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Novellus Pantheon

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  • Meaningful Name: The pantheon's name means "new" and/or "recent" in Latin, reflecting how its members came to embody modern concepts such as Civilization, Architecture, Modern Medicine, and Vehicles. Individually, each god and goddess is named after a Latin term that translates to something related to what they embody.


Divine Classification: Elemental/Ethereal

Portfolio: Industry, Modernization, Civilization, Metal

Rank: Godling

"Be hopeful of the fruits of progress... but be wary of its price."

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Industry, Modernization, Civilization, and Metal.
  • Birds of a Feather: Platonic example. He would end up befriending Prince Steel Barricade, the Alicorn demigod of Technology, as his student because of the latter's great potential and skill in turning ordinary places to highly advanced realms with strong defenses. However, it is noted by other divines that Indostruus sympathized with Steel Barricade over being a skilled engineer who initially behaved in an arrogant manner, just like he himself had been previously, and is now trying to atone for his actions.
  • In Harmony with Nature: Ironically, he is this, despite embodying Industry and Modernization. He originally was smug and self-righteous, believing that he was meant to "replace" nature-loving deities and those who followed the old ways in general. But seeing his concept abused and misused to destructive ends by groups like the Cloven Empire caused him to realize he was wrong. He now works in harmony with the nature-aligned deities to ensure progress happens, but in such a way to not cause havoc with nature.
  • Mentor Archetype: He would become a mentor to Steel Barricade, Golden Scepter's eleventh son, and he was responsible for teaching the demi-Alicorn Prince how to turn his own body parts into weapons. Indostruus believes that because of his massive potential and talent, Steel Barricade will potentially surpass him one day, and has shown great interest when the latter began developing "technological empathy".
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: His form is described by his entry as a divine stag dressed in a business suit.
  • Surpassed the Teacher: Despite being "older" than Steel Barricade by divine standards due to the latter being an Alicorn demigod, as well as being a fellow Technopath, Indostruus believes that Steel Barricade has the potential, talent, and skill to surpass him in many ways.
  • Top God: Of the Novellus Pantheon. Interestingly, Munditia, the goddess of Hygiene and Sanitation, is older than him, but chooses to see him as her leader since he has more inclination towards the role.


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Travel, Vehicles, Transportation

Rank: N/A

"No time for wasting! I have got a ride to catch!"

  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Travel, Vehicles, and Transportation.
  • Birds of a Feather: It's mentioned that she became friends with Prince Steel Barricade, the stoic Alicorn demigod of Technology; Steel Barricade respects her for being knowledgeable in vehicles, which are a part of Technology.
  • Hawaiian-Shirted Tourist: Her physical form is described by her entry as a divine Griffon who wears various tourist outfits. Her fellow deities have tried convincing her to change into something more regal and befitting of her divine station, but her free-willed personality means that their advice falls on deaf ears.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: As the goddess of Vehicles and Transportation, she can instantly recreate any vehicle. Her entry notes that while it doesn't seem very impressive on paper, her vehicle recreation abilities also extends to combat-oriented vehicles, making her capable of offense by turning the enemy side's vehicles against them. However, it's also stated that she doesn't enjoy fighting.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name means "travel" in Latin.
  • The Navigator: One of her powers is "a perfect sense of direction" - if she knows where to go, she can instantly figure out the best paths to reach her destination. She can get lost, but only if she chooses to.


Divine Classification: Ethereal/Elemental

Portfolio: Pop Culture/Fiction/Preservation of Culture

Rank: Godling

"Culture is weird. I would know, it's all in my head...including the perverted parts. I'm as disgusted as you are."


Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Hygiene, Sanitation, Water

Rank: Godling

"Cleaning oneself up is a step towards a better existence."


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Espionage, Spying, Intelligence-Gathering

Rank: Godling

"A suit is the modern gentle-being's armour, and we spies are the new knights."


Divine Classification: Ethereal

Portfolio: Modern Medicine, Surgery, Doctors

Rank: Godling

"Above all else: Do no harm."

  • Actual Pacifist: Despite being a goddess, she's a doctor first and foremost, so she focuses primarily on healing and saving lives, with her divine portfolio reflecting this. Because of her wholly pacifistic personality and her complete lack of combat skills, her friend, Munditia, is very protective of her.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Modern Medicine, Surgery, and Doctors, the latter which make up the majority of her worshipers.
  • For Want of a Nail: Her entry notes that had things played out differently, Radiant Hope would've become the Alicorn goddess of Medicine. However, Choice reveals that she squandered her potential, and thus her intended destiny that the Crystal Heart foretold, by willingly siding with King Sombra and doing villainous things to support the Umbrum. Thus, the role of a deity of Medicine fell to Medicina.
  • Healing Factor: She has a powerful healing factor that allows her to come back from even the severest injuries.
  • Meaningful Name: Her name means "medicine" in Latin.
  • Winged Unicorn: Her entry notes that her physical appearance resembles an Alicorn due to being a Zebra goddess.


Divine Classification: Elemental

Portfolio: Stone, Modern Construction, Architecture

Rank: Godling

"It’s always better to build schools and bridges then to tear them down."

Construo (his entry here) is a member of the Novellus Pantheon, and the Giant god of Stone, Modern Construction, and Architecture.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Embodies Stone, Construction, and Architecture.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He's a very nice guy, who prefers to create things for smaller races out of kindness than anything else. However, piss him off and he's as dangerous as any giant god. In one incident, a particularly brutish Giant god managed to tick him off, and promptly had a canal dug using their face and was left sealed in divinely enchanted concrete.
  • The Big Guy: Serves as this for the Novellus Pantheon, as he's the largest and physically strongest (though overall not as strong as Indostruus).
  • Cool Big Sis: Gender-inverted. While not necessarily the oldest of the Pantheon, he generally acts like this to the rest of them, especially Cultura, who is the youngest deity among them.
  • Genius Bruiser: He's a giant, incredibly strong divine more than capable of kicking flank, but is also extremely intelligent and smart, doing most of the brain work on his construction projects by himself. This makes him very popular among the Cyclops.
  • Gentle Giant: Despite being a giant god, he's gentle and compassionate, preferring to create rather than destroy. He also gladly lets "Tinies" ride on his back.
  • Meaningful Appearance: His entry describes his appearance as a Giant deity with a rocky hide resembling concrete, with asphalt-like markings resembling veins spreading all over his body. This is fitting, considering how he embodies Modern Construction and Architecture.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "construct" in Latin. He's a Novellus Giant god who embodies Construction and Architecture, and thus specializes in constructing and tearing down buildings.
  • Papa Wolf: He's like this towards Cultura, the Novellus Pantheon, and tinies in general.
  • Person of Mass Construction: As the God of Modern Construction and Architecture, he's this, having many powers that allow him to quickly build large construction projects.


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