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A fan animation (also spelled "fan-animation" and "fanimation") is what happens when a fanartist decides to put their pictures into motion.

Fan animations are typically original animations. Some, however, are based on other fanfics while others are animations set to music.

Most animations are either hand-drawn or computer-drawn, however using MikuMikuDance is also an alternative for people who want to create All CGI Cartoons easily.


Fan animations are usually ignored by publishers and creators, and they may be even praised or encouraged, but sometimes they're met with cease-and-desist orders. However, this usually only occurs when animators try to make a profit off of fan-animations or when they're too sexual.

Compare to Fan Art, Fanvid, and Fanfic. Can overlap with Fan Film. Super Trope to the Multi-Animator Project.

Other popular terms include:

  • "MAP" refers to a "Multi-Animator Project". Not to be confused with a MEP (Multi-Editor Project), which is a similar term used by Fan Vidders. A "MAP" is an animation where several animators each do different parts.
  • A "PMV" is a "Picture Music Video". Not to be confused with the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic's fandom's usage (Pony Music Video), which usually refers to Fan Vids. They're usually lumped in with fan-animations, however they don't actually include much, if any, actual animation. PMVs are commonly Lyric Videos.
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  • Some animesque fan-animations can also be considered Fanime, however the term "fanime" is usually used to describe original works done in an "anime" style.
  • In Japan, there is a sort of fan-animation known as the "MAD" (which can also apply to Fanvids). MADs usually contain still-images instead of proper animations.


Anime and Manga
  • Saint Seiya:
    • The series has a huge foreign fandom in France, where a group of French fan animators made part of the Hades Saga at the end of The '90s as a fan animation that was praised by the fans of the series, the success was so huge that was even dubbed in Latin Spanish by the official Saint Seiya's Mexican voice actors. The fan short was made as a kind of protest from the fans for not having new anime adaptations of the manga (the last one was in 1989), especially the Hades Saga, the final manga arc unadapted until then. Probably triggered by this short, Toei Animation decided to finally adapt the Hades Saga in the format of OVA in 2002, which was not-so praised by the fans as the original short.
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    • In The New '10s there were other animated shorts made by fans based on the series, the most recent and prominent one is Saint Seiya: Darkness Unleashed released on December 2016 by Mexican fans.
  • Pop Team Epic has various fan animations on YouTube, since motion comics and fan adaptations of Four Koma to MS Paint versions of the opening, as others. There're a lot to choose here...

Comic Books

Film — Animation



Music Video


  • An animator at Disney created a Disney-styled storyboard for "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. They wished Disney would adapt it, however (assuming it gets out of Development Hell) Wicked is almost guaranteed to be a live action film by Universal. Though, not too soon later they kind of got their wish with Frozen.

Video Games

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