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Neve Kelly, a promising young motocross racer in rural England, finds herself alone after she had been to a party with a confused state. It soon turns out, to her shock, that she died and has become a ghost. Worse, it's evident her death was murder. As her family struggles to handle her loss and the police investigate, Neve soon becomes determined she'll help find her murderer. With the help of the few people who can see her, Neve tries to solve her murder, even if the guilty party is someone very close...

The show was based on the Belgian show (Hotel) Beau Séjour, produced by Sky Studios. It was originally released on Sky Max in the UK on May 11, 2022. Later it debuted in the US on The CW starting May 29, 2023. The first series had eight episodes, and originally a second was announced. It was canceled though in May 2023.


  • Abusive Parents: William threw Alex, his own daughter, under the bus while acting as a surrogate father to his nephew Joe, making her take the fall for a deadly car accident which was more Joe's fault than hers.
  • Action Girl: Neve was already athletic, racing on her motorbike competitively. After her death and her becoming a ghost, she's not shy in doing what she can physically to solve her murder as well, which includes riding on her motorbike to intercept or tail people.
  • The Alcoholic: Neve's dad Tom often drinks heavily, even out in public right from the bottle (in fact, he's rarely without one). He later starts going to a support group for alcoholics, meeting Michael Wyatt there, who's revealed to be another alcoholic this way.
  • The Alibi:
    • At first it looks like Joe murdered Neve. However, then he's alibied by her stepsister Katie, who admits they were having sex at the time of her disappearance.
    • William Wyatt was cleared as he had an alibi from his wife, saying he was at home in bed with her. It turns out she'd woken up that night and found him gone, however. This helps him to be accused of Neve's murder.
  • Badass Biker: Neve was a motocross competitor and is shown performing impressive feats during flashbacks against other bikers. She often wore a long leather coat while alive and not in driving gear, being a tough young woman overall. Neve doesn't permit a little thing like being dead stop her from trying to find her killer either, and luckily for her it doesn't stop her riding.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Neve finds her murderer, who's killed by the ghost of his other female victim, so he can't murder anyone else. She has to move on into the afterlife, with her loved ones left behind, though not without hope that they'll be together again someday.
  • Boyish Short Hair: Neve, an Action Girl and professional motocross competitor, has a short haircut with it hanging to her jawline. She's also attracted to women along with men it turns out.
  • Boy Meets Ghoul: Neve becomes attracted to Alex, her boyfriend's cousin, after she dies and becomes a ghost. They start a relationship despite Alex being a living woman (she's among those able to see Neve). Despite being dead, Neve can touch living people, so they're able to kiss or have sex.
  • British Brevity: The first season (which, due to its cancellation, was it) consists of only eight episodes.
  • Broken Pedestal: Alex is devastated while thinking that her dad murdered Neve, since she'd always sought his approval.
  • Butch Lesbian: Neve fits a lot of the motifs, as she's a short-haired Badass Biker who prefers masculine clothing and is attracted to women. However, she's bisexual, with a boyfriend at the start.
  • Cassandra Truth: Tom tries to tell Maria that their daughter Neve isn't gone, but still around (she has become a ghost). As he's The Alcoholic Maria doesn't believe this and gets angry with him in her grief, thinking he's making this up or hallucinated as a result of his drinking.
  • Cessation of Existence: Discussed by Daniel and Tom. When the latter asks what he believes happens after people die, Daniel says this is it. He says valuing life now is what matters. Tom however has just found out this isn't true, since his daughter Neve has become a ghost after death.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Alex drove recklessly way over the speed limit and the car crashed, killing her friend Danny. She had to do three years in juvie for this. Due to coming from a small town, everyone knows and many gossip as a result. Alex is distraught at what she did as well. It turns out this was in fact partly Joe's fault, as he'd playfully covered Alex's eyes while she was driving. However, she took the blame.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: It turns out that Michael murdered Neve just because, in his mind, she disrespected him. He'd murdered Victoria for her insulting him and not returning his love.
  • Emotional Powers: Ghosts can cause harm to the living if they feel intense emotions, such as rage or hate.
  • Evil-Detecting Dog: Dogs and birds can sense Neve as a ghost, something which nearly all humans are incapable of. She leads people to her body this way, since the family dog follows her to the lake where birds circle above its location.
  • Framing the Guilty Party: After hearing from Neve that William killed her, Tom claims to have seen him talking to her at the bonfire that night so that the police will have testimony placing them together, although William wasn't actually at the party. It later turns out that William's brother Michael was the real murderer, though William was an accessory after the fact by covering this up.
  • Freudian Excuse Is No Excuse: Neve tells Michael flat out she's not interested in any issues in his childhood or anything of that kind when demanding an explanation as to why he'd murdered her.
  • Gaydar: Joe says he can tell his friend Nicky has feelings for him from the way he looks at him.
  • Gender-Blender Name: Alex, Joe's cousin, is a woman.
  • Hellbent For Leather: Neve, a Badass Biker, liked to wear a long leather coat when alive.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: Tom gets suspected of murdering his daughter Neve due to mentioning evidence that the police never told the public about. He'd actually heard it from Neve, as she's a ghost who'd related it to him. Obviously, explaining that to the police wouldn't work.
  • I See Dead People: Neve's dad sees her as a ghost, though at first he thinks it's due to his drinking (being The Alcoholic, he's frequently drunk) or going nuts. Later it turns out Alex, her boyfriend Joe's cousin, sees Neve as well (while sober). It turns out she's also visible to William Wyatt. Eventually the characters realize that all the people who can see Neve have had a near-death experience at some point in the past. Neve's stepbrother Max and Sergeant Diana Aird also get strange feelings and throw looks in her direction when Neve's around, without being able to actually see her.
  • It's All My Fault: Alex is wracked with guilt over accidentally having killed her friend Danny while speeding, causing them to crash. It turns out that Joe was partly at fault, as he covered her eyes while messing around, but Alex took the blame.
  • Lesbian Jock: Neve is a skilled motocross racer who had a boyfriend. She also becomes attracted to her boyfriend Joe's cousin Alex as well (a woman), so a bisexual jock.
  • Love Confession: In the series finale, Neve tells Alex she loves her fervently.
  • Masculine–Feminine Gay Couple: Neve is a short-haired young woman with masculine clothing who's a biker. She and Alex, a woman around her age with long hair and a more feminine dress style (but not by much), become a couple (in spite of Neve being a ghost while this happens).
  • Missing Mom: Katie and Max's mom died prior to the events of the series.
  • Nonconformist Dyed Hair: Neve is a tough, rather butch bisexual girl who's a Badass Biker with the tips of her boyish short hair dyed pale blue.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: Neve at first doesn't realize she's dead and a ghost, due to feeling just the same initially. She doesn't feel hungry, thirsty or tired though, and also has marks from her fatal injuries but feels no pain. Neve is even capable of riding her bike too, and changing clothes, along with affecting material things in other ways. However, most are unable to feel her touch. Dogs and birds can sense her, while only a couple humans can. When she gets very emotional, it can affect nearby electronics, such as making the lights flicker. She's unable to sleep as well. It appears she's still around to solve her murder. Neve is also solid and tangible (thus her ability to ride a motorbike), making her dad believe she isn't a ghost in fact but something else. Victoria also turns out to be a ghost, with the reveal both of them have lost memories. Initially in Victoria's case she forgot about even her family, while both she and Neve can't initially remember how they died. They realize they're blocking it out, though, and remember Michael murdered them both. They can also harm living people when their emotions are strong.
  • Outliving One's Offspring: Neve's mom Maria suffers deeply due to her death, crying often and grieving in distress over it. Her dad on the other hand copes as he sees that she's still there as a ghost, helping her look into who killed her. Joan, who lost her own daughter Victoria, commiserates with her over this and advising Maria on how to go forward (though Maria blows it off).
  • Parental Substitute: William Wyatt takes a fatherly role towards his nephew Joe, since his brother Michael, Joe's dad, is less successful and reliable than William and Joe is a prominent racer in William's motocross club. He even threw his own daughter Alex under the bus to protect Joe's reputation when both she and Joe were involved in a car crash that killed their friend Danny.
  • Parent with New Paramour: Katie isn't happy, it turns out, by how quickly her dad got remarried to Maria after her mom's death, acting hostile toward them as a result at times.
  • Queer Establishing Moment: After increasing hints they're attracted to each other, Neve and Alex finally kiss in Episode 5. It turns out they did at the party before too, but Neve didn't remember (both were drunk then).
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Neve gives Michael an angry, blistering speech after he's told her his very petty reasons to murder her and Victoria, saying he (along with many men) have been weak, small people across the centuries, making absurd excuses over their violence.
  • Riding into the Sunset: In a variation, Neve rides off on her motor bike into the distance right at the end of the series, to the afterlife, with the sun making its ascent.
  • Sibling Murder: Michael murders his brother William due to William's effort to reveal his crimes.
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: Neve and Alex love each other deeply. However, as Neve is a ghost, with Alex still alive, it can't last. Neve in the end must bid Alex a sad farewell, with the hope they'll meet in the afterlife.
  • Straight Gay: Nicky, Joe's buddy. Joe says he's aware that Nicky wants him due to the looks he's given him. Nicky is a masculine athletic guy just like Joe.
  • Taking the Heat: It turns out Danny's death wasn't entirely Alex's fault, as Joe had covered her eyes playfully when she was speeding, helping to cause the car crash. Alex took the blame entirely due to him and her dad pressuring her into it because her dad didn't want Joe's motocross career derailed.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: In Episode 1, at first Neve believes her mom's just ignoring her when she comes home. Then after Katie does the same thing, she realizes gradually she's dead, a ghost they can't see or hear. It takes Neve a long time to figure out what's up, since at first it seems like she's still alive in every other respect besides this.
  • Tracking Device: Neve's last recorded location gets revealed using a tracking app that Katie put on her phone. It turns out that she's not there, though.
  • Unfinished Business: Neve hangs around after dying as a ghost to find her killer, though she isn't even aware she's dead initially.
  • Who Dunnit To Me: Neve, after discovering she's a ghost and was murdered, sets out to find her killer, helping the police investigating covertly.