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Where there's a will there's a way

"I am Kronar, son of man. For a hundred generations, my fathers have kept the bloodline pure. Free from woman's taint."
Kronar, Son of Kronar, Oglaf

It's not unusual to see a same-sex couple with a child. This generally happens either through adoption or when children of a prior relationship view the other same-sex partner as their parent.

But what about the child who is conceived from two genetic parents of the same sex?

Assuming there's no transgender people involved, this trope turns a blind eye to the exact method of birth (People Jars, womb, etc.) and sticks to naming any kid who draws their genetic heritage from two individuals of the same sex, regardless of how they were incubated/born, and whether this was the result of magic, genderbending, shapeshifting, DNA splicing, or bizarre alien/human biology.

Closely related to Has Two Mommies, although one does not require the other. Compare and contrast Truly Single Parent. Contrast Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong. Can result in Mr. Seahorse. Often a necessity in a One-Gender Race. Not to be confused with Your Tomcat Is Pregnant.



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    Anime & Manga 
  • Fletch and Arata have a daughter with a little help from "ground breaking science" near the end of Iono the Fanatics.
  • Vandread is full of this. Ezra, one of the female side characters, was pregnant with the child of Rebecca, another female crew member, via technological gene-mixing. In fact, this is how all women from Megele reproduce. The men on the other hand, use a less personal but otherwise similar factory setup.
  • Blame!: Cibo and Sana-Kan have a "child" at the end of the series.
  • The Arume reproduce this way in Blue Drop. For an extra kick, they can also mate with human women. To be fair, they do use cloning/genetic engineering technology to accomplish this.
  • Maybe occurred in Neon Genesis Evangelion with Rei, who was made up of a combination of Yui Ikari and Lilith's DNA. It's debatable whether Angels have a physical sex, though.
  • Lyrical Nanoha:
    Einhart: "If we have to talk about your birth, then we might end up causing a paradox, so..."
  • The civilizations in Crest of the Stars definitely has the tech to do this, though we haven't seen any characters with odd parentage... that we know of. As the Abh society runs on a setup of only one parent raising the kid and being directly counted as a mother or father, and the other more a source of genes (though being asked to give your genes is considered a great honor), much of the Abh cast could have same-sex parents and we wouldn't know.
  • This trope makes up a large part of the plot of the Sex Pistols manga.
  • A patient in Franken Fran was infected with a protozoan with her (female) best friend's DNA. Fran managed to use that DNA as the 'sperm' to the patient's egg to create a child.
  • Kano from Texhnolyze is stated to have three mothers, though the exact mechanics are left unexplained. He did also have a father or several, who were also sons of these mothers. The Class is obsessed with selective inbreeding and genetic engineering to defeat the perceived defects that caused them to be imprisoned underground in the first place, but they get all the physical and mental deformities associated with incest along the way.
  • A rather disturbing example with Tier Harribel's Fracciónes from Bleach. Apacci, Mila Rose and Sung-Sun have the ability to create a chimera Hollow by ripping of one of their respective arms and fusion them into the said Hollow. Its name is Ayon and the said technique to create it is called Quimera Parca. Ayon has no feminine traits, has a very musculous and masculine body, though it's also not male, and is a very ugly giant. Its mask doesn't cover its face, but its nose. Behind its lion mane are his big googly eyes which can fire Ceros, and what looks like its neck is actually its big mouth. Makes you wonder how three pretty woman can produce that ugly thing from their bodies.
  • Patalliro!: Maraich gets pregnant twice over the course of the manga; the first pregnancy ends in a miscarriage, but the second results in a successful birth. Neither pregnancy is ever explained, although given the series you'd be wrong to expect an explanation.
  • Before they were famous, CLAMP produced a doujin with a focus on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters. Jotaro Kujo and Noriaki Kakyoin have a child in a peculiar way.
    Polnareff: "Kakyoin!! Did you lay this egg?!"
  • Played for Laughs in Kaguya-sama: Love Is War when Kaguya and Fujiwara end up having a child together while playing a Game of Life/Sugoroku mashup designed by the Tabletop Games club. They probably never took gender into account when designing the game.
    Fujiwara: Oh! I landed on a baby space! We had a kid together!
    Kaguya: HOW!?
  • Word of God has revealed that, in Saki, due to its Twenty Minutes into the Future setting, two women can have children through the use of IPS cells (induced pluripotent stem cells) — and that many of the main cast were born from couples using that technology.
  • It's implied in UQ Holder! that Konoka and Setsuna of Mahou Sensei Negima! had children together, since one of Konoka's granddaughters is a carbon copy of Setsuna, right down to the wings. Given the setting it's not implausible that the technology (or magic) to do so exists.

    Comic Books 
  • According to Chris Claremont, this was the original plan for Nightcrawler of the X-Men. Mystique and Destiny were supposed to be his birth parents, with Mystique morphing into a man for it to happen. However, it received an Executive Veto since it was deemed too controversial. Instead, his father is revealed to be one of Marvel's equivalents of Satan, which is so much less controversial. More than one subsequent writer and a decent number of fans have since considered Retconning this into his actual backstory.
  • Superboy (Conner Kent, or Kon-El) is the result of mixing Superman's DNA with Lex Luthor's. His only daddy was originally Cadmus director Paul Westfield but that didn't have nearly enough sexual tension.
  • In Alan Moore's Tomorrow Stories, it's revealed that the heroine Cobweb and her sidekick/lover Clarice are the daughters of a previous Cobweb and Clarice, having been born as a result of a ritual where their ancestors made love in a certain place which had certain special qualities. This was because their ancestors were, due to an accident, from a One-Gender Race.
  • Judge Dredd has had more than a few one-shot characters demonstrating that it's possible for men to get pregnant in Mega-City One, usually by another man.
  • In Phil Foglio's Buck Godot: Zap Gun for Hire's "The Gallimaufry" storyline, a male alien Pog member named Qvakk mentions that he "really loved Oort...was gonna take him home, make lots of eggs".
  • In Transmetropolitan this trope seems to be a major part of the in-universe soap opera "Republican Party Reservation". Would be tame compared to all the other stuff that goes on daily in the City.
  • In DC Comics Bombshells, Supergirl's birth parents are Alura In-Ze (her mother in regular continuity) and Lara Lor-Van (her cousin's mother in regular continuity).
  • America Chavez comes from a dimension where humans are a One-Gender Race comprised entirely of women, yet still capable of having biological offspring. The mechanics of how this works are never revealed, it's just part of what makes her home-dimension a lesbian paradise.
  • Wonder Woman is an interesting case. Traditionally and originally she was brought to life by magic combined with her mother's longing, Aphrodite's compassion and both of their love and both women call her daughter, though in practice when Diana talks of her mother she means Hippolyta. In some continuities Aphrodite gets help from a trio of other goddesses and Gaia is also oft used as Diana's other mother, as the clay used to form her body came from her.

    Fan Works 
  • Axis Powers Hetalia fanfics Hakkōna and Kaitō Kokoro: Within both stories, male Obake can impregnate other male Obake, perhaps because they could technically materialize the necessary organs and synthesize the necessary hormones. This is how Kiku and Feliciano had their own children.
  • The Steven Universe fic New Feelings has Jonah Eudialyte, son of Pearl and Garnet. Seeing how both of his mommies are Humanoid Aliens (well, Starfish Aliens) who practice magic and have No Biological Sex, this seems quite plausible.
  • Becky Ariel Doofenshmirtz, the daughter of Phineas and Ferb characters Dr Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Perry The Platypus. Not only does she have two daddies, they are barely in the same class. Well, the Foe Yay is there in the original, and one of her daddies is a Mad Scientist...
  • Very common all over the Invader Zim fandom, usually a bi-product of Zim and Dib shipping. Some justify it with at least one participant being an alien, though most don't even bother with a Hand Wave. In Short Supply meanwhile managed to obtain popularity even among people who usually don't like MPreg by exploring in extensive detail the mechanisms and consequences of the trope (for example, Zim wasn't prepared for the physical strain, and his first birth was not a pleasant experience).
  • Hazura Sinner from Deviant ART has built quite a reputation for her work giving "fan babies" to her OTPs (all of them slash), including Kim/Shego, Allelujah/Neil, Fang/Vanille, and Pinkie Pie/Twilight, Rarity/Applejack, and Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy.
  • A Naruto fanfic called Sasuke, I think I'm Pregnant. The explanation is that the Kyuubi allowed Naruto to get pregnant anally, which takes just under fifteen minutes to break through Sasuke's wall of cynicism. The fic was released on, and takes place on, April Fool's Day. Shikamaru made a bet with Naruto that it would take less than fifteen minutes to fool him with this one, which leaves Naruto grumbling that he has to pay up.
  • Sherlock fandom gives Sherlock and John broods of (biological) kids by fanartists. It runs on Rule of Adorable.
  • My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fanfiction and fanart features such things frequently enough that the term "magical lesbian spawn" is frequently used to sort them on fan-sites. This is in part because an overwhelming majority of the main characters are female:
    • In part 4 of the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic fic Out in the Cold, Trixie ends up bearing Twilight's foal after the two get carried away with a book of sex magic (a Gender Bender spell is heavily implied).
    • An established part of pony existence in the Triptych Continuum, courtesy of a unicorn working known as Mytilene's Truest Love — although practically everypony just calls it The Most Special Spell. However, it has a number of restrictions. It only works on mares. (All attempts to find a stallion version which would work in conjunction with a surrogate mare have failed.) Pregnancy is not guaranteed: a mare under the spell's influence has the same chance of becoming gravid as she would at that point in her cycle. The spell generally only lasts one night, which means repeated castings are often necessary. Any pregnancy which does result is fully normal — including the chance of miscarriage. And the foal will always be a filly. Castings are available free from the government, mostly to avoid con artists creating useless glow and leaving (or sticking around long enough to watch the conception attempt), along with arranging a health screening to assess the chance of an "in the blood" disease being guaranteed in the offspring. Celestia saw that part coming — but wasn't quite expecting centuries of the spell's use to push Equestria into a mare majority.
    • In Lopoddity's Pandoraverse, same-sex couples with biological children include Rarity and Applejack, Bruce (an Original Character stallion) and Aerostorm (a Rainbow Dash/Dumbbell son), and Pandora (a Twicord daughter) and Cupcake (a Pinkie/Cheese Sandwich daughter). Justified in-universe, due to all cases of homosexual reproduction involving a draconequus either temporarily changing one half of the couple into the opposite gender for a short while or actually being part of the couple. There's also the case of Bruce's female pet sea hawk and Pandora's pet chicken who had a clutch together, which Pandora chalks up to said hen spending most of her life in a high-Chaos magic environment.
    • Oversaturated World: Discussed in Sugarcatharsis:
    Lemon burst out laughing and clapped Sugarcoat on the shoulder. "It's fantastic! She's like if you and Indigo had some weird magic lesbian baby." She turned to Twilight. "Hey, are magic lesbian babies a thing now?"
    "I... what?"
    "I'll take that as a 'maybe.'"
    • The Winningverse has these. The term used is "Love Foals". Rainbow Dash is a love foal to ponies who share a very striking resemblance to Firefly (The pony Dash is an expy of) and Surprise (The pony Pinkie is an expy of). It's said that The Magic of Love decides who gets a love-foal and who doesn't, which is a problem for Lyra and Bon-Bon, as while they satisfy the conditions for a love-foal, neither of them are at a stage in their lives where they could raise a foal. Later fics seem to imply that certain magics that can give a mare the equipment to do things the traditional way can also create new life and may be able to power through methods to stop pregnancy. While the author has said that stallion/stallion pairings can produce love-foals, they have not elaborated on the logistics of how or where the foal gestates.
  • Touhou fandom provides the page image (Sakuya and Meiling are the couple in question), and the number of other examples is massive. Far more plausible than most settings, given a) the Improbably Female Cast, b) the abundance of casual magic, and c) it being very rare for any two random characters to be the same species, so this trope would be the least surprising thing about them having children.
  • Happens a lot in Kim Possible fanfic, because the big Fan-Preferred Couple is Kim and her Evil Counterpart Shego, and their world is so riddled with Mad Science that this hardly needs justifying. Two daughters (named Kasy and Sheki) created by one author for the fic A Small Possibility are popular enough that they're often borrowed by other writers, but they're hardly the only ones.
  • Many, many Harry Potter fics concern ways for two men or, less often, two women to have kids without a surrogate or a previous relationship, from potions and/or spells to magical creature heritage to simply having powerful enough magic/being in "true love"/wanting it badly enough. In other words: A wizard did him resp. a witch did her.
  • The usual result of "McShep" slash involving accidents with Ancient technology in Stargate Atlantis slash fic. Especially because Sheppard's Ancient gene and McKay's genius intellect are considered extremely valuable by the entire Pegasus Galaxy, and fanon often considers the city Atlantis to be sentient and very fond of the two.
  • Some Fire Emblem Awakening fanfics try to sidestep canon's lack of same-sex marriages while keeping the children's existence intact, mainly among yuri shippers. Sumia/Cordelia and Lissa/Maribelle are the most noteworthy examples.
  • Pretty much any ABO (Alpha/Beta/Omega) Alternate Universe Fic (long story short: some characters have a working penis and can impregnate anyone regardless of gender while other characters can get pregnant by anyone regardless of gender) involves this, and is often the impetus for writing one in the first place.
  • All of the Little Things, a Bleach fanfic where Yoruichi and Sui-Feng end up getting married and conceiving a child together. The fic takes a chapter out to go into all the metaphysical detail of how that is possible (especially as Yoruichi was adamant that she did not want Sui-Feng growing any extra appendages to get the job done).
  • The Puella Magi Madoka Magica Science Baby AU. Technically, they're magic babies.
  • Many Lost Girl fics have Bo impregnating Lauren. Typically explained by her taking and giving back chi is an exchange life force, and can be used to impregnate women. The fics that have baby be a son however show the authors have a questionable grasp of biology, which is is discussed in Believing in the Impossible, where Lauren mentions she's positive their baby is a girl. When Bo asks how she can be sure, Lauren points out neither of them have a y chromosome.
  • RWBY fandom classes fics where this happens as RWBabies for maximum punny potential:
    • The titular character of Snowflake! is Yang and Weiss' daughter. She was conceived through DNA mixing.
    • Linked in Life and Love: It's mentioned off-hand that advancements in Dust can do this. Ruby is in fact the result of this process. Raven and Summer were a couple, and wanted a baby. At first, the process only had a sixty percent success rate so they had Taiyang act as a donor (this produced Yang), but by the time they wanted another child the odds were better, so Ruby is a true DNA mix of Raven and Summer. Raven carried Yang, while Summer carried Ruby.
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe:
  • In "Remembrance of the Fallen" Tiana Lanstar is very pregnant with a child conceived using in-vitro fertilization with her dead wife's ova, which had been technobabbled.
  • Lantern Prime gives Cybertronians two ways to procreate. While a male and female Cybertronian can breed (which involves the female taking a portion of her and the male's Spark, incubating the new Spark until it is complete, and then transferring it to a new body), the more common method is through Protoforms, which require one to five parents, in any combination of genders, to be scanned to set the new Transformer's traits (except gender, which is already set for each Protoform). Arcee ends up with Optimus Prime, Abin Sur, Kilowog, and Mogo as her sources. The latter three using their Lantern Rings to interface with the cyberwomb.
  • Shudo cross Modern Ash: The Professor Who Observes his Charges has this mentioned as becoming possible in the last few decades with the tech available to the Pokemon world, with the specific method used being the Parthenote method mentioned under Real Life. Verity is the result of this with her two mothers.
  • In Neither a Bird nor a Plane, it's Deku!, Casey Brinke, a member of the Doom Patrol, developed a drug that allows women to impregnate each other. Momo Yaoyorozu is the product of one of these consummations.
  • In the adult The Legend of Korra Palcomix story You're In My Heart, In My Soul, Korra somehow impregnates Asami during non-penetrative sex. Yep.
  • Warrior Cats:
  • In SilfofinaDragon's Sengoku Basara fanfics, Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura have children named Yuki (daughter) and Masa (son) through having sex.
  • Same-sex pregnancies are apparently common enough in the Fantasia Times series there are people specialized in helping deliver then. Most notably, main character Sera is the daughter of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, and Elsa ends up pregnant with Andi's child.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • In Being John Malkovich, Cameron Diaz gets Catherine Keener pregnant. (Which is to say, this happens between their characters, but you get the picture.) Well, technically John Malkovitch gets Catherine Keener pregnant while Cameron Diaz is metaphysically inside his body, but they seem to count it as Cameron Diaz's kid.
  • A similar realistic example happens in The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy. Patrick's lesbian sister Annie asks him to be her partner Leslie's sperm donor; this way the baby would be related to both moms.
  • The setting of the Polish science fiction film Sex Mission necessitates this, as male population was entirely wiped out by Depopulation Bombs in the past. The remaining female population breeds via lab-assisted parthenogenesis. The film ends with the protagonists successfully changing that for good, much to the cloning lab's nurses horror.
  • The Baby Formula features a scientific discovery (listed under Real Life) that would allow a woman to be impregnated with sperm created from another woman's stem cells. The main characters are a lesbian couple who undergo the process and successfully impregnate one of them. Then, the other has herself impregnated with the first's stem cells when she feels she should be the pregnant one. note 
  • Mentioned disparagingly by homophobic politician Dan White (and the source of a pretty good joke) in Milk.
    Dan White: Can two men reproduce?
    Harvey Milk: No, but God knows we're trying!
  • Two 4 One's premise is of a transgender man getting knocked up, naturally this trope is in play.

  • In Walter Jon Williams's novel Aristoi, the (male) protagonist's boyfriend voluntarily becomes pregnant with the protagonist's sperm, using the commonplace technology of the far future. (It's so far in the future that people have godlike powers and can do just about anything.)
  • In William Gibson's Count Zero one of Turner's team is a lesbian who had a kid with her partner via "DNA splice". The procedure was apparently very expensive though, the reason she went on the run was to make payments on it.
  • In Courtship Rite, the Liethe clan commonly create new clone-lines by fusing ova from two existing but not quite perfect lines, though they do also breed with the priests they seduce. Other clans do some broader gene-pasting. The maran-Kaiel brothers were produced from a complicated process combining Prime Predictor Taien's genes with genes from a past male Prime Predictor who died long ago.
  • Cordwainer Smith's "The Crime And The Glory Of Commander Suzdal": When the planet Arachosia was originally settled, a bizarre happenstance, in the author's words, "rendered femininity carcinogenic". The end result is a monosexual society of beings neither truly male nor truly female, incapable of conventional reproduction and with an abiding hatred of normal humans.
  • In The Culture novels of Iain M. Banks, easily reversible sex-change technology exists. In Excession, one major plot point revolves around the common lovers' practice of simultaneous pregnancies: after one half of the couple gets pregnant, they both change genders (which stalls but doesn't abort the pregnancy), the other person gets pregnant, and then the now-male one becomes female again.
  • There's a character in The Dark Tower, Mordred Deschain, with two mothers and two fathers.
  • The bizarre lesbian sci-fi book Daughters of a Coral Dawn has its protagonists accomplish this via a drug called Estrova (although it is implied that they also had kids by more natural means). How this is done is never quite clarified, although it seems to involve fertilizing one motile ovum with one sessile one. It's necessary, because they've all left Earth and need to breed to make sure their colony survives. Two books later, it turns out that their granddaughters have mutated into a new humanoid being that produces Estrova naturally.
  • In The Expanse, gene-splicing allows any two people to conceive a child. Anna Volovodov and her wife have a daughter conceived this way, and Holden is an odd case of having eight different parents in his genome (essentially being used to abuse a loophole in land rights so his parents could keep their farm).
  • In Joanna Russ' novel The Female Man, the narrator comes from an all-female planet in which couples reproduce by merging ova. She considers this obviously superior to mere parthenogenesis.
  • Nicolae Carpathia of the Left Behind novels is revealed in the prequel The Rising to be the son of two gay men, incubated in one of their wives. You know, because homosexuals are evil. Subtle as a sledgehammer.
  • In Rangers At Roadsend by Jane Fletcher, it is stated that the DNA of a gene mother is magically copied into her partner's ovum by a so called "imprinter", a person blessed by Celaeno. As this is all very secret and the temple is implied to be corrupt, it could just be science shrouded in mystery to be able to demand more money for it.
  • Star Wars Legends: Hand of Thrawn leans a little more towards Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke, but it turns out that Major Grodin Tierce is a clone of a Red Guard with a bit of Thrawn's mind added in. For that matter, Joruus C'baoth could be considered to be the child of the original C'baoth and Palpatine - we don't know much about his origins, sure, but while he looks like and thinks he's C'baoth, there's certainly an Emperor-ish cast to his thoughts and use of Force Lightning. That would make Luuke, who is a clone of Luke but is an extension of C'baoth, another one of these.
  • Subverted in the Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy story "Born To Endless Night". Robert Lightwood suspects that Magnus somehow did this magically when he and Alec suddenly adopt an abandoned, blue-skinned, warlock baby. Noting that Alec's eyes are deep blue, and Magnus's magic glows blue, Robert strongly hints that he thinks Magnus created the baby using himself and Alec as some kind of biological donors. Magnus is so stunned that he simply states that he is going to pretend that Robert never asked him about this. Which only seems to make Robert believe it more.
  • In The Trials of Apollo, the third series of Rick Riordan's Greek Gods saga, Apollo mentions one of his kids' mortal parent is male. He then points out that his brother Dionysus was incubated and birthed from their father's leg so this shouldn't be so shocking.
  • In Wen Spencer's Ukiah Oregon series Jo and Lara's second child, Callie, is biologically related to both of them with the aid of a fertility clinic.
  • The dystopian After the End world of Victoria features the technologically advanced but politically eccentric state of Azania as one of the new nations built out of the rubble of America. The ideologists who rule it have outlawed natural births, mandating that all reproduction be by cloning; by the time of the story, they are well on their way toward becoming a real One-Gender Race of lesbians.
  • Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga:
    • In Ethan of Athos we get Athos, an all male colony. The plot kicks off because there are problems with the (repeatedly cloned) ova they have to import to allow the males to reproduce. When this novel was written during The '80s, the use of cloned ovaries to produce egg cells was pretty sci-fi, especially when paired with Uterine Replicator technology. It started to show some Zeerust due Science Marches On with Real Life advances suggesting that the creation of zygotes using the genes of two same-sex parents may be possible in the near-term. To catch up, Bujold introduced advances from Beta Colony that allow for such offspring to be produced in any modern Galactic reproduction center.
    • In Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, Admiral Jole has several sons with Aral Vorkosigan.
  • Older Than Feudalism example in True History: after the hero and his crew return to the Moon after the failed war expedition against the Sun people, he's married to the King's youngest child, and then explains that Moon people, apparently all male, can reproduce and how: in a couple, the "husband" (above a certain age range) impregnates the "wife" in a spot in the back of the knee. The fetus then develops in the calf and upon growing big enough it's bodily removed from the leg. It's also mentioned that alternatively, Moon people can detach their testicles and bury them like seeds, generating phallus-shaped trees that give birth to several Moon people. Also doubles as Bizarre Alien Reproduction.

    Live-Action TV 
  • The Broken Hearts Club scenario is duplicated in Girlfriends, in which William is the biological father of his sister's girlfriend's baby. He refers to the child as his "nephew-son''.
  • In the 2009 Kennedy Center Honors, Jon Stewart provided this semi-joking theory regarding honoree Bruce Springsteen:
    Jon Stewart: I believe that Bob Dylan and James Brown had a baby.
  • In the space episode of NewsRadio, Space Matthew accidentally unplugs the life support for the whole station, so he and Space Bill McNeil decide they'll need some petri dishes to further the human race.
  • In the Sci-Fi series The Orville there is the Moclan race, who are an all-male species... who lay eggs to reproduce... and are sometimes born "female". They also urinate only once a year and can eat almost anything.
  • This is possible in Dark Matter through genetic engineering techniques. One of the main characters, Two, and her female lover Dr. Shaw had a daughter by this method.

    Myths & Religion 
  • Norse Mythology:
    • Sleipnir has two fathers — Svaðilfari (described as "the best of all horses") and the Giant/God Loki, though technically speaking Loki was female throughout the entire relationship.
    • This is not even the only time Loki has children with another male, although at least one of the other incidents also involved Loki taking female form beforehand. According to the Aesir in Lokkasenna, Loki spent eight years in another realm as a milkmaid, having babies with an unnamed husband. Interestingly enough, this may be one of the reasons Loki became a common "bad guy" in Norse myth. The concept of men giving birth (thereby violating Norse sex roles as well as basic biology) was considered the most grievous of taboos.
    • Heimdall has nine mothers — even odder, they were sisters and each one is said to have given birth. No, we don't get any explanation how this is possible. Presumably they took turns.
  • In the Welsh Mabinogion, the demi-god brothers Gilfaethwy and Gwydion anger their sorcerer uncle Math, who transforms them into matched sets of animals: a stag and a doe, a boar and a sow, and a wolf and a she-wolf. The brothers mate in their animal forms and produce offspring: Hyddwn (fawn), Hychddwn (piglet), and Bleiddwn (wolf pup). After three years Math transforms his nephews and their children into humans. Must've been an interesting family.
  • Poseidon's most prominent romantic relationship before marriage was with a boy named Nerites. Together they sired the god of requited love Anteros.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Vampire: The Requiem has a supplement known as Wicked Dead that talks about dhampyr, creatures born from the unnatural desire of vampires to have children. One method of creating dhampyr is the use of a dark ritual, some versions of which allow a vampire of either sex to likewise impregnate a human of either sex, resulting in human men being impregnated by both vampire men and vampire women, and in vampire women impregnating human women. Other versions allow the vampire to fall pregnant by a human lover, again regardless of respective genders. And some vampires produce dhampyrs through The Power of Love, resulting in spontaneous homosexual pregnancies or male pregnancies in one (or both) parties.
  • The small-press RPG Fates Worse Than Death takes place in a rundown cyberpunk future where, among other things, homosexuality is perfectly normal. One of the sourcebooks makes mention of artificial wombs that allow male couples to reproduce and a finger tool that converts epithelials into sperm cells for lesbian couples.
  • Exalted:
    • One of the advanced Craft Abilities is Craft (Genesis), the setting's equivalent of genetic engineering. This trope is really the least of what advanced Genesis-tech can do. Also, ghosts can produce Ghost-Blooded with human women. The gender of the ghost is irrelevant.
    • Lunars play with this; they reproduce through taking whatever gender they need to make the baby. That said, they can still turn into men while pregnant, and it's within Lunar abilities to make a knack to get around the need for a male and a female to make a child. Their patron Luna is known to appear as a pregnant adult male when it feels like doing so.
  • In the backstory of Forgotten Realms, before the goddesses Shar and Selune were enemies they had a daughter together — the goddess Chauntea. During their feud, the goddess Mystra was created when Selune threw a piece of herself through Shar's body.
  • In the King's Blood card game, playing the titular card allows a character to produce heirs with anyone, regardless of suit or gender. For some reason, pairing males seems to be especially popular.
  • A god with sufficient Knacks in Scion can be whichever gender he or she pleases in the World, allowing a goddess to impregnate a woman or a god to become pregnant. One sample character, Annie X, is the result of Kali taking on male form.
  • In GURPS Transhuman Space genetic recombination and exowombs are expensive but viable methods for two people of the same sex (or different parahuman types) to have kids. In the case of two women, exowombs aren't necessarily required; Denise in Personnel Files 5: School Days was carried by one of her mothers, but she doesn't know which one.
  • The "Invading Clans" sourcebook in BattleTech notes that this is possible for the Clans, as the scientist caste has the ability to insert DNA from a male donor into an egg or DNA from a female donor into a sperm cell. How common this is is never revealed and the Clans care little for family ties anyway.

    Video Games 
  • Mass Effect:
    • The asari resemble human women but are actually a One-Gender Race, and they can conceive and give birth to a child by a partner of any gender from any other species. This involves a psychic as well as physical coupling, and the child is always asari. Liara is a child of two asari, as are Samara and her daughter Morinth in the second game. Morinth, however, has a bizarre genetic condition known to the asari as Ardat-Yakshi, which presents its own problems. Problems that are suggested to be the real reason why asari-exclusive pairings are heavily stigmatized.
    • In a conversation with an older asari, who had partnered with another, she pointedly clarifies that she was her daughter's father, since her partner was the one who conceived and bore their daughter.
    • This is possible for all species, or at the very least humans, through genetic engineering. Designer babies are common amongst the rich; in Mass Effect 2 you meet a character who was created using only a single person's DNA (albeit with a lot of genes borrowed from elsewhere). If you can do it with one person, you can do it with two.
  • In Hitman: Codename 47, Agent 47 is the result of a cloning experiment that combined the DNA of five of the world's deadliest criminals - all men - in an effort to create a "perfect human".
  • Wizardry 8 offers the chance to sleep with a demon goddess (actually necessary unless the player knew about a certain plot event ahead of time and set things up to work around it), and the character who did it will find their pissed-off demonic daughter near the end of the game. Go into that scene with an all-female party, and a woman will sleep with the demoness. The daughter shows up regardless.
  • In Harvest Moon DS Cute, it's possible to choose one of the four special not-exactly-human girls as a "best friend" in place of a husband. Should you go their route, the Harvest Lord will show up at some point and magic up a kid for you and your "friend". Only in the Japanese version, though, since Natsume had to appease Moral Guardians who wouldn't acknowledge this game exists if it broke into their house at night and ate their children alive.
  • The Sims 2 has a cheat that allows you to impregnate your sims with anyone you want, so same-sex genetic parents are possible. Numerous mods have been created for 2 and 3 that allow same sex couples to get pregnant through standard WooHoo. 4 directly allows players to make transgender sims, allowing this trope.
  • Enforced in Minecraft - as Notch pointed out, there is only one gender in Minecraft, which means that any creature in Minecraft is homosexual, because there is only one gender to choose from. Obviously, this also means that any baby animal or villager is the result of Homosexual Reproduction.
  • In the The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind In-Game Novel The 36 Lessons of Vivec, Vivec and Molag Bal somehow had sons and daughters. Both are generally referred to as male, though Vivec is a hermaphrodite and Molag Bal is a technically genderless deity. Also, as a Daedra, Molag Bal should not be able to create life. It should be noted that the Lessons of Vivec are largely allegorical, even at their most reliable.
  • Elona lets you "Make a Gene" with anybody you've married, regardless of gender or species.

    Visual Novels 
  • In Fate/stay night Saber, aka King Arthur, has a child with Guinevere. Merlin did some very strange magic for the occasion. During that same period her sister used some of the sperm taken from her to make a homunculus, Mordred, and raise her to be Arthur's rival. This turned out terribly for everyone involved.
  • In Medusa's season four of Astoria: Fate's Kiss, Celeste and Saffi are pointed out to be half Gorgon and half human, while in the What to Expect special, the protagonist was shown as pregnant.
  • In Nurse Love Addiction, Asuka and Kyoko have a daughter together in Sakuya's good ending. The twist is that their daughter is Sakuya's reincarnation, and Sakuya herself is still in love with Asuka.
  • One of the endings in Mizuchi has Ai find a way to impregnate the protagonist Linh: creating an egg that she can implant in Linh's body. Before discovering this method, Ai has already used the supernatural equivalence of partheogenesis to create two daughters.

    Web Animation 
  • This (extremely perverted) Flash video by a onetime web video maker named "Evil Dave". Just the description is Sick and Wrong: Ricky Martin gets impregnated with a "butthole baby" after gay sex with Puff Daddy, and proceeds to get an abortion, which kills him. Then his corpse is cooked and eaten by a cannibal tribe.
  • The punchline to a gag in asdfmovie9; a woman tells her lover that she's pregnant only for it to be revealed that her lover is also a woman, who is understandably confused by this revelation. Granted, this is assuming the first woman didn't get pregnant... the old-fashioned way with someone else.

  • In Girly, the main character's love interest has two moms, and we're told outright that she's their biological child (the explanation is given a humorous Hand Wave). In the end it turns out that the two main characters have a daughter themselves!
  • The Touhou fancomic Touhou Nekokayou features Original Character Carroll Kirisame, born after magically combining the DNA of Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid. She refers to Marisa as her father (though she uses feminine terms and pronouns to refer to her in every other respect). The exact process Marisa and Alice used remains a Noodle Incident.
  • The Japanese fan-art site Pixiv had an art challenge along these lines: "Let's Make Touhou Kids!". The results are available for review (might be NSFW), including a few artists' comic series starring their new creations. Notably, the artist Kyouno has a series, Touhou Boys and Girls, with (at last count) six children of female-female couples — and, as the title suggests, two of the kids are male.
  • An Oglaf comic Son of Kronar (NSFW) says his family has kept their bloodline pure of woman's taint for a hundred generations. And depicts one of the aforementioned, er, ass-babies.
  • In Umlaut House 2 Rhonda is the daughter of two men, she even jokes that she "is of no woman born". Towards the end of the first series it was stated that there are biotech companies that help homosexual couples reproduce (though one of Rhonda's dads is a Mad Scientist).
  • In Drowtales, it turns out that the Jaal'darya use their manatech to do this. They also sell this technology to Snadhya'rune, which allows her to have a daughter, Kalki, with Mel'arnach without alerting her mother. Or Mel'arnach, at that.
  • Homestuck:
    • The trolls have genders, but the way their reproduction works (it involves buckets and a "mother grub" who takes genetic material and combines it into an "incestuous slurry") means that it's possible for a child to have multiple parents, including same-gender ones.
    • The ectobiology equipment in SBURB means same-sex genetic parents are a possibility for human players—although all the recombination seen so far has been in male-female pairs.
    • Leprechauns as in the Felt are stated by an Exposition Fairy to have homosexual reproduction exclusively. She's interrupted before she manages to say so but the author puts up her speech anyway, and though the part about how they reproduce is damaged by the glitches it seems quite similar to Dave's Brother's Smuppets.
  • As revealed in the final story arc of And Shine Heaven Now: the boy that will grow up to be Vampire Hunter D is somehow Integra Hellsing and Seras Victoria's son. Only they know how that happened, and they aren't telling.
  • Discussed in El Goonish Shive. Lesbian couple Ellen and Nanase talk about maybe having kids someday and how to go about it, then Ellen points out that they can... this being El Goonish Shive, take a wild guess. Heck, neither of them even needs to change genders or get pregnant, considering that Grace or a pair of Uryuoms could potentially provide them with a Uryuom egg (with the result that their child would look like a combination of both of them and be able to shapeshift to resemble either of them).
  • In Shortpacked!, Joe offers to use his crazy tech skills to help Robin and Leslie have a baby together. The plan is to convert some guy's sperm [they settle on Ethan] to match the DNA of one of them, so it can then combine with the egg of the other. (He admits he totally stole this idea from Justice League Unlimited.)
  • In the comic Wizard & Giant the Giant, AKA Prince Varka, a massive pink guy from a sunless frozen wasteland gets married to, and impregnates Wizard. Both characters are male. How is this possible? A wizard did it.
  • #Blessed: When the gods say their plan is to impregnate Joanna, she points out that half of them are female. They laugh and say that's not a problem for them.

    Web Original 
  • In the Elcenia 'verse, homosexual reproduction has been directly stated to be possible via magic, though a male-male pair requires a surrogate to carry their child.
  • The My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic imageboard Derpibooru has a "Magical Lesbian Spawn" tag for the biological children of such pairings.

    Western Animation 
  • In the Pinky and the Brain episode "Brinky", Roman Numeral One, or "Romy", was meant to be a clone of Brain, but some of Pinky's DNA ended up in the mix, producing what Pinky (and eventually Brain) treats as the duo's son.
  • Transformers, being a One-Gender Race with a few rare exceptions, can do this. Two examples would be Sumdac and Megatron making Soundwave in Transformers Animated and Ratchet and Wheeljack making the Dinobots in Transformers: Generation 1. It is worth noting, however, than no "reproduction" in the biological sense is involved- they simply make a chassis and either program in a "soul" or give it a soul via MacGuffin application. As long as the parties involved have the requisite know-how, Transformer reproduction can be performed by two male super-intelligent iguanas if the need arises.
  • Played for Laughs in The Ren & Stimpy Show Adult Party Cartoon. The aptly titled episode "Stimpy's Pregnant" starts with Stimpy having typical pregnancy symptoms, which he has to explain himself of to Ren. Despite them having a child is biologically impossible, neither complain or question it; Ren even says "You said you'd use protection!". It is later revealed that it was not, in fact, a child, but a living lump of Stimpy's excrements (even though he went through lactation and had his waters flow out). They never find out, because the delivering doctor didn't want to "break their hearts".
  • In Gargoyles, Delilah was produced from the DNA of Demona and Elisa.
  • Following the comics, Superboy in Young Justice is revealed to be a combination of the DNA of Superman and Lex Luthor in the episode "Agendas." Given that this was in the comics this also counts as an I Knew It! for many fans of both.
    Luthor: Half of your DNA is human. Have you ever wondered who the donor was? Face it, son, you have more in common with me than with Superman.
  • An episode of Family Guy sees Stewie impregnating himself with Brian's puppies in a misguided attempt to save their friendship.

    Real Life 
  • In Real Life scientists have managed to extract male sperm from female stem cells, and hope to extract eggs from male cells in the near future. While legislation will undoubtedly take its time to catch on, there is now theoretically (very expensive) means for lesbian couples to have children without a man; the technical term for this is "parthenogenesis." Such children, called "parthenotes," would always be female. And that's not all - it has been demonstrated in animal experiments that it's possible to make a child inherit the genes of three parents - the implications for unorthodox family structures are pretty interesting.
    • Although the result doesn't usually thrive, it is possible for one of the 'waste' cells formed during female meiosis, the polar body, to fuse with an egg producing a zygote. If the problems are ever overcome, any two females could produce a child without the need to engineer sperm cells.
    • As far as working on making children from two fathers, it's significantly harder, as eggs become the core of an embryo while sperm is little more than genetic information. There are a few ideas, but in practice it's quite a ways away still. Also, YY combinations must be avoided because they don't work, so effectively the children will be male 2/3 of the time and female 1/3 of the time. That doesn't even get into the fact that there'd need to be a surrogate mother to actually carry the baby, or an artificial womb outside of a body (while there could in theory be male pregnancies, they would be extremely dangerous, and the technology required to make them would be more difficult than a completely artificial womb altogether).
  • Reciprocal IVF is a fertility technique already used by lesbian couples. It involves taking an egg from one mother and implanting it in the other mother for gestation after it has been fertilized by a donor's sperm. The resulting child effectively has two biological moms (one genetic, and one gestational).
  • You could say that Dolly the sheep had three mothers: one that the nuclear DNA was taken from, one that the egg cell was taken from, and one that it was implanted in.
  • The Desert Grassland Whiptail Lizard, an all-female species, reproduces strictly through cellular meiosis (no fertilization of eggs required), while ovulation is enhanced by what basically amounts to lizard lesbianism.
  • An experiment was done to see if bi-maternal mice have longer lives by changing some eggs to behave like sperm (answer: yes, but they were also drastically smaller).
  • Mice from two genetic fathers. And two genetic mothers.

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