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The 2006 sequel to the classic independent comedy film Clerks and the first sequel proper to a film in Kevin Smith's View Askewniverse.

Ten years after the events in Clerks, Dante opens up the shutters on the Quick Stop windows to find that the store's on fire (thanks to Randal leaving the coffee pot on… again). Cut to about a year later when Dante and Randal are working at the local Mooby's franchise, and Dante is working his last day since he's getting ready to move and get married. Of course, things never quite go according to plan in the View Askewniverse…

A third film was Saved from Development Hell and eventually released in September 2022.

This film provides examples of:

  • Aesop Amnesia: Of a sort; Jay and Silent Bob are both now “born again” Christians, even though their experiences in Dogma would mean they were enlightened to the idea that none of the religious texts are accurate.
  • All There in the Manual: Where's the Beef, a comic chronicling the year in between the opening scene (the Quick Stop and RST Video buring down) and the rest of the film.
  • Alternate DVD Commentary: Kevin Smith, Scott Mosier, and Jeff Anderson recorded a podcast for fans to download to their MP3 players and listen to in the movie theater, complete with Smith telling the listener which scenes to take a bathroom break during. For whatever reason, the idea was scrapped, but the recording appeared on the DVD proper.
  • And Starring: Jason Mewes (as Jay).
  • Angry Black Woman Stereotype: Wanda Sykes' character unloads on Randal when he says “porch monkey” in front of her. Meanwhile, her husband (played by comedian Earthquake) is too hungry to care and tells her “You can't taste racism!” It bears mentioning that Randal's insult interrupts the couple's equally racist conversation about Mexican immigrants.
  • Artistic License – Geography: In the Go-Kart scene, you can see mountains in the far distance where none would be visible from any location on or near the Jersey Shore. The scene was actually filmed in City of Industry, California.
  • Author Appeal: The movie was written and directed by Kevin Smith, one of the most famous Star Wars fans on Earth. In the twelve years since the original Clerks, The Lord of the Rings trilogy has seriously challenged Star Wars' status as the most popular and lucrative cinematic trilogy of all time. Naturally, Randal and Elias get into an argument over which is better.
    Randal: Alright, look: there's only one Return, okay? And it ain't of the King — it's of the Jedi!
  • The Bear: Kinky Kelly's assistant (later revealed to be his partner). Though he's never explicitly mentioned as being gay, he fits the other parts of the trope to a T.
    • Well, that is a male donkey he's fucking. Although when it's another species, perhaps the gender aspect goes out the window.
  • Benevolent Boss: Becky. Although she understandably loses her shit after Randal ignorantly uses the term “porch monkey” several times.
  • Bigger Is Better in Bed: Dante and Randal discuss the merits of a female version of this trope.
    Dante: You wouldn't wanna be with a girl with an oversized clit?
    Randal: No! 'Cause the next stop is a guy with an undersized dick!
  • Boldly Coming: A Discussed Trope during a Seinfeldian Conversation between Jay and Silent Bob.
  • Bookends: The film starts out in black and white, just like Clerks, then ends with black and white.
  • Brand X: Mooby's, of course.
    • And, if you look close at the end of the film, you can see a poster for Nails Cigarettes on the door of the rebuilt Quick Stop.
  • Brick Joke: “Goodbye horses.” Twice.
  • Burger Fool: What Dante and Randal have been reduced to after the Quick Stop burned down. Made all the more tragic since they're in their mid-30's and have still been working in bottom-of-the-barrel jobs for the last decade.
  • Butt-Monkey: Elias, and to a lesser extent (especially compared to the first movie), Dante.
  • Call-Back: While it might look like a Deus ex Machina, a deleted scene confirms that Jay and Silent Bob's sudden offer to loan Dante and Randal the money they need to reopen the Quick Stop is made possible by them still being rich after getting paid for their likeness rights at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
  • The Cameo: Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Wanda Sykes, Scott Mosier, and even Kevin Smith's young daughter, Harley Quinn Smith.
    • Kevin Michael Richardson, a recurring voice on Clerks: The Animated Series, is the firefighter who gets offended by Randal's “Porch Monkey” shirt.
    • The man in the bathroom during the dance scene is Smith's long-suffering, Canadian, indie-filmmaker friend Malcolm Ingram. Fans of SModcast will recall him as the person who couldn't name the PM of Canada.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret: Seconds after Dante tells Randal he got Becky pregnant and makes him promise not to tell anyone, Becky walks outside and Randal nervously blurts out a congratulations to her, which of course pisses her off and makes her zoom out of the parking lot in her car... and end up in front of a women's clinic, thinking about abortion.
  • Casting Gag: Kevin Michael Richardson, who played the announcer and various roles on Clerks: The Animated Series, cameos as the firefighter who gets offended by Randal's “Porch Monkey 4 Life” shirt.
  • Character Development: From Clerks; Dante is less inclined to blame other people for his own passiveness and less inclined to bitch about whatever life hands him. The problem is that he's embraced his passiveness, resulting in him having convinced himself that the things life hands him will make him happier than they in all likeliness actually will.
  • Chekhov's Gun: The royalties from the Bluntman and Chronic film from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which is the reason Jay and Silent Bob have fifty grand to spend on reopening the Quick Stop and RST Video.
  • Comes Great Responsibility: Parodied in one tagline: “With no power comes no responsibility.”
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Clerks:
      • Randal puts an “I EAT COCK” sign on Elias's employee-of-the-month photo that looks exactly like the one Jay puts on the door of the Quick Stop and gets Randal to stand near in the first Clerks.
      • Instead of his usual tuque Jay wears a baseball cap like he did in the first movie, though this time its a brimless hat so it looks similar to the tuque.
      • Dante helps Becky with her nail polish in the back of the store, just like he did with Veronica. And, moreover, Jeff Anderson (Randal) flubbed the line “What smells like nail polish?” on the first take. Instead, he said “What smells like shoe polish?” The line got changed to “Why does it smell so funny in here?” as a result.
      • Randal's “Rangle” walk pops up again during the dance number.
      • Dante and Becky dancing on the roof is a nod to the rooftop hockey game.
      • Randal makes reference to how Dante always seems to have two hot girls fighting over him when Dante tells him Becky's pregnant.
      • One of the scenes in the montage set to 1979 is of Jay dancing in the dark, mirroring a similar shot from the first movie (only this time it doesn't last long enough for Silent Bob to join in).
      • Events of the first movie are outright mentioned during the jail scene, specifically Julie Dwyer's funeral and the “shit or get off the pot” dialogue.
      • During Randal's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Dante, Dante interjects: “And what should I do if I was half the master of my own destiny the great Randal Graves is?” Randal calls himself a “master of his own destiny” in Clerks after winning the “title-dictates-behavior” argument.
      • The film overloads on these in the last five minutes.
      • I assure you, we're re-open[ed]!
      • You know what? You're not even supposed to be here today.
      • Pack o' cigarettes?” and the return of the woolen-cap smoker, courtesy of Walt Flanagan.
      • The “milk maid” is also the same woman (Kevin Smith's mother, to be exact) from Clerks.
      • The songs over the end credits to both films are Soul Asylum songs.
    • Mallrats:
      • At least two tags on the boarded up Quick Stop say “poopy trim,” which is what Willam shouted in his first scene in Mallrats.
      • During Randal's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Dante, he points out the lack of sense in their choice of college courses: “One semester we took criminology, for Christ's sake! What the fuck were we training to be, Batman?” Cue Jay and Silent Bob grinning at each other.
    • Dogma:
      • For most of the movie, Jay wears a T-shirt with the Buddy Christ on it.
      • When Becky calls Jay from the roof, his first answer is “God?” as Dogma established, God is female.
    • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back:
      • In Jay and Silent Bob's first scene, their regular customer from Strike Back appears and strikes up a conversation. Jay also sings the “Fifteen bucks, little man” song to him again.
      • During the jail scene, Jay and Silent Bob's condition for lending Dante and Randal the money to buy the Quick Stop is that they are allowed to hang out there again. Dante and Randal's restraining order against Jay and Silent Bob was what set the plot of Strike Back in motion.
      • In his final scene, Jay has "Justice TLF" taped on his hoodie.
    • Clerks: The Animated Series:
      • Randal does his Verbal Tic ("Nyeh!") from Clerks The Animated Series when he tells Becky "Yeah, I've waited on your brother too."
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The first and last shots of the film except for the flames inside the Quick Stop (see Continuity Nod), which were the last shots filmed. Kevin Smith has said that if he'd known the black and white could look as good as it did he probably would have shot the entire film that way.
  • Desaturation: Kevin Smith had asked director of photographer Dave Klein to have the colors in the film desaturated, to give an effect similar to the original film's black & white. The dance scene where everything is all bright and cheery? That's how everything actually looked!
  • The Devil: Randal at one points taunts Elias, a devout Christian, by talking about "...the Beast we call the Desolate One! The First of the Fallen, the Spoiler of Virgins, the Master of Abortions! (grabs mike) 'Let me help you out of your chair, Grandma!'"
  • Did You Think I Can't Feel?: What kicks off Dante and Randal's argument in the jail cell. Despite his inherent smarminess, Randal genuinely loves Dante (" a totally heterosexual way.") and is hurt when he finds out that Dante never saw him as anything more than a pest whom he wasted his time with.
  • Diegetic Switch: The song played at the end of the movie — "Misery" by Soul Asylum — was actually played from a stereo from off camera (so the actors could hear it) and only switches to non-diagetic once the credits kick in.
  • Dismotivation: Played pretty much straight with Dante until the end of the film, where he and Randal decide to buy the Quick Stop and reopen it themselves.
  • Dumbass Has a Point: Eternal slacker Randal puts forward the notion that for all the crap they went through working there, both he and Dante were happiest when they were working at the Quick Stop.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Though Randal picks on Elias a lot, he laments that when Dante leaves New Jersey, Elias is gonna be his new best friend. Although it seemed plenty obvious that Randal would make fun of him for this, he is genuinely horrified after he finds out that Elias is gullible enough to believe the Pillow Pants story.
  • Everyone Went to School Together: A recurring theme throughout the Askewniverse continues here. "Jeez, anyone else from our graduating class back there?" says a former high school classmate after discovering that Dante and Randal now work at a fast food joint.
  • Extremely Short Timespan: Apart from the opening and the closing scenes, the movie takes place over one day, just like Clerks.
  • Fanservice: Rosario Dawson dancing on the rooftop of Mooby's. In a tank top. With no bra on. God bless you, Kevin Smith. It's revealed in the commentary that Smith didn't even realize it until Rosario told him the fans were really going to like this scene.
  • Fan Disservice:
    • Emma flashing Randal is made out to be an in-universe example. Either because Randal finds her unattractive or because she's his best friend's fiancé.
    • "The donkey show" with an overweight unflattering performer called The Sexy Stud and a male donkey named Kinky Kelly.
  • Flanderization: Some find that Randal got a little dumber between the first movie and the second. Blame Clerks: The Animated Series.
  • Foreshadowing: The first thing Becky does when she goes to her office is open a letter, quietly read it and curse under her breath. It's a doctor's letter telling her she's pregnant.
  • From Bad to Worse: Dante gets dumped then ten seconds later the cops arrive.
  • Funny Background Event: Dante and Randal having a conversation while Jay is bouncing his bare ass against the window, while Bob is making funny faces, switching to Jay pretending to be using a speed bag.
  • Good Girls Avoid Abortion: After overhearing Dante accidentally reveal to his coworkers that she is pregnant with his baby, Becky takes off angry. Later that night, she stops in front of an abortion clinic with a quizzical look on her face. She changes her mind and keeps the baby.
  • Grammar Correction Gag: Inverted when Elias looks at the "I EAT COCK" word bubble Randal put on his employee of the month picture and says, "Well at least you spelled 'cock' right this time."
  • Groin Attack: Emma to Dante after seeing him kiss Becky.
  • Harmful to Minors: When Dante is sitting on the toilet and he opens the bathroom door to shout at Randal for picking on Elias, a male costumer immediately covers his daughter's eyes and tells her "not to look at his wee-wee".
  • Head-Tiltingly Kinky: The donkey show. They even perform the action while watching it.
    Becky: I'm disgusted and repulsed ...and I can't. Look. Away.
  • Heel Realization: "Y'know, come to think of it, I think my grandma actually was racist." "You think?!"
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Dante and Randal, and of course Jay and Silent Bob. Also deconstructed in the jail scene where Randal spells out what this kind of friendship actually means.
    Randal: I honestly don't know if I can make it in this world without you.
  • High-School Rejects: Lance Dowds implies that this is what Dante and Randal are currently, especially in how the two work in a fast food joint and how Lance himself, by contrast, is a successful self-made millionaire.
  • Historical Character Confusion: Randal compares a guy in a wheelchair to Anne Frank, "The chick that was all duhhh, 'till the Miracle Worker showed up and knocked some smarts into her." Dante tries to correct him by saying that was Helen Keller and that Anne Frank hid from the Nazis and had a diary. Randal then says he was right all along because the wheelchair guy had a blog.
  • Innocent Bigot: Randal didn't realize his Racist Grandma taught him some unfortunate terminology.
  • Insane Troll Logic: When Randal gets called out for his use of the phrase, "porch monkey," he makes it his mission to reclaim the term. Dante tells him even if the word could be reclaimed, Randal wouldn't be the one to do it since he's white.
    Randal: Well listen to you. Tellin' me I can't do something because of the color of my skin? You're the racist!
  • Internal Homage: Randal dragging Elias into Mooby's from off-screen the second he walks in the door, just as Dante does to Randal at the end of Clerks to start their fight scene.
    • The shot of Becky changing the light bulb over the rebuilt Quick Stop counter is set up just like the shot of Dante doing the same when the horny old man asks to use the restroom in Clerks, as part of the last five minute's Hurricane of Continuity Nods.
  • Infodump: Becky and Dante's conversation while he's painting her nails.
  • Insistent Terminology: "Oi, fucko! We prefer to call it interspecies erotica."
  • Insult Backfire:
    Pot-buying teen: Is that a fucking Bible?
    Jay: Hey, hey, the HOLY fucking Bible, son.
  • It Tastes Like Feet: Jay and Silent Bob identify the taste of the burger and the drink Lance Dowds gives them as "piss and flies." Subverted in that they're factually correct: Randal scooped up ice from a urinal for the drink and put flies into the burger to get back at Lance.
  • Jerkass: Randal and Lance.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Randal. He admits his true feelings towards Dante in jail.
  • Kavorka Man: Dante is suggested to be this. Discussed twice In-Universe; the first time when Becky calls Dante's looks "unconventional," and when Randal confronts him about knocking up Becky:
    "How the fuck do you always have, like, two good-looking girls who want you?! You're the most hideous fucking C.H.U.D. I've ever met and you always have a pair of girls fighting over you!"
  • Late to the Realization: Randal never realized he had a Racist Grandma, even as he heard her use racist phrases like "porch monkey" or "nigger knife."
  • Less Embarrassing Term: A character insists that something is not bestiality porn, it's "inter-species erotica."
  • Masturbation Means Sexual Frustration:
    Elias: I turn down chicks left and right!
    Randal: Your chicks are your left and right!
    • He's later seen actually doing it while watching the donkey show and screaming "I'm sorry, Jesus!"
  • Monochrome to Color: The film starts out in black and white, much like in the original film, until the Quick Stop burns down. The rest of the movie is in color until the final scene, when the Quick Stop is restored.
  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: "Ladies and gentlemen... and you, Elias!"
  • Naked People Are Funny: Jay stripping down to just his large coat and tucking his genitals between his legs to imitate the "buffalo bill" scene from Silence Of The Lambs and accidentally flashing Becky and Dante when she drags him off to show him something.
  • Nemesis as Customer: Dante and Randall are working at Mooby's (a fast food restaurant) when Lance Dowds, a classmate of theirs that they used to antagonize, comes in and reveals that he's now a dotcom millionaire. Randall sabotages Lance's food, but Lance is Genre Savvy enough to not eat it and gives it to Jay and Silent Bob.
  • Nerds Are Virgins: Elias, although according to him it's because he's afraid of Pillow Pants. It's interesting to note that Randal is not less nerdy than Elias; Elias is simply more awkward about it, and yet he has a girlfriend while Randal doesn't. Dante is as nerdy as both of them and is definitely not a virgin. Make of that what you will.
    • While there's likely no actual distinctions, some sources tend to characterize a difference between "nerd" and "geek" as an issue of social ineptitude, as in geeks are just as obsessed with comic books/sci-fi/video games, etc. but can also be otherwise 'cool' people. In that sense, Randal and Dante are geeks without being nerds.
  • No Antagonist
  • Oh, Crap!: Dante's discovery of the Quick Stop being on fire at the beginning of the film.
    • Dante has another one when Emma catches him snogging Becky during the donkey show.
  • Once Done, Never Forgotten: Dante and Randal's former high school classmate Lance Dowds, aka "Pickle Fucker." As explained by Randal: During the time when they were in high school, the upperclassmen instigated hazing rituals towards the freshmen, with Lance receiving (in Randal's own words) "the worst" of it. That hazing towards him came in the form of being forced to walk ten feet with a pickle shoved up his ass; if the pickle dropped before he reached ten feet, he had to take a bite of the pickle, then start over.
    Randal: Don't worry, he made it. His pickle was small enough to stay wedged after only four bites.
    Lance: I'll bet you're the only guy in the world who still remembers that, Graves.
    Randal: Oh, I bet you still remember it pretty vividly, Pickle Fucker.
  • Only Friend: Dante to Randal, which is why Randal is so rattled by the thought of Dante leaving.
    Randal: You think I wanna start making friends at my age? Christ, who would want me as their friend? I hate everyone, and everything seems stupid to me, but you were always the counter-balance to that. The guy who was the yin to my yang. Now what the fuck am I gonna do for the rest of my life?
  • One-Night-Stand Pregnancy: Becky became pregnant from a one night stand she had with her friend and coworker Dante.
  • Please, Don't Leave Me: Randal to Dante, at the end of the movie.
  • Platonic Declaration of Love: Randal tells Dante he loves him, quite significant for such a character to admit. Becky also tells Dante she loves him just like she loves her parents and her car, though this turns out to be a subversion, as it's later established she is pregnant with his child and does love him in a romantic way.
  • Porn Stache: Both Ben Affleck's and Jason Lee's characters, due to Real Life Writes the Plot; Lee was in the middle of shooting My Name Is Earl, while Affleck was filming Smokin' Aces, and neither could afford to shave for their cameos.
  • Queer Establishing Moment: "Kinky Kelly and the Sexy Stud". Which are revealed to be an out-of-shape large hairy man all clad in bondage leather gear and a male donkey named Kelly. With a fog machine, loud techno music and lewd sexual acts performed on the donkey. When Randal asks where is the girl of the act and how he thought Kelly was a girl, the Sexy Stud corrects them with the fact that Kelly can be a boy's name too.
  • Racist Grandma: Randal's called him a "porch monkey" and referred to a broken bottle as a "nigger knife." The only reason why Randal assumed that "porch monkey" wasn't racist is because when his grandmother used it on him, it was when he was being lazy.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Like in Clerks, when Dante tries to blame his life's failures on Randal, he loses it and tells Dante exactly what his problem is. But unlike in Clerks Dante throws it back in Randal's face, pointing out how Randal's problem is toxic to those around him and forcing Randal to admit his life philosophy has left him miserable and lonely.
    Dante: I can't believe you. I finally get my shit together, I'm hours from getting out of here and really starting my life, and you somehow figure out a way to obliterate all that and reduce me to a convict.
    Dante: Would you shut up? (to Randal) You're chaos incarnate, man. Our whole lives, you've been getting me into trouble and holding me back.
    Dante: YOU said "shit or get off the pot", not me.
    Randal: You got all fired up about taking charge of your life, and what'd you do? You worked at the store till the place burned down.
    Dante: I took courses at Brookdale!
    Randal: And dropped out.
    Dante: Because you stopped going!
    Randal: We were just killing time with those classes. One semester, we took Criminology, for Christ's sake. What the fuck were we training to be, Batman?
    Dante: At least we were doing something instead of wasting our lives in some fucking convenience store!
    Randal: You know what? You can badmouth Quick Stop all you want, but I miss that place. I loved working there. I look back on that period as the best time in my life.
    Randal: Why? Because I enjoyed what I did? I got to watch movies, fuck with assholes, and hang out with my best friend all day. Can you think of a better way to make a living? Yeah, maybe it's not what everyone does, but it was pretty fucking good. (laughs)
    Dante: Man, that's you all over. Scrape by with the bare minimum. Well, I'm tired of that, Randal. I'm not in high school anymore. Shit, I'm not even in my twenties anymore. I don't want to sit around and rag on customers while eating free food. That's what you want to do. That's what you've always wanted to do. Well, if that's all you want out of life, man, then God bless, but I refuse to let your shit taint the rest of mine. No. I'm gonna smooth things over with Emma, go to Florida and start my Randal Graves-free existence. And try to forget these last thirty-three years ever happened.
    Randal: So that's the why you see all this time we've spent together? That's weird, man. I though you were the only guy in the world who got me and had my back... the only person who'd take a bullet for me, 'cause I assumed you felt the same way I feel about you. Then, all of a sudden, one day, you're like, "I'm moving. Bye." Do you know what that's been like for me? I'm looking at a future that just sucks, because you're not gonna be in it anymore. And you're not even throwing me over for a life that means something to you. It's just a stupid, hollow existence you think you should embrace because you're getting old or something, because it's the kind of life everyone else goes after. You're a fucking drone, dude.
    Randal: Do you think I want to make friends at my age? Christ. Who would want me as their friend? I hate everyone, and everything seems stupid to me, but you were always the counterbalance to that... the guy who was the yin to my yang. But now what the fuck am I gonna do for the rest of my life? I mean, shit, really wish you would've told me this when I first met you, that one day you were gonna bail on our friendship, because if I had known you were just gonna flake on me a few decades later... I wouldn't have bothered with your ass in the first place.
    Jay: Jesus, why don't you two just fuck and get it over with already? (muttering) Faggots.
    Dante: Why can't you ever say something useful for a change?
    Jay: Well, what the fuck you waiting for? That's your cue, man.
    Silent Bob: (pauses for a second) I got nothing.
    Jay: Jesus fucking Christ, what good are you, you mute fuck?!
    Silent Bob: You know what? That hurts. Like, what do you ever add to the fucking proceedings? You got, like, one answer for everything: "pussy, man."
    Randal: Oh, then, man, you must love this guy, 'cause he's the biggest pussy I ever met. The dude who lives his life according to everyone else's standards. "I got to go to Florida 'cause that's what's expected of me." And the fuckin' insane part is, he ain't even that crazy about the chick he's marrying in Florida, never mind the fact that he's got a perfectly good chick right here in Jersey who he's nuts about, and even Anne fuckin' Frank could see she's nuts about him. God knows why. And she likes you for who you are, man. She ain't trying to stuff you into a box you'll never fit into. Not to mention the fact that she's carrying your hideous fucking CHUD of a kid. Jesus, if you had any sense whatsoever, you'd fucking stop trying to bray it up with the rest of the sheep, and live life the way it makes sense for you, you fucking ass!
    Dante: Oh, yeah? And what's that? You obviously have such a great handle on your life. Tell me what you would do if you were in my position, or even what you'd do in your own position? Swing that judgmental pendulum back the other way and tell me how you'd solve all your problems, asshole. What the fuck would the great Randal Graves do if he were half the master of his destiny that I'm supposed to be?!
    Randal: I'D BUY THE QUICK STOP AND REOPEN IT MYSELF! (Dante is taken back) That's what I'd do. That's what we should do.
  • Running Gag: Randal mixing up Anne Frank and Helen Keller.
  • Sarcasm Failure: Randal, series snarker, who has a smart-ass retort for almost anything, is simply rendered near speechless by the "Pillow Pants" discussion. Although judging by his enthusiasm when he goes to tell Dante, he might just mean he's reveling in hearing Elias say the stupidest thing ever with utter sincerity.
  • Seinfeldian Conversation: Not so prevalent as in the original, but very much there at certain points.
  • Serious Business:
    Elias: Not the Rings, Randal. Say what you will about Jesus, but leave the Rings out of this.
  • Sex at Work: When both the Quick Stop and the video store are burnt down:
    Randal: Now where am I gonna bring girls to fuck when my mom's home?
  • Shout-Out:
    • Early on in the movie Emma delivers this line to Dante: "Face it, Tiger. You just hit the jackpot!"
      • Also, Kevin Smith's mom calls him Tiger.
    • "May your first child be a masculine child!" is a quote from The Godfather.
      • And Randal says Dante will spawn a "hideous fuckin' C.H.U.D. baby." (Hell, that's a recurring gag in the film, Randal calling Dante a "hideous fucking CHUD".)
    • Elias burning the fries is one to a similar gag in UHF.
    • Randal describes Anne Frank (confusing her with Helen Keller) as the "deaf, dumb and blind woman"note  - who is then helped by "the miracle worker".
    • James L. Venable's score uses a snatch from his theme song to Clerks: The Animated Series in his beginning of the donkey show scene.
  • Silent Bob: Subverted. The man himself is there and does eventually say something, but only to tell everyone that he doesn't have anything to say.
  • Slapstick: An early scene has Elias trying to run away from Randal and Jay while they're harassing him, only to get caught on the drive-thru headphones he's wearing and fall backwards.
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism: More idealistic than the first Clerks.
  • Smug Snake: Lance Dowds, although being reminded of his "Pickle Fucker" past takes some of his edge off.
  • Splash of Color: The flames inside the Quick Stop at the beginning of the film.
  • Stealth Pun: The beginning depicts what might be described as "Dante's inferno." Made less stealthy by the chapter titles on the DVD, which are all named after literary classics. Guess what the first scene is called.
  • Strangely Arousing: Upon witnessing the Donkey Show, Becky remarks, "I'm disgusted and repulsed and... and I... can't... look away."
  • Stunned Silence: Randal's reaction to Elias' story of "Pillow Pants" (see Vagina Dentata below for more information).
  • Take Our Word for It: We mercifully don't see the sexual acts performed on "The Donkey Show" but judging by the main characters facial reactions, it's bad.
  • Take That!: The film features a 3-minute debate on The Lord of the Rings, with Randal calling the movies boring, comparing them unfavorably the to the original Star Wars trilogy and saying in jest that there should've been a Hobbit sex scene. He mocks the movies so much that he causes a LotR fan (who is a customer at the restaurant) to vomit in disgust. Just to keep things fair, Elias and the LotR fanboy aim more than a few shots at the Star Wars prequels, which Randal doesn't bother to dispute.
  • Tempting Fate: After Becky leaves angrily after Dante tells Randal that he is the father of her baby, Dante screams to the sky "How could this day get any worse?". Then Kinky Kelly shows up and Randal has to hide it from Dante by encouraging him to go after Becky.
  • Timeskip: The opening scene takes place ten years after the end of the first movie, then a year after the Quick Stop burned down.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: As Dante and Emma are leaving Mooby's so that Emma can show Dante his surprise, they discover a fully nude Jay dancing to "Goodbye Horses" with his dick between his legs, but treat it as no big deal and move on.
  • Vagina Dentata: Elias explains that why he practices abstinence is that he believes that there's a troll that lives inside vaginas that will bite off male genitalia until the girl's 21st birthday when it is peed out. His girlfriend's is named Pillow Pants.
    Randal: ...have you and Myra even kissed yet?
    Elias: We would have already if it wasn't for Listerfiend.
    Randal: [Beat] Listerfiend is her Mouth Troll, isn't it?
    Elias: [shakes his head with a frown] Women.
  • The Voiceless: Like with all View Askewniverse films, averted with Silent Bob, this time at the end of the film.
    “I got nothin'.”
  • Vomit Indiscretion Shot: When Randal makes The Lord of the Rings fan throw up.
  • Wham Line
    • When Becky teaches Dante to dance for his upcoming wedding and he gets carried away and tells her he loves her, she tells him something else.
      Dante: I love you, Becky.
      Becky: I'm pregnant, Dante.
    • When Randal and Dante have an argument and Dante asks Randal what would he do in his position and how would he solve all their problems, Randal drops this.
      Randal: I'd buy the Quick Stop and re-open it myself!
    • In-Universe, Randal telling Dante “You're my best friend, and I love you.” It's presented as the single most sincere thing he's said in his entire life.
  • You and What Army?: Randall uses this line after Dante threatens to kick his ass.
  • Your Answer to Everything: When Silent Bob finally speaks, but has no advice relevant to the conversation, Jay rips on him about it, only for Silent Bob to point out:
    “Like what the fuck do you ever add to the proceedings? You've got like one answer for everything: ‘Pussy, man.’”


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