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The Weinstein Company was an American film studio founded by brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein in 2005 after the pair left the then-Disney-owned Miramax Films. The Dimension Films label of Miramax followed the brothers to their new company.

Much like Miramax, the company was once infamous for often taking creative control from directors, delaying films, giving them the Invisible Advertising treatment, and releasing mostly flops (though their fortunes later improved with back-to-back Best Picture winners The King's Speech and The Artist). Their films would find some success on home video, thanks to a much advertised exclusive rental agreement with Blockbuster Video in the mid-to-late 2000's, though the rental chain would fold a few years later. Their biggest success to date is Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained, released in 2012.

TWC's sub-labels included Dimension Films (for B-movie fare) and Radius (for fare given theatrical and VOD releases, similar to Magnolia and IFC Films).

That probably isn't what you know them for, though.


In October of 2017, a pair of exposés in The New Yorker and The New York Times exposed Harvey's extensive history of sexual misconduct, ranging from verbal harassment to violent rape to blackmail, which had gone on for his entire career. Though he'd been accused of aggressive behavior and even bullying in the past, these articles swiftly changed his public perception from harmless—if meddlesome and sleazy—executive, to a full fledged sexual predator, making his name shorthand for sexual predators in showbusiness. He was immediately fired from the company, permanently ending his career in film, and the resulting scandal kickstarted the #MeToo movement, which encouraged victims of harassment and assault to call for justice against their high-profile abusers, creating a domino effect of several other powerful men in Hollywood (such as Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, Bryan Singer, Russell Simmons, Leslie Moonves, and John Kricfalusi, just to name a few) having their careers similarly permanently soured. In March of 2020, Harvey was tried and convicted of his crimes and sent to Rikers Island to serve a 23-year sentence, later being transferred to Wende after testing positive for coronavirus so he could be put in isolation.


Following Harvey's fall from grace, TWC would declare bankruptcy after sales talks fell through with potential buyers. In 2018, the company declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy and was purchased by Lantern Capital and subsequently renamed Lantern Entertainment. A year later, Lantern folded their TWC assets into Spyglass Media Group (the revived Spyglass Entertainment), with Warner Bros. acquiring a minority stake. Bob remains in comparatively better standing thus far and has moved on to create his own production company, Watch This Entertainment. Lionsgate is the current distributor of The Weinstein Company's library.

Films released by The Weinstein Company: