrast, once she became a mother herself, Iniquitous would remain consistently present in the lives of her children, the Princelings of Vice, which influenced the Princelings' relationships with her and how they see her overall.

    C to D 
  • Caged Inside a Monster: The fate of many mortals, demons and gods whose existence Vicearch Iniquitous consumed and assimilated into her being. This is a VERY bad thing as those who are wicked or transgressed against her and her empire often prompts the Vicearch to torment and make them 'know horror and agony without end' during their time imprisoned inside or as part of her dark glory. At minimum, tens of millions of mortals, demons and gods are presently suffering this terrible fate alive or post-mortem.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: One of the keys to her eventual triumph - realizing she cannot achieve her conquests of the lands of Malrègnar without more power, she attains it by consuming essence of others for it, from mortals, demons all the way to the freaking gods themselves. This eventually becomes more or less a core modus operandi before and after her triumph, assimilating all that she desires from those she devours or subjecting them to eternal torment, feeding on their suffering and sins as she sees fit. Justified partly in that as an demonic-hybrid Evil Overlord and then a God of Evil embodying vices, greed, gluttony and lust are part of her domains. In her all-consuming nature, she is just like Evil as some interpret it: A void or hole, drawing everything around it to fall in and be destroyed or become part of it, growing larger, stronger and worse all the while.
  • Chain Pain: Perhaps tying with her domain of Domination, Iniquitous frequently manifests chains made of 'blood and darkness' which allows her to attack or restrain her foes. She apparently taught this to Phykti's son Knechten, the Overseer of the Damned, during his stay and study in Malrègnar and others.
  • The Chessmaster: She played EVERYONE who stood in her way to her advantage and arranged events with years, even centuries worth of preparations to stack all the odds in her favour, before rolling the dice to win the pot. If Changeling Emperor Blackthorn is the consummate schemer and manipulator of the present generation of gods, Iniquitous is likely a candidate for being a close second to rival him.
  • Close to Home: She considers "Destructive Evil" to be a personal affront, worthy of severe punishment. Hints of her Mysterious Past suggests that growing up in a land that was plagued with squabbles and various vices caused her to grew extremely dissatisfied with the then-current state of affairs, and sought to bring order by any means possible, even turning herself into an infernal Alicorn goddess. Because of her experiences, she doesn't tolerate anyone treating Evil as little more than selfish, hedonistic amusement, which her Fallen divine patron learned the hard way when his continuous refusal to devote his evil nature to a higher purpose eventually got him captured, killed, and devoured by the very mare he fell in love with.
  • Colony Drop: Immediately after she defeated and devoured the greatest pantheon of the lands she intend to conquer, she kicks off her penultimate conquest of the lands by annihilating the holy city of Highhaven, the greatest religious center worshipping said recently-destroyed pantheon in Malrègnar, via dropping the palace-city of the gods that she and her demons had just invaded and ransacked - which is apparently on a floating landmass suspended in the divine-realm - right on top of it. It served three purposes to her plans: wipe out most of the mortal champions of the gods as well the gods' remaining holy artifacts and lore in a single stroke, demoralize opposition with undeniable evidence of her triumph over the gods, and inspire/intimidate the most powerful mortal overlords, tyrants and villains, some of whom had been her rivals, into submitting to her and gain powerful generals to lead her conquests in her name.
  • The Conqueror: An Evil Overlord turn Evil Divine Sovereign who conquered the lands of Malrègnar in ages past and reigned supreme over it ever since, seeing it as much better off as a united, prosperous and mighty realm under her evil, implacable and absolute divine reign than letting it continue on divided between disparate squabbling kingdoms and stagnant realms stuck between good and evil, plagued by destructive demons and watched over by pitiful gods of questionable character.
  • Crazy Enough to Work: Some of her gambits that enabled her rise to unholy power and dominance as an Evil Overlord / God of Evil relied on it being so utterly audacious that no one would ever see it coming. Even she acknowledged she has no real idea whether or not it would actually work, even with centuries worth of preparations behind them.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle:
    • She inflicted a particularly brutal one on Princess Radiant Rapier, the Princess of Justice at some point in the past. Radiant Rapier had gathered a sizable army of powerful gods, subordinate angels and mortal champions to launch an incursion into her empire with the goal of finally bringing the Vicearch to justice for all the Evils and crimes she committed throughout her conquests and reign. Unfortunately, while Radiant Rapier was wise, skilled and experienced in her own right, they had all underestimated the Vicearch's strength, cunning and preparations. While the exact details remain unrevealed, what is known was that it ended with the entire incursion force annihilated except for Radiant Rapier, who was helplessly bounded and was forced to watch as Malrègnar forces slaughtered all the angels and mortals under her command, while the infernal Alicorn devoured all the gods who followed Radiant Rapier, which included close allies and her own proteges. Radiant Rapier herself only narrowly avoided following them by the timely rescue of Virtuecrat Fairytale of Vertusia, who bargained with the Vicearch to let her leave on the condition she never returns to Malrègnar without the Vicearch's explicit permission. This, combined with a Breaking Speech from Iniquitous, served to traumatize the Virtudae and for a time sent her down a downward spiral of moral extremism and briefly becoming member of the Poenan Pantheon. While Princess Radiant Rapier did pull back from the brink and recover, her experience with the Vicearch and the fallout from the Malrègnar disaster remains unresolved issues for her.
    • She herself would be subjected to one when her forces went to war with the Terran Empire over a misunderstanding between both factions, with her going up against Emperor Golden Scepter. Being an ancient Alicorn who is a son of one of the Thirteen Empyreans and a technical 'grandson' of King Equus himself, Golden Scepter proved himself to be someone even Iniquitous couldn't defeat, despite having devoured countless infernals, deities, and mortals in her lifetime. What made the battle a Curb-Stomp Cushion, though, is that Iniquitous' own power, experience, and cunning ensured she lasted twenty minutes, which is impressive considering the sheer power gap. Temnobog had to intervene and clear up the misunderstanding before Golden Scepter could kill her, and the incident taught Iniquitous never to provoke Golden Scepter's wrathful might for any reason.
  • Curb-Stomp Cushion: She once faced Emperor Golden Scepter and his Terran forces in a battle that was caused by a misunderstanding between them. According to Prince Excelsius, Iniquitous lasted only twenty minutes against Golden Scepter's might and would have died if not for Temnobog, who intervened by clearing up the aforementioned misunderstanding. Yet it must be emphasized the mere fact she lasted that long against an ancient Alicorn who is a son of one of the Thirteen Empyreans and (technically) a grandson of King Equus himself is impressive speaks of her own power, intellect and determination - for comparison, the second best after Iniquitous lasted only two minutes.
  • The Dark Side Will Make You Forget: Subverted. Despite having every reason to let her demonic and then divine power overwhelm her - and she is in fact transformed into something very inequine - she held onto her core motivation of unifying and turning her homeland of divided and dissipate kingdoms into a unified and thriving empire, as well as at least acknowledging her familial connection with her still mortal brother even after her apotheosis. It is implied from both her dialogue and various other things that it was this that allows her to become so much more dangerous than her peers as an Evil Overlord turn God of Evil, as holding onto her Equinity in spite of her transformation allow her to become something GREATER by giving her now unholy, inequine nature purpose and drive, rather than letting her now twisted nature degrade her into something LESSER and lead her to self-destruction.
  • Deity of Human Origin: She achieved apotheosis by turning on and devouring her own God of Evil patron (known in posterity only as the 'Nameless Fool'), along with the essence of recently-slain 'good' gods from the strongest local pantheon he had a feud with. Then she takes it further by storming the heavens and eating the rest of the still-weakened pantheon to add their power into her own dark glory. By contrast, her brother stayed mortal despite supporting her ambitions, only taking small amounts of power that he deemed enough because he feared that if he tried consuming power the same way his sister did, he'll possibly end up being consumed by his own power and reduced to suffering a Fate Worse than Death.
  • The Dreaded: Inevitably as a result of being an Evil Overlord who WON and still reigns to this day at the head of a thriving evil empire. In a drabble set in the heart of her power after she had triumphed and consolidated, the courtiers attending her in her self-anointed duties - both infernal and mortals alike - are depicted to hold her in utter terror and/or reverence. Those who fail to do so don't last very long. She is also this outside her dominion: many mortals and gods among the good and righteous are often alarmed on the rare occasions she or her avatars are spotted openly operating outside her domain, pursuing unknowable agendas, as the scene-insert in Princess Regina Ponyland's entry demonstrates.

    E to F 
  • Embodiment of Vice: She eventually became this from devouring Demon Lords and Archdevils and a God of Evil, becoming an incarnation of the seven deadly sins as well as potentially other vices and evils. This grants her the ability to manipulate the inner vices of her foes to devastating effect, and empower herself and other evil beings with those vices.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones:
    • She still loves her mortal brother, who was her staunchest ally since the beginning and personally aided her in her rise as Malrègnar's eventual Vicearch, and has managed to keep that part of herself despite achieving divine apotheosis as a God of Evil. When her brother tearfully begs for her to show some sign that she had not lost herself completely to her own inequine nature, she kisses him and assures him that she hasn't, and that his faithful service will be rewarded. Because of this, her brother is the only one who is allowed to be informal and even talk back to her in her presence without suffering grave consequences.
    • She also harbors motherly affection for her infernal divine/demi-divine children, the Princelings of Vice, even though as a God of Evil with a usually impassive demeanor, it might not appear that way. One minor infernal noble from the Infernal Circles made the mistake of assuming the Vicearch would not care if one of her younger Princelings was spiritually usurped by one of her own ambitious subjects... which leads to Iniquitous sending her best warriors and bounty hunters after the infernal noble in sheer fury once the transgression is discovered in time. After the noble is caught in Equestria and her demonic spirit dragged back to Malrègnar, Iniquitous proceeds to give her offending subject no mercy, though it's debated In-Universe whether she punished the noble herself or let her eldest Princelings do it themselves.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • According to her, when she stormed the fallen Malrègnarian Pantheon's holiest sanctuary-cities and realms with her infernal armies during her conquests, she thought the things she found within were so disgusting that she decided to wipe out even the pantheon's memory from those who once followed them. It is not known exactly what she found, but it did result in Highhaven, one of the places she raided, being turned into a cursed and eternally-smoldering ruin. Notably, the only other event to render a place similarly cursed for generations is the Bogolenya Deer Pantheon's 'Calling of the Terrors' sanction, which implies that both Highhaven and its divine patrons, in her eyes, had become utterly corrupt and sinful by the time she was born.
      Vicearch Iniquitous: (to Blue Suede Heartstrings) When We and our infernal forces stormed their holiest cities and realms on their final day of reckoning, what We saw filled us with such disgust, We chose to wipe the pantheon off the face of this world, down to the very memory of their existence. Even to this day, not one in Our glorious and depraved empire can quite remember their former divine sovereigns. If they did, it is only as inept fools and monsters.
    • It is also implied that while she abides by the "Primeval Laws" in part out of pragmatism, she also finds some of the prohibited actions within disagreeable herself. Justified in that the "Primeval Laws" covers offenses which nearly everyone considers beyond the pale.
    • Despite being a God of Evil, or perhaps because of it, she respects virtuous individuals like Virtuecrat Fairytale and Blue Suede Heartstrings/Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, and never seeks to antagonize them, even forbidding her own demonic subjects and subordinates from doing so. This is partially out of pragmatism, and partially because the virtue of said individuals counter/temper her own evil nature and impulses. That being said, even she was disgusted with the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon, who used their reputations as virtuous divine sovereigns as an excuse to go against their own principles and do whatever they wanted, and launched a series of conquests to punish them for their sheer incompetence.
    • In general, she seems to have a very low tolerance for Hypocrites, as part of the entire reason for her worldview is seeing apparently good and noble 'heroic' beings turn out to be self-serving hypocrites. This may also be a reason she can generally be trusted to keep her word.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Implied. While she does better than many other tyrannical overlords, evil villains, malicious demons and dark gods in comprehending the threat of her good opponents and planning accordingly to defeat them via exploiting their flaws and weaknesses, she notably has a blind-spot regarding her greatest adversary, the Virtuecrat of Vertusia. For a being who firmly believe in Virtue Is Weakness and her experiences and achievements giving a consistent record in her view being correct, her view falls apart when confronted with her equal, the nigh-unstoppable force of good being always able to counter Iniquitous' nigh-unstoppable force of evil, in spite of the supposed failings of Goodness and Virtue. Because of this, Iniquitous views the Virtuecrat with apprehension and curiosity as she does with respect.
    • This is heavily implied with her (and her brother's) calm but comprehensible Oh, Crap! moment upon hearing that Patch, one of the legendary heroines whose virtuous magical essence help spawned her nemesis during the Second Age, have returned to the living world as a goddess, and her friends in the afterlife won't be far behind in doing the same. They believe that given their relationship with the Virtuecrat of Vertusia, their virtuous/heroic characters and at least one of them having personal interests in opposing Iniquitous, the seven of them would undoubtedly side with their 'daughter', which would upset the Balance of Power between the Vicearch and Virtuecrat, tilting the Balance Between Good and Evil against Iniquitous' favour. There is nothing to indicate they would do so or the Virtuecrat would allow/request their aid, but Iniquitous and her brother still believes they would because that is what they would had done in their place to gain an edge over their rival.
      • Her author notes that as some-being whose fundamental interest is about gaining power, maintaining what she have and diminishing that of those who could oppose her, she would still be inclined to think this way because she's more concerned in what her opponents COULD do more than what her opponents WANT to do. Even if the Virtuecrat told her 'mothers' not to intervene, Vicearch Iniquitous would still have acted in response to her perceived loss of advantage simply because the OPTION is still there - For what is power but having capabilities and options to achieve a goal? - and she would not presume the Virtuecrat won't change her mind in the future, or the Seven, being the heroic sorts, not intervening anyway on their own initiative. In short, it simply won't occur to Iniquitous that her rival, who had always kept her in check and whose nature means they are destined to incorrigible conflict to oppose and destroy each other, just won't ask the Seven to join in the conflict, period, because to her it makes absolutely no sense to throw away such an advantage - and whether it makes sense or not, Iniquitous won't take any chances either way.
  • Evil Counterpart: Vicearch Iniquitous is considered one in-universe to the Virtuecrat of Vertusia. Ruler of a unified collection of benevolent realms to Iniquitous' own unified malevolent empire, the Virtuecrat is an Alicorn god-sovereign who is all but stated to be the Vicearch's equal in power and came about in response to the rise of Iniquitous, making her a being that even the Vicearch of the Empire of Malrègnar regard with apprehension, curiosity and respect. Justified when considering the Virtuecrat is none other than the 'Fourth Age' reincarnation Fairytale, the Goddess of Virtue.
  • Evil Genius: Iniquitous began her rise to power not only by mastering her mother's notes and took over her cabal of witches and warlocks, but innovated new powerful spells and rituals of her own and turned her cabal into realms-spanning conspiracy to further her schemes and ambitions. She subsequently outwitted and out-plotted rival overlords, archdemons, heroes/sovereigns and even gods both good and evil with plans the preparations of which can span centuries, accounting and stacking all the odds and opportunities in her favour. Whether as a mortal witch, demon queen and evil goddess Iniquitous showed herself to be an extremely capable if not brilliant planner, manager, strategist and administrator, all of which combined with unyielding determination and unparalleled ruthlessness to make her one of the most successful conquerors, empire-builders, overlords and dark deities to ever rise to and remain in power on Equus.
  • Evil Overlord: Apparently infamous in-universe as one of the most successful and longest-reigning to ever exist. While she does suffer set-backs and defeats, she ultimately managed to prevail with no shortage of pragmatism, opportunism, ruthless manipulations, sheer audacity, squeezing every advantage of her enemies'/rivals' weaknesses and just enough luck.
  • Evil Plan: Has several over the course of her rise, with varying levels of success. As far as it could be determined, Iniquitous ALWAYS has a calculated plan for every step to her goals.
    • Plan 1: Become a witch with her mother's notes, and become head of her cabal; summon seven Demon Lords separately — each mighty but also hate each other — and sell each of them her soul while hiding her other dealings; spend years preparing a special ritual chamber properly warded and enchanted to hold back and then collect their power; cut her own jugular to summon them all simultaneously to collect her soul; sit back and watch them bicker and destroy each other, while her brother revitalizes her, and finishing off the last survivor after everyone else is dead. Result — success. She not only manages to escape her damnation and keep their boons, but also acquire their essence to devour and transform into a monstrously powerful "Demon Queen", while also boosting her own brother and followers. She even got the demon lords' cultist worshippers and lesser demon minions as a bonus.
    • Plan 2: Now demonically-empowered, establish herself as an Evil Overlord in the lands and conquer them with her newfound might and minions, both subtly and overtly. Result - FAILURE. Despite the boost and various schemes and wars, she and her forces were eventually pushed back and cornered by an alliance of the lands' kingdoms and realms, led by powerful heroic champions and warrior kings all united to ensure her destruction. She would had lost if not for a last-minute rescue by a local God of Evil, who turn her into a demonic Demi God and allow her to turn the tide.
    • Plan 3: Unable to tolerate being under the power of a God of Evil who indulges in Stupid Evil and would eventually get destroyed for it by the strongest local pantheon, spend a century manipulating things in the background to ensure that the two sides would be evenly match, slowly wearing each other down, while secretly building a power base as her liege's consort and top minion in preparation for a coup and ascension. When an opportunity came, force a 'Final Battle' between the God of Evil and his pantheon adversaries that would cripple them both beyond recovery, while harness their unleashed power and essence with prearranged artifacts and spells, and when her liege returns battered and weakened, turn on him and devour him to ascend to godhood. Result - SUCCESS. She broke free of her patron's power and consumed both him and those he killed, becoming a true goddess of evil more powerful than all the other gods in the lands individually.
    • Plan 4: While the strongest local pantheon is still weak and reeling from their Final Battle with their now deceased adversary, storm the heavens, crush them before they could recover, and devour them all as well, removing the biggest threats to her rise and ensuring she would become all but unstoppable for the rest of her conquests of the lands. Result - SUCCESS. And part of her plans, drop the ruins of the divine realm right onto the holy city of the pantheon in the moral realm to wipe out most of the mortal champions and artifacts that could be used against her, act as undeniable evidence of her triumph over the gods, and inspire/intimidate the mortal evil overlords in the lands to fall in line under her command.
    • Final Result: TOTAL SUCCESS. She wins completely, destroying all opposition mortal and divine and cemented her unquestioned and absolute dominion over the lands of Malrègnar, becoming its 'Vicearch' and free to do with it whatever she pleases.
  • Evil Sorcerer: Evil SorcerESS, but Iniquitous is this by virtue of starting out a Lilithian witch, and ending up a goddess with Dark Magic as one of Her major domains. She is also widely considered one of the greatest practitioners of Dark Magic to have ever lived and reigned, being a prolific Evil Genius who developed many spells in hundreds of tomes and compendiums, with Her greatest sorceries collected under Her 'Seven Keys of Iniquitous'.
    • She is also terrifyingly skilled and strong, capable and powerful enough to give the greatest mortal wizards, witches and warlocks a run for their money. Among other feats, She created wards and barriers which were so sophistocated it confounded even the Lich-Priests and magos of Crypta - a civilization from the fantastical and wondrous 'Third Age' which was the most magically-advanced in all the Ages of Known History - and took Tomb King Necraaiqed, the Grand Sorcerer, one of the greatest magical prodigies of that Age, a full week to fully understand and undo. She once faced a hundred well-prepared Grand Archmages of the 'Conclave of Conneighvia' in a great Wizard Duel at the peak of their power, whilst in an avatar which contained only a small fraction of Her power, and wiped them out in less than ten seconds. And even the greatest Griffon witch in existence, Karaldina De Hex - who had personally destroyed a whole Disorder Incursion by himself, practically founded Griffonkind's modern system of magic, obliterated thirteen kingdoms with a single hex, bound a dozen Archfiends to her will in a single night, among other great feats - was considered impressive compared to Vicearch Iniquitous (and impressing even Her as well) by no so much as winning or stalemating in her Wizard Duel with Her but by merely being able to survive for ten minutes against the Vicearch when She appeared in Her full dark glory while Karaldina was taken completely by surprise and with no prep-time.
  • Evil Will Fail: Subverted, and as the quote shows is written explicitly to be such, and her victory and continued reign in a setting where Evil Will Fail is in full effect is considered remarkable in-universe and out. In fact, she readily exploit this trope in order to get rid of her self-destructively evil rivals and acquire their power for her further ascension to greatness.
  • Eviler Than Thou: While she had competition from many evil overlords, infernal entities, and dark/Fallen gods, Iniquitous ultimately proved she was far more evil - and far more dangerous - than all of them in the course of her rise to power. To the point she eventually became the Ultimate Evil of the lands she eventually conquered.
  • Expy / Foil: Vicearch Iniquitous is ultimately Her own character, but She draws inspiration from multiple other Evil Overlord and God of Evil characters from across fiction, and also a Foil to them given the differences between Her from them.
    • Sauron - Like Sauron, Iniquitous is an Evil Overlord who ruled a Mordor-esque Empire, a Tin Tyrant decked in armour and regalia of twisted resplendence, and is an Evil Sorcerer capable of many powerful spells and sorceries. Both of them values order, control and efficiency and believe that their lands/world would be better off with them in charge, rejecting the old ways and authority in their desire to establish their own new, 'better' one - in effect, being Übermensch figures. Both of them were also at one point or another servant of a greater evil being whom they ended up replacing upon their downfalls.
      • Iniquitous differs from Sauron in that unlike the servant of Morgoth, she never suffers from Motive Decay and overcame both her own nature as she overcame all opposition in her way, directing her Evil nature towards higher purposes, and in the process truly living up to the Übermensch ideal by genuinely unifying and bringing peace, prosperity and progress to her lands, whereas Sauron failed to overcome his own evil nature and letting his pride and ambition corrupt him, whose motives degraded from being a Well-Intentioned Extremist trying to make Arda a better place (with himself directing the process) into little more than a nihilistic petty tyrant who wants power and control over everything and everyone for its own sake, causing a lot of chaos and destruction before failing anyway. Also whereas Sauron willingly and loyally served Morgoth, unaware of his faults until he was defeated by the Valar, Iniquitous was never truly loyal to the 'Nameless Fool', seeing him for the Stupid Evil bastard he really is from day one and eventually overthrew and consumed him. Last but not least, whereas Sauron ultimately failed to defy the old ways and order of the world and replacing it with his own, Iniquitous succeeded so much that she quite literally brought about the downfall of the gods who imposed it and replacing their order with her own implacable divine rule.
    • Darkseid - [WIP]
    • Izrador - [WIP]
    • Kyros - [WIP]

  • Freudian Excuse: Subverted. No one knows or understands why she went down the path she did, though there are hints in her entries that speaks of mommy issues, frustration with the world, and perhaps her evil being In the Blood (her mother being a witch, whose work got her started). All of it is very vague, though, and does not fully explain why she decided to down the path she did, and worse. And given her Mysterious Past as well as what she became, no one will ever really know for sure, not even those close to her. Like something out of a Cosmic Horror Story, her true motives are ultimately incomprehensible, and that is partly what made her so flat-out terrifying.
  • For the Evulz: Averted. Witnessing many aspiring warlords, conquerors, and even Fallen deities indulge in Evil for the sake of it became part of the reason why she decided to form the Empire of Malrègnar. After seeing the multiple failures of the supposedly virtuous and benevolent local pantheon, Iniquitous decided that Malrègnar would benefit from Evil instead, except she would set an example by using Evil for constructive purposes. So while she was willing to devour the essences of even Fallen deities and demons in order to gather power for herself (including the "Nameless Fool" who helped her Ascend to demi-godhood), she refuses to let her own divine apotheosis overwhelm her core motivation identities, or let herself fall into the same traps that plagued everyone else. This makes it hard for many Good factions to simply obliterate her and her empire, as while she is evil, she tries to avoid provoking them and some of her choices do benefit Good factions in some way.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: In keeping to her characterization as an enigmatic force of inequine evil in an Equine form whose past and origins are Shrouded in Myth, Iniquitous often assumes a more 'modest' Alicorn form when interacting with her subjects, peers and rivals, the details of which always changes and only vaguely described. This makes pinpointing her true identity impossible and it remaining a complete mystery both in-universe and out.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: From a mortal mare to a godlike conqueror and eventually the Ultimate Evil of the lands of Malrègnar. What makes her a notable case is that unlike many mortal/divine villains who tried to Take Over the World, she succeeded by devoting her family's evil legacy to a higher cause and was pragmatic enough to restrain herself enough to keep her ascendant empire running, despite it being home to both demons and mortals alike.

    G to H 
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: His brother experiences a Villainous Breakdown, thinking that his own sister, having just became a nigh-incomprehensible God of Evil, will subject him to a horrific fate as punishment for harboring doubts for her (He fears losing his sister, whom he loved despite his own villainy, to her monstrous transcendence), which she knew the entire time. Impassively and wordlessly, Iniquitous simply walked down to him, shrinking down and transforming into a more recognizable but still divine form, picked him up with her magic and gave him a passionate kiss in the mouth to calm him down, merely telling him off playfully about his reaction and his doubts. This may had worked partly because touching her dark divinity for a brief moment may had warped his mind in the process.
    Iniquitous: Oh brother. You can be such a fool, sometimes.
  • God-Eating: She did this a lot over the course of her life.
    • In her demi-divine youth, she devoured 'The Nameless Fool' after getting sick of his abuse and self-destructive evil, which triggered her Ascension to true godhood. Then, while she conquered the mortal and divine realms of Malrègnar, she devoured the seven surviving deities of the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon, which she weakened by engineering a Final Battle between them and 'The Nameless Fool'. After that, she proceeded to eat every other local deity in the lands until she remained. During her reign as the Vicearch of Malrègnar, she would eat many more deities, giving her incredible knowledge and power via the assimilation of her victims' domains into her portfolio. This would be a huge factor in her current reputation, with one of her titles being "God-Eater".
    • However, despite this fact, she doesn't eat deities willy-nilly as some people believe, as doing so will attract unwanted attention from divine and mortal factions who seek to end her. According to Blue Suede Heartstrings/Caerulus Melodia Equestria, she has eaten both good and evil deities, and when she does so, it's usually because her victims were either foolish enough to pick a fight with her, or had done something so terrible that it warranted her attention. In cases where she deems a deity to be unworthy of being eaten by her, she sends them to be punished by the Princelings of Vice in their divinely-governed Hell-Realms.
      Jade Shell: Is it true, then? That the Vicearch eats gods whenever She pleases?
      Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria: Ehhhhhh, not really. The missus HAS eaten a lot of 'em - an' only the King in Heaven knows how many - an' she DID eat an entire pantheon to start with. But... that's 'cause the gods in there got really uppity an' lazy. Like, they had all the power an' riches, so why should they care? So when the missus' armies came a-knockin'... well, y'all can say the gods kinda brought it on themselves.
      Jade Shell: What about the other gods? From what I heard, she ate them because they annoyed her.
      Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria: The missus did tell me it's fer good reason, though. Her empire had a 'stand-by' policy, so it's kinda like em' dinosaurs from Sauropoda, except fer the evil part. They don't wanna get into a rumble they can't get out of. So if some-creature fires on 'em, they fire back. Many gods and pantheons who came bangin' on Her door were 'good' ones who got all riled up 'cause they don't want some evil group taintin' all goodness an' stuff. But there's also evil folks who break the missus' rules by doin' things that She doesn't like, like that 'Nameless Fool' She told me about. Hmm, Ah think some evil gods tried takin' over the missus' empire by usin' Her neutrality against Her.
      Jade Shell: So basically, in order to warrant being eaten by the Vicearch, you'd have to do something terrible enough that'll catch Her personal attention. Or something.
      Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria: Pretty much.
      Jade Shell: ...It just feels so wrong.
      Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria: Well, durin' mah first visit, while the missus was showin' me around, She said sometimes it's better ta punish some-creature than reason with 'em. Especially if they did somethin' so horrible that they CAN'T be reasoned with. Ah sometimes wish it wasn't the case, but Ah probably wouldn't even be here if She hadn't told me that.
  • God of Evil: All but implicitly stated in her quote. Evil and vice are parts of the domain she embodies, and she explicitly states that evil reigns supreme over her own lands. All the more impressive when considering the fact that she started out as a mortal.
  • Greater-Scope Villain: Iniquitous had won a long time ago. Now She mainly lets Her subordinates and minions - many of whom are beings and forces of evil who would had been powerful enough to be the ultimate villains faced by heroes in their own right - to deal with most of those who oppose or annoy Her while She attends to more important matters and projects, such as imperial administration, research/practice, infernal/divine politics, scheming/strategizing against Her Arch-Enemy and who knows what else She is up to. On the rare occasions She took to the field, Her enormous accumulated strength, vast knowledge, ruthless intelligence and meticulous preparations often makes Her a league of Her own in terms of sheer threat She poise.
  • He Knows Too Much: By implication, as Iniquitous and Her dreaded regime did everything possible to rewrite history, bury any information about Her past and Her rise to power and in general make sure nothing compromising would be known and remembered except by Herself. The only being in existence left who knows Iniquitous for who and what She truly was is Her brother, and he would never betray Her.
  • Hell Invades Heaven: Iniquitous led one on the divine-realm of the greatest local pantheon shortly after She devoured their adversary (and Her fallen deity patron), rallying much of the devils/fiends/demons/infernals/etc. to Her side. With them exhausted by their recent final confrontation against the late fallen deity and Iniquitous more stronger than each of them individually thanks to all the other gods' essence She had consumed, the invasion succeeds, leading to the twilight of the gods as Iniquitous defeated and devoured all the surviving major/minor gods of the pantheon while the demons slaughtered all the angels and exalted champions and defiled and trashed the whole place. Iniquitous even destroyed the divine-realm's very physical existence for good measure.
  • Hope Crusher: Vicearch Iniquitous had already done this to the lands of Malrègnar in Her ascension and ultimate victory over the forces of good. She often became this to any hostile forces of good or rival forces of evil who trifled with Her and Her empire, and suffered the consequences.
    • Vicearch Iniquitous became this to Radiant Rapier, the Princess of Justice, with Her empire crushing her incursion forces and forcing Radiant Rapier to watch as She devoured all of her divine comrades and condemning them all to a Fate Worse than Death in Her dark glory. Then She gave Radiant Rapier a brief but brutal Breaking Lecture where She noted that Her forces and allies' fate was entirely her own fault for refusing to listen to others and trying to bring Iniquitous to justice. Radiant Rapier was so badly traumatized she went down a spiral of moral extremism and briefly joined the Poenans after she was rescued from the Vicearch and Malrègnar's clutches.
    • Subverted when Iniquitous attempted to be this to Slánú, the Shining/Shadow Savior of the Coltic Pantheon after devouring her, upon realizing that Slánú was keeping her similarly consumed allies' hopes alive in spite of being subjected to 'horror and agony without end' inside Iniquitous for trifling with Her. Despite doing many 'unspeakable' things to break her, Slánú absolutely refuses to give up in spite of her continued suffering, impressing Iniquitous enough with her resolve and conviction that She offered her a challenge, promising to stop tormenting her and her comrades if she succeeded in spite the near-impossible odds. Slánú did, and Iniquitous kept Her word. To date, Slánú remains the only being mentioned who Iniquitous had in Her non-existent mercy and failed to break.
  • Horrifying the Horror: Given her status, it can be assumed Vicearch Iniquitous is this for other monstrous and horrible forces and beings herself, just as she is The Dreaded for many forces and beings of good and virtuous. She probably have to be this to keep her subordinate devils, witches and overlords in line, after all.
  • How the Character Stole Christmas: In a Noodle Incident, Vicearch Iniquitous once personally tried to outright destroy the holiday by taking out Santa Hooves and his gift-giving operation at the North Pole after having enough of Santa Hooves casually waltzing into Her empire to deliver presents (and Her coal) despite all their attempts to stop him (which is quite embarrassing and undermines the image of Her and Her empire's absolute power in their lands). She might actually have succeeded were it not for the interference of Her Good Counterpart from Vertusia and other heroes/gods joining forces to stop Her. After realizing She would probably never be allowed to accomplish this, She decides to cut her losses and make a deal with Santa Hooves and Her Good Counterpart as an alternative way to save face for her empire.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Once a mortal mare, she became this trope from the time she became a Demon Queen by consuming seven Demon Lords at once, all the way to her apotheosis as a God of Evil by betraying and devouring both her own Fallen divine patron and those he had just slain. By her final victory, she had became an implacable, unrelenting, all-dominating and all-consuming divine force of evil in the shape of a monstrous Alicorn. Her still mortal brother couldn't fully look at her without his senses aching, and could only make out the vaguest of her details, which changes according to her whims and making a lock on her true appearance near-impossible. When he briefly touched her dark divinity, he found beneath all her evil and power... something that he cannot comprehend. He, and by extension the readers, really can't fully understand her true motives and feelings anymore, and it's implied her very presence warps perception and the minds of those close to her, as seen in how it might had affected her still mortal brother. In short, she has become like something right out of a Cosmic Horror Story, and it's partly what made her so terrifying.
    • This extends to how reality near Her acknowledge Her presence (although all gods does this to a degree) - when Omnia Equus, the All-Knowing Empyrean acknowledged Her presence at her library by Her TRUE name, the world quite literally refuses to record it, and readers are treated with _____ where Her true name would be. Partly justified in that Iniquitous did everything possible to erase all knowledge and trace of Her and Her brother's mortal identity from existence, leaving them and Omnia likely the only ones who know of it.

    I to J 
  • I Am Not Left-Handed:
  • I Gave My Word: While she is cunning and deceitful, Iniquitous generally keeps her promises so long as the other party keeps their end. This might be due to the fact she seems to hate hypocrisy, and thus if she declares something, she means it.
  • Immortal Ruler: Years of devouring souls, demons and gods alike for power turned her into the infernal divine empress of her own evil empire, going by the title of the 'Vicearch' (Rule By Evil). Power - including in the sense the power to rule - is part of her domain, as is Domination.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: As a god from the Second Age, Blue Suede Heartstrings/Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria is thousands of years older than her. Despite being on polar opposite sides in terms of domains, natures, and morality, Blue Suede/Caerulus managed to befriend her and earn her genuine respect through kindness and staying true to his own principles. Their friendship is what helps Blue Suede/Caerulus during a particularly brutal period in his life, as without the advice Iniquitous gave him during his first stay in Malrègnar, he would have never made certain realizations that allowed him to recover and influenced him to become a Prince.
  • Invincible Villain: Subverted. While she comes off as this now and is repeatedly described to have become an 'unstoppable force of evil', it was apparent that even she herself had stumbled and gotten into a few close-calls.
    • Her backstory has a near-villain defeat as a major turning point in her rise to power, where even after consuming seven Demon Lords and becoming the mighty 'Demon Queen' Iniquitous, she and her forces was still pushed to the brink of defeat by a grand alliance of all the good and neutral kingdoms and heroes in the lands and nearly killed in her Last Villain Stand, were it not for the last-minute intervention by a local God of Evil.
    • Even after she ascended to true divinity and became 'Dark Goddess' Iniquitous, waging war against the greatest pantheon in her homelands, it was made quite clear that even at their weakest, had the pantheon got their act together instead of being divided and burdened by their squabbles, vices and flaws, they might still be able to either stalemate her or at least made her victory a Pyrrhic one, creating opportunities for her to still be defeated despite her empowerment, rather than allowing Iniquitous to exploit their weaknesses to the fullest and inflict a Curbstomp Battle on them all.
    • And EVEN after she devoured the remaining gods of the old pantheon and became a nigh-unstoppable Ultimate Evil of her lands, it is implied that the remainder of her conquests were not as easy as it looks in spite of now possessing an overwhelming advantage, with plenty of twists and turns that still made it challenging and interesting rather than a boring, straight-forward mop-up of any remaining opposition.
    • And after her final victory, she took her newly forged ascendant evil empire into splendid isolation, knowing full well that for all her power and cunning, if she became such a menace such that the all the good gods and heroes of the world rally and gang up on her, even she cannot hope to win.
    • And last but not least, she eventually found an equally unstoppable force of good in the form of the 'Virtuecrat' of Vertusia, who would arise to oppose her and her dominion whenever she become too powerful, proving to be her Worthy Opponent in both strength and cunning. Given the Virtuecrat is a reincarnated Fairytale, it's not surprising.
    • Overall, she became nearly unstoppable in the course of her rise to power and afterwards mostly because she is a very, very capable villainess who never lets her now evil nature weaken her performance or judgement, knows the limits of her own strengths and prepares accordingly, and has an uncanny ability to spot every opportunity - be it weaknesses in her foes or simply good fortune - and squeeze it for all its worth. She also actively cultivates an image of being an implacable, inscrutable force of evil to intimidate her foes and her subjects. That being said, she is still an incredibly dangerous threat, more than earned her place as one of the most successful evil overlords and gods of evil in Known History, and a league of her own who would likely continue to challenge and break expectations.
  • It's Personal: Her second entry notes that she developed a very strong grudge against the 'Prideful King' that rivaled her grudge against the 'Nameless One'. Because the 'Prideful King' was largely responsible for corrupting/enabling the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon with his arrogance, and letting the lands he watched over fall into a rather deplorable state, Iniquitous began to scorn the powerlessness and ineptitude of virtue itself. And for his sins, she deemed the 'Prideful King' as an extremely reprehensible person who deserved to die. It's also because of this grudge that she was both impressed and pleased to hear that Blue Suede Heartstrings, who nearly fell down a path of corruption himself, managed to overcome his worst flaws and become a divine sovereign worthy of his title, unlike the 'Prideful King'.

    K to L 
  • Karma Houdini: She had perpetrated and committed many horrific crimes over her rise to power and is now more or less Evil incarnate, but her victory and continued rule meant that she had essentially got away with them, and likely will continue to do so. That being said, it was nearly subverted at one point back when she was nearly defeated while being 'Demon Queen' Iniquitous, and being counter-balanced by her good and later neutral divine sovereign counterparts effectively kept her in check.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: One thing that sets her apart from many other villains: she knows that, powerful as she is, even she has her limits. It's one reason her kingdom has remained relatively isolated and opportunistic: she knows if the world were to unite against her, even she would be overwhelmed. She also knows that, as powerful as she is, there are powers in the world that exceed even her ability to defeat, such as Golden Scepter and the Grand Primevals, and thus avoids provoking them.
  • Lady of Black Magic: Even before she became a Demon Queen and a Dark Goddess, Iniquitous was a skilled and capable witch, having learnt from her mothers' notes and building upon and developing it further, innovating new spells and hexes that were instrumental to her eventual triumph. To note, Dark Magic remains part of her portfolio, and she is widely considered one of the greatest practitioners of dark magic in and to ever come into existence.
  • Large and in Charge: Iniquitous' true monstrous Alicorn form is implied by narration to rival that of Cozy Glow's super-Alicorn form when the young Diabolical Mastermind was charged with the full stolen power of Discord, and that was just shortly after ascension via consuming the 'Nameless Fool' and those of the Old Malregnarian Pantheon he had slain in the 'Final Battle' between him and them. She normally assumes a 'default' form of an infernal Alicorn of average size for appearances, though.
  • Last Villain Stand: During her time as 'Demon Queen' Iniquitous, she found herself outmatched by an alliance of good kingdoms and neutral realms led by a group of heroic champions and warrior kings who pushed her back all the way to her stronghold, where she would had been overwhelmed and destroyed despite her demonic power were it not for a last-minute Divine Intervention by a local God of Evil. To her credit, confronted by overwhelming odds and her imminent demise, she maintained her calm and face it with dignity and defiance.
    Demon Queen Iniquitous: [Surrounded by heroes] Who shall be the first to die?
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Utilizing this trope formed the core of her greatest plans. She summoned seven Demon Lords who hated each other and let them sort themselves out to break free from their contracts and acquire their power after they killed each other off over her soul. She manipulated events in the background to make sure both her God of Evil patron and his local pantheon enemies are evenly matched and let them wear themselves out before moving in to crush and devour them all for her apotheosis while they are weakened beyond recovery. The only known occasion we know so far where this failed was when, during their second encounter, Iniquitous attempted to indirectly weaken and defeat her Good Counterpart rival Virtuecrat Fairytale by pitting her benevolent dominion of Vertusia against another powerful kingdom. Virtuecrat Fairytale not only adamantly refuses to go to war on moral grounds, but she was also intelligent enough to see through the plan and found a way to defuse the conflict.
  • Living Legend: Considered to be this by those who know of her among the ranks of many an Evil Overlord and God of Evil, especially since she still very much exists, triumphant and terrible even after millennia.
    • It's hard to to dispute it: She had successfully double-crossed Demon Lords, survived and prevailed over countless Heroes and Sovereigns, usurped a God of Evil and consumed him to achieve apotheosis, and then followed up by consuming, corrupting and/or conquering every other Mortal, Kingdom and Pantheon across the lands and in her way. And when her dark ascension to supreme power is complete, she raised an ascendant evil empire from the ashes of the desolation she wrought, as a monument to her own dark glory, and proceeded to reign over it as its Vicearch ever since. Few other Evil Overlord or God of Evil had or would ever hope to achieve as much as she did.
    • Quite simply: She. Is. INIQUITOUS... Does more need to be said?
  • Let Us Never Speak of This Again: After Her relationship with the mortal father of Her seven eldest Princelings of Vice ended, She never spoke of him again.
  • Loophole Abuse: During its dormancy, New Crypta was extremely hostile to outsiders and would've attacked anyone who tried entering it on sight. However, the Cryptan realm of Wesheb had a law where anyone is permitted to enter its Grand Library, provided they offer a great tribute or fulfill a great task in exchange. When Iniquitous requested to do just that, she was attacked unprovoked by an arrogant Cryptan noble who assumed she was just another greedy treasure hunter, not even bothering to listen to her explanations. In response to this affront, Iniquitous exploited an additional law - where anyone wrongfully harmed on Cryptan soil was allowed due compensation - to enter the Crand Library anyway and humiliate the attacking Cryptans. According to Prince Caerulus Melodia, the Cryptans were left fuming over the incident, yet couldn't retaliate against Iniquitous because they knew they had violated their own rules and she was acting in self-defense.

    M to N 
  • Magic Hair: Once she Ascends to true godhood, her mane and tail starts wreathing with baleful, colorful energies. It's ambiguous whether there's still hair existing within said energies, or they had become truly non-existent with her transformation.
  • Mama Bear: In one Codexverse drabble, part of her fury towards her wayward subject, 'The Foolish/Cowardly Usurper', is fueled by the latter's brazen attempt to possess one of her younger Princelings of Vice and gain undeserved power and authority through her unwilling host. Once the usurper is caught in Equestria and dragged back to Malrègnar by her elite forces, she proceeds to lambast her captive prisoner for severely misjudging her relationship with her infernal children, before granting the usurper a most horrific punishment (or so it is claimed).
    Vicearch Iniquitous: Did you presume, even once, that as Evil reborn and Vice made flesh, We would not care if one of Our scions would fall to petty and vainglorious scheming such as yours? Or that one of Our own subjects would try to usurp their way into a position of power and prestige that was not rightfully earned?
    Foolish/Cowardly Usurper: N-No, Your Majesty! Please, spare-!
    Vicearch Iniquitous: WE THINK NOT.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Iniquitous means morally wrong or at least grossly unfair, which suits her as an Evil Overlord turn God of Evil. It can also apply to her immense dissatisfaction towards the previously sorry state of the Malrègnarian Realms, many of which had become perpetually squabbling and backstabbing Wretched Hives by the time of her birth, as well as her hatred towards the Malrègnarian Pantheon whose gross incompetence led to her homeland's degeneration in the first place.
    • Iniquitous rules with the title of 'Vicearch', which is essentially 'Vice', immoral or wicked behaviour, combined with '-arch', from terms such as 'Monarch' or 'Autarch', which means 'Rule by One' or 'Rule by an Autocrat'. In essence, her title means 'Rule by Evil', and she is basically a Evil Overlord turn God of Evil...
  • Mentor Archetype: Over the course of her long existence as a divine Vicearch of the Malrègnar Empire, she has served as a mentor for deities and mortals alike, teaching them her own brand of Malrègnarian dark magic.
    • It's rumored In-Universe that Blue Suede Heartstrings himself became one of her students during his psychological recovery process, as he gained the ability to wield curses and hexes as part of his Humility domain.
    • She personally mentored a few of the Deti Uzhasov, the children of the Four Terrors. Among them include Prince Varázsló, the eldritch Alicorn-Deer Draconequus god of Magic, and Lord Knechten.
    • She also taught Prince Dissonant Tune, an evil Alicorn Prince who embodies Vice and Corruption. This explains how he's able to wield dark magic spells that aren't found anywhere else on Equus.
  • More Deadly Than the Male: Justified. By devouring both demons and deities alike, she managed to gain enough power to fully Ascend and become a nightmarish Alicorn goddess of Evil and Vice. By contrast, her unnamed brother stayed mortal because he feared that he would end up losing himself if he tried taking the same amount of power as his sister did, so he only took what he deemed necessary for his goals.
  • Mysterious Past: The origins and past of the Vicearch before her triumphant rise to dark glory is shrouded in mystery, with even her original identity lost to the ages. Everything that is known is whispered either in dark legends or was recorded in restricted works only a select few could access, and even then they are of questionable reliability. This is believed to be all deliberate on the part of the evil sovereign goddess and her ruling elite in order to erase any compromising information that could be used against her. Given Codex Equus is depicted as an in-universe text, even what we are reading could be inaccurate and apocryphal, and the insert-scenes are vague in critical details.
    • The only thing we know with absolute certainty is that Iniquitous was originally a mortal mare, part of a well-off household with servants, had a brother and a father, and was apparently good with managing the estate. She was frustrated by the troubled times and troubled state of the lands she was born and grew up in, believing that the lands, and she, deserve better, and was willing to use any means to achieve this if she have an opportunity to pull it off. When that opportunity came with her estranged mother, who was actually a witch, hoofed her all the lore she had gathered upon death, the mare took it.
  • Near-Villain Victory: Inverted. Despite her power boost and various schemes and conquests after becoming the 'Demon Queen', she eventually found herself outmatched by an alliance of good kingdoms or neutral realms who managed to push her back to the heart of her power and corner her, where she and her remaining forces would make a Last Villain Stand. She would had been defeated and destroyed by the heroic champions and warrior kings of the lands were it not for a last-minute intervention by a local God of Evil who was impressed by her, giving her a spark of primordial quintessence that transformed her into a demonic Demi God that gave her the power to massacre the surprised heroes and sovereigns she was facing and rally her forces to turn the tide of what could had been the 'Final Battle'.
  • Nerves of Steel: The witch mare/demon queen who would become the Vicearch possessed this, calmly staring down the likes of demon lords, heroic warriors and fallen deities alike and executing plots and gambits that could had easily backfired and cost her everything with collected resolve.
  • Never Recycle Your Schemes: Subverted. She pulled a Let's You and Him Fight scheme twice - she did this first on seven demon lords who would be known in history as the "Seven Sacrifices". Then she did another by pitting the "Nameless Fool" against the local Old Malrègnarian Pantheon whose members were trying to get rid of him, weakening both parties enough for her to devour them all and ascend to supreme power.
  • New Era Speech: Upon her final victory, she delivered an absolutely chilling one which is a reflection of a speech delivered by a certain OTHER God of Evil from the DC Universe.
    Vicearch Iniquitous: The heavens here are a smoking ruin. I have toppled the palaces and fouled the gardens of the angels, and devoured the gods who dwell in them. These lands had fallen, and all those who live there had submitted totally to my will - mind, body and soul. Victory. Is. MINE. This is not vanity... And yet, I have only just begun. I intend to remake all these lands in my own tainted image. And when at last my domain is but a monument to my own dark glory, I will finally behold all that I had wrought...

    And I shall be content.
  • No-Nonsense Nemesis: Vicearch Iniquitous does not suffer fools and does not play around. She plays to win and reign supreme, and anyone who stands in her would be utterly crushed, or worse. She defies all expectations and will continue to do so for ages to come. If she comes off as incomprehensible, eldritch and utterly terrifying that is completely understandable - the utter awe and complete terror you feel is a perfectly legitimate response in the face of her of unspeakable evil and will.
  • Not Afraid to Die: As pointed out by Magna, the King of Conquerors during a meeting between the two, Iniquitous does not fear dying. This isn't because she believes herself invincible, she knows she isn't (which is one major reason she's still as successful as she is), but because she's lived her life in accordance with her beliefs and ideals, much as he himself does, and thus if she were to perish in their pursuit, she would die without shame or regret.

    O to P 
  • One-Winged Angel: Iniquitous' true form is said to be a towering, infernal, monstrous Alicorn rivalling the size of Cozy Glow's own One-Winged Angel form. Given her Shrouded in Myth and eldritch status, the only consistent description readers usually get is that of baleful colours, tainted and corrupted fur, twisted resplendent regalia, teeth like dragons and eyes that felt like 'staring into Hell itself', surrounded by an aura which when inflamed is dark 'as the blackness of her heart' and crimson 'as the blood of the slaughtered'.
  • Orcus on His Throne: Downplayed and Justified. She is a busy god-sovereign with an empire to run and more important projects and matters to attend to, and she has many subordinates who are more than capable of dealing with problems herself. However, she would intervene personally if she must or desires to, often to the detriment of those who caught her attention.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Iniquitous is not her true name, but an alias she assumed starting from her time as a witch. Her true identity, like virtually everything else about her past and origins, remains an enigma both in-universe and out.
  • Outside-Context Problem:
    • Virtuecrat Fairytale of Vertusia serve as this for Iniquitous, being not only someone with a similar nature to her who is powerful and capable enough to rival and stalemate her, but also act as a living, breathing counterpoint to her beliefs. Everything Iniquitous believes in and represents - the inevitability and ultimate victory of Evil and Vice over flawed and doomed Goodness and Virtue - comes to pieces before her Good Counterpart. The same applies for the Vicearch to the Virtuecrat and what she represented. Because of this, both are mutually-apprehensive and quietly respectful of each other.
    • Iniquitous was once on the receiving end of this when an upstart pantheon of evil gods - taking advantage of the Vicearch's policy of having Malrègnar as neutral ground for dark pantheons and villains to visit, stay and conduct business in - to launch a surprise attack in her own dominion, using a divine artifact operating on long-forgotten principles of the arcane to neutralize her domain of Dark Magic in the belief without her infamous mastery of Dark Magic she would be vulnerable enough to give them a decisive advantage in their plan to earn infamy and power by defeating her and taking over her lands. Unfortunately for them, she is not entirely dependent on Dark Magic, and having took extensive effort to master them, she would use the domains from all the other gods she devoured and not tied to Dark Magic in any way to crush them single-hoofed.
  • Painting the Medium: To emphasize her powerful and unearthly nature and her inequine evil, her words in her true monstrous Alicorn form are often spoken in bolded, non-italicized sentences (All scene-inserts are not bolded and are italized).
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Throughout her entries, she inflicted cruel and horrific yet well-deserved punishments on those who either only became evil to satiate their own desires, or used their supposed "benevolence" and "virtue" as an excuse to abandon their duties and do whatever they wanted.
    • One notable example of this is the Malrègnarian Pantheon. The Malrègnarian Pantheon contained some of the most benevolent, virtuous, and mightiest deities in the local area, but after eons of providing for their worshipers and ruling over them, they slowly grew arrogant and entitled, which soon gave way to other vices that each god and goddess would become known for. During the pantheon's "Twilight", Iniquitous punished these particular deities for their sins such as making them lethargic, turning them into emaciated horrors that devoured even their loved ones, transmuting them into priceless statues and minerals, etc. To finish it off, Iniquitous dropped the dead pantheon's own royal palace onto Highhaven, then one of the most prosperous, holiest, and beautiful sanctuary-cities, to wipe out one of the last memories of the Malrègnarian Pantheon forever. A Codex drabble revealed that during those same raids on the holy cities the Malrègnarian Pantheon once supported, she discovered things so foul and corrupt that it (in part) led to her aforementioned act of obliterating Highhaven. She also transformed the Malrègnarian deities' transformed divine realms into Hell-Realms, both to torment the souls of damned Malrègnarians and to desecrate the memory of their former owners even further.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Implied, but it's presumed she's this considering she was not only a powerful Wicked Witch matriarch and a highly-intelligent Sorcerous Overlord, but also became a monstrously-powerful Demon Queen from devouring seven arch-demons/devils/fiends, and then a nigh-implacable Physical God after eating her former God of Evil patron, the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon, any remaining divine in the lands and every other god or pantheon who had come to challenge her and her dominion in the millennia since her victory.
    • During the empire's 'Punitive Campaigns' against factions and nations which had transgressed their territories and provoke them too many times, the Vicearch herself was observed to personally albeit indirectly support her forces' destruction of the empire's foes by weaving kingdom-spanning hexes that would lay waste to whole lands, and deter intervention by cursing anyone who enter the region her armies are wrecking, capable of causing whole armies to become crippled and vulnerable with debilitating maladies and misfortunes.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite being a monstrous, powerful and eldritch God of Evil, she is capable of showing mercy and even outright goodness on occasion.
    • Even after devouring the 'Nameless Fool' and Ascending to true infernal godhood, she still cared about her still-mortal brother. When her brother pleaded for her to show some sign of her old mortal self, she not only spared him, but also placated him with reassurances that she is still his sister deep down, and that he and others will be rewarded with limitless 'joy and pleasure' for their support.This, along with implied memetic influence of her now eldritch presence, removed all remaining doubts and cemented his unquestioned loyalty.
    • She let Virtuecrat Fairytale rescue Princess Radiant Rapier from being devoured by her after the latter's failed attack on the Malrègnar Empire. This is because, despite having every reason not to let Radiant Rapier go seemingly unpunished, she respects Fairytale as a Worthy Opponent and sees no reason in attacking her good and pure counterpart, or anyone associated with her. For her part, Fairytale made it clear to Radiant Rapier that she can't or won't be able to protect the Princess of Justice a second time if she decides to attack the Vicearch again, which the Vicearch promised would net Radiant Rapier an even worse fate than whatever she originally had in mind.
    • She respects Blue Suede Heartstrings for his genuine humility, religious conviction, and other virtuous traits, and forbade her demonic subjects from attacking him while he visited Malrègnar on pain of death. Instead of reacting harshly when Blue Suede expressed regret for not helping the fallen Malrègnarian Pantheon break free of their own hubris, she took him to the eternally-smoldering ruins of one of the Malrègnarian Pantheon's holy cities, and taught Blue Suede that it's better to let people learn and/or die from their own mistakes if necessary, and that it is useless to help those who refuse to be helped. Her advice would help Blue Suede out of a particularly bad period in his life and shape him into becoming Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria years later, something that both impressed and pleased her when they meet each other again.
      • On one particular Hearth's Warming, in the year of Blue Suede Heartstrings' crowning as Prince Caerulus Melodia, she magically transfigured a huge lump of coal given to her by Santa Hooves into a resplendent, gemstone-encrusted, and enchanted amulet. She then requests, purely out of good will, for Santa Hooves to give the amulet to Blue Suede/Caerulus as a congratulatory present for his coronation, which Santa Hooves gladly obliges.
  • The Philosopher: Vastly intelligent, knowledgeable and cultured, Vicearch Iniquitous is the originator of the philosophy/tendency/branch of Evil known as 'Iniquitism', which forms the ideological basis of her Empire.
    Vicearch Iniquitous: Let Evil be your tool, weapon and servant – Yield them to your will, and to you, the world shall yield.
  • Pragmatic Villainy:
    • She is a competent opportunistic pragmatist despite being a God of Evil who knows indulging in self-destructive Stupid Evil is a recipe for disaster. She does not kill or punish her already terrified and reverent minions for petty reasons, is willing to explain her reasoning for her decisions, and in general knows even she has limits and always take caution to not overstep them to her own detriment. Like other examples of pragmatic villains mentioned in the Codexverse, this is a major reason why she is so successful.
    • It's implied that while she consumes souls of mortals just as she devoured demons and gods alike for power, she actually avoids eating innocent souls and tormenting them within her forever because she knows denying the innocents their well-earned afterlife like other Stupid Evil demons and evil gods will only get the undivided and undying enmity of just about every other good gods and noble heroes in the world, and if they gang up on her, even she can't win. Instead, she only captures those souls upon death to keep them safe from her own infernal minions and worshippers so she can use them as a bargaining chip for the gods outside to get them to leave her alone.
    • She allows the Sisterhood of Magical Fillies - who are arch-enemies of demons, evil deities and other forms of evil villains alike - to recruit from pure-hearted fillies born in her realm and even have magical fillies occasionally operate in her dark domain. Because she recognize that they are of little use to her due to their incorruptibility, nor does she want to provoke the forces of Good by causing them any harm as a threat. They would in fact better serve her interests having their heroic potential fulfilled through the Sisterhood as the Magical Fillies could be useful in getting rid of disobedient demons and insubordinate overlords that she deigned not worthy of her personal attention to deal with. As a bonus, the Sisterhood agreed to leave her and her dominion alone as part of the deal.
    • Even she won't violate the "Primeval Laws", as she knows even she, as powerful as she is, cannot win a fight with the Grand Primevals. That and many of the Primeval Laws are things the entire world - herself implicitly included - views as so abhorrent it would instantly provoke everyone if she violates them.
    • As stated by Blue Suede/Caerulus Melodia, she doesn't eat gods willy-nilly as she pleases. Doing so would only get both her and Malrègnar in trouble with factions who want to see them gone. She only does so either to punish someone for serious wrongdoing, or as a retaliatory strike against those who foolishly decided to pick a fight with her.

    Q to R 
  • Quit Your Whining: Justified. When Blue Suede Heartstrings expresses regret over not being there to help the Malrègnarian deities overcome their arrogance and atone, she tells not to grieve over them, as they ruined the lands with their gross incompetence and refused every chance to redeem themselves until it was too late. However, it's subverted as Iniquitous respects him enough that she is gentle yet firm in her manner of delivery (by her standards), and genuinely wants Blue to learn that sometimes it is better to teach people the lesson of humility through example instead of "mere words". Blue Suede would later take this advice to heart while he was recovering from his psychological traumas, gradually transforming him into Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria.
  • Rage Against the Heavens: Part of the reason why she became so hellbent on conquering and turning her home into a powerful empire is because the local Malrègnarian Pantheon had many incompetent gods and goddesses who did nothing to improve things, instead carelessly indulging in their own worst vices while the lands they watched over grew stagnant and corrupt. In particular, she held a very deep grudge against the 'Prideful King', the Malrègnarian Pantheon's leader, for how his arrogance created the deplorable state of her lands despite his so-called virtuous character and domains. In the end, by embracing evil and grabbing power, she Ascended to become a goddess herself and defeated/devoured the entire Malrègnarian Pantheon in her conquests, reducing them to nothing more than faded memories of the past after her empire was established.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: For an implacable, unrelenting, all-dominating and all-consuming divine force of evil in the shape of a monstrous Alicorn, it is implied from a drabble and the overall thriving state of her evil empire that she is actually quite an excellent administrator and ruler, likely a result of her Pragmatic Evil status.
    • As seen in one drabble, she puts a lot of effort in governing and managing her empire to make sure it runs smoothly and effectively, and is willing to listen to her courtiers and explain her reasoning for her decisions. That said, she is still unspeakably evil and absolute in her rule, and apart from the stupid or fearless ones - who don't last very long - all her subjects infernal or mortal are absolutely terrified of and revere her in equal measure.
    • While she was displeased with one of Her warlocks in the Grand Cabal for invoking Her name and authority in vain - which she finds annoying/presumptuous and mandated severe restrictions against - she let it slide after hearing the reason why he did so (scaring one of his wayward students straight and set her towards excelling, so much it actually caught the Vicearch's attention), and even gives him Her permission to continue so long as it continues to produce desirable results, though She warns him to not let the idea he could invoke Her attention and power go to his head, or else.
    • In the third of the legendary 'Great Trials' between the Vicearch of Malrègnar and the Virtuecrat of Vertusia, Eklektós, the Vicearch's Champion had failed to win the 'Duel By Champion' against his counterpart from Vertusia, and offers his life in penance. Rather than punishing him for failure, Vicearch Iniquitous noted he didn't actually lost (it ended with a tie like the previous two times, with both champions too evenly match and were on the verge of a Mutual Kill) and that he had fought at his absolute best for his liege and empire. To sanction him over it with those factors in consideration would mean nothing less than wasting a devoted and capable martial champion for no gain. She commends him for his efforts and devotion, and only command him to atone for his failure if he so desires by continue serving Her and the empire with the same effort and devotion as She saw him display in the arena.
    • She welcomed Blue Suede Heartstrings into her empire when he traveled there at one point, having heard of the latter's exploits and impressed with his humble character. She also forbade her demonic subjects/subordinates from antagonizing Blue Suede on pain of death and worse. When Blue Suede heard of the dead Malrègnarian Pantheon and lamented not being there to redeem the group, she took the Alicorn to the cursed ruins of Highhaven as well as the Malrègnarian deities' transformed divine realms, and gave him advice on punishing those who made grievous mistakes, which Blue Suede later takes to heart. A Codex drabble reveals she knew Blue Suede was slowly becoming psychologically unstable, but did not exploit it as she did with the old Malrègnarian deities because she saw that Blue Suede can change his ways. Sure enough, Blue Suede suffered a meltdown after snapping from three Ages worth of repressed issues, yet fully recovered thanks to his loved ones and became at peace with himself. When Blue Suede visited her again as Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria, now a member of the Equestrian Pantheon and a family-stallion, she was so impressed that she openly declares him worthy of her "unhallowed protection".
    • Iniquitous is willing to make deals with heroic forces and keep her end so long as they do the same. Notably, due to her pragmatic nature, she's very willing to make these deals legitimately fair, and even when they're not, she keeps her word if they succeed.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: She often dishes them out to those whom she judge with contempt as part of a Breaking Lecture. Sometimes it does not involve a speech, but rather making her opponents make a fool of themselves and demonstrate their unworthiness.
    • Once she had him imprisoned with spells and chains, Iniquitous delivered one to her former divine patron, a Fallen god known only as 'The Nameless Fool', lambasting him for both presuming that she would love him just because he rescued her from her imminent defeat, and his indulgence in self-destructive evil and pointlessly horrific atrocities. She then declares her intent to succeed where he failed and finish what she started centuries before, then she ate him and ascended into true godhood, the culmination of devouring several deities and infernal entities.
      "The Nameless Fool": You – you dare?! I saved you back before! I gave you power! Raised you above all others in my - !
      Vicearch Iniquitous: Yes. You did. (glares) You were a fool to believe that it will make me love you. Even more foolish of you to squander away your advantages and efforts indulging in petty and meaningless depravities, simply because it is in your nature to do so.

      I had warned you, encouraged you to rise above your nature, to make your evil serve a higher purpose other than spite and malice. But you would not heed. You will destroy yourself soon enough with your stupidity, and I have no intention to be dragged down with it... (shakes her head) I will finish what I set out to do, long ago, and what you had tried and failed. I will succeed where you and all others cannot! I will raise these lands to greatness, all under my dark glory, and I will reign supreme as their sovereign... and their goddess!
    • During her conquests of both the mortal and divine Malrègnarian realms, Iniquitous delivered rather caustic to the seven surviving deities of the old Malrègnarian Pantheon, pointing out to each of them that it was their own fault that everything is crumbling around them, and that it was their own actions that led them to a much horrible fate. The only exceptions to this are the 'Lustful Prince', the 'Prideful King', and the 'Envious Artist', all whom were manipulated into situations that made their flaws and vices apparent without a word from Iniquitous.
    • She delivered one to Princess Radiant Rapier of the Virtusidae after she decide to lead an incursion into Malrègnar with the intent to finally bring the Vicearch to justice, reminding her that she was warned of the dangers and consequences of doing this - meaning that Radiant Rapier alone was responsible for getting everyone in the incursion force massacred/devoured except for herself by the Vicearch and the Malrègnarians - and then mocked her ideals of justice by telling her that since Radiant Rapier had ignored her threat and violated her dominion, it would only be right and 'just' for Iniquitous to punish her as she sees fit. This doubles as a Breaking Lecture as well as it partly contributed to the Radiant Rapier's trauma and downward spiral following the disastrous incursion.
  • Reconstruction: Of the tropes the Evil Overlord, the God of Evil (Just like Temnobog, the Dark One, but in another direction), Evil Empires, and last but not least, The Bad Guy Wins. Vicearch Iniquitous' rise to power is essentially an examination in how it is possible, even in a world where Evil Will Fail is in full-effect, for a evil conqueror and divine like her can still prevail over the forces of good and maintain that victory. Of course, that still required Iniquitous to play with and subvert many assumptions and aspects of those tropes for her triumph to be possible.
  • Red Baron: Among the many dreaded titles Vicearch Iniquitous acquired include 'Sovereign of Evil', 'Embodiment of Vice' and the 'Darkness to (Fairytale)'s Light' (at least where Fairytale Virtuecraft is concerned), Her Infernal/Unhallowed Majesty, and in regard to Iniquitous' path to power and what she does to other rival and enemy divines, the 'God-Eater'.
  • Rules Lawyer: According to Prince Caerulus Melodia, she knew enough of Cryptan rules and traditions that when a Cryptan noble arrogantly attacked her unprovoked on the assumption she was going to raid the Grand Library of Wesheb of its lore, she used the affront as an excuse to enter the Grand Library anyway as compensation. Further attempts to attack her resulted in the attacking Cryptans being bent to her will and humiliated further. By the time local Cryptan heroes arrived, she already got what she wanted and left unscathed. As for the Cryptan noble, he was demoted for his arrogance, while his superior, the ruling Tomb King of Wesheb, was forced to apologize for the noble's actions.

    S to T 
  • Sanity Has Advantages: While she indulges in horrific evils, she never lets them control her to indulge in self-destructive shenanigans, and held onto her core motivations and Equinity even after her demonic and divine transformations. The fact that she remains sane, pragmatic and in control of herself despite of her own present nature is implied to be exactly what made her so dangerous and capable compared to every other Evil Overlord or God of Evil, and why she succeeded where many others tried and failed.
  • Shrouded in Myth: Both in and outside her dominion knowledge regarding her identity, origins and nature remains very mysterious and scarce, leading to much speculation and dark legends surrounding her. Certainly, her status as a Living Legend as well as active attempts by her and her regime to erase and alter the annuls recording her and her rise to power helped thickened the mists of myth and enigma surrounding her.
  • Signature Move: Iniquitous' most dangerous power is her ability to triangulate the Fatal Flaw of every enemy she faces in the form of their inner evil and vices, and then use her respective domains to tether to them and not just draw power but also magnify and manipulate them such that her foes are effective consumed by their own evils and vices, leading to them vulnerable to be dominated by her, or debasing and destroying themselves without her lifting a hoof to bring about their downfalls. And since nearly EVERY thinking, feeling being on Equus have Evil and Vices as they have Goodness and Virtues, virtually everyone is vulnerable to having their inner darkness weaponized against them, and Iniquitous has shown she only needed the slightest traces of Evil and Vice to magnify and do the job.
    • There are weaknesses to this move, of course; it's implied that a strong willpower can resist Vicearch Iniquitous' inner corruption, although very, very few beings exists possess such indomitable force of mind to resist against Inquitous' own near-implacable power. It could also be jammed by sufficiently powerful and complex wards which would require time and effort to untangle and disable, which is also a high threshold as Iniquitous had demonstrated she is one of the greatest practitioners of dark magic. And then of course, there are a few beings which simply do not have any Evil and Vice within them to tether and magnify, period, and thus are completely immune to Iniquitous' inner vice corruption: Virtuecrat Fairytale, her Good Counterpart and Arch-Enemy, is one such being, which allows the Virtuecrat to effectively become the immovable force of transequine good to counteract and balance the Vicearch's unstoppable force of inequine evil. There are those such as Dragon Lord Pyro II and his mate Cynder I who while possessing a dark side, are similarly not affected as they have successfully embraced it in a manner which does not consume them, aligning their inner darkness with their virtues and will such that even if their darkness are brought to the surface they would not be controlled by it, but those who experienced the epiphany necessary to do so without being corrupted are implied to be exceptionally rare, since if it were easy everyone would had done so already.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: She rarely if ever raises her voice, whether facing seemingly imminent damnation or on the verge of imminent triumph. Every word she spoke, especially after her apotheosis, is proclaimed simply, calmly and without emphasis, though emphasis is not often required as it is often delivered in the most ominous, foreboding and terrifying gravitas possible. It is unnerving, as if she is not boasting or threatening or denying when proclaiming her will, merely stating things exactly as if they just ARE - That she and her will simply ARE, and even reality itself have to kneel before her and obey. It also adds an uncanny quality to her that emphasizes the inequine nature of the monstrously-powerful being she became and the unspeakable evil she embodies.
  • So Proud of You: According to her, she knew that Blue Suede Heartstrings was slowly becoming psychologically unstable from his traumas and flaws, but chose not to exploit it because she saw he had potential to change, unlike the 'Prideful King' who refused to do so and died for his sins. Upon learning that Blue Suede - now Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria - proved her right by successfully overcoming his own corruption (with help and support from his loved ones), she was so impressed that she openly expressed her pride for him, an action she considers rare for herself to do.
    Vicearch Iniquitous: (to Prince Caerulus Melodia Equestria) We saw the corruption growing in your heart, Sovereign of Music. We had thought of exploiting it, as per Our nature. But We also saw that you had great potential to change your ways, unlike that prideful excuse of a sovereign. You have proven that We were right to trust Our judgement, in more ways than We could have anticipated.

    It is a rare sentiment for Us to express so openly, but We are very proud of you, Sovereign of Music. And for your deeds, We have deemed you worthy of our unhallowed protection.
  • Sorcerous Overlord: She was a powerful witch even before she became a half-demonic Humanoid Abomination and then ascending into a God of Evil, albeit not a Hydianite. Her mother, whose work her daughter inherited when she unexpectedly died and would set her off, was rumoured to be a Lilithian, an older tendency of witches and warlocks, but nothing is known for certain.
  • Soul Eating: Cannibalism Superpower being key to her success and becoming more or less one of her core modus operandi, Iniquitous feasted on the souls of Mortals as much as she devoured the likes of Demon Lords and even Gods, which contributes to her status as The Dreaded. However, it's revealed in a drabble though that she restricted herself mostly to the wicked and damned ones in order to not provoke the other good gods and noble heroes from coming after her. Even so, there's enough wicked mortals around that by the time she had consolidated and built up her empire, she had consumed MILLIONS of damned souls, all trapped inside her in eternal torment alongside all the disobedient demons and defeated divines she had devoured.
  • Spell Book: A prolific author, scholar and an Evil Genius of a Lady of Black Magic to the point of being widely considered one of the greatest practitioners of Dark Magic to have ever lived, it was mentioned that She alone authored hundreds of tomes and compendiums of spells, hexes, rituals and other forms of Dark Magic. Her own personal set of spell-books, the 'Seven Keys of Iniquitous', contains Her greatest sorceries, each 'Key' themed after one of the seven deadly vices/sins of Sapientkind, and are also academic texts where She details Her own philosophy as well as other relevant knowledge.
  • Stealth Hi/Bye: At one point, she (through a divine avatar) somehow managed to slip past Princess Regina's safeguards and defenses and find her way to the legendary Wands of Ponyland before she was confronted by Princess Regina, though she merely examined them in detail without touching, corrupting or damaging them and left without further conflict after a civil conversation with Princess Regina. This greatly alarmed many as, on top of her status as The Dreaded and implications that she is up to something, it means her already considerable capabilities and skills at using them had only grown during the many-millennia of post-victorious seclusion, and no-pony knows what else she could do - or what, if anything, she couldn't do by this point, as if she want to she could had taken the Wands before Regina could had done something to stop her, and use their great powers for potentially all sorts of nefarious ends.
  • The Stoic: Iniquitous is notably calm and collected even in the most desperate situations, in full control of her emotions and feelings in action and speech. And where she is genuinely amused or enraged, she's at best playful, and at worst sink into a state of Tranquil Fury. It served to highlight her characterization as some sort of Lawful Evil Übermensch (Where the Ubermensch ideal emphasize being in control and overcoming ones' own nature), as well as make her far more unnerving and difficult to comprehend, as if there's always more to her inequine Evil and power than it seems.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: For all of Vicearch Iniquitous' implacable might and incredible success - to the point that she have the potential of winning the eternal war between good and evil on the side of Evil and dominating the world and beyond - she is still not the most powerful god-sovereign on Equus, and if the world unite against her and her Empire, even she couldn't win. Knowing this and acting accordingly is yet another reason why she continues to remain enduringly triumphant and steadily ascendant where other evil overlords and dark gods rose and fell in quick succession.
    • Vicearch Iniquitous knew better than to mess with the Grand Primevals, as they are among the oldest and most powerful gods of Equus, who helped made the world in its dawning days. Because of this, she avoided and had ordered her subjects and subordinates not to do anything which could attract their ire, such as messing with the souls of innocents, leaving those who did to face the enmity of the Justice and Death Primevals without protest nor pity.
    • Vicearch Iniquitous once fought with Emperor Golden Scepter over a misunderstanding. While she did much, much better than most others (lasting 20 minutes when most don't even last more than 2 minutes), she still nearly lost as while her power had grew to such nigh-implacable heights of might from consuming whole pantheons of gods it took another god-sovereign on her level to consistently keep her in check, Vicearch Iniquitous was still facing a vastly more ancient and experienced Antecendent-level Physical God. Even she acknowledged she still have a long way of go before she could remotely hope of matching the Radiant Emperor.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: Her victory is as much enabled by the weaknesses of her enemies and rivals as much as it is by her own strength, from the stagnation and divisions of the mortal realms, the self-destructive foolishness of her 'evil' rivals, to the ineptitude of the local 'good' gods themselves. A key to her ultimate victory is her ability to perceive these weaknesses and squeeze every single advantage from them.
  • Tranquil Fury: Iniquitous' composed and collected temperament means that when she does get mad, she does not explode in raging fury. Her wrath is often described as calm as it is horrific, even when she dish out with a contemptuous tone and/or casual ease a Fate Worse than Death to those who crossed her in retaliation. She had never been seen experiencing a Villainous Breakdown, even when she was on her ropes in the early days of her rise to power. All this serve to make her even more terrifying.

    U to V 
  • Übermensch: Her motives and approach to Evil as a successful Evil Overlord turn God of Evil made it clear she is this trope, as explained here by the author himself, who admits that it was accidental, but makes a lot of sense when one infers her near-incomprehensible nature, motives and actions, all of which fits the essence of the Ubermensch ideal in the rejection of norms (by embracing Evil), yet also overcoming themselves and their impulses and passions (By directing her new evil nature and the power that comes with it towards higher purposes).
    • To elaborate on how Iniquitous fulfills the first condition of being an Ubermensch as mentioned above: Iniquitous, convinced that Good and Virtue inherent in all Sapient beings are flawed aspects of Sapient nature which had ultimately failed their purpose in containing Evil and Vice and allowing them to be properly harnessed, turned Her back on the former to fully embrace the latter for the power to fulfil her ambitions. It is also implied Her beliefs goes as far as to believe that like the inadequate tools they are, Goodness and Virtue should be replaced with something better, and it's thus also implied one of Her long-term goals is to find or create entirely new moral/metaphysical systems not based on Virtue and Goodness to serve as an even better control rod for Sapient aspects of Evil and Vice (Since few beings has the same incredible willpower or became as Inequine as She had to shield them from the corrupting/corrosive nature of Evil and Vice She had become incarnate). This would not only render Virtue and Goodness obsolete, but allow Evil and Vice to be harnessed to their full potential without corrupting and consuming the Sapients in nature, allowing Sapientkind to, at last, attain the power necessary to overcome any obstacle and achieve supremacy over all existence.
  • Ultimate Evil: What she eventually became for the peoples and gods of the lands of Malrègnar. And then she WON.
  • Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object: Ran into this when she clashed with Virtuecrat Fairytale. The two were equally unstoppable forces of evil and good respectively, and once they clashed, their direct and indirect conflicts/contests almost always inevitably ends in a draw, each admitting neither could defeat the other. The emergence of a THIRD god-sovereign on their level after their third 'Great Trial' embodying NEUTRALITY all but ensures the stalemate between them would never be broken, namely by threatening to intervene on either side to prevent neither side from fully overcoming the other.
  • Villain Has a Point: She once pointed out to a visiting Blue Suede Heartstrings, during a private trip to the ruined holy city of Highhaven and the Malrègnarian deities' transformed divine realms, that he cannot help those who refuse to be helped, and it is better for him to teach through examples by punishing those who erred instead of using 'mere words'. Furthermore, he cannot try to keep everyone from making mistakes because he is just 'one god' and would have thoroughly exhausted himself if he tried. She's proven right when Blue Suede nearly succumbs to his own festering flaws and traumas, and after realizing this, he takes Iniquitous' advice to heart and applies it to his duties once he joins the Equestrian Pantheon as a divine Prince.
  • Villainous Valor: Displays this on many levels. She will take on heroes, demons and gods alike in her determination to triumph, and she plays to win without messing around nor suffer foolishness in her way. She plans and prepares thoroughly and however long it takes before making her moves, but is still willing to make huge gambles in order to win, willing to personally do things herself or put herself under huge risks to ensure success, and willing to do the most expedient thing rather than the most needlessly vile or pointlessly horrific if it means victory. Her motives and her embrace of evil, while mysterious and vague, are not due to weakness in her part, but a desire to use it for grand ambitions and to transcend herself beyond mortal weaknesses. She may be a monster who won, but readers may not help but admire her for all her credentials, which no doubt is why she succeeds where so many others had failed and will fail.
  • Villain Respect: While an infernal and depraved Alicorn goddess of Evil and Vice, she still retains much of her mortal self to give people her respect when warranted.
    • She respects Fairytale, the Alicorn goddess of Virtue and Purity. Although she believes that virtue and goodness are concepts held by inept fools due to personal experiences, Fairytale's competence as the Virtuecrat of Vertusia despite her inner goodness made her worthy of her admiration, and she always welcomes her in the Malrègnar Empire whenever she visits. Notably, she let Fairytale rescue Princess Radiant Rapier from being devoured after the latter's attack on the Malrègnar Empire ended disastrously, making no attempt to attack her good counterpart or the upstart Alicorn goddess of the Virtusidae who attacked her despite having every reason to be angry. To be fair, Fairytale made it clear that she will not hesitate to let Iniquitous punish her if Radiant Rapier tries again.
    • She respects Blue Suede Heartstrings for his humble, virtuous character, going as far as to forbid her demonic subjects from attacking him on pain of death (and worse) while he visited her empire, and giving him advice on knowing when to punish people or - worst case scenario - let them die for their mistakes. A Codex drabble reveals that she saw and knew about Blue Suede's growing psychological instability and corruption, but chose not to exploit it because she predicted that Blue Suede had potential to change his ways, unlike 'The Prideful King'. She is ultimately proven right when Blue Suede managed to overcame his worst traumas and flaws thanks to the support of everyone in his life, and became a Prince more worthy of his title than 'The Prideful King' was of his own. It even gets her to openly say that she is "proud" of Blue Suede for what he did and put him under her unhallowed protection, which she considers to be a rare thing for her to do.
    • She had come to respect Santa Hooves after the Jolly One repeatedly outwitted and defied her and her empire despite their great power just to deliver presents and spread joy even in her dominion, despite all their efforts to stop him for trespassing and the perceived insult in repeatedly receiving coal for their 'naughtiness'. She eventually Know When to Fold 'Em after a foiled attempt to end the gift-giving at its source and instead cut a deal with Santa Hooves and Virtuecrat Fairytale to allow the former to deliver presents on the 'Feast of the Vicearch's Ascension' (their equivalent of the 'Hearth's Warming' festival) with her official sanction if he could pass three challenges she and her Princelings/servants presents every year. He always does, but the ritual saves face and even help the empire in the long run by allowing Santa Hooves to reward those who had been devoted to and loyal to the empire and therefore strengthening their subjects' support to it and its ideals.
    • In general, it seems Iniquitous respects heroes who not only steadfastly stand by their proclaimed morals and virtues but genuinely mean them. One of the reason she came to despise virtue and goodness as flawed and failed aspects of sapient nature that should be replaced is because many of the 'good guys' from heroes to sovereigns to even the gods themselves (especially the old Malrègnarian pantheon) she encountered and defeat kept turning out to be nothing more than massive hypocrites who all ultimately failed to live up to the virtues and goodness they claim to uphold, and in eventually being overcome by their vices and evils or other forces of vice and evil, ultimately reveal themselves for the weak and pitiful beings they truly are all along. Because of this, She sees those who actually live up to the virtue and goodness they uphold AND hold their own against her in a much better light, not only because they could challenge her power but also challenge her beliefs, especially if it is precisely BECAUSE they are not hypocritical and are upstanding which gave them the power to stand against her.
  • Virtue Is Weakness: Played with. After witnessing the actions of the increasingly corrupt, proud, and incompetent Malrègnarian Pantheon, she came to believe that virtue and goodness are obsolete concepts that create hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and ultimately moral corruption instead of actually stopping evil threats like they're supposed to. On the other hand, her view on evil is similar to Temnobog's - that evil is like a 'wildfire' that will destroy everything (including itself) if proper measures aren't taken to control it. While she does genuinely respect heroic individuals who practice and adhere to their own standards of goodness, such as Virtuecrat Fairytale, Blue Suede Hearstrings, and Santa Hooves, she still wants to find 'better' alternatives to virtue and goodness, believing that the entire world will be better for it. Naturally, this has brought her into opposition with a lot of good and constructively evil individuals; Temnobog especially opposes her largely because her success would mean both he and Belyolen would die, due to both of them being the living bisected halves of High King Bogolenya.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Subverted. When she was facing her doom back when she was just a Demon Queen, and on the rare occasions her plans failed, her composed and collected temperament means she never rage or despair at her predicament, either facing it with calm dignity, sink into a Tranquil Fury or simply acknowledge the situation is not in her favor. Best exemplified in her confrontations with her Arch-Enemy the Virtuecrat of Vertusia.

    W to X 
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Has vibes of this from her quote alone. While evil reigns supreme in her land, she considers it an improvement over the sad state of affairs that troubled the lands prior to her dark ascension. BrutalityInc describes her as the Fourth-Age equivalent of Overmare, considered to be one of the greatest super-villains of the Second Age, as they are both well-meaning yet amoral conquerors who believed the world would be better off if they were in charge, and transcended their own mortal limits to fulfill their goals.
  • What If?: Discussed In-Universe on at least two occasions.
    • She does acknowledge and entertain the possibility that things would be completely different in her lands if the Malrègnarian Pantheon decided to atone for their mistakes and do their jobs properly. But she ultimately concludes that there is no use dwelling on the past since the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon already paid for their sins.
      Vicearch Iniquitous: (to Blue Suede Heartstrings) Would events had turn out differently if the pantheon that now sustains Us and Our infernal glory decided to atone for their mistakes? We are tempted to think so. But it is futile to brood over the past. The best We can do is to move on, and remind Ourselves and others what happens when We repeat the folly of our predecessors.
    • Princess Bright Eyes, the Legendary Scholar raised this possibility to Iniquitous during a meeting with her and the Virtuous Seven's 'daughter' Virtuecrat Fairytale, believing in contrast with the Old Malrègnarian Pantheon, Iniquitous would have had a much harder time defeating the more competent and benevolent Vertusian pantheon, and given how much better they manage their domains and help their worshippers, Iniquitous might not even had embraced Evil for the power to conquer and fix everything, or even if she did do so in a Constructive Evil manner like Temnobog and 'Princess' Cold Heart. Because of this, she disputes Iniquitous' assertion that Good Is Impotent and will inevitably fail in containing the forces of Evil.
  • What You Are in the Dark: The outside world sees her as The Dreaded for her actions of devouring mortals, infernals, and deities alike, and her willingness to exploit flaws and vices only added to her infamy. However, when She is visited by Blue Suede Heartstrings and notices his growing psychological instability, She refuses to exploit this, having predicted his potential to change his ways. Sure enough, Her predictions come true when Blue Suede visits her again later as a Prince, now fully recovered, impressing her enough to grant him an edict of protection. This shows that despite being an infernal goddess embodying inequine levels of Evil and Vice, She has a pragmatic and honorable, even softer side to her that shows itself around those who earned her genuine respect.
  • What's Up, King Dude?: While many of her subjects pay her due respect as their ruling Vicearch, there are a few individuals she allows to be informal with her on a personal basis, such as King Magna, Blue Suede Heartstrings/Caerulus Melodia Equestria, and her unnamed brother. It's justified - in the case of her brother, he's her sole surviving family and one of her first, closest allies, allowing him to get away with certain behaviors that many of her subordinates would be harshly punished for. In the case of Magna and Blue Suede/Caerulus, they impressed her enough with their character and actions to warrant being given her genuine respect. Blue Suede/Caerulus in particular speaks his natural Southern accent around her and even calls her "the missus" in one interview with Codex Equus researchers, something that would normally be seen as offensive in Malrègnar.
  • Wicked Witch: As mentioned, she became this like her mother before her, having received her lore and legacy and chose to embraced Evil for power to change the sad state of affairs that afflicted her homelands.
  • Withholding Their Name: For a variety of reasons Iniquitous has pulled all the stops to erase all traces of Her and Her brother’s actual names from existence, and as a result the world knows Her only by Her assumed alias of Iniquitous. Omnia Equus, the All-Knowing Empyrean is presently the only other being who knows Her true birth name, although Her thorough efforts and presently borderline-eldritch nature is such that even when spoken the universe flat-out refused to record it, instead leaving the readers with ____.
  • Wizard Duel: A few had been mentioned in a few Drabbles, keeping with Her status as an Evil Sorceress / Lady of Black Magic turned infernal Alicorn goddess with Dark Magic as one of Her domains, and widely considered one of the greatest practitioners of Dark Magic to have ever lived, meaning inevitably She would end up dueling quite a few mortal or divine magicians and sorcerers Herself.
    • She once faced-off against a hundred Grand Archmages from a certain 'Conclave of Conneighvia' who were well-prepared, experienced, knowledgeable and were at the peak of their power. Meanwhile, She came in an avatar which only contained a small fraction of Her overall might. She still manages to completely wipe them out in less than ten seconds.
    • In the same drabble, it was also mentioned She dueled Karaldina De Hex, the greatest Griffon witch to have ever lived, and despite appearing in Her full glory while Karaldina was taken by surprise and had no prep-time, Karaldina still managed to last ten minutes in her presence before she was inevitably subdued. Karaldina managed to impress Vicearch Iniquitous so much She spared her, and they apparently became friends and peers in sorceries.
  • Worf Effect:
    • The Vicearch's implacable power, ruthless intellect, unfettered determination and enormous resources makes her almost unstoppable and unbeatable in a fair fight. Yet Iniquitous found herself matched in every way by her Good Counterpart from Vertusia, Virtuecrat Fairytale, who would become her greatest counter keeping her and her ambitions in check, resulting in a Balance Between Good and Evil which lasted to this day.
    • Played for Laughs in a Christmas drabble where it is revealed even Iniquitous finds Herself helpless as every other villain and evil force in the the Codexverse in stopping Santa Hooves, the Jolly One from intruding Her dominion and delivering presents (or coal, in Her and Her Princelings/subordinates' cases), on account of Santa Hooves being unable to be affected by anything other than good will and other factors. She eventually cut Her losses and made a deal with Santa Hooves and others after Her personal attempt to finally put an end to his gift-giving at the source was foiled by her Good Counterpart from Vertusia and other heroes/gods (though it is implied she did come very close), giving his annual gift-giving Her official sanction if he could pass three trials every year he visits (he always does) to make it less embarrassing for Her and Her empire.
    • A drabble reveals she once 'fought' Emperor Golden Scepter. She lasted 20 minutes, but would have inevitably been killed had Temnobog not intervened and calmed it down. She even admits that at present she can't beat him.
    • She and her children once fought Strife, the firstborn daughter of Adversus, the Adversity Primeval, when the latter felt she and her empire hadn't faced a true challenge for too long. Iniquitous and her Princelings did win...only for Strife to free herself, congratulate them for winning, and leave, having taken no significant damage. Iniquitous had suspected the entire time that Strife had been only using a fraction of her true power, and used this as a lesson to Her Princelings and other minions why the Grand Primevals are not to be trifled with, as Strife's cousin Timoría, the executor of Dikaiosýni, the Judgment Primeval's divine judgment, is every bit as imposing and powerful, but wouldn't hold back.
  • Worthy Opponent:
    • She considers her Good Counterpart, Virtuecrat Fairytale of Vertusia as this. While Iniquitous had became a near-unstoppable force of inequine evil, Fairytale also became a near-unstoppable force of transequine good to rival her, and no matter how many times they had clashed, neither could truly prevail over the other (Though a third god-sovereign embodying neutrality ensured this as well by allying with whoever is weakening to maintain the Balance Between Good and Evil). At present, both god-sovereigns regard each other with nothing short of mutual apprehension, curiosity and respect.
    • She considers the fabled Tales/Virtuous Seven from the Second Age to be this, so much that Patch's return in the Fourth Age and the possibility of the rest of them following suit and siding with her Good Counterpart was enough to make her start reconsidering her Badass Bystander policy and side with other dark gods and forces after aeons of splendid isolationism in order to ensure she has an edge against them. Justified since they were the ones who created Fairytale in the first place with their virtuous essence and defeated a powerful force of Evil, their Arch-Enemy Queen Dark Crystal, who Iniquitous had been compared and contrasted with.
    • After their meeting, she seems to extend this mentality to Magna, the King of Conquerors. Seeing him as someone who steadfastly adheres to his proclaimed ideals, even if he knows they may lead him to his demise, and doesn't fear her, not out of hubris but seeing her power as a challenge to one day overcome, she looks forwards to the day he becomes strong enough to meet her and her Empire in formal challenge for supremacy. It's to the point she's forbid her underlings from touching him, as the right to one day fight him and decide whose ambition will be fufilled belongs to her and her alone.
    • Karaldina De Hex, widely regarded as the greatest Griffon witch to ever lived, managed to last ten minutes in her Wizard Duel with Vicearch Iniquitous, despite the Vicearch appearing in Her full dark glory and also taking her by surprise and with no prep-time. For comparison, in another time Vicearch Iniquitous dueled the greatest of mortal magicians, it was while She was in a greatly-weakened avatar against a conclave of a hundred 'Grand Archmages' who were well-prepared and at the peak of their power, and they didn't even last ten seconds against Her. She was so impressed with Karaldina in fact She spared her, and they apparently became friends and peers in sorcery, even letting her contribute spells to Her personal magic tomes, the 'Seven Keys of Iniquitous', and tutor some of Her Princelings of Vice in magic.
  • Written by the Winners: The Vicearch and her state ensured what few restricted records that exist written about the subject is edited such that her rise to power is depicted as a smooth, inevitable and even necessary transition. The truth, as pieced together by those outside the empire from fragmentary accounts that survived the purges, revealed that it is not exactly the case, being a more bumpier ride filled with setbacks, close calls, intrigue, betrayals and other things. Even so, it was clear from whatever accounts, she had more than earned it.

    Y to Z 
  • You Have Failed Me: Double-subverted. Indulging in this less than the average Evil Overlord or God of Evil is partly what made her so successful, since she actually listens and considers advice, is willing to explain her reasoning of her will, and don't just capriciously punish her already terrified/reverent worshippers and servants on a whim or petty reason. She still have limits, however: If you outright insult or question/defy her will, she will IMMEDIATELY crush you like vermin or put you through a Fate Worse than Death without dropping a beat.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness:
    • It is implied that while Vicearch Iniquitous does not actually go out of Her way to harass or eradicate Goodness and Virtue from Her lands so long as they don't get in Her way out of Pragmatic Villainy, she still believe that they are flawed aspects of Sapient nature which have failed in their intended purpose of containing Evil and Vice which exists in all Sapients beings - mortal, elemental/ethereal, divine or otherwise - and like inadequate tools should be replaced with better ones. It is thus also implied one of Her long-term goals, if it is at all possible, is to find or create a new, non-Virtue based moral/metaphysical system which would allow Evil and Vice to be harnessed to their full potential without corrupting and reducing Sapients into becoming monsters of ruinous 'Destructive Evil', thus allowing Sapients to, like her, attain the power needed to overcome all obstacles and adversity and attain supremacy over all existence. Should She succeed, Goodness and Virtue would simply become obsolete and fade away on their own with or without direct effort.


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