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IFC (an acronym for its former name, "Independent Film Channel") is an American cable television network that launched on September 1, 1994 and is owned by AMC Networks.

True to its name, IFC initially focused on independently-produced films. The network would eventually incorporate original and acquired television series into its lineup, as well as theatrically-released films airing alongside the indie flicks they started with. Shows acquired for IFC have ranged from imported cult comedies, like Monty Python's Flying Circus and Mr. Show, to anime titles, such as Hell Girl and Gunslinger Girl.

Originally a commercial-free service, IFC would start showing advertisements in-between programs by 2010. It wasn't until they started showing commercials during programming, in addition to censoring said programming, that viewers would callout the network on the decay taking hold. At the very least, IFC would reverse course on its censorship by 2012; the network still airs its content uncensored, something extremely rare for a commercial network.

In 2014, it was announced that the network had dropped its full name and is now legally known as IFC. By this time, IFC's programming slate would become fixated on comedies (complementing the drama-oriented AMC), while their acquired movie slate leaned slightly towards horror genre films.

Outside the channel, a film production and distribution company was founded in 2001, called "IFC Films", which has distributed titles such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Boyhood, Super, and hundreds of other films over the years; under three different labels: IFC Films for normal titles, IFC Midnight for darker and genre content, and Sundance Selects for documentaries and select foreign content. They mainly distribute their films simultaneously in theaters and on Video On Demand platforms

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