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Courtney: So I was thinking maybe we could catch a movie sometime. Nothing scary...
Mitch: That sounds great, Kathy. You know, you're gonna love my boyfriend. He's a total chick-flick nut!

A Queer Establishing Moment is the moment when a character is revealed to be LGBTQ+.

In older works, this was often Subtext, as taboos around the topic made it harder for queer characters to be too apparent in media, especially with the The Hays Code. However, plenty of media is willing to be more open, explicit, and even casual about the topic, and has been for quite a long time.

This moment can come either as a clear moment when a character says something such as Sorry, I'm Gay or mentioning an Incompatible Orientation, or more subtle variations such as pointedly not denying attraction to someone of the same gender. Some moments can lead to a Trans Audience Interpretation if the moment remains only as subtext. The reveal can turn into a Wham Line if it has significant ramifications to the plot.

This trope can overlap with Coming-Out Story if said story is not the main focus of the work. See also LGBT Awakening, when the character in question first realizes their gender or sexuality, and Bi-Wildered for characters who might be confused about a reveal of queerness.

Compare Word of Gay for when a creator confirms a character's orientation or identity outside the context of the story, though it remains ambiguous In-Universe. Examples may use Adaptational Sexuality. Compare and contrast Ambiguously Gay and Ambiguously Bi, and Alcohol-Induced Bisexuality, which may overlap if the moment is left as subtext. This trope, however, is usually quite confirmed in canon.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In Asteroid in Love, Moe "Suzu" Suzuya is already established to enjoy Girl Watching and making same-sex ships among her friends. However, her homosexuality is only revealed in Chapter 7, when she is dripping with jealousy as she mistakes her crush Misa of seducing Ao. This foreshadows her Coming Out via a Love Confession in Chapter 29 when she makes a Love Confession to Misa after years of Cannot Spit It Out.
  • In an early chapter of Black Jack, Black Jack meets with a friend named Kei Kisaragi, and brings along a photo album of a beautiful woman he tells Pinako is Kei's sister. Upon hearing this, Kei tells Pinako that his sister Megumi was in love with Black Jack in medical school, but had to undergo a hysterectomy due to cancer, and had to "quit being a woman". The end of the chapter reveals that Kei and Megumi are the same person; after the operation, they chose to live as a man. note 
    Black Jack: Well, I... forgot to give you this album [...] with old pictures of you.
  • Bocchi the Rock!: Within the episode of her first appearance, Ikuyo Kita is established to have joined the main group, Kessoku Band, for her huge crush on the bassist Ryo Yamada, indicating she likes girls.
  • My-HiME:
  • One Piece:
    • Kiku from the Wano arc is revealed to be Kikunojo in hiding, known as a man long ago. When Chopper asks her about this, she says she "has the heart of a woman", a common Japanese way of saying she's a trans woman.
    • There was also some confusion over Yamato, who was introduced as Kaido's son. When he first appeared on-page, however, he was revealed to have a very busty female body. The confusion was mainly because he claimed that he was seeking to "be like Oden," and since Oden was a man, he would be, too. The resolution of this was after the battle in Wano was over, and Yamato said there was no mixed-bathing, followed by two frames of the hot springs: one with the girls, including Kiku, and one with the boys, including Yamato, confirming that he's a trans man.
  • Power of Hope ~PreCure Full Bloom~: In episode 3, Kurumi goes to a restaurant with her old friend and former Pretty Cure Karen Minazuki. She gets herself drunk from a "Big Apple" and has Karen take her home. Karen brings Kurumi to her bedroom and allows her to take a Lap Pillow, whereupon Kurumi transforms back into Milk. Before she dozes off, Milk tells Karen that the reason why she loves apples so much is because Karen fed them to her when she was sick. Then she gives a Love Confession, using the word daisuki, before drifting off to sleep. The physical closeness between the two throughout the scene, and the strength of the word Milk uses, confirms that Kurumi has romantic feelings for Karen. It's worth noting that even before she gets drunk, she calls Karen by her first name, with no honorifics, as if they are family.
    Milk: Karen... Why does Milk like Big Apples, miru? A long time ago, you took care of Milk when she was sick, miru. Milk can never forget the taste of those apples, miru! And also... Milk loves you, Karen, miru...
  • In the eighth episode of Zombie Land Saga, Lily tells Sakura the story of how she died and became a zombie, revealing that she's trans in the process: she used to be a child actor on TV, but had a lot of anxiety due to the stress of the work, which her father ignored. On top of that, she was nearing puberty and angsted about the possibility of looking like her father (who is a huge, manly guy). Following a heated argument with him, she noticed that she was starting to grow facial hair, which caused an immense mental shock due to her dysphoria. All of these factors combined caused her to have a fatal heart attack. As she died, her father cried out "Masao", which is revealed to be Lily's deadname.

    Comic Books 
  • Ghost-Maker, a new extremist vigilante character as part of Batman (James Tynion IV) was casually revealed to be bisexual in a scene where he bids farewell to a man and a woman in his bed after they had Three-Way Sex.
  • The Books of Magic: Nick is introduced in the Names of Magic miniseries with no indication made of his sexual orientation. It's eventually clarified that he's gay in Hunter: The Age of Magic, where Issue #10 has him overjoyed to be asked out by another man.
  • Chili Storm has been a supporting character in Marvel's various Millie the Model books since 1947, and even headlined her own title in the late 1960s. But it wasn’t until 2009's Models, Inc. that she was established to be bisexual, with a reference to her coming out (in the first issue) and tabloids running stories on her girlfriends and boyfriends.
  • Runaways:
    • Fans suspected that Karolina might not be straight as early as the first issue of the original series when she was very enthusiastic about how hot Nico was. Any doubts about her sexuality were banished in the second series when she tries to kiss Nico.
    • There was a lot of subtext between Nico and Karolina for years, but it became just plain text in Runaways (Rainbow Rowell) #12, where she and Karolina go on a date culminating in a Big Damn Kiss. They become a canon couple immediately afterwards.

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever: In their final scene, Ayo addresses Aneka as "my love" after Aneka kisses her on the head, establishing that the two are romantically involved.
  • While Negasonic Teenage Warhead was introduced in Deadpool (2016), we find out that she is a lesbian in the sequel, when she introduces Yukio as her girlfriend, and accuses Deadpool of being homophobic when he reacts aghast (though he quickly says he's just surprised anyone would be willing to date her). Ironically, Deadpool himself is queer (pansexual, per Ryan Reynolds' confirmation), though of course, he makes so many ridiculous comments that, whenever he comments on being attracted to men, it can come off as a joke rather than this.
  • The first time we see Deena in Fear Street, she is writing a letter to her ex "Sam". We later see her looking at a couple, and we are led to believe that the boy is the ex in question... until the girl confronts her afterwards and Deena addresses her as Sam.
  • Glass Onion, the sequel to Knives Out, reveals that lead character detective Benoit Blanc is gay by showing him at home during COVID-19 lockdown with his partner.
  • Somebody I Used to Know: Cassidy casually mentions while talking with Ally that she's dated women in the past, before she'd gotten engaged to Sean.
  • Trap for Cinderella: Do confessed that she loved Micky, her Best Friend, in the past, while until then it hadn't been explicit (despite them being very close).
  • Girls Like Magic: Maggie, aka Magic, at her own engagement party with her boyfriend of 15 years Jacob, realizes that the whole thing is just to celebrate him, so she decides to hide out in the attic and get drunk with Jamie. The two start joking around, and just as Jacob announces his engagement to Maggie, she casually admits to Jamie that what is between men's legs is not her thing.
    Jamie: Aren't you the one supposed to like dick?
    Maggie/Magic: Well, I don't!
  • How To Blow Up A Pipeline: Theo and Alisha, two of the female main characters, are shown to be a couple early, kissing each other on the lips while they live together too.
  • Atomic Blonde: Lorraine kissing Delphine while they're in a nightclub together reveals she's also into women (after having shown attraction to men), and they soon have sex together.
  • Holy Smoke!: Ruth, after having sex with PJ, makes out with another woman in a club as he watches lustfully.
  • Head in the Clouds: After it's strongly hinted beforehand, Mia confesses just prior to having sex with Guy that she was lovers before with Gilda.
  • Nina's Heavenly Delights: About halfway into the film it's made clear Nina is attracted to Lisa, who shares her feelings, and they kiss.
  • Cut to the Chase: It's revealed Izzy and Nola became lovers when the former (who is a prosecutor) was prepping the latter for testimony in a major case, via a flashback showing them kissing. Both of them appear to be bisexual, since they also have relationships and or sex with men.
  • Castaways: Cara reveals she's into girls after listing her making out with a girl named Julie as among the things she missed most from life before the plague and becoming a castaway. Emily later admits she's wanted Cara ever since first seeing her on the boat, and they start a relationship.
  • Colette: After they meet a couple, Colette admits to Willy she found the woman and not the man desirable. He's intrigued, and it's revealed American woman Georgie is also attracted to women. Willy encourages them to have an affair (they do). Before long she meets Missy, who is a Butch Lesbian and or transmasculine (always dressing in male clothing), and they have an affair too.
  • Without a Paddle: In a minor character example, Tom finds out the woman he's with is bisexual as her angry girlfriend arrives.
  • The Hollow Child: Emily kisses Sam, her best friend, in a bonding moment. Sam is taken aback by this and leaves. This doesn't get explored further before Emily is killed.
  • My Animal: Heather is shown as a lesbian from the beginning with her fairly masculine personal style, having posters of female bodybuilders and masturbating while watching Glorious Ladies of Wrestling. It's soon further confirmed by how much interest she shows when looking at Jonny, and having a homoerotic dream of her. Jonny turns out to share her feelings (despite dating a man at first) after their Dance of Romance, with the two having sex.
  • The Novice: Alex has sex with a man in the film early on. Then she and Dani, who's a Butch Lesbian, flirt, later sleep together and begin dating, revealing she's into women too.
  • Young & Wild: Daniela is established to be bisexual when she shows desire for Antonia through the pair flirting, then they have sex in the next scene. Previously she only showed desire for or had sex with men.
  • It's a Wonderful Knife (2023):
    • Winnie's brother Jimmy early on is introduced as gay, then her aunt Gale arrives with her wife Karen as well, later joking about her lesbianism to Winnie.
    • Though it's not as evident at first, Winnie bonds with Bernie as they fight to stop the Angel Killer, and it becomes clear the girls have feelings for each other as they share a passionate kiss before Winnie's sent back into the original timeline. After meeting there, the pair kiss again and go out to have breakfast at Winnie's house for Christmas together.
  • In No Time to Die, Q's seen preparing for a romantic evening with a "he" before Moneypenny and Bond storm in needing to have the flash drive decrypted. It's not shown if he ever gets to have that dinner.
  • Future World (2018):
    • Lei is shown to be queer when she kisses Robot Girl Ash. In a moment Ash is shown to be too by kissing her back before having sex with Lei offscreen.
    • It turns out that the Drug Lord, a woman, is into Ash as well since she gets very jealous on finding her with Lei.
  • Sheroes: It turns out Ryder and Daisy are a couple, not just friends, when the pair talk about their relationship while in the plane's bathroom before they kiss, then agree to have sex (offscreen).
  • Miller's Girl: Winnie urges Cairo to have an affair with Jonathan Miller, her literature teacher, saying she's aiming for Coach Fillmore herself. Cairo acts surprised, saying Winne's a lesbian, which Winnie retorts to by calling herself an “equal opportunist”. Winnie later says she would have sex with Cairo gladly. The two make out eventually in their lingerie, so Winnie can send the photos to Fillmore.
  • Drive-Away Dolls: Jamie is introduced while having sex with another woman. Marian and Sukie soon meet up as well inside of a lesbian bar where Jamie's a star performer, showing they're lesbians as well.

  • Adachi and Shimamura: Adachi quickly establishes herself as a lesbian when she has a homoerotic dream of her and Shimamura. Shimmamura becomes more attached to Adachi as the series goes on and accepts Adachi’s feelings in Volume 6, and she becomes Adachi’s girlfriend followed by a love epiphany in Volume 8 which solidifies it.
  • The Afterward:
    • Kalanthe tells Olsa that Sir Banathear is a trans woman early on. Later she also tells her that Sir Terriam is asexual.
    • Kalanthe then tells her she's a lesbian when Olsa asks.
    • After they become lovers, Olsa reveals she's actually bisexual, with the term even being used, unusually in fantasy.
  • The Change Room:
    • Eliza spends a lot of time staring at Shar naked in the pool's shower, with it being made clear it's more than admiration or envy for her beauty. She then mentally remembers having had relationships with women in the past too, not just men. Later on Shar shows that she too is attracted to women when she hits on Eliza after noticing this and they have sex.
    • It turns out Sophie, a supporting character, is a lesbian. She'd kept this from her mom, who found out due to her snooping into Sophie's phone, where she had found photos of her with her girlfriend, and discovered Sophie was having sex with her during "sleepovers".
  • The Chronicles of Dorsa:
    • After being seen first leaving Markas, her male lover in the city, Tasia returns to her handmaid Mylla... who it turns out she's also involved with (they soon have sex).
    • Joslyn relates that her first love was a girl, establishing herself as queer even prior to getting together with Tasia later. She's never shown or mentioned as attracted to men.
    • Megs has a girlfriend when she's introduced, with no sign of any attraction to men. Later, once her lover dies, she dates another woman.
    • Akella is first introduced getting up from bed beside another woman she slept with the night before. Her internal thoughts show that she's only attracted to women.
    • Linna reveals she had a previous crush on Tasia, then falls for Tasia's sister Adela.
  • Epithet Erased: Prison of Plastic: For most of the story, Trixie Roughhouse is referred to with "she/her" pronouns. At one point, an alarm goes off on Phoenica's phone, revealing that Trixie is non-binary, with the alarm being a reminder for Phoenica to switch which pronouns she addresses Trixie by. For the rest of the story, "they/them" pronouns are used for Trixie.
  • The Executioner and Her Way of Life: Momo and Akira are quickly established to have affection that goes beyond any ambiguity for Menou.
  • I'm In Love With the Villainess: Rae’s first scene upon waking up is confessing her love for Claire. When a friend outright asks if she’s a lesbian, she answers yes.
  • InCryptid: In Imaginary Numbers, Artie's pheromones are shown to work on James, proving that he's attracted to men (incubus pheromones only work on people of a compatible orientation). The author later confirmed that James is gay, rather than bisexual as some readers had guessed.
  • The Jasmine Throne: Priya casually says her preference would be to marry or at least make a home with another woman. This is even before she and Malini get together.
  • Lords of the Sith: Moff Delian Mors holds the distinction of being the first LGBT character in the new Star Wars canon, though there were a few gay characters in some Legends stories. Her sexuality is only touched upon when it's noted that her wife was killed in a transport accident years before the events of the novel.
  • A Master of Djinn: Fatma going home to find Siti in her apartment, then them kissing before having sex off page, shows that they're lovers and both queer women.
  • Murder Most Unladylike: In book 8, Daisy reluctantly confesses to having a crush on Martita Torrera (Marta Pao). This later happens again with Amina El Magrahbi, although this time her feelings are returned.
  • October Daye: The author has stated that all fae are bisexual to some degree, but individual characters get their own moments, often in short stories:
    • May is revealed to be sapphic when she shows up to the Beltane Ball in Late Eclipses with her date Jasmine.
    • Quentin is revealed to be bi when he asks out Dean in "Full of Briars" (he had previously dated Katie, a human girl).
    • The Luidaeg's romance with a selkie woman is revealed in the short story "In Sea-Salt Tears".
    • Tybalt is revealed to be bi in the short story "Forbid the Sea", where he becomes romantically involved with Dylan, a selkie.
    • Patrick and Simon are revealed to be bi and polyamorous when Simon marries both Patrick and his wife Dianda.
  • Otherside Picnic: Toriko is revealed to be a lesbian slowly. First is the revelation that she has two moms. Then there's her telling Sorawo, "I love you" after Toriko rescues her from a group of cultists. But Sorawo is Oblivious to Love, initially, and it takes her longer to realize what's blatant to the audience. Toriko has to kiss Sorawo before she finally gets it.
  • Roll Over and Die: The relationship between Flum and Milkit is a slow burn, but the reader sees they are developing romantic feelings for each other throughout the series. On the flipside, Ottilie and Henrietta have a Childhood Friend Romance dynamic.
    • During the climactic fight of Episode 04, Milkit outright declares she loves Flum, but she later has to dial it back to "liking" her. Followed by Milkit kissing Flum on the cheek in the middle of Episode 05.
    • In Episode 01, when Flum first meets Milkit, she can’t help but think about how beautiful Milkit’s eye is, and she is consistently affectionate to Milkit, and she even lets Milkit sleep in the same bed as her. In Episode 05, she is surprised when Milkit kisses her on the cheek, and she is rather baffled by how she should feel about this.
    • Throughout Episode 03, it is made clear Ottilie has a strong affection for Henrietta. In Episode 04, Flum and Milkit see Ottilie messing around in Henrietta’s bedsheets.
    • At the end of Episode 04, Henrietta orders Ottilie to resign from the Royal Army partly for her own safety, and to give her freedom to oppose the Church while she will not be able to. She tells Ottilie when this is over she will kiss her and possibly go further.
  • Shatter the Sky: Maren and Kaia are shown to be girlfriends very early on when after the two begin skinny dipping together they make out passionately.
  • Sorry, Bro:
    • Nareh reflects privately that she would be open to a relationship with a man or woman, thus revealing she's bisexual and explicitly references her bisexuality internally later. Soon after this, she expresses attraction to both men and a woman after meeting them (privately at first again).
    • Erebuni's ex Sheila being mentioned later tells Nareh she isn't straight, which delights her as she's attracted to Erebuni. Later it turns out she's bisexual like Nareh, mentioning her attraction to men too.
  • Spellster:
    • Tracker is shown early on as attracted to people irrespective of gender, with his preference being for ones with penises. He doesn't care what their gender is however besides that, and is shown being with trans women or cis men mostly.
    • Authril later turns out to be bisexual when after having had sex with Dylan she beds a woman.
    • Marin tells Dylan she is a lesbian when he makes a pass at her.
  • Sweet & Bitter Magic:
    • Tamsin notes that she found herself attracted to pretty girls before, and mentions kissing Leya, her female best friend while at the academy for witches.
    • Wren later realizes she's fallen in love with Tamsin when Leya points this out.
  • To Shape a Dragon's Breath:
    • Anequs, upon seeing the black servant Liberty for the first time, thinks of her as beautiful. She desires a relationship with her, regardless of their percieved social class differences. When they kiss the night of the Vakyrafax ball, Anequs states that she fancies Liberty directly; it still takes Liberty, who has grown up knowing how the Anglish are about "deviance," to state back that she's only been interested in women.
    • Frau Kuiper—head of the academy—and Frau Brirkenhoff—head of the staff—are in a relationship; Anequs spots them having an affectionate moment. However, due to lesbianism (or any "deviance") being socially unacceptable among the Anglish, they cannot be open about it.
  • The Zodiac Series has two:

    Live-Action TV 
  • 13 Reasons Why: The new Dean of Discipline Hansen Foundry introduced in season 4 is initially seen as a hard-ass Dean Bitterman by Clay and his friends. In the "Prom" episode, he congratulates Alex and Charlie for winning co-Prom Kings; he also attends prom with his husband, saying that two Prom Kings would not have happened in his day. No one else knew that Foundry was gay, and the characters' views soften on him, especially when Justin dies of AIDS-related illnesses and Foundry remarks that he has seen a lot of his friends die of the disease when he was growing up.
  • The 100: Clarke is canonically bisexual, but it's never discussed explicitly. In seasons 1 and 2, she's mired in a messy Love Triangle in which she was unwittingly made the other woman in Finn and Raven's relationship. Season 3 opens with her Walking the Earth after the traumatic events at Mount Weather, and in a Friends with Benefits situation with Niylah, a (female) Grounder shopkeeper she trades furs with for supplies. It dovetails into Clarke's more serious relationship with Lexa later in the season, and helps it seem less like it came out of nowhere.
  • 9-1-1: Buck kisses Tommy Kinard, seven season into the series.
  • Allegiance (2015): A casual reference is made to a female agent "liking women", when discussing her partnering up with Alex.
  • All Rise:
    • Lisa Brenner reveals she's bisexual, after previously having been married to a man, when she mentions her relationship with another woman in college. Then she looks to date again, with most matches being with women.
    • In the series finale Emily's client turns out to have cheated on her husband with a woman, who'd been her friend before this.
  • Amazing Stories (2020): In "The Heat", at first Tuka and Sterling just seem to be best friends. Sterling however confesses that she loves Tuka romantically, who it turns out feels the same way.
  • Andor: In "Narkina 5" after many heavy hints in the prior episodes, it's now made explicit that Cinta is lovers with Vel. They refer to "us" and love for each other in a clear romantic way.
  • Sara is confirmed to be bisexual on Arrow when Ollie sees famed assassin Nyssa al Ghul meeting with her and kissing her, although the series would go on to establish that her bisexuality was already known to her family.
    • In the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow, several characters including a nurse in the 1950's, Queen Guinevere of Camelot, and Sara's eventual wife Ava reveal themselves as being queer in Sara's presence, with Caity Lotz playing each moment as if Sara's gaydar just pinged off the charts.
  • Black Mirror: In "Hang the DJ" it turns out Amy's bisexual since she's matched with one woman in the midst of the men, though apparently more into the latter to judge by this.
  • In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, during the episode "99," Rosa is established to be bisexual when Charles catches her talking to someone over the phone, and the voice he hears from the phone is female and calls Rosa "babe."
  • Class of '07: Tegan mentions briefly that while in school she still believed she'd been attracted to guys, indicating she's into women instead.
  • Criminal Minds: Evolution: In "Sicarius", Emily can tell Rebecca is Tara's girlfriend at once, and Tara confirms this afterward. She also tells Emily Rebecca's not the first woman she's dated either. Previously, she had only been shown in relationships with men.
  • The Crowded Room: Ariana shows she's bisexual through making out with Annabelle in front of Danny before the two have sex offscreen. Then she also flirts in a club with another woman, goes off to screw Jerome in a restroom stall and kisses her in front of him afterward. Annabelle's difficult to read, since she possibly was just going along with Ariana when she's high, or is bisexual as well, since she's into men otherwise. Ariana turns out to be one of Danny's alternate personalities, though it still counts perhaps, as this would indicate he's got bisexual and genderfluid personal aspects. It appears Jerome thought Ariana was a trans woman, and he'd entered a relationship with her that way. Also, it's revealed another alter, Jonny, was a man also attracted to men, having sex with Angelo frequently.
  • Deputy: Bishop, who has a masculine hair and clothing style, soon reveals they're a lesbian when talking to Hollister. It turns out they had moved to LA and joined the sheriff's department so they could live with their girlfriend. Later they come out as nonbinary and switch to they/them pronouns too.
  • Dickinson: Early in the pilot, Emily and Sue's mutual Love Confession followed with their empassioned kiss shows they have an existing intimate relationship that is then a main theme during the series.
  • Don't Look Deeper: Aisha is dating Levi when the series starts, but then shows attraction to Jenny. It turns out Aisha had been girlfriends with her before, but the memories got erased.
  • ER: After an entire episode that seems to be building up to Carter and fellow intern Maggie Doyle ending up in bed together, she takes him to a shooting range, then suddenly shrieks and hides from her jealous ex-girlfriend. Carter is cool with it and Doyle ends up as his low-key Gay Best Friend.
  • Everything Now:
    • Will is shown to be Camp Gay early on from his mannerisms and being in a relationship with his male boss. However then it's revealed to just be imaginary, though his boss likes the idea.
    • Theo reciprocates Mia's attraction, but then gets involved with Will which shows that he's bisexual.
    • Mia is shown to find boys attractive, then she's also attracted by Carli, a girl she runs into, showing Mia's bisexual too.
  • In Everything's Gonna Be Okay, there were hints that Matilda might not be completely straight in earlier episodes, but the ambiguity goes out the window in "Blue Death-Feigning Beetles", when Nicholas and Genevieve find her half-dressed and asleep with her arms around classmate Drea.
  • Game of Thrones:
    • The Season 1 episode, "The Wolf and the Lion", doesn't give you much information about Ser Loras Tyrell and Renly Baratheon as a couple at first unless one rewatches the tourney scene where Loras offers a rose to Sansa but he looks at Renly who is sitting at the back. After a few more scenes, you get both Loras and Renly shirtless because the former is shaving the latter's chest hair while talking about the succession on the Iron Throne. Loras convinces Renly that he should be king and then he gives him oral sex.
    • The Season 4 premiere episode, "Two Swords", establishes both Prince Oberyn Martell and his paramour Ellaria Sand as bisexual where they are checking out some prostitutes in Littlefinger's brothel. Ellaria rejects one prostitute that Oberyn is interested in because she's timid. But she prefers the next one who Ellaria describes as mischievous, and then Oberyn orders Olyvar, who is in charge of the brothel, to stay and take off his clothes before he gropes him.
    • In Season 6, Yara Greyjoy is shown enjoying the female prostitutes in Volantis.
  • In "Michael's Gambit," the Season 1 Finale of The Good Place, Eleanor offhandedly states that "Side note, I might legit be into Tahani". William Jackson Harper, Chidi's actor, would later use this line as proof that Eleanor is bisexual.
  • Gotham Knights (2023):
    • Harper mentions that she's bisexual to Dent and Ford while they're interrogating her, explaining one reason she ran away with her brother Cullen was because her dad disliked this. Cullen is identified as a trans boy too in the next scene.
    • Stephanie later tells Harper she realized she's not attracted to boys and she really likes girls before kissing her.
  • Hit & Miss: Maia is established as a pre-op trans woman very early on via undressing to take a shower, showing that she has breasts but also a penis.
  • House of the Dragon: Laenor Velaryon is confirmed as gay after a scene with him alone with his lover where they discuss his betrothal and how Rhaenyra's agreement with him to seek pleasure outside of martial duties works to their advantage.
  • Imposters: Ezra and Richard find the last known address Maddie had. On arriving, they're greeted by Jules... who'd been her wife. Both are surprised, as Maddie was previously married to them, while neither knew she'd also been with a woman.
  • Mac in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was an Armoured Closet Gay who became increasingly homosexual as the series went but always denied it because of his hardcore Christian values, going as far as having an Ignored Epiphany. But in the Season 12 finale, the thing that made Mac admit that he was homosexual was when he declared himself to be gay in order to claim ownership of an unscratched lottery ticket as compensation of being a victim of hate speech. Even the gang was surprised he didn't back out like last time.
  • L.A.'s Finest: Syd is shown after having had casual sex with a man in the pilot episode early on. Toward the end of the pilot, she's shown to be bisexual when the same thing happens with a woman.
  • The Last of Us (2023): Within the show (obviously it's no surprise if someone's familiar with the game) Ellie kissing Riley, her female best friend, in "Left Behind" shows she's attracted to girls.note  Riley is also fine with the kiss, implying she's had the same feelings.
  • Line of Duty: Series 6 Episode 1 has Joanne Davidson introduced, a high-ranking detective who's implicated as corrupt by constable Farida Jatri. However, it turns out she's been secretly involved with Davidson, revealed when the latter goes to her house, gathering the rest of her things and moving out, making the viewer wonder whether this accusation is motivated by rage about their relationship breaking down.
  • In the Loki (2021) episode "Lamentis", when Sylvie asks Loki about his romantic interests, her specific wording is whether he "had any interest in other princes or princesses". Loki replies to this "a bit of both", establishing him as bisexual, which is true to his orientation in the comics and his status as a shapeshifter. Loki then says that he suspects the same is true for Sylvie, which she does not deny, confirming her own bisexuality. Loki director Kate Herron expressed great eagerness at including this detail, as it made their orientation MCU canon.
  • The Murders:
    • Meg is shown to be a lesbian pretty early on when she mentions her wife, who makes an appearance later.
    • In "Black & Blue" a rapper turns out to be secretly bisexual when his sister is revealed to have recorded as he'd spoken to his ex-boyfriend, planning to sell it for tabloid fodder.
  • Never Have I Ever: In Season 3 we learn Aneesa's into girls too, as she kisses Fabiola (to the latter's shock), later dating her before they amicably decide they're really Better as Friends.
  • One of Us is Lying:
    • Cooper is revealed as really being gay when he visits his secret boyfriend, and it's shown that Keely is just The Beard to him, not actually his girlfriend.
    • Janae tells Addy she's gay when the latter mistakenly believes she had loved Simon romantically.
    • Janae later tells Maeve she's attracted to her. It turns out Maeve's attracted to Janae as well, and they kiss. Maeve had previously shown attraction to Simon-this confirms she's bisexual.
    • Janae tells Addy and then Maeve that she's genderfluid as well later.
  • The Order: Lilith is attracted to Randall in the first season and kisses him. The second season reveals she's attracted to Nicole. While at first it's left ambiguous if Nicole caused this by magical hypnotism, it's later confirmed not to be the case and Lilith has genuine feelings for her.
  • The Orville: Charly reveals in "Twice in a Lifetime" that she was in love with her friend Amanda, but unfortunately she was killed before Charly could work up the nerve to tell her.
  • The Pact: After an implied attraction has built up between them, Cat kisses Tish in "Episode 3". She apologizes and stops, then Tish says it's fine, kissing her back. Cat is thus shown to be a Butch Lesbian due to her masculine style, and Tish bisexual (she had just broken up with her boyfriend).
  • Pandora:
    • Jax is established as being bisexual when she runs into her ex-girlfriend while in the present having a boyfriend.
    • Atria's bisexuality is shown through having a threesome with a man and woman.
  • The Power (2023):
    • Early on, Roxy is revealed to be attracted by women, kissing one while they have an intimate moment. Later it's shown she also likes men, having a threesome with a man and woman.
    • Ryan reveals he has the skein to Jos, which is the result of him being intersex (as otherwise only cisgender women and girls are getting it then).
    • Later Sister Maria reveals she's transgender to Eve. It also turns out she's got the power, which is implied to result from her estrogen treatment, showing at least some trans women are getting this too.
  • Power Rangers Dino Fury: "The Matchmaker" Javi tries to get Fern (a friend of Izzy) aside but the way he tells her makes her think that he wants to get together. Fern immediately shoots him down by stating that she's not dating guys at the moment and the end of the episode has her and Izzy going off on a date.
  • Resident Alien: It turns out that Jay is into girls when in Season 3 her adoptive mom mentions her new girlfriend.
  • The Rising: After increasing hints they're attracted to each other, Neve and Alex finally kiss in Episode 5. It turns out they did at the party before too, but Neve didn't remember (both were drunk then).
  • Roswell, New Mexico:
    • Alex is established as gay early on when he and Michael kiss, then have sex offscreen.
    • Michael meanwhile is then established as bisexual when he has sex with Maria later. He confirms this to Max later.
    • Isobel is established as bisexual when it turns out that she loved Rosa, while she's married to Noah. She later dates two women too.
  • Schitt's Creek: "Honeymoon" has David, who up until this point appeared to be Camp Gay, reveal he is pansexual, using wine as a metaphor to explain it to Stevie ("I like the wine and not the label").
  • The Shannara Chronicles: Eretria tells Amberle (after having previously slept with Wil) that she also likes women before starting to flirt while they're taking a bath together.
  • Siren (2018): It's teased before, but in "Oil and Water" at last Maddie and Ryn make out together (along with Ben) confirming their mutual attraction and being into other women. Maddie is also very amenable after Ryn says she wants to have sex with them both, which they later do, and become a trio together.
  • Special Ops: Lioness: Aaliyah spontaneously kisses Cruz in a moment of joy. Before long it becomes clear this wasn't just a fluke, as the two kiss again before having sex.
  • The Spencer Sisters:
    • Darby's friend Zane quickly is shown as married to another man and has an adopted daughter with him when they speak on the phone, as she asks about how they're doing.
    • "The Winemaker's Woe" opens with two girls sneaking into the vat room at a winery to make out.
  • Star Trek: Discovery:
    • At the end of the first episode, Stamets and Hugh are seen getting ready to go to bed in the same bed, revealing that they're a gay couple.
    • In one episode, Reno is revealed to be a lesbian when she mentions having a dead wife.
    • Mirror Georgiou is established as pansexual when it's mentioned by an Orion prostitute duo (both male and female). She later confirms this and uses the term herself.
    • Adira Tal has a brief Coming-Out Story in which they tell Stamets they're not a woman and then ask to be called they/them rather than she/her from that point forward (everyone does afterward).
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty:
    • Cleveland is mentioned to have written an article on his relationship with a man in the past. Susannah calls him gay, while Laurel replies that he's bisexual. The latter turns out to be true, since she and Cleveland have sex later, then start a relationship.
    • Jeremiah reveals that he's bisexual while listing both boys and girls whom he'd kissed to Belly. He later also makes out with a boy around his age, Luke. Soon after he confesses to finding Belly attractive, after which they have a Sibling Triangle along with his brother Conrad.
  • Survivors: Anya reveals she's bisexual through stating that her deceased female friend, who'd died from the pandemic, was previously her girlfriend. Tom, her male Love Interest, was listening as she said this and is disgusted at first, but they get over his reaction.
  • Swarm: In the last episode, after previously having had casual sex with a man, Dre (while having butched herself up under her "Tony" alias) is shown to have a girlfriend, Rashida, showing she's into women too.
  • Ted Lasso:
    • The episode "Do the Right-est Thing" establishes Colin as Ambiguously Gay when his immediate reaction to being told about Bantr, an In-Universe dating app, is to compare it to the gay hookup app Grindr. It's upgraded to a full confirmation a season later when we see Colin waking up after a night with his partner Michael in "4-5-1".
    • Keeley makes several references to finding Rebecca attractive, but her bisexuality isn't confirmed until the episode "Signs" when she kisses and (presumably) sleeps with Jack.
  • Trigonometry:
    • Though it was hinted heavily before, Gemma explicitly tells Ray while talking in Episode 2 that she's queer, and knew early on. She had gotten in trouble with her dad for her kissing a girl in her secondary school years.
    • In Episode 3 Ray confesses (when drunk) to them that she's fallen in love with both Kieran and Gemma. Both are thrown by the revelation.
  • The Tunnel: Elise is shown to be bisexual when, after only being with men before, she begins to feel a connection to Eryka in Season 2. They kiss and have sex after this, but their connection doesn't pan out as Eryka is with the bad guys. In Season 3 Elise also tells Karl when she lost her virginity as a teenager, listing it twice with both a boy and a girl.
  • The Umbrella Academy (2019): Season 3's "The World's Biggest Ball of Twine" has Viktor cut his hair short before arriving at a meeting between his siblings. When Diego addresses Viktor by his deadname, he is corrected as Viktor reintroduces himself with: "It's Viktor. It's who I've always been." He comes out as a trans man through this.
  • The Undeclared War: In Episode 2, Kathy relates how her ex, a woman, hated her being messy with her belongings. Shortly after this, Saara kisses her, and though she tries to deny it meant anything initially as she had been drunk, her attraction for Kathy is soon confirmed when they kiss again while Saara's sober before the two have sex. Beforehand, Saara is shown to have a boyfriend, making it unknown until then that she also likes women.
  • Vida:
    • Emma and Lyn learn their mother Vidalia (after she's died) was into women when it turns out that she'd been married to another woman, which neither knew about until then.
    • Emma then reveals she's into women (or AFAB folks, since Sam's nonbinary it transpires) herself by hooking up with one, then reveals this to Lyn, who's surprised by the fact.
  • Wild Cards (2024):
    • In "Howl to Get Away With Murder" before long Cole and Max find out that the victim had seen multiple women, but also a man. His boyfriend turns out to be a man they interviewed, with Max spotting this quickly.
    • In "Con With the Wind" JJ is established to be queer early on by Cole. Later it turns out he refused to give an alibi as that would out his boyfriend Vince, who's still in the closet.
  • Willow:
    • The pilot "The Gales" showed Kit and Jade were more than just friends with the former kissing the latter passionately before leaving.
    • When the strange storm approaches the Immemorial City, Boorman asks both Jade and Graydon if they want to make out before the end.

    Video Games 
  • The ending of Celeste's DLC reveals that Madeline is trans via a few things in her room: rainbow and trans pride flags, a childhood photo of her looking more masculine-presenting, and a pill bottle that's suggested to be estrogen.
  • Cyberpunk 2077:
    • Judy Alvarez's sexuality is revealed when she off-handedly mentions that she used to be in love with her co-worker and new boss, Maiko Maeda. Reading the emails on Maiko's terminal reveals that she and Judy actually used to be a couple in the past.
    • Kerry Eurodyne is revealed to be attracted to men when we see him in Johnny Silverhand's memories, where he's about to get a blowjob from a male Samurai fan in an alley. Kerry is actually bisexual, which you can tell when you visit his mansion much later in the game, and you can see bras strewn around his house and an email from his ex-wife on his laptop.
    • There's multiple indicators throughout the game that Johnny's not straight. The most obvious example is a conversation you can trigger if you go to Dicky Twister, a gay strip club:
      Johnny: Huh, last time I was here I was with Kerry. This Latino hunk gave us a lapdance. Cheeks so smooth I could almost see my own reflection.
      V: I thought you prefer girls.
      Johnny: Mostly. Now and then I've swung both ways. The more the merrier.
    • Claire comes out to V as trans during her sidequest, when she tells V that she and her deceased husband were friends before her transition and that he brought her daffodils after her surgery to celebrate new beginnings.
  • Bridget from Guilty Gear was originally portrayed as a boy crossdressing as a girl due to a superstition from her hometown that twins of the same gender are considered an ill omen. This didn't bother her too much at first until her reappearance in -STRIVE-, where her story arc shows her grappling with a gender identity crisis now that she has done away with the superstition. After receiving a pep talk from both Goldlewis and Ky, Bridget finally gets to courage to stand up and declare herself a girl.
  • Ikenfell features a Cast Full of Gay, with some needing no explanation (for example Petronella and Ima are nonbinary and openly use they/them and Ze/Zir pronouns respectively; Gilda openly comments on how attractive she find other girls). That said, this trope still comes up a few times:
    • The only confirmation Rook (who's masc presenting and uses he/him pronouns) is nonbinary is a flashback where he asks Safina not to call him dude.
    • Ibn Oxley and Bax are shown to be close but aren't confirmed as a couple until Bax makes a Love Confession and gives Ibn a Cooldown Hug after the Final Boss fight.
    • The epilogue also confirms that Petronella is aroace, and Maritte and Pertisia are in a relationship. Gilda is also implied to be dating Rook (implying she might be bi or pan, as all her previous attraction was directed towards binary girls).
  • I Was a Teenage Exocolonist:
    • For Tangent, this moment can come as early as considering her as a childhood friend and reading the mention of her having undergone genome treatment to make her body conform to her gender. If that part gets skipped due to only considering other children, a piece of her random dialog during her late childhood has her comment that her puberty seems to be going a little differently from that of people who were born with a female set of hormones.
    • As Seeq is non-binary, the player knows as soon as the first time their pronouns appear in dialog.
    • If Sol asks Nomi-Nomi about their gender when they first meet them, the latter will say that they're just glad that the Strato colony has "not-boy, not-girl people" like Seeq, revealing that they're nonbinary like them. If they and Rex are mistaken for having started dating, they mention not liking anyone "that way" and instead regarding Rex like a brother, establishing their asexuality. They also have a piece of random dialog that establishes this, via mentioning being grossed out at the idea of "getting involved" with someone else. If Sol pursues them as a love interest and tells them that they don't like "doing it" either, Nomi-Nomi clarifies that they're actually demisexual, only considering having sex someday if they "really like" the other person first.
    • One Babysitting event has Sol and Tammy discuss who could have been the latter's surrogate mother. The people Sol can suggest are Anne (Anemone's mother), Tirah (Cal's mother), their own mother (Flulu) and "Marz's dad". Choosing the last option confirms that it's given completely seriously and implies Burnish is known to be the one who carried Marz.
    • While working in Medbay, it's possible to witness an exchange between Tangent and Utopia during which Tangent makes a comment about both of them having experienced having a body that doesn't match the woman they are inside.
  • The Last of Us:
    • Paranoid Crazy Survivalist Bill talks about his partner without using pronouns and it isn't revealed until the group stumbles upon his male partner's corpse.
    • Ellie gets one in the Downloadable Content story expansion with her friend Riley; the game subtly teases a possible romantic connection between the two girls in the midst of them hanging out and having fun. But then Ellie plants a kiss on Riley's lips and Riley doesn't mind at all. In the sequel to the game, Ellie is an out lesbian.
    • In The Last of Us Part II, Lev is revealed to be transgender when the Seraphites hunting him stumble upon him and yells out his deadname. Earlier he mentions to Abby that part of the reason why he and his sister left the Seraphites is that he "shaved [his] head". Only male Seraphites have clean-shaven heads.
  • League of Legends:
    • In Pride Month of 2021, Leona and Diana starred in a short story called "Rise With Me", firmly establishing the two as a canonically sapphic pairing and depicting them sharing their First Kiss together. This was complimented by an emote of the two locking hands to form a heart.
    • When Nami joined Legends of Runeterra as a champion, two follower cards were released with her simultaneously, Tama, the Marai Songstress, Loto, the Abyssal Defender. Their relation to Nami unveils that she is both bi and polyamorous, establishing that the three of them are a mutual polycule.
    • Months after Leona and Diana's confirmation, Arcane released and featured an explicitly romantic dynamic between Vi and Caitlyn, two other champs that had been teased years before. Caitlyn's ASU that released soon after also added several lines alluding to their relationship.
    • After years of Homoerotic Subtext and internal conflicts among Riot management, Twisted Fate and Graves received pretty blatant confirmation of being a male-loving-male couple as the two headline 2022's batch of Pride cosmetics. One of the items is an emote that bares a direct reference to Brokeback Mountain, a gay romantic drama about two cowboys. The start of Pride Month also saw the release of the short story "The Boys and Bombolini", which explicitly confirms in text that they're in a gay, romantic partnership.
    • K'Sante debuted in 2022, and unlike previous examples was very quickly established as gay with his introduction video, which establishes his romance and falling-out with another man — a hunter named Tope — with their relationship informing a major story beat in K'Sante's backstory.
  • The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories uses a Bait-and-Switch. It teases J.J and Emily as a lesbian couple, but the actual twist is that J.J is a trans girl. There's a slow ramp-up of hints, but it becomes completely unambiguous when a flashback shows her being outed at college, leading to an Attempted Suicide and the reveal that the game's a Dying Dream.
  • From Overwatch:
    • Tracer is revealed to be lesbian during the Christmas Episode comic "Reflections", where after a day of holiday heroics, she returns to her apartment, revealing she lives with a girlfriend named Emily, with the two sharing a kiss together before joining with Winston for dinner.
    • The short story "Bastet" reveals in conversation that Jack Morrison/"Soldier: 76" was in a gay relationship with a man named Vincent, though his commitment to his military work led to them falling out of contact. He reveals in the present day to still keep a photo of them together (which also happened to be present in the aforementioned "Reflections" comic, albeit without context of their relationship), harboring wistful nostalgia for the one that got away.
    • The short story "As You Are" sees Pharah being asked if she and Cassidy are an item, which she dismisses for a handful of reasons, one of which being that she's a lesbian who doesn't care about him in that kind of way.
  • Persona 2:
    • If you pick the bad choices before Caracol, in a later cutscene Yukino, who is crushing pretty hard on her male boss, is revealed to be bisexual. Her Shadow kisses Anna and then they both jump off the bridge.
    • While there were subtle hints shown earlier, the cutscene after you complete the Taurus Temple reveals that Jun is gay and Tatsuya is bisexual. Tatsuya is asked to pick which of his friends he's interested in, and Jun is the Gay Option. If you choose that, Lisa is stunned and feels quite awkward to find out he swings that way. This has an effect in gameplay, as Jun and Tatsuya get a joint contact, and the Tatsuya/Lisa joint contact is lost for the rest of the game. No, the two options do not function the same way.
  • Quilts & Cats of Calico:
    • When the Quilter first meets Matthew, the latter mentions having a husband who co-runs his workshop.
    • Aunt Agatha refers to Oomi with ze/hir pronouns when she tells the Quilter to find hir in the Upper City. Oomi hirself confirms that ze's "a being with no gender, name, or history", only going by what other people call hir.
  • Undertale: In Mettaton's Questions, he asks "Who did Alphys have a crush on?". If you choose Undyne or Asgore, Alphys gets embarrassed, revealing that she's bisexual.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: During one of Ciri's playable flashbacks, she can respond to a question about if she's attracted to the stable boy who befriended/saved her, by confirming she prefers women. Ciri is bisexual, as per the original books, and though the player has the option here of what to say, later Geralt does ask her about a barmaid she had chemistry with and it's spelled out they're Amicable Exes.

    Visual Novels 
  • Dream Daddy: Besides being a love interest for the Dadsona, Damien mentions being glad to own Victorian-period binders, revealing that he's also trans.
  • Havenfall Is for Lovers: Eva is confirmed as trans in Antonio's fourth season, when the heroine is talking her through the various pride flags and she is delighted to learn there is 'one for her', and Antonio buys her a trans flag badge.

    Web Animation 
  • In Among Us Logic, Mr. Cheese was introduced as an associate of The Gentleman, and most of their early appearances together are filled with Ho Yay. However, they are officially confirmed to be a couple in the Jailbreak video. When Gnome (who was revealed to have killed her boyfriend Engineer) points out that he "killed his boyfriend a bunch of times", we cut to a montage of moments from previous episodes where he killed The Gentleman. While Mr. Cheese denies killing the Gentleman, he does not counter her calling him his boyfriend.
  • The Annoying Orange: "PRIDE" has Marshmallow hack and shut down a Killer Robot. Afterwards, they summon Orange and co. to explain why they could do so: quantum computers are non-binary, and so are they.
  • RWBY:
    • In Volume 5, Ilia Amitola tells Blake that she used to have a crush on her, but Blake was too busy pining for Adam to notice. However, the point of their relationship, and the antagonism between them in Volumes 4-5 has nothing to do with Ilia's romantic feelings. The issue is how her grief over the deaths of her parents is being exploited by the villains, and how Blake's platonic faith in her old friend helps bring her back from the edge.
    • While discussing with Weiss whether they should protect Atlas or Mantle, May Marigold says her activism in Mantle caused her Atlesian parents to disown her as a son. In response, May made it clear their daughter was disowning them in turn. Although she is the show's first transgender character introduced on screen, the point of the scene is about how people choose to protect either Mantle or Atlas, and the fact that the scale of catastrophe facing the two cities is too great for either city to handle alone.
    • In Confessions Within Cumulonimbus Clouds Blake and Yang are separated by the Ever After's weather. Being a Rule of Symbolism magical realm it drops them into a storm battered broken bridge that has them on opposite sides of the only piece of solid land around. To get each other the two have to admit what they haven't said about one another, finally culminating with their mutual declarations of love and their First Kiss as a couple, ending years of teases and cementing that their attraction. Despite this the rest of the episode centers around other parts of the plot that their relationship doesn't directly effect, lamp shaded by Yang's first words after being "What did we miss?".
  • Helluva Boss: At first, Moxxie's bisexuality was hinted at in what seems like throwaway jokes, like him wanting to have sex with Michael Crawford, only really being confirmed through Word of Gay. Enter "Exes and Oohs" and we learn that Moxxie dated a male shark demon named Chaz. He also explicitly clarifies to his father that he's bisexual and not gay.

  • Crimson Dark: Kari reveals she's a lesbian when she introduces her girlfriend Ren. Before, her sexual orientation is not shown at all.
  • In the Doris Doodle comic Freckles, Dawn has a Snark-to-Snark Combat with Wendy from Wendy’s. It’s shown by the car ride home that Dawn has a crush on her.
  • Goblins: The goblins and Minmax encounter a magical pillar that shows images of what you lust after. For Fumbles it doesn't change, implying that he is asexual, and for Big Ears it shows a muscular male goblin, revealing that he is gay.
  • NEXT!!! Sound of the Future:
    • It's established in the first chapter that Lucky is a trans man when another character accidentally refers to him as "she" before immediately correcting herself to "he", which also conveys that his transition was fairly recent.
    • To cheer Shine up after she tells him that she doesn't think she can be an idol, Gumiya shows her a picture of himself from the past when he used to be one. He also happens to be a trans man who was still presenting as female at the time, which causes Shine to mistake him for his sister and for Gumiya to clarify that the picture is actually of him, conveying that he's trans.
  • Rodney R Rodney: Rodney himself is established as aromantic and asexual when he's shown decorating his plants with the corresponding flags. For bonus points, it happens at the end of a comic involving a girl worrying that he won't fall in love with her.
  • Thinking Too Much to Think Positively: A somewhat unusual example as this is from an autobiographical comic based on the author's own experiences. Xan being referred to as female by her partner, RF, in "They Said, She Said" helps her come to terms with being a trans woman. At the time of publication she was non-binary but beginning to get more accustomed to being referred to as female. Xan being a trans woman then sticks for the rest of the comic.
    RF: Hey everyone, this is my girlfriend Xan! Isn't she cute?
    [Xan blushes sweetly and literally glows with the trans pride colours.]
    RF: Yeah, I think you're good.
  • Uprooted (2022): Alice is confirmed as non-binary near the end of Act 1, where Immorticia says "Girl...", then corrects herself to "Gender Neutral...".

    Web Videos 
  • In episode 114 of Critical Role, some of the other members of The Mighty Nein adventurers tease Cleric (and cook) Caduceus Clay that the female butcher they just visited for supplies was taken with him, and he should return her favors. Clay surprises them by admitting he just isn't interested in sex or romance, revealing that he's aroace.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Arthur episode "Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone", Arthur's teacher Mr. Ratburn announces he is going to get married, but Arthur and his friends are not happy with that idea, so they try to sabotage the wedding, thinking that a woman named Patty who has started following Mr. Ratburn around is going to be his wife. At the end of the episode, the kids are surprised to see Mr. Ratburn marrying a man instead, the first instance of the show making it clear that he's gay. Patty turns out to be Mr. Ratburn's sister.
  • In Bojack Horseman, Todd has mixed feelings after finding out that Bojack slept with his ex-girlfriend Emily. In the Season 3 finale, he suggests to Emily that he "might be nothing" with regards to his sexual orientation, establishing himself as asexual.
  • Clone High: The eighth episode of the second season reveals that Frida is queer, as she's attracted to Cleo. The latter is likewise revealed to be queer when she reciprocates the feelings at the end of the episode (though she was previously Ambiguously Bi).
  • Craig of the Creek: In the episode "Fire & Ice", Kelsey starts to realize that she likes Stacks more than a friend and Stacks feel the same way. At the end of the episode, they hold hands.
  • The Ghost and Molly McGee:
    • Geoff is revealed to be gay in "(After)life of the Party," when Jeff (with a J) is revealed to be his partner.
    • In "Davenport's Demise", Andrea tells Molly she plans to marry a girl named Alina Webster.'
  • Throughout the run of Gravity Falls, Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland share plenty of Ho Yay moments together, with the former reacting in distress when he sees the latter frozen by Bill Cypher. However, it's only in the series finale when they declare that they "are mad with power... and love", confirming that the duo are more than just really close friends.
  • Hailey's On It!: "Catching Felines" is about Hailey's efforts to make a female friend, specifically Scott's little sister Becker. At the end Becker misinterprets Hailey's interest in her as romantic, and resolves that someday, she's going to kiss her.
  • Harley Quinn (2019): This continuity's version of Tefé Holland is non-binary rather than female, with their gender identity first made apparent when James Gordon refers to them, Volcana, and Terra as "women" and Tefé indignantly replies that they aren't all women.
  • Hazbin Hotel: In "Hello Rosie!", Alastor's asexuality is brought up in the series for the first time by Rosie referring to him as an "ace in the hole" as an explanation of why she knows he wouldn't be in a relationship with Charlie.
    Rosie: Come now, Alastor, she's much too young for you! Oh, I'm just kidding. I know you're an ace in the hole.
  • The Hollow: Adam's orientation is hinted at in Season 1, after he & Mira kiss, where he tells her he's not interested in her that way. It's then hinted at again in the first episode of Season 2 with a rainbow pride flag in his bedroom, and then in the next episode Adam flat out states to Kai that he's gay.
  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous: After nearly five seasons of their relationship deepening, Yaz admits to Ben that while she has liked boys in the past, Yaz says she is attracted to Sammy, showing herself as bisexual.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts: We find out Benson's sexual orientation at the end of "Ratland" when Kipo states that she likes him. Benson stumbles a bit before outright revealing that he's gay.
  • The Loud House:
    • In "Study Muffin", Luna describes Lincoln's substitute, Ms. DiMartino, as "smokin' [hot]", implying she is queer. "L is for Love" confirms Luna's queerness; the audience is led to believe that her crush, Sam, is a boy, only for said boy (Sully) to walk past the locker Luna put a note in and for a girl to open the locker instead.
    • Leni's friend, Miguel, is confirmed to be gay in "Food Courting", which reveals he has a crush on another boy, Gavin.
  • Middlemost Post: Russell (who, despite her name, is a girl) revealed in "To Narwhal, with Love" to be a lesbian when she falls in love with Winifred, a female narwhal. Winifred's owner's father is against their relationship, not because they're both girls, but because Russell is not rich.
  • Miraculous Ladybug:
    • In "Reflekdoll", Rose and Juleka are confirmed as a couple when Rose holds Juleka's hand and kisses her cheek to console her when she gets upset.
    • In "Adoration", after Marinette has spent the day trying to suss out who Zoe's crush is, Zoe silently reveals that her crush is on Marinette herself.
    • In "Collusion", when Ms. Bustier is fired, it's revealed that she has a girlfriend named Giselle. And just in case there was any question about their relationship, they share a kiss on the lips.
    • In "Representation", it's confirmed that Marc and Nathaniel are a couple when Marinette happens to interrupt them just as they're about to kiss.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: In "The Big Mac Question", Lyra and Bon Bon are seen proposing to each other in the background, revealing that they're lesbians.
  • The Owl House:
    • Luz is revealed to be bisexual in "Lost in Language" after Emira winks and calls her "cutie", causing her to blush (her attraction to men had already been established in "Witches Before Wizards" when she spent most of the episode fawning over Nevareth).
    • In "Enchanting Grom Fright", Amity is revealed to be a lesbian when it's shown that her worst fear is being rejected by her crush Luz.
    • The March 2022 charity livestream features a Voiceover Letter from Lilith where she is implied to be aromantic after admitting to Hooty that she's never had any interest in romance.
    • In "Thanks to Them", Masha is shown to be non-binary, as their nameplate specifies that they go by they/them pronouns and their fingernails are painted in the colors of the non-binary pride flag.
  • Rugrats (2021): Betty is portrayed as a Butch Lesbian in this series, and this is established in the first episode when she says she has an ex-girlfriend.
  • South Park: An odd case regarding Tweek and Craig, who were shipped by the entire town in "Tweek x Craig" despite their claims of not being gay. They decide to start fake dating and the episode has them reconcile and hang out together, but it's still unclear if it's for them or the town. However, it becomes unambiguous in "Put it Down" when not only does Cartman refer to Tweek as Craig's boyfriend, but Craig refers to Tweek as "babe" even outside of school. This confirms that the two are actually gay.
  • Tuca & Bertie: Tuca is revealed to be bisexual in "Bird Mechanics" when she is shown to see both male and female characters as prospective dates on the Sex Bus.

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