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Prince Night Shade, the Unrelenting Judge

Divine Classification: Ethereal/Ascendant

Portfolio: Justice, Darkness, Protection, Karma

Rank: Demigod

"It is in our nature to seek Justice against those who have wronged us and others. However, part of delivering true Justice requires knowing when to draw the line."

Prince Night Shade (his entry here) is the fifteenth-born son of Emperor Golden Scepter, and a demi-Alicorn Prince of the Terran Empire.
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    # - B 
  • Abstract Apotheosis: He was once a Poenan champion, but he ended up becoming the Alicorn demigod of Justice, Darkness, Protection, and Karma when, after fleeing to Nocturna to protect himself from his family's retribution, he ended up protecting Nocturna from both its corrupt elements and the Poenans who tried to destroy it, having gradually changed his perceptions of justice and mercy. Ironically, the Poenan Pantheon was hoping he would Ascend and become a god of Justice and Punishment, which eventually did happen... just not in the way they expected him to.
  • Adaptational Badass: While Konrad Curze is a badass Primarch in canon, here as Night Shade, he's a powerful, legitimate demigod who managed to achieve his own Ascension, and has additional Psychic Powers to accompany his foresight like telepathy, telekinesis, and empathy. He has the potential to become a full-on divine like his father if he chooses to.
  • Adaptational Heroism: Konrad Curze was a mentally-disturbed Primarch whose messed-up childhood in Nostramo, untreated psychological issues, out-of-control precognitive powers, and downright obsessive pursuit of justice and peace through terror turned him into a monster, ultimately leading to him going traitor and joining Horus' side during the Horus Heresy when he learned his Terror Hero methods ultimately failed to work. By contrast, Night Shade is a benevolent and heroic demi-Alicorn Prince, while he mostly suffered from the same problems as Konrad Curze and nearly went off the deep end after becoming a Poenan champion for a time, ultimately he was able to triumph over his worst flaws and impulses thanks to the positive influence of his father, Golden Scepter, which gave him a stronger moral compass and prevented his fall into villainy. What makes this contrast even more notable is the strong implication that Night Shade is the reincarnation of General Hanging Edge, an expy/ersatz of Konrad Curze from the Imperium era who was afflicted by the pitfalls that Night Shade avoided.
  • Adaptational Nice Guy: He is a lot nicer, more benevolent, and heroic than Primarch Konrad Curze, who started out as a creepy and mentally unstable Well-Intentioned Extremist, but grew insane thanks to a combination of unfortunate factors, including his "Night Haunter" persona, his catastrophic psychic foresight, and the Chaos Gods' influence.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: Initially exaggerated, to horrific degrees. His extreme bitterness over having some of his brothers "get off easy" for their actions, along with other factors like losing his mother to old age, being influenced by the Poenan Pantheon, and the Night Haunter's whispers, led to him mistreating said brothers on the reason that they weren't "punished" enough in his eyes. The emotional abuse led to Steel Barricade nearly committing suicide out of guilt and self-loathing until Clear Voice and Red Blade intervened, while Crimson Star went through depression again after Night Shade shouted at him that he wished his brother "died in penance that fateful night instead of living on to earn his wings". This earned him a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown from a coldly furious Fanged Paw (though Written Word and Bright Eyes forcibly separated them) and later led to his brothers calling him out on his hypocrisy when they saw he sided with the Poenans and started doing horrible things to his own subjects, not realizing that Night had just undergone a Heel Realization at that moment upon seeing said horrible things being done by his peers. Fortunately, after changing his ways and ultimately deciding to accept responsibility for his actions and atone for his mistakes, he has been trying to redeem himself in the eyes of his older/younger brothers, which went a long way in repairing his relationships with his family even though some of his brothers still distrust him somewhat.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: He's an Alicorn demigod who embodies Justice, Darkness, Protection, and Karma. Ironically, the Poenans wanted him to become a god of Justice and Punishment. While Night Shade eventually did Ascend, it didn't happen in the way the Poenans were expecting it to.
  • Barrier Warrior: His entry notes that he can create barriers, both with darkness magic and with psychic powers. His defensive capabilities are enhanced tenfold through his domain of Protection, making his barriers nigh-unbreakable.
  • Big Damn Heroes: He unexpectedly arrived and saved Silver Bane's group after the latter transformed into a vampiric monster out of desperation to defeat a powerful demon that killed the mother of Rushing Wind and Gentle Wind, only for Silver Bane to get severely injured in the fight and nearly die. Silver Bane's entry notes that while his wounds later healed, he would shortly fall into a coma that he initially couldn't wake from, thanks to his suppressed vampiric heritage trying to take over his body out of spite.

    C - E 
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Primarch Konrad Curze, though he's a mix between 40k!Curze and his Roboutian Heresy counterpart.
  • Cassandra Truth: In his attempts to redeem Silver Bane and avert his future of becoming a corrupted, evil, and insane vampire, Night Shade tried to make him see the Poenans he worked for as the fanatical and ruthless extremists they really are, while protecting innocent people from him. Having been raised by the Poenans since the death of his mother (which he accidentally caused as a colt), Silver Bane refused to listen to Night Shade... until he decided to adopt a orphaned psychic Griffon cub, Friede, as his daughter, after which he started the things that Night Shade had talked to him about.
  • Casting a Shadow: His entry notes that he is an extremely powerful and skilled user in darkness magic, and became even more so after he Ascended and became the Alicorn demigod of Darkness. Among his capabilities include teleporting through darkness-based portals, turning himself into a being entirely made of darkness, creating tendrils, beams, and constructs with darkness, protecting himself and his allies with dark barriers, repelling light, and enhancing his own speed with darkness. One of his most terrifying techniques consists of dragging his opponents into a realm of darkness, after which they would come out quite shaken. It's not known what exactly is inside, but it's agreed that whatever it is, it is terrible. Because of his Darkness domain, it's believed by many that Night Shade's "true" mother is Skotádi, the Primeval goddess of Primordial Darkness and Protection, rather than the mortal pegasus mare Blessed Skies... which promptly got Golden Scepter laughing his head off when he learned of it.
  • Combat Tentacles: One of the things he can do with his darkness magic is creating tendrils to fight his enemies.
  • Deity of Human Origin: He was once a mortal demi-divine pegasus, but at one point he went through a "phase" where, thanks to a combination of bitterness towards Golden Scepter, his grief over losing mother, Blessed Skies, and being constantly plagued by his visions and the voice of the "Night Haunter", Night Shade let himself be influenced by the Poenan Pantheon to the point of joining them. He fled to Nocturnos after his brothers called him out on his actions, but his time in Nocturnos gradually influenced his perceptions on justice and mercy, especially after saving a Pony mare from thieves and befriending her family, which motivated him to lead a rebellion against Nocturnos' corrupt leadership and criminal underworld. When the Poenans tried to kill him and destroy Nocturna to get rid of "Evil", Night Shade gained a new conviction in protecting the innocent and repentant, even driving off the "Night Haunter" when it tried getting him to give in to his inner bloodlust and vengeance, which led to him Ascending and becoming the Alicorn demigod of Justice, Darkness, Protection, and Karma.
  • Determinator: Part of why he's called "the Unrelenting Judge" is that once he sets his eye on a certain criminal or evildoer, Night Shade will pursue them, and will never give up until they're well within his grasp. His dogged determination in seeing criminals brought to justice has led to quite a few horror stories when he was a Poenan, though after his Heel–Face Turn, he has tempered that determination with his burning curiosity to find the truth and reasoning behind all crimes.
    • One incident involved him chasing down a pegasus stallion closely associated with the Striga family, whose members have all been imprisoned for transferring their rich clients' souls into living bodies of their victims as a form of quasi-immortality. Notably, Night Shade chased the pegasus stallion all the way to Neighpon, where the Black Heron Corpse Investigation Team also pursued the target to try bring him to justice themselves after they were tipped off by a dead "client" who ran afoul of the runaway criminal. The intersecting pursuits led to the pegasus stallion running straight into Night Shade's hooves, though Night Shade did thank the Black Herons for their help.
    • He also pursued the hidden sky-city of Elysium, an Outlaw Town inhabited by the criminal elites that no one had been able to crack because the multiple illusions and glamours made it hard to find, and it is armed to the teeth with magical artifacts and private armies of pegasus mercenary soldiers and mages. Thankfully, Elysium was finally brought down when the Terran Empire teamed up with the Equestrian Crown and other benevolent governments, allowing Night Shade, his friend Princess Radiant Rapier, his brothers Prince Clear Voice and Prince Written Word, and his sister-in-law Applejack/Veritas to finally launch a raid on Elysium, culminating in Night Shade and Radiant Rapier storming the place and proclaiming that every single inhabitant is under arrest.
  • Divine Parentage: Is the fifteenth demi-divine son of Emperor Golden Scepter and Blessed Skies, a mortal pegasus mare. This would make him Long-Lived until he Ascended and became an Alicorn demigod.
  • Elemental Hair: Both his mane and tail are described as being made of rippling, ethereal darkness post-Ascension, which comes from being the Alicorn demigod of Darkness.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: Like Written Word and Steel Barricade, he can transform himself into an elemental being, though in his case he can transform himself into a being entirely made of darkness.
  • The Empath: It's noted that one of his psychic powers is empathy. This is enhanced by his Justice domain, allowing him to sense deception and evil intentions. Ironically, he once went through a "phase" where he had a Lack of Empathy towards those he perceived as "evil", thanks to the insidious influence of both the Poenan Pantheon and the "Night Haunter". But his experiences in Nocturna and his Heel Realization made him change his ways and become good again, gaining his empathy for others in the process.

    F - I 
  • Fanboy: As noted in his entry, he's a huge comic book fan and idolizes dark superheroes like Batmane and the Shadow Sentinels. When he met Captain Umbra Wing, the Fourth-Age Shadow Sentinel, in person, he apparently "acted like a fanboy" (which he vehemently denies to this day) and asked for his autograph. He also initially kept his love for comic books a secret from his brothers out of fear that they'll ridicule him, until Golden Scepter revealed to him his own secret library of Second-Age comics and Neighponese manga, showing that they really aren't so different. Night Shade's love for comic books played an important role in his Character Development, as befriending a young colt who idolized superheroes during his time in Nocturna influenced him to be more merciful and forgiving, leading to his Ascension when he tried to protect Nocturna from being destroyed by the Poenan Pantheon without losing himself in the process.
  • Heroic Lineage: He is the fifteenth son of Golden Scepter, an antediluvian Alicorn Emperor who is an incredibly powerful psychic, a peerless genius and warrior, and a very competent leader who founded three empires in his lifetime. In addition, he's regarded as a legendary war hero even among the Alicorns, who were all saved from complete extinction thanks to his efforts. It is believed in-universe that he embodies a certain aspect of his father, namely Golden Scepter's terrifying nature.
  • Hidden Depths: While a stern, stoic, and terrifying yet fair judge who is infamous for chasing down criminals with dogged determination, he's an avid comic book reader outside of work, and is a huge fan of dark superheroes like Batmane and the Shadow Sentinel line. Captain Umbra Wing, the Fourth-Age Shadow Sentinel, is just one of his idols. Initially, Night Shade kept it a secret out of fear of receiving ridicule from his family, though he eventually relaxed when Golden Scepter revealed to him a secret library of comics and Neighponese manga he had collected throughout the Second Age, showing that underneath his regal demeanor, he's really not so different from his son.

    J - O 
  • Journey to the Center of the Mind: He participated in one post-Ascension, joining Rushing Wind, Gentle Wind, and Friede in recovering Silver Bane's lost, deeply buried memories while Silver Bane fought his vampiric half. Finding the memories led to Silver Bane reconciling with his suppressed vampiric half now that he knew the truth of his origins, which led to him transforming into a Dhampyr in the real world. This experience is what allowed the Terran Princes, specifically Prince Bright Eyes and Prince Written Word, to save young Rosy Dreams from a nightmarish entity created by her father as punishment for defying him, as Night Shade suggested going into Rosy's mind to help her wake up from the coma she was trapped in at the time.
  • Karma Houdini: After emotionally abusing some of his brothers and terrorizing both criminals and his own subjects with his vigilante activities, he would be confronted by Golden Scepter, leading to a nasty argument that ended with Night Shade leaving home and joining the Poenan Pantheon without a word as a "defiant hoof" to his father. Then, he would ultimately escape punishment when he was confronted and called out by a few of his brothers during a Poenan crusade in one of the Terran Empire's client-states, causing him to flee in shame and fear of being punished by his family. While he would be eventually found and punished by Golden Scepter, it's ultimately defied when, in saving Nocturna from both its corrupt leadership and the Poenan Pantheon, Night Shade learned the true meaning of Justice and decided to take responsibility for his own mistakes and crimes when Golden Scepter arrived in Nocturna with a few of his brothers. This not only led to his Ascension to demi-godhood, but him earning forgiveness from his father and eventually, his brothers and subjects.
  • Karmic Jackpot: Played straight and exploited.
    • After behaving in an arrogant, vindictive, puristic, and ruthless manner thanks to the Poenan Pantheon's influence, and hurting those close to him, he would flee and abandon his Poenan squad to his family after his brothers caught him in the middle of one of the Poenan Pantheon's crusades, resulting in Night Shade ending up in the realm of Nocturna. Night Shade's turning point came when he saved a single Pony mother from being mugged and killed by thieves, and his friendships with the mare and his family would change his perceptions on justice and mercy as he tried eliminating Nocturna's corruption and criminal underworld. This would ultimately lead to him Ascending to demi-godhood during a fight with the Poenans who tried killing him and destroying Nocturna, as his experiences and friendships, combined with calling out the "Night Haunter" for trying to corrupt him, led to Night Shade gaining a new purpose in protecting the innocent and repentant from the truly evil and self-righteous.
    • As the Alicorn demigod of Karma, he embodies its good and bad sides, and he can exploit this trope by invoking either side for others depending on their morality. If a person is good, he can heal, empower, and/or bless them. However, if a person is bad, he will punish them by cursing them to have their own sins finally catch up to them.
  • Knight Templar: Implied. Silver Bane's entry mentions that he was a former ally of the Poenan Pantheon before he rejected them in disgust. He then tried to redeem Silver Bane, then a Poenan champion, and tried to make him see the Poenans he served as the fanatic, extreme, and ruthless people as they really are, but his words fell on deaf ears. He eventually succeeds when he joins Silver Bane's friends in helping the latter recover his deeply-buried memories, allowing Silver Bane to discover the truth of his vampiric "curse" and accept it as his heritage, which ultimately saved his life.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Played straight and exploited.
    • The double-life he led as a Prince by day and brutal vigilante by night, combined with the influence of the "Night Haunter" and the Poenan factions in the Terran Empire, led to Night Shade becoming increasingly arrogant, vindictive, ruthless, and puristic, and he emotionally abused those of his brothers who made mistakes on the reason they weren't "punished" enough. This led to Steel Barricade nearly committing suicide until Clear Voice and Red Blade stopped him, being sent to the royal infirmary with injuries afterwards, while Crimson Star fell into a second bout of depression after hearing Night Shade wanted him to die instead of earning his wings. This would get Night Shade beat up by a coldly furious Fanged Paw, until Written Word and Bright Eyes forcibly separated them.
    • His participation in the Poenan crusades against Temnoist factions/cultists in one of the Terran Empire's client-states led to Night Shade getting chewed out by a few of his brothers who were disgusted and angry with him, with Death Shroud being the most damning of them. Even more poetic is that Night Shade had just experienced a Heel Realization that his brothers didn't notice, much like how Night Shade himself didn't see that his brothers he mistreated had genuinely changed and only focused on punishing them for their mistakes.
    • Post-Ascension, while his actions of saving Nocturna from its own corruption and the Poenan Pantheon led to a lighter sentence, Night Shade still had to deal with the fallout of his actions once he came back home to the Terran Empire, as some of his brothers and mortal subjects understandably distrusted, hated, and feared him. As Golden Scepter stated, Night Shade's punishment is to spend every day living with the the knowledge and consequences of his horrible actions, atoning for all the things he had done to his own family and to others before running away from home until he can earn true forgiveness. Since then, Night Shade has been working to reconcile with his brothers and subjects and get into their good graces, which is still ongoing.
    • Post-Ascension, as the Alicorn demigod of Karma, Night Shade embodies both Karma's good and bad sides, and can invoke either for others depending on their morality. If a person is bad, he will punish them by cursing them to have their own sins finally catch up to them; one of his favorite methods in doing this involves casting his targets in a state of "psychic darkness" where the only things they can see are the horrible atrocities they committed, the victims they affected, and the consequences that came after. In addition, he can empower himself to become stronger in proportion to his opponents' sins.
  • Magic Hair: His mane and tail are both described as being made of rippling, ethereal darkness post-Ascension.
  • The Magnificent: Known as "the Unrelenting Judge" due to his unrelenting desire to bring criminals to justice, yet is also curious enough to always search for the truth and reason behind all crimes.
  • Mental World: According to Rosy Dreams' entry, his dream world resembles a courtroom.
  • Mind over Matter: He has psionic telekinesis thanks to being a son of Golden Scepter and being taught by his father in psionic magic as a colt.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: He would be beaten up by Fanged Paw in a cold fury, both for sending Crimson Star into a second bout of depression and nearly driving Steel Barricade to suicide. However, Written Word and Bright Eyes forcibly separated them before things went too far.

    P - S 
  • Papa Wolf: Played straight and inverted.
    • When he learned of "Mr. Boar"'s history of sexual abuse towards young Rosy Dreams, who is now his adoptive niece through Bright Eyes, it took every inch of his own willpower to keep himself from throttling the perverted stallion. Thankfully, Red Blade was able to help him deal with his anger regarding this.
    • Much like his older and younger brothers, he is extremely willing to protect his adoptive niece, Mercy, from being repossessed by the Poenan Pantheon, perhaps even more so in his case due to being a former Poenan champion. Notably, he prevented Dikaiómatos, a Poenan god who started out as a sentient sword, from obtaining Mercy and even disagrees with Dikaiómatos' confidence that he'll be able to protect Mercy from the more fanatical Poenans, pointing out that good intentions or not, Dikaiómatos is essentially trying to kidnap his niece and in a way, he still shares the same puristic mindset that might actually be harmful to Mercy in the long run.
    • In an inverted case, both he and his younger/older brothers were angered with Gilded Stove for attempting to kill Golden Scepter with poisoned spaghetti, and when Golden Scepter snidely suggests that Gilded Stove learn under his sons so he could learn how to become better at assassination, Night Shade was horrified and shouted at his father to "CEASE AND DESIST!" Receiving a Death Glare from all the Terran Princes, and the possibility of meeting a gruesome end at their hooves influenced Gilded Stove to surrender and turn himself in to the authorities.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: During his cleaning-up of Nocturna's corruption and criminal underworld, he punished genuinely wicked people by having them die in the same manner in which they committed their crimes. For example, a serial rapist was delivered bound and gagged to his former victims, who proceeded to horrifically mutilate him in revenge, while a mob boss who enjoyed dissolving people with acid bath solutions ended up dying the same way. His entry notes that he only reserved this trope for those he found genuinely evil and unrepentant, as to veer heavily into it would mean becoming as bad as those he hunted down like his predecessor, General Hanging Edge, did when he was alive.
  • Pre-Asskicking One-Liner: He utters a terrifying one during the "Storm King Crisis", seconds before dragging a squad of Storm Warriors into a portal of darkness to punish them for the various atrocities they've committed against a kingdom full of refugees seeking to escape the war.
  • Psychic Powers: His entry notes that he has telepathy, psionic telekinesis, empathy, and precognition thanks to being one of Golden Scepter's sons and being taught by his father in using psionic magic when he was very young. Having domains like Justice, Protection, and Karma bolstered the strength of his psychic powers even further.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: During the raid of Elysium, a floating hidden sky-city for the criminal elite, he would burst through the doors while flanked by his friend Radiant Rapier, his Night Lords, and various Equestrian Mage-Inquisitors working under Princess Twilight/Amicitia Sparkle. Then he will deliver a line that spelled the criminal population's final fall from grace:
    Prince Night Shade: If this is supposed to be Heaven, I wouldn't want to end up here when I die. You are ALL. UNDER. ARREST.
  • Raise Him Right This Time: It's heavily implied that Night Shade is the reincarnation of Hanging Edge, a Golden General from the Imperium of Ponykind. In his lifetime, Hanging Edge was once loyal to Golden Scepter, and helped protect the Imperium by hunting down criminals and enemies of Ponykind. However, he was constantly haunted by terrible psychic visions, and without someone to help him deal with it, Hanging Edge slowly went insane to the point where he abandoned his own morals and became as monstrous as his targets at the time of his death. He was reincarnated in the Fourth Age as Night Shade, Golden Scepter's fifteenth son, in order to help the Radiant Emperor atone for his mistakes by teaching him how to treat people close to him with unconditional love, respect, and kindness, which ultimately helped Night Shade avoid the pitfalls that afflicted his Imperium-era predecessor.
  • Reality Ensues:
    • During Night Shade's time as a Poenan, Night Shade emotionally abused some of his brothers for not being "punished" enough, to the point where Steel Barricade nearly committed suicide and Crimson Star fell into a second bout of depression. As a result, it took his brothers a while to forgive Night Shade and reconcile with him as they had lingering trauma from their mistreatment, with Fanged Paw and Death Shroud still hating him until they saw he had truly changed. The same applies to Night Shade's mortal subjects, as they were terrorized by his vigilante stint and the Poenan crusades he participated in.
    • By Night Shade's own admission, he kept his mental issues a secret out of fear of what would happen if someone were to find out about the "Night Haunter", including his own family. While his motives were understandable, as the Poenans are infamous for their fantical ruthlessness, a lot of heartbreak could have been avoided if he told his family earlier. Fortunately, Night Shade's father and brothers were understanding when he finally revealed his problems, and they helped him recover, with Golden Scepter introducing his son to Mentálne so he could receive proper therapy.
    • As he learned from his experiences with the Poenans, being someone who's completely ruthless and merciless in dealing with criminals isn't going to endear him to anyone. During his stint as a night-working vigilante, he brutally punished his targets and used terror to cow everyone else in submission. It also put him at risk of becoming as depraved and evil as the criminals he hunted down, with the "Night Haunter" constantly trying to make him give in to his inner bloodlust, hatred, and vindictiveness. It was through befriending a poor Pony family in Nocturna that Night Shade learned the value of mercy, protecting the innocent and repentant while opposing those who are genuinely evil and/or self-righteous, while realizing the true horror of his and the Poenans' extreme actions. This ultimately led to him Ascending to demi-godhood during a fight with the Poenans to protect Nocturna from being destroyed by them.
  • Redeeming Replacement: He's heavily implied to be one for General Hanging Edge from the Imperium of Ponykind, as they are both judicial-minded individuals who possess catastrophic foresight, and went after criminals to punish them for their actions. However, Hanging Edge slowly went mad from constantly seeing bad futures with no one to help him deal with his problems, and became a savage butcher who murdered indiscriminately under the pretense of Justice, betrayed Golden Scepter, and had to be put down to eliminate a huge threat to the Imperium. Night Shade, on the other hand, developed a stronger moral compass because he grew up with a loving family, and though he nearly became as bad as Hanging Edge multiple times, he was able to recognize the truth of his actions and accept responsibility for his mistakes, and even Ascended to demi-godhood by dedicating himself to Justice without losing himself. What makes this even more notable is the heavy implication that Night Shade is also Hanging Edge's Fourth-Age reincarnation.
  • Reincarnation: Discussed. A heated argument with Written Word later causes Golden Scepter to wonder if all of his sons, including Night Shade, are reincarnations of the same Generals that he had "treated so poorly". Luminiferouzs assures him that even if they are, all of his sons are still unique individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, and he has enough knowledge and experience to ensure that they'll have the "brighter future" that his Generals did not. His entry heavily implies this: He's the reincarnation of General Hanging Edge, a mentally unhinged Golden General who was gradually driven insane by his terrible psychic visions until he became as monstrous and depraved as the evils he hunted down to protect the Imperium of Ponykind. However, it's debatable on whether the "Night Haunter" persona that haunted Night Shade is either Hanging Edge's psychotic spirit seeking to turn him into a brutal Knight Templar like him, or the manifestation of Night Shade's worst flaws and impulses.
  • Seers: He possesses psychic foresight just like his father and some of his brothers, except unlike them, he only sees the worst possible futures, despite not embodying Bad Ends. This partially factored into his puristic mindset as thanks to his visions, he started believing that all criminals, real or perceived, must be punished for their actions. Under the Poenan Pantheon's guidance, he also used his foresight to stamp out Evil and other crimes before they could be carried out. Fortunately, his experiences in Nocturna, including befriending the Pony family whose mother saved him, showed him otherwise, and his foresight turned out to be quite useful in predicting the arrival of malicious threats. It's because of his specific foresight that he deeply sympathizes with Katastrofa, as the Draconequus god suffered from the same thing and was driven into depressive apathy because of it, and also showed great approval of Crystal Prism befriending him. It's heavily implied that he inherited this ability because he is the Reincarnation of General Hanging Edge, who possessed the same catastrophic foresight, except without anyone to help him deal with his visions, he was slowly driven insane until he became an utter monster.
  • Semi-Divine: Has a demi-divine heritage by virtue of his father, Golden Scepter, being an extremely ancient and powerful Alicorn god. After he Ascended, he himself became an Alicorn demigod, the Codexverse equivalent of an infant divine.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: Konrad Curze slowly went mad from being constantly plagued by the catastrophic visions granted by his foresight, with no one to help him deal with them or his increasing psychosis. Discovering that Nostramo, his home planet, had slipped back into its depraved and criminal ways after he left for the Great Crusade caused him to snap and fall even further, to the point where he let an Imperium assassin kill him after seeing he became Not So Different from the criminals he hunted down. By contrast, Night Shade grew up with a stronger moral compass due to growing up with a loving family and befriending those who cared about him, and while he suffered the same problems as Curze and nearly became as bad as him, he ultimately realized the horrific truth behind his actions and morality. This allowed him to atone for his mistakes, which saved him from receiving Curze's fate. What made this even more notable is the implication that Night Shade is the present-day reincarnation of General Hanging Edge, who is the expy/ersatz of Konrad Curze and thus bore all of the latter's worst traits and impulses.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: His entry notes that out of his older and younger brothers, he resembles Golden Scepter the most. In-Universe he has been noted by some of his subjects to look like a darker and creepier version of his father, which was especially true during his time as a champion/follower of the Poenan Pantheon, though some of that reputation ebbed off after he learned the error of his ways and became a benevolent judge.

    T - Z 
  • Telepathy: It's noted that one of his psychic powers is telepathy. This is enhanced by his Justice domain, allowing him to sense deception and evil intentions.
  • Thinking Up Portals: He can create portals of darkness with his darkness magic, either to teleport himself or traumatize his opponents by dragging them into a portal leading into a realm of darkness.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Justified and deconstructed. A combination of personal tragedies, the supposed "ineptness" of his father and brothers, his catastrophic foresight, and the malign influences of those like the "Night Haunter" and the Poenan Pantheon turned Night Shade into an arrogant, vindictive, and ruthless stallion who terrorized his own subjects as a vigilante, and emotionally abused his own brothers on the basis they weren't "punished" enough. This led to Steel Barricade nearly committing suicide out of despair and guilt, and Crimson Star falling into depression again after Night Shade shouted that he wished Crimson Star "died in penance that fateful night instead of living on to earn his wings". However, when he's caught during a Poenan crusade against a Terran client-state by his brothers while he's experiencing a Heel Realization, Night Shade chose to flee to Nocturna, not wanting to fight his brothers and fearing retribution from his family.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Eventually, Night Shade's turning point would come when he saved a struggling single Pony mare from being mugged and killed by thieves, and befriended her children while he was recovering from injuries. In particular, his friendship with one of the Pony mare's young sons who loves comic books as much as he does went a long way in influencing him to free Nocturna from its corruption and criminal underworld, saving the innocent and repentant while reserving the worst punishments for the genuinely evil and wicked. When a large squad of Poenan followers tried to kill him to avert a prophecy involving him and destroy Nocturna to remove an evil "stain" from Equus, Night Shade's refusal to let them take innocent lives in their crusades, or let himself give in to his inner bloodlust, hatred, and vindictiveness, is what allowed him to Ascend to demigodhood. By the time Golden Scepter arrived in Nocturna looking for his runaway son, Night Shade became willing to accept responsibility for his mistakes, which led to their tearful reunion. And after coming home, Night Shade has been making amends for his mistakes by reconciling with his brothers and mortal subjects, while learning about fair judgement and sapient morality, something that's still ongoing.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: His entry notes that after his brothers learned he sided with the Poenan Pantheon and witnessed the atrocities he and his fellow Poenans had done to their own subjects, they got furious and called Night Shade out on the hypocrisy of his morals and actions, with the most damning of them being Death Shroud. Ironically, they never saw that Night Shade had just experienced a Heel Realization, which is rather poetic since he mistreated his wayward brothers for screwing up and receiving little punishment, while never seeing or caring that said brothers had genuinely atoned for their mistakes.
    Prince Death Shroud: You DISGUST me, Brother! This isn't Justice! This isn't Fair Punishment! This is PLAYING GOD WITH YOUR OWN SUBJECTS!
    Prince Night Shade: Please, you must understand-!
    Prince Death Shroud: I think I understand PLENTY ENOUGH! Think you're all GOOD and HOLY for not screwing up as monumentally as I and my brothers did?! Well, YOU'RE WRONG! NOW YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR OWN MISDEEDS!
  • Winged Unicorn: He became an Alicorn demigod by saving the realm of Nocturna from both its corrupt leadership and the Poenan Pantheon whose followers sought to destroy it, while learning how to recognize his mistakes and take responsibility for them.


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